Santa's Gift
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Harem, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Slow,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Does Santa ever get a gift? You can decide who gets the gift! Neighbor's requests keep deuce out all night making deliveries on christmas eve. Happily, Mrs Claus is out of town. Santa turns out to be the neighborhood stud? How can this be?

One week before Christmas, my friend and neighbor Pat asked me for a favor. His company had waited too long to reserve one of the nicer venues for their Christmas party. Because of this, their party was to be held on Christmas Eve. Pat's very pregnant assistant, Mary, was the person who should have made the reservations. Mary apparently forgot to make the reservations.

Mary's baby came six weeks early. Mary had some complications. It seems that Mary and the baby are well and now at home. Mary is expected to return to work after the first of the year. Mary and Pat's secretary would normally have to stay after the party to handle the clearing of company property, computers used for music and games, special logo signs, etc. because of the date and time, Pat had to be there. He then had to calculate and pay the special bonuses needed to get the servers, bartenders, bus boys and cooks to work late on Christmas Eve. The short story is that he would not be able to get home until well after midnight. He thought he might make it by 3:00 A.M. if he was lucky. They had to go out of state, across the river to find a place to have the party.

I am an RBS, a Real Bearded Santa, according to the company I used to do part-time work for at Christmas. My beard had turned white at an early age, when I was fifty-two. The pay wasn't the greatest, but I loved the children. I didn't like to have the picture taken with the child screaming. If the set manager and the parent would give me time, I had a really good success rate at calming the child. One woman was very happy and went to the mall office to tell them how pleased she was that her five-year-old daughter had her first non-crying Santa picture. When I worked for them, I wore their suits. I liked it so much that I persuaded the purchasing manager to get the manufacturer to sell me a suit direct. If the suit had been sold at retail, it would have cost over $725.00. I paid my employers price. Because of their volume discounts, I paid $400.00. When I was in that suit with my real white beard, no one doubted there was a Santa Claus. Eventually, I was convinced to do a full time Santa gig at a local mall. Local radio D.J.'s were telling people to go to the Valley mall. The real Santa Claus was there.

Pat is one of those people who really try to treat the special persons in their lives to experiences that show how special they are. He asked me to get out my Santa suit and deliver presents to his house. His wife Sharon would be in bed, sleeping soundly and she didn't know he was going to be that late getting home. She would not go to the party because of Pat's boss. The president of the company is Sharon's cousin and they detest each other. The company and his boss hold Pat in high esteem and want him to continue as an employee. Pat enjoys his job very much and is happy there. Sharon and her cousin had a meeting. They agreed it was mutually beneficial for Pat to work for the cousin. They agreed that Sharon would not attend company functions. Pat told me after 18 years of marriage, he still doesn't know what caused the problem. Neither one will talk to him about it. He explained Sharon slept like the proverbial log. I should be able to open the back door with the key he gave me and place the presents from his workshop in the garage, under and around the tree. He had bought some gifts Sharon was not aware of, primarily because most of them were for her. I knew that Sharon went to bed early. I should be able to get in by 11:00 PM and be home in bed by midnight. Ummm. Sharon is four foot eleven of delectable eye candy. She tastes as good as she looks, we crossed paths at a neighborhood Christmas party last year, just under the mistletoe. I claimed a kiss leaning down to give her a quick peck on her lips just as someone one bumped her from the back. Her body was plastered against mine; her tongue was sliding over mine as we tried to remain upright. I remember thinking it would be nice to just yield to external forces, falling on top of her. We would have been in the missionary position. The short skirt she was wearing would have allowed easy access to her pussy; I just knew it was a pretty one. As I helped her up to prevent our sprawling together in front of everyone, I looked between her legs at the pale blue gusset of a tiny pair of pretty pussy packed panties. That plus the body contact and the mouth full of tongue gave me an instant hard-on. In the process of standing up, she leaned back against me. As her tiny ass cheeks sandwiched my jean covered cock, she turned back to face me, almost causing me to shoot a load in my bikini jockeys. Looking up, she giggled and said, "I don't know if Pat's going to get lucky tonight, but I just did, I think. If she only knew how much I wished we were alone.

Pat must have talked to Dave because he called and wanted to surprise his family also. Dave was an air traffic controller. He was scheduled to work that night, but wanted to surprise his family, primarily his wife. Since they only lived down the street, on the corner, I said I'd do it. After all, I was going to be in the suit anyway. Caroline and Dave had been married for nineteen years; she is now thirty-six to Dave's ripe old 38. Caroline is the archetype Earth Mother. Her sturdy body with wide hips and full thighs supporting broad shoulders and generous breasts make my mouth water. She is succulent with just a hint of a hidden pixie peeking out of her expressive brown eyes and her smile. Her auburn hair leaning heavily toward the red side is worn jut below her shoulders. Her lips are luscious and she is so sensual my cock rises if I hear her name. Dave is a very lucky man, because he has three of her. I grant you, the laws of God and man preclude him using the two younger ones. Incest is such a dirty word. It should not be thought of, let alone used for the eighteen year old twin daughters of Caroline and Dave. Caroline has aged very well; in fact she does not appear to have aged at all. Many people have mistaken them for a set of triplets. One voluptuous woman is a delight, two is startling, and three is overwhelming. I am glad my daughters do not look like the twins; I am probably already damned. Lust for my own daughters would make me even more damned than I already am. It's likely I would already be incarcerated. As I said, incest goes against the laws of man and God. My daughters are pretty, but they are slender athletic types and don't have that smoldering heat emanating from their pores. I had high hopes at one time that my youngest son might attract one if the twins and make a team. Hey, if it's a daughter-in-law, it's not incest! The twins were supposed to be with their widowed maternal grandmother for Christmas. Caroline does not resemble her mother at all. Her mother Mary is a big brassy blonde bombshell, still incredibly sexy at age 54. Dave jokes that he followed her home to try to get a date. She introduced him to Caroline. Dave thought they were sisters. Did I mention Dave works for the government?

Ed pulled over Dave on the interstate. Ed is a highway patrolman who lived two houses down the street from me, across from Pat and Dave. Ed didn't write Dave a ticket, but gave him a lecture. Ed told Dave again, that he would not always be lucky enough to be caught by Ed he needed to slow down. Dave explained to Ed he was rushing to get gifts out of hiding while his wife was shopping. He needed to get them to me so I could sneak them into his house around midnight.

Yeah, You guessed it. Ed started our conversion by reminding me that I drove through his patrol area several times a week. He told me that more than once he had clocked me on radar at a speed that would have earned anyone other than a good friend and neighbor a citation. He had also noticed that I did not always signal before changing lanes.

I asked, "Ed what do you want, I know how you play, so cough it up."

Ed replied," You don't understand, like I was telling Dave just this morning, you guys can't always count on it being me in the cruiser that pulls you over."

"So, you stopped Dave this morning, why?"

"He was speeding. He was trying to get the hidden gifts out and to you while his wife was at work. That's a really nice thing you are doing for Dave and Pat. Pat is lucky; he doesn't know what it's like to have to pull nights on a regular basis. Dave and I have to do it a lot and any help we can get is appreciated."

"Ed, do you have the gifts in your car, or do you have to go get them?"

He laughed and said, "Here is a key to the back door of the garage and the door into the kitchen. I'll go bring the bags in now."

I asked Ed to please not tell anyone else, three deliveries were all I wanted to handle.

I knew that I would like to make a special delivery just for Ed's wife Janet. This is a second marriage for each of them and they have no children yet. They both worked and had the money to have a nice pool in the back yard. She had a dancer's body, taut supple musculature covered in a golden skin that seemed to glow when touched by the sun. She grew up in Las Vegas. At age eighteen, her false I.D. allowed her to expose her naked body to thousands of people each week as a dancer in the casino shows. At age twenty, she tried her hand at entrepreneurship. Her small dance company performed at stag and bachelor parties. Janet did not dance at these parties but hired other girls to handle the stripping chores. There was absolutely no hooking. She hired the most beautiful girls in town and paid them well not to have sex. She was doing well in her niche market until she hired a new dancer based on a referral and a request from an old friend. The new dancer was assigned to a bachelor party. An accident delayed the second dancer assigned to work the party. When she finally arrived, the new dancer had blown the groom and had just been made airtight when the police arrived. She was arrested for unlicensed prostitution. Janet was able to prove that her contracts specifically stipulated there was to be no touching the dancers and no sex. The contracts and sworn statements from reliable former clients proved that Janet was running a legitimate business with no sex involved. The former clients included a judge, an assistant prosecutor and a state senator. Janet decided to move and ended up here in the Midwest. To make a living, Janet became a stripper/exotic dancer, working only at clubs with enough muscle bound bouncers to ensure her safety. The patrons were not allowed to touch her.

The club owners loved her, she would take off as much as the law allowed. She even did some private parties where she worked completely naked. When she danced, she simulated foreplay and sex. You could almost see the hands of a lover under her hands as she stroked and touched her body and used her imagination to cause erections to blossom around her. I was fortunate enough to attend a bachelor party where she performed. It was a big party and she was up on a small stage. She actually had an orgasm on stage; her juices were running down her leg when she finished. When she arrived and I saw who it was, I found a seat in a dark corner. As I watched and lusted, I was amazed at the prodigal talent overshadowed by the sinuous grace flowing through her movements.

Janet and Ed met at a bachelor party. She was dancing. Ed was a distant relation of the bride. The best man had too much to drink and decided that the traditional blowjob for the groom had to be performed, regardless of the dancer's ethics. He said, "Hell, if we all fuck her, who will people believe, us or a stripper? Besides, I outweigh anyone here and I can whip any three of you, so we are going to fuck this whore!"

Ed spoke up and said I don't believe you can whip my two friends, Smith and Wesson and me. Showing a three-inch barrel chief's .38 special and his badge he cuffed the drunk. After the local police had hauled him away, the dancer offered to buy Ed a cup of coffee. They were married ten months later.

Just as I was thinking about going to bed, I heard a soft knock at the door. I looked through the viewport to see Paul standing there. I opened the door and motioned him in. Paul works for the gas company and was dressed I noticed his company shirt with his name on the breast and his official id badge hanging around his neck.

I said, "you're in your work clothes, are you just getting home this late?"

"No, I'm just going in, we are short handed for certified technicians right now and I have to work a swing shift until after the first of the year.

I was thinking," Surely he can't want me to do his house"

But he said, "I was talking to Pat and I wondering if I could get you to do the same thing for me on Christmas. I know it's an imposition, but if I can get you to leave just a couple of little boxes under the tree, Suzi will be very surprised. With no children yet, she will not be able to figure out how they got there. Portions of my body that were leaning towards sleep woke up and became alert when he said Suzi. She could easily be a centerfold for any of the "men's" magazines. She is also the raw material for wet dreams, nasty carnal daydreams and untold volumes of penthouse letters and SOL's stroke stories. She is tall, 5'6" to 5'8" and weighs about 135-140 pounds, she is solid muscle, and the only exception being the 38 c breasts she carries high on her chest. I have seen her in a tight t-shirt with no bra and there is no sag at all, they stand straight out. Once in awhile her nipples are stiff and standing proud. I have to turn away, because she makes a part of me also want to stand tall and proud. She has a very small waist and a set of hips that look made just to cradle my body as I lie on her and rut.

Her full lips are pliable enough to form an effective seal around the base of my cock. Have you ever sat on or straddled the back of a woman's thighs with you cock just lying on the cleft of her buttocks, Suzi's butt, even through her clothing, appears to be designed for that, or for my nose as I tongue her between her pussy and ass hole, covering the whole area with my salvia delivered to all parts of her "nether" regions by my tongue. That includes side trips to penetrate any and all openings.

I guess you can tell I have contemplated (coveted) Ms. Suzi more than once.

My immediate thought was that if I was sneaky enough, I might find out if Suzi sleeps naked. I wonder if my new never used digital camera will shoot in the dark. If not, can I get, infrared film for my old 35 MM? Hey, I'm going to have keys to the homes of four really hot women, with a legitimate excuse to be in their house in the middle of the night.

"Paul, I'd be more than happy to help you surprise Suzi."

I contacted Si, my friend at the electronics/office supply store about the new digital camera. He advised me that it has a low light setting. If that is what I want, I should be sure to turn the built-in flash off.

Wait, my mini camcorder is digital and I know it also has low-light settings. I needed to take the time to read the book carefully of both of them. Before anything else, I went to the big box hardware store several miles away from my house and made copies of all four of the house keys, just in case.

Yeah, I know I'm a scumbag and probably breaking the law, but if there is no need, I can always get rid of them. There is a small county park close. There is a little lake, less than 50 acres. On one side is a jetty. I take my grandsons there to feed the fish. Small pieces of bread dropped close will cause the water to appear to boil as the tiny fish go into a feeding frenzy. Larger pieces will call up very large catfish. Huge carp further out snap up pellets of dry dog food thrown. A key mixed into a handful of dog pellets and thrown into the lake is gone, if not forever, at least until they drain the lake.

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