Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Humor,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - What really happened with Goldilocks in the home of the Three Bears. That Baby Bear wasn't as young as he looked...

"Are they gone yet?"

Goldilocks watched the two bears, one in an apron and the other in a black bowler hat, walk around the curve in the path, then turned around. "They're gone," she snarled at the bear cub standing in the corner of the tacky country kitchen, "but if you think that means you can..."

"Finally!" the cub interrupted. Goldi glared at the little bear as he began to fumble around under his chin. "I thought they'd never leave!"

"What the hell are you..." Goldi trailed off in confusion when she heard the distinct sound of a zipper unzipping. Suddenly there was an adult male human standing in front of her with a small bear suit crumpled around his feet. "How'd you do that?" she squeaked, still trying to wrap her mind around the transformation. Under the babbling denial bopping around in her head a little voice began commenting on how cute he was.

"Cartoon physics work in Mother Goose's kingdom and the Fairy Tale Lands," he answered, stretching hugely. "You can put something really big in something really small and it actually fits, though you may have to work at it a little." Goldi was too busy blushing at the images that explanation flashed across her brain to notice the smirk on the young man's face. "The same principal is what keeps Bo Peep's sheep clean and well-behaved. I thought everybody around here knew that."

Goldi shook her head to clear it of pictures of the guy in front of her putting big things of his in small things of hers and managed to catch his last statement. "Oh, I'm new here," she explained. "I just started at Castle College and decided to babysit for some extra cash."

"Be careful what kind of jobs you take," he warned, kicking the bear costume into the corner. "I came here as an exchange student a year ago. Went to sleep one night and woke up being stuffed into that fur suit." He took a step closer, examining the nicely curved body under the short, tight skirt and snug v-neck sweater. "This is the first time they've ever gotten someone close to my age to watch me. I usually end up with Old Mother Hubbard or that shoe woman." He walked closer, eyes on the shadowy glimpse of cleavage showing at the neck of her sweater. Goldi retreated a step, bumping into the table with the remains of breakfast still on it. She braced her hands on the table, unconsciously arching her back. "This is the first time in a year that I haven't looked like a three-year-old," he whispered, coming within touching distance, "and you're awfully pretty." He reached out and ran his fingers softly over her cheek. "Awfully pretty," he repeated, then leaned forward and kissed her, one arm wrapping around her waist. His tongue snaked out and caressed her lips softly, then wiggled deeper, licking at her teeth before sinking into her warm, wet mouth. Goldi hesitated for a moment, mind still whirling as it tried to grasp the concept of the baby bear that had suddenly turned into a full-grown, very attractive man. Fortunately, her body knew a good thing when it felt one and told her brain to shut up and enjoy it. Goldi returned the kiss, her tongue wrapping around his, darting forward and back, and she reached up to put her arms around his neck and pull him closer.

Unfortunately, in the heat of that kiss she forgot that without her hands on the table she was overbalanced. As her hands came up, the rest of her went down, banging the back of her head against the table. She threw her arms out to catch herself, which only succeeded in knocking over Papa Bear's pot of coffee. Baby Bear let go of her and flung himself backwards to avoid crushing her against the table, so Goldi took the full force of the spilled coffee as it splashed everywhere. "Aaarrrggghhhh!" she yelled as the near-boiling liquid landed all over her face, sweater, and skirt. "It's hot! It's too hot!!" Frantically she sat up and began tugging at her clothes, yanking her sweater over her head, unzipping her skirt and shoving it to her ankles. She stood there in her white lace bra and panties, flapping her hands in the air in a vain attempt to cool the burns that were making pink splotches all over her pale skin. "It hurts," she cried, dancing from one foot to another as she fanned herself.

Baby Bear watched the enticing jiggle for a few moments, then stepped to the table where he righted the coffee pot and mopped up the worst of the spill. Shortly, he returned to her and placed his hands gently on her arms. "Does it hurt a lot?" he asked solicitously. She nodded, tears in her eyes. "Hmmm... Ice is best for burns." He reached across the table and grabbed a glass of iced tea from Mama Bear's place setting. "Maybe this will help." He fished a cube from the glass and stroked it along a red spot on her jaw. Goldi sighed as the cool dampness soothed the sting. He slid the ice down her throat and along her collar bone, leaving a glistening trail of water on her skin. He moved the rapidly melting ice over her chest, getting another cube when the first melted away to a sliver. He ran the ice down to her stomach to treat the burns there. "Lie back, Goldi," he encouraged, pressing her shoulder gently back. "I need to see what I'm doing." She leaned back obediently, linking her hands behind her head. He ran the ice over her stomach, watching her breasts rise and fall when the cold hit a particularly sensitive spot, making her gasp. He carefully iced down the few red spots on her thighs and was finished treating the burns, but he still had a fair amount of ice left. He chose a fresh cube and began running it along the edge of her bra cup, waiting to see if she would stop him. Instead, she sighed and arched a bit to meet his wandering hand. Grinning wickedly, he began running the ice in ever-diminishing circles over the lace, getting closer and closer to the center, until it brushed against her stiffening nipple.

"Oh!" she cried, her eyes popping open. Her nipple stiffened instantly, straining against the thin white fabric. "That's cold!"

"Too cold?" Baby Bear asked, rubbing the small nub of ice in tiny circles.

Goldi moaned softly and shook her head. "Just... cold..." Her hand moved up to cup her other breast, kneading it gently. Baby Bear continued circling until the ice melted away. When he reached for a fresh cube, Goldi sat up just enough to unhook her bra and slide it off, then lay back on the table again, her large, firm tits bouncing slightly with each breath. Baby Bear began circling the other breast with the ice and leaned over her, kissing and nibbling at her mouth. The tighter the circles got, the more intense his kisses became, his tongue plunging deeper into her mouth as the ice drew closer and closer. Just as he reached her nipple with the ice, he suddenly broke the kiss and wrapped his lips around the neglected tit, biting gently at the raised flesh.

Goldi gasped and arched against freezing ice and burning mouth, both nipples hard and almost painfully tight. One hand snaked up to bury itself in his hair, pulling him closer, urging him to suck harder. She moaned and writhed beneath him as the ice melted away until only his cold fingers were gently rubbing and pinching at her sensitive skin. He let her nipple slide from his lips after one last flick of his tongue and trailed warm, wet kisses across her chest to the other side, lavishing the same attention of lips, teeth and tongue to it as he had to the first. His warm hand slid slowly up and down her side as he nibbled and teased, occasionally brushing his fingers across her exposed nipple, grinning to himself every time she whimpered and pulled his head closer. When the second was as warm as the first he released it and stood, stretching to relieve the strain on his back. Goldi lay on the table, eyes half-closed, panting through slightly parted lips. Her tongue darted out to dampen them as she watched his eyes travel from her face, across her breasts, and down to the scrap of fabric between her legs. He reached forward and lifted her hips, sliding her panties over her thighs and down her legs, discarding them when they were free. He ran his fingers lightly over her neatly trimmed pussy, already pink and swollen. His gaze traveled back to her eyes and he grinned wickedly as he fished another ice cube from the glass and placed it between his teeth. He leaned over, setting the ice between her breasts, and began dragging it slowly down her body with his mouth. The mingled heat of his breath and chill of the ice made Goldi shudder repeatedly as he eased his way further and further down. He paused just below her navel and met her eyes again. She read his intention in that look and began to squirm. "No... I don't think I can..." she murmured, eyes going wide as he began to slide down her body once more. The muscles in her stomach jumped as the ice passed over them, heading lower and lower.

He spread her knees and knelt on the floor between them, running the rapidly melting ice over her inner thighs as her wriggling intensified. Her hands tangled in his hair, but couldn't seem to decide whether to push him away or pull him closer. Her pussy spread further with each pass of the chill over her thighs, revealing a damp, pink hole and hard little clit. He swallowed the sliver of ice remaining and got a fresh piece, running it slowly along her inner thighs, getting closer and closer to the center. Goldi's hands tightened in his hair. "Please..." she whispered, trying to pull his face over her steaming core. "Please... I need..." He ran the ice teasingly over her trimmed blonde bush for a moment, then lowered his mouth just enough to firmly plant the ice over her straining clit.

"Eeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!" she squealed as the ice hit her most sensitive spot. She sat up so fast she almost levitated off the table, shoving his head away. "Toocoldtoocoldtoocold..." Goldi fell back against the table, fists clenched, repeating her mantra as every muscle in her body tensed.

Baby Bear swallowed the remaining ice and chuckled softly, inventorying the remaining items on the table. "What would warm you back up?" he asked playfully. "Ah, this should do the trick." He picked up a small glass pitcher of honey that had been sitting in a stray sunbeam, heating it to a pleasant warmth. Placing one large hand on her thigh, he spread her legs a bit further and drizzled the sticky golden liquid over her quivering center. Goldi sighed and relaxed as the warm syrup took away the shock of the ice, her legs falling open even further, exposing swollen pink flesh now coated in honey.

"Mmmmm..." he murmured, getting to his knees between her legs. "Looks good enough to eat." Goldi moaned and reached for him, hands tangling in his hair once again. "And you know how much bears love honey." Obeying her tugging fingers, he leaned forward and ran his tongue over her outer lips, sweet honey and salty flesh mingling. Goldi groaned and tried to pull him closer, wriggling her ass in an attempt to get his mouth where she wanted it. He teased her, licking around the outside of her sticky pussy until he feared she would pull his hair out. Moving further in, he began trailing his tongue in slow circles around her clit, almost close enough to brush against it but never quite there. Goldi whimpered in frustration, straining to get that hot, swirling tongue against her most sensitive spot. "Please..." she breathed, almost in tears. "Please..." Baby Bear relented and stroked the full length of his tongue across the swollen bundle of nerves. "OH, yesss..." she gasped, arching to meet his mouth, juices leaking out to mingle with the honey that coated his chin. "More... please..." He wrapped his lips around the throbbing nub and began flicking it with his tongue, occasionally raking his teeth across it, making her pant and quiver. He sucked and licked and nibbled until she was thrashing around on the table, the long muscles in her thighs clenching and unclenching as she drew closer and closer to orgasm. He slid one finger deep inside her grasping pussy, stroking in and out ever so slowly, making her squeal and buck against his mouth. "More..." she pleaded over and over again. "Please... more..." He slid a second finger inside her, and then a third, pumping his hand once for every two strokes of his talented tongue. Her fingers tightened in his hair and every muscle tensed as she hung on the edge of exploding. "Oh, that's it!" she encouraged, voice low and husky with pleasure. "That's it! That's just right! That's just riiiiiiii..." She came with a scream, thighs locking tightly around his shoulders, pussy pressed so tightly against him that he could barely breathe. She held this pose for long seconds, then collapsed, slowly loosening her grip on his head. He drew back, face smeared with honey and sweeter things, and slid his fingers out of her. Goldi lay on the table breathing hard, eyes rolled back in her head, blushing all over from exertion. Once she caught her breath, she sat up and pulled him close, kissing him hard, then began licking his face clean. When she finished with his face, she pulled his sticky fingers to her mouth and sensually licked them clean as well. Baby Bear stood there entranced as he watched his fingers ease in and out of her mouth, caressed by her swirling tongue. When his fingers were no longer sticky, she hopped from the table, still holding his hand, and began pulling him toward the living room. "Now it's my turn," she grinned, a naughty twinkle in her eyes.

She tugged him into the next room and parked him in front of the largest chair, a wooden monstrosity with carved arms and legs. Goldi wrapped her arms around him and rubbed her naked flesh against the t-shirt and boxers he was wearing, running her nails lightly up and down his back. Standing on tiptoe, she began to kiss and nibble along his throat while tugging at the bottom of his shirt. She stepped back just far enough to pull the shirt over his head, then snuggled up to him again, her nipples tightening as they rubbed against his furry chest. "Mmmm... you feel so good," she murmured against his shoulder, lips, tongue, and teeth grazed his skin. She worked her way down his chest, pausing to run the flat of her tongue over one nipple until it tightened. Goldi nibbled at the little bit of flesh, then licked her way over to the other, giving it the same attention.

Working her way down once again, she hooked her fingers in the waistband of his boxers and slid them down too, careful not to snag them on his swiftly growing cock. Her mouth moved over his chest and stomach and his shorts dropped below his knees and to the floor, the swollen head of his dick stroking between her breasts as she followed his clothes to the floor. Kneeling at his feet, she ran her tongue up the inside of one thigh just up to his balls, then the other, smiling as she heard him sigh. She placed her hands on his hips and pushed gently, encouraging him to sit. Squirming between his open legs, she lowered her head and began nibbling at his inner thighs, just below the crease. She inched forward and wrapped her lips around one of his balls, sucking softly and rolling it on her tongue. Switching to the other, she sucked harder, making him groan and tangle his fingers in her hair. She let the warm sphere slide from her lips and licked her way up his smooth shaft, taking her time. Reaching the head, she ran her tongue just under the ridge, breathing softly, warm breath flowing over his sensitive skin. She leaned back a bit, eyeing the throbbing shaft hungrily, licked her lips, then slid the head into her mouth, tongue stroking the head in broad strokes. He groaned and tightened his grip on her skull as she began sliding more of him into her mouth, a fraction at a time, sucking softly as more and more of him glided across her tongue. She continued to lower her head, taking him deeper and deeper, until her nose brushed his belly and he sighed, then starting back up just as slowly. At the top of the stroke she paused, then started down slowly again. His fingers tightened in her hair. "Tease," he groaned, then shoved her head down and his hips up, wanting to bury himself in her throat. She took all he offered, until her chin hit the hard wooden chair with a thump and she barely avoided biting him.

She slid him out of her mouth quickly and rubbed her chin. "Too hard," she complained. Standing, she took his hand, pulled him to his feet, and led him to a poufy flowered armchair that was next in line. She gave him a little shove so he fell back into the chair, then both started coughing and choking as a cloud of heavily perfumed dust rose from the chair. Once the air cleared, Goldi looked up and giggled. Baby Bear was sunk into the upholstery so that his knees were almost at his chin, looking absolutely miserable. "Too soft?" she asked with a grin. At his nod, she helped him up and moved to the remaining chair, smaller than the other two and padded with reasonable-looking cushions.

Goldi eased him into the chair and knelt between his thighs, pouting a bit when she noticed that the coughing fit had reduced his erection somewhat. Moistening her lips, she took the semi-erect cock entirely into her mouth and began sucking once again, grinning around the shaft as it quickly expanded. She began her long, slow strokes again, one hand sliding over his thigh to cup and massage his balls. Up and down, slowly, she continued to suck, eyes twinkling as she watched his hands clutch at the arms of the chair. He groaned his appreciation and she began to move faster, increasing the suction along with the speed. Her strokes grew shorter, until her mouth was only sliding over half his length, but very rapidly. His hips began to move in time with her mouth, his breath coming faster, his pulse racing against her tongue. Just as he was getting used to her new rhythm, she took a deep breath and deep-throated him, maintaining her speed and half-strokes, but now bottoming out with each stroke, his hard shaft filling her throat.

Her free hand slid along his leg, then between her own, two fingers stroking and pinching her clit in rhythm with her mouth on his dick until her moans joined his. His eyes narrowed as he realized that she was stroking herself and he began thrusting his hips in time with her bobbing head. "Oohhhhh, babe..." he growled. "That is sooo hot!" Her response was to suck even harder and faster, her ass bouncing over her feet as she pinched and rubbed her way toward an orgasm of her own. She shortened her strokes again so that she was only taking half his length into her mouth, but sucked even harder, her cheeks hollow, eyes closed in concentration, whimpers leaking around his cock as she brought them both closer and closer to the edge. "Yeeahh... just like that..." His fingers dug into the arms of the chair. "It's just right..." His last word ended in a gasp as he passed the point of no return, his back arching as he exploded in her mouth, stream after stream of sticky fluid filling her mouth and sliding down her throat. She tried to swallow the whole delicious load, but her busy fingers brought her off just then and she choked as she tried to swallow and scream at the same time, a small glob escaping the corner of her mouth. She finally managed to regain enough control to drink down his offering, sucking him dry. Goldi let him slide from her mouth, still fairly hard, and used the sticky fingers that had been between her legs to scoop up the escaped fluid and slide it into her mouth, his taste mingling beautifully with her own juices.

She sighed happily and grinned up at him from between his knees. "Definitely just right," she murmured, rubbing her cheek against his thigh. He reached down and pulled her into his lap, kissing her deeply. Suddenly the chair gave an ominous creak. They both leapt to their feet just in time to avoid falling to the floor as the little chair fell into splinters. Goldi giggled. "Whoops! Guess we were just too much for it."

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