Assassin: Practice
Chapter 1

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Action/Adventure Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Jase, and the rest of the family put into practice the things they learned in their primary training as agents of the Galactic Police Dept. Join them as they go after crooks, terrorists, and other baddies on Earth and around the galaxy. And then, there is that famous recliner! This is the SECOND story in the series.

Caution: This Action/Adventure Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Science Fiction   Time Travel   Humor   Superhero   Incest   Mother   Brother   Sister   Black Female   White Male   White Female   Violent  

"How do I get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, practice!"

Jase was reminded of this old joke as he crouched on a rooftop in Birmingham, Alabama. He was "on assignment" for the GPD (Galactic Police Department), and the chase had brought him to this "rust pocket" of the South. B'ham, as it was known by many locals, had once been a prosperous manufacturing center, rivaling Pittsburgh in steel manufacturing, but it had started a rapid decline with the advent of cheaper foreign steel, or, as many locals liked to say, "foreign steal." B'ham was now turning into a modern educational and business hub, with the concomitant loss of lower level manufacturing jobs and the rise of white-collar employment. The result was a widening gap between the upper and lower classes, with crime on the rise at all levels.

B'ham was somewhat out of the way, so it was a good place for big time drug rings to have a regional headquarters. The ring leaders hoped that their location would hide them from notice by federal authorities, and, so far, it had worked. Jase was here as part of a pilot program by the GPD to see if they could bring peace and tranquility to a people by working hard to erase local crime lords. They knew that, ultimately, the only way to stop drug traffic was to eliminate the source, but it was also necessary to eliminate those who generated a market for the dope; otherwise, they would just find something else equally dangerous and equally profitable to peddle.

Though Jase's job title was "Assassin," he really was not a conventional hit-man. He was more the classic superhero of the Superman or Batman or Spiderman type. Sure he would kill as necessary or appropriate, but he knew that death was not permanent: souls just went into a galaxy-wide, maybe universe-wide, pool of souls and were reborn as soon as a new body was available. The catch was that a human this time might be a Rigilian the next time and an Arcturan the following time; there was no way to know how a soul would wind up, that was the chance you took.

Anyway, Jase and his mother, Judy, were in B'ham chasing a ring of drug pushers who brought in drugs from South America. They were there to break the chain and stop drug running in a major segment of the eastern USA. The mobsters of Italian heritage were fading from the scene and the African-Americans had become the major players on the current scene. This did nothing to change the basic ruthlessness and savagery of the illegal operations, it just changed the names and the ethnicity of the participants. However, B'ham's large African-American population did make it easier for the crooks to fade into the background.

Judy, on a building across the street, and Jase were staking out an office complex owned by the drug ring and the center of their operations. Though it was the middle of a summer afternoon, Jase and Judy were invisible and cooled by their ET supplied body armor. Finally, the object of their search showed up in his stretch pimpmobile. Jase couldn't help laughing at how somebody could travel around in such a spectacular vehicle and still think that he was inconspicuous. As soon as "Mr. Big" showed up, Jase and Judy adjusted their external g (gravitational) force and dropped the 11 storeys to the ground. They entered the building with Mr. Big's entourage and, hanging from the ceiling, rode in the elevator to the penthouse office he used whenever he came into the city from his suburban estate.

Their intent on attending the upcoming meeting was to identify as many of the next two lower echelons of the criminal organization as they could. This was to be the annual business meeting of the group, so "everybody who was anybody" in the organization would be there. They planned to record every one of the faces in their augmented memory so that they would have a permanent record of the ring's higher-ups. It wasn't surprising that every person there was a murderer many times over, that's how one moved up in the organization, what was surprising was that there were 3 women in attendance. It looked like the "glass ceiling" was fading away for those who were ruthless enough.

The meeting droned on until the time came for new business. There was some boring stuff of interest only to those going to make millions of dollars out to the new business, and then there was a dramatic change in the character of the meeting. Mr. Big announced, "We're about to move into a new phase of our business. I have a demonstration for y'all." With that, he pressed the service button on his desk. This was a very large room, so there was no crowding when 15 low gurneys were rolled into the room. On each gurney was a beautiful, nude White person, 3 male and 12 female. They all appeared to be sleeping.

When they were in place, Mr. Big announced, "One of our labs has come up with a version of crack which has a weird effect on people. These 15 honkeys have all been dosed with the stuff. They have been turned into permanent sex maniacs! There is no danger; the drug is also hypnotic, so they have been conditioned to sexually please their partner. They will wake up when I blow this special whistle an' they'll go back to sleep when I blow it again. By the way, the men have all been castrated, so you women don't need to worry about getting pregnant.

"What I have in mind is moving in on the prostitution racket with our living robots. They no longer have any brains of their own, they will never be able to do anything they have not been trained to do since they were given a dose of the drug. Only one dose is needed; there is never a need for a repeat treatment. I figure that we can hit one or two large high schools an' have enough young pussies and cocks to satisfy all of B'ham.

"OK, pick out your partner, an' I will blow the whistle."

There was a rush to get sorted out before Mr. Big blew the whist;e. When everybody was ready, the whistle was blown. The sleepers awoke and began to undress their partner. By the time all of the participants were naked, every male but Jase had his cock at maximum erection. All of the slave men became erect at the whistle and all of the slave women began to flood liquid from their pussies. The slaves grasped the hand of the partner and guided him or her onto the gurneys.

The room was flooded with the smell of raw sex. Blow jobs, nipple sucking, and pussy licking was going on all over the place. This quickly turned into penetration of all types; it was amazing what the three women had their male slaves do to and for them. Jase and Judy were astonished, appalled, and disgusted at what they saw. Using his implanted radio, Jase said to Judy, <We can't let this go on! We've got to stop this right now, this afternoon!>

<You're right, Jase. But how shall we do it?>

<Let's gas the whole lot, both masters and slaves. The slaves have nothing to live for; let's give them a chance to start over. Maybe they will have better luck in their next life.>

<OK, but what about the people who will walk in later and breathe the gas. They will die, too.>

<Yeah, I know, but there's not an innocent person on the top three floors of this building. I'll dump the gas right now. Remember not to breath for the next 30 minutes, even after we leave the room. We can go out that window. The broken window will let the gas dissipate, nobody will ever notice it in the ambient smog at this elevation.>

Jase opened a valve on a small gas bottle clipped to his waist and a colorless, odorless gas escaped into the room. Amidst all of the noise coming from the sexual activity, the hiss of the escaping gas went unheard. It only took a few seconds for the potent gas to start its work, and all of the breathing occupants of the room were dead within 15 seconds without ever knowing what happened to them. Jase and Judy made sure that all of the crooks and their slaves were dead before Jase broke a window and they left for the roof.

Jase said, <We've got to track down the source of this drug and destroy it. We have to destroy all the written records, too.>

<Yeah, honey, it looks like we have our work cut out for us. We better get started.>

They found the central air conditioning unit for the upper floors of the building and introduced a sleeping gas into the system. Ten minutes later, every occupant of the upper three floors of the building was asleep at her work place. Judy and Jase began a systematic questioning of the supervisors, trying to locate all samples of the new drug and where it was produced. This was done by taking a person to the roof, reviving her, and questioning her. After questioning, she was returned to the interior of the building where she went back to sleep.

It was nearly midnight by the time they had finished the questioning, and they had a complete picture of where to find the remaining samples of the drug, and where in South America it was manufactured. The first place they went was to Mr. Big's suburban estate. The went into the main house and looked around. Talk about ostentatious luxury! The house didn't look like a home, it looked like the most expensive bordello one could imagine. There were a number of servants, apparently asleep, sitting in chairs. They didn't react to the presence of Judy and Jase, since the two were still invisible. The interesting thing was that the servants were all White and all naked, and it was obvious that all the men had been castrated.

Out of curiosity, the two looked through the house before going to the study to look in the safe. They opened the safe; it was easy to pick the lock with the advantage of their X-ray vision. Inside, they found a gun, an amazing amount of cash, several ledgers, and two small vials of a white powder. They sat at the desk and went through the ledgers. Stuffed into one of the ledgers was a map showing the location of the plant where the new drug was made and a piece of paper with instructions on how to administer the drug.

Judy said, <Do you think that the people at GPD headquarters could come up with an antidote for the drug?>

<Maybe they can with the sample we have. Let's transport all of these victims and what we have here to headquarters and ask Seven for help.>

They gathered up all of the slaves that they could find and transported them to the GPD headquarters. Seven was waiting for them and had several carriers waiting for the victims. Seven said, "We'll do what we can for the former slaves, but I don't expect to help them very much. We'll let you know how it turns out, but we can't do anything about restoring the castrated men."

They talked for a while longer, and Judy and Jase jumped back to Earth. They had done all they could in Birmingham, so they just returned to their home a few moments from when they had left for B'ham a few subjective days before. Man, time travel can sure be complicated! The house felt empty since Jo, Pedro, and Chin had left to settle in Chicago. Ann, Jeff, Shirley, and Mary were still there, and using the pool, so Judy and Jase stripped and joined them in the pool. Jase gave a synopsis of their adventure in B'ham to the others, and they spent several hours playing grab-ass.

Judy said to Ann, Jeff, and Shirley, "Are you guys ready to go through the GED routine so you will be free of the school boredom." The answer was a resounding yes, so they planned to start the paperwork the next day. Once they had taken the GED exam, which would be a breeze, they would no longer have to go to school. Their augmented memory already held more knowledge than the school would ever impart, so they planned to make a few mistakes on the test just so it would not look like they had cheated.

Judy had one unexpected obstacle to overcome when she went to the office of the Board of Education to arrange for the test. Her bodily changes had progressed far enough that she looked so young that the clerk did not believe that Judy was old enough to be the parent of Ann, Shirley, and Jeff. She had to produce three pieces of photo ID before the clerk would let her register them for the GED and pay the fee. Before they left, the clerk had tried to get Judy to tell her where Judy had gotten her face lift, etc. Judy barely escaped the office before she broke down in laughter. It wasn't until Judy was out of the office before she remembered that she could have used the hologram projector in her body armor to let her appear any age she had wanted to. Oh, well, she would certainly remember next time!

While Judy and the "kids" were registering for the GED exam, Jase and Mary had been going over the ledgers they had picked up in Birmingham. For ease in explaining what they had found, they had plotted the distribution points on a map. There were 11 major distribution points in the drug network in the eastern US, and they planned to hit these as soon as possible.

When they got home, Judy and the rest met with Jase and Mary to see what they had found. They decided to form two teams: Jase, Ann, and Shirley in one team and Judy, Mary, and Jeff in the other team. Jase's team took 6 cities and Judy's team took 5. There was no problem about scheduling the hits because time traveling would give the illusion that all of the distribution points had all been hit at the same time. They all donned their armor and drank a large glass of water to fuel their fusion reactors.

Jase's team jumped to Charlotte, NC, as their first target, while Judy's team jumped to Jacksonville, FL. Judy's target was an old industrial building beside the river. Naturally, they had their invisibility turned on, and they had timed their arrival for around midnight, so there were no innocent bystanders to be concerned with. This was an ancient, 4-storey building with a single freight-elevator shaft in the middle of the building. They climbed to the roof and entered the room holding the lifting mechanism for the elevator.

The building had been condemned for not meeting fire and safety codes, so, officially, it was empty. However, the building was occupied by a working crew, plus there was an office complex on the top floor. About half the top floor was devoted to the office function, but the other half was used as sleeping quarters for the people who worked in the building. They had chosen a weekend to raid the building, so the place was full of people and dope—the weekend was their busiest time for business.

The crooks were doing such a great business that they were running 3 shifts; that's why there were so many people sleeping in the building. Judy felt that their primary purpose was to destroy as much of the dope as possible, so that was what they made a point of looking for. They had all the time they needed, since they never needed to rest, and the humidity was high enough that their armor was able to extract enough water from the air to keep them going, indefinitely. By being invisible, only a minimum amount of care was needed to keep from being noticed by the busy workers. Therefore, they had no trouble finding out that the first floor was reserved for loading the delivery trucks, the second floor was used for organizing the loads, and the third floor was used for bulk storage of the crack cocaine.

Judy figured that they could start the trucks burning, and that would create enough heat to make the ancient wood of the building burn, especially since the exterior brick walls would act like a fire box and reflect the heat back toward the fire. Jeff suggested that they try to concoct a fuel-air explosive mixture and blow out the floors, dumping everything onto the first floor and acting as additional fuel for the fire.

Since it was Jeff's idea, he had the honor of setting the explosive charges to blow open and vaporize the diesel fuel in the truck tanks which would be ignited by a secondary explosion. Jeff arranged a small explosive charge on one fuel tank of each of the parked trucks. Several secondary explosive charges were arranged strategically around the parking area. Once the charges were in position, the three people crept outside, and Jeff set off the first charges. He counted to 5 and set off the second charges. The first charges split open the fuel tank and supplied enough heat to vaporize the diesel fuel, and the second charges caused the vapor to explode.

The building seemed to erupt in a monster fire ball that blasted its way through floor after floor, until it ripped through the roof. The fire ball was so bright that it must have lit up half of the city of Jacksonville, and it set off alarms all over the place. Purely by coincidence, since Jeff had no fine control over the explosion, the fire ball blew straight up through the weaker wooden floors rather than out through the stronger masonry walls, so there was little damage to surrounding buildings, and the fire department had little to do when they finally arrived, except keep embers from starting new fires in surrounding buildings. Without a doubt, this drug warehouse and distributing point was a total loss, so they jumped to their next target without further ado.

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