The Escapee
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Safe Sex, Oral Sex,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - When Jack's wife dies, he struggles for three years to find himself. Failing, he moves away to start again and become 'someone else'. His reincarnation proves more successful than he expected, but there are obstacles along the way.

He had to escape. He had no choice. There was always something there to remind him. He sat in the forward lounge of the ferry and looked out to the west toward the island. He needed to look forward, not back. He needed to find something or someplace to start again. Start again? No, that wasn’t possible. There would be no new beginning, no fairy-tale rescue for him. He would just have to move on and look for the next place to be.

When Shannon died, a big piece of him died as well. He did the predictable and threw himself into his work – his business. But it was futile. He spent the hours and made the effort, but there was no relief. The final straw was the death of Abby, her chocolate Lab. Cancer had destroyed Shannon and old age and heartbreak had destroyed Abby. He knew then it was hopeless. He couldn’t go on this way. There was no continuation. He had to be somewhere else, and do something else.

He sold his business and then their home and furnishings. He gave as much as he could to their son, Mike, but in the end much of their chattel went to the Goodwill. He said goodbye to his parents and they wished him well with a distinct air of understanding and sadness. He packed his clothes and the precious things that came from their marriage, shoved them randomly into his Volvo wagon and headed for Vancouver Island. Close enough to civilization and far enough to be ‘away.’ They had talked about retiring to the Comox Valley many times, but Shannon’s disease, her treatments and finally, her death, put an end to that dream. And so she was gone, unable to share anything with him anymore.

He checked into the Riverside Bed & Breakfast. The next day he made arrangements for a heated storage container for his clothes and the other things he had brought with him. He kept one suitcase and a selection of clothes to last him over the time it would take to find a place to live. He relaxed and drove aimlessly around the area for a couple of days to get the lay of the land and see if he could pick out an area where he would be content. Three days after his arrival, he walked into the Valley Real Estate office in Courtenay and asked to see a sales representative.

Donna Remple was almost fifty and dreaded counting the days until that number was confirmed. She had sailed through forty without much thought, but this milestone was proving to be a larger obstacle. She had been divorced for almost fifteen years, and her only child, Melanie, was attending the University of Victoria, studying god-knows-what. The young woman had no sense of direction and, despite having been raised by her mother with only occasional guidance from her father, she was just coasting along, wondering what might come next.

Melanie’s mother was the polar opposite. Donna was a driven woman, determined to succeed. She had accomplished that and more in the little community. She was the top sales agent in the valley and served on a number of volunteer committees in the district. She had been asked to run for town council, but had politely declined, recognizing the workload and the polarization of opinion that would result. She also knew that her single-minded nature had been the cause of the failure of her marriage to Jim Remple. He was a mild-mannered gentleman with a successful tax and investment business. He was happy with what Donna viewed then as modest success. They were probably never quite right for each other. It took them almost twelve years to figure that out. They parted without animosity, but knowing they had failed at something important.

When Jack Matheson walked into the office that morning, she quickly sized him up. Early fifties at most, tall – over six feet, handsome in an unconventional way, neatly dressed, distinguished graying at the temples, no glasses, nice nails and a wedding ring. Qualifying the customer was a very old habit.

“Can I help you?”

“I’m looking for a representative. I’m thinking of moving here.” He was looking at her carefully.

“I’m Donna Remple. I can help you,” she smiled, holding out her hand.

“Jack Matheson.” He sensed her stiffening as he gave his name. “Something wrong?”

“Any relation to Geoff Matheson?” she asked carefully.

“No ... not that I know of. I’m new to the area,” he answered with a slight smile.

“Good ... I mean ... welcome to Courtenay, Mr. Matheson. Why don’t you come into my office and we can talk there.”

He nodded his acceptance and followed her to the small glass-walled office in the rear. He was watching Donna Remple, and thinking that this was an attractive woman, slightly overweight, but not dramatically so. He wondered idly when the last time he thought about another woman might have been. It hadn’t been on his mind much lately.

He sat in the upholstered chair opposite her and waited for her to begin.

“Is your wife going to be here as well?” she began.

“No ... no she’s not,” he answered averting her eyes. “I’m ... on my own,” he continued.

“Oh ... I see.” She seemed to take a breath and then began again. “What type of a home are you looking for?”

“Nothing fancy. Not a bachelor pad, and not a townhouse. I kind of like my privacy. A bungalow, I guess. Maybe with a basement, and preferable with a garage.”

The woman was rapidly making notes as he talked and looking up at him on occasion. She stopped for a moment. His eyes ... there was a sad look about them. A wedding ring, but no wife. Divorced? Not likely. Separated? Possibly. Widowed? Possibly. At some point she’d find out. She liked the look of this guy, but it was just a first impression. Besides, with that last name, he was going to have some questions coming his way that he wouldn’t expect or understand.

“Well, there’s a pretty good inventory right now, so I’m sure we can find more than a few houses to look at,” she offered cheerfully. “I have a suggestion. Why don’t I drive you around to some of the best districts and show you what’s what, and then we can weed out the better choices.”

“Fine. When would you like to do that?” he asked.

“Well, I have all afternoon free. How’s your schedule?”

“Open. Let’s do that,” he said succinctly.

Donna Remple was intrigued. There was something about this man that was missing, but she couldn’t put her finger on it. She wanted to get to know him better, better than just riding around in the car and looking at houses.

“I have a suggestion, Mr. Matheson. Why don’t we have lunch and I can get a little better idea of what you’re looking for, and then we can come back here and see what there is in the inventory. I know this area very well, and I can steer you away from the areas you wouldn’t be happy with.” She was pleased that she didn’t detect any wariness on his part. He was nodding agreement as she spoke.

“Sure ... that would be fine. By the way ... it’s Jack,” he smiled.

“Donna,” she smiled in return. She was happy that they had gotten off to such a pleasant beginning.

Donna chose a little pub down by the river for lunch, mainly because it had small broken-up areas that would afford more privacy and less noise. She saw the favorable reaction by Jack as they entered, and knew she had made a good choice. They found a small booth in a back corner and ordered a drink before their meal. Jack’s local ale and Donna’s white wine arrived and they ordered their lunch.

Jack had a feeling of comfort with Donna that he hadn’t expected. She was a professional and he was satisfied he was in good hands, but the other part of the equation was her personal style. She was composed, but not pushy or aggressive. He had seen the numerous awards on the wall of her office, and knew she was a top sales person in the district. He expected someone more dynamic and was surprised that she was anything but.

Donna was also surprised. She felt no need to be aggressive with Jack. She didn’t need to push him. He knew what he wanted and she suspected she was going to have to be careful around this man. He was stronger than he looked at first glance. She was also aware of her attraction to him. That hadn’t happened in a long time. It certainly hadn’t ever happened in this short period.

She asked him to describe his ideal home and after some hesitation and thought, he spelled out the criteria of his “perfect home.” Again, she was surprised. It wasn’t what she had expected. It wasn’t an all-male domain and yet it wasn’t some Good Housekeeping model either. It seemed to be a mix of ideas that came together better than she thought they would. She also realized that there were only a few homes in this area that would fit his description.

“Maybe you should design and build your own home,” she finally suggested.

“Maybe ... but I’d rather not.” he grinned. “I gather that there’s nothing in the inventory that looks quite like what I’ve described.”

“Not that I know of,” she laughed. “But, we won’t know until we look.” She was enjoying the conversation. “Why don’t you make a list of musts, wants and likes? It’s what I usually work from anyway. I don’t often get a client that has such detailed ideas of what they are looking for. I’m sure we can find something for you and then you can decide if you want to build your own. Okay?”

“Fine. It’ll take me a while to put that list together, so maybe we can postpone this afternoon until I have it ready. I don’t want to waste your time.”

“No ... don’t think about it. I can still show you around and help you get an idea of what’s available, and which are the most desirable areas.” Donna was hoping she wasn’t sounding desperate. She really wanted to spend more time with this man, and this afternoon would be perfect. There was nothing to rush either of them. She had turned her cell phone off for the lunch and was considering leaving it off.

“Well, if you’re sure it’s not an inconvenience,” he offered tentatively.

“Let’s skip the office and we’ll take my car and just drive around. I have a good area map that I can give you and you can make some notes if you see something. Okay?” she asked a little more confidently.


They finished their lunch and Donna paid the bill after a brief argument about it with Jack. After all, he was the customer she reminded him. They walked out into the sunshine slipped into her late model Lexus and drove off.

“So ... is your husband in the business Donna?” As soon as he asked, he knew the question was transparent.

“No ... I’m not married ... if that’s what you’re asking,” she laughed.

“Not very subtle, huh.”

“Not very.” She was still in a good mood. “I was married, but it didn’t take. I have a twenty year old daughter to show for it.”

Jack was silent for a few moments.

“You wear a wedding ring,” Donna finally stated. It was a statement of fact as well as an unspoken question.

“My wife died,” he said simply.

“Oh ... oh ... I’m sorry.”

“Yeah ... me too.”



“Oh, dear. Was it... ?”

“Very.” He looked away, out the side window. Even after almost three years, he would tear up when he thought of her. He kept thinking he would get over it and it hadn’t yet happened. He wondered if he ever would. He waited as the impulse subsided and then once again looked back out the windshield.

Donna knew what was happening and was silently kicking herself for pushing him into that territory.

They rode along in silence for a while. Donna had lost the opportunity to talk to him. She chose to say nothing as they drove toward Comox. Soon she would be able to tell him about the community and show him some of the areas that she thought he might be interested in. At least it would change the subject.

By four o’clock they had covered most of the areas that Donna had wanted him to see. They hadn’t stopped at any of the houses, but she could tell by his comments that he had seen a couple of likely possibilities. She filed that information away until she was back at the office and could look up the properties on the Multiple Listing site.

“It’s nearly five,” Jack observed. “Can I buy you a drink as a thank you?”

“That would be nice ... but you don’t have to thank me,” she said demurely.

“Oh ... I don’t know about that. You turned your cell phone off. I appreciate that,” he said quietly, looking at her with a slight smile.

Donna was jolted and her eyes widened momentarily. He had seen that and it had registered. It was an important piece of information about Jack Matheson. He was very observant.

They returned to the pub where they had lunch, and sat in a small booth near a window overlooking the river. It was a partly cloudy sky with off and on sun and reasonably warm for an early April day.

“I think I’m going to like living here,” Jack offered finally.

“It is a lovely place,” she said simply.

“Why did you turn your phone off?” he asked abruptly.

Donna was nonplussed. She was completely unprepared for the question and stammered her reply.

“Well ... I uh ... wanted to give you my ... full attention.”

He smiled at her discomfort and just nodded.

“So, what’s the singles scene for middle-aged people like us around here?”

Again, something completely out of the blue.

“Uh ... well ... I guess you could say limited,” she stumbled. She looked across at him and could see the humor in his eyes, and she began to relax.

“I’ve been single fifteen years, so except for new arrivals like you, I’ve pretty well exhausted the supply.” When she said it, she snorted a laugh.

“Well then ... I have something to offer,” he said in a deadpan delivery.

Donna almost choked and snorted her wine again. She was completely off-balance, and yet, none of the conversation was anything but light-hearted. She struggled to maintain her usual composure, but had given up any idea that she could lead this man around in her normal, authoritative way. He had destroyed that idea completely.

“Yes ... I suppose you do.” She looked at him again and was intrigued by this man and his ability to completely control her without any hint of overt power.

“I was going to suggest dinner tonight ... if you’re not already committed. I’m sure you hate to eat alone as much as I do,” he continued in “that” voice.

“That’s very thoughtful, but I won’t be alone tonight,” she said, almost with regret. “I’m going to be with about fifty people for dinner tonight. It’s the Chamber of Commerce monthly meeting.” She didn’t want to lose the moment. “Perhaps another night? Tomorrow?” she asked hopefully.

“Tomorrow it is. I’ll look forward to it.” He smiled, and Donna began to relax again.

They talked about the houses they saw and Donna had made a note of the two that caught Jack’s eye. She would print out the MLS information on them in the morning and Jack could pick them up at the front desk if she wasn’t in the office. She would likely have some catching up to do since she had been caught with her cell phone off for the entire afternoon. They talked about the town and the neighborhoods and when Donna looked at her watch, she realized she was already late for her dinner meeting.

“I’ve got to go. I’ll see you tomorrow. Call me on my cell and we can decide where to go for dinner,” she said quickly.

“Fine. Enjoy your meeting. I’ll pick up the info in the morning and call you after lunch. That okay?”

“Perfect. Talk to you then,” she finished, hurrying out of the pub to her car.

Jack sat back in the booth and closed his eyes for a moment. When the attractive young waitress came by, he ordered another ale and asked for a menu. His B & B was just around the corner and he could walk there in less than five minutes. He had a feeling he would be seeing a lot of this pub in the future, providing the food was decent.

It had been an interesting day. For the first time in many, many years, he was attracted to a woman other than his wife. She didn’t look anything like Shannon. His late wife was like a blonde willow, lithe and slim, flaxen-hair caressing her shoulders, pale blue eyes and elegant bearing. She might have been a model except that she was shy and would almost disappear in a crowd if she chose to. He closed his eyes and thought of her. It was almost as though she was with him again. He could see her standing in their garden, but she was transparent. She was wearing one of those feather-light summer dresses she loved and a wide-brim straw hat to keep the sun off her. Again, a tear trickled down his cheek as the image grew dimmer and finally vanished.

Donna was nothing at all like Shannon. The two women were like paintings, Shannon the delicate watercolor and Donna, the boldly colored oil canvas. Donna was voluptuously proportioned with large breasts and an ample backside. She wore her dark auburn hair short and her nicely rounded face featured deep brown eyes. Her clothing choices and posture portrayed the power she held in the community. She broadcast confidence and while she smiled often and genuinely, Jack could see the foundation of her persona in her eyes.

Her outward self was a shell. It wasn’t really her, but she had built it as a safeguard for herself. He had seen this before. Successful business women, driven to succeed, learning that they would be given no quarter in the male dominated environment. Their protection was a fine balance between aggressiveness and femininity, toughness with the hint of sexuality. It was a narrow beam to walk, and it appeared that here, in the Comox Valley, Donna Remple had learned to walk it very well.

Jack finished his ale, ordered a glass of red wine with his meal and thought about what he wanted to do about Ms. Remple. He was attracted to her and found her sexually desirable. For a while, he had thought perhaps he might not ever have these feelings again, but he was wrong. His fascination wasn’t for her body alone, although she truly was 100% all woman. His little game of power this afternoon quickly upset her equilibrium, useful knowledge in deciding just exactly how to seduce her. She bore no resemblance to Shannon, so he felt no guilt or discomfort at this point. He thought they would never be compared.

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