Honey Bare
Chapter 1

Caution: This Mystery Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Group Sex, Petting, Novel-Pocketbook,

Desc: Mystery Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Sarah Leighton was an actress and was convinced that someone was trying to kill her. She hired Lincoln to stay with her that night and protect her from whomever was trying to kill her.

She was a passionate tigress ... and she wanted me!

"I'd like to try out my topless act for you, Lincoln," she murmured, her fingertips brushing the insides of my thighs enticingly.

Her hips swayed and moved sensually while her hand began unzipping her blouse. Then she was slipping out of it — and my breath caught in my throat.

Honey was topless, except for the sheer black bra that hardly contained her golden breasts. The rigid nipples threatening to break through the gauzy material.

Suddenly she reached behind and unhooked the garment letting it drift to the floor as her magnificent caramel-colored orbs sprang forth. Slowly, her hands came up to cup and stroke them, causing the puckered nipples to jut out even further.

Her glance was fixed on my face as she began to push the half slip down over her flaring hips. Thrusting her femininity towards me with faster and faster bumps, she moved just within' my reach. And I suddenly realized that the sensuality of the dance had actually gotten to her. She wasn't acting anymore!

"Lincoln," she moaned, offering herself to me completely, "I need to be loved — now!"

My name is Lincoln Ice. After studying for more years than I cared to remember, I'd finally passed the Bar exam. In fact, only this week I'd been sworn in. Now I was a practicing attorney — without any clients!

It was Friday afternoon and raining in Los Angeles. While I waited for Suzy to arrive I stared out the window of my apartment and watched the raindrops hammering dents in the sheet of water that covered the streets. It was a good day for auto accidents. With the rain and the slick streets and the upcoming weekend, there would be a couple of hundred auto accidents in Los Angeles County alone. And a couple of thousand bodily injury suits would be filed.

I felt like a guy with only a spoon instead of a shovel should it ever start to rain silver dollars. I had a Law degree but my shingle wasn't up yet, and I hadn't even connected with any law firm.

Then I heard the door opening behind me, and I saw Suzy. Whenever Suzy was around I forgot all about my problems. I thought only of joy. Especially sex.

"Thank goodness, it's Friday," Suzy said.

Her dark eyes appraised me hungrily, as though I were the only man in the world who could give her what she needed. That look alone always made me eager to prove it.

"You don't know how I've been waiting — for Friday, and you," I said.

"I wanted to finish my packing first." She pulled the little green scarf away from her chestnut curls and then shook her head, like a filly that hates the rain.

By that time I could smell the dampness of her hair and her perfume while I was helping her with the raincoat. A moment later she was moving over in front of the fireplace, lovely in her boots, miniskirt, and sweater.

Suzy said, "I need you to warm me up, Link." She was embracing herself as her hands rubbed her arms.

"That's my girl," I said.

Suzy really was my girl. She was also a model. She made a lot of money whenever she worked. She was not the skinny type of model that you see in the women's magazines. Definitely not skinny. She had all the wonderful curves and lines, and her chest was bountiful. Suzy modeled hosiery. She had the greatest pair' of legs in the world; and she knew how to use them.

In a couple of hours she was leaving on her vacation. She had her jet ticket, her reservations, and apparently she had her bags packed. The only thing she didn't have was a way to take me with her.

We'd discussed it briefly yesterday morning when she'd telephoned. "I'm beginning to miss you already, Link," she'd murmured. "What's a sex-starved girl to do?"

"Lay in a supply before you leave," I'd told her.

"Oh, Link —" after a short pause she'd added, "It might help at that. At least it would be worth a try."

"Let's try it, Suzy."

"All right I'll come to your place. Mine's a terrible mess. Right after lunch I'll be there."

Now as my hands touched her shoulders she slid her arms around my neck and snuggled against me. I could feel her shivering. But she didn't feel cold to me or against me.

I said, "I hope that's passion, and not a touch of the flu."

"It is," she said softly.

I could feel her coming up on tiptoe as she offered her mouth to me. I let her come up, all the way up; because it gave her an opportunity to rub herself a bit more against the front of me.

"It is — what?" I asked.

My lips touched hers and then she was sinking back down again, rubbing delightfully against me on the return trip, her mouth suctioned to mine, bringing my head down with her.

Whenever Suzy used that rubbing action while we were kissing, she always forgot to breathe! Suddenly she had to pull her lips away from mine.

"It's not the flu — only passion," she purred.

My hands slipped down the small of her back and I was letting them caress her firm and rounded fanny, feeling the heat from her skirt burning my fingertips.

"I can tell," I told her. "You're on fire."

"That's the heat from the fireplace," she said. She was becoming restless, squirming and fidgeting about as though her panties were too tight for her.

I shoved my hand down between us, feeling almost the same degree of heat coming through her skirt in front of her.

"Then how do you explain that, Suzy?" That set her off. She was pinned so tightly against me now that it was almost impossible for me to pull my hand out again. Not that I was really in a hurry to do it.

But Suzy was in a hurry.

"Link!" she said urgently, "I don't have much time!"

Neither time nor tide nor scheduled airlines wait for those having quickies in the afternoon. I knew this so I picked her up in my arms and carried her into the bedroom.

It was a wonderful trip. Somehow the miniskirt had gotten all bunched up and the backs of her bare thighs were rubbing against my bare right forearms. Along with that, her tongue was doing all kinds of wicked things along the sides of my neck and around my ear. Even in it.

When I got to the edge of the bed I simply dropped her onto it. She bounced, at the same time already slipping out of her sweater. I pulled off her boots and crimson socklets. Then I let her finish undressing while I shed my own clothes.

Now she was standing up in the center of the bed with her feet spread apart so that she could balance herself. With her hands cocked on her lush hips, she'd also shoved out her chest.

She was outlined against the undraped window, nine stories up and if someone to the south, maybe at Wilshire, had caught sight of her through binoculars, his eyeballs would have bugged out to smear up the lens.

Everything about her was fantastic, the way it had always been. Her full, hard breasts were puffed up, the nipples stiff and needle sharp and tipped up so much that if she'd have put her head down she could have touched them with her tongue.

But her legs were the most exciting things about her, leading to the most exciting thing that she possessed — the inverted V. Supple and, slim and suntanned, they were poised now, pointing the way to her smoldering femininity.

I came forward slowly, and at the same time she stepped gracefully towards the edge of the bed. Her waist was almost eye-level but I wasn't thinking about her waist at all. I was thinking about the joys that were just below. My hands came forward and slid over her squirming hips. I tightened my grip on her and brought her forward so that I could kiss her and let her know that I'd been waiting anxiously for her arrival. And that set me off!

She was life and love, and all the delights that I'd ever known. Her hands were at my head and hair, tugging at me, moving me against her, welcoming me, and there was the joyous reaction that perfumed and smothered me and drove me straight ahead.

The next moment I'd fallen forward and she'd clasped me tightly and held me against her. Through the swirling scents that enveloped me I knew I needed her, I had to possess her.

I beard her scream out delightfully, the same wonderful responses I'd heard so many times before; and then I was moving along the creamy softness of her stomach, feeling her shifting and squirming beneath me. I let my chest rub against her damp and heated fluff, heard her react and rejoice at the brutality of my passion as I rubbed my chest against her, feeling her long and delightful legs stroking and scraping at my shoulders, then my sides as I moved upward and onto her.

Eventually my mouth traveled up to her breasts. They were heated, swollen hard, and at the same time sensuous. I dug my face into the valley, smothered myself with the perfume that she'd placed there for me, and heard the throbbing of her heartbeat against my eardrums.

At the same time she began rocking and shifting, rubbing her moist and heated desire against the front of me, begging for me to hurt her with my strength. And I wanted to. I wanted to do that so badly that it was an effort for me to hold back. Suzy had come to see me. Suzy had come by because she'd been certain that I could provide her with what she needed before she left on her vacation. I wanted her to leave without any disappointments.

I picked her up, feeling the heated cheeks of her fanny spinning and squirming around in the palms of my hands. I felt the wonderful thighs rub heatedly against my ears, the sides of my head, clasping and unclasping passionately as I drilled into the core of her passion.

There was darkness and the most exotic incense and then I heard her scream, her wonderful shapely legs slamming against my eardrums. At the same time I was becoming aware of the loosened heat and passion.

Suzy, Suzy, Suzy.

That was the only thing I thought about as I shoved myself forward, letting my chest grind against her pulsing cushion on my way up the front of her.

Suddenly I found her mouth again, her lips and tongue jammed against mine. At the same time her hot and restless legs were twined about me, guiding me, banging me against her and into her. And then there was the invitation, the arrival, and the complete envelopment.

"Lincoln! You're so good — to me!"

I heard her, and I liked it because I felt big. I felt strong. I felt that I was exactly what she needed. I meant to fulfill every obligation, every promise. I meant to fill her.

I did, hearing her groan of delight as we slammed together. Her wonderful, supple legs flailed about momentarily, then closing again, clamping about me, snugging me tightly against her and holding me there even though I was trying to move.

I fought her legs. I fought the anvil that was strapped around me. Her arms loosened and she was wailing as the backs of her hands beat against the bed. At the same time I felt her spasmodic pulsing against my manhood.

We rocked, shoved and pounded, and slammed against each other. Suzy was a wild and reckless wench who was caught up in the lusts and fury that flamed through her. I could feel her climax bursting hotly and I wanted to give her more. She needed a fringe benefit she'd never had from me before. After all, she was leaving on her vacation. And she'd come by to see me before she left.

I wanted her to leave, remembering me.

Now her thighs were clasped tightly against my sides and I was holding her, bringing her up slowly as I drove into her.

We were rocking in rhythm and she was telling me how wonderful I was. Through the fantastic confusion and heat and ecstasy we moved on to more exciting plateaus. Once again she broke open and gushed her passion against me. Then it was my turn and she knew it. She must have felt it because she was wild and furious and completely uncontrollable.

My hands and arms clasped around her thighs, dropping down to her fanny, and again I was holding her, lifting her, thundering into her. At the same time I was becoming the biggest, greatest man that had ever lived.

When I hit the peak of my plateau it was a violent, over-powering force that surprised even myself. I felt as though my backbone and the lower part of me had broken through all the tensions and now I was free — completely free.

Suzy was on her shoulders and she was squealing ecstatically. I was on my toes and when I came down there was about two-hundred pounds of thrust drilling into a. defenseless girl that scarcely weighed a hundred and ten pounds. Defenseless!

Suzy arched, calling for me to take her and we closed the show together in a powerful and rumbling climax.

I snuggled down onto her moist and quivering young body feeling the wondrous pleasure of her restless legs, tender arms and soft mouth. We stirred eventually, but only because Suzy had to go.

She whispered, "I'd better leave now."

"It's a shame."

"Not really."

"Because I'm leaving with more than I expected. Much more than I'd hoped for."


"You're welcome."

"You get most of the credit, Suzy."

"Save a little for me when I get back, Link."

"All right. Maybe a lot."

"I couldn't stand a lot. But I'd like to try."

We finally got untangled, and when we were both standing up she said, "I'm, going to help you become the best lawyer that ever passed the Bar!"

"Forget it," I said.

I felt the quick rush of heat pouring into my face and I knew that she'd seen my anger.

"Now what do you mean by that?" she asked testily.

"Forget it."

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