Dragon Lord
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Harem, Oral Sex, Anal Sex,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A dying man is reborn as Dragon Lord in another universe.

Gordon Samms was dying. He knew it, the doctors knew it, his family knew it. He was the twelfth richest man in America, but with all his wealth, all his power, his eighty-seven year old body could no longer be made to work as it once had.

He moved, seeking to sit up in bed. The nurse, in a chair by the wall, looked up and put down her book.

Rising, coming to him she asked, "Do you need something, Mr. Samms?"

"Help me sit up. I want to look out the window."

He turned to the window. It was his least favorite time of year, late autumn. The sky was overcast, the trees bare of leaves, the broad lawns of the estate more gray than green. Soon, the snow would come, covering the somber autumn scene with white. Would he live to see it?

His body didn't move, just his eyes. The nurse stayed by his bed for a moment, then seeing he didn't need her any longer, returned to her chair and picked up her book.

He must have dozed off. He woke to his wife kissing his cheek. "Time for your dinner," she said cheerfully.

He watched Karen place the tray on his bedside table. She was younger than him, much younger, and still good looking. Well, no use thinking about that, he told himself. There hadn't been any sex for a long time; his fault, the fault of his deteriorating body.

She talked as she fed him the soup, really just broth, that was his dinner. His children and grandchildren would be coming this weekend. (Would he still be here?). They were probably coming for a last look at the old man.

Well, the will was signed, the bequests made. His children should be satisfied. Maybe they would be, they weren't so bad. He was the one most responsible for raising them, devoting as much time as he could to his family. He was strict, hard, but fair with them, like he treated his employees, like he treated everyone.

The soup finished, she kissed his cheek again, "Good night, darling," Karen said. "I'll see you in the morning."

"Yes, see you in the morning," he said. Slowly taking her hand in his, bending his head as much as he could, raising her hand to his lips, he kissed it. "I love you, Karen," he said, looking up at her face, seeing her eyes filling with tears.

"I love you, Gordon," her voice soft, bending to softly kiss his lips. "You sleep now. I'm sure you'll feel better tomorrow."

The nurse gave him his medicine. He sat up for a while longer looking out the window, till the light began to fade outside with the approach of dusk, coming earlier and earlier now.

"I want to sleep, now," he told the nurse, lifting his back so she could adjust his pillows, then lying back. She turned down the lights, waited until it was time for her relief, then stepped out the door and was replaced by the night nurse, who took her seat in the same chair and leafed through a magazine while Gordon slept.

Later, the nurse dozed in her chair. Gordon was asleep, his breathing loud but regular. In his sleep, he stirred, turned, and coughed, then coughed again, louder.

Quickly, the nurse was out of her chair and at his bed. The monitor was shrieking as she raised his head. Gordon coughed again, deeply, then there was a gasp, followed by another weaker cough, and then he was gone ... dead.

Gordon opened his eyes to bright sunlight. He turned his head toward the source. The light wasn't pouring through the glazed window in the bedroom of his mansion, it was coming through a wide open window cut into a hewn rock wall.

"Where ... where am I?" he asked, his voice low, rough.

Quickly, a man was bending over him, touching his forehead. "It worked, you're awake, you're here. How do you feel?"

Gordon raised his head. "Weak, and thirsty, very thirsty."

A women he hadn't noticed held a cup to his lips. He wanted to gulp the water, but she said, "Slowly, sip the water slowly, Kazar."

After a few sips, she took the cup away, and Gordon lay back looking at the man and woman leaning over him. "Where am I, and who are you?"

"Kazar, we're so happy you're back to us. I am Sai, your..." Whatever she was about to say was cut off by a quick gesture from the man.

"I am Pahlgar, healer and alchemist," the man said. "Who are you?"

"I'm Gordon Samms," looking down at his body, "or I was." Gordon had read enough science fiction and fantasy in his youth to have an idea of what might have happened to him. "I'm someone else now, right? I was dying, but I'm not dead. And I'm not speaking English, I'm speaking another language, and I don't know how."

"That is correct," Pahlgar answered. "You are in another world, another universe, different from yours, but I think you will find it similar in many ways. This world, our world, is called Yar, and you are in Dravnar Castle. It was I who summoned your spirit to this body in our world. In your world you were a powerful man, a great lord, a leader of men, were you not?"

"Yes, in a way, though there were no lords."

Pahlgar smiled. "Here you are a great lord. I am sure you are the kind of man I sought, a strong leader who can take the place of Kazar, Lord of Dravnar and Dragon Lord."

"And you are my beloved husband," Sai said softly, her eyes bright.

"Can you stand if we help you?" Pahlgar asked.

"I think so, if I can get some more water." Sai let him sip from the cup till the water was gone. Then, as he raised his arms, "What have you got me in?" Gordon asked, looking at the strange object in which he was lying.

Pahlgar took one arm, Sai the other, and together they helped him. "It's the crystal couch," Pahlgar answered, helping him to a large, wooden chair. As he sat down, Pahlgar continued, "The power of the crystal allowed me to move your spirit here, to the body of Lord Kazar."

Sai kept hold of his hand, even while he was sitting on the chair. "How do you feel?" she asked, the concern obvious in her tone.

"I think I'm well, but I'm kind of weak. I felt shaky walking just these few steps." While answering, Gordon looked at the large room, walls of gray stone, with a huge bed at one end, weapons, shields hanging from the walls.

"That's to be expected," Pahlgar said. "You were more than a ten-day on the crystal couch."

Gordon looked from Pahlgar to the woman. "Can I eat something?"

"He can have some cha," Pahlgar said to Sai.

She let go of Gordon's hand, then walked across the room and exited through the double doors in the wall opposite the windows, closing them behind her.

Gordon looked at Pahlgar. "Tell me why you did this."

Pahlgar stared at Gordon for a second. "Through magic, Lord Kazar's spirit, his will, was taken from him, destroyed. I used the crystal couch to find the spirit of the man who could take his place. Only Sai and I know what has been done. No one else must know."

Sai returned with another mug. Carefully closing the doors, she crossed the room and handed it to Gordon. "Drink slowly, Kaz," she admonished.

The cha was red, hot and with a spicy, herbal flavor. Gordon took another sip, before asking, "How can I keep it secret? I know nothing of your world, or of this Kazar whose body I'm inhabiting."

Pahlgar looked into Gordon's face. "Lord Kazar's spirit, his will, is gone, but all his knowledge, his memories remain inside the body and brain where your spirit now resides. Slowly, all the memories, the knowledge will come to you. But your will, your spirit, will remain." He looked at Sai. "The Lord Kazar we knew is gone forever. You will be a new Lord Kazar. But no one else must know."

Gordon turned his head, looking at the woman. "How do you feel about a changed husband, Sai?"

She stared into his eyes as she answered. "Everyone changes over time. You, Kazar, changed when you became Dragon Lord. I will love you and serve you as your loyal wife as long as we live."

Tentatively, she moved closer to him. When he touched her arm, she took his face in her hands, gently kissing his cheek. As Gordon dropped his hand, Sai softly brushed his lips with hers, then moved back, a small smile on her face as he sipped at the cha, cooler now, until he finished the spicy drink. Handing her the empty mug, "Can I have something more substantial now?" he asked Pahlgar.

With Pahlgar's approval, Sai brought him soup, rich and with that same spicy flavor he found in the cha. The soup finished, with Pahlgar on one side and Sai on the other, they walked him around the room, exercising his weakened muscles. On the second circuit, as they passed one of the two open windows, he paused to look out, seeing that the castle was on a hill, a small, walled town at the foot, a rough road leading to the sea. There were figures working in the surrounding fields, throons he thought, the name coming unbidden from Kazar's memory.

By the time he finished his third circuit of the large room, he was feeling much stronger, though he was covered in sweat. Gordon hadn't realized how warm it was here, almost tropical. "Kazar, you need a bath," Sai said, leading him to a door in the wall opposite the bed, Pahlgar agreeing that he would be safe with just Sai helping.

The bathroom was large, the marble tub sunk into the floor. The corner toilet was a hole in the floor, not the sit-down commode Gordon was accustomed to. Sai helped him take off his sweaty gown, waited while he pissed down the hole. Finished, he turned to Sai. "When I was asleep for so long, how... ?"

"Pahlgar and I together cared for you. He knows what to do." Smiling, "It wasn't so bad, no worse than with a child." Still smiling, she took his arm, and helped him into the tub, already filled with warm water.

As he sat in the water, cooling off, feeling his strained muscles relax, "Tell me about you, about us," he ordered.

Kneeling on the floor beside him, she said, "As you know I am your wife, and I'm the mother of your sons."

He looked at her. "We have children?"

A look of pride came over her face. "Two sons, Nikkar is six and Maikalla is four. We were married after you became Dragon Lord. I am the daughter of the Lord of Kragnar, and we were promised to each other as children, but our marriage was delayed until you returned from your time with the dragons."

"What do you know about the dragons?"

A slight frown crossed her brow. "I only know they are very powerful. Kazar, you are the Dragon Lord. You have knowledge of the dragons in you, and I know when you need that knowledge, it will be there."

He turned to look at her, Sai, his wife. Her face was lovely, with high cheek bones, a fine nose, full lips, expressive, brown eyes, with a slight epicanthic fold. Her hair was long, wavy, dark brown. As he stared at her, she turned her head away, then turned back to look at him, her lips forming a small smile.

"Where are our sons now?" he asked.

"They are in the women's quarters. Your lady mother and your other wives are caring for them."

"I have other wives? How many, who are they?"

"Two others," Sai replied. "I am your first, though the lowest in rank. Almost two years ago, the king gave you his niece, the Lady Tanna as your wife, she is second in rank. And this year, the king gave Princess Lohrai to you. She's the youngest, but the highest in rank because she's the daughter of the king." Pausing, "I'm your only wife to have given you children, so far," she said with a smile.

I had three wives in my previous life, he thought, just not all at the same time. But to receive two royal brides within about a year, why?

Picking up the jar of liquid soap, Sai began to wash Gordon. As she washed him, he continued questioning her, learning his father was dead, killed by the Sabors, barbarians who, Gordon gathered, their kingdom of Almanar was more or less constantly at war with.

While Gordon was sitting in the tub, Sai handed him a small stick and a piece of cloth saturated with a blue liquid. "What's this?" he asked.

"For your teeth," she said, smiling as Gordon struggled to clean his teeth with the unusual device. He got the hang of it after a while, or remembered how to do it. Sai gave him a cup of water to rinse his mouth, he slid under the water once more, then told Sai he was clean enough.

His bath finished, he was happy to find he could climb out of the tub without needing Sai's help. After she toweled him dry, naked, Gordon stepped in front of the mirror, a large sheet of polished metal hanging from a wall, but the reflection was clear enough to give a good idea of what this new body was like.

This body, his new body, was about thirty years old he estimated. His skin was darker than before, not black, more gold, like a deep tan. He was definitely bigger, taller, he guessed at least six feet (in his previous life he had been below average height), and more muscular. His sandy hair was shoulder length, all awry now after being washed. His penis was whole (on earth he had been circumcised), and large, even larger than would be explained by his body size. His legs were muscular, matching his arms and chest. His face was handsome, his brown eyes slightly slanted. He touched the whiskers covering his face and remembered Pahlgar was clean-shaven, so he guessed shaving was customary here.

"Your other wives, the Ladies Lohrai and Tanna, will want to see you," Sai said. "Pahlgar and I led them to believe you were ill with qark fever, but they know you have recovered now. You can pretend for them, be Kazar, just for a short time, can't you? You can be the real Kazar, I know you can."

"It will be just for a short while?" Gordon asked, and when she nodded, he agreed. I've got to begin playing the role some time, he thought to himself.

Sai brought in clothes from the bedroom and helped him dress. First a loincloth of white, cotton-like material for underwear, light blue britches, a dark blue doublet with red piping, soft, leather boots, a golden sash around his waist. She combed his hair, then wound a leather band around his head to keep the hair out of his eyes.

When they returned to the bedroom, Gordon noticed the crystal couch was now hidden under a large cloth. The barber was summoned, and after his shave, Gordon had another mug of cha while Pahlgar and Sai coached him on how to act when he met his other wives.

After a while, almost reluctantly, Gordon said he was ready for his first test. As Sai opened the double doors, he stood, seeing through the open doorway several women waiting in the hall.

His three wives entered the room. Sai carefully closing the doors behind them. He recognized the two immediately, he was sure from Kazar's memory rather than Sai's description. Lohrai, the princess, was young (he guessed eighteen or nineteen), tall, slender, her golden tan complexion somewhat lighter than Sai's. Surprisingly, Tanna was blonde, her complexion much lighter than the others. He had a sudden memory that her father was from Roagnar, where light-skinned blondes were often found. She was shorter than Lohrai, her height about the same as Sai's, but with a more voluptuous figure.

They stood like that, frozen, for a moment. Then Lohrai and Tanna came to him, taking his hands, tears in their eyes. "Oh, lord husband, you've come back to us," Lohrai cried, pressing herself to him, kissing his cheek.

Tanna hugged him too, saying, "We missed you so," kissing his other cheek.

"I've missed you," Gordon said, slowly sitting down again.

Lohrai and Tanna knelt at his feet. Sai kneeling too, a little behind the others. As he reached out to stroke Lohrai's long, dark hair, she took his hand to press her lips to his palm.

Looking up at him Tanna asked, "Kazar, are you well now? Can we be with you tonight?"

Pahlgar, standing by the wall, cleared his throat. "You understand Lord Kazar was very ill, he needs time to recover. But I think within a ten-day he will be well enough to comply with the King's summons to travel to the capital."

"But when can we be with our husband?" Tanna persisted.

"Tomorrow, perhaps," Pahlgar said. "Lord Kazar needs to rest tonight; tomorrow I will assess his condition."

Gordon wondered about the reason for the king's summons and determined to ask Pahlgar about it when it was safe. "My lady wives," he said. "I too am anxious that we be together, but we need to follow Pahlgar's advice. He has been very successful in curing me of the fever."

"Can we travel with you to the capital?" Lohrai asked. "I would like to see my parents and brothers and sisters."

He looked at Pahlgar. When he gave a slight nod Gordon said, "Of course, we will all go together."

"Thank you, Kazar," Lohrai said, kissing his palm once more.

"When will we leave?" Tanna asked excitedly.

"As soon as I'm well enough," Gordon answered, seeing the excitement in his wives' faces, Sai's too.

"As I said," Pahlgar interjected, "I believe Lord Kazar will be well enough to travel within a ten-day." Turning his gaze on Lohrai and Tanna. "Now, Lady Lohrai and Lady Tanna need to allow Lord Kazar to rest."

As the three ladies stood, "Why is it Sai can stay and we can't?" Tanna asked, her voice taking on a whining tone.

"Tanna, you know I've been helping Pahlgar care for our husband all this time," Sai answered. "Would you rather have him remain ill with the fever, or worse?"

"It's not fair..." Tanna started to say in the same whiny tone when Lohrai interrupted. "Tanna, our husband needs to rest. We will return to our rooms now. As Pahlgar said, perhaps tomorrow we will be able to be with him."

Gordon standing by his chair, received a light kiss from Lohrai and a somewhat deeper kiss from Tanna, then they were gone. Three wives might be more of a problem than I realized, he thought as feeling the strain, his legs trembling, he fell heavily into his chair.

"Kaz," Sai exclaimed coming to him. "Are you all right?" touching his forehead.

"A little shaky." He looked at Pahlgar. "At least they didn't suspect anything"

"Yes, Lord, it went well," Pahlgar said. "But you need to eat more to build up your strength." He turned, to look out one of the windows, then turning to Sai, "The sun will set soon. Lady Sai, please have Lord Kazar's dinner brought in, then he can rest."

Sai quickly left the room, again carefully closing the doors behind her. While they were waiting, Gordon asked Pahlgar if he knew why he was being summoned to the capital, but the alchemist said he could only speculate that it had something to do with the dragons or a Sabor threat. Next Gordon paused for a moment before asking, "Can the magic that was used against Kazar, the original Kazar, be used again, against me? Did you discover who did it?"

Pahlgar looked into his eyes. "No Lord Kazar, we didn't discover the culprit, though we know someone in the castle was involved.

"Two elements are required to destroy the soul. One, a magical artifact that is very expensive and difficult to make. We have discovered that artifact and destroyed it. The other requirement is to have a potion administered to the subject at the time the artifact is activated. We believe the potion was secreted in your food. All the food served to you and your family is tested for poison, but we never thought to test for the potion. Your food is now tested for the potion by me or one of my apprentices."

Gordon decided the universe he had landed in sounded more like Renaissance Italy than Lord of the Rings. At least I'm alive, he told himself. Then when Sai came back in, and with three beautiful wives, as much trouble as they might be.

Sai was followed by several female servants carrying dinner. The servants set the food on a large table at the end of the room. As Gordon stood, "Do you need help?" Sai asked.

"Just give me your arm," he replied. "I'm feeling stronger now."

They sat side by side at the big table, Pahlgar standing behind them. Sai picked up a bottle. "Let me pour the sak."

"Take this with your meal," Pahlgar said as he handed Gordon a large pill. "It will help strengthen your muscles."

Gordon swallowed the pill with the sak, a spicy wine. He enjoyed the meal, though his portions were small. There was a chicken-like meat mixed with a leafy vegetable, rice, but with larger grains, flat bread, and more of the rich soup.

And Gordon enjoyed dining with Sai. She regaled him with stories of their sons, castle gossip, and told him about his mother's activities. "Your Lady Mother requests that you begin performing the sunset rite again as soon you're able." He had a momentary flash of memory about their religion and the ritual performed every evening requesting the sun to return in the morning.

When he questioned Sai about his other wives, especially Tanna, she said, "Kazar, all of us, your wives, have missed you and have been worrying we might lose you. It might have been easier for me because I was kept busy caring for you, and of course I saw you every day. But we have all missed being with you and having your love. It's just harder for Tanna, she's her parents' only child and she's so beautiful, she's used to getting what she wants."

Looking into Sai's lovely face, "All my wives are beautiful," he said softly.

"Oh, Kaz," she said, placing her hand on his.

By the time they finished their meal, night had fallen, but the room was brightly lit by crystals in sconces fixed to the walls. When the servants came in to clear the table, Sai and Pahlgar talked quietly together for a short while.

After their conversation was finished, "Kazar, if you agree," Sai said, "I will look after you tonight while Pahlgar returns to his rooms."

"Of course I agree," Gordon said, wondering what his other wives would think about it.

Pahlgar said, "I will be available if you need me," then left through the double doors.

Sai got a sleeping gown out of a chest for Gordon. He went into the bathroom, took off his clothes, hanging them on hooks, used the toilet, and put on the gown. It was knee length, with buttons down the front. He wasn't sure if he was supposed to keep his loincloth on, but finally dropped it on the bathroom floor, then realized that felt right.

Back in the bedroom, Sai gave him more sak, "It will help you sleep," before she turned down the bed.

The bed was very large, as wide as it was long. Instead of pillows, there was a raised section of the mattress at the head. The mattress was a little softer than Gordon was accustomed to, but comfortable. There was only one light blanket, all that was needed given how warm it still was, though it was cooler than during the day.

Sai walked around the room, pulling a string on each sconce, covering the crystals in thick cloth. Soon, the only light was from double moons shining through the open windows.

She came to the bed to gently touch his forehead, kiss his cheek. "I'm going to bathe and change now. You sleep, Kaz, darling. You need to build up your strength."

While Sai was in the bathroom, Gordon looked out the window at the strange sight of two moons slowly crossing the sky. He thought about the universe he had been transported to, like Pahlgar said, both similar to and different from earth. I'm alive, young and strong, a lord, better off here than when I was dying - or died - at eighty-seven. I don't know what it means to be Dragon Lord, or what the political and economic situation is here, but I will succeed, I always have. And in the end, I'm gonna rule this world.

He was nearly asleep when Sai climbed into bed beside him. She leaned over to kiss his cheek saying softly, "Sleep well my husband." Closing his eyes, Gordon slept.

He was dreaming, dreaming of Karen, of her large breasts, and of Sai, and Lohrai and Tanna. And he was hard, for the first time in years. In his sleep, he turned, making a sound, throwing out his arm.

"Kaz, what's wrong?" Sai said, awakening, sitting up, turning to him. Then seeing in the light of the twin moons his erect cock tenting the blanket. "Oh, let me help," she said softly.

Smiling, she moved the blanket away, before sliding down till her head was even with his crotch. Carefully, she lifted the hem of his gown, exposing his erect cock. "Um," she sighed as she carefully took his organ in her fingers and began licking the swollen head.

Awakened by her actions, "Suck me," Gordon commanded, moving his hands to her head.

Sai looked up at him. "Kaz, don't strain yourself, relax, let me pleasure you," she said before sliding her lips over his cockhead. Now she was sucking, her tongue swirling, her soft fingers caressing his shaft, his swollen balls.

Gordon began thrusting up, seeking to penetrate more deeply into Sai's mouth, but she pulled away, her hands on his hips restraining him, before again taking him between her lips, sucking, caressing with her tongue. Soon, sensing he was nearing his orgasm, her movements became faster, her lips sliding more quickly over his rigid shaft. Then, feeling with her fingertips his balls pulling up, she took him as deeply into her mouth as possible, caressing his balls with one hand while the fingers of her other hand moved quickly up and down his shaft, slick with her saliva.

"Uggh ... uggh," Gordon moaned as his semen began jetting into Sai's mouth. His hands on her head forcing her even closer while his thick cum spurted out of him, she working hard to swallow it all as her mouth was filled with his seed.

When he was done, Sai moved her head back, her tongue licking his cockhead, lapping at the last, tiny flow of semen leaking from his urethra. Replacing his gown, she slid up the bed till her head was level with his. Facing him, "Um, that was good," she said softly. "Now it's time for sleep. You need your rest, Kaz."

"Thank you for that, it was good," Gordon said softly looking into her face, barely discernible in the shadows. "You're right, we need to sleep," closing his eyes, and they slept.

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