John Billionaire
Part 1: The Will

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Teenagers, Consensual, Drunk/Drugged, Rough, Group Sex, Orgy, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Cream Pie,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Part 1: The Will - At 27, life was good. I had a great job and a decent sex life. But tomorrow morning, an unexpected inheritance will change my very existence and leave me juggling several different women.

The feminine ass in my hands was absolutely perfect. The hips flared prettily around perfectly-shaped tight globes. The skin was milky white and unblemished save for the red blush where my hand had been spanking her.

She yelped when I spanked her again, half-surprise in her voiced mixed with lustful excitement. And then she moaned erotically as I thrust forward with my dick, burrowing deeply into her clenching pussy.

"God, Taylor, you are so fucking hot..." I groaned as my cock pistoned in and out of her body. I could stare at this sight all day.

"I know..." she answered confidently, then moaned once again. She was comfortably crouched doggy-style, her knees spread to the side for balance and her head resting against her folded arms on my bed. This left that perfect ass up in the air, a wonderful receptacle for storing my man meat.

I pushed my way in, then held my crotch against her asscheeks and rotated around, carving the sensitive nerves inside her pussy. The sensations felt great to me, but it was a technique I had for delaying my own orgasm while stimulating a girl as much as possible.

I was rewarded with extra whimpering coming out of Taylor's end of our coupling, and she managed to sneak one hand down to play with her own clit as she approached her climax.

"Oh, don't stop. I'm gonna cum. Fuck me, Johnny! Fuck me!" she cried urgently as she got up onto all fours, planting her palms against the bed and jerking her body back against me with each push.

I ceased my rotations and gripped her hips in my hands, readying myself for the final stretch. With metronomic precision, I thrust in and out of her rapidly, giving in to the wonderful feelings and bring about my own orgasm.

Taylor beat me to it, grunting "Fuck! Fuck! FUCK!" before her hips suddenly twitched violently, her pussy muscles clamping down all at once. She screamed as she came.

I was still a little bit away from my own climax, but felt the tension leave my shoulders as I was now free to cum. I pounded into her backside all through Taylor's orgasm, until she unexpectedly slid out from under me, my cock wet and bobbing in the air as she turned about.

I whimpered in momentary disappointment, so close to the release I craved. But Taylor fisted my dick and started pumping it as she clamped her lips around the head and sucked furiously.

That was all it took as I grunted and then released, feeling my balls squeezing every ounce out of me as my pecker spurted jet after jet of hot semen into the back of her mouth.

She drank down every drop, and then collapsed back across my bed while I sat on my heels, my thighs burning from their recent exertion. Taylor's naked form was so gorgeous, splayed out haphazardly amidst my tangled sheets. Her large, perky tits pointed up into the air, full and round even though she was lying on her back. Her short, silky dark hair haloed around her head while she closed her eyes and luxuriated in the aftermath of our coupling.

When she caught her breath, Taylor's brilliant blue eyes opened back up and fixed on me, a sparkle in her light irises. When she was aroused they turned almost violet, but as she began to calm down the deeper blue seeped back in. "Sorry about that. I know it caught you off guard."

"I'll say. I was in a panic, thinking you were going to tease me all night."

"No, not teasing. But I didn't want your spunk leaking out of me." She got up and started looking for her clothing.

"I take it that means you're not staying tonight?"

"No, I've got an early morning shoot. Maxim Magazine! And the last time we did this I left a wet spot on the taxi seat because of you."

"Yeah, no problem. And uh, I've got a photo shoot too... for um... Cosmo..."

Taylor grinned and muttered, "Yeah, right." She stretched for a moment, bending her body back and forth and twisting her arms behind her in some pretzel fashion that showed off her amazing flexibility and simultaneously thrust her naked bosom outwards. Catching my stare, Taylor smirked for a moment. Then she got dressed quickly and then gave me a short peck on the lips. "I'll call you."

And then she was gone.

Taylor rarely stayed with me overnight. We had a great sexual chemistry, but we both knew I was just her booty call. I was like the old, comfortable blanket she could always snuggle up to. Then again, the sex was fantastic and I had nothing to complain about.

Still, it would be nice for her to appreciate me a little more.

I lounged around my bed for another few minutes, then finally got up and went to take a shower before going to sleep.



My hand rested on the nightstand, two inches from the alarm clock I'd just attempted to crush. The morning noise of a busy Manhattan morning wafted in through the walls while I tried to shut my eyes and ears against an invasive weekday.


The hell? Why was it still buzzing? Then I noticed that the noise was coming from INSIDE my nightstand. Bleary-eyed, I yanked open the drawer and found my cell phone, which was vibrating against the wood in silent mode. I'd turned it down when Taylor had come over last night.


After a few blinks, I managed to read the caller ID. It was my mom. And it was 7 o'clock in the morning. I didn't want to pick it up at this early hour.

Still, she was my mom. My one and only parent. I never knew who my dad was. He'd been gone long before I was born and my mom never spoke of him. She'd taught me to tie my shoelaces and help me with my homework and generally take care of me my entire life. The least I could do was answer the phone when she called me. So I hit the TALK button and gingerly pressed the receiver to my head.


"Jonathan!" she exclaimed. Well, it was a little more like 'Jonnatan'... my mom's accent wasn't very good with 'th' sounds. Then she blurted a harsh phrase in Cantonese, telling me to wake up.

"I'm up, I'm up."

"Jonathan, I have to tell you I'm sorry. I should have told you the truth a long time ago."

That got my attention, and I could feel the last bindings of sleep breaking away as I sat up a little straighter in bed. "What are you talking about?"

"I'm sorry. But you're going to be hearing a lot of things in the next few days. But you should know it is the truth. I should have told you before. Jonathan, I love you."

"I love you too, mom. But what are you talking about?"

There was no answer, and I no longer heard the faint buzz of feedback from an open cell connection.

"Hello? Mom?" I ventured. "Hello?"

Nothing. And then a moment later came the triple tone of CALL ENDED. I cursed out my cell phone carrier. Fewest dropped calls my ass.

The phone vibrated a second later and I instantly hit the TALK button. "Mom?"

"No, it's Taylor. Ohmigod! I can't believe it! Can you believe it?"

Between my mom and Taylor, this was really starting to frustrate me. "Believe what? What the hell are you talking about?"

"You mean you haven't heard? They just announced it on the morning news!"

"Heard WHAT?"

"Your father! He's dead!"

She couldn't have said what I thought she said... "Who?"

"Oh for fuck's sake." Taylor sounded annoyed at me now. "Turn on your TV. There are news crews right outside your apartment right now."

I found the remote and hit the power button. As the screen was flickering to life, my phone was buzzing at me again as I had another incoming call. "Taylor, it's my mom, I'll call you back."

"You'd better."

I hit the button to switch calls to my mom, and then my jaw hit the floor. There really were news cameras outside my apartment. The screen showed the front of my apartment building, two of the doormen I recognized working hard to keep various media types away while various residents tried to sneak out and get on with their lives. With typical New York self-centeredness, none of them even stopped to ask what was going on.


"Yeah, mom. I'm watching the news."

I could almost HEAR her close her eyes as she sighed. "I should have told you."

I was getting really annoyed. This had gone on WAY too long. SOMEBODY had to tell me what the hell was going on! And as her words reverberated through my head, the answer scrolled across the screen.

Noted billionaire industrialist Jonathan Kendall died in a jet crash almost a week ago. I'd recognized the name as he'd been romantically linked to several celebrities over the years. An unmarried playboy for decades, he'd been very visible hobnobbing with the Hollywood elite, building his fortune through some successful movie producing in addition to his profitable corporations. But that's not what had television news vans blocking traffic outside my apartment this morning.

Lawyers had opened up his will, and apparently kept everything under wraps for the past week. But now a leak had hit the media that Mr. Kendall had left his entire fortune, worth several billion dollars, to his one and only son, Jonathan Kwong, a young investment banker in New York.

Jonathan Kwong, as in ME.

A famous guy dying would always be news. But the fact that NO ONE knew Jonathan Kendall even HAD a son made things more newsworthy. And the fact that he'd left several BILLION dollars to a son who was unaware made the story the headliner.

And then there were three photos on the screen. To the left, 48-year old Jonathan Kendall, with his light brown hair and sterling blue eyes. To the right, a pretty picture of my mom from a few years ago. And in the middle, the official company photo of me acquired from my investment firm. Now that they lined up all three of us, I could detect some physical resemblance. Same hairline, same cheekbones. I had my mom's eyes, although they were the same deep blue color of my father's. I'd gotten a great mix of both Asian and Caucasian genes, and now I knew exactly where they'd come from.

"Jonathan!" my mom was screaming through the phone.

I suddenly jerked out of my stupor and picked up the handset once again. "Tell me everything."

My mom was only 20 when she'd gotten pregnant with me. She'd come to America from Hong Kong for college, a scholarship student with a bright future. Jonathan Kendall was a poor kid from the wrong side of the tracks with a hard determination to succeed. They'd met during their sophomore year and soon began dating. It was the first real love for both of them.

They were careful to use protection, but even the best protection isn't 100% guaranteed. They'd disagreed on what to do when my mom got pregnant, and in the end it drove them apart. My mom dropped out of school to give birth to me and got a job. Jonathan wanted no part of a baby that would slow him down in his quest to make it big in business.

My birth certificate listed "Father unknown", even though she'd named me after him. Oddly enough, having a U.S. born child had been the catalyst in getting my mom citizenship as well. And so my mom and I had made our life together.

Eventually, she went back and got her degree. She used her intelligence and personal drive to forge a successful career, despite the demands of a baby. And she taught me her hard work ethic as well.

But while she took her child and moved on with her life, Jonathan Kendall never forgot the son he had fathered. When he made it big, he contacted my mom to ask about me.

The two of them agreed that I didn't need to know who he was right away. Too many children of the wealthy became spoiled brats, wasting money on parties and drugs. I was only ten years old, and both my mom and real father wanted to see me succeed on my own. So there were no trust funds. No checks mysteriously sent to my mother. No record to tie us to Mr. Kendall.

Realistically, I was still given a lot of advantages. My mom was successful in her own right and we were never poor. I didn't have to struggle to pay for college. And so without knowing how much money I would have to fall back on, I graduated, got my MBA, and found my own high salary job working in finance on Wall Street.

I was 27 and could afford my own Manhattan apartment. I was debt-free and financially stable. I'd enjoyed my social life, but I'd never shown an inclination for drugs or other excess. I was a responsible young man, and I didn't need my father's money. Those were exactly the reasons why my mom and father had been ready to tell me the truth.

But then his jet had equipment trouble and went down. And my father was dead before I ever knew him.

The conversation took over an hour. And when I was done I realized I was very late for work. I promised my mom I would call her later. She seemed sad, but strong. She'd lost the father of her child, but she had stopped being in love with the man a long time ago.

I called my boss at work. He'd seen the news and told me to stay home for a few days. Let the media circus blow itself out once they got bored.

"Congratulations, Jonathan."

"For what?" I asked him.

"Did you forget? You're worth a few BILLION dollars right now."


I'd spent the rest of Friday holed up inside my own apartment. Various neighbors came by and tried to be sociable, mostly just looking to meet someone newly- famous. Some of them I'd barely spoken to in the past, but now everyone was my friend.

It was a pretty Saturday morning, a great day to go out and enjoy the city, but I was still hiding out in my apartment. And of all the curious neighbors who came to check me out, one of them caught my notice more than the rest. She was very pretty young lady, and she had my attention from the moment she stepped into the hallway.

I had been standing in my doorway, chatting up the neighbor who literally shared a wall with me. He was an older gentleman who had ordered some Chinese delivery for me and steadfastly refused to let me repay him for it. I couldn't order myself without giving away my name and address, so he placed the call with his own credit card and building security had delivered it up to him.

He noticed my gaze had been averted and took the opportunity to escape before I could force some cash onto him. And then the pretty girl arrived. Her light brown hair was tied back into a simple ponytail and she shyly kept her gaze downcast as she approached me. She gave me a nervous smile while her hazel eyes perked up as she realized I was looking right at her.

"Hi..." I ventured, putting on my most charming grin.

"Hey..." she looked up at me and folded her arms over her chest. This motion pressed her full cleavage together beneath a demure sweater, and I had to fight to keep my gaze on her face. "You're Jonathan Kwong?"

"Yes, but my mom's the only one who calls me Jonathan. I'm just John."

"Pleased to meet you John." She held out her hand politely, which I grasped and shook gently. "I'm Nicole."

Her hand felt so small and so soft. "I assume you live in the building?" I asked.

"Yes. I'm on the fifth floor."

"Oh, ok. So you just came up to see what all the fuss was about?"

Nicole blushed prettily. "I was just curious. So is it true? Mr. Kendall was your father?"

"It would appear so. At least my mom reassures me that he was."

"I'm very sorry for your loss." Somehow, the way Nicole said it made me believe she truly sympathized for me. In fact, everything about this girl screamed shy, genuine honesty, a rare thing to find in this town.

"That's okay. I mean, I'm sad that I never got the chance to meet him. But at the same time it can't hurt me that much."

"I suppose. The thing is that I never knew my dad either. Single mom, dad left before I was born. I'm sure you know the story." She uncrossed her arms and waved them off to the sides in a helpless shrug.

I was taken aback by the sudden seriousness of our conversation. "Yeah. Yeah, I do."

She continued. "I guess my own situation is what made me want to come up here and meet you. I'm sure there are a hundred more people just like us in this building alone." And then Nicole laughed.

I was startled by the sound. Her laugh was rich and melodious. I could listen to her laughing all day. Now I definitely wasn't a person who believed in love at first sight. The romantic in me wanted to believe it but the New York realist in me denounced it as fantasy. But there was... something... about this girl that struck me.

Taylor was gorgeous and stirred my loins from the moment I saw her. She was all slender curves and angular cheekbones and brilliant eyes. But Nicole, while not surrendering much to Taylor in the way of curves or physical attractiveness, just seemed so much more wholesome somehow.

"What's so funny?" I ventured as Nicole was still giggling to herself while looking out at nowhere.

She giggled one more time before looking right at me. "Well, I don't suppose there's many more single-parent kids who find out their dad just left them a fortune!" She leaned against my doorpost with a healthy smile on her face, all traces of her early nervousness gone now.

"No, I suppose not." I caught myself leaning in close to her, just casually slouched while standing up and yet so much closer to violating Nicole's personal space.

Nicole looked at me, the two of us incredibly comfortable despite knowing each other for bare minutes. And just when I felt the urge to lean in and kiss her tender lips, Nicole blinked several times and then looked at her feet. "Well, I'll let you get back to your life. Sorry for bothering you."

And then a second later we were both standing straight up and a couple of feet further apart. The moment, whatever it was, was now gone. "Not at all," I told her. "The silver lining is that I finally get to meet the people I've been living next to for years. You're welcome to come back anytime."

Her eyes lit up at the idea. "Maybe. I'll see you around. Goodbye."


She turned around and headed back towards the elevator. I could have stayed there forever watching her hips swaying as she walked away. There was a connection there and I wanted to find out more. Part of me wanted to find out what was underneath that baggy sweater and stylish jeans. But more of me wanted to know what was behind the fresh face and kind eyes. And yet thirty seconds later, Nicole turned the corner and was gone.

So I retreated back into my doorway. My Chinese food was getting cold.


After days of camping outside my apartment, the media eventually figured out I wasn't going to make an immediate statement. And with nothing to report for hour after hour, the buzz quickly died down and everyone sort of moved on.

So today I turned my cell phone back on and decided to venture out. The first thing I wanted to do was get a serious meal without having to eat it at home. But just as I was leaving the building, my cell rang.

Taylor was livid. "You promised you'd call me!"

"Sorry! I had to turn my phone off. Somehow every news network got my cell phone number."

"Still..." Taylor was not the kind of girl who was used to waiting. She'd been a gorgeous woman when I met her in college, with all the boys flitting over her like moths to a flame. My exotic looks had gotten her attention. Well, at least had held her attention for about a week. It wasn't until we ran into each other again, years later in Manhattan, that we started fucking again. She was a beautiful fashion model/actress who'd guest starred on a couple of primetime dramas. I was an old reliable friend from college with no strings attached.

"I'm sorry. It's been a crazy couple of days."

"One would think you'd find a way to get in touch with your girlfriend," she whined.

"Girlfriend?" I snorted. "You've never been my girlfriend."

"Hey, that's no way to think of the last woman you slept with."

"And how do YOU know you were the last woman I slept with?" I replied indignantly. "I've been a popular guy ever since the story broke."

"What the-? Well of course I'm-. Hey! That's not funny!" she finally exclaimed when I began chuckling.

"Come on, Taylor. At the very least, I've never been YOUR boyfriend. I'm your booty call. And I'm very happy to be your booty call. And you've had a LOT of other boyfriends since we've known each other."

"But you're special to me, Johnny. We've been fucking for four years straight now. That's gotta count for something. We could be so much more."

It suddenly dawned on me what was causing her sudden change of heart. "And I'm sure the reports of my bank account have nothing to bring to a new relationship."

Now I could actually hear Taylor blush on the other end of the line. "Well, even before that I always knew we could end up together."

"I would have liked it," I told her honestly. But I'd also known she was too flighty to ever hold down for very long.

"Besides, think of how much more exposure and free press I could get if I were the girlfriend of Jonathan Kwong, one of the richest men in America. At least go out with me a few times in public. It would be absolutely killer for my career."

"No, Taylor."

"Fine, fine. I'll convince you later. But will you at least meet me for lunch?" she asked.

"Of course."

Lunch was a quiet hole in the wall, not an easy thing to find in a busy place like Manhattan. The owners knew Taylor and me and I felt safe there. Various regulars offered their condolences over the father I never knew while simultaneously joking about how I was going to spend all that money.

In a quiet corner of Geno's Café I was surprised that Taylor didn't immediately launch into her perfect reasoning for why we should become boyfriend/girlfriend, at least for a little while. Instead, Taylor settled in to just enjoy some time with me.

I managed to begin a heartfelt talk about what was going through my mind. Even after two days of nothing but thinking about the situation, I still had no clue how to move on with my life. And ulterior motives or not, Taylor could be a good listener when she wanted to be.

The heartfelt talk led its way back to my apartment. And upon returning, I slumped into my sofa, my head propped on the backrest while the rest of me slouched into a position of utter defeat.

At first Taylor tried to cheer me up with very Taylor-esque suggestions. "Go out and buy a big fancy car! Or let's go on a vacation around the world. Spend some of your newfound billions."

"I don't actually have any money or anything just yet," I informed her forlornly. "It could be a long time before the executor of Mr. Kendall's estate gets everything sorted out."

"But I thought he just left everything to you."

"Well I assume there are taxes, and titles, and a lot of things that have to be transferred. I mean, how much of a hassle is it to change your address on your driver's license? Multiply that by a few million."

"You mean 'billion'," she chided me.

"Yeah... it's such a BIG word, isn't it? Billions..."

"Hmm, I know how to cheer you up."

"Taylor, not to rain on your parade, but you were never good at cheering people up. You're a little too self-absorbed for that."

"Well, I may be self-absorbed. But I'm very good at what I have in mind." And with that she slid closer to me on the couch, her fingers trailing up and down my chest.

"And just what is it that you have in mind?"

"Well, like I said," she began as she slipped off the couch and got to her knees in front of me. Her fingers were deftly opening up my jeans. "It's something I'm very good at."

"Well, I guess that definitely means you're not going to try 'acting' to cheer me up," I quipped. And then suddenly I was sucking my breath in panic as her fingernails gripped at my testicles.

"Funny..." Taylor's blue eyes flared, already turning to their violet hue. But she released me and then continued to tug my underwear and jeans down to my ankles.

I sat bare-assed on my sofa, my penis already stiffening in anticipation of what was to come. I had to agree with Taylor's methodology, this would probably make me feel a LOT better.

She blew out a stream of moist air at the tip of my cock, causing it to stir with a life of its own. And then her long tongue extended out, finding a sensitive nerve on the underside and causing me to become fully erect within the friendly confines of her warm mouth.

Taylor probably knew my erection better than anyone, myself included. And so she knew exactly how to extract the utmost in pleasure in me. Soft licks turned into powerful sucking, and then her hand had formed a ring around the base of my pole as she stroked me towards her open lips.

I groaned happily, for a few moments all my troubles gone away. I reached down and held her head as she bobbed and weaved upon me. Her almost black hair was cut above her shoulders in a fashion model cute style, with long bangs artfully curtaining around her face. I pulled the dark locks away and to the side so I could see her face and dangling earrings while she blew me.

Her eyes flashed up to meet mine, and I noticed the corners of her mouth turn upwards in a smile as she saw the rapturous look on my face. But then soon she refocused on the task at hand (er, at mouth).

Very quickly, I felt myself slipping towards the edge. I hadn't cum in days, and now I had quite a load built up inside of me as my balls began to simmer.

Taylor sensed the change inside of me and she pulled off with a wet popping sound. "Not yet..."

With comfortable ease, she sat back on her feet and whipped her top off in one smooth motion. Then reaching behind her back, she unsnapped the bra, spilling her bountiful bosom out to my appreciating gaze. Taylor's ass was divine, but she had a great rack as well. I know her model profile listed her as a "C" cup, but unbound her tits just looked so much bigger and rounder against her slender frame.

I made no attempt to look at Taylor's face as her tits bounced and jiggled while she stripped off her skirt and thong panties, leaving her wearing nothing but her jewelry and a smile. I only wish Asian decorum had let her keep her shoes on for what we were about to do. Instead, her strappy high heels were still by my front door.

"Want me to return the favor?" I asked Taylor's tits as she moved onto the couch, straddling my legs and planting her knees on either side of my hips.

"Not this time. Just sit back and relax. Let me do all the work." There was a fire in her eyes as I finally looked up.

I kept my vision locked onto her eyes as she lowered her body onto me, pointedly ignoring her naked body and instead trying to will through my look how much I did appreciate her. I'd never lost my schoolboy crush on her, even after all these years, and I felt so incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to make love to her.

Taylor had never really returned the emotional sentiment. She was gorgeous and she knew it, perhaps taking me for granted. But she trusted me and being around her had been reward in itself for me.

And as her pussy muscles clenched around my rod, I could believe I was in heaven making love to a goddess.

Taylor just sat in my lap for a minute, enjoying the feeling of my cock filling her up. She leaned down and planted a row of kisses along my neck and shoulder, her hair tickling me where it dragged across my bare skin.

I wrapped my arms around her naked body, simply holding her. We'd had sex many times before this, but something was different about this coupling. So often, our sex had been just about sexual release, physical gratification. But for perhaps the first time, I felt a wave of emotion from her as she gyrated in my lap and held me close to her.

Maybe Taylor was seriously considering how she felt about me. Or maybe she was a better actress than I gave her credit for. I wasn't sure I could totally trust her intentions just days after finding out I was going to be filthy rich.

But then those talented inner muscles squeezed again and I decided to worry about her intentions later. For now, I had a goddess making love to me.

Taylor really did do all the work. I lay back against the couch and watched as her lithe body swiveled around my shaft, pumping up and down as she used her body like a finely tuned instrument to coax out the sweetest sounding notes of pleasure in both our bodies.

After ten minutes, we both were covered in a fine sheen of sweat, her erect nipples dragging across my chest as her tongue danced along my lips and her hips gyrated as well as any belly dancer.

She paused only once, clutching my face in between her breasts as she shuddered in climax. But then she was right back to fucking me with increased fervor.

And presently I felt the simmer in my balls heating up into a full boil. My eyes flared and Taylor saw it immediately.

"That's it, baby. Cum for me. Cum inside me..." she cooed as her muscle squeezes went into overdrive. She leaned in and whispered huskily right into my ear. "This time I want to feel you oozing out of me for the rest of the day. Cum, baby. Cum..."

So I did just that. Passive for most of our lovemaking, I suddenly reached up and gripped Taylor's hips in my hands, stopping her movements and pinning her body as tightly down against me as we could possibly go. And with my cock embedded all the way inside of her, my balls compressed and then I was blowing two days of semen directly into her womb.

I groaned as I felt myself burst, and Taylor was clutching me to her as she bit down on my shoulder and came again, her pussy spasming as she joined me in ecstasy.

"Fuck, yeah... cum, baby. That's it... more..." came more breathy moaning. And I answered her with a few more shots of spunk into her body.

When we were done, she giggled and rested her sweaty forehead against mine, one long bang covering her eye. "Aren't you glad I came to cheer you up?"


We cuddled together for a few minutes. Usually during this time Taylor started mentally counting the seconds until she could take off. I finally spoke up, "So I assume you're not staying the night, per usual?"

Taylor flipped her hair and fixed me with a look of contentment. "No. I think I'd rather stay here tonight, keep you company. I can't abandon you with all that's going around. And then in the morning I can cheer you up all over again!"


The next morning Taylor woke me with an exquisite blowjob before our actual breakfast. And after our Starbucks and bagels run to start off the weekday morning, she went her way while I made my first attempt to go to work since the story broke.

It would also be the last day I would ever go to work there.

People were staring the moment I entered the building. Most of them were people I knew, coworkers or other familiar faces at least. Some of them said 'hello' or 'good morning' while others hung back and whispered their gossip to each other.

Despite being packed with the morning rush, I had perhaps the quietest elevator ride of my life.

Sherri, the receptionist, had the widest smile for me as I stepped into our offices. She actually leaned down, her shirt drooping momentarily so I could see the full curves of her breasts as she mimed doing something on her desk while simultaneously saying, "Good morning, John."

"Er, morning Sherri." I continued on towards my office.

The minute he saw me, my boss crossed the floor and followed me into my office before closing the door.

We had an honest talk that lasted about ten minutes. And by the end of the conversation, I was packing up my things.

No, I wasn't fired or anything. Nor did I quit. But as it turned out, Mr. Kendall had quite the shareholdings in the company. Not a controlling stake or anything, but a significant percentage. And now those shares were my shares, or would be soon. In a nutshell, there was no way I could continue to just do my job. Technically, I was a part owner. And owners can't be employees. Besides, I had bigger responsibilities and a much larger fortune I would have to manage than simple investing for other people.

Management had already decided. All my duties were assigned to someone else. Another finance geek would be taking over my office. All I had to do was go home and wait for the dividend checks to arrive.

Still half in shock, I took the time to say goodbye to everyone I'd been working with for four years. I promised I'm come back and "do lunch" with about half of them. Not that we'd taken lunch breaks that often with our high-pressure jobs.

An hour later, I was back at home. Sitting on my ass without a clue what to do with myself. Then the building intercom buzzed.

"Mr. Kwong? Building security here."


"There's a limo here for you, sir. They say they're from the law firm that represented your father."

"I'll be right down."

Ten hours later, I was slumped in the back of the limo, half-trying to sleep on the ride back to my apartment.

My wrist hurt from so many signatures. And my wallet was bulging. Most of the bulge was business cards from the various lawyers working on Jonathan Kendall's estate. But some of it was from new credit cards that had been issued to me this morning, the kind of credit cards that didn't have spending limits. On the seat next to me, there was also a stack of folders containing more documents than I'd ever seen in my life. And I'm an investment banker.

The lawyers warned me that there was still a lot more to sort out, and they'd probably contact me again tomorrow. I sighed... I wondered for the hundredth time if this was all worth it. Maybe I could just close my eyes and wake up with my old life again.

My cell phone rang... again. It had been ringing all day once people realized I'd turned my phone back on. Some had been media types, but most had been my "friends" who all seemed to be wishing me luck and trying to see if they could weasel their way into some of my money.

And so as the damn contraption continued chiming, I hit the off button and held it until the blasted noise went away.

After the limo stopped, I staggered into my apartment building, waving hello to the security guys who now recognized me on sight. And I leaned into the corner of the elevator, mercifully empty and quiet.

The doors were just closing as I heard a female, "Wait up!" accompanied by the sound of heels clacking against the tiled floor outside.

Automatically, I reached my hand out and blocked the elevator doors, which opened up obediently. And there before me was the most beautiful thing I'd seen all day.

Nicole smiled at me as she hurried into the elevator car, still dressed from work in a stylish blouse and coat over a short black skirt. Whereas the first time I'd seen her she was dressed casually and shyly for a lazy weekend, today her appearance was sharp and what little makeup she wore made her pretty face even more stunning. "Thanks John..." she said as she relaxed and stood beside me.

I just nodded and then slumped back against the wall, a goofy grin on my face.

"Wow, you look like shit..." she drawled, appraising me.

"Gee, thanks."

"Long day?" she asked.

"You could say that. Lost my job, sort of. Then spent the entire day with a bunch of Mr. Kendall's lawyers. Now I just want to sink into a couch and shut the world away." Just as I was finishing the sentence, my stomach growled rather loudly.

Nicole giggled. Oh, how angelic the sound of her laughing. "Hungry?"

"Oh, man. I haven't eaten all day."

"Still having your food delivered?"

I laughed. "No, no. Not anymore. Ah, crap. I probably should. I have like NO food in my apartment."

The elevator dinged, and the doors opened on Nicole's floor. She stepped halfway out and then turned, holding the door. "Look, I don't want you to read anything into this. But I already have my dinner all planned out and I ALWAYS make way more food than I can eat. Do you-"

"Yes," I cut her off. "I would love to."

Nicole blushed fiercely and then looked at the floor. Then she quickly looked up at me as I stepped off the elevator, brushing by her as I crossed into the hallway.

Without another word I followed her until we came to her apartment, but Nicole paused before unlocking the door. She spun in place and looked at me with her now trademark nervous expression. "Would you... mind... uh, giving me just, uh, 2 minutes?" She held up a hand with two fingers.

I smiled and offered a calm "Of course."

Then Nicole flipped the lock and slid her way into the apartment with the door cracked as small as possible.

Her words had said don't read anything into it. But I was being reassured with every moment that Nicole had at least some interest in me. Maybe I wasn't the only one to feel the warm chemistry between us.

She actually took three minutes, but I didn't mind the wait. It just built up the anticipation in my mind. And when she opened the door, I followed her into a well-appointed apartment. No fancy artwork or expensive furniture, but with enough sense of style to show Nicole had decent taste on a limited budget. There were a few odds and ends piled into corners that showed Nicole had been frantically trying to tidy up with the three minutes she'd been given, but after a cursory glance around all my attention was on the young woman herself.

"Would you like anything to drink?" she asked me. "Uh, I'd offer you a beer but I don't have any."

"No problem. Water, please." I made my way forwards into the living room at Nicole's direction while she headed into the kitchen. I called out, "I can't believe in four years that was my first time sharing an elevator with you."

Nicole soon came back with two tall glasses of ice water. "Really? How would you know? It's a busy building."

I looked her right in the eyes, basking in the honey warmth of her hazel irises. "Trust me, I would have noticed you if we had." They way she leaned towards me made me want to reach out and kiss her right then and there.

But Nicole blushed again and looked at the floor. Despite her attractiveness, this girl clearly wasn't totally comfortable with such compliments. At least not from me.

But then my stomach gurgled again, saving her from having to come up with a witty response. She pointed out the remote to the television. "You just relax and find something to watch. I'll go start dinner."

So attempting to relax as much as I could in a strange girl's apartment, I picked up the remote and flicked on the TV. The first thing that came on was the Celebrity Sightings program, filling us in on the latest famous-people gossip.

"Oh, they did NOT," I blurted rather loudly before I could contain myself.

Nicole came scurrying out of the kitchen quickly, "What? What is it?"

I just stared mutely at the screen, looking at a photograph of myself. More accurately, it was a photo of me and Taylor exiting our little café. The breathy young reporter girl went on and on about how New York's latest billionaire was seen yesterday sharing an intimate lunch with fashion model Taylor Brynn. And as she spoke another still photograph came up with Taylor following me into my apartment building, this time holding my hand. The reported continued by saying that Taylor did not leave the building until the following morning.

I heard a quiet voice behind me. "So, is that... your girlfriend?" Nicole sounded positively heart-broken, as if she'd put all of herself out on the line in inviting me only to find that I was just playing her.

I turned quickly and without thinking, grabbed both of Nicole's hands in my own, holding her close and looking right into her eyes as Nicole sank onto the couch next to me. "No. No, she's not."

Of course, immediately after I said that, the reporter announced, "Our sources say that Jonathan and Taylor have been seeing each other off and on for several years, dating back to their days together at University."

I rolled my eyes and kept my attention on Nicole. "We're just friends. We dated for like a week in college, but we're just friends. The media's trying to make something out of nothing."

My words were blaming the media, but a suspicious part in the back of my mind had a theory of its own. Taylor certainly could use the media exposure of appearing to be my girlfriend. Would she have gone so far as to lure me out to lunch in order to trap me into some suggestive photos?

Nicole looked at me, her eyes wary as if she wanted to believe me, but wasn't sure she could trust me. After all, we barely knew each other. "But, she did spend the night, right?"

Instantaneously, I could see how the situation would appear to be, and how bad it might make me seem. Already defeated, I let go of Nicole's hands and let myself sink back into the couch. "Look, Nicole. I want to be completely honest with you about me and about my intentions. I realize that you don't really know who I am. We just met a couple of days ago. But I'll let you make your own choice whether to trust me or not."

The poor girl was half-crying already, but she nodded.

"I told you that Taylor and I dated for a very short time in college. Truthfully, the relationship was doomed from the beginning but the sex was incredible."

Ooh, wrong choice of words. From the new expression on Nicole's face, I had to change the subject away from illicit sex with Taylor if at all possible. But as my mind raced back through my relationship with Taylor, doing so wasn't going to be easy.

"Four years ago we ran into each other again, right here in New York. We had exactly one date, we both got hammered, and we did hook up again. It was comfortable and it was convenient. Now since that time, Taylor has had her busy fashion model life. She's had at least six different boyfriends during that time, and I was never one of them. I myself did date one other girl for about a year during that time as well. But whenever Taylor needed a convenient booty call, I was the phone call. And for four years, we've been friends, friends with benefits. So to answer your question: Yes, Taylor did spend the night. And yes, we had sex. But no, she's not my girlfriend. And yes, I was very, very interested in getting to know you better, Nicole. Not just to get laid. I... uh, well... this is going to sound bad. I already got laid last night. I just felt SOMETHING with you: a connection, a spark, or whatever you want to call it. And I thought you felt it too."

I'd rambled on and on and Nicole just watched me with her stricken expression. The 'girlfriend or not' question was splitting hairs rather thinly. Point was, I'd been sleeping with Taylor. And for most people in today's sense of morality, coming to Nicole's apartment like this made me a 'player' at best.

Now most people, when trying to get themselves out of a hole, wind up talking too much. I'd rambled a good bit but now tried to shut myself up lest I say anything to further damage my chances with Nicole. But she didn't say anything either, just staring at me while seemingly turning things over in her head.

In the end, after many, many long seconds, she simply said, "I think it's time for you to leave."

Before I could say anything, my stomach growled quite loudly.

It almost broke the moment, and I saw a smile tugging at the corners of Nicole's lips. But in the end, she just looked down and pointed at the door.

I couldn't help it, I gently held her shoulders in my hands, and kissed her softly on the cheek. But then with a heavy heart, I quietly stepped away and let myself out the door.

Once in the hallway, I started striding to the elevator, my cell phone already out in my hand as I thumbed it back on.

If she had set me up, oh man was I going to kill Taylor.

"I swear I had nothing to do with it!" Taylor pleaded with me, her voice slightly distorted by our intermittent cellular connection.

"You're sure? Paparazzi just like to hang outside Geno's waiting to see if Jonathan Kwong will show up? And who are these 'sources' who say we've been dating for four years?"

"Like I know? I wasn't planning anything."

"Oh, and the whole conversation about me pretending to be your boyfriend helping your career? I'll bet that never happened? I imagined the whole thing!"

Now Taylor's voice took a turn for the pissed off. "Look, I swear to you again that I had nothing to do with it. You can choose to either trust me on that or not. Just stop yelling at me!"

Then my phone triple beeped to let me know the call had ended. She'd fucking hung up on me. And in a spur of rage, I screamed and threw my phone against the wall where the case cracked and fell to the floor. What the fuck did I care? I had enough money to buy the whole damn wireless company!

And then my stomach growled loudly.

Oh, for crying out loud.


I awoke to hear insistent rapping against my door. How long they'd been banging outside I didn't know, but the noise wouldn't go away, even after I'd tried drowning it out with a pillow over my ears.

Bleary eyed, I finally staggered out of bed and peered through the peephole. I was rather hoping to see Nicole, or even maybe Taylor. But I was left with my disappointment. Damn lawyers...

I opened up to see one of the distinguished gentlemen I'd met yesterday at Mr. Kendall's law firm. 'Mr. Rubenstein' if I remembered the name correctly. He looked at me quizzically.

"I apologize for appearing at your door unannounced, Mr. Kwong, but your mobile is not answering."

"Oh, yeah. I think I broke my phone last night."

"I see." He glanced up and down at my disheveled appearance. "Are you just waking up?"


"But it's already 10am."

"Well, I don't have a job anymore."

He chewed on that for a second. "Quite right. May we come in?"

"Yes, of course, of course." I stepped out of the doorway and as Rubenstein came in, I noticed the second person for the first time. I wasn't quite sure how I'd missed her in the first place, as she was a statuesque blonde and devastatingly attractive. She was also holding a very familiar stack of folders.

My guests removed their shoes politely (Asian tradition) and then the three of us sat down in my living room, me on the couch and the two of them in my only wing chairs. I looked back at the stack of folders, trying to remember why they looked so familiar.

"Ah," Rubenstein continued. "You left these in the car yesterday evening, an accident I'm sure." The blonde held the folders against her chest and smiled at me. I was still wondering who she was as I looked up at her pretty face and silvery blue eyes.

Rubenstein followed my gaze. "Oh yes, where are my manners. Allow me to introduce Miss Cooper. She will be your new personal assistant."

My eyes immediately flashed back to Rubenstein. "Excuse me?"

"Your new assistant," he repeated. "Given your lack of experience in these matters and with Mr. Kendall's portfolio, the firm decided that you needed a little help in making this transition. As executors of your father's estate, we are given some leeway in making decisions such as this to protect the estate and ensure that it is well taken care of. Miss Cooper comes highly rated and from one of our top agencies. She has extensive experience in all the areas we believe you will need her for."

I glanced back at the gorgeous blonde he was referring to. She definitely didn't look any older than my 27 years, so I wondered how she could possibly have all that experience. And despite her good looks, after what I was emotionally going through with both Nicole and Taylor, I wasn't really in the mood to deal with more interference in my life.

"I thank you for the offer, but I-"

"The decision has already been made, Mr. Kwong. You need the help whether you think you do or not. Now if your issue is with Miss Cooper, I'm sure the agency can provide you with a replacement. But in the meantime, she will work with you to handle your business affairs and also organize your change in residence."

"Residence? What?"

"Jonathan," he started, his voice becoming a trifle paternal and condescending. I noted that he did not refer to me as Mr. Kwong in this instance. "I was a very good friend of your father. And unfortunately he is no longer here to give you the advice you need for a time like this. But there are certain things about your situation that you do need to understand. The first is that a man of your economic status will always face certain risks. And this building simply cannot provide the level of security that you will need. And the second thing is that no matter how hard you worked to achieve what you have, no matter how much experience you have gained in living your life, nothing can prepare you to deal with how much this inheritance will alter your very existence. People you've known for years will suddenly treat you differently."

My mind suddenly flashed to Taylor's insistence on being my girlfriend. And I remembered how all my old coworkers looked at me differently the one day I tried to go into the office. My life, as I knew it, was over.

Rubenstein walked over and actually sat down on the couch next to me. "Jonathan, I've known about you for five years. Your father let me into his secret under lawyer-client privilege. We've kept an eye on you and I know he was proud of how you were succeeding on your own. But now you are responsible for his legacy as well. And for that you will need some guidance."

My mother always told me: When the road bends, your only choices are to bend with it or fall off it. Now it was time for me to adapt to my new life. I looked Rubenstein straight in the eye. "Okay. Let's get started."


We literally spent the rest of Tuesday packaging up my entire life and getting ready to ship it across the world, if need be. I signed the necessary documents to allow Miss Cooper to issue directives on my behalf and the law firm to handle many of my other professional needs.

Lunch was ordered in (I really needed to find a way to get out and get to a restaurant or something). We ate while we discussed various issues that I really didn't care about. But eventually, finally, the end of the day came and my unexpected guests left.


The next day my new assistant, Miss Cooper, came to the door at 9am promptly. "Good morning, Mr. Kwong."

I hated hearing a pretty girl call me that, especially when she was no older than me. "Please, PLEASE just call me John. It allows me to at least pretend that I'm normal."

"I don't know if that would be appropriate, sir. I am here as part of your staff service. 'John' would be rather familiar."

"Oh, come on. Mr. Kwong makes me sound like an old man. And besides, who in the end is paying you? At least call me Jonathan or something."

The cool, professional façade melted for a moment as she blushed. And I now clearly noticed her eyes, which had been a steely grey now fleck into a warmer blue before she schooled her appearance once again. "I can do that... Jonathan."

"Now your turn. May I call you Cassandra?" I asked, referring to her first name which I'd learned yesterday.

"Whatever you wish, sir."

"No, not 'sir'. 'Jonathan', remember?"

"Yes... Jonathan." Her blush was back. However, she quickly reasserted her professionalism once again. Her blonde hair was pulled tightly into a bun and her business suit, while stylishly feminine, was also quite rigid. We would have to work on that. It would look too weird if she were following me down the street in a business suit while I was in jeans.

"So you're the pro. What are we supposed to do first?"

"Well, first off here is your new phone," she handed me the latest and greatest gizmophone which was still astronomically expensive, complete with my own fancy Bluetooth earpiece. "It's already pre-set to block all calls except from those on your pre-approved list. We'll talk later about whom you want to include on that list."

And then she got up and started her own mini-tour of my apartment. "Next we need to do is organize you for a move. Mr. Rubenstein made it clear that your first priority will be selecting a new residence." She turned and reached into a briefcase and pulled out yet another thick folder. I could get to hate the sight of folders, but I couldn't help but notice the tight curves of Cassandra's ass as she bent over.

If she noticed me ogling her, she didn't let on. "I took the liberty of bringing dossiers on several locations, none of them on the general market. Real estate at this level is extremely confidential and extremely exclusive. There's a place on Central Park West that I think will be particularly well suited for you. It's not overly grand, but it will have plenty of space for you and a small staff. The building is well secured and ownership will provide you with cars and drivers at your leisure." I loved how Cassandra pronounced that last word as 'leh-zur' instead of 'lee-zhoor'. Her accent was a soft Australian drawl, and the longer I listened to her the more noticeably sexy it became.

The real estate dossiers were quite elegant. Full color, multi-page portfolios with lots of pictures and lots of luxury features like floor to ceiling windows, rooftop access, and absolutely gorgeous bathrooms. We spent a couple of hours looking over several apartments throughout Manhattan, all in very ritzy areas and all with spectacular views. I could even get a place in the Trump Tower if I really wanted.

We could also branch outside of Manhattan, such as going to the Hamptons. Cassandra also let me know that I had the option of moving into Jonathan Kendall's old place. But the idea of living in the house of a father I never knew quietly creeped me out. I might want to visit it before everything got packed up, but I couldn't live there.

I finally got a break to just zone out in front of the television while Cassandra made a series of phone calls. We would be house hunting tomorrow. As it turned out, I completely ignored the program I was watching and instead thought about just which big screen High Definition flat screen I wanted to get.

Afterwards, we inventoried everything I owned, mostly to set things up for a move. Much of my furniture would be sold off or otherwise replaced with a brand new interior decoration once I had a new place picked out. A part of me felt sad over my meager possessions and the idea that they would no longer be mine very shortly. However, this was more than made up by the giddy notion that I was about to embark on a very big shopping spree. True, a professional designer would likely be making many of the artistic decisions, but I was still the one buying a multi-million dollar apartment and all the furnishings.

Cassandra and I walked over every inch of my (now) seemingly very small place. No item was left un-cataloged to ensure it got routed into its proper box and then destination for later. Now I'm not a short guy by any means; but Cassandra was just as tall as I was. If I had let her keep her heels on, the blonde would be towering over me. And as we continued around the place she eventually removed the black business jacket. My eyes bugged out for a moment once I realized that this girl was absolutely STACKED, her large breasts actually having to be held down by a full bra inside her blouse and making her appear extremely top-heavy over a thin waist.

I wondered, and not for the first time, how Miss Cooper ended up a personal assistant instead of a lingerie model or some other career equally appreciative of her beauty. Or maybe this particular agency was the kind of business I would want to do a LOT more business with.

Still, despite her physical attributes, Cassandra was nothing but professional and didn't flirt with me in the slightest, despite several comments on my part.

By mid-day, once again I would be having my lunch brought to me. A part of me liked the convenience, but I was still sick of eating at home. This time, at my insistence, we ordered pizza. I'd had enough of pretentious lawyer and investment banker food.

As the smell of pepperoni hit her nostrils, I got the first genuine smile in hours out of Cassandra's professional demeanor.

"I probably shouldn't," she wondered, looking at the oil bubbling on top of melted cheese. In the end she compromised, dabbing at the pizza with a napkin to soak up as much grease as possible before joining me. I'd already finished two slices by that point.

We were just finishing up lunch when a knock came at my door. Instinctively I started to get up, but Cassandra waved me off. "It's my job, remember?"

So I sat down and watched as she peeked through the peephole and then opened up the door. "Can I help you?"

"Oh, um... am I in the right place?" The voice I heard was melodious and completely familiar in its shy sweetness.

"Nicole?" I called out from my spot on the couch as I got up.

Nicole was just sizing up this very tall blonde with the big breasts, a badly stricken expression on her face. "I'm interrupting something. I'm very sorry." And with that she half turned to flee.

"Nicole! No, no. Please, come in. Have some pizza."

"You have company."

"Oh, no. It's not what you think." I stood side by side with Cassandra and reached out again, holding both of Nicole's hands as I brought her inside.

"Hello, I'm Miss Cooper," Cassandra offered, holding her hand out for a handshake while I closed the door. "Mr. Kendall's law firm assigned me to Mr. Kwong as his personal assistant. We have a LOT of documents to go over and there will be many changes in his personal life."

Nicole took the hand and allowed Cassandra to shake. But she still looked a little uncomfortable with the situation. "I'm Nicole," she managed to answer. "I live on the 5th floor." Then she turned to me. "I just wanted to talk. To apologize for last night."

Cassandra stepped in smoothly. "Mr. Kwong, I have several more calls to make. I'll just leave you two alone." She turned and smiled kindly at Nicole. "Pleased to make your acquaintance." And with that, she grabbed her briefcase and notebook computer and went into my bedroom before I could correct her into calling me 'Jonathan'.

I brought Nicole over to the couch, letting her sit next to me while she still eyed me a little strangely. "Every time I see you there seems to be another gorgeous woman in your orbit," she commented.

"Like you," I said softly. My heart immediately went back to the way I was feeling yesterday in the elevator, desperate to spend more time with this pretty girl.

Nicole hung her head down, not sure how to act. A long lock of light brown hair fell over her eyes. And before I realized it, I'd pulled back on the hair, tucking it around her ear to let me see her elfin cute face.

Nicole shivered at my touch. "I don't understand it. Why can't I get you out of my head?"

"Probably for the same reason you're inside my head." And without thinking I leaned in and pressed my lips softly to hers. She gasped in surprise but a moment later Nicole flowed back into my kiss, her hands actually coming up and holding my face as she pressed forward, parting her lips to allow my tongue in as my heart leapt in absolute joy.

But as quickly as we started, Nicole pulled straight back shaking her head. "But I barely know you!"

"Then let's change that," I offered.

"But I can't. The whole situation is just too overwhelming for me. And you're cute and all, but... it's just so weird. The fact is, you're not just a cute guy I met in the elevator. You're New York's newest billionaire. And if I go out with you, paparazzi are going to be plastering photos of ME in every trashy tabloid."

Once again I was holding Nicole's hands in my own. "Nicole, do you like me? Do you feel the same spark between us that I'm feeling?"

She looked at me. "Yes."

"Then what else matters?"

"I just don't know if I can handle all this." I could see the moisture in her honey brown eyes. "If you were just another guy, we could have had dinner last night and talked and who knows what might have happened? But then the Celebrity Sightings thing came on."

And I was reminded now of exactly why Nicole had gotten upset. I had just slept with Taylor. "In all fairness, Taylor has been my friend for a long time. But there's no relationship there. And I had no idea I was going to meet you in the elevator that day. If we started something together, you and me... well, I'm not a cheater."

"And I think I realized that... It doesn't mean I'm happy about it. But it's not like I have any rights over you or anything. That's why I wanted to apologize. It's not very polite to kick someone out of your apartment." Nicole smiled for the first time.

"No it's not. But I understand. And apology accepted." My eyes sharpened as I looked right at Nicole. "Now, back to the matter at hand. I'm not much of a cook. So will you let me buy you dinner? Say, Friday?"

"A date?"

"Yeah, isn't that how this is usually supposed to go? We can start over fresh. I'm just a cute guy you met in the elevator."

"Not that cute..." she teased.

"Hey, you just said I was cute!"

"You are, you are," she giggled. Oh, how I loved that giggle.

"Stop interrupting me." I exhaled and prepared myself. "I'm just a cute guy you met in the elevator. And you're just a very pretty young lady I want to get to know a little better. Come on, I'll take you to McDonald's!"

"Ooh, big fancy dinner from New York's newest billionaire!"

"Nothing but the best for you. I can afford it."

Nicole laughed again and then leaned in and initiated the kiss this time, her lips soft and velvety against mine. She was just as sweet as I had wanted.

When she pulled back, I had to ask, "Is that a yes?"

"Yes, yes. Friday. Pick me up at eight."


Cassandra came to the door at 9am promptly, with a guest. "Good morning, Mr. Kwong."

I glared at her.

"Excuse me... Jonathan." A smile lit up her face as she called me by my first name. I think she rather enjoyed the little game.

"Better, Cassandra. How are you?"

"I'm good. It's a beautiful morning outside."

"I wouldn't know. It feels like I've been cooped up in here or in some other cold building every hour for the last week straight," I grumbled.

"Well, we'll get you outside soon enough." She then turned to her guest, a distinguished lady in her mid-fifties. "May I introduce our real estate agent."

Cassandra continued on, "The plan today is to tour some of these apartments you picked out yesterday. I've already set all the appointments. And..." she held up the paper bag with the Starbucks logo on the front and the three coffee cups in a carrier, "... I brought you breakfast."

I leaned in and inhaled the heady aroma. "Smells good."

A few minutes later, we'd finished our breakfast and I reclined into my couch while Cassandra sat next to me as our agent laid out some of the real estate dossiers. We then spent a short time laying out the itinerary we would have for visiting six apartments, the candidates for my future home.

But before we could get going, the door knocked.

Cassandra was immediately on to the door. Once opened, she offered her customary "Can I help you?"

"Who the hell are you?"

I knew the voice immediately, turning to see Taylor glaring up at Cassandra. It wasn't every day that a fashion model like Taylor met a woman taller than her.

"Taylor, that's not a very nice greeting," I admonished her. I was surprised to find I was still a little wary of my longtime friend. After all, I STILL didn't know for certain whether or not she'd set me up for the paparazzi.

"Well you still haven't answered my question." Taylor cocked her head to the side and pouted while she put her fists against her hips. And I smiled; she looked so petulant and so pretty at the same time.

"Hello, I'm Miss Cooper," Cassandra offered, holding her hand out for a handshake. However, I could hear a little bit of an edge in Cassandra's tone, a sharp contrast to her gentle handling of Nicole's surprise yesterday. If Taylor was going to give her attitude, Cassandra wasn't the type to back down. "Mr. Kendall's law firm assigned me to Mr. Kwong as his personal assistant. You're catching us just as we are leaving, Miss Brynn."

"Pleased to meet you." Taylor shook Cassandra's hand. "Just leaving? Where are you headed Johnny? I thought we might be able to talk." And with that, Taylor gave me her best imitation of a helpless puppy dog.

I just started laughing. And just like that, I was prepared to give her the benefit of doubt. After all, she'd been my friend for a long time, and friends don't mistrust each other. "About the whole Celebrity Sightings thing? Don't worry about it."

"Then why didn't you call me back?" Taylor came right up and hugged me.

"I'm sorry. My life's been a little crazy lately."

"I understand. A lot's happened to you." She leaned up and pecked me on the cheek. "You're forgiven."

And just like that, SHE was forgiving ME. How the hell did she manipulate me into that?

Our real estate agent interrupted the moment. "I apologize for intruding, but we do need to get going to our first appointment."

"Appointment?" Taylor looked at me.

"We're going apartment hunting. Time to find me some expensive, flashy new digs."

"Ooh! Sounds like fun! Can I come?" Taylor's puppy dog face was back.

Well, the face works. Especially on me. "Um, I suppose."

The agent helpfully added, "I'm sure the advice of your lady friend will help you make your decision."

Taylor smiled brightly, already putting her shoes back on. "Let's go!"

And so we were off. For some reason, I had a feeling in the back of my head that having Taylor around for this house hunting trip was a ticking time bomb. And yet, the day went very, very well.

The apartments themselves were all fabulous, absolutely fabulous. Each of them had fantastic views and luxurious appointments. I really couldn't go wrong with any of them.

Taylor completely geeked out on all the expensive fixtures and rich textures. Before we were done with the first apartment, I realized a potential mistake in bringing her along. She would have her own opinions as to which place I should pick, and she might also be picturing herself as the "lady of the manor" as we toured each new home.

I had to admit, the thought didn't totally bother me. Taylor was gorgeous, smart, and had a great sense of humor. She could be a little self-centered, but what fashion model wasn't? She had her own social standing, her own experience interacting with New York's elite. And she was very, very good at cheering me up.

I found myself watching the raven-haired beauty as she gushed over some lavish drapery at the window. I had a magnificent view of Central Park through the huge windows behind her, and the whole picture was simply beautiful. Even Taylor's ears looked so cute with dangling earrings peeking out behind her short, sassy haircut.

Then Cassandra cleared her through behind me, shaking me out of my reverie and calling Taylor's attention over. My friend just batted her eyes at me, brilliant blue staring right at me.

Then Cassandra directed, "We need to keep moving."

"I like her."

"Who?" I reached out and snagged another spider roll.

"Miss Cooper. Cassandra." Taylor had already put her chopsticks down, finished with her dinner. She ate like a bird. A very small bird.

"Hmm." I wasn't totally paying attention. We were sitting side-by-side at the bar of my favorite sushi place, OUTSIDE of my apartment, and I was going to enjoy this meal.

"She's calm, efficient, and of course very pretty. I'll bet she's a wildcat underneath that perfectly pressed business suit."

"Hmm." I started trying to get the chef's attention and order some more sashimi. And they had this weird beef-wrapped asparagus thing I wanted to try.

"Those legs are just soooo long. Like, she would be a perfect model, except of course her tits are way too big. I mean, I'm already at the big end for modeling. But maybe she could do Victoria's Secret or something. It's just so weird how she ended up a personal assistant instead."

I arched an eyebrow at her comments and offered my usual "Hmm" to let Taylor think I was listening, but satisfying my hunger was still the priority. I wolfed down two more pieces.

Taylor looked away across the bar, staring at nothing. "I guess I'd just love to get into her panties."

Okay, now I started choking. I was already quite buzzed from a couple bottles of sake and now the instant vision of Taylor and Cassandra twisting the sheets together caught me off guard.

Taylor just grinned and lightly patted my back as I fought back the tears in my eyes and caught my breath. "I haven't been with a woman in like, two years! And she is quite hot."

"Can we talk about something other than you seducing my assistant?"

"Fine, fine. Did you decide on one?"

I paused to pound back the rest of my sake and clear my throat out. "Not yet. But I'm leaning towards the penthouse on 5th Avenue with the wide views of Central Park."

"Really? I would have thought you'd have gone for the corner place on Park Ave. It's certainly more luxurious and a lot bigger."

"Maybe, but (A) I don't need the room and (B) I figure I can always pay for more luxury. I can't buy a Central Park view like that over on Park Ave."

"So that's the one, huh?"

"I suppose so... Just think, in about a month you'll be visiting me in my luxurious penthouse!"

"Visiting?!" She slapped me on the arm. "Oh, no. You get a place that fancy and I'm moving in with you!"

I hesitated for a moment, not sure whether she was serious or not. "Oh, no you're not. I want the place all to myself!" I laughed, trying to make a joke out of it.

She caught my hesitation, and then leaned in close until her shoulder was pressed against mine and her dainty nose was just an inch away from my face. And in a quietly serious, husky voice, she offered, "Well, give a girl a chance to change your mind."

I had a hard time getting my key into the door lock, what with Taylor's tongue buried in the back of my throat. It was a kiss that could only be described as 'ferocious', and it also deprived me of my ability to see with any clarity.

By some miracle, I fitted the key and then we burst into my apartment. Taylor wasted no time, and once inside she physically slammed me against my own front door, pinning me in place as she sank to her knees and began opening up my jeans.

My eyes rolled into the back of my head as I sighed in resignation. I'd had the idea of winding up in my bed, but Taylor apparently wasn't going to wait that long.

But as my eyes rolled back down, in the corner of my eye, a red circle caught my attention. Perhaps my subconscious was looking for it; I don't know why else I would have noticed it. And as my eyes focused I saw the red circle was on my calendar, hanging on the wall next to me.

Tomorrow's date, Friday, had been highlighted, and in the middle of that circle was a simple word: Nicole.

Almost immediately the sake fog clouding my brain lifted somewhat, and I half- crawled out of my own skin trying to get myself away from Taylor before she managed to slurp my erection into her mouth.

"What's wrong?" she quickly asked as I tried to hobble away, bare-butt naked with my jeans around my ankles.

"Oh, crap, Taylor. I shouldn't do this."

She didn't like the tone in my voice. "Why the fuck not?"

I managed to get my jeans back up around my ass, sort-of. "I've got a date tomorrow. And I really like this one."

"So? That's tomorrow. What does that have to do with tonight? Is she your girlfriend?"

"Well, no."

"How many dates have you been on with her?"

"Uh, well tomorrow will be our first."

"Oh, COME ON. We've been through this before. When you've had a girlfriend, I've been good and stayed away. But this is different. You don't have a girlfriend. You're not even DATING yet. And I'm fucking HORNY!" Taylor was now the very picture of a pissed-off supermodel, standing with one hand on her hip while she fixed me with the evil-glare-of-certain-death-if-I-didn't-give-her-an-answer-she- liked.

I didn't really have an answer for that.

"Come on... it's only a blowjob..." she cooed.

"Just a blowjob?"

"I promise. Now please? I've got a craving for cum..." Taylor's puppy dog face was back. I never stood a chance.

Without me saying anything else, Taylor saw the change in my demeanor and she began stalking me once again.

I sagged back into my couch, acquiescent as Taylor pulled my jeans down once again.

My cock was only half-hard, but reacted somewhat as she blew a cool stream of air across its tip. But then Taylor leaned back and began to undress herself. First to go was her blouse, and then she reached to the front clasp of her lacy bra. "I have to admit, I can't decide if I want to swallow every drop of your sperm, or if I want to feel its hot stickiness splash all over my big tits." Damn she was sexy as she pouted in mock indecision.

And without even touching me, she'd gotten my dick rock hard once again.

Taylor hovered over the waving end of my rod. She opened her mouth wide, carefully placing it around my cock without letting any part of it actually touch her. She exhaled then... hot, moist air surrounding my sensitive nerves and driving me absolutely crazy.

"You're teasing me," I complained.

"Yes, I am."

I HAD wanted to just lay back and let her have her way with me. I wasn't going to take an active role in my imagined infidelity to Nicole. It would be a very small moral victory, but one I wanted.

It was a victory I would not achieve. And with a pained roar I lashed out, seizing Taylor's head in my hands and forcibly shoving her onto me.

Taylor was able to open her mouth wide, and a second later Taylor's lips were pressed all the way up against my crotch, my cock a couple of inches into the tunnel of her throat.

"Stop teasing me." I released the tight grip holding her while leaving my hands on her head.

Taylor hummed as she pulled back, never quite pulling off and giving me a wide grin as her eyes flashed up to mine. And then she looked back down as she focused on pleasuring me.

At first, it was just her head bobbing up and down on me while I held the back of her head in my hands. I let my head roll back and groaned as I felt the warm, exciting sensations shooting up and down my shaft.

Taylor kept up a steady rhythm for the most part, but for a brief moment, she froze and moaned softly around my cock. Her shoulder twitched a little as I noticed that her right arm was moving, even as her head continued its up and down motion. I hadn't really been paying attention, but I now realized that Taylor was playing with herself while she blew me.

She had to pause a few more times as she brought herself to higher and higher levels of self-inflicted ecstasy, and at the climactic moment, she thrust her way all the way down to the base of my cock once again, deep threading me at the same time as she orgasmed.

I could feel the tremors shooting through her body all the way through her throat wrapped tightly around the head of my cock. It was an exquisite earthquake of vibration as she moaned, tears forming in the corners of her eyes as she rode out her climax with my cock filling her mouth.

Once that was done, Taylor sat back for a moment, catching her breath and wiping away the tears from her eyes. But then when she'd composed herself, she fixed me with a sharp look. "Time to finish you," she said. And then her hot mouth was on me once again.

After only a few more minutes, Taylor's expertise had me whimpering in anticipation of what promised to be a very, very good orgasm. Her talented fingers came into the mix, nails of her left hand lightly scratching at my balls while she circled my pole with her right hand in a tight grip and stroked me.

"Fuck... Taylor..." I groaned.

She just looked up at me, so pretty, her eyes a royal blue that began its edging towards violet as she watched the rapturous expressions crossing my face. Her tongue swirled around the crown of my dick as she continued to pump me. She barely blinked even as my eyes fluttered as she pushed me to the edge of my orgasm.

My hips suddenly twitched and I was sure she could feel the tension in my balls, so Taylor backed off quickly and began stroking my cock with both hands as she aimed it right at her face.

My first shot drew a line straight from the bridge of her nose and down to her upper lip. The second spurted right into her mouth, which she closed and immediately began murmuring happily as she swallowed. And without stopping the motion of her hands she pumped out the rest of my jizz onto her chest, where little puddles of my cum oozed down between her naked breasts.

I wanted to lay back and fall asleep in that moment, but the sight of Taylor covered in my cum held my attention on her even as the rest of my body sagged.

She smiled and used a finger to scoop up some of my cream, popping it into her mouth and sucking like a lollipop.

Still smiling, Taylor got up, completely topless. "I'll be right back," she husked as she grabbed her purse and her clothes and went into my bathroom. We hadn't taken the time to slip off her shoes, so her heels clacked loudly on my wood floors with every step.

I fully expected Taylor to emerge fully clothed and ready to say goodbye. She'd gotten her own orgasm and she'd gotten her taste of cum. After all, she'd promised it would be just a blowjob.

I should have known better.

Taylor came out almost completely nude. She was still wearing her jewelry and she was still wearing her heels. But that was it.

And so with an impish grin on her face, Taylor came right up to me and began pulling me off the couch.

"Taylor, you promised," I whimpered.

"Yeah, I lied." The phrase so casually fell from her lips, but then she was pulling off my shirt and pressing her hard nipples into my chest. Then she leaned in and whispered into my ear. "Besides, for all you know this is your last night in this bed. We have to give it a warm sendoff." And then she licked my ear.

My knees were turning to jello, and yet they were still much stronger than my resolve. I managed to kick my shoes off, quickly followed by my jeans and then I was as naked as she was, except for her high heels. Those I wanted her to leave on.

I held Taylor's head in my hands as I kissed her, filling my nostrils with her spicy sweet scent. And for just a moment, we had a quiet peace. I was filled with all the desire and affection I had for this woman. She was so sexy, so vibrant, so attractively self-confident. I knew I could be happy with this woman who had been such a dear friend for four years, even if she was a little self-centered.

I wouldn't have minded just standing there, folding our naked bodies around each other and enjoying the simple pleasure of a kiss. But like usual, Taylor was in charge and she pulled me towards my bedroom.

The shades of my window were open, letting in the moonlight which cast the entire room in soft shadows. In this light, Taylor's clear eyes glowed a light grey, and her smile alone lit up this room.

She leaned back onto my bed and pulled me on top of her where we began to kiss slowly. So many of our encounters over the years had been rough and ready fuck sessions. We were both terribly in a hurry and filled with lust for each other that we always ended up attacking each other in a frenzy.

But on a few occasions we simply made love. And it seemed like this was going to be one of them. Taylor hand was gently caressing my cock, and my fingers were not idle at her wet box either. Our tongues dipped and delved within each other's mouth while Taylor's other hand stroked along my spine.

I slid down her body until I came face to face with her steaming pussy. She'd shaven recently and the smooth skin glistened with her arousal. She spread her legs and hoisted her legs up into the air while my hands each gripped an asscheek. And now it was my turn to return the favor.

I strained to go slowly, softly. My tongue and my lips barely grazed against her sensitive skin, almost tickling Taylor. And I continued my gentle, agonizingly slow ministrations of orally worshipping at Taylor's altar of love. I felt like I could remain there forever, listening to her cute whimpers of pleasure.

But once Taylor started to get really turned on once again, she would have no slow worshipping going on in her temple. Taylor's whimpers turned into moans and then her hands were now on the back of MY head, pressing me deeper into her as I began to eat her out with more fervor. "Fuuuuck, Johnny."

My hands circled around her ass and after inserting a finger deep into her sopping wet pussy, I pulled it out and pressed it against the tight muscle of Taylor's anus.

She shuddered in my grasp as my finger surprisingly slid in very easily. I'd gotten my finger wet, but not that wet. And I picked my head up in surprise.

"I lubed for you..." she giggled at the expression on my face.

My dick twitched violently on its own hearing those words, knowing instantly what it meant. Taylor wanted me to fuck her ass tonight. And suddenly I had no more patience to continue going down on her.

Taylor didn't seem to mind, and in fact she whooped in glee as I suddenly pounced on top of her naked body and snatched up her feet in my hands. With her heels in my grip, I forced Taylor's knees back against her own shoulders until I'd damn near bent the girl in half. And then holding her legs wide in a big V, opening up her wet vagina, I aimed my cockhead and then pounded my way into the back of her womb in one ferocious thrust.

"FUUUUCK ME!" Taylor screamed. It was loud enough I'm sure the neighbors could hear. Of course, I was sure they'd heard us a number of times. And without letting go of her heels I jackhammered in and out of her rapidly.

It was apparently just what the doctor had ordered for Taylor. Less than a minute after my dick had entered her, Taylor was shrieking in the throes of her climax, the sound of her voice vibrating in response to the vibrations running up and down her body.

I wasn't about to let up on her either. Instead, I just kept fucking as hard and as fast as I could, my cock now swimming in a veritable sea of orgasmic fluid. And just when it seemed that Taylor's orgasm was waning, I pulled out, redirected, and then shoved my way into Taylor's asshole.

Taylor's shriek briefly went up an octave when the head of my cock penetrated her nether hole, but then her voice died out as she seemed to just run out of air. Her mouth was still open in a silent scream, tears in her eyes as she fought to breathe.

For my part, I was focused on driving my cock up her ass. Despite the heavy moisture coating my pole, and the lube inside her anal chute, I had a tough time forcing my way in. And as Taylor lit off into another orgasm, her muscles clamped down so tightly I thought she might actually squeeze my cock off in her ass.

But once she relaxed again, I was able to glide forward, constant pressure pushing me in until my balls were trapped against her asscheeks.

We both paused to catch our breath, Taylor's body folded in half beneath me, blinking away the few drops of sweat coming off my forehead as she panted and laughed almost maniacally.

"Oh, that's so great, baby. But I wanted to change positions."


"Yeah, I want you to fuck me like an animal."

"Well, I can't complain with that."

And so with the coordination borne only out of familiarity, I pulled out while Taylor spun herself around on my bed. I stood back, enjoying the momentary relief from the constriction of her ass on my cock, letting my orgasmic energy subside a little. With this little breather, I knew I'd be able to really ream out her ass for a good long while.

Taylor got into her position, facedown on my bed with her arms folded beneath her face. Her ass was sticking back at me, hanging off the edge of the bed with her high heels planted on the floor, forming an A-frame with her legs. Time for me to fuck her like an animal.

Eagerly, I stepped between her legs, my hands spreading her asscheeks before me so I could see her distended hole. And then before she realized it, I'd shoved half my cock back into her ass.

"Fuuuuuck..." Taylor groaned.

And with a few extra shoves, I got myself fully seated, balls deep into her nether hole. The feminine ass in my hands was absolutely perfect. The hips flared prettily around perfectly-shaped tight globes. The skin was milky white and unblemished.

"God, Taylor, you are so fucking hot..." I groaned as my cock pistoned in and out of her ass. I really could stare at this sight all day.

That's when the pounding began.

I honestly lost track of how long I fucked her. I can't even remember how many orgasms she had. It could have been five minutes or it could have been half an hour. I do know that the next morning my pelvic bone hurt like hell.

But that night, my eyes just rolled up in my head and I let myself lose control. I wasn't trying to last a long time. I wasn't trying to give Taylor pleasure. I just let the baser part of me give in to the lust and simply violate her ass. I fucked and I thrust and I drooled and I fucked some more. And when my conscious mind reasserted itself, I had Taylor's hips in a death grip, pinning her lighter body against me as I held myself as deep into her bowels as I could go. And I was cumming. Oh, was I cumming.

It didn't even feel like separate bursts. It felt more like I was pissing pure sperm into the darkest recesses of Taylor's anal cavity like a firehose. More and more fluid poured out of me, and when I thought I was done there was a bit more still coming out. My mind was in absolute bliss.

And when at last the flow stopped, I simply staggered back, my legs muscles suddenly locked into position and unable to move lest I inflict great pain on myself.

Taylor's feet had long lost their grip on the floor, and so she lay sprawled across my bed, a limp noodle absolutely destroyed by what we had done. Her asshole was stretched into a gaping ring, still not contracting and already dribbling rivers of cum out onto her thighs.

Both of us were gasping as if we'd forgotten to breathe during the whole ordeal. I was leaning against the wall, trying valiantly not to collapse onto the ground.

After a couple of minutes, Taylor groaned, "What the hell did you do to me?" Her voice was pained, but there was a smile on her face.

I didn't answer. But after another minute to catch my breath, I managed to stagger over to her. With the adrenaline and testosterone inside me burned away, my touch became gentle. I rolled Taylor onto her side, and then scooped her naked body into my arms.

She nuzzled her lips and nose against my neck. "You can be such a fucking stud when you want to be," she whispered.

I didn't know how to answer that. Instead I carried her out of my bedroom and towards the bathroom. "Come on, let's get you cleaned up."


At 9am promptly, Cassandra arrived at my door. She didn't look very surprised when Taylor opened up the door for her with an overly dramatic "Can I help you?"

Cassandra smiled at the use of her own phrase. "Good morning, Taylor." She then looked to me. "Good morning, Mr. Kwong."

I arched an eyebrow.

Cassandra covered her mouth as she laughed. "Jonathan..." Her blush was back. But then it was right down to business. "Have you decided on a property?"

Ten minutes later I was in the kitchen finding myself breakfast while Cassandra was barking orders into her own version of my Bluetooth earpiece. The instant I'd given her an address she'd launched into a flurry of activity.

Taylor had already left for the morning, and I lounged on my couch, mumbling to myself of exactly which Lear jet I wanted to buy. There was a private, exclusive airfield in upstate New York I'd always wanted to be a part of.

And then Cassandra returned back, hanging up her phone. "Okay, I'm going out to finish arrangements and change my clothes. You've got two hours."

"Two hours until what?"

Cassandra grinned at me. "You'll never believe how efficient this is going to be."

It is absolutely amazing how fast things can happen around you. The story about my unknown father and the massive inheritance had broken less than a week ago.

Last Friday I'd woken up, comfortable in my own home and with no immediate plans to leave it. Now, I looked around and saw almost nothing but brown moving boxes. I was even sitting on one of the boxes, all my chairs packed away already.

I simply sat and waited out the chaos, unwilling to leave while everything I owned was being handled by professional movers.

Cassandra was the field marshal, half muttering into her phone's earpiece and half yelling at the movers as she marched around supervising the dozens of people handling my move. Some were in my apartment; some were shuttling down and back from the moving truck, everyone in a big hurry. I didn't quite see the rush, myself. After all, I'd only picked out my new place this morning. And yet my bed was being dismantled before my very eyes.

I guess I didn't live in a world of escrow or inspections. When Jonathan Kwong, billionaire, bought a place, it was time to move.

Then again, I was Jonathan Kwong... billionaire. This was MY life. "Wait, wait, wait!" I sputtered angrily.

"Yes, sir?" Cassandra immediately was at the ready before me.

For once, I didn't try to correct her. "This is just all moving so fast. Am I really moving out of my apartment tonight?"

"Technically, we'll be ready to move you in about an hour. I've already cleared it with your new address. You'll be able to sleep in your new bed in two hours if you wish."

"And if I don't wish. If I wanted to unpack everything and call the whole thing off."

"That is your prerogative, sir. I will remind you of the security concerns and the requirement of available space for your staff. I wouldn't recommend staying here forever. There's no point in continuing to pay Manhattan rent prices. Still, the choice is yours. Do you wish me to stop?"

I sighed and thought about it. "No, no I suppose not. I'll just have to get used to my new... situation."

"No offense, Jonathan. I wouldn't mind being in your situation." And she flashed me a wicked smile. At least Cassandra wasn't in her professional business suit anymore. With a little more of a rough and tumble day, she had a long-sleeved cotton top and jeans so tight she had to have been sewn into the denim. The casual dress and comfortable ponytail might have softened her all-business image if it weren't for the way she'd been stomping around coldly giving commands into her headset.

"I wonder what you would do in my situation... Tell you what, I'm not exactly putting you into my situation. But I feel like I just don't understand all this just yet. So here's what I'm going to do." I got up, heading for my zip-up sweater and my keys. "You're in charge. Make any decision you want on my behalf. Arrange furniture, decoration ideas, whatever. I'm going for a walk and I'll meet you back here at... at 4pm. I'll say goodbye to my apartment and then we'll head over to 5th Avenue."

"Of course, sir."

Moments like this were all business. The "sir" suddenly seemed appropriate. It felt good to just take charge and bark out my own orders.

"And might I add, sir, I think you're finally getting the idea."

"I'll see you in a few hours. I'll take the car and remind the driver to bring me back on time." And with my wallet and keys, I was out.

Now the really hard part. I had to call my mom and tell her my new address.

"Where to, sir?"

I leaned back into the plushy softness of the ultra-luxury Maybach 62 sedan and thought about it for a moment. "I need to do some shopping. Some really, really out of control shopping. And I'm starting with the biggest TV I can find."

"I know just the place, sir." And so the driver pulled out into traffic.

Meanwhile, I thumbed open my phone and put in my fancy earpiece. I found my mom's number and hit the TALK button.

Thirty minutes later, the car was idling against the curb while I desperately attempted to get off the phone with my mother. "Goodbye, mom."

I then twiddled my thumbs for another two minutes listening to her more urgently blister advice into my ears before I tried again, "Goodbye, mom."

Now under the latest urgent assault, I reclined my seat, letting the footrest come up and support me while I lay almost flat in the back of this car. I sighed... All the money in the world and I still can't get off the phone.

By 4:30pm I was back in the same position, reclined all the way back in the backseat. Only this time, the trunk was full with several bags of clothing I never would have paid the money for in my previous life. My new ultra-sound-blocker headphones were wiring a full library of tunes into my ultra-mp3-playing-cell- phone. The flashy diamond-encrusted watch was a heavy dead weight on my wrist. And even though the Maybach windows were perfectly tinted, my new oversized sunglasses provided that extra level of protection against ANYONE seeing my eyeballs.

Okay, so I was a half-hour late. But I was the boss. What could Cassandra do, fire me?

It's a good thing I was able to schedule most of the rest of my shopping for delivery to my new pad. Otherwise I'd never be able to fit everything into this car and I would have been even later. Damn I loved black credit cards.

And best of all, I had the brand-new AWESOME wardrobe to suitably impress my date for tonight. That was the one big thing missing. I was all alone in this backseat. But that would soon change. I had youth, good looks, and a ton of money. Soon I would have love.

Of course, life doesn't turn out all nice and tidy like that, does it?

I'd been standing in my bedroom for at least five minutes, at least, what was left of my bedroom. I'd painted the walls four years ago when I moved in. Now, everything was stark white, smelling of fresh paint, and ready for sale on the open market. Not a stick of furniture was left... my home was now nothing but an empty shell.

The full-length mirror was built into my closet. And now I stood there, not liking what I saw in the reflection.

I didn't like the ME I saw. Cassandra had complimented me on my clothes when I arrived. She had shown impeccable taste for the few days I'd known her, and she was blunt enough to tell me if I'd made a serious fashion error.

But even if it looked good, the style still wasn't... ME. The jacket, the blinged-out watch, the hideously expensive and thoroughly useless fabrics. Whether you can afford it or not, a $200 shirt is a $200 waste of fabric and space if you don't really, really want to wear it. The fancy new penthouse apartment. The expensive car. All very luxury. But was it me?

I didn't want to be THAT guy.

I wanted to be Jonathan.

True, Jonathan with a larger bank account that usual, but still Jonathan.

Cassandra had been standing off to the side, waiting patiently for me and smart enough to stay silent and let me do my thing.

I finally turned and strode quickly for the front door. Cassandra fell in to step right behind me. "Okay, we're done here."

Once we got to the elevator, I'd figured out my plan. Cassandra already had her stylus and Blackberry ready to take notes before I began speaking. "Two, no... three things. First, I want my wardrobe found and put into my room first thing. I'm going to have to change clothes. Second, cancel my dinner reservations for tonight. We're not going there anymore. And third, I need to borrow a car. Er, rent a car, whatever."

"Yes, sir. Do you need me to make other dinner reservations?"


"And what kind of car would you like? I'm assuming you don't want the driver to take you somewhere." Her questions were efficient and unobtrusive.

"Correct. Just a Ford or something. A simple sedan."

"I see. Might I point out that your driver's license is expired. And I don't believe you've been behind the wheel since college."

Crap. I looked at my feet. The elevator doors opened into the lobby and gave me a few extra seconds to think. Cassandra held her tongue and waited until we both got back into the Maybach and started our drive over to 5th Avenue. "You know, never mind. I'll get a cab."

Given my newfound financial status, I'm sure Cassandra would be questioning what was going through my mind. She may even have already guessed, given her level of competence. But she kept her mouth shut.

I liked her more and more every day. We were going to have a great working relationship.

Just a few minutes later, I was standing in a fully furnished apartment, modern luxury all around me. I couldn't wait until the 82-inch LCD arrived... both of them. And the sunset over Central Park was gorgeous.

But first, there were two people standing at attention in my foyer. Cassandra did the honors. She first introduced me into a distinguished gentleman in his early sixties, dressed in a well-pressed tuxedo. "This is Edward Shaw, your butler. From now on he can say 'Can I help you?' at the door. And he makes the absolute best martinis you could ask for."

I shook his hand and thanked him for his service. I wasn't quite sure how to react. Cassandra had mentioned the word 'staff' many times, but I never gave it much thought. My first butler. A live-in human being... serving me?

Next Cassandra brought me to a well-dressed woman, likely in her late fifties but her body was in good condition for her age and she moved gracefully. "And this is Edward's wife, Dorothy. She'll take care of the housekeeping and is your personal chef. I'm sure with time she'll not only learn to make your favorite dishes but introduce you to new favorites as well."

I stepped forward and shook her hand as well.

"The Shaws' previous employer died about three months ago. They come highly recommended by Mr. Rubenstein. And their room is just down that hallway." Cassandra pointed off to the left.

"And my room is just across the hall from theirs," she finished.

That comment brought me up short. "You're staying here, too?"

"Of course. I'm here to assist you... any way I can." And at that last comment, Cassandra gave me a flirty giggle and then turned, heading towards the rest of the apartment. I shook my head with a little chuckle underneath my breath. As far as I could tell, that was the first overt thing she'd ever said to me. It felt nice to know that she was feeling more comfortable and more personable around me. If she was going to be my personal assistant, she was going to have to loosen up a bit.

Cassandra gave me the dime tour. Much of the original furniture that had been present when we toured the house was now gone, replaced by a more modern design with lots of chrome, black leather, and square angles. Much more masculine while remaining New York chic, suitable for a bachelor like me. I'd also be keeping my shoes on more. American servants just wouldn't look right in uniforms with no shoes. My mom might pitch a fit, but I could handle her.

Cassandra then led me further into the place. I didn't just have a bedroom. I had 'private quarters'. It was practically my own apartment inside of a home. There was a spacious private lounge with its own views of Central Park. And then, my bedroom itself was absolutely huge. Upon seeing my new bed I instantly jumped on to enjoy the heavenly plushness. And after enjoying the experience like a five- year-old boy, I jumped off and followed Cassandra into my garishly oversized walk-in closet. My wardrobe was already completely unpacked and organized for me.

Cassandra pointed out where everything was, and then made her exit to let me change.

I spent over an hour prepping, the longest I'd ever taken in my life. Seriously, most of the time I just threw something on and winged it for the date. But this one, Nicole, I really liked. And my situation was so weird that I found myself overthinking how to come across as 'casual' while feeling anything but casual inside.

When I finally emerged, Cassandra gave me the once over like a concerned mother hen. She even reached to my head and tousled my hair a bit with her hands to give me a better 'relaxed' look. "You'll be fine," she reassured me.

Just before I left, she had a serious look in her eye. "If you wish to 'entertain' any guests, trust that we will of course be quite discreet."

Less than a second after I knocked, the door swung open.

"Hi." I arrived simply, a bouquet of garden flowers in my hand, dressed casually in my simple jeans, a button down, and a blazer. God, she was gorgeous.

Nicole's soft hazel eyes went wide and then tightened in a momentary panic. "Oh, crap. I really overdressed." And she did. I let my gaze start at the bottom and move its way up: Expensive, fragile heels; a shimmering red cocktail dress; lots of jewelry, and her hair expertly coiffed up into an elegant pile atop her head. "I'd been expecting some fancy dinner."

My heart sank about three miles in half a second. I remembered she'd joked about the 'fancy dinner', but I'd talked myself out of taking that route. "Uh, disappointed?"

"Oh, no! No!" And then Nicole's laugh made absolutely everything in the world much better. "I had been sooooo nervous. I mean, I know it's just a first date and we barely know each other and no I've never been on a really fancy first date but oh, not that I want to, and actually, I'm relieved." She paused to catch her breath, not realizing that she'd been rambling. "Really, I'm relieved. It's not every day that a billionaire asks you out on a date and I'd been kinda freaking out about it."

"It's just me, John. Just the cute guy you met in the elevator, remember?"

"Yeah, I remember." Nicole's smile easily lit up the entire room. "But oh, uh, hang on a second, I should go change."

"No!" I interrupted. "Please don't. You... you're... you're just so gorgeous right now."

"Really?" She seemed so relieved and incredibly nervous. I wondered for the hundredth time how such a pretty girl had gotten through life not knowing how gorgeous she was and inheriting the self-confidence (or at least façade of confidence) that came with such a physical beauty.

"Come on." I smiled a reached out my hand.

She took it and I took advantage of the position to pull her to me suddenly, causing her to gasp until I stopped her with a hand at her waist just inches in front of my face. "Let's get something out the way," I said. "I really, really like you. I want this to go right. And I don't want to put any pressure on you. So don't worry about it. I'm a sure thing."

Worry was still on her face for another moment, and I moved in. My mouth went most of the way to hers, but not all the way. And only a split-second later, Nicole closed the gap and captured my lips with her own.

Our first kiss. She was sweeter than I imagined, and she was wearing some perfume that was driving me crazy.

And when we finally broke, I started pulling her out into the hallway. "We should go. You keep letting me kiss you and we'll never get this date started."

We rode the elevator downstairs. Now most people probably don't hold hands on the first date, but Nicole wasn't about to let go of me. And right where I'd left it ten minutes earlier was the random cab I picked up on 5th Avenue.

"You got a cab!" she giggled. She turned to me, covering her mouth with her hand but I could clearly see the smile in her eyes. "Don't think I haven't seen you in that limo from time to time."

I just opened the cab door and bowed. "Milady."

She held my hand for support as she swung onto the seat, and I soon followed. And before we knew it, the cab was pulling up to the curb in front of McDonald's, per my instructions.

Nicole's mouth gaped open. "You're seriously taking me to McDonald's."

I leaned in and set my chin on her shoulder. "Big fancy dinner from New York's newest billionaire... That's what you said." And with a completely straight face I added, "I bought the restaurant just so I could take you here."

Nicole's eyes were about to pop out of their sockets, not sure whether to think I was crazy or pulling her chain. "You ARE joking, aren't you?"

Suddenly, I lost my composure and my ability to maintain a straight face. A loud belly laugh exploded out of me as I couldn't hold it in any longer. "Yes! Yes!" I laughed while Nicole got humorously angry and started tickling me.

"Hey! Hey! Stop! Stop!" I cried.

"Ugh... you ALMOST had me. Getting me all dolled up for you, with these shoes that hurt like hell, and then going into a McDonald's? I thought I was fourteen again."

"Okay, now seriously. What kind of food do you like?" I held both her hands in mine, holding them up between our chests. It felt so natural to feel this close to her.

"What, you haven't already picked out a place?"

"Oh, it's not that. I've picked out and made reservations at five places. Didn't want to take you to... Italian, for example, and have it turn out you didn't like Italian."

"You really thought this through, didn't you?"

"Absolutely. Things may not go perfect, but I'll do what I can. I just want you to feel comfortable with me. Like I said, I really, really like you and I really, really want this date to go well."

Nicole held up our hands joined together, turning them so that the back of my right hand rested against her right cheek. "You're really something special, you know that?"

"Hey, I'm just an ordinary guy hoping to get lucky."

"You're wrong."


"You're so much more than an ordinary guy." And then she kissed me again. She kissed me with so much feeling I felt like lightning bolts were shooting straight into my skull, in a good way.

She kissed me with so much passion that my world shrank down to the diameter of this cab, nothing existing except for me and her. And if lightning really did strike me now, I would still die happy.

"I'm never going to get you to dinner, am I?" I wondered when we eventually pulled apart.

"That depends, any more tricks up your sleeves?"

"No. Just pick a food and we'll be on our way."

"Okay... let's go." Nicole's eyes flashed down and a guilty grin spread across her face. "Besides, I'll have to get you somewhere in public where I can keep my hands off you for a few minutes. At least that way I might actually learn the history of this man I'm falling for instead of just wishing I could fuck you right here."

"Oh, damn. Forget dinner then."

"No!" she hit my shoulder. "Sometimes it really is about the journey, not the destination. Let's go have a great first date."

We had a great first date. Our food got cold and neither of us ate much. We were too busy talking. And giving each other light touches on the arm or with our feet underneath the table. I felt like I was a giddy teenager once again.

She got the lowdown on my mom and Jonathan Kendall. She found out I was 27- years-old and if the whole Kendall thing hadn't happened, I might have made it big as a Finance guru on Wall Street in a short time.

I found out she came from a sheltered, small town in Connecticut and just recently graduated from an all-girls private college. And now she was just a 22- year-old young woman hired by an Auditing firm right out of school and completely overwhelmed by the experience of New York City. Her story answered a lot of my questions about the pretty girl with the very un-New York attitude. It just made me want to protect her so much more. I hadn't dated a 22- year-old since I was 22.

There was only one hiccup in the whole evening. We were getting into a cab after dinner when I heard a woman gasp, "Is that... is that Jonathan Kwong?"

It was everything I could do to not react. Nicole glanced over for a half-second. But then a second woman said in an authoritative tone, "Nah, couldn't be. Jonathan Kwong wouldn't be taking a cab."

Once out of sight, I grinned and then our driver took us back to Nicole's apartment building. Originally I'd planned to go for a walk on a nice evening, but something in Nicole's eyes pleaded to finally get somewhere private.

We headed back up the elevator, tension thick in the air between us. We weren't holding hands. We weren't even really looking at each other really. I figured we were both just counting the seconds until we arrived at her door and rehearsing what we would say to each other.

I knew this had to be a 'no pressure' first date. Apart from my opening kisses, we'd remained relatively platonic throughout the evening. So I'd resigned myself to returning home alone tonight.

And so, when we arrived at her door, I held her hand and began by saying, "Nicole, I had a wonderful time toni-"

Then she interrupted me by saying the words every man wants to hear in his life. "Would you like to come in?"

I smiled, simultaneously happy to go in and terrified that I wouldn't be able to control my desire for her. The skimpy red dress had been revealing luscious curves and silky skin all night. "Sure. You never finished your story about what your Aunt said at that Christmas party."

Nicole took one big step closer to me, penetrating my personal space until she was looking up at me with her chest pressed up against me. "No... I mean, would you like to come in?" There was no mistaking the husky innuendo in her voice.

My heart and loins spoke up before my brain could catch up. "Absolutely."

Ten seconds later we were inside Nicole's bedroom, both the front door and her bedroom door shut and locked. We fell onto her bed, holding each other tight as our mouths found each other and the full-on makeout sessions began.

Adrenaline was pumping through my veins and I was as aroused as I'd ever been in my life. And yet there was no rush. The mental high of first love, if I could call it that, was more than enough to sate my lust. Lust of my heart, not my loins.

We kissed endlessly, the way kissing had felt when I first experienced it so many years ago. It was such a thrill that I didn't even think about sex. Holding Nicole in my arms as we made love with our mouths was more than enough for me.

And it was enough for Nicole, at least for a little while. And then suddenly it wasn't good enough anymore. With a growl, she suddenly spun us around until I was flat on my back and she was straddling my hips. Her skirt had become bunched up around her hips, revealing a black satin thong. I'd been wondering if she even had panties for a minute when I couldn't find a panty-line before dinner. But the thong didn't disappoint me, even though it was the only thing preventing her bare pussy from grinding directly atop the bulge in my jeans.

Her hands were tugging at my shirt, unbuttoning as fast as her slightly uncoordinated and very rushed fingers could go. Once she got the buttons undone I tried to help out by sitting up and shedding both my blazer and the button-down. And then her fingers were clawing at my pecs beneath my undershirt.

She kissed me again while tugging at the hem of my undershirt until it was trapped only at my arms, and then she broke our liplock long enough to whip the offending garment over my head.

"No fair, I'm topless and you're not," I complained wryly.

Nicole's grin flashed in front of me. She sat up while I sank my head back into her pillows, enjoying the view as Nicole slid the straps of her dress of her shoulders and then peeled the red material down, revealing a very thin, strapless black satin bra to match her panties.

From the slight bulge of flesh over the tops of her bra cups, I saw that her breasts were bigger than I'd thought. As a lifelong 'tits' man, I could feel my libido spike even further. And then I was seeing much more of them as the bra went flying off into a corner of the room.

I tried to resist my impulse to devour her breasts right then and there. They were so pretty, just like her. Maybe not as big as Taylor's, but the shape to them was absolutely amazingly firm and soft at the same time. While I stared in a daze, Nicole pulled out the various fasteners holding her light brown hair up, and the long locks fell down behind her shoulders.

I was able to glance up for just a moment, gazing upon Nicole's perfect 'fuck me' look at this moment. And then I lost control over my impulses.

I lunged up, throwing Nicole off balance as I attacked her chest. Almost violently, I lifted and positioned her body until she was flat on her back, head pointed away towards the foot of the bed. I took two minutes to worship her breasts with my tongue, still pointy and firm even with her laying back.

My hands, however, were busy tugging at her dress, careful not to damage it while I pulled it and her thong past her hips and then along her legs until I could fling them away to join her bra somewhere far far away.

And now I had an angel in my arms.

I paused then, for a very long time. Time simply slowed down for me as mentally I settled back down into a feeling of passionate love for this woman, overriding the physical lust inside of me.

"You are beautiful."

She just gave me a shy smile. "Really?"

I smiled right back at her. "Really, really." And I slid my hands, my palms so hot with excitement, down across her thighs and then back up, massaging as I went. "Now just lay back and let me love you."

She giggled when I got down between her legs, my face hovering over her steaming pussy, neatly trimmed fuzz promising to be quite gentle against my tongue. I got a double whiff of her perfume mixed with musky feminine arousal. I smiled at the thought of the perfume down there. Nicole had obviously placed it there expecting me. I thought back to an old saying. A guy always wonders whether or not he's going to get lucky tonight. The girl already knows.

Well, now I knew. So, eager to get things started, I extended my tongue out and made a new wet trail from the bottom of her folds all the way up and across her tight little clit.

Nicole shivered and tensed up for just a moment before relaxing and then spreading her legs farther apart for me. I could see the folds of her pussy opening like a blooming flower before my very eyes. And so I dove back in.

Using just my tongue, I licked and caressed, pulling every trick I knew in the book. With previous girlfriends, I might hold back just a little bit. No sense in getting her addicted to your best RIGHT at the beginning. Otherwise everything else is just a let down. But I wanted to get this first time SO right.

And so with the blood pounding in my ears and my hormones screaming at me to climb on top and empty my balls into her, I forced myself to slow down and be gentle. So, the touch of my tongue was feather light. My pace was agonizingly slow. I was teasing her, and we both knew it.

After five minutes Nicole cursed, "Dammit, John. You're pretty good at that." Then she picked up her head and looked at me. "You're not as good as my last girlfriend, but you're pretty good."

I picked my head up in surprise at that comment.

She just smiled. "All-women's college, remember? I'll tell you about it sometime. And I'll let you finish some other time as well. But right now?" Nicole paused and fixed me with a glare. "STOP FUCKING TEASING ME!"

I hesitated one moment too long.

Nicole sat up and started pulling on my arms. "Get up here and make love to me, please..." she moaned as she got my hips into position between her legs.

I cradled her head in both my hands as my cock simply glided into place of its own accord. My mushroom head was seated in her folds, a half-inch into her.

She looked up, eyes wide open as her gaze was mirrored right back in my own.

"Nicole... I..." I wanted to say 'I love you', but my head popped in for the briefest of moments to warn me.

"Shh..." she said, reading my mind. "It's too early for anything like that. But I appreciate the sentiment."

And then she pulled my head down for a kiss. And as my head lowered, so did my hips.

Nicole whimpered into my mouth as my battering ram parted her folds and the thick shaft burrowed into her body. I got almost all the way in without much effort, then had to press to get the last two inches in. And then we were joined.

"Ughh..." I groaned, reveling in the glorious sensation. I pulled back my head so I could see her face clearly.

"Ohhh..." Nicole moaned, her mouth open and her forehead sweating a bit, but she held my gaze as I moved in and out of her body. "It's so hot..."

And so for a long, long time we held each other, barely blinking, our faces reflecting the myriad sensations and pleasures coursing through both of our bodies.

So focused on watching her, I was lasting quite a while without trying to prevent my orgasm. Nicole on the other hand, seemed to be soaking up every pleasure as if it were all brand new to her. Twice, she closed her eyes and arched her back, gasping for breath as little orgasms shuddered through her body, clutching me close during her moments of greatest joy.

But when I saw her eyes tightening for her third, I felt my own strength beginning to waver while at the same time an instinctual part of me began forcing a faster tempo. She read the new expression in my face, smiling with satisfaction before suddenly her eyes flew wide open. "Don't cum in me," she hissed. "I'm not protected."

Inwardly I groaned, but I had enough mental fortitude to nod my agreement. And I watched as Nicole's focus shifted from enjoying the pleasure into a slight fear.

Fortunately, I was already pretty close, so she wouldn't have to endure much more. And after a few more short thrusts, I pulled out and leaned over her nude body. Nicole's eyes lit up, fascinated by what she saw as I jerked my cock a few times and then roared as the first jet of sperm flew out of me to splatter across her left breast.

Nicole giggled in the middle of my orgasm as I fired two more shots right into the valley of her cleavage. And then I leaned forward and pumped out the rest at closer range right onto her fair skin.

When I was done, I collapsed onto the bed next to her. I watched as she dipped a finger into the pool of jizz I left on her chest, and then tasted it experimentally. "Hmm, it really is salty. But it's not a bad taste," she remarked.

She turned to me. "Don't go anywhere, I'll be right back."

And Nicole slid out of bed, careful not to splash my cum everywhere as she hurried into her bathroom. And a minute later, she'd cleaned up and returned to climb her naked body next to mine and cuddle herself against me. "Thank you, John."

"I should be thanking you."

"No, I mean it. I always had hoped my first time would feel this special."

First time-... what? "Uh, excuse me?" I asked, stupidly. I hadn't felt a hymen or anything. First time?

She leaned in and pecked me. "My first time having real sex... with a man at least. My RA took my cherry with a dildo during my freshman year." From shy beauty before, Nicole had become absolutely bubbly in the aftermath of our lovemaking. "I couldn't believe I got that whole thing in me. And it was so hot and throbbing. I swear I could feel your pulse through your dick."

Meanwhile, I was still half in shock.

"You, you're the first man I ever got intimate with. I mean, I've wanted to. Really, I AM into guys. But the selection isn't that good at a women's college and I'm usually very picky."

"Uh, 'usually'?" I was barely keeping up and feeling slightly chagrined.

"Hey! That's not what I meant. It's just... you felt so... right, for me." Nicole finally slowed down and rested her head on my chest, taking a long breather to just enjoy hugging me. "From the moment I saw you, the guy having Chinese food delivered and awkwardly trying to cope with the idea that his face was on TV. I never thought anything remotely like love at first sight was possible. And yet, here we are."

She snuggled in closer and tucked her head lower on my chest, bringing her gaze down towards my crotch. She reached out and fingered my limp penis. "And this is what did it. The first male organ inside of me. And... oh! I'm so sorry!" She turned and looked at me apologetically.

With her wide-eyed innocent expression and chatterbox hyper-rambling, Nicole seemed a lot younger than her 22 years right now. "I'm sorry I made you pull out! I promise I'll get on the pill soon. I'd even already set a doctor's appointment for next Tuesday. I just wasn't expecting all this and since I'd never, well, had sex then there was no need for me to-"

"Shh..." I gently tried to calm her down and stroked her hair back against her scalp. "I wasn't complaining, so there's no need to apologize."

"Well, at least I got to see you cum." Nicole turned her head back into a snuggling position and resumed playing with my penis. "That was really sooo cool. I'd always wanted to see it and I'd always wanted to taste it."

And then suddenly Nicole picked her head up and she was looking down at me with an excited expression on her face. "Can I blow you? I've always wanted to give a blowjob. Teach me, please?"

I half-elevated myself onto my elbows. "Well, I suppose..." I trailed off as Nicole's hand was suddenly in my crotch. And then the bubbly girl was gone as Nicole's eyes narrowed, replaced by a sensuous woman who was stalking her prey.

"John..." she cooed. "I'm going to put you into my mouth. And then I'm going to suck you until you cum." And then she planted her tongue into the back of my throat. Two minutes later, I was out of breath and Nicole was sliding herself down my body until her head hovered above my half-hard erection. "I'm going to let you cum in my mouth, and I'll let you watch as I swallow it."

Nicole leaned down and licked my cock from base to crown. She stopped and giggled at the first time she'd ever kissed a dick in her life. And then her seductress face was back. "Tonight is for firsts. I thank you for making love to me and letting me try out my novice blowjob skills on you. But tomorrow..." she leaned down and gave another long lick on my now fully hard cock. "Tomorrow morning you're going to fuck the shit out of me."

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