Change Of Luck
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Drunk/Drugged, Slut Wife, BDSM, Rough, Gang Bang, Oral Sex, Anal Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Kelly and Jason a loving married couple on a trip each find themselves in trouble. She finds her self at the mercy of eight strangers. While Jason is in trouble with the law and his own guilt.

Jason Lewis had considered himself one of the luckiest men in the world before that night. He had been lucky enough to marry the most gorgeous woman he had ever met. His wife Kelly stood 6 feet 2 inches tall and had the measurements of a playboy bunny at 36c 24 34 with an angelic face to match. At thirty three she still turned heads even in a room filled with women fifteen years younger than her. She had given him two wonderful children and was a wonderful homemaker as well. On top of all that she still looked as fit and toned as she did when she was a college tennis player. Jason sat and watched appreciably as yet another college aged admirer stood at their table asking her for a dance. Her long blond hair whipping around into her face as she turned suddenly startled to look at the young man asking for her company. She was completely dazed and confused looking up at him with a silly smile plastered on her face. Jason told her latest admirer she would have to pass, as he went back to telling her all the things he was going to do with her once he got her back to their hotel room.

Jason's biggest complaint about his lovely wife Kelly over the years was her prudishness in the bedroom and she was well aware of it. He couldn't believe how old fashioned she was in their bedroom. She never allowed him to even gaze upon her naked body let alone explore its long tanned perfection. He had begged her to pleasure him orally or at the very least allow him the opportunity to service her, but she wouldn't hear of it. They often fought over his desire to at least try new positions in their love making but no amount of begging or threats or even fighting had changed her mind in their eight years of marriage. He was so tired of the missionary position, but it was the only way of love making she would allow, he had the sexiest woman around but couldn't enjoy her in the ways he so desperately wanted to. He had intentionally walked in on her in the shower once and thought the ordeal would lead to a divorce. He had spent two nights sleeping in his truck over that incident. The worst thing about his plight was that she was by no means shy, she would dress in the sexiest of outfit's, layout in her tiny yellow bikini for all the neighborhood to see and happily wear the tight fitting dresses he would pick out for her, proud to show off her long shapely legs. But no matter how much he begged her or fought with her he couldn't get her to loosen up in their sex life. She never seemed to enjoy their love making and would allow only the minimum amount of physical contact to get the job done.

She would drive him mad with lust wearing the sexiest of outfits looking like a million bucks, but then turn frigid in the bedroom. He tried to talk to her about it but never got any answers from her as to her frigid nature about sex. Tonight she was wearing a tight black mini-skirt with a thin halter top stopping two inches above the skirt showcasing her tanned and toned belly and the gold ring piercing her navel. It was going to be a special night after all he had thought to himself. He had asked that she get ready so they could get some dinner and maybe go dancing afterwards but boy was he stunned when she walked out of the hotels bathroom dressed as she had. He hadn't even asked her to get all "Sexified" as he liked to call it when she dressed as sultry as she had tonight.

The couple had come to Glendale Arizona to watch the Fiesta bowl game. Kelly ever the loving wife had managed to buy a couple of tickets to the game in an effort to be nice to her husband. It was the first time in their lifetime that Jason's college team had made it to a bowl game and she knew how badly he wanted to go. She had bought the tickets expecting Jason to take one of his hunting buddies or his cousin who usually went to the home games with him. She was more than happily surprised when he asked her to go to the game with him. She told him she had got the tickets for him to take one of his friends with him but after his insistence she agreed to join him. She found herself getting excited about the trip looking forward to spending a week in sunny warm Arizona during the middle of the cold dreary Kansas winter. Her act of kindness toward her husband had led to him buying her a new Bow Flex and a tennis racquet in appreciation in addition to him being even kinder and sweeter than usual. She really loved her gifts and his kindness, so she agreed to his request to allow him to play the "game" with her while on the trip, happy to please him.

It had been almost a year earlier that the couple first played his "game" and used the drug. Jason had loved it and couldn't have been more grateful to her for going along with it. After years of complaining of how prudish she was in the bedroom Jason had suggested she allow him to give her a little Rohypnol to loosen her up and make a "game" of it. He pitched the idea to her for years showing her countless articles from the internet of how harmless the drug was. He told her fantastic stories he heard from his friends who used it with their wives and girlfriends, and even showed her some of the pills a friend had given him while on a hunting trip to Canada. Even under all his pressure she wasn't convinced, she had never used an illegal drug, and was terrified by the thought. He would bring it up during each of their fights which happened far more frequently over the years. He begged and pleaded with her to just give it a chance and try it! Surprisingly just when he had all but given up on the idea she finally gave in and agreed to try it, tired of him constantly asking her to try it along with his constant complaints about her prudishness.

The first time they played his little "game" he had given her the Rohypnol at home after dinner and wow what a night he had with her. He had finally gotten to enjoy his wife the way he had always wanted. She had been so free spirited and uninhibited that night. She did all the things he wanted and allowed him to do all the things he wanted to her, without the slightest hesitation. Kelly had woken up naked in bed late the next morning with no memories of the previous night's events. The best part of the ordeal for Kelly was how Jason had reacted after that night. He had been so happy with her for months to follow and showered her with love and gifts.

She agreed to play the "game" again six months later, knowing how happy it would make Jason. This time they had gone out for a night on the town, leaving the kids at her folks. He had put the Rohypnol in her drink at the club where the couple had gone dancing. Kelly had no memory of anything from that night the next morning but Jason insisted she had been great fun that night as well, and again he couldn't stop thanking her for doing it. So when he asked about playing the "game" again on this trip she reluctantly agreed after a week of his relentless begging, not seeing any harm in it. The first two encounters hadn't hurt her. She would wake up groggy with no memory of the night's events, but with a very grateful husband who would shower her with gifts for months to come.

Not only had Jason got her to agree to play the "game" again on their trip, but she had also agreed to change things up and allow him to surprise her with it. She agreed to allow him to slip her the drug without telling her about it first like he had in the past to add an element of surprise to the "game".

After seeing how she had dressed for their night out he decided to play the "game" on this there first night out of town. He had slipped the Rohypnol into her drink earlier that night when she had gone to the restroom unaware that anyone else had seen him do it.

Unfortunately for the couple a woman as stunningly beautiful as Kelly garnered a lot of male attention. The bartenders' eyes like most of the clubs male patrons were drawn to her table, while glancing up at her table he had observed Jason slip the drug into her drink, he immediately buzzed for a bouncer. He attempted to keep a closer eye on the table while waiting for security but had eventually gotten distracted by the bustle of the busy bar. He hadn't seen the tall blonde return to the table or at her date's insistence finish her drink before the couple returned to the dance floor. It had taken a bouncer twenty minutes to respond to the bartender as both members of the clubs security force had been kept busy dealing with a crowd gathered around an accident in the parking lot. The club was much busier than usual with the large crowds in town for the game and the clubs staff was stretched thin. After finally making their way back inside the establishment the bartender was able to inform the clubs bouncers about what he had witnessed although he was himself unwilling to confront the man who was physically much larger than the short thin bartender.

Ten minutes later both bouncers approached Jason and Kelly's table it was immediately obvious that the young woman had been drugged. The hot blonde barely looked up from the table when they stepped up to their table, she went immediately back to staring glassy eyed at her date looking both dazed and confused a silly little smile plastered on her face.

A table of young men sitting across the room had also watched the events unfold and knew someone had done their dirty work for them. The group had made it a habit to pickup women in local clubs and bars, and show them their idea of a good time. Things had been getting tougher for them lately after the police had been contacted by several women who had been drugged at local clubs and bars and raped. The stories had been profiled on the local news and local clubs had tightened their security. Local clubs and bars had been told to be on the lookout for suspicious activities and to contact the police immediately. The group had been watching the attractive blonde and commented on just how much fun they could have with such a beauty when they watched her date slip the drug in her drink after she had left to go to the restroom. They had watched the events unfold in front of them from their table across the room taking note that the bartender had also saw the man slip the drug into the leggy blondes drink. The group sat waiting to see what the bartender would do, after fifteen minutes of apparently doing nothing they thought perhaps he hadn't seen what happened after all. On a dare the wildest of the bunch went to ask the blonde for a dance telling the others he would lead her out the backdoor if he could get her onto dance floor with him.

He had just been told by the blonde's date she was not interested when he saw the clubs security heading toward her table and left quickly heading back to his friends. They knew they would have to move quickly if they wanted a crack at the sexy blonde and quickly devised a plan to snare the beauty after watching the bouncers approach her table. One of the bouncers had led the blondes date away and taken him to the club's office while the other stayed behind at the table with the drugged woman.

That's when the group moved into action.

The first part of their hastily formed plan began with three of the men starting a fight amongst themselves, ensuring they made enough noise to get the attention of everyone in the club. Two more of the group moved in and quickly helped the gorgeous blonde up from the table and led her away the moment the bouncer went to break up the fight. With everyone in the club now distracted by the fight on the opposite side of the room the two men rushed the blonde out the back door of the club. The final member of the group had left the club just before the fight broke out and hurried to his car which he quickly pulled around to the back door to whisk away their prey before anyone noticed. Ten minutes after he drove away with their catch the other five men where enroot to the planned rendezvous to get the party started.

Jason sat in the cluttered office scared to death, the bouncer stood over him reading him the riot act and telling him just how much trouble he was in, obviously not believing Jason's story. Finally twenty minutes into the questioning and after securing Jason to the chair with a pair of handcuffs the bouncer agreed to look at Kelly's ID to see if she was in fact his wife, but not before calling the police. The bouncer returned over 35 minutes later with the police. That's when he learned Kelly was no longer at the table but her purse was still sitting on the seat of their booth, a thorough search of the building and parking lot had failed to locate her.

Kelly found the ride to the party an adventure in itself. She found herself lying across the front seat of the car a warm hard cock in her mouth as the driver clutching her silky blonde hair helped to guide her head up and down on his manhood. She was so relaxed and out of it she had no idea what was happening or why but she didn't really care. Her mind now so confused she hadn't understood all the talk and commotion going on around her.

What a strange night this had turned out to be. First she had been dancing and having a great time with her husband. Then they sat down and Jason started talking dirty to her. He told her of all the fun they were going to have, going into graphic detail on all the things they were going to do. That's when those two mean guys, the bouncers came and wanted to talk to Jason, alone. The smaller of the two told her to just wait right there. Then he left with Jason, the other guy stayed there with her. He kept asking her if she was alright and if she needed him to call anyone, asking if there was anyone who could help her. She kept telling him she was fine and asked about Jason. All he would tell her was not to worry about Jason they would take care of him. Just what did that mean? Jason and the other one had only been gone a couple of minutes when he angrily barked at her not to move and ran off in a hurry. That's when these other two guys came to her table telling her they had come to take her to the party. They too acted like jerks and had been in such a hurry not even giving her a chance to talk. They seemed as pushy as the guy that had wanted to talk with Jason. They pulled her up out of her seat roughly and walked her out the back door in a hurry. She hadn't even had a chance to grab her purse. Then they told her to get in the car. As soon as she fell into the front seat it took off before she could even get her seat belt on.

So there she was with this guy she had never met before and he was not talking. She looked around attempting to make sense of what was happening, when she couldn't she finally spoke up and asked him about Jason.

"Where is Jason? He is coming right?" she said looking at him her face showing her confusion. "Jason is coming to the party right?" she continued.

The stranger took his eyes off the road just long enough to look over and smile at her.

"Sure Honey, Jason's coming to the party just relax and enjoy the ride." He told her in a smug voice nodding his head confidently as he spoke.

As they approached the next stop light he turned to look at her appreciatively and raising his eyebrows cockily asked.

"So tell me sweetness you want to get the party started right now?"

Party started. Sure she liked partying, dancing. She even enjoyed singing karaoke.

"Sure that sounds like fun. I like to party." She said to him all her social inhibitions lowered dramatically by the effects of the Rohypnol. She felt the need to please those around her.

Stopped at the red light the smile on his face broadened even wider, as he looked back over at her while unbuttoning and unzipping his slacks and then pulling his semi erect penis out. He then undid her seat belt and pulled her over to him, kissing her on the lips passionately. Happy to see no signs of resistance from her he forced his tongue in her mouth exploring it. Seeing the light turn green he broke his lip lock with her and forced her head into his lap, telling her to blow him. Unable to resist his wishes she took his member into her mouth gently and started sucking his cock. She wasn't even bothered when he pulled her head up and down by her hair, his hand gripping a handful of her long beautiful blonde hair painfully. God she thought I shouldn't be doing this, she hadn't ever done it for Jason.

After being raped in college she swore would never things such as this again, but there she was sucking a stranger's cock and she couldn't figure out why, but at the moment she didn't really care. She bobbed her head up and down on the cock for twenty minutes sloppily gulping on the man's tool.

He had climaxed and shot off in her mouth after the first fifteen minutes of her attentions. When he climaxed he had forced her head down into his crotch smashing her nose in his musty pelvic hair, not letting her head up till well after he had stopped spraying his hot milky semen into the deepest recesses of her mouth. After allowing her head up a few seconds to catch her breath he forced her mouth back down on his cock and helped her resume her pace of moving up and down over his shaft. She continued sucking his now softening cock as he continued guiding her head up and down over his slick shaft.

When the car finally came to a stop he shut off the lights and engine but remained in the car as she continued sucking his cock in a steady rhythm. Several minutes after they had stopped the passengers door of the car swung open.

"You asshole! You couldn't even wait till we all got here! You had to get started without us didn't you?" The man who opened Kelly's door said angrily. The man she was giving the blow job to too released her hair lifting his hands as if to surrender. Even thought she was now able to move her head freely Kelly continued sucking the cock not bothering to stop even though someone else was standing over her in the open car door.

"Come on honey we can continue this inside." The man who had opened the door told her as he grabbed her arm and pulled her from the car. Kelly's new friend the driver pulled the keys from the ignition and got out of the car.

"Well was she any good?" the man pulling her to the house asked as his partner tucked in his penis before buttoning his pants.

"Sure was! She's a mighty fine little cock sucker and damn she looks sweet." He said zipping up his pants as the trio walked to the front door of the house. The man guiding her by the arm released her and after digging his keys out unlocked and opened the door motioning them in.

Kelly mindlessly followed the men into the living room where her partner from the car pushed her down onto the red leather couch.

"So Jack called and is stopping for some booze. Eddie was gonna run by and buy a couple doses of E and stuff and Nick was swinging by his place to grab the camera's and other stuff, so anyway we better wait for them otherwise their gonna be pissed." The man who had let them in said. As he finished speaking a third man walked into the room. Kelly recognized him through her spinning mind as one of the men who had helped from her table at the bar and pushed her out to the car.

"Holy shit! She is fucking smokin hot." The man just entering cheered. "Look at those fucking legs! They just don't stop. Man you are sure one fine looking lady I gotta tell ya." He said as he dropped onto the couch next to her. He slid one arm behind her and over her shoulder, his other hand fell onto her leg and began caressing her knee.

"Just chill dude you know we have to wait for everyone to get here." Said the man who had let them in the house.

"Duh I know that Chris but we can get to know her. I mean shit we are here way earlier than usual shit it's just now 7:30 and were already here with our date. We have never found a honey and nabbed her this fast before." Said the man now softly massaging her knee.

"I know that's my point we got plenty of time and I don't want to piss off the others. It ain't worth it. We got all night with her so take it easy Eric." Chris said shaking his head.

"I'm just going to get to know her better couz. Find out who we got here." Eric said pulling Kelly closer to him. Chris and the other man, Johnny each took a seat in the two leather recliners across from the couch. "So what's here name?" Eric asked his two fellow conspirators, both of whom sat shaking their heads.

Turning his attention back the succulent blonde at his side Eric began his questioning.

"I'm sorry gorgeous I didn't catch you name?" Eric queried

"Kelly, haha Kelly Lewis." She said giggling while slurring her speech. She blushed at how nice he was being, complimented by him calling her gorgeous.

"Kelly, that's a pretty name. A pretty name, for a very pretty girl. How old are you Kelly, you pretty girl?" Eric asked laying it on thick for her.

"You're not supposed to ask a lady how old she is." She giggled but then leaned closer to him and whispered in his ear. "I'm thirty three."

"Thirty three huh! You don't look a day over twenty one, you look great." Eric said for the benefit of his friends who had attempted to lean in to hear what she said.

"Oh well, thank you very much." Kelly cooed back at him now very out of it.

"So where abouts do you live sweetness?" Eric asked while moving his hand farther up her leg closer to her skirt.

"uhm, Shawnee." She replied laying her head on his shoulder.

"Where is Shawnee at Dear?" He pried looking to his friends for a clue not having heard of the place himself.

"It's in Kansas Silly. You know Kansas City." She said.

"Oh Kansas City. What are you doing way down south here Honey?" Chris asked deciding to get into the conversation.

"I'm here for the game the big bowl game." She said still giggling.

"Oh you must be a cheerleader." Eric said still sucking up to the drugged woman.

"No you big silly, just to watch the game." She responded.

"Will who was that dude you where at the club with? The one sitting at the table with you?" Johnny said now getting into the questioning.

"That's Jason!" She said frowning at him.

"And Jason ISSSS???" Eric asked playfully.

"My husband silly." She said slapping his leg. "He's coming to the party" She said looking over at Johnny remembering what he told her in the car.

"Oh yeah right. Should be here soon. But where's your wedding ring at Precious?" Johnny asked her.

"Jason took it to the shop he's getting the diamond that fell out replaced in it for me. Isn't he the sweetest?" she said.

"Sure is."Eric responded looking at his friends a giant smile on his face. "So you and hubby have any Kids?" he asked. "Two." She answered "Two huh. How old are the munchkins?" he asked.

"Ty is five and Kristen is six." She replied looking at his hand as it slowly rubbed her leg not even hearing the front door open and close.

Jack then walked in the room a case of beer in one hand and bag of booze in the other. "WOW!" He exclaimed entering the room as he looked at the sexy blonde her head on his friends shoulder his hand on her leg. "You got some glasses for this shit?" he said sitting the alcohol on the table before sitting down on the couch on the other side of the drugged woman. Chris stood and left going to the kitchen to grab some glasses and a bucket of ice.

"So Kelly did you know your hubby Jason had dropped something in your drink tonight at the club?" Eric asked the poor girl using names to bring Jack up to speed.

"I knew he would!" she laughed rolling her eyes. "He couldn't resist seeing me in this outfit. I just wanted to get it over with." She went on.

"Get what over with?" Johnny chimed in.

"His stupid game." She chuckled "So I will do what he wants in the bedroom cause he knows I won't any other way." She said coyly spilling her guts.

"What I don't get it. So you'll do what he wants in the bedroom. What you're not a prude and shit are you?" Johnny asked "Why would he slip something in your drink for that?" he asked.

"Do you know what he put in you drink Kell?" Eric asked before she had a chance to answer Johnny's question.

"Yea" she snickered "Roh ... rohi..." she tried to get the word out but just couldn't get her lips to work.

"Rohypnol is that what it was" Eric tried to help her.

"Yea that's it that's what he uses." She said happy he knew what she was trying to say.

Jack had started to rub her chest over the top of her halter top drawing her eyes to look down at the strangers' hand now groping her.

"So why would he have to drug you Honey?" Eric asked wanting to know more.

"I don't know. I just can't ... will I did." She paused her eyes fixed on Jacks hand "He wants more than I can do ever since will he ... no I can't." she tried to explain obviously confused.

"Since what Kell tell me what." Eric asked in the most sympathetic voice he could.

"Since I was ... raped in college I haven't been able to ... you know like let a guy see me naked or do things you know. I mean I, well Jason he and I make you know love but I ... I can't let him you know see me I just want to let him like do it and get it over with I just hate it and I don't know. It's no good I tried but I can't." She said a tear running down her check as she paused. "But you know I try to look good for him and everything, but when were you know doing it I can't, I just I remember what he did to me and, and I can't well I just." She said now on the verge of a breakdown thanking back to the night she was violently raped having never confessed any of what she just told these strangers out loud to anyone before including Jason.

"Oh OK Baby I got it." Eric replied starting to understand what she was saying and feeling sorry for her and her husband.

"That's too bad Sweets. I think we can help you get over your shyness and all babe. I think this party might be just the thing to cure you." Jack said unmoved by her story, moving his hand up over her halter top and slipping it in underneath it and her bra, touching her bare chest. Kelly just continued staring at his hand moving over her body.

"Look at this we did real good tonight fella's that's a grade A piece of ass we got there for tonights entertainment." Eddie said as he sauntered into the room his eyes fixed on the blonde. "I got our bitch a little E but I ain't sure if we should give it to her since we don't know what the other dude hit her with." Eddie announced to his friends.

"Dude it was her hubby at the club, he dosed her with Rope man. She'll be okay with the E give it to her." Johnny said reaching into the bag Eric had brought and pulling out a bottle of booze. He twisted the cap off the bottle and handed it to Eddie. Eddie walked over to her and tapped her check she looked in his hand at the pill he was holding and ate it from his palm. "Swallow it with this." He told her putting the bottle to her lips.

"Dude what happened to her face" he said noting her smeared lipstick.

"Johnny couldn't wait and helped himself." Chris answered walking into the room with glasses and ice.

"Asshole" Eddie replied punching Johnny in the arm.

"Come on Honey I'll show you to the restroom you can use it and clean yourself up baby." Eddie said.

Kelly had used the restroom then opened the door telling Eddie she needed her purse to touch up her makeup. Eddie scrambled to get her purse learning they had left it at the club he returned with a tube of lipstick from one of their previous victims telling her to use it. She cleaned up and reapplied the new lipstick before being led back into the living room.

Kelly's mind drifted off not paying attention to the men's conversation as Eric and Johnny began filling the others in on all they had learned from her. She stayed in the dreamlike state until the slap to her breast brought her to some sense of awareness.

"Hey baby everybody's here and ready why don't you do a little dance for us kitten." Johnny said holding one of Nick's camera's pointed at her.

Unsteady on her feet as she was Kelly stood and slowly started dancing to beat of the music now playing. She danced about getting more animated and into it as the group of men cheered her on excitedly.

A ring of the doorbell brought an eerie halt to the cheering and a look of concern to all the men's faces except for Eddie's. Kelly was unfazed by the noise or the men's reaction to it and continued dancing as though nothing had happened.

"Shit sorry guys I forgot to tell you."Eddie said laughing at his friend's reaction. "When I stopped to get the shit from Julio I told him about what we had scored tonight." He said nodding at Kelly and shrugging his shoulders. "Man he gave me the shit for free if I would let him and his brother come over for a piece, what was I going to say." Eddie explained to his friends as he headed for the door.

"Asshole" chimed his friends in unison, breathing sighs of relief as he left to get the door.

Soon Kelly was dancing and gyrating to the beat of music and the cheers of the eight men in the room. She had never felt the way she did as she danced for the men she felt excited, erotic, free, she wanted to please the men so badly, and the cheers of the men brought her such happiness. It didn't bother her at all to dance as seductively as she could for the eight men even with two of them holding cameras pointed at her.

She had danced to a couple of songs when the men began to chant "Strip! Strip! Take it off!" Having lost all her inhibitions some time ago, and with the sweeping euphoric feelings washing over her, both affects of the drugs she had been given, she began to seductively strip for her new fans.

Planting her shapely leg on the couch between one of the men's legs she slowly pulled down the zipper on the side of her tight miniskirt moving to the beat of the music as she wiggled out of it, backing away from the couch and letting it fall to the floor. Next she stepped up on top of the leather ottoman and with her thin heels digging into ottoman began dancing around and slowly pulled the halter top up her body and over her head. She got the men even more worked up by throwing her top at Nick who was holding a video camera on her filming her erotic show. She continued dancing on the ottoman turning around and round for the cheering men. She danced in her panties and strapless bra for almost a minute before the chanting returned. Eager to please, she moved her hands behind her back finding the clasp of her bra and releasing it. Kelly twirled the black bra over her head playfully three times before tossing it at the group of four men sitting on the couch.

Chris had been the lucky one to catch the bra and after bringing it to his nose and inhaling deeply, he read the tag and announced to the room "36D fella's look at those beauties!"

Kelly went to work on her panties next inching them over her shapely hips and then wiggling them down her legs. She had no sooner slid her panties down her legs than she found herself picked up by two of the men from the couch and carried over and laid down gently on the hastily cleared off coffee table. She wiggled around on the cold wood and marble top of the table trying to get comfortable for just a moment before she was devoured by the men.

Hands began exploring her body, grabbing at her arms and moving over her legs and body. She had just begun to squeal with excitement feeling a tongue slide into her womanhood when a cock was slid between her lips muffling her effectively.

She experienced sensory overload as she squirmed under the men, a mouth buried in between her legs, two different men sucking her nipples and a cock sliding in and out of her mouth tickling her throat while the countless hands moving over her skin did the same.

Jason was in a state of total panic he had been placed under arrest but allowed to stay with the officers at the club as they continued to try and locate Kelly.

Things just kept getting worse for him the longer the nightmare went on. The police had asked the clubs manager to view the video from the cameras in both the club and its parking lot, confident they could determine just where Kelly had gone from the video. Unfortunately only after attempting to review the video did they discover that the clubs DVR equipment had malfunctioned days ago and no recordings had been made for almost three days.

Unable to garner any information from the cameras the police resorted to questioning the customers in the club. Unfortunately after all the commotion caused by several fights in the club, and with police around searching the club for the missing woman many of the patrons had left not wanting to be involved in whatever was going on. By the time the police had begun to question its patrons, most of those who had been there when Kelly had disappeared had already left. Of those who remained no one had seen anything unusual or suspicious even though several of the men remembered seeing the tall gorgeous blonde. With three other fights having broken out after the first one when Kelly had disappeared, it was just a blur to the staff and patrons who were questioned about it.

Jason was in hell his wife was gone and any chance of finding her seemed to be dwindling fast. The Police seemed determined to find her, but were anything but sympathetic to him.

Kelly almost choked as she tried to swallow the sperm jetting into the back of her mouth. She was gasping to swallow the salty fluid while her body convulsed from the sensations of the tongue expertly lapping at the soft folds of her womanhood. Its owner gently flicking the hood of her clit with his finger while his tongue moved across her sex allowing the young mother to experience the first orgasm of her life. The tongues owner continued doing a masterful job of driving her to the peaks of ecstasy over and over again in her drug induced state. She arched her back lifting up off the cold table as she came for the first time in her life. She came for him repeatedly as he pleasured her with his tongue, rewarding his expert oral skills time and time again with her juices.

Kelly had been driven to a state of ecstasy. She rolled her tongue over yet another cock as its owner moved in and out of her mouth excitedly. She had already pleasured three others while her head dangled off the table moaning around the male organ in her throat. The man with his mouth in her sex had been patient and masterful as he used his soft wet muscle, exploring her as none had done before. The drugs had affected her allowing her to fell every movement of the tongue as it moved. Amplifying the feelings in her breast as unseen fingers traced their way around her areola's slowly circling them moving around in opposite directions. The drugs enhancing her senses as she felt the light touch of fingertips moving over each of the tiny bumps around her nipples and the shock of it as the tip of her nipples where pinched between the fingers and thumbs of their owners. She lay there eyes closed tightly sucking on the cock like a baby with a pacifier. She was lost in the sensations flooding over her, even feeling hands moving over her tight tanned belly or over her arms causing a strange erotic feeling.

Her conscious mind had drifted off in a euphoric state of bliss. She had not even realized when the pleasure giving tongue had been replaced by a stiff hard cock till the first spray of hot semen drenched the walls of her womb. Her mind then conscious of the male organ impaled within her took note when the now spent cock had pulled out and was seemingly instantly replaced by another. As this new cock began sliding in and out of her sex she wrapped her soft lips around the fifth cock of the evening to invade her mouth. She sucked on that cock as eagerly as she had the first, as her arms were pulled from her body and her hands were guided to stiff dicks on either side of her.

Eddie having just eaten her pussy before he filled her cunt with his seed had collapsed in a recliner and looked at the poor blonde being ravaged. It was quite a sight Eric had replaced him and stood with his cock buried in her sawing away between her legs while Johnny slid in and out of her mouth. Kellys head hanging over the end of the table, her hair dangling down to the floor as he moved his cock in and out of her mouth. Her arms tugging away at Julio and his brother's pricks on either side of her giving them hand jobs as she serviced a total of four men at once. He knew she was in for a long night as each of the men had taken a Viagra before beginning their assault on her.

Over the next two hours Kelly's life revolved around the eight cocks pounding away at her constantly. Her back had begun to ache from the ordeal even with the drugs, after hours of lying on the cold hard table her head dangling over the edge her legs draped over the sides as she serviced man after man. All eight men enjoyed her both orally and vaginally repeatedly while she was draped across the coffee table. Several of the men had sprayed their seed across her body coating her belly breast and face with their cum. Finally with the men needing a brake to recuperate was she pulled up from the table and led to the bathroom.

She was thankful for the steaming hot shower and a chance to clean up. Playfully lathering herself up and doing as she was told for the two men still videotaping her. She was only allowed privacy long enough to use the restroom. After cleaning herself up and applying a fresh coat of lipstick she was led back to the living room one large towel wrapped around her wet hair another around her full breast.

She returned to the living room and sat between a couple of the guys on the coach. She gratefully drank the several drinks the men offered her dehydrated from her efforts. After relaxing with the men for half an hour drinking and joking Kelly was now buzzed from the booze and still suffering the effects of the drugs. All the men stood up from the couch and she was ordered to climb up on the couch on her hands and knees. She soon found she was not alone as Jack climbed on behind her standing on the leather couch. He pulled the towels from her chest and hair and Kelly was again completely naked as Jack moved between her legs. He slowly slid into her already well used cunt moving in and out a dozen times while pushing his thumb in her puckered asshole causing her to moan in both pleasure and discomfort before he pulled out of both. Her head was dangling over the arm of the couch, looking down at the ground saliva leaking from her lips and dangling to the floor when Jack became the first man to ever have her anally. He mounted her roughly from behind forcing his cock deep into her back passage.

She had never had anal sex before but in her condition, drunk, drugged and relaxed as she was, she took the cock with little pain. She lay there huffing and straining to breathe as the assault continued her mind lost in a sea of confusion. It was such a strange feeling for her to have a cock in her rectum and then when Jack came inside her sphincter. She had never felt anything like it before, and then it hit her, she felt ill, like she needed to vomit. Just as she started to convulse and heave like she would vomit did Jack pull his cock from her ass and jumping down from the couch move around to her head. Pulling her up by her hair he slid his cock fresh from her ass into her gaping mouth.

The act of sucking cock was now second nature to her after having sucked over twenty in the last three hours she automatically began sucking his shit covered cock. The act of cock sucking overriding her body's convulsion, she continued sucking the cock as a second man climbed on the couch behind her. After sliding in and out of her cunt for lubrication her new partner pulled out repositioned himself before he too pushed into her ass. He lasted much longer than the first but eventually he too shot his sperm deep into her bowels. By the fifth cock in her ass it felt as natural as sucking cock although she still felt no enjoyment from it. She had orgasmed four times earlier that night each time under vaginal stimulation, anal sex did nothing for her.

Her sixth anal attacker had slid onto the floor and pulled her down onto his member. Once he had established a steady pace she was bent backwards to lie on his chest as a cock was placed between her two large tits. She was soon taking a cock deep into her ass as another was sliding between her breast.

The tit fucking became very painful as her breast were pushed together roughly over the penis and slid back and forth chaffing her delicate skin. Finally her first titty fucker shot his come across her face leaving her coated in sperm. This led to a second and then third all three men sprayed her face with their sperm. Soon she found herself pleasuring the men three at a time one in her pussy one in her ass while a third stuffed her mouth with their member.

By one in the morning she had been used and abused countless times satiating the desire of almost all eight men. She lay unconscious in the middle of the floor coated and covered in the semen of all eight men. Nick and Chris moved in with the camera's filming the results of a night of debauchery on the unsuspecting woman.

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