The Cockmilkers Club
Chapter 1: Morning Milking

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Coercion, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Humor, Sister, BDSM, DomSub, FemaleDom, Spanking, Light Bond, Humiliation, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Size, Leg Fetish, 2nd POV,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: Morning Milking - "We believe the world would be a better place, if all men were milked to a constant state of exhaustion." This is the motto of the milking-girls, who want to bring peace and prosperity to the world by keeping the men constantly stroked, sucked, fucked, and emptied of their semen, so they'll stop stirring up wars and strife. Their dream is that, with enough practice, the work they're doing will be a blueprint for the future... one that includes a Cockmilkers Club just like theirs on every block!

It started out just like any other morning for the milking girls. No one had any idea how unusual this day would turn out to be.

Penny was strapped on her back to an examination table, waiting for Brandon to finish up in her pussy. Tightly packaged in a black and white leather corset, her lips were moist and parted in lustful anticipation of the thick cock that would soon be frantically pumping her.

Brandon hadn't entered her yet this morning. He was waiting for the signal from Kelly, who was busy. But Penny wanted him in her now. She craned her neck to see if Kelly was almost finished with Laura's little addition.

Laura was about to get a vibrating tail!

Kelly, with the help of her little sister Wendi, already had the slim brunette stripped to her bra and heels, and Natalie was preparing the vibrator. The smirking teenaged redhead was lubricating the "butt end" as she called it, giggling quietly at the thought of Laura having to wear the humiliating contraption.

It had been Penny's idea - the vibrating tail, that is. She'd bought it just for Laura, knowing that everyone would be enjoying Laura's dismay and humiliation equally as much as the poor girl was going to be hating it. Penny never seemed to stop thinking up ways to make this young lady's job difficult.

"Put it in," Kelly ordered as she and Wendi held Laura by her arms. Natalie screwed the vibrator into Laura's tight, resisting ass while Laura gasped and twitched.

"There," Kelly announced with some satisfaction, and turned on the vibrator. She giggled. "This should make him squirt quickly, watching you walk around with a tail... squirming, as you try to keep the butt end from slipping out!"

Laura was now wearing a white bra, black high heels and a bright purple tail hanging from the end of the vibrator. Her brown eyes crossed as she concentrated on the buzzing in her stuffed little butt, and Penny snickered quietly at the sight.

Brandon was fully erect as he climbed on top of Penny. Her moist pussy was ready to be used by him to attain ejaculation, and, even though he would not be in her long enough for her to climax, she knew from experience that it would feel good while it lasted!

He didn't take his eyes off Laura and her scantily-clad tormentors for even a second as he used Penny as his personal jackoff toy. He was rarely allowed to shoot his load where he most wanted to: in Kelly's mouth, or on Wendi's tits, or all over Laura's pretty face... the girls almost always made him do it in Penny's pussy... but that was a lot of fun, too, being teased and entertained by a group of half-dressed or naked young women as he rammed in and out of his very own private, strapped-down fuck-girl.

Penny was soon grunting beneath his strokes and whispering encouragement to him, doing her best to help the excited man along as he used her to masturbate.

"Yeah," Penny panted, "look at her, prancing around like that in front of you, while you're right in the middle of getting your cock pumped. Is she going to make you squirt?" Her eyes sparkled as she smiled up at Brandon, then whispered, "Do it, do it, cum in me... "

Brandon gripped Penny tightly and continued to bounce on her, giving her all his weight as he worked toward his ejaculation.

Penny was right. Watching Laura miserably enduring the humiliating ass-buzzing was ratcheting his cock closer and closer to the point of no return.

This was the main function of the Cockmilkers Club. Kelly and Wendi and their friends had just one goal in mind, and that was to make men unload for them. "We believe the world would be a better place," went their motto, "if all men were milked to a constant state of exhaustion."

These dedicated young ladies were willing to use their boobs, butts, twats, mouths, and hands - along with the perverted imaginations of the men they were milking - to extract load after load of the sticky white cock sauce, day and night.

The origins of the Cockmilkers Club were fairly recent, and its history was simple:

Kelly, 25, and her sister Wendi, 22, were the founding members of this all-girl club. Kelly was slim with nice tits and a perfect ass, and Wendi was slim with massive tits and a perfect ass. Both were beautiful brunettes with straight, shiny hair. Wendi wore glasses.

They recruited Stephanie, 21, then Penny, 29, then Heidi, 26.

Stephanie was a luscious blonde with the face of a model and the breasts of a Playboy centerfold. Though not nearly as big as Wendi's, Stephanie's tits were more than enough to warm an erection between.

Penny was a strikingly-beautiful, assertive redhead with an alluring smile and an inviting sense of humor. Being the most mature cockmilker, Penny knew men better than the younger members, and was therefore able to come up with some very viable plans for bringing them to a state of ejaculation.

Heidi was an intelligent blonde. She had a perfectly proportioned body with an exciting arch to her back, and men who were in the process of being milked by these girls sometimes blew their loads just from watching naked Heidi stand on her tiptoes and stretch.

Stephanie, Penny and Heidi each recruited two more young ladies, and these six ranged in age from 18 to 20. Two of these were Laura, 19, and Natalie, 18. Laura and Natalie were Penny's recruits.

She chose Laura because she hated Laura's jock boyfriend, and this would be Penny's chance to even the score by making sure Laura was abused and humbled on a regular basis. Laura was slim and tall with soft, alabaster skin, perfect legs and long black hair.

Natalie, also chosen by Penny, was the most recent girl to join the cockmilkers. She was still on a sort of probationary status, so she remained fully clothed at all times, doing most of the basic "gopher" work for the others. But often Natalie's comments, suggestions and reactions would be just what was needed to bring off one of the men they were working on. Like Penny, Natalie was a redhead.

Kelly and Wendi had envisioned a society in which a milking house like this one would eventually be on every block, draining the male population of their greedy and violent instincts.

The men would be constantly stimulated, pumped, stroked, rubbed, sucked, fucked and emptied of their semen, and the women - those who were not toiling diligently in the public milking houses - would run the world in a rational, peaceful manner. No more war, crime or injustice... because all the men would either be in the process of having their cocks handled, or in a state of complete exhaustion.

For now, this was the only Cockmilkers Club, but the girls hoped to eventually branch out and start new chapters.

There were four men here being milked every few hours, around the clock, and their only responsibility was to do whatever was demanded of them by the five club leaders: Kelly, Wendi, Stephanie, Penny and Heidi. The rest of the milkers also had to obey these five.

On this particular morning, only Kelly, Wendi and Penny were doing the milking chores, assisted by Laura and Natalie. The other cockmilkers were still showering or dressing.

Brandon's cock-alarm had gone off around six o'clock that morning, and Ryan's just a few minutes later. Thin rubber sleeves with electronic sensors attached, known as cock-alarms, were always kept around the head of the guys' cocks, and whenever one of them began to get even the slightest hint of an erection, the alarm would sound. Quickly, a scantily-clad milking-girl would hurry to the scene of the erection, anxious to get to work on pulling out a fresh load.

The cock-alarms were most likely to go off in the early hours of the morning, while the men were still asleep, so several milking girls were always up early, dressed in their sexy, load-inducing getups and ready to whip up some cock cream.

This morning, Kelly and Wendi were dressed in black bras, black panties and black high heels.

Penny was wearing a black-and-white leather corset and red thigh-high vinyl boots.

Laura had a white bra, purple miniskirt and black high heels.

And Natalie was dressed the same as always: a T-shirt tucked into Levis 501 jeans, and a pair of white running shoes. (Natalie, still on probation, had not yet reached the point where she was allowed to undress, or to actually milk any of the cocks.)

The girls started this morning's session with anal probes, and then some cocksucking.

Penny told Laura to don vinyl gloves, kneel behind the naked men, lubricate her fingers and probe their clenching assholes. This always heated the men up good and fast, and soon Laura's lubed fingers had the two erections pointing directly into the pretty faces of Kelly and Wendi, who were kneeling in front of them.

The kneeling brunettes began to suck. Natalie stood nearby with the lubricant, in case Laura needed more.

Kelly had Brandon's erection in her mouth, and was letting him fuck her face, while Wendi was busy serving Ryan in the same manner. The two men pumped and pumped their aching cocks up fatter and harder in the pretty girls' mouths, enjoying the sights and sensations of having their erections plugged into such beautiful faces.

Then Kelly began her special "cockpopping" trick. She started bobbing her head forward and back at a rapid pace, eyes wide and cheeks suctioned in around Brandon's cock, gobbling and slobbering to the rhythm of the popping sounds coming from his slick dick!

Wendi tried to copy her, but Kelly was making much more noise than Wendi. Show off, thought Wendi, envious of her sister's advanced milking techniques. So Wendi arched her back, and thrust her ample tits out in front of her as she sucked. Kelly hated that!

(Kelly had always been jealous of her younger sister's unbelievably firm, thick, bouncy set of boobs. So she spent most of their teenage years perfecting her suckoff skills, while Wendi was learning to titfuck. The girls had no problem stealing boyfriends from each other.)

Laura wiggled her fingers, stimulating the men and causing their cocks to expand even further... and Kelly and Wendi had no choice but to make it an even noisier suckoff, given the added inspiration Laura was providing. The kneeling sisters slurped and popped and bobbed all over those thick members, forward and back in perfect unison, their shiny brown hair swinging to the beat of the slippery sucking sounds they were making!

Both cocks grew harder and hotter as the men concentrated on the sight of these beautiful, busy milkers... pumping back and forth, in flawless synchronization... their mouths yanking away at the men's impending loads. They sucked and sucked, again and again, each bob of their heads bringing the cocks in their mouths closer and closer to the point of no return.

Deciding to help speed things up, Penny knelt behind the bobbing cocksuckers, rested her palms against the backs of their heads, smiled generously up at Brandon and Ryan and began to coach the two men: "Now start to fuck, that's it, in and out," she encouraged. "Fuck your big, fat dicks in and out of their sucking little mouths."

Penny loved being in charge! She applied pressure to the backs of the girls' heads, holding them firmly in place so the men could set the pace, as she urged: "That's the way, harder, fuck their mouths, you know what to do..." The men pumped forward and back, careful to follow Penny's explicit instructions.

"That's right, do-it-guys, fuck-'em," Penny said, holding the girls' heads perfectly still. "Like that... c'mon, deeper, deeper, uh huh, fuck-'em-good... that's it. Get their throats."

Both erections were now ramming full-length in and out of the two sucking mouths!

"Now... start to fuck a little faster," Penny ordered, and the tempo of both cocks increased. Penny's voice took on an impatient tone: "Fuck-'em harder, in and out, c'mon-fuck-'em, harder..."

Kelly and Wendi were looking up with serious expressions on their faces... staring into the men's eyes... posing beautifully for them as they got their pretty faces fucked.

Ryan's cock expanded suddenly, and just a few seconds later Wendi was crosseyed, frantically swallowing Ryan's sticky sperm.

Kelly took Brandon's member out of her mouth, and gently - carefully, so he wouldn't cum - stroked it with one hand while she watched Wendi gulp down her first load of the day. "That's all you get, for now," Kelly told Brandon. "You know the rules."

Wendi milked down every drop of Ryan's slippery load into her hungry tummy, then released him, gasping for breath.

Ryan remained hard, though, even after this thorough milking, but he knew these young ladies were going to keep working on him. And the young ladies knew they had some more milking chores ahead of them, because both men were still hard. Cockmilking was a full-time task!

Brandon, on the other hand, didn't get to cum in Kelly's mouth because Kelly had long ago made up a rule that Brandon could only unload in Penny's pussy. It was okay if he spilled unintentionally, but Brandon was well aware of the zero-tolerance policy that applied to his loads. If he purposely squirted anywhere but Penny's quim, he could expect a very painful lesson in obedience.

So, like the other three, Brandon was milked as often as he needed it - meaning, as often as dick got hard - but he couldn't let go of his load wherever he pleased. He was forced to wait for the milkers to put him into Penny's pussy. Then he could cum as hard and as fast as he wanted to.

Stephanie came downstairs wearing nothing but a towel and slippers. Her hair and makeup were perfect, but today she had decided her first costume would be "nakedgirl in white slippers." She dropped her towel to the floor, led Ryan to the couch and climbed on top of him.

Natalie applied lubricant to Brandon's dick, and Laura donned a fresh pair of rubber gloves and began to stroke it.

"Don't you dare cum..." Kelly warned, positioning herself in front of Brandon and Laura. "Don't you dare shoot your sticky wad all over the front of my legs..." Kelly glared menacingly at Brandon as she posed for him, teasing him with her sexy legs.

Laura jacked harder, purposely aiming his dick at Kelly's legs! Natalie giggled at the idea of Laura making Brandon squirt Kelly, against his will... then plopped another glob of lube into Laura's pumping palm.

Wendy began to strap Penny to the examination table while the others watched Brandon's facial expressions for any sign that he might be close to ejaculating.

Then Laura was ordered by Kelly to remove her rubber gloves and purple skirt, and Wendi knelt and relieved the slim teenager of her panties. Natalie slipped the vibrator into Laura's tight teenbutt, and after Kelly turned it on, Brandon climbed up onto the table so he could fuck Penny while he watched the bra-and-panties-clad brunettes have some fun with Laura.

As Laura pranced around in front of Brandon, shaking the tail end of the vibrator, Natalie provided Kelly and Wendi with feathers so they could tickle Laura. Brandon pumped Penny to the same rhythm as the moans coming from Stephanie, who was bouncing up and down on Ryan's dick.

Between Laura's whining, Natalie's giggling and Stephanie's groans and grunts - not to mention Penny's stimulating words of encouragement - Brandon's cock was thick and ready to erupt.

"Do it, do it, cum in me," Penny whispered breathlessly, and Kelly watched Brandon's face intently, to see if he was close.

But Wendi couldn't wait. She liked to make these guys squirt as quickly as possible. It was a sort of contest for her, just like when she made Ryan explode in her mouth a few minutes earlier.

So she took a leather belt off the wall... arching her back, thrusting her massive, bra-bound boobs proudly in front of her... then began using the belt on Brandon's thrusting ass!

She hit him twice. "Ow! Ow!" he shouted, and Penny's face mimicked his own, mocking his shocked expression.

"Oh!" Penny exclaimed, staring up at him with her lips parted wide. "Did that hurt? It must have, because your cock just got hotter!"

Penny and Kelly smirked at each other. Both young women enjoyed treating these horny brutes like fuck-toys.

Kelly reached under and began to stroke the base of his pumping erection. "And it's thicker, too," she added, addressing Penny. "Do you like that? Should Wendi whip him again?"

"Yes," Penny gasped. "Give him two more good smacks, Wendi. It's making his dick hotter, and harder, and... oh!... oh-god... whip him!"

Wendi gave Brandon's thrusting ass five more vicious lashes, and Penny giggled in response to the stricken look on Brandon's face, at the same time grunting in reaction to his throbbing, ramming erection.

Brandon couldn't take his eyes off Laura's flexed legs, her naked ass and her swaying tail. Wendi was doing a good job of whipping him, and Penny was doing an even better job of milking him with her hot quim, but Laura and Kelly were doing an excellent job of teasing him.

And it was the teasing, Kelly was learning, that always triggered Brandon's strongest, most copious ejaculations.

At this point, Wendi discarded the belt, then removed her bra. After releasing her massive boobs, she bent over Penny... and rested both breasts on Penny's face! Wendi ordered Brandon to suck her nipples.

The excitement of having such a firm set rubbing across her lips caused Penny's quim to grip Brandon's dick even tighter. "That should do it," Penny said, her voice muffled by the heavy tits that smothered her face. "He'll squirt now."

Brandon didn't know exactly what Penny meant when she said, "That should do it. He'll squirt now." By "that", did Penny mean her own tightened twat-grip on his dick, or did she mean Wendi's nipples?

Brandon sucked Wendi's nipples and fucked Penny harder as he thought about it.

He realized that either option excluded the other... and the thought of Penny discounting either the tits that were bouncing on her face, or all the pulling and tugging and milking that she was purposely doing to him... the very thought was enough to send him over the edge. Brandon began to pump his load into the grunting redhead while he nibbled Wendi's beautiful nipples.

"Very... good!" Kelly remarked loudly, still stroking the base of Brandon's unloading member. She could tell, by the healthy pulsing his dick was doing, that Penny was getting an ample load, and she tickled Brandon's balls with her fingernails to ensure that he dumped every last drop of it into her. Brandon soon fell asleep on top of Penny, who was too exhausted to do anything but rest quietly beneath him.

Laura went upstairs to take the vibrating tail out of her ass and to change outfits. The rest of the milkers, however, hurried over to the couch where Ryan was being serviced by Stephanie.

The big-boobed nakedblonde was still riding him at a steady rhythm, grunting quietly with her eyes closed. She looked like she was getting hot. Her hair was beginning to stick to the sides of her face.

"Natalie, bring a feather over here," Wendi suggested. "And find out what's taking the others so long to get ready." Natalie brought her the feather, then hurried upstairs.

Wendi used the feather to toy with Ryan's pistoning cock and Stephanie's bouncing butt, and the girls giggled at the panicked expressions on Ryan's face, which were the result of Wendi's ticklish ministrations. Ryan knew he was about to shoot another load. It would be his second ejaculation in ten minutes.

But he held back. He was enjoying the milking and tickling too much to want it to end. And he loved the sight of Stephanie slaving away above him, sweating and working, holding onto her big tits to keep them from bouncing as she rode and pumped and fucked!

Stephanie began flicking her own nipples with her fingertips, then came up with a strategy she was sure would work: "Wendi!" she panted excitedly. "I have an idea. Use your breasts, instead of the feather!"

Wendi hadn't put her bra back on after allowing Brandon to suck on her nipples. She knelt beside the couch in her heels and panties, and maneuvered her tits between Ryan's legs. Kelly also took off her bra, so she could kneel at Ryan's face and tease him with her tender nipples.

Wendi used one of her nipples on Ryan's balls, and the other on the spot where his cock entered Stephanie's pussy. "Oh!... that feels good..." Stephanie remarked, and stopped fucking him.

Stephanie rested, enjoying what Wendi was doing, and rhythmically squeezed the dick that was buried in her heated quim.

"Stephanie," Wendi panted excitedly, "pull out until just the head is still inside you. I'm going to rub the base of his cock with my boobs, and make him cum that way!"

It worked. Ryan's cock throbbed, hot and thick, as Wendi enveloped it between her breasts and began to pump the base of it... up and down, faster and faster, slick and sloppy from Stephanie's dripping pussy. Stephanie milked at the head of his member, waiting for the goo that she knew would soon arrive.

Now Ryan had one beautiful brunette feeding him her tits, another using her massive boobs to jack him off, and a large breasted nakedblonde sitting on his cock, playing with her own tits. Ryan began to moan, though the sounds were muffled by Kelly's bare breasts.

Kelly started whimpering uncontrollably, hot and bothered by all the milking and teasing that she and her sister and their friends had been doing that morning, as well as by the sensations of having her tits licked by Ryan.

Stephanie was cooing at Ryan, purposely making her voice as highly-pitched as she could.

And Wendi must have been having a good time fucking Ryan with her tits, because she began to grunt as she stroked: "Ugh, ugh, umm, mmm, oh..."

Penny couldn't see any of this, since she was still strapped to the examination table with Brandon's spent dick inside her. But she could feel... his cock... beginning to harden again... even though he was still asleep on top of her!

"Oh!" Penny exclaimed, surprised and a little disgusted.

The sounds coming from Ryan and the girls who were milking him were obviously making their way into Brandon's dreams, because his erection was back, straining and throbbing in Penny's warm twat. He even started moving slightly, an inch in and an inch out, slowly, again and again, unconsciously pumping the bound, agitated redhead beneath him.

"Umm... girls?" Penny called.

The milkers' moans and gasps were getting louder, and Brandon was shoving himself even further into poor Penny. The group on the couch ignored her. What was a poor cockmilker to do, when she was strapped to a table with a sleeping man's thick erection pumping in and out of her snug twat?

She tried again: "Girls... he's fucking me over here..."

"That's okay, Penny. Just... fuck him back," Kelly giggled.

"No, really, I'm serious! He's still asleep, and he's... he's fucking me... in his sleep!" Penny realized she was the only one in the room who thought this was outrageous and insulting.

"It's obscene," she murmured, almost to herself.

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