Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Drunk/Drugged, BiSexual, TransGender, CrossDressing, Cheating, Slut Wife, Cuckold, FemaleDom, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Food, Size, Body Modification, Slow, Transformation,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - An unfaithful wife drives Lance into the arms of another. He discovers a plot to destroy him, but who are the plotters? When will they strike - and how?

She's having an affair. I couldn't ignore it any longer; the evidence was right there on my monitor that Wednesday afternoon. I had felt so... tawdry — a word I had thought I would never use — hiring the detective to follow her, follow up on my suspicions. It was as though I was betraying her, betraying the trust, the faith I had had in her during our eight-year relationship, the last three as husband and wife. As the DVD played out on my computer screen, played out the scenes I had dreaded, I knew my faith and trust had been misplaced.

Susan and I had been high school sweethearts; the convivial, popular cheerleader and her intense, intellectual, fiercely-competitive Cross-Country star. She had broken up with Jeff Spencer shortly before we became an 'item'. No one exactly accused the supernaturally-attractive emerald-eyed Redhead of 'trading down'. In a culture that demanded performance, the football team was mired somewhere in the middle of the conference standings. Jeff, a bona fide heartthrob, had been a talented-enough quarterback. Yet he, more than any other person, was the focal point of the team's lackluster performance. Rightly or wrongly, he carried the stigma of an also-ran. Meanwhile, my team's 'Long Green Line' held back-to-back-to-back State championships and I was the undisputed fastest in State history. Still, they clucked, she had given up a hunk of U.S. Prime for a runner...

"Screw that," she had cooed dismissively. "I love a winner. You are going places and I want to go there with you."

We had attended the same college, lived together our senior year, then raced to the altar after graduation. We each strove to attain the promise of 'going places' in our respective careers. She was a rising star in Marketing and Public Relations, while I was on my way to having my own seat on the Mercantile Exchange. I ran five miles every morning before work. Susan worked out regularly at her health club. We maintained our peak physical tone for ourselves and each other, just as we had when we first met. Throughout, our sex had been magic. I was the tender, caring lover she had always dreamed of, the one who pushed all her buttons the way she liked them pushed, the one she wanted to spend the rest of her life with.

"And you are the prettiest boy I have ever seen," she had added. "That's a big plus."

I wasn't certain how much of a 'plus' that was, but I appreciated the compliment. We had the idyllic life — or so I thought.

Susan worked in the Publicity Department of the local professional football franchise. She had a plumb position as an assistant director for the team's promotions. Guess who was now the rising star in the team's quarterback corps? You got it! After high school, Jeff had landed a scholarship with a Division 1-A school that had a real program. He had been all-NCAA, a runner-up in the Heisman balloting, Most Valuable Player in two bowl games and a first-round draft pick. I had had qualms about Susan and Jeff being thrown together again, but dismissed them as silly male insecurity. After all, that had been high school...

The increasingly-frequent, increasingly-lengthy absences had alerted me something hade changed in our relationship. When asked, she put it off on the demands of her career. It was the eye contact, or lack of it, that fueled my suspicions. She was loving enough when we were together, but I sensed an air of distance that hadn't been there before. Something had insinuated itself into our lives, separating us, and I had determined to find out what.

That amorphous 'what' was now playing out before me. They were together again, captured on disk by the most remarkable bit of electronic surveillance I could possibly imagine. In high school, Jeff Spencer's masculine physique had made him the object of female desire and male envy. Now, he was even more impressive: about six-foot-four to my five-eight, and outweighing me by at least sixty pounds of rock-hard muscle.

Jeff was not making love to my wife. He was fucking her, banging her mercilessly like a piece of meat with his thick, ten-inch tool. I could almost smell the rut of their sex as I watched the video. There was little doubt Susan was loving every pummeling thrust. I could actually see her eyes roll up into her head as she came, see her body convulse, see her throat vibrate as she screamed.

Mind you, I was really, really good at making my wife cum. I could tease her, inflame her, infuriate her for hours with my tongue and fingertips alone, until she was begging me for release. When I finally pushed her over the edge, she gripped my hair tightly, thrust my face deeply into her pussy, and shuddered through her orgasm for a long, long time. Still, any man knew this was different. I felt intimidated, angry, betrayed. More than anything else, I felt a sense of loss.

The detective had been exceedingly thorough; worth every penny. Once he had identified the offending third party, the surveillance had extended beyond the affair with my wife, tracking Jeff's habits as well. That investigation had paid off spectacularly. I shook my head in utter disbelief as I observed Jeff's extracurricular activities when he wasn't shagging my wanton wife. To put it mildly, he was no more faithful to her than she was to me.

The thought of violence came to mind and just as quickly departed. I didn't hold any illusions about being able to pull off the 'perfect crime'. Any temporary satisfaction such extreme measures might render would be nullified by a lifetime spent in prison. Jeff's philandering had revealed a vulnerability that could conceivably be exploited to my advantage. It would take time to formulate an appropriate plan. For now, the two cheaters deserved each other.

The lurid scenes of that follow-up surveillance sparked something else in me; a fascination for a world I had only heard about in vague, titillating references. It had existed around me since we moved to the city, yet I had never given it a second thought. Now, faced with it on the screen before me, I felt compelled to seek this world out. If I was going to have my vengeance on the pair, I reasoned, this was the place to start. Besides, what did I have left to lose?

My first visit to Ringers was a real head trip. It was Friday night, two days after my idyllic world had collapsed in ruin. I had had zero experience with female impersonators in my life. Now, within the tastefully-decorated confines of the city's most famous — notorious — F.I. "show lounge", I was surrounded by them. The first thing I learned was, these 'girls' are good at what they do. Granted, most of the performers lip-sync to Pop divas' recordings rather than sing. Still, the visual presentations are stunning. As far as the 'impersonation' aspect goes, many genetic females would be green with envy over these faux-femme fatales.

I spotted the girl right away, remembering her from the surveillance disk. It was as though Raquel Welsh had cloned herself. Now, that delectable doppelganger was perched on a high-backed stool at the bar, one stocking-clad leg crossed alluringly over the other, gazing out over the crowd with casual insouciance. I had difficulty picturing her with 'something extra' nestled between those alluring thighs. We struck up a casual conversation. Her name was Dianna. Absent the heels, I judged her to be about my own height. I was more than a little nervous. The gorgeous brunette smiled seductively and agreed to share a drink with me; the first of several. She was surprisingly approachable. Over the course of the evening, I found out why.

Through my new acquaintance, I learned two more things about the scene. First, the term 'female impersonator' is woefully out of date. Most of these girls have long since crossed the line between impersonation and transformation and have no intention of crossing back. Dianna was a stunning example of that. Second, I confirmed that many of these girls made at least a marginal living via the oldest profession — mostly because no legitimate employer will hire them to do anything more meaningful.

After several more drinks, we adjourned to 'someplace more private' to continue our conversation. Yes, money changed hands; she was good to give me her time and I wanted to make it worth her while. When she saw the amount I offered, she smiled bemusedly and declared she was mine for the evening. All I wanted was conversation. It wasn't going to be about sex. I was just gathering information.

She viewed with disdain the picture I had produced from my pocket.

"Oh, him," she sniffed. "Yeah, I know that freak. He has dated me a few times — among other girls at the club. At least he's got the goods — and knows how to use it."

"Freak?" I inquired tentatively.

I instinctively feared for Susan's well-being, in spite of my anger at what she had done.

"Baby, they're all freaks," Dianna maintained. "Fine, upstanding, solid citizens, pillars of the community — until nobody is watching. They love to get down 'n dirty like everyone else, more than most. They're really into girls like me, too, but don't want anyone in their 'straight' world to know. As far as I know, he hasn't taken it up his punk ass yet, but he loves to do mine — and take it down the pipe."

That was more information than I wanted. It wasn't that much of a stretch to envision my beautiful companion in the arms of an admitted stud like Jeff Spencer. It was a stretch to picture the "man's man" sucking cock. 'Freak' seemed to be an apt description. Perhaps it was the liquid courage that was clouding my judgment. I found myself more and more attracted to this sensual siren with each passing moment. Still, her candor was... unsettling. For all her obvious allure, I was hung up on the secret lurking beneath. I desired and feared her at the same time. What did that say about me? Whatever I might have felt about what she was, I began to have misgivings about myself.

"I'm here," I pointed out. "Does that make me a freak, too?"

My beautiful companion cocked one eyebrow and smiled with amusement.

"Like you said," she replied, "you're here - aren't you?"

With that, she repositioned herself in my lap and wrapped her arms around my neck. If I could have seen the pores in her flawless complexion, I could have counted them. I could smell her cinnamon-tinged breath and the heady aroma of her perfume. Her prominent cleavage looked done rather than fake. I wanted to hide my erection, keep her from finding out how much she was turning me on. She knew better, and smiled triumphantly.

"You tell me, Sugar," she purred. "Aren't you feeling just a little bit freaky? Before you try to deny it, your friend is telling me yes."

She ground her bottom into my lap to confirm her point.

The girl's body was lushly proportioned, to be sure, but she wasn't all that heavy. Why was I out of breath? Why was my heart pounding? She took my confused silence as a tacit admission.

"That's what I thought," she continued. "Why don't we get more... comfortable? I mean, you've already paid for the time."

The intoxicating vixen removed her hands from my neck and began unbuttoning my shirt. I willed my hands to seize hers, stop her from doing what she was doing, what she was going to do. My hands refused to move. I was caught in the gaze of her big chocolate- brown eyes like a deer in headlights.

I don't remember undressing her, nor moving with her to the bed. I remember lying on my back with her astride me, feeding me a mouthful of tit. I had always thought Susan's C-cups were the best of the best. Dianna's were bigger, fuller, firmer — and demanded my attention.

That wasn't all that demanded my attention. I could feel her down there, feel something big where it had no business being. It snaked its way around my crotch, rubbing up against my own rock-hard dick. I tried to put it out of my mind, concentrate on her magnificent titties, but couldn't.

"You like that, don't you, Baby?" she trilled, "me rubbing against you like that, all up in your business. Your white-bread wife can't give you that; no GG can. I've got what you need, what you really want."

I didn't want this! I just wanted to know what a man like Jeff Spencer saw in her, why he would even cheat on a prize like Susan for someone like this. Instead, I was in bed with this, this... ho', trapped beneath her, sucking her tits like there was no tomorrow, feeling her fuckpole rubbing up against my abdomen. The really insane thing was, my cock was bigger and harder than it had ever been before in my life! What on earth was it thinking?

Then, she started in on me with her hand. The sensation of her long fingernails gently scraping the flesh of my inner thigh was exquisite torture. Before long, those fingers were finding their way higher, gently caressing my rigid fuckstick. Ohmygod, what a sensation! Dianna softly encircled my joypole and began to stroke it. I was going out of my mind with frenzied desire.

The talented T-girl had two hands. While her right hand worked my cock, her left hand found my right and slowly, firmly moved it into position on her rock-hard rod. No! No, no, no, no, absolutely NOT! I am not Gay! I do not want a man! I don't... I don't... don't... Jeezus, this is so hot!

It was almost a relief when she slid down my body and slipped my bone into her mouth. It was just 'normal' sex again, unburdened by thoughts of my partner's meaty surprise. Now I knew what it was like to be ministered to by truly talented lips and tongue! My hands went to her head unbidden. I just held them there, not attempting to force her face down on me. It seemed like... the right thing to do, one more connection between us. Connection? What was I saying?

That 'connection' was not long in coming. My fellatrix abruptly pivoted on my pole, straddling my head with her firm thighs. Suddenly, her more-than-formidable sex was inches from my face. By that time, I was on sensory overload. I just stared in awe as her meat dangled in my vision. Then, she lowered herself to me. I vowed I wasn't going to do it; I wasn't that way. I tried to resist, to keep my mouth shut. The attention she was giving my dong had my heart pounding and my lungs heaving. Her firm thighs gripped my head, smothering my nose. I held out as long as I could, but finally had to open my mouth to breathe...

Ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygodohmyg... umpf! I shuddered involuntarily as my mouth was invaded. If I hadn't been a little drunk, I might have spat it out altogether — or worse. She didn't force herself on me. Rather, she dipped it in just a little, enough to insert the helmet. My tongue touched it and recoiled. It was such a revolting, unnatural feeling. My mind raced. Unnatural? Was it any more natural for Susan when she had blown me? Was it more natural for Dianna, who was even then giving me a world-class blowjob? Being here with her, this way, it was becoming more and more difficult to think of her as anything but the beautiful woman she appeared. If I had no problem eating out my wife, could I reject a woman as attractive as Dianna just because she had an 'outie' instead of an 'innie'?

I tickled it just a little with my tongue. I felt the tremor course through her body and was encouraged by it. I softly lathed the underside of the glans with the tip, then swirled my tongue around and around. She responded by pulling it out a little, then pushed it in a little deeper. She repeated this again and again, until the tip tickled my throat. I gagged involuntarily. She pulled back a bit and paused, then eased forward again. I coughed a little, but it wasn't as much a shock this time. Sensing this, the comely courtesan lifted her own mouth off my joyrod for a moment.

"Open your throat, Sugar," she cooed encouragingly. "Breathe through your nose. Don't fight it. Just let it happen. You know you want it."

I struggled with myself, attempting to remind myself, convince myself I did not want it. Yet I did nothing to discourage her oral assault. No one was more surprised than I when I realized my nose was being tickled by her neatly-trimmed pubic hair. A bizarre memory popped into my head; a flashback to my younger days of avid television watching.

I can't believe I ate the whoooooooole thing.

I was in no position to see Dianna's face. I sensed her smile. Perhaps it was just the way her mouth moved around my cock that made me think it.

The tidal wave of sensations and emotions was just too much to resist. I was caught up, overwhelmed, swept away in the powerful rush. My vision blurred. My back arched off the mattress. Blood pounded in my temples. I heard nothing beyond the intense roaring in my ears. My body spasmed as every neural synapse seemed to fire at once. I came in quarts, gallons, oceans — at least, it felt that way.

After a time, the ripples of passion faded. I felt weak as a kitten. Dianna withdrew herself at both ends, turned around, and lay down atop me. She kissed me deeply, something she had not done up to that time. As soon as I opened my mouth to receive her probing tongue, I knew I was in deep, deep trouble. She hadn't swallowed! Now, she was pushing the remnants of my own explosion into my mouth with her forceful tongue. I struggled ineffectually beneath her, drained of strength from my previous exertions. In the end, she had her way with me yet again. I swallowed my own spunk, eyes closed, yet mind wide open to the enormity of what I had done.

I rolled over on my stomach in shame. I had cum in buckets, but hadn't gotten Dianna off. Once again, I hadn't been able to satisfy my lover. I couldn't look her in the eye, afraid of seeing myself, my failure, reflected there. She stretched out on top, placing her hands over mine. Her cock was just as stiff as it had been inside my mouth, a constant reminder of my inadequacy. It nestled in the cleft between my firm asscheeks. Then, she shifted slightly — and it moved...

"No, no," I cried out weakly.

She controlled me easily, holding my wrists tightly, spreading my legs with her thighs.

"Shhhhh," Dianna whispered in my ear. "It's okay, Baby Girl. I know you're scared. The first time is always the hardest. I'll be gentle with you; I promise. Mama knows what you need. Mama knows best."

A real man would have resisted. A real man would have bounced her off the opposite wall, stomped on her head, then walked out in a huff. Then again, a real man wouldn't have been in bed with a shemale hooker while his wife was being fucked stupid by an ex- boyfriend from fucking high school.

I felt the finger first, coated with cold, slippery goo, making my insides nice and slick. I shivered a little; from that, and anticipation of what was to come. The finger was withdrawn. Then, a much larger presence made itself known against my puckered hole.

"Are you ready, Sugar?" she purred. "Here we go."

She was gentle with me, just as she had been with my mouth. I felt her push forward a little, pause, pull back, then push forward yet again. Even as I tried to relax my body, it felt like her helmet was going to split me in two. I moaned piteously, just as any virgin does at the moment she gives up her cherry. The deeper my lover entered me, the more intense the pain became. As bad as that pain was, it was the shock, surprise, awe of being taken that way that dominated my thoughts.

In time, she squeezed all of herself into me. I felt ripped apart. The tempo and intensity of her thrusts increased slowly, until she was pounding into me. Her balls slapped against my crotch. She dug her talons into my shoulders, yanking my body towards her in time with her thrusts. My shame welled up inside me: shame for not being man enough to satisfy my wife, shame for being cuckolded behind my back, shame for not standing up for what was mine, shame for being seduced, then taken so easily, so forcefully, by a shemale hooker. That shame boiled over, exploding within my mind in a blinding flash. I screamed — not to stop, but to fuck me harder. When she came, she flooded my insides with an intensity I imagined to be equal to my own. The shock of such a deed pushed me over the edge once more, this time without touching my own member.

I was completely spent, physically and emotionally. My humiliation knew no limits. What had Susan called me? The prettiest boy she had ever met. Obviously, a 'pretty boy' had no chance against a stud like Jeff Spencer in her eyes. Just as obviously, the beautiful boy-girl atop me felt the same way; she had just made me her punk bitch. Self-esteem? What's that? I threw on my pants, fumbling frantically with the zipper and belt, then swept up my other clothes in my arms and fled for the door. I heard Dianna call out good- naturedly behind me as the door closed.

"See you again soon... Freak."

I didn't go home. I couldn't; not now, not ever again, not to live, anyway. I certainly wasn't ready to face Susan, assuming she was even home. I got a hotel room that night, took a long, hot, thorough shower, turned off my cell phone, then crawled between the sheets. I slept, but in a tortured turmoil commensurate with my waking experience.

It was the Week from Hell. Granted, it had actually begun when I fled Dianna's apartment Friday night and extended through that long, lost weekend. On Monday morning, I called the office and took personal time. Later, when I was certain Susan would not be home, I returned to our Printer's Row loft and removed my clothes and personal items. The building was going condo; thank God I hadn't signed the conversion contract yet. I gazed around what had been our — my — happy home one last time, recalling memories of much better times. Then, I walked out the door. It closed behind me with a resounding click of finality.

I filed the separation papers first thing, citing "Open and Notorious Adultery". After viewing the DVD, my attorney assured me my case was a slam-dunk. Divorcing her financially was almost as easy, owing to some simple precautions I had taken along the way; separate accounts, asset protection, offshore holdings. With her own income, plus the assets of her millionaire boyfriend, she would have no need to come after my assets, much less legal standing to do so. My attorney had quipped all Susan would be able to do was bend over and spread her cheeks, something that didn't appear to be a problem for her. I inwardly shuddered at the reference. He promised to file the papers with the court clerk immediately and see to it they were served the next morning.

My cell phone began ringing around lunchtime Tuesday. Funny she hadn't bothered to call all weekend or Monday to see if I was all right. I guess she hadn't noticed I hadn't come home. Caller ID told the tale. I summarily rejected Susan's calls and instructed our office's receptionist not to put her through if she called there. My estranged mate switched tactics, and the cell's display came up "Private Caller". I wasn't about to be that easily fooled again, and let the calls go to Voicemail.

On Tuesday afternoon I signed the lease-with-option on a nice two-bedroom in Streeterville, across the street from North Pier. It had a breathtaking view of Ogden Slip and the lake beyond. I liked boats and had always enjoyed watching all the pleasure craft tie up at the berths in the slip while their owners dined at the adjacent eateries. I was looking forward to the coming summer. It was nice to have something to look forward to again.

The next three days were filled with the loosely-organized feeding frenzy that is commodities trading. After work, there was the camaraderie of fellow traders and co- workers. The office grapevine had pronounced something was up between me and my wife and everyone avoided the subject. The condo was sumptuous, made more so by the furnishings I equipped it with. The neighborhood was young, gentrified, and hip. The evening crowds below hustled to and from the surrounding restaurants, clubs, and shops.

Every night since the previous Friday had been long, lonely, and tortured. I couldn't not dream about Sex. It had dominated my waking thoughts, my life, for a week. In my dreams, I was walking naked down the middle of North Michigan Avenue. The street was lined with people: my wife and her lover, my friends, co-workers, complete strangers. Sex was going on all around me and I was powerless to affect its course or outcome. Everyone mocked me openly for my inadequacies.

Through it all, I was aware of one particular pair of eyes watching me intently, bemusedly, as though I was some form of entertainment — or a personal plaything. It embarrassed, humiliated me to know those eyes watched my every move. I hated them, feared them, yet desired them. I never wanted to see them again, yet couldn't bear to be without them.

Those eyes were brown, not green.

The call came Friday afternoon.

"How long were you planning to hold out?" Dianna inquired nonchalantly.

"Bitch," I growled.

"Always," she deflected gracefully.

"Did you call to rub my nose in it — again?" I asked pointedly.

"Don't take me there, Lover," she snipped abruptly. "You could have left at any time. You didn't. Don't even try to tell me I made you do anything you weren't willing to do."

She paused a moment, as if re-considering her words.

"Actually," she continued in a much more conciliatory tone, "I may have sent you off on the wrong note the other night. I meet so many fr... I mean, I have a bad habit of treating all men the way I have been treated. You didn't deserve that. You were nothing but nice to me, a real gentleman. The fact you didn't leave makes me think I made an impression on you, too. Am I right?"

There was so much I wanted to say, how she had dominated my thoughts and dreams for the past week. I couldn't even put it into words.

"Well, at least you're not denying it," the bewitching brunette summarized. "For what it's worth, you are the most attractive lover I have had in a long time. I can't believe I'm telling you this, but I have been thinking about you all week. I was wondering; would you be willing to... let me make it up to you? On the house?"

I couldn't believe it. Dianna probably had sex with a dozen men or more a week. Yet, she was thinking about me? She wanted to see me on a personal basis? I may not have been the most perceptive man on the planet, but I sensed her offhand reference to it being a 'freebie' was as much to mollify her own doubts as mine. For all my earlier ambivalence, I realized I had been obsessing over her, too. I couldn't make the arrangements fast enough.

I was extremely agitated on the drive to her place in Lakeview. The traffic on Lake Shore Drive was so slow. If that wasn't bad enough, parking was impossible in her neighborhood. She buzzed me in and was waiting at her door when I reached the top of the stairs. She wore only garter belt, stockings, stiletto sandals, and a floor-length sheer black peignoir. She was exquisite, head to toe. Her eyes danced and she flashed an alluring smile.

"Hi again, Sugar," she purred. "Welcome b..."

I cut her off with a straight arm to her chest. My momentum carried her backwards, across the tiny studio apartment. To her credit, she kept her balance beautifully in those skyscraper stilts, right up to the moment she fell backwards onto the bed. I was on her in a flash, then had her cock in my mouth a moment later. I teased, tormented, tortured her with my lips and tongue for over an hour, bringing her to the edge, then backing off, only to bring her close again. Finally, I allowed her to shoot her load down my throat. By that time, she was screaming, thrashing wildly, and pummeling my shoulders with her fists. It was something like ten minutes before she was able to take a deep breath and speak.

"Well," she exclaimed, staring at the ceiling. "So much for idle chit-chat. Does this mean all is forgiven?"

"Do you have plans for the rest of the weekend?" I countered.

"I guess I do now," she chirped. "I was going to work. A girl's gotta pay rent, you know."

"Don't worry about that," I returned. "I'm good for it."

"Are you sure that's what you want?" she asked cautiously.

"Let's work on it and see what happens," I replied.

She raised one eyebrow in that manner I found so attractive. Then, she began massaging my engorged, aching cock.

"Work on it, huh?" she teased. "Oh yeah, Honey; I'll 'work on it'. Tit for tat — so to speak."

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