Chapter 1: Mango Tango and Midnight Blue

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Teenagers, Mind Control, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, Masturbation,

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Chapter 1: Mango Tango and Midnight Blue - Leia worries that her admission to an elite academy for teens with mind control abilities is in jeopardy when she lets her power get out of hand.

The first time Leia recalled seeing Max and Sam they were standing across the street from the schoolyard, and watching her. Back then, they were the Man In Blue and the Redheaded Woman. Both were dressed in jeans and t-shirts; if they were a few years younger they could've easily passed for students. The Redhead began to speak, and the Man In Blue cocked his head in her direction and laughed. They turned around and walked away, arm in arm.

Leia was positive she didn't know them, and it seemed to her that if they knew her they would have waved or walked over. She considered the possibility that, perhaps, what had drawn their attention was the color of her skin. She tried to convince herself that they were looking at someone else. She forced down the rising anger--not because the anger would be unjustified, but because she knew the heavy price of giving in to it.

The next time she saw them was two days later in the vice principal's office. Strangely enough, Mrs. Troy kept referring to them as her aunt and uncle. She was also looking at them and wearing a spaced-out smile rather than her usual razor-sharp stare.

Leia stared at them for several seconds; because they were white she could only assume they would be from her mother's side of the family, but she saw no family resemblance, and knew all of her immediate family. She stared at them with a bit of challenge in her gaze and then turned to the vice principal. "Mrs. Troy, I don't know these people!"

Mrs. Troy gave her an understanding smile. "I'll leave you alone so you can have your chat in private, my dear, not a problem at all."

Leia tried again. "No, listen to me! You're missing my point!" She pointed at the man and woman for emphasis. "These people are strangers! I have no idea who they are!"

"Of course you can use my office, Leia. I will be outside if you need anything." With that, Mrs. Troy left the office and closed the door behind her. Leia stared at the closed door for a second, trying to get a handle on the last couple of minutes, and then turned to face the strangers.

She looked at the couple, who were dressed a little more formally than the last time she had seen them. The man wore slacks and a blue button-down shirt, and the woman wore a sapphire-colored blouse and matching skirt, her light red hair pulled back from her face.

"Who are you people?"

"I'm Samantha McGill, and this is Max Spencer. We're recruiters from a very special academy. We think you would fit in beautifully, Leia." Leia noticed that her gentle smile made her look pretty yet approachable. She found herself looking at the fair-skinned woman with her light dusting of freckles across a slightly up-turned nose, at the red hair that seemed determined to slip out of the barrette, and at her kind smile.

"Recruiters? From an academy? But why did you tell Mrs. Troy that you were family?" Leia's hazel brown eyes mirrored her confusion and skepticism. She figured it was smarter to focus on Samantha's confusing words rather than her freckles. She supposed they could be from some sort of academy ... after all, it was senior year. Although the end of the school year.

Max spoke. "Because it's easier for you. Less questions to answer. As far as she knows, we are family here on a private matter."

"But what private matter?"

"Doesn't matter."

"She didn't ask?"

A slight smile played across Max's lips and his blue eyes twinkled. "Nope."

"That doesn't make sense. She pulled me out of class and has no idea why?"


"And she won't ask me later?" Leia was getting frustrated. This Max guy didn't exactly volunteer information.

"Guarantee she won't." Although he had to be over six feet tall, he resembled a mischievous little boy for just a moment, and Leia had the feeling he was having a little bit of fun with her confusion.

Samantha spoke in a gentle voice, arranging three chairs into a triangle. "Leia, would you like to have a seat so we can begin sorting this out for you?"

Leia found herself becoming angry. She didn't want to sit down with these strangers. She just wanted answers. "Look, I don't know you, and I am fine with standing. There's something strange here and..."

"Sam wasn't trying to upset you," Max interjected. "In fact, I would put money on the fact she's pissed at me 'cause I teased you. Now I am sure she is doubly pissed that I said 'pissed'." Leia noticed that Samantha did look flushed as she looked at her partner. "She was thinking of you when she asked you to sit. Probably figured you wanted to get down to business. Truth? It wouldn't be a bad idea."

"She didn't pi ... make me mad — not knowing what's going on, that made me mad... is making me mad."

She sat down anyhow, figuring it was the best way to get to the bottom of things. The partners followed suit and an awkward silence followed. Finally, Leia raised her eyebrows and said, "Well?"

Max spoke, "Sorry, fairly new at this, and our original contact with you should have been a while ago. Anyhow, we know."

Leia had no idea what Max meant. Well, maybe a glimmer.

Sam spoke with a little amusement and much frustration. "In a previous life he was a bull in a china shop. But what he said is true. We know about your ability, and we're here to help you."

"You know? Know what? I have no idea what you're talking about. I want to leave." Leia was suddenly trembling with fear. Could they really know? She would have just jumped up and left, but she felt forced to stay. They were older and from some sort of school, and it wasn't like Mrs. Troy was going to be any help with this. She suddenly got a queasy understanding of the reason for the older woman's blissed-out smile and generous offer of the use of the office.

"Leia, please stay. It's your choice, but we'll have to talk to you eventually. Why not now? We understand what you're going through because we've been where you are now. Wondering if we were the only ones." Samantha's eyes seemed to plead with her.

Leia clenched her fists, digging her nails into her palms. "I've already told you that I have no idea what you are talking about!"

"You're feeling scared and alone and you're wondering what we want from you. But we are not here to harm you or scare you. I, for one, admire you."

"Admire me? Because of the thing that I can do?" She still could not say it out loud, not yet. Still, she felt herself drawn into the conversation.

"No, not that. We have similar gifts — as does everyone at the academy. We all can effect or influence the minds of others in one way or another." Sam's words hung in the air for a moment. "I admire you because I don't think your life has been easy. I think that you felt alone and isolated for a good, long time. And earlier than Max or I did. But you grew up to be an intelligent and strong young woman."

Leia spoke tentatively, curious despite herself. "You say that everyone at this place is like me? They can do ... what I do?"

"Yes," Samantha affirmed.

"Even Hoover," added Max.

"Hoover?" Leia asked

"His bulldog," Samantha answered with an apparent mix of exasperation and amusement. "Max, Hoover does not have MC abilities. I've told you this, the professors have told you this, even the janitor has told you this!"

"Anytime he is around women, they melt. It's why my girlfriend agreed to go out with me. Either that or on account of my looks and personality."

She shot him a warning look. "Could we just continue?"

"Yeah, sure."

"I'm sorry, Leia." Sam gave a slight eye roll. "Anyhow, everyone at the academy has the same family of abilities. The exact nature and effect of these abilities may vary, but the results are similar enough."

Leia looked at Sam and Max and saw in their eyes that they really did know her secret, and that there was no hatred or fear in their eyes. There just seemed to be understanding and kindness. Max might be a man of few words — and a little odd - but there was something about both of them that she wanted to trust.

She spoke quietly, forcing the words. "It started when I was thirteen."

Sam nodded. "That's about when it started for us, too."

"But you just said that it started earlier for me."

"Not the power. The isolation. The feeling different. Most of us go through that when we find our gift, but I imagine you felt it earlier than when you came of age. You must have felt very alone."

Leia fought even harder to hold back her tears; she didn't want to seem weak before these strangers, but rarely had anyone actually addressed her loneliness—and nobody outside of her family ever had. And these strangers knew all the reasons, even the ones that were more than cosmetic.

"The reason Max and I were picked for you specifically is because there are similarities in our psychological profiles."

Leia tried to casually wipe a tear from her cheek. "Similar how? Because we started at the same ages?"

Max spoke up. "Yes, but more than that. The reason we didn't find you earlier is because you have done a great job of hiding your ability. There's no reason to think that you were looking for power, or to use people like puppets. Everyone says that you are quiet and kind, though you do have a temper. Our best guess is that you fell under the radar because of personal ethics. Am I right?"

Leia nodded her head. How could she tell these strangers that she had hurt people anyhow?

"You can talk to us; we are not here to judge you, but rather to help you."

Samantha sounded so kind, and suddenly she thought that maybe she really could trust them. And then it occurred to her that, perhaps, if they really had the power, they had made her feel that way.

Samantha caught her look and shook her head. "It's not like that. And, no, I can't read minds. Although I know a lot of people that can. We both do. I just know what I would be thinking in your place. No tricks here. I promise. Now please tell us." She reached over to the desk, grabbed a box of tissues, and offered them to Leia.

She took a deep breath. "When I was around thirteen I ... started noticing things. Just silly stuff, at first. One day I would think someone would look better with a different hair cut, and they would show up the next day just as I imagined, you know?"

The recruiters nodded. They knew.

"It took me a while to believe it was true, but once I accepted it I had fun with it, my little secret, and I didn't really do anything bad with it. I just sorta helped people, and, okay, used it to get out of a few tests and a few little things.

"It was no problem at all, at first; it made me feel different, but in a good way, for a change. It was exciting and new and a little scary. I didn't use it a lot because I knew that it could be bad if used wrong. I guess everyone wishes that they could make things go their way, but when you really can - at least when I found that I really could ... well, it made me think a lot about not being a screw-up or selfish or mean.

"There was this girl, Corrie Blevens, and she was just a bitch..." She paused to make sure that they weren't put off by her swearing. It occurred to her that you didn't normally swear in front of people that were considering you for an academy. They continued to smile, and Max nodded his encouragement. "Anyhow, there was this guy that had a huge crush on her, but she would just make fun of him in front of everyone. It was mean, and she didn't have to be that way! He was moving away, so I made her give him a goodbye kiss in front of the whole school. I mean, in a way it was stupid, but I was just a kid and it seemed like it would be perfect revenge—plus give the kid a boost of confidence. Back then, it seemed like a kiss could solve everything. Now I know it's just as likely to make it all worse.

"I loved the feeling, though; it was almost like I got a buzz off of it. Whenever I did something, the air felt more charged somehow. The colors around me popped out like the world was my box of Crayolas." Leia's smile turned to a frown, and she looked down. "And then something bad happened."

Max spoke gently. "Brian Dobman?"

Leia looked up. Shocked, ashamed, scared. "You guys know about that?"

Max continued, "Not really 'til now. We suspected there was a connection, but we never found real proof. We talked to Brian and he said he hardly knew you ... didn't even recall saying two words to you. We thought you might have altered his memory, but we had no cause to really dive into his head. The Academy doesn't allow us to screw with people without good reason, and there was no other evidence other than a story about some ditz kissing a boy with a serious zit problem in front of the whole school. We didn't know for sure if you had inherited MC abilities. Since then we have gathered more info."

"And MC stands for?"

"Mind control — the ability to alter the thoughts and emotions of others through resources or abilities available to only a miniscule portion of the population." Max sounded like he had swallowed a textbook.

"And I inherited this? That's not possible!"

"Your mother, Leia." Sam spoke in a kind voice.

"You've got it all wrong. My mom is not like that! She's not like us."

"Not anymore," Max said.

Sam elaborated. "There is no one reason or explanation for mind control. But sometimes it is inherited, and that is most likely what happened in your case. Your mother had the opportunity to come to the academy, but instead she asked to have her powers taken away and to be made to forget that she ever had them. She felt that she wanted to be normal."

Leia knew that what Sam said was true. Her mother worked very hard to make her family feel as safe and comfortable as possible in their home. It was not like her to take chances or call attention to herself. As far as Leia was aware, the only choice her mother had ever made that would call attention to herself was to marry a man of a different race— and with how deeply her parents were in love, maybe that was not really a choice at all.

A thought occurred to her. "Will I be given the amnesia option?"

Max said, "Possibly. Whatever happens here, we will write up a full report, and then figure out your best options. Amnesia is one realistic possibility. It worked well in your mother's case, and we're even more advanced now. A lot to think about before you decide."

"I really think that I want to get rid of this thing and forget I ever had it."

Sam's expression was still kind, but there was a challenge in her eyes. "Really? Because that is contrary to everything we know about you, and not an advisable decision until you really have more knowledge."

"Does it surprise you that not everybody is clamoring for this academy?"

Sam pushed a strand of blondish-red hair back from her face. "It would surprise me if you knew all the facts and did not want to attend, yes. But what really surprises me is that you are making this decision with almost none of the facts. We know you have a deep intellectual curiosity and a drive to succeed. Doesn't your curiosity want to know more? Answers to all the questions that you never thought you would be able to know, because you thought you were alone? Think of asking to actually lose knowledge and ability. You can really say that you don't want to learn more before you decide?"

Leia fell silent. She couldn't say that. She did have questions and she knew that she wanted those answers. Just to know.

Finally she spoke. "Okay, say we talk and I decide that I don't want school, but I don't want amnesia and my power taken either, or maybe I want my power taken, but to remember it. What about that?"

Max spoke. "No matter what, you will have a whole lot of decisions to make. There are ways to keep your powers on a more limited basis..."

"More limited? But this is my power!"

Sam spoke, her voice gentle. "We know, and we respect that. The problem is that a power like this is far reaching, and to keep it without learning how to control it or getting a firm grasp of what you want to do with it is rather dangerous. It's like someone with a machine gun or some big weapon-y thing you see in a war movie." Sam realized that Max was smirking and stopped to glare at him before continuing. "Anyhow, they have the gun, but don't know how it works, don't know anything about gun safety, never decided where they stand ethically on the whole gun thing, but the gun goes with them everywhere. Everything we know about you says that you would not want to be that person."

Leia clenched her fists and shook them once in front of her in frustration. "You keep telling me about the things you know about me. Exactly how do you know all this?"

Max explained, "Interviewed people about you. They don't remember it though..."

Sam added, "You have questions, and we want to answer them for you. Can you meet us after school at the café a block over? Let's have you take some time to process this. We also have questions that will help us to recommend the best course of action."

"Wouldn't that be this academy? That is why you are here?"

We realize it's more complicated than that. Diner after school? Do you need help with your mother?" asked Max.

Leia looked at him, and it dawned on her what he meant. "No! I'll handle it!"

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