Blood Fang

A howl in the night and his breath quickens. He yearns to answer its call. More howls join the first, distant but moving closer.

To him they are a dozen voices. Each of them calls his name, beckoning him.

"Join us. We are waiting for you. Come and run with the pack Blood Fang." They said.

A full moon and could already feel the tingle. Flesh shifted as did bone.

Pain coursed through his body as fur spread all over. Power coursed through him, like nothing he had ever felt before.

Hot like a roaring inferno, it spread. Blood Fang expected for it to consume him, to burn alive but it didn't.

While the heat seemed unbearable, he knew what to do by instinct. It had to channeled or he would lose himself in the fire.

Focusing its heat, it burned away the pain as he changed. Hands became paws. Fangs grew as his face stretched.

Paul Lesner awoke covered in sweat. Rushing to the bathroom, his stomach lurching he puked in the toilet. Lying on the cold tile he moaned in pain.

His skin crawled as bones reset and he ached all over.

It had been real this time. There was no hiding the truth: something was happening.

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