Medical Assisting
Chapter 1: What am I doing hanging around?

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Doctor/Nurse,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1: What am I doing hanging around? - Ever feel a passion that is meant to be? boy meets girl slow start but will pick up

I sat in the classroom, taking my last test of my last class in my college career. After this, I would be a medical assistant. The last question was an essay and read, "what will you carry into your professional life from your time at Lakeland College?" I sat my pencil down and put my head back just to see Ms. Tripp smiling, knowing what question I was on. My mind began to look back, remembering my time here.

As I walked on campus, my first day of classes, the thought went through my head, "What am I doing here?" Well let me recap, my name is James Thomas Wellington, JT to my friends. I am 39 years of age, 5' 11", and in fair shape, with the exception of my left knee, which was injured in a car accident years ago. I'm divorced as of three months ago, and the victim of downsizing. I lost my warehouse job and had no college degree; so I took my savings and decided to go back to school. About this time my wife, Katie, announced that she was leaving me to be with her girlfriend, Valerie.

My first day of Clinical 1, this teacher comes in and gives a lecture on the importance of being a medical professional. She then told us to pair off and take vital signs. I did not know anyone, so I kind of hung back. A voice behind me said "Hi, want to go breathe heavy for a bit?" I spun around and saw the most amazing woman I had ever seen. Holding out her hand, she introduced herself, "I'm Claudia Wilcox." She was about 5'2", looked to be in her mid twenties, and in amazing shape. She had fiery red hair and the most beautiful green eyes. I swear it was almost like staring into emeralds. I can't describe what I felt, but please don't let the feeling end.

After that Claudia and I became fast friends. Fate landed us in the same classes. She even got me a job at the same place she worked at. We were practically joined at the hip. Then came that fateful night where we grew even closer.

We were studying together for our anatomy class; it was winter and snowing heavily. Halfway through the heart section, she started crying. When I asked her what was wrong she didn't want to tell me; but when she tried to leave, Claudia lost her footing on some ice. She had a pretty good fall. I insisted she let me check her out. The pain won out and she let me. What I found still bothers me to this day. Her side was covered with bruises, old and new. They looked like they were made with a leather strap. I then took Claudia in my arms held her tightly telling her she was safe.

Tearfully, Claudia told me how she had been beaten by her live-in boyfriend, Taylor. They had moved in together about three years ago. Taylor became abusive when he lost his job with the state. There were always apologies and gifts, but these did little to ease the pain he inflicted. When she went back to school, he got meaner.

She told me her tearful story that night and I ended up putting her to bed in my spare bedroom. God, that woman just tore my heart out. The next morning, I called a friend of mine that was a sheriff's deputy and arranged for a restraining order against Taylor. Then Tom, my friend, and I paid Mr. Taylor a visit. I pounded on his door. He answered looking if he had just fallen out of bed. Grabbing him by his t-shirt, I shoved the restraining order in his face.

"Taylor Winslow, you are hereby served with an order of protection for Claudia Wilcox. If you come within 1000 ft of her or her premises you will be jailed to the maximum extent of the law!" Then pushing him to the ground, I growled" If you ever lay a hand on her again, I will end it, understand!" "It's over!"

With that Tom bided him a good day and we left him sitting on the ground looking confused.

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