Center Of Attention
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Reluctant, Lesbian, FemaleDom, Humiliation, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Rich thought his secret was safe, but as a party winds down, he finds out his lesbian friend's new home security features, see more than he expected while he was house sitting. He knows he should be punished, but did the punishment go too far or not far enough?

It was Saturday night, it was late, and once again, I was the only person left at the party in possession of a Y chromosome. Now don't get me wrong, being the token guy at a party is never a bad thing, however, since my girlfriend Beth was there, at her bosses' house, and Beth and I shared status as the token straight couple, being at a party with a bunch of drunken lesbians, was not my idea of productive.

The party now consisted of: Andrea, hostess of this little function and my girlfriend's manager at work. Toni, Andrea's current girlfriend, Beth, and me. You can call me Rich.

Now, this had been a pretty rough couple of weeks. Beth had been pissed off at me for whatever it is that I did or didn't do, plus we had been house sitting for Andrea while she was in Palm Springs. I was glad to just chill and not have my ass chewed out for the mystery indiscretion. In fact, Beth was being downright friendly! I guess she got over the whatever.

So, now back to the party. It was getting late-ish. The four of us were feeling no pain and Andrea says, "Oh my god! I almost forgot! I got this video while I was In Palm Springs, do you guys want to watch it?" With a round of nods and shrugs, Andrea headed for the DVD player and inserted a disc into the machine. After a couple of seconds, a picture of Andrea's bedroom popped up. As I mused over the fact that I was about to watch a video that was recorded in this house, I wondered when this new security feature had been installed. "I installed it about a month ago." Andrea said, "After my neighbor got broken into, I thought I should install these video cameras and connect them to the motion sensors." As I looked back toward the TV, I saw myself walk into frame.

No wonder my girlfriend had been pissed.

I'm a pervert, I admit it. I'm not even that shy about admitting it. However, as I watched my self wander into Andrea's bedroom, and begin rummaging through her drawers, I knew how this video ended. As I opened her bedside table drawer, I found a box with two strap-on dildoes in it. My dick goes into overdrive and I grab one of the phalluses and just inspect them. The first one was about 8" long and connects to the harness with a heavy rubber ring, and the other looked about 2" longer and a little bit thicker. I know at least one of these rubber dicks has been inside Andrea's or Toni's sexy bodies. I bring the smaller dildo up to my nose and sniff, smelling nothing but rubber but in my mind wanting it to smell like pussy. Now, while we are all watching me do things that I thought no one would see me do, the girls are giggling. No pissed off stares, no screaming accusations, just giggling. I would have preferred pissed off stares. I am now praying for the ground to open up and swallow me whole. Instead, while my eyes were closed praying for the apocalypse, all three girls squeal and fall out laughing at the video. In my effort to experience the forbidden sensations of lesbian sex, I licked the dildo. It tasted like rubber but in my mind I wanted it to taste like lesbian pussy. There I am on TV licking a rubber cock while my girlfriend and the co-owners of this strap-on laugh like hyenas at my sorry ass getting caught. Toni picks herself off the floor and says, "Hey, I thought you liked girls!" My legs are numb because all the blood in my body has rushed to my face. "Leave him alone!" says Beth. Finally, she's come to rescue, "What's wrong with a little cock now and again?" I closed my eyes again and tried to be small. As the laughter continued to ring in my ears, I was trying to convince myself, that this was the punishment for getting caught with my hand in the proverbial cookie jar. As I continued to ride the humiliation out, I suddenly felt something pressed against the side of my head. I open my eyes and stare into the rubber dick that I'm currently servicing on the video. Andrea has the strap-on held in front of her, and is waving it at me. "Come on; let's see your technique Rich." I clamp my mouth closed and turn away from her. Beth leans in, stroking my thigh, "Come on baby, it's the least you can do. Besides, it's not like you haven't done it before!" I glanced at the TV just in time to see myself put the head of the strap-on into my mouth. My face was burning hot and I was about to pass out as my mouth opened and felt the head of the dildo slip into my mouth. Andrea began sawing the rubber dick in and out of my mouth as the rest of the room became quiet for the first time in the night. I closed my eyes again and disappeared in the humiliation and lust of the moment, a lesbian fucking my mouth with a strap-on while my girlfriend watched. Was this a secret fantasy coming true or had I just gone too far and was accepting this as a fair punishment? Beth put her hand in my crotch to discover my cock was extremely hard already. "You fucking love this don't you? God! You're such a slut!" Her words rang true in my ears as I brought myself back to the reality of the situation. I wanted the punishment and was looking for a way to make this happen. Beth squeezed my cock through my pants again urging me to suck harder. Toni had moved behind Andrea and began massaging her tits with one hand while working her skirt down with the other. How far was this going to go? Where did punishment end and erotic fantasy begin? Beth was loosening my pants from the awkward position I had on the couch as Andrea was now naked from the waist down, and Toni was attaching the strap-on to her, preparing for more aggressive action. When the last buckle was in place, Andrea put her hand under my chin to bring my gaze to meet hers. "Now you are going to suck my dick." She said, matter-of-factly. Placing one hand on her dick and the other on the back of my head, she pushed her hips forward to meet my mouth, being forced onto the rubber phallus. Her cock slid past my tongue and was now working its way into my throat. Beth coaxed me off the couch onto my knees in front of Andrea as her cock blocked off my airway for a second, only to be withdrawn and thrust in deeper a second time. This time, Andrea put both hands on the back of my head, pressing my nose into the leather harness. Several thoughts entered my head as I held my breath and fought my gag reflex. Beth got my pants down far enough to free my cock and began stroking it. Groaning at this new sensation, I put both hands on Andrea's ass and pulled myself to her. My eyes filled with tears from fighting against my instinct to pull her dick from my mouth. My body convulsed once and I came off of her dick gasping for air. By this time, Toni had managed to remove the last of Andrea's clothes and had moved around to the front to kiss her and stroke her tits. Beth's handling of my own dick had stopped for a moment, so I turned around to see what had happened. She was out of her clothes, and had reached a hand up to help Toni out of her shorts and shirt. Andrea broke her kiss, looked at me with lust in her eyes. "Did I tell you to stop?" Knowing what to do, I opened my mouth to receive her cock. The rubber taste had been replaced with sex and my own saliva, but I kept impaling myself on her dick, taking every inch into my throat. I was beyond caring, I was putting on the best show I could for these three women, not knowing if they were watching, or even caring if they were watching, for that matter. Tears were streaming down my face as I repeatedly gagged on the task at hand. My hands were massaging Andrea's very tight ass while she and Toni held each other in a lurid embrace. After God only knows how much time had passed, Andrea lightly touched the side of my face. I pulled myself off of her dick and looked up. As my vision cleared, I saw Beth and Toni making out like they were trying to devour each other, and Andrea had an almost gentle look on her face when she said, "We're going into the bedroom." I took her hand to steady myself as I got to my feet. I stepped out of my pants, and followed the ladies as they walked to the bedroom.

As I turned the corner into the bedroom, I saw Toni attaching the larger dildo to another harness and buckling to her hips. Beth was seated in a chair in the corner of the room, naked and slowly running her hand over her very wet and swollen pussy, and Andrea had climbed up on the bed, spreading her legs and crooked her finger at Toni. Her girlfriend walked over to where Andrea was on the bed and slowly pressed the head of the dildo into her pussy. Toni and Andrea moaned in unison as the entire length of the dildo disappeared into Andrea's slick pussy. The couple stared into each other's eyes as Toni fucked her lover. I was still standing in the doorway, naked from the waist down, wondering what move I was supposed to make next. As I stood there pondering my next action, Toni pulled out of Andrea with a wet, sucking noise and spun to face me. "Was this what you were looking for, a taste of Andrea's Pussy? Reminded of my shame, I felt my face going red again. However, the fact my dick twitched at the question, confessed my not-so-secret desire. Smiling broadly, Toni stepped away from Andrea and said, "well, now's your chance!" Andrea giggled seductively as I stared into her open, wet vulva. I was given an opportunity to take a taste from a forbidden fountain. Numbly, walked towards the bed and sank to my knees in front of the two lovers, never taking my eyes off of the dripping snatch in front of my. I put both hands on the edge of the bed, leaning in to get my first taste of Lesbian sex, when Toni put her hand roughly on my shoulder, spinning me to face her. "I didn't mean a taste from there dumb-ass!" She said grabbing her dick and waving it at me, "I meant from here!" Beth and Andrea joined in with another round of laughter, as I didn't even hesitate to put the larger dick in my mouth. The smell and flavor of the dildo was heavenly. Andrea's pussy did not disappoint even as I was cleaning her pussy juice off of the strap-on. My own cock was now dripping with pre cum and I was trembling with desire. Toni put both hands onto the back of my head and slowly started pushing her dick into my mouth. This dildo was only a little bit thicker than the previous one, but it was noticeable as she forced the head into my throat. My vision blurred as tears filled my eyes. I grabbed onto Toni's thighs for balance as she began to throat fuck me. I was gasping for breath every time she pulled the cock out of my throat, giving me just enough time to get a small breath before filling my mouth with fuck toy again, not stopping until my nose was pressed against her pubic bone. My entire world was this pussy flavored rubber dick being violently pounded into my mouth. The only sounds in the room I could hear were the slick gasping noises that I was making and the forceful grunts Toni made every time she fucked her cock into my head. Toni's grunts got louder and her stroke got shorter and more powerful (if that was possible) until she made one final thrust and with hysterical strength, pinned my head to her waist. She was twitching as her hands tried to crush my skull into her crotch. I was trying to push myself off of her, my lungs demanding fresh air and my throat demanding a break. "This is not how I wanted to die." I thought to myself, as everything started going grey at the edges.

I was aware of the sound of coughing before I realized I was the one making those sounds. My vision returned, as I found myself on my knees, face against the floor, gasping for air in a puddle of my own spit and mucus and trying to remember where the fuck I was. Seeing Toni collapsed against the wall, unconsciously playing with her pussy and breathing hard brought me back to my current reality. "God Damn, that was fucking hot!" I looked in the direction of the comment to see Beth still in her chair, now with Andrea between her legs licking her from ass to clit. "If that's what it takes to get you off baby, we're going to do that all the time." I didn't understand what the hell that meant until I finally got back up into a sitting position, and noticed the large trail of cum underneath me. Did I cum after I blacked out? I still felt a twitch in my balls, trying to recall what appeared to be a fairly large orgasm. Ribbons of cum covered the floor where I apparently shot off while being throat fucked and humiliated. "Well?" asked Toni, "Clean it up!" I felt like I had been wrung out and was looking around the room for a towel or something. I finally gave up and pulled my drool covered shirt over my head and started to use it to wipe up my mess. "Uh-uh, use your tongue, perv." Toni was really punishing me for this, and she really seemed to be enjoying it. My moment of hesitation brought Toni to her feet somewhat slowly, "Now!" I looked again towards Beth for support but found her in the throes other own orgasm, pulling Andrea's head tight to her sex, her feet on Andrea's shoulders, spurring her on to a convulsing orgasm. "Oh, oh fuck! Do it Rich, you're not getting out of here until they are through with you, and I'm — Oh fuck! I'm not gonna let you leave until you pay them back for what you did in Andrea's house!" Her final word trailed off into a howl as Andrea put her mouth over Beth's clit and began sucking hard. Toni grabbed my head and pushed me down to the floor again. My tongue began to search out my mess and began lapping up my discharge. The jets of cum had cooled into a cold, slippery mess. The salty/sweet taste of my own cum didn't bother me as much as the aftertaste of hardwood floor. With Tina's help, I managed to find, and clean up most of my drool and cum. She finally let me up when she felt my job was good enough. Beth was looking at me with a strange look of pride and lust. I knew she was glad I was taking my punishment so well, but I also knew things would be changing at home as well. Andrea's arms around my girlfriend's waist, with her head resting on Beth's shoulder reinforced that fact. Toni, once again got my attention by tapping my leg with her foot. The look on her face told me that we were far from finished here.

Beth and Andrea each grabbed an arm and helped pull me to my feet. I had apparently been on the floor longer than I thought, as my knees cracked and groaned as I stood upright again. They led me over to the edge of the bed and let me lie down. I pulled myself the rest of the way up onto the bed to rest a moment before the girls went into action again. Andrea opened her closet door as Toni and Beth each grabbed a leg and pulled them both over my head. I guess I hadn't noticed the ropes and cuffs on the bedpost in my over stimulated state, until they were now securely attached to my ankles and putting me into a very vulnerable position. Andrea returned from her closet with a triangle shaped cushion and pushed under by lower back, taking the pressure off of my neck. Beth climbed up on the bed and began massaging my legs and ass, cooing and sighing as she admired the position I was now in. She finally, began to kiss and lick my scrotum, all the while stroking my legs. My cock was beginning to respond to her efforts even though I knew what she was preparing me for. Like I said earlier, I'm a pervert. I had confessed to Beth once in bed that I was curious to experience something like anal sex. She giggled and asked if I was secretly gay. I assured her I enjoyed pussy more than anything, and I explained that after seeing enough porn of women getting ass fucked and reading enough articles online about the "male G-spot", I was curious to see if I was missing out on something. My flashback moment was interrupted when I felt a tongue touch my asshole. Beth had stopped pleasuring my cock and balls and had begun swirling her tongue around the perimeter of my ass. I moaned ass her tongue worked inside my ass and started really working my anal area. Beth produced a bottle of lube (Andrea's, I assume.) and proceeded to squirt a few drops onto my ass. Her index finger began spreading the slippery fluid around in small circles before finally pushing the tip into my ass. I instinctively clenched as she penetrated my back passage, but she reassured me it was ok and continued slowly penetrating me. Once she felt I had relaxed, Beth poured more lube onto my ass and started working a second finger in. I clenched as the second digit made its way into my rectum, but quickly relaxed again as I began to concentrate on this new sensation. My body got warmer, and my dick much harder now. In fact, I was now staring straight into the eye of my own cock. Beth quickened her pace with her two fingers, penetrating a little farther each time until both fingers were in my ass to the third knuckle. Satisfied with my progress, once again my girlfriend applied more lube, followed by a third finger. I slowed my breathing and relaxed as this third intruder made its way into my back passage. I could feel my anus stretch to accommodate her fingers, and I smiled as I began to enjoy the sensation. Beth had worked her three fingers all the way into my ass and I could feel the pressure against my prostate. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensation of her massaging my prostate when she started spreading her fingers apart to squirt more lube into my ass.

"My turn." My smile faded as I opened my eyes to see Toni standing over me, the strap-on glistening with lube as she stroked the length preparing me for this next round of humiliation. Who the fuck was I kidding any more, I wanted Toni to fuck me. The feelings of embarrassment were now overwhelmed with raw, pure, lust. Toni started lining up the head of the dildo with my ass, her face twisted in a cruel smile. Beth's hand reached in and grabbed the dildo stopping any further progress. She looked Toni in the eye, and with a commanding voice, calmly instructed my violator, "Be, gentle until he gets used to it." The two shared a look, until Toni's grin softened a bit, nodded to my defender, and proceeded forward again. The soft head of the dildo pressed against my ass, slowly advancing toward its final destination. Toni's look changed into one of concentration, while I began to slow my breathing and relax every muscle I thought was attached to that part of my body. The head popped past my sphincter with no resistance and proceeded to slowly inch into my ass. Andrea and Beth watched breathlessly as each inch disappeared, while Toni's face changed into one of amazement. Another point of resistance stopped her progress. Her cock was now pressed directly into my prostate and I was blind with pleasure. My cock was bobbing up and down with my heartbeat practically begging for this sensation to go on forever. Far be it from me to deny my oldest and dearest friend anything, I reached out and grabbed Toni by the hips, looked her directly in the eye, and pulled her into me. All three squealed as Toni collapsed onto me, burying her dick to the base. I cried out in pleasure/pain as a 10" dildo was swallowed by my ass, my head went back and my eyes shut. I began to adjust to this ecstatic sensation through my body, my eyes opened to find three (yes, three) concerned faces staring at me. Beth had her hand to her mouth, eyes wide, as Andrea just stared slack jawed at the union of Toni and me, and Toni, was chewing on her lip nervously looking at everybody like she had done a bad thing. Realizing I had been holding my breath, I exhaled with a laugh, grabbed Toni's hips again and said it like I meant it, "Fuck. Me."

Andrea and Beth sighed in relief as Toni's smile returned, as she grabbed my thighs, pulled herself out and rammed it home. Toni was no novice with the strap-on. She began to pound my ass like a machine, pulling back until just the tip was in my ass, and sliding out home again and again. Beth was now on the bed next to me with her legs thrown over Andrea's shoulders receiving the same treatment I was. Andrea's cock was pounding Beth's pussy, the slapping of bodies in perfect sync with mine and Toni's. I became aware of words coming out of my mouth, spurring Toni to increase her pounding. "Fuck me. Fuck my ass! Come on, dyke bitch, pound my asshole! Yeah! Fuck it! Fuck it!" Beth was screaming like she was being killed as Andrea growled, slamming her into the mattress. Beth had now pulled her legs behind her own head, allowing her lover to piston in and out of her cunt, girls cum splashing up onto both of them. My own cock was running a river of pre-cum onto my chest as each stroke of her cock ricocheted off of my prostate and into my bowels as Toni started using my body for balance instead of leverage. Andrea began screaming her own orgasm at Beth as Toni's rhythm began to falter; her eyes began rolling back in her head as she was now concentrating on her own pending cum. Toni barked a series of noises as her pussy convulsed in ecstasy, her dick now pressed fully in my ass. She reached out a hand and grasped my dick, jerking me off as she experienced another series of spasms. My orgasm came immediately at the first touch of her hand. My cock, still lined up with my face, shot stream after stream of hot cum, into my open mouth, onto my chin, all over my face and hair as my ass clamped down on her dick. Toni' s now exhausted body collapsed against me, folding me almost in half, my cock now emptying the last of my load into my open mouth. Unconsciously, I licked the head of my own dick, and then willingly put my mouth around the head and sucked the last of my own cum out.

I felt hands go to my legs and release me from the cuffs holding me in this position. As my legs returned to a mostly horizontal position, Toni leaned over me, keeping her dick in my ass and kissed me. Our tongues met and we swapped my cum back and forth and then she began licking and sucking the cum off of my face as well. Shocked by this sudden act of kindness and emotion, I looked at Toni in amazement. As she licked the last of my cum off of my face, she gave me a look of serene satisfaction, and finally collapsed on top of me. I looked over at Beth to see her and Andrea watching us and gently stroking the others body.

The next morning, I found myself nestled comfortably between the lesbian who had fucked me silly last night and the girl of my dreams. I was spooning Toni, with my dick pressed between the cheeks of her ass while Beth was behind me, hugging me tightly. I carefully untangled myself from the pile on the bed as not to disturb the group and made for the bathroom. As I stood there, I replayed the evenings events and wondered how the fuck that happened. I thought I was going to Hell for that video they caught me doing, and instead, I ended up in a Heaven of beautiful women. "Hey! Other people may need to use the bathroom here!" I jumped as Andrea's voice broke my moment of reflection. I stepped out of the bathroom, mumbling some apology, not realizing for a minute that we were both naked. We both chuckled at the realization, as I slipped past her and into the living room. There were my pants and underwear on the floor as well as a few pairs of panties and bras. I grabbed my underwear, and put them on as Andrea stepped out of the bathroom, now wearing her robe.

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