The 12 Steps

As the man stumbled out of the bar known as the Happy Hour Bar & Grill, he was barely able to keep his eyes open. He looked around the alley in which the pub was located. As he did, a dark figure approached him. He had been drinking most of the afternoon and had very little food in his stomach. He had eaten just enough so that he wouldnt be thrown out of the bar. The bar and grill had to enforce its policy that liquor couldnt be served without people ordering food. With that in mind, the man ordered enough for his stomach to make it legal to get his drinks.

The man, Wyatt Campbell was in his middle fifties and had been drinking since he was twelve years old. Although he was in his mid fifties, he looked much older. If a person were to look at him, he could easily be mistaken for a man of seventy. Drinking had truly taken it's toll on him.

As Wyatt leaned up against the Bar & Grill trying to get his bearings and trying not to give into the inpulse to pass out, he saw a dark figure approach him. In Wyatt's alcoholic fog, he watched as the figure approached him. Wyatt began to panic. Wyatt had been down this road before. Everytime he got drunk, kids rolled him for money and there were times that he was beaten so bad that he ached for weeks. He figured he might as well warn the person approaching him.

"Look, if you are after money. I have none." Wyatt managed to say in a loud, drunken slur. Despite the fact that he had warned the figure approaching him, the person kept approaching him, but stopped long enough to listen. The figure then replied, "I'm not after your money, old timer. I'm here to help you out."

Wyatt then saw the man approach him and the man was now barely three feet in front of him. Although the figure was pratically within seeing distance, the light from the night sky and the moon was not enough for Wyatt to get a good look at him. However, the voice was definitely male and so the panic in Wyatt escalated. Men had been abusive to Wyatt and he hated when he couldn't even see their faces as was the case now.

Wyatt worked up the courage though and said, "Okay, if you don't want my money, then what do you want?"

The man said to Wyatt in a calm voice, "I'm here to help you old timer. That's if you want it."

Wyatt then said, "Oh? You mean you are willing to take me back into the bar so we can have a drink together? You are willing to buy me some more?" As Wyatt asked the question, he began to relax. He though to himself. This may be my lucky night if this guy would be willing to buy me some drinks.

The man replied, "No old timer. I have another way to help you if you want it. If you would like, I can help you stop drinking."

Wyatt Campbell then looked in the direction of the figure and then said, "Oh fuck! You aren't one of those AA guys are you? Fuck that shit! I've been down that road before and I'm not going there. AA is not for me so never mind. I will pass on your help."

The figure replied, "No I'm not from AA. However, we do have a way of doing things which is similiar to AA but more in depth and a more hands on approach which is guaranteed to work especially for those with a severe drinking problem. We guarantee a 98% success rate. You are welcome to try it if you like."

Wyatt shook his head and said, "Forget it, Mister. I've tried everything from AA to just about every treatment center to acupunture and even church. None of that shit works for me so you are wasting your time."

The figure said to him, "Well, we guarantee we can work and like AA there is no cost to you but your time unless you want to donate if and when you can afford it. We, like AA are totally self-supporting by our members. What have you got to lose?"

Wyatt looked at the man and said, "Mister, what could you do for me that could guarantee I would never take a drink again? I've been drinking since I was twelve and thats over forty years ago."

With that the figure quickly grabbed Wyatt's hand and said, "I will show you. Come with me."

Wyatt Campbell allowed the man to lead him away from the Happy Hour Bar & Grill and actually the man had to pretty much old onto him. They rounded a corner out of sight of the pub and then continues to walk together. They walked for what seemed like hours. However, the actual walk was actually no more than ten minutes.

When they arrived at their destination, the man opened up the door to what appeared to be a clubhouse. However, it was actually a rundown warehouse. Wyatt was led inside. As soon as he was inside, he was greeted by twelve men. As soon as Wyatt entered, he actually got to see the man that brought him.

The man was in his middle twenties with long dark hair and clean shaven. He then introduced himself as Tom Marcus. The other twelve men introduced themselves and the last man to introduce himself said to him, "So you want to stop drinking do you?"

Wyatt said, "Actually, I really don't know. I've tried believe me and nothing works."

The man who addressed him and appeared to be the leader, Jonathan Carpenter, said to him, "Well we can help inspire you and keep you motivated."

With no warning, Wyatt was grabbed from behind. He was so intent on Jonathan, he didn't see how the twelve men which included Tom Marcus, had circled around him. As soon as Wyatt was subdued and gagged he was then placed in a chair and his wrists were bound to the arm rests. Once that was done, Jonathan approached him with some wire cutters... taking Wyatt's left baby finger and clamping down with the wire cutters, there was a blood curdling scream from Wyatt even through the gag.

The pain was so severe that as soon as the pain of losing his baby finger hit full force, Wyatt passed out. Jonathan smiled and then looked at the other twelve members and said, "I would say we now have another member to our little fellowship known as The Black Diamond group. To members of The Black Diamond group, please welcome our new brother, Wyatt Campbell. We now have fourteen members."

Tom Marcus looked at the newest member of The Black Diamond group and then looked at Jonathan. He recalled only a few short month ago how he was initiated into the group. It sent chills up and down his spine. However, he was sober. Tom looked down at his own left hand and stared at his own hand which was minus a left finger. He couldnt deny it. He had stayed sober so far. However, the fear of what else could happen left him scared to drink.

As he looked at Jonathan, his eyes locked with Jonathan's. The eyes of Jonathan Carpenter staring back at Tom were cold and dark. Tom shivered and turned away. He knew crossing Jonathan Carpenter was not a good thing...

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