Earth's End

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Slow,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Prologue - The sudden and serious illness of a patient causes a doctor concern and the symptoms remind him of the past...The illness as it progresses takes many lives while the government tries to cover their own involvement. Can David McArthur save the world before the government gets to him first?

Santa Barbara, California Hospital-Disease & Virus Control Center: November 21st 2207

Dr. David McArthur sat in his labaratory working with some slides. As he examined the data he had collected from a patient at the Santa Barbara Hospital, he allowed his jaw to drop as he recognized the symptoms. The samples he was examining were blood samples taken from a young pregnant woman brought in with a bad case of the flu. However, as David looked at what he was seeing, he knew this wasn't the flu.

Prior to working at the Disease & Virus Control Center, he had been a scientific research assistant in a government lab that to this day, he wasn't even allowed to mention including as a reference on his resume. He had been working at the lab for about a year when he and his boss, Dr. Tom Whittaker were approached by a representative of the government office, they had been working for.

The government agency known as Blue Colony was a secret organization that although the government was associated with it, couldn't be associated publically with it or at least make it public knowledge it was publically associated with the government. Blue Colony was an agency that was created to prepare for defense against guerilla warfare as well as creating a solution to neutralizing the enemy whoever that enemy may be against the United States government.

The actual agency was created not long after the mishap in September 11th 2001 when the attack known in history as "9/11" happened. The then president known as George Bush had been paranoid since the attack as well as his greed for power which caused him to even work behind the scenes without his own government's knowledge. Blue Colony agency was created personally by President Bush so only the top brass associated with George Bush knew at the time.

For the past two hundred years since Bush was long gone, the secret organization still existed which even now the present president and the top brass connected to him were the only one's that knew about it. It was now ten years since David had been associated with Blue Colony. He had been let go from Blue Colony when he began to ask too many questions on what his boss, friend and mentor had been working on. Despite the fact that Tom Whittaker and David McArthur were supposed to be working together, Tom was very secretive and one day in order to help Tom, David took it upon himself to go into the lab after hours and help do some "extra work" on his own initiative.

As he worked in the lab he found a folder marked "Top Secret For Tom Whittaker's Eyes Only" David at the time being a young man full of wonder and curiosity opened the file and discovered the secret. It turns out that the government was working on a secret weapon which caused flu like symptoms but had the deadly affects worse than any disease or plague known to man. In the right hands it could be used as a way of stopping a war as an alternative to the neutron bomb, but in the wrong hands it could be used as a way of doing serious harm all for the sake of someone who may want wealth or power. As David continued to read, he discovered that it was in the form of a powder that could be mistaken as a seeding for crop dusting and could be used under the guise of it.

David was surprised as he was led to believe they were supposed to be working on a more powerful alternative to tear gas that subdued the enemy, not totally obliterate them. As soon as he read this, without thinking, he called Tom Whittaker and told him of his findings. Tom reassured him he would discuss it in the morning and that everything was fine. The idea wasn't going to ever be used it was just an experiment Tom had been playing around with on his own accord and no one including the government knew about it. David had no choice but to accept that.

The next day when David came to work, Tom Whittaker was waiting for him. Tom said, "David, I want you to know I admire your work and it saddens me to have to tell you this. However, I have to let you go."

David stood there in shock as he ran his hands through his blond hair and said, "Does this have to do with last night? My being in here and finding that file?"

Tom shook his head and said, No! David both of us will actually be out of a job by tomorrow. The present President of the United States has ordered that all projects for Blue Colony are to be shutdown and that Blue Colony will dissolve as of tomorrow morning. I was giving my walking papers too."

David McArthur looked at his friend and mentor and said, "Why such short notice? That seems kind of strange given that I just found out about all of what I did."

Tom Whittaker, a man in his late fifties said, "David, I told no one about what had happened. No one is aware of what transpired last night, I assure you. That secret is between you and me."

As David looked at Tom, he sensed that Tom was lying, but Tom had never lied to him before, so why would he now? David just dismissed it as he himself being overensitive about losing his job and accepted it has fact from Tom.

Tom then said to him, "By the way David, we've also been reminded about the clause we were forced to abide by in the contract we had with Blue Colony. We are not to ever discuss Blue Colony or what we did with anyone. In fact as far as our government is concerned, the Blue Colony agency doesn't exist."

David nodded and then started to pack up his things not saying a word as he cleaned up all of his belongs. As soon as he was done, he left without a word other than to say goodbye to Tom. It was now ten years later as David recalled the event's of the past. As he sat looking at the slides under the microscope, he felt a cold chill run through his spine. He was now in his mid thirties and even though he was no longer that inexperienced lab assistant. The results of what he was looking at truly frightened him. He looked over the information carefully before him and he felt in his gut that this was so similar to what he found in that folder ten years ago, he couldn't ignore it.

He then picked up the phone and dialed the number he never thought he would call again. He hadn't talked to Tom Whittaker since that day they both had been let go. However, David had many times thought of calling him, but talked himself out of it because he didn't know what to say.

As soon as the third ring happened, a voice on the other end answered and David smiled as he recoginized the voice and said, "Hello my old friend. Tom, it's David McArthur. It's been a long time."

Tom Whittaker's voice was very warm on the phone as he replied, "David, it's very good to hear your voice. How are you?"

David started to relax as he said, "Better now that I'm hearing your voice Tom. Look I need your help. I have s serious problem here that I believe only you can help me with."

Tom replied warmly saying, "David, I will do anything I can to help. What can I do for you?"

David filled him on on everything including where David was working and when he was done. He then said, "Tom, the results appear to be like that secret project you were working on. However, I also know you told me that all of that was ceased when Blue Colony dissolved."

Tom then replied, "David, it could be just a very bad case of the flu."

David said to him, "No! This is more deadly and if I don't come up with a solution soon. This woman and her unborn baby could die. This is really serious, Tom."

Tom then said to David, "David, I will come over to see you and we will find a solution. Although I don't have my old files, I think if you are correct, I may be able to help. Give me an hour or so and I will see you in your lab."

David replied with a sigh of relief and said, "Thank you, Tom. I do appreciate your help."

He then hung up and then closed his eyes in his chair and began to relax.

Unknown to David, as soon as Tom and David got off the phone, Tom picked up the phone and spoke into it nervously saying, "You asked me to call you if I was ever approached by David McArthur in regards to any Blue Colony projects. Well, he just called me and talked to me about the one you forced me to fire him. He also doesn't know that the project never shut down. However, he has a patient that has symptoms similar to it. Did someone use it without it being tested and before we could actually develop an antidote?"

The voice on the other end said, "Doctor, you are still looking after the project even though you don't officially have an office so you know its impossible for anyone to do anything without your say so."

Tom Whittaker replied, "There's still that missing vial which you took. Did you happen to try it out on anyone? In the wrong hands that stuff is deadly. We can't afford to have it get to the public. The results could be disasterous."

The voice on the other end said, "No worries Dr. Whittaker, its safely locked away where no one can get to it. Where is David McArthur now?"

Tom told him also adding, "I have an appointment with him in less than an hour to discuss his findings."

The voice on the phone said, "Keep your appointment with him. We will handle things from here."

Tom said the the voice on the phone, "You are not going to harm him are you?"

The voice replied, "Why would we? You told us everything we need to know and he can't harm us, but he can harm you."

Tom replied, "Fair enough as long as you don't hurt him."

With that Tom hung up. What Tom didn't know was that this would be his last day on earth.

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