The No Strings Challenge
Part 1: The Incredible Tabitha

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Group Sex, Harem, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Slow,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Part 1: The Incredible Tabitha - Regular guy puts out a challenge on the internet to have the best sexual experience possible. Things work out pretty well.

Tabby was actually the seventh serious candidate to answer my webpage listing. I waited nervously in the lobby of a business class hotel in Arlington while a mixture of men and women clad in suits and cellphones and the more colorfully-dressed attendees of a Native-American educators conference passed by. Clearly, none fit the description of "free-spirited thirty two year old from Ohio." That was until a very pretty dark-haired woman came out of the elevator.

Having told her over the phone that I was on my way to the airport after our meeting, I made eye contact, pointed to my suitcase, and shrugged. She picked up on my signal and quickened her step. I couldn't tell if it was calculated, but she wiggled her hips just enough in her black slacks and her dark blue blouse was tight enough to let me see that she was comfortable with her body and liked being looked at. At least one of the business guys clearly turned to watch her pass.

Now within talking distance, she looked me in the eye and smiled. "Hey there."

"Hi, it's nice to meet you..." It was all I could think to say.

"Nice to meet you..."

"I'm assuming that you are Tabby."

"Last time I checked," She said it softly then brushed the back of my right hand gently.

"I guess it would be really embarrassing if you weren't..."

She laughed.

"I was also going to be really disappointed if you weren't," I continued.

This time she squeezed my hand in hers and then broke out her full wattage smile. "No need to be nervous."

It was only two floors up to her room, but it felt like fifty. There were several other people in the elevator and I wasn't sure how far to stand from her. After all, I was a man going up to the rooms with a suitcase that belonged with him and a woman who maybe clearly didn't. As I shifted my feet and adjusted the handle on my suitcase, Tabby brushed my elbow, made eye contact, and winked, her signal that the next three hours were going to be incredible.

Once inside the hotel room with the door closed behind us, Tabby held out her arms and offfered me a full on hug.

"So good to meet you finally."

" Me too," I grunted as I felt her breasts compress against my chest and her hip pressed into the inside of my upper thigh.

She smiled then not so subtly pushed up a little closer which confirmed what she had told me about having a pretty good body. Her touch made the hair on my arms stand up.

"Wow," I murmured.


"When I put up the post, I didn't expect to meet anyone quite so gorgeous."

Tabby hugged me again. "You're so sweet."

Her soft brown hair brushed against my cheek and she gave the bottom of my left ear lobe a quick lick. My breathing quickened. I reached down to adjust my pants to hide the fact that I already had an erection less than a minute inside the room.

Did she not notice that I was just some ordinary-looking middle-aged


She held each of my hands between her thumb and index finger. Her brown eyes danced mischievously. She ran her thumbs across my palms. She smelled of scented soap.

"You know, three hours is really not a lot of time. Maybe you should get comfortable so we can start on your little challenge," she said.

Tabby then kissed me full on the mouth and I felt her second and third fingers run across the part of my slacks that held in a now very noticeably erect penis.

"Mmmmmm, I can tell that part of you is very ready."

She then ran the tip of her tongue across her full but not overly thick lips. When we first met, her face struck me as pure coed-girl next door. I noticed now that her mouth was unusually wide. She dropped to her knees.

Okay, I'm a dolt. The next words out of my mouth were, "I probably should take a shower first."

It obviously took Tabby by surprise.

"Self-conscious," I stammered. "I've never been with anyone quite as sexy as you and I came straight from a long day at work. I don't want to be that "sweaty guy. At least the first time we get to know one another."

Tabby laughed. "Well, this is the first time any guy has stopped me quite right then, but sure! I can get the room a little more ready."

I retreated to the shower. It wasn't just a matter of wanting to be squeaky clean for our meeting. I was also overwhelmed. Six months ago, I had, mostly as a joke, posted a simple offer on my webpage.

"No strings proposition- I'm looking for the woman who is the best sexual partner in America. There's no money involved, other than I will cover any expenses related to our meeting including travel. The only reward will be that I will write up our encounter in a way that preserves your anonymity and you will have the feeling of accomplishment that goes with being the champion of a national competition.

Be warned- I'm very much an ordinary middle-aged guy in most every way. I am not looking for a relationship either short term or long term. I'm not interested in making money out of this and I'm personally not especially wealthy. I do try to treat everyone I meet with kindness and consideration. I'd just like to know what it's like to be with an incredibly skillful partner and to share that experience on this webpage. No pictures, no ads, no cookies - just an opportunity to give a regular guy the experience of his life and maybe have it be recorded in writing forever on this page."

The first couple weeks, nothing much happened other than a couple e-mailed comments likely from other guys of the "Yeah right, good luck there" variety. Then mysteriously, I got two replies from women one day.

One said, "Okay, you're on, if you're man enough for me."

A jpeg of a two hundred and fifty pound woman dressed as a dominatrix accompanied the message.

The second was a simple "I know this sounds a little crazy, but I might be interested. Can you tell me a little more?"

It was unsigned, but the e-mail address for Bellaluna 814 was valid.

I sent back a careful e-mail about being a regular guy with an extraordinary fantasy. People seek out the best restaurants, the finest cars, the best hotels. I just didn't want to die without knowing what the best possible sex was like.

I'd had girlfriends and I'd even been married for a few years. I enjoyed my intimate times with the handful of partners I had met, but even when it was really good it had never quite lived up to being the best.

A few days after that, Bellaluna814 followed up with another short e-mail, "Tell me what sort of woman you might be attracted to."

I shared the story of the rather frightening photo in the first e-mail then explained my general requirements. Looks mattered and age did too to a certain extent. I wanted a woman mature enough to be okay with the challenge, but most likely younger by several years than myself. I liked fit women who were comfortable with their own looks and selves. I wanted someone who loved to laugh and who had a certain level of confidence, because I was personally sort of shy. Does that work for you?

Bellaluna814 didn't write back after that. Instead, a few days later, I started getting e-mail from interested women. There were maybe three one day, followed by two, then nothing. The next day after that I got eleven inquiries, one of those had been Tabby's.

After the second month, there had been so many e-mails, I'd had to come up with a database form on my website so I could screen a little more quickly.

As I stood in the shower, my heart pounded and my right arm shook slightly, a longstanding habit when I get excited. I had narrowed it down to twelve candidates because that was the number of finalists on American Idol of all things. I had chosen Tabby to go first for three reasons.

Her e-mails had always been unusually friendly and even a little funny. She had been the first candidate who had actually offered to send me references to help me decide. When she made the offer, I was a little taken aback, but I was also too curious not to follow up.

The first reference was the least explicit. "You first meet her, she's like this Sunday school teacher, then you get undressed and wow. Look, just trust me. Tabby is the winner for your challenge. You don't have to see any other woman."

The second told me that she was all at once the smartest, sweetest, and wildest woman he'd ever met. One time, she made me go to a strip club with her. We watched a few of the dancers and she tells me, "I can do better than that."

I laugh at her and say "Sure ... Sure"

This was a high-end place, there were some very hot very talented ladies on the stage there and we'd seen about half a dozen of them. Anyway, she excuses herself to head to the bathroom. She's gone long enough so I start to wonder if she's maybe ditched me or something, then after a pause, the DJ announces "We have a special one time only treat tonight. We've never had a customer really volunteer to do this, but this pretty lady from Youngstown, Ohio seems to be insisting."

The music starts, I look up, and out comes Tabby in this red dress with matching heels. She must have had it planned the whole time. There might be better dancers out there, but I've never seen a woman who naturally moves as sexily as this one. This lady knows how to tease. She's winking at the guys in the audience, touching her fingers to her mouth, blowing kisses. She hasn't even taken anything off and I was already getting hard. When she gets down to her bra, she starts to take it off, then pulls it back up at least five times before she lets out those perfect 36 C breasts.

At this point, guys were coming up to the stage with ten dollar bills. All through the set, she keeps wiggling up to me every minute or so and winks at me. At one point, she pulls me by my tie and cups her hand over my ear and says, "You're going to have so much fun tonight once we get back to our room."

She finishes with this floor act on a blanket with nothing on but the red high heels. She takes her tips and gives them to the DJ to divide between the ladies who normally work there. It must have been at least five hundred dollars for three three minute songs. We stay for a couple more dancers and the whole time the manager there is begging her to come to work there. He comps our table.

We get back to our room and she tells me to go wash up first in the bathroom for a few minutes. I come out and she's on the bed in those same red pumps and a g-string over her perfect ass with this busty blonde dancer from the club who was maybe the second hottest lady that night after Tabby. She's motioning toward me with a crook of her index finger and says, "You want to join us right now or do you want to watch first?"

I nearly lost it right there. Most incredible night of my life.

The third reference was blunt, but it definitely got my attention. "Tabby gives the best blow job I've ever had, bar none. If you get the chance to be with her, I would do anything it takes to make it happen if I were you."

Since then, I hadn't really thought about any of the other twelve finalists. In fact, for several weeks as Tabby and I exchanged e-mails and phone calls to arrange a date and place for our three hour encounter, I had thought about little else other than this meeting.

Having soaped and washed every crevice in my body, I dried myself hurriedly and found that the room lit with candles. Soothing new-agey type music came from a portable CD player on top of the chest of drawers. My erection pushed against the towel I had wrapped around myself. I wasn't the biggest guy in the world, so I didn't want her to be too disappointed.

Tabby was on the bed, propped against the pillows in an electric blue set of bikini-style lingerie. "Hey there again. Are you ready for me now?"

She patted the open space on the king-sized mattress next to her and I dropped my towel on the floor next to the bed. There in front of me was five foot five, a hundred and fifteen extremely well distributed pounds. She had a flat stomach, rounded butt with long legs, 36 C chest as promised and yet the hottest thing about Tabby was still her smile and twinkling brown eyes.

I hopped onto the bed and she bent forward to kiss me lightly on the lips.

"You know, I couldn't decide. I was going to start us off with a strip tease or this, but I thought we'd try this instead."

She reached under the pillow and pulled out an ostrich feather.

"I want to study your body a little bit before we get started. I promise you, it's not going to hurt. It might even be kind of fun."

She made me lie down on the bed beside her and began lightly running the feather across me from toe to head beginning with the soles of my well-scrubbed feet. Every few inches she would follow up with a kiss and a little lick to that part of my body.

"I'm so glad you warned me that you're a little shy. I love bringing out shy men and I love it that you made sure you were clean for me. It tells me that you're going to be a considerate lover."

She was just above my knees at this point and beginning to kiss the inside of my thighs.

"I just want you to relax and have the greatest time of your life, because I already am," she whispered.

I glanced over at the bedside table where an assortment of items rested on a clean swatch of blue silk. There were massage oils, creams, a battery-powered dildo, a basket of fresh strawberries, a can of whipped cream, and two bottles of water.

"We don't have to use any of those things. I just like to have them ready in case."

"You don't have any strippers hiding in the closet ready to join us too?"

She laughed. "I see that you must checked those references. Seems like Jim from Philadelphia can't stop telling that story. We can do that sometime if you want. Sorry to disappoint you this time though."

I laughed. "No disappointment here, ecstatic is more like it."

She was working her way up my thighs as she moved upward she brushed her hair against my pulsing balls and rigid cock, but no ostrich feather or kisses or licks. Instead she kissed me on my belly button.

"Okay, I could lose a few pounds, " I said as I started to sit up slightly.

She pushed me back onto the pillows. "Don't be silly, you're perfect."

She then gave each one of my nipples a quick lick, lingering on the left one just a bit longer.

"So far so good," she giggled.

She then shifted back down towards my penis, once again letting her long soft brown hair brush against the shaft. I felt her blow cool air across it then do the same with my balls, but she didn't touch me there. Instead, she looked me straight in the eye and told me,"This is perfect too. I'm a lucky girl cause I'm going to be having fun too tonight, a lot of fun."

She then kissed the air an inch from my cock and smiled then slipped up towards me as she motioned for me to help her get her top off. I obliged and kissed each one of her quarter sized nipples.

"Mmmm, that feels so good."

I'm not that much of a breast guy, but Tabby's were perfect over-sized champagne glasses. Just enough hang to feel natural. They were enhanced, but it was almost impossible to tell. We started to make out with light kisses as I stroked her face and touched the back of her neck. After about ninety seconds of this, Tabby broke it off and begin kissing her way back down my chest. As she moved down, she made a soft humming sound until her mouth was level with my cock.

"Okay, I think I've got a pretty good sense of the rest of your body, I guess it might be time."

She kissed the air again and blew lightly on my shaft just below the head as she studied my cock carefully. I'm not the biggest guy by any means, in fact I'm pretty sure mine is below average in size in all respects, but at least a couple of my girlfriends had mentioned that I get unusually hard for some reason. Still, I wasn't sure that I'd ever been quite this hard. Tabby ran two fingers of her right hand along the side of my shaft.


"Very nice," I repeated.

"You sure you're ready. Maybe you want to take another shower?"

I noticed my stomach lurch upward as my breathing quickened. "Well, you've already got me so excited, it might be a different kind of shower a little too soon."

Tabby kissed the tip of my penis and quickly ran her tongue along the shaft with in two long strokes.

"No need to worry about that. You're in the Tabby zone now."

I felt the top third of my shaft disappear into her mouth as her tongue explored the ridge of my shaft.

"Mmmmm..." She started to humm softly. "This tastes better than I imagined ... Mmmmmm..."

She worked her way back up to the top and gave the tip another kiss as she caressed my balls lightly with her fingers. She looked up into my eyes, met my admiring gaze, and smiled.

"That feels incredible. I just hope I get to return the favor soon."

Her smile broadened. She then licked in a full circle right around the base of my cock.

"Of course."

She popped me back in her mouth and gave it a long lingering suck with just a bit of tongue action and popped it out of her mouth for a moment.

"You've got pretty good control there. A lot of guys don't make it this far with me."

My cock twitched twice involuntarily.

"You've got me pretty darn close already."

"It's okay, if you want to. We can do this as many times as you want, the whole three hours if you want. I'd be perfectly happy."

I'd forgotten about the ostrich feather, which mysteriously found its way to the crack of my ass. I gasped.

"Sometimes, I can be sort of one and done. If you know what I mean ... I don't want to be finished too quickly. I'm having too much fun."

Tabby had me in her mouth again and had resumed her humming noise which seemed to make the moisture in her soft mouth vibrate just so against my shaft.

"Oh my god, you've got the most amazing tongue."

"Thank you."

"If you want to come in my mouth. Please, feel free..." She paused then began licking my balls with a velvety figure eight motion..."But I can get you right to the brink as many times as you like too ... I just love doing you and I don't want it to end either."

"Decisions, decisions..." I muttered.

"Just so you know, I don't know any guy who's been one and done with me. I kind of pride myself on it."

I closed my eyes and groaned as she plunged down on my shaft again for a good two minutes of pure ecstasy. Tabby's third reference unquestionably knew what he was talking about.

"Oooh ... mmmmm," she moaned seemingly in time with the new age music in the background.

At one point, I looked up and noticed that she had placed the full-sized mirror in the room at an angle on the chest of drawers just above the candles just so that I could look at her lean body reflected in the mirror as she worked on me. This lady thought of everything.

For several minutes, Tabby's concentration on the task at hand was incredibly fierce. She he had the suction and the tongue action coordinated just right. It was just enough suction so that I could feel her mouth on every hard centimeter of my cock, yet it wasn't so fast that my climax was beyond her control at any point.

Every now and then, she would pause to tease me some more.

"I bet yours is going to taste delicious. Whatever we do today, I need to make sure I get to swallow your cum at least once. You don't mind do you?"

I had no choice but to confess.

"Tabby, I guess it's not that unusual, but if I have a fetish. That's probably it."

Her only response was more extended humming and sucking for forty five seconds followed by her pulling off my cock to give it several swirling licks from head to balls then back again.

"You've come to the right place then." She winked. "Or you're about to ... I hope you've been saving up, because I'm going to want all of it."

"I bet you tell all the guys that."

She nodded. "And some of the girls too."

For about a minute, she lay on the bed with her head propped against her right elbow. I gave her a couple quick kisses and began to rub her shoulders.

"You don't get sore doing this?"

"No, not really. I get so into it, I really don't even notice. You mind if I do a little more exploring?"

She pulled my legs apart and before I knew it, she was sucking on my balls while vibrating them with her humming sound. At first she stroked my cock with her slender fingers, then I felt a finger exploring the crack of my ass. Her tongue moved downwards too as she began plucking with her tongue on that magic spot between my balls and scrotum.

"Oh my god ... you know the spot."

"I wasn't pre-med at one time for nothing. I know all the spots."

The next thing I knew, her tongue took a quick probe of my ass. I was very glad to have showered.

"You know I don't do this for just anyone. I really like you I guess."

She said it as she played with the spot at the base of my balls.

"You're incredible..."

"I definitely try."

At this point, my back was fully arched and my upper thighs were straining as if I'd gotten too ambitious with the nautilus and was finding out the hard way. I began to moan.

"Mmmmmm ... Mmmmmm."

Tabby had figure eighted my balls again and was working her way up my shaft by first kissing small spots, licking, then sucking on it sideways, and nibbling ever so slightly.

"You want to make a bet?" she giggled.

"Uh, sure."

"Okay, I bet you that if I go all out here, that you can't last three minutes."

I took a deep breath.

"I'm not sure I can last three more seconds. My cock won't stop throbbing already ... but what do I get if I win?"

Tabby broke into an evil grin.

"Well, you get to see me again some time. If that's not breaking one of the rules of your challenge."

She then took me ever so lightly in her mouth and for the first time in the twenty five or so minutes of this activity plunged all the way down to my balls where she stayed for at least ten seconds then pulled off of me once again.


"You think I showed you all my tricks? I have three full hours for this challenge ... Oh, by the way, I have girlfriends. Some of them are almost as good as me at this. You ever had two girls take you in their mouths at the same time? I can be really competitive about things like that ... In a good way, of course."

I was literally beginning to tremble. My cock was twitching madly, but for whatever reason I was still hanging on to control down there.

"When do we start the clock?"

"Why don't we count that as fifteen seconds."

"So what strip club are we going to meet at next time?"

"Guys are so predictable sometimes."

She was back to humming with my shaft half way down her throat while she tapped on my balls lightly with her fingertips. I looked in the mirror and in the corner of the reflection noticed the red light of a video camera.

"You're taping us?"

Tabby looked up at me and smiled. "I take my training very seriously. Besides, I have some things about you figured out. I'm sure you'll want your own copy."

She then went back to work on our bet. At two minutes in, Tabby took me by surprise once again. I was already moaning and my hips were bucking. Most women I'd known and I confess those who had been willing often would get a little frustrated trying to get me to cum in their mouths. My very first girlfriend had mostly sucked on me as a favor. She had warned me not to ever cum in her mouth. As a result, I learned not to come that way a little too well and in the process I had gotten fascinated by the forbidden act.

In any case, most women at this point would pick up the pace and make like a high suction pump a technique that sometimes leaves me too sore to come. Tabby did the exact opposite. She suddenly held me in her mouth a third of the way down. The only thing moving was her tongue as it lightly caressed the stringy bit of skin just below the head of my cock. At the same time, she kept up her humming and was looking at me adoringly with her eyes. It must have taken the most incredible sense of coordination and timing.

I had to cum, but she was just tickling me with her tongue then she stopped completely for a moment, making a little popping sound as she pulled off.

"Mmmmm ... two minutes and twenty three seconds. I'm very impressed."

"Why the hell are you stopping?"

I was panting. I was more frantic than I realized.

"I just thought I'd make it a little more exciting." She winked and smiled then went back to work on my straining cock.

At 2:40 she was using the suction technique with her lips about three quarters of the way down my penis ... Precum had been accumulating on my tip for a good ten minutes by this time so my cock was incredibly slick. I was gripping the bed sheets tightly in my fists.

"mmmm ... mmmmmm."

2:50 Tabby had gone back to tickling me with her tongue and using the lightest pressure.

"Oh god ... oh god..." I was panting at 2:57 and my cock began twitching wildly ... I have no idea how I was able not to come unless possibly Tabby herself was simply teasing me further by letting me win. At 3:07 my cock turned into a high pressure fire hose.

The first spurt clearly hit the back of her throat and any other woman would have choked. The second spurt spasmed out of me as Tabby made muffled moaning sounds. She then surprised me again by taking my cock out of her mouth and aiming it straight at her face. I don't think she expected it, but the third spurt was bigger and more forceful than the first as it left a stripe from the top of her nose to her perfectly done hair. I spurted two more times before Tabby managed to put me back in her mouth.

Even after I had stopped cumming my cock continued to pulse in Tabby's amazingly still mouth for a good ninety seconds. Just as it stopped, I felt her tongue snake along my shaft.

"Oh my god ... that was incredible," I groaned. I was panting. I'd been turned inside out and Tabby was now licking the hole at the top of my penis ever so gently.

She took a moment to look up at me as she pulled her mouth from my cock.

"Wow, you ought to be in porn," she said, "I'm serious. You just came everywhere. All over my face. I'm going to have knots in my hair for a couple days."

She then took her index finger and cleaned up the cum on her face with her finger tip and slipped it back in her mouth. She closed her mouth, smiled at me, and swallowed. I fell back on the pillow.

"Unbelievable" I sighed. "I couldn't have even imagined this."

"Somehow, I knew you'd taste good. I could get addicted to your cum. Cum in my mouth anytime or in my face and hair too." Tabby licked her lips lewdly and winked.

"I hope I didn't die. I'm not sure I can move."

Tabby snuggled up next to me and we began to kiss. After a dozen soft kisses, she opened her mouth and her tongue intertwined with mine. She put her head in the crook between my neck and shoulder as I felt the warmth of her full body against mine.

"Geez, you must get marriage proposals from every guy you meet. How do you keep them from stalking you?"

"You know, you're the first guy who's ever won that bet. How did you do it?"

"I have no freaking idea that was the most amazing blow job I've ever had. I'm not sure I'll ever come again, much less this evening."

Tabby's hand had been on my stomach, but was now exploring further down. Rather incredibly, I was still hard.

"Wow, you're pretty incredible yourself."

She scooted down and put my cock in her mouth yet again.

"Mmmmmm," she began her humming as she cradled my balls in her hands.

This time, Tabby took the direct approach. I was three quarters of the way down her throat. Her tongue slid along my shaft. I could smell the faint odor of sex in our bed. Her rhythm was amazingly steady and sure.

I'm a bit weird about certain things, but for some odd reason I noticed the clock when she started. This time, it took her exactly two minutes and fifty three seconds.

It wasn't as intense as the first time, but it was the first time that I'd ever done a double header. This time Tabby let my much smaller second ejaculation pool up in her mouth. She opened to show me, then swallowed as she took my hand and pressed it against her throat so I could feel it go down.

I collapsed against the pillows again and this time my cock finally softened completely.

"Let me catch my breath a little, before I return the favor."

"I can't wait" she said as she wiggled her hips seductively.

After we sipped on water and ate strawberries, I shifted to the foot of the bed where I began kissing Tabby's toes just as she'd started with me.

"Al, I love what you're doing, but you've gotten me a little too horny for that right now ... Could you maybe get to the point with that wonderful warm tongue of yours?"

I immediately followed orders, but not too immediately as I kissed and licked around Tabby's perfect stomach and thighs for a few minutes while lightly stroking her clitoris.

"Oh Charley ... that feels perfect."

I moved forward with my tongue. She smelled and tasted sweet. Amazingly, she hadn't taken off her blue G-string yet. As I reached for the little bit of fabric on her hips, Tabby arched her back upwards and wiggled.

"Here, let me help you with that," she whispered then with a flourish kicked free of her last bit of clothing.

I touched her lightly with the tip of my tongue as I began to explore for her clitoris. She sighed. In a matter of minutes Tabby started squirming, "You do that so well, as good as any of my girlfriends."

I moved a finger up to the entrance of her vagina and began to slip it in tentatively. Tabby was soaking wet. In a matter of seconds I was slipping the finger in and out while I swirled my tongue on her clitoris. Seconds after that Tabby began shaking, her nipples hardened, and she the first of three orgasms in quick succession.

"Oh my god, I thought you said you were just an ordinary guy."

"I am."

"You've really got talent. I'm not kidding."

Tabby motioned for me to scoot upwards. On the way, I stroked her breasts and lingered on her nipples, first the left then the right as she moaned. Once again, we began to kiss.

"I think it's amost time that I got you inside me."


Her answer was simple. Before I knew it my cock was back in her mouth until she pulled up for air.

"Sorry, sweetie. I couldn't wait for another taste. You ready to fuck a little?"

We started in missionary. When I put it in, Tabby was almost too wet. It was obvious that this girl absolutely loved sex, all forms of sex. She was so wet in fact that I worried that I might slip out, but once I felt myself half way in her pussy, she clamped down me and squeezed.

"Kegels," she giggled.

"It's almost as good as your mouth," I whispered "And from me, that's a high compliment."

As I thrusted, Tabby began wiggling her hips and squeezing down on my cock. We set up a rhythm.

"Fuck, that feels good. You've got the perfect cock. You're so hard."

At this point, Tabby's round ass was on the pillow and her legs were spread and straight up in the air. I looked over in the mirror just to appreciate the scene and noticed that she was looking too.

"You are so hot," I panted, "You're so sweet looking, but you're this total little slut."

Without a beat, "I want to be your little slut."

I have no idea how I kept from coming, maybe it was because it quickly became apparent that Tabby was starting to get aroused again and I was intent on impressing her.

"Fuck me..." She whimpered. "Please don't stop."

"Is that a question or a command?"

She didn't answer, she was starting to pant and I could feel her pussy get warmer than even wetter as she came.

I held Tabby close to me.

"Very nice," she said. "You know I don't usually come from having a guy on top."

Her soft brown hair smelled sweet, but we were covered in sweat.

"So what position do you come in?"

She put me back in her mouth. As we tried different positions, Tabby would make sure she sucked on me in between and got me even harder. She came one more time while on top of me. For a few minutes between that orgasm and trying it doggy, which isn't my best position, we slipped into a delightful sixty nine then reverted to missionary where she came one more time.

Not long after that, I noticed that Tabby was looking over at the clock and I started to worry that she was getting bored with me.

"You know, we've been at it for two hours and fifty minutes, I only have ten minutes left in your challenge."

I closed my eyes and winced then gave her a kiss on the lips. My cock was still inside her.

"Well, I won't tell, if you don't."

"The rules are the rules ... I would never want to wreck your challenge."

"Tabby, this has been incredible. I can't imagine any woman topping you." She kissed me back. I felt her left hand slip around from behind and caress my balls.

"Mmmmm ... you've got the most amazing staying power."

"I have to confess. I've always been really oral by nature. Straight sex hasn't been that big a deal to me, but you're just amazing at it," I told her.

She squeezed me down below.

"How weird, I could say exactly the same thing," she said. "And you know what, I've been getting kind of thirsty if that's all right with you? We've only got five more minutes."

She then pushed me gently on my back and started with my balls this time.

I'd never come more than twice with any woman in one session in bed. I know that doesn't exactly make me a stud, but for whatever reason as I felt Tabby's warm-soft tongue on the lower part of my shaft I didn't have any doubt that that was about to change. Just as amazing, I'd never come in a woman's mouth more than once in the same session. Tabby was working on making me do it a third time. She was now kissing the little slit of a hole at the top of my cock. The tip of her tongue was touching the inside which made me yelp.

"I know you've got one more load for me in there. I can feel it in your balls."

She swirled her tongue along my frenulum as she started in again on her humming routine.

"I just want you to concentrate on coming for Tabby. I want you to fill up my mouth for me one more time."

My thighs shook. My arms were trembling involuntarily.

"Can you do that for me baby?" Tabby's voice rose girlishly as she said it, "Please, pretty please."

The first two spurts hit her tongue. My balls seized up as I came and began twitching uncontrollably.

"Oh my god..." I stammered.

"Mmmmmmff ... mmmmm."

Was Tabby's only answer until I finished coming. Once again, she made a show of swallowing for me.

"I think I must have swallowed a gallon of your sperm this evening." She winked then ran her finger lewdly across her lips and licked it. "Let me do one more pass to make sure I got it all."

She slipped my limp dick into her mouth one more time and deep-throated me as I felt two more drops seep out of me. I had to ask her to stop three hours and twelve minutes into our encounter.

"How's a shower sound?" She held out her hand "I've got to get your cum out of my hair still. You want to help?"

In the shower, we must have kissed half the time as Tabby washed her hair. We dried one another with soft towels laid out in the bathroom. I dressed quickly to catch the shuttle to Dulles and my plane. Tabby stood naked by the bed which was now a rumpled mess.

I held out my arms.

"It was great meeting you," I said, the master of understatement.

"Well I hope I did okay with your challenge, " she giggled then licked her upper lip teasingly and mimed a swallow.

"Yeah, I wouldn't worry about that part. I can't imagine anyone topping you. I've never come more than twice with anyone at one time, much less orally. I didn't even know if I could."

Impulsively, Tabby planted a quick kiss on my lips.


"Really. Something about you I guess."

She then dropped to her knees, unzipped me, and fished what I thought was an exhausted part of my body out of my pants.

"Well, records were made to be broken," she told me before she filled her mouth with me.

I made it to the shuttle with thirty seconds to spare. The entire six hour flight back home, Tabby was the only thing I could think about. I was so hard sitting in row 36C that I seriously thought about going into the bathroom lavatory to make it go down. In fact for two weeks after that, that first evening of the challenge was all I could think about.

When I posted the writeup of the Incredible Tabitha on my website, I titled it "One Down and I'm Not Even Sure I Should Go On With This."

Within a week, I'd suddenly had seventy five thousand readers. I now knew that incredible sex was possible. My life had changed. Something told me that Bellaluna814 had more than a little something to do with all that. If only Tabby hadn't told me that she had to go home to her boyfriend after our meeting. It helped that she said it sort of sadly, but I was now stuck between lust for Tabby and jealousy of what must be the luckiest guy in the world.

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