My Playmate
Chapter 1: Orientation

Copyright© 2007 by bluedragon

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: Orientation - Boy meets girl. Boy and girl hook up. Then girl decides to pose for a certain well known men's magazine. Some girls just wanna have fun. I'm just trying to hang on for the ride.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Cheating   Group Sex   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   School  

"What the hell are you thinking?"

"I'm thinking I can't live one more minute without tasting you!" she smiled up at me from her kneeling position on the floor.

"Someone could walk by any second!" I hissed in my same exasperated tone.

"So you'd better hurry."

And with that, the hot blonde got my dick out of my shorts and fed upon me.

My knees went weak and I physically collapsed a few inches until my back hit the cinderblock wall behind me. We were hidden... (-ish) in the narrow stairwell, but I knew that our privacy couldn't last forever.

"Cum for me baby. I'm a slut for your cum. Give it to me!" Her hand was jacking up and down my shaft, and then her mouth had enveloped me once again.

On one level, I knew getting myself off faster would mean it was less likely we'd get caught. And she was certainly keeping up her end of the effort by rapidly jerking and suckling and teasing every sensitive nerve her tongue could reach.

But the harder I tried to shoot off the more it eluded me, until finally I just said

"fuck it" and let myself go, giving in to the thrill of the moment and the pleasure coursing through my dick.

Who cares if we get caught? What, like I should be ashamed of a hot babe blowing me? This feels too fucking good!

I glanced down, staring right into the pale blue eyes of this gorgeous woman giving me fantastic head, moaning around my pecker stuffing her mouth. She hummed when I moved my hands to her head, holding it steady as I started fucking her face as I went down the final stretch before the end.

She opened her mouth wide and let me have my way with her until finally, with rapid thrusting, I slammed myself into the back of her throat and came, rocketing jet after jet of cum into her.

Her lips clamped down and formed a watertight seal as she swallowed quickly, drinking down every drop I gave her while she coaxed out more with her hand still squeezing at my rod.

Eventually, she stood up while I got my jeans back in order. Very clearly, that encounter had been more for her benefit than mine, even though I was the one with the orgasm.

"Satisfied?" I asked her.

She just nodded and a trickle of jizz leaked out the corner of her mouth. She caught her breath and then scooped the glob back in with a delicate finger. A wide smile spread across her face.

"Well, playtime's over." I sternly informed her. "We're late for class."


Of all the places you'd expect to find hot chicks, I never would have picked a bowling alley. But that's where I first met Courtney.

It was freshman orientation, and the upperclassmen figured a midnight bowling run would be a good way to get all the timid froshlings to come out and talk to one another. They were right. And I reaped the benefits.

She was in Lane 17. I was in 18. I was your average proto-adult with just enough experience to fit in and not enough experience to start the conversation. She was a tanned and fit, blonde Southern belle with a brilliant smile and a smokin' bod.

Quite easily, she captured my attention from the moment I saw her. And she held my attention even more firmly once I let my eyes wander up and away from her large breasts to her beautiful face.

Two days into our first experience living away from home, everyone was looking to make new friends. Of course, a number of nearby males were trying to become more than just friends with Courtney. The three guys bowling with her in Lane 17 were falling all over themselves to get her bowling ball for her or offer her their seat. Some ex-high school jock in Lane 16 was trying to charm her and look cool at the same time. And another muscled Adonis in my own lane was suitably attempting to impress.

That's not my style. So I held back, being perfectly polite and friendly but happy to watch five other dudes make fools of themselves. Instead I chatted with my new roommate and we both just watched the scene unfolding. Courtney's light hair and pale blue eyes were flipping left and right to address the volume of adoration being sent her way so that she never lingered on any one guy for more than a minute, much less looked towards me. So we left her and her gaggle of admirers to do their thing. Instead I focused on my bowling.

Now I'm no professional, but I can throw a ball in a straight line. And after seven frames I was clearly in the lead amongst both Lanes 17 and 18. And my score had Courtney's attention.

In the eighth frame I popped another strike, and Courtney hopped up to me with a loud cheer and a giggling high five. Her mood was infectious, and I was celebrating right with her. My roommate also got up to yell out his own encouragement. But I was honestly more pleased by the hot babe jumping up and down in front of me.

When I got up for the ninth frame, Courtney was cheering me on and completely ignoring everyone else. A second strike in a row was more than enough to elicit a happy reaction from her, and suddenly she was the perky cheerleader on the sidelines who inspired the most magical of performances. I could actually FEEL my confidence spike as she jumped around.

"Strike! Woo-hoo!" she popped out another high five, and I slapped her hand gleefully. Seriously, I was just thrilled she was talking to me.

And then I was sitting on my ass across the floorboards after Mr. Adonis had purposely bumped me on his way to the lane. Courtney was then next to me as I got up and dusted myself off, and we looked up just in time to see that the jerk had thrown his second strike in a row as well. With only one frame left, he still had a chance to beat me.

I was cordial enough to let Courtney fuss over me for a moment, but the competitive edge in me was now taking center stage over my hormones. I'd rather focus on my next ball.

"Don't choke, bitch," came the snide remark from my competitor.

"Hey! No one likes a poor sport," Courtney leap to my defense.

I didn't bother with a response of my own.

A third strike in a row would seal the deal. Anything less would leave a window for Mr. Adonis to eclipse my score. So lasering in on my target, I let fly and then let out a holler of joy as all ten pins hit the floor. Then I turned around to see the expressions on my waiting spectators.

There's really nothing more satisfying than seeing arrogant ex-jocks looking dejected in defeat.

Except maybe the fact that Courtney had jumped into my arms and given me a warm hug of congratulations. She smelled really nice, and I let a goofy grin spread across my face. I think I'm going to like college.

It was 3 o'clock in the morning when I finally got Courtney to her dorm room. My roommate had made himself disappear the instant we got back to campus (thank you!). And after a minute of chatting I'd offered to walk Courtney back to her room. It wouldn't be far since we both lived on the same floor in the same dorm.

But then one left turn had led to another and suddenly we'd been strolling away into the campus greenbelts. Clearly, neither of us had wanted to find our rooms just yet.

We'd spent one of those multiple-hour, late night conversations that you always dream about: you know, the pleasant getting-to-know-you conversation mixed with the I-can't-believe-how-absolutely-fabulous-this-person-is giddy feeling. I hated for the evening to end.

But there were more mandatory Orientation activities the next day, and we both knew we SHOULD get some sleep. In the end, we'd said our goodbyes just outside of her door, careful to be quiet. Courtney's roommate had skipped the bowling night and was sound asleep already.

I was standing quite close to her body, and even had a little bit of that "lean". But I chickened out at the last moment and with a goofy grin, walked away.

My roommate, Brian, and I were just about dressed and ready to catch the very end of breakfast hour at the dining hall. The knock on the door caught us both by surprise and I waited the half second for Brian to finish putting his shirt on before opening it.

Two stunningly gorgeous faces shone in the morning sunlight, and I actually felt my breath being taken away as I gazed upon such a lovely sight.

Courtney giggled and stepped into the room, lifting two fingers under my jaw to snap my mouth shut, and her equally pretty friend followed after before standing in the middle of the room. Both girls were dressed in casual college attire, jeans and a pastel shirt for the friend and another cute shirt and summer skirt for Courtney; but the clothing contoured to their wonderful figures in a way no baggy T-shirt had ever hung on my torso.

Courtney said "hi" to Brian as well and then paused to introduce her friend, Christine. While Courtney was the gorgeous, blonde southern belle, Christine had more of a cute face framed by darker strawberry-blonde hair. And her green eyes sparkled while she turned to survey both me and my roommate while also profiling her body to the both of us. I swear Christine had even bigger tits than Courtney, and somewhere in the back of my head I thanked whatever fate was out there for putting me into this position. With thin waists, tight asses, and round breasts, these were Playboy-material babes we'd be spending our time with.

We finished the introductions, and then smiling right at me Courtney asked, "Are you heading out to breakfast?"

"Just now," I answered. And seizing the opportunity I continued, "Care to join us?"

"Of course." Courtney's smile was brilliantly brighter even than the morning sun.

Instinctively, we paired off when heading out of the dorm and to the dining hall.

Courtney and I walked up front, easily continuing the previous night's conversation. I had worried that the magical connection would have dissipated overnight. But that electrical spark was still right there, and I felt a surge of adrenaline flowing through me when Courtney reached out and looped her hand through my elbow. I caught several gawking gazes of supremely jealous guys passing by in the opposite direction, and my ego tripled as I cruised through campus with such a gorgeous creature on my arm.

Brian and Christine followed just steps behind us. I dimly heard them chatting and having no problems with their own conversation. But most of my own attention was on the goddess beside me.

Breakfast and then the day's activities flew by in a blur. None of it mattered or registered in my head except for the knowledge that Courtney spent the entire time by my side. We entertained ourselves with little snarky comments about the boring presentations. And more than once someone would give us a short glare because we were making too much noise in our restrained laughter.

Ironically, we were shushed during a speech lecturing that we shouldn't get into romantic relationships too early without forming a comfortable circle of friends to fall back on if the relationship falls apart. There's not much worse than finding yourself a year into school without a single friend except for your ex-girlfriend.

For their part, Brian and Christine seemed to be hitting it off just as well, and we all stayed joined at the hip throughout the day and shared dinner together. After dinner we lazed around together in one of the dorm lounges.

I was infinitely grateful for this Orientation week. We had days to kill just immersing ourselves in the college experience, meeting new people and enjoying the campus before the world of classes and homework took over our lives.

Our foursome stuck together, although we did mingle with the other freshman students hanging out in the lounge. A ping-pong table in the back of the lounge also caught my attention, and with Courtney's encouragement I challenged one of the new guys to a friendly game.

Well, with me playing, a friendly game quickly turned über-competitive. Courtney was right back in cheerleader mode, watching attentively and urging me on to do well. It was as if she took personal pride in my success, and that level of attachment felt really, really good to me. How could I possibly let her down?

He was pretty good, and after a few frustrating early points, I went on an 8-point run to finish him off. Courtney was hugging me again and this time she gave me a peck on the cheek, setting off a deep red blush to involuntarily rise into my cheeks.

Christine teased me about the color in my face while Brian just clapped me on the back in a more "manly" congratulation. But then another alpha male froshling stepped up to try and take me down.

I spent the next half an hour just taking on competitors. Some of the games were close and some were not, but I managed to win all of them. Finally I retired citing wrist exhaustion, and Brian commented that I wouldn't be able to jack myself off tonight after wearing myself out.

Courtney dropped in with a seriously sensual, "I could do it for you."

And then the red color was in my cheeks again.

Eventually, the hour got late and we decided to go to sleep. We made plans to meet up again for breakfast the next day, and I think Brian was even more eager to see Christine again than I was excited to see Courtney.

The next day started off in the same manner. Courtney and Christine arrived at our door to pick us up for breakfast. This time we were already dressed and very ready to go.

Our foursome picked up right where we'd left off the previous day. The same familiar comfortability permeated our every discussion. The same electric connection between us stirred the air. And we were laughing and talking without awkward pauses or any other hiccups.

Orientation presentations and small group meetings with our upperclassmen

"mentors" went smoothly. Although those small group meetings represented the only times we were separated from each other, and I felt a piece of me dying inside in every moment spent away from Courtney.

I wouldn't consider myself to be the life of the party, but I usually wasn't afraid to speak up or take part in a social activity. But now, trapped with five other froshlings and one mentor, I found myself the social wallflower. Quiet, staying in the background, and constantly daydreaming about the gorgeous woman I'd spent the morning with. I was counting down the minutes until this interminable meeting was over and I could see her once again.

When it was time to return to the big lecture hall, I literally raced through the crowd like a little kid eager to get to the front of the line. And once I got the big fountain in the main courtyard, I was frantically twisting my head this way and that in my futile search.

I couldn't find her.

But then a cheery "Hey you!" sounded behind me and the most blissful smile of my life spread across my face when I saw her. And everything in my life was right again.

More boring speeches went by, and then our foursome reunited for dinner.

Then after dinner was free time. So Brian led the way to the pool table we'd found in a back room of the dorm and we set up for a friendly two-on-two. For a moment, I was expecting a guys vs. girls matchup. But then Courtney made a smart-ass remark to her friend about how we would kick Christine's and Brian's collective asses.

So the challenge was on. Brian broke and then proceeded to knock in half of his stripes. I just smirked at my teammate as Courtney shouted her encouragement at me. I could really get used to the sound of her cheering me on.

So then I promptly ran the table and sank every solid in sight. And when the 8- ball dropped into the corner pocket, Courtney just looked at me with wide eyes and wondered aloud, "Bowling. Ping-pong. Pool. Is there anything you can't do?"

"Haven't found anything yet."

"Competitive, aren't you?" Christine whistled.

"Well, I won't stop at anything until I've mastered it."

"Anything?" Courtney asked. There was a flirty light in her eyes and she grinned at me.

Taking the bait, I offered up, "Sure. Anything."

"Well, how are you at licking pussy?"

Brian audibly choked.

I was sure I didn't hear her right. "Uh, excuse me?" For the first time, I felt my confidence waver with the unexpected.

Courtney simply sauntered over to me and then stopped just inches away. One finger went to my chest and she looked downwards, following the trail of her finger as she traced my pecs. "Have you mastered the art of licking pussy?" And then she looked up into my eyes with her blue irises on fire.

My mouth came up with its cocky answer before my brain did, "Well, would you like a demonstration?"

"Mmm, well proving it does seem to be the best solution." Courtney's eyes dazzled me with their inner light. And without further ado she turned and elevated herself onto the edge of the pool table. Then spreading her legs, Courtney lifted up her skirt to prove she had gone without panties for the entire day, and a juicy wet pussy was now staring me in the face, covered only by a thin strip of blonde fuzz neatly trimmed and pointing the way.

Christine hissed, "Courtney! What are you doing? There's no lock to this room!"

Courtney kept her eyes firmly fixed on me while she replied to Christine, "Relax.

And why don't you watch the door, will you?"

I was in awe of the sight before me. I'd seen a pussy up close and personal before, but never on a girl who captured my imagination quite like Courtney. I felt the wave of uncertainty washing through my body, but my hormones and my ego had gotten me into this situation and I dared not back out. So schooling my face to betray no fear, I got to my knees and inhaled Courtney's sweet scent.

"Oh, god," Christine moaned as she watched me moving into position, a pant of arousal more than shock at this point.

And then I extended my tongue and took my first swipe along the moist slit.

Courtney shuddered above me when the wet appendage first touched her skin, and she moaned happily as I moved deeper into continue my tongue thrashing.

At that point, my world condensed until there was nothing left but the thighs around my ears and the gate to paradise before my eyes.

"Fuck, yeah," she moaned. "Lick me, baby."

I was quick to do just that. My lips and tongue never stopped moving while searching out every tender bump and crevice along Courtney's pussy.

Automatically, I was mentally cataloguing which areas were more sensitive and which actions spurred the best reactions.

A few minutes later, Courtney was juicing out of control as I introduced a finger into the mix. And when my tongue wrapped around her distended clit, I brought up two fingers and pressed them deeply into her tight tunnel. There was plenty of lubrication for me to thrust easily while the pads of my lips continued to attack her.

"Oh, yeah. Deeper. Oh, shit! Just like that!"

Her words were the most powerful aphrodisiac, spurring me on to a fervor I didn't realize I could possess. There was something about the way she said everything that made me feel like I was the most awesome sex god in the universe. And that enthusiasm showed in the way I attacked her body.

I could tell she was getting close as Courtney was now having a seriously hard time keeping her body still. Her heavy pants were music to my ears as she gyrated on top of the pool table. And just as her moans were speeding up, I had a sudden inspiration and bared my teeth for just a moment to let the hard edges nudge against her throbbing love button.

Courtney shrieked with just the briefest moment of pain, loud enough I'm sure to have carried well beyond the confines of this room. But the sudden rush had its desired effect and she was suddenly cumming, her legs wrapped around my head and her pussy visibly spasming in front of my face. A deluge of honey poured out of her body and across my chin while I slurped up as much as I could reach.

I rode the waves, waiting patiently for the flexing muscles of Courtney's legs to stop quivering and after a couple of minutes, she finally sagged to a stop and half collapsed across the empty table. I stood up, and looked around for a moment before Brian stepped up with a few napkins he'd found in the room so I could clean up my face. I made no mention of the tent in his jeans as he still gaped at Courtney's naked pussy.

Courtney sighed, and then Christine sighed with her as she saw the rapturous look on her friend's face. We were all silent for a few minutes as Courtney eventually collected herself, getting off the pool table and smoothing out her skirt.

I hoped no one noticed the trickle of fluid running down her leg as I offered her the napkins. Still, there was no fixing the puddle of juices soaking the felt on the pool table.

"Well, I must say that was pretty good," Courtney finally informed me. "But you're a long way from being a master. So I guess we're just going to have to keep practicing until you've mastered it."

Oh poor me. "I think I can handle that."

And Courtney sashayed right back up to me, the fire in her eyes still burning as brightly as ever. Then she leaned up and licked along the side of my face, catching a trail of her own honey before returning to my mouth and latching onto my lips for our first kiss. She moaned happily into me and the erection that had been trapped in my jeans was now screaming at me for relief.

Then she turned to her friend. "Uh, Christine? Would you mind taking Brian here for a walk? I think the boys' dorm room is going to be occupied for the next hour or so."

Christine nodded as she crossed the room to rejoin my roommate. "You little slut," she giggled to her friend. "Don't have too much fun without me."

So Brian and Christine went their separate way while Courtney and I literally raced to the privacy of my dorm room. And no sooner had we entered than she trapped me against my own door and began to french kiss me with mad desire.

My hands were roving over all her forbidden places while she simply clutched my shoulders as our tongues dueled together. Courtney actively ground her crotch onto my thigh while my palms cupped her perfect asscheeks, and then I stroked her spine while another hand came up to finally touch one of the massive globes sitting up on her chest.

I was content to remain kissing, still young and new enough to the sex game to enjoy this simple pleasure; still wise and experienced enough to be patient for the main course.

But Courtney had other ideas. After only a few minutes of engaging our mouths, Courtney backed away and then turned around. She was standing in the middle of the room and kicked her feet out to the sides, then bent over and grabbed her own ankles just above her white tennis shoes, forming an upside-down V with her body. And with a flick of her hips, she managed to flip the back of her skirt up and fold it over until there was nothing but her bare ass and juicy pussy staring back at me at the apex.

Her upside-down face grinned at me, "Drop your jeans."

Patience or not, I knew an opportunity when I saw one. My jeans and boxers hit the floor, trapped around my feet, and I shuffled forward until I was able to step in right behind her. My erect penis was leading the way and pointing towards her naked backside, like a plant stretching towards the sun.

"Ooh, come to me."

Once I was right behind her, Courtney wriggled on her feet until she brought her hips to just the right height for me. So with my dick hard and aimed forward, I gripped her thighs and sank myself deeply into her wet tunnel.

The fireworks of pleasure lit off in my brain as every tender nerve came into contact with the paradise of Courtney's pussy. A dim part of me wanted to look into her eyes as we made love for the first time. But she wasn't that kind of girl and this wasn't that kind of fuck.

So I stared down at the perfect ass of the limber girl bent in half before me, and I watched my spear parting her folds over and again while I pumped back and forth. Courtney's mewling noises drifted up to me while I thrust deep into her body. With her hands clamped onto her own ankles, she was completely helpless in my hands and dependent on the fulcrum of our fuck to remain vertical.

"Fuck me baby!" she cried.

This was fast and dirty. And it was apparently just how Courtney wanted it. I would have liked to say our first time making love was a rich tapestry of emotion and feeling, filled with loving caresses and tender words, stretching on into the evening so we could scale the heights of passion over hours of sensuous bliss.

But it wasn't.

Courtney's legs started trembling and she threatened to collapse from her precarious position. But I just gripped her ass even tighter and fucked her body around my shaft even harder. And then when Courtney's legs went rigidly still and she screamed out in ecstasy, I thrust all the way in one last time and joined her in the celebration of release.

Her legs were locked still but her pussy muscles were spasming uncontrollably, and into this maelstrom of flesh I ejected load after load of cum directly into the heart of the storm. Courtney was gasping and muttering, "Oh, I can feel it!", reveling in our mutual orgasm while I simply growled and fired another burst of semen into her warm pussy.

At last we ground to a halt, and with my hands still on Courtney's hips I leaned back until my spent cock plopped out, followed by a river of cum that dribbled down her leg. I managed to keep her upright just long enough until Courtney's knees buckled and she sank to all fours on the floor.

I made a mental note to try and wipe up the fluids from the carpet before it stained too badly. And as I leaned back against my dresser I simply gasped for breath, listening to Courtney's pants of exertion as well and looking at her half- naked and well-fucked form still curled up on the carpet. I figured we were done for the moment.

I was wrong.

The nymphomaniac before me just turned around and lifted her shirt over her head. And then looking at me while sitting on her bare ass, she reached back and unsnapped her bra, moving efficiently.

Still, despite the lack of theatrics, the reveal of Courtney's wonderful breasts to my gaze for the first time was an absolutely mind-blowing experience. Her round globes, so full and so firm in their youth, were the biggest ones I'd ever seen with my own two eyes. Capped by turgid pink nipples and standing proudly away from her body, they were absolutely spectacular. I felt the new twitch of life in my cock from that sight alone.

And giggling at the expression on my face, Courtney continued to move, pulling her skirt down her legs and off, until she wore nothing but her socks and tennis shoes, which for some reason stayed on. Kinky. And I loved it.

"Get on your bed," she told me, and I was quick to obey. She went to my feet to remove my shoes and then tug my jeans off. I whipped my shirt over my head which left me completely naked. My half-hard dick, still wet with her pussy juices, lay out in the open before Courtney's flashing eyes.

She climbed onto the mattress to join me, and I couldn't help but reach my hands out to touch her skin. She was so hot I felt like I could burn my fingers against her, and at the same time it was such a silky smooth texture I couldn't get enough of caressing every inch I could reach, rubbing at random and changing directions whimsically every moment to touch a new place.

Courtney, meanwhile, was much more direct in her attention. She went right for my cock and my body went still for a second when she slurped me into her mouth.

I half choked when the velvety warm sensation spread into my body, and I lay back on the bed so simply enjoy this while Courtney showered me with our first blowjob together.

Her tongue was a dancing imp of pleasure, titillating the sensitive skin and rubbing her fingers against my balls. "Oh, that's sooo good," I groaned to her.

And it wasn't hyperbole. She was easily the most awesome oral giver of pleasure I'd ever experienced.

But her suckling was not meant to bring me off, only to bring me back up. And in record time I was sporting an impressive piece of wood, stronger than oak.

Fully in charge, Courtney maneuvered herself until she was squatting over my hips, her socks and tennis shoes planted flat on my bedspread while she looked deep into my eyes from an upright position. My hands automatically went to those generous tits and I cupped them in my hands, feeling her up to my delight.

Courtney just smiled and glanced down at my hands, proud of her impressive bosom and apparently pleased that I was so enraptured by it.

"Like them? You can play with them all you want. In fact, after tonight, I'll let you play with them whenever you want. Just trap me against a door and shove your hand inside my shirt. Feel me up, tease my nipples. Anytime you desire. Mmm, you could stick your head up in my shirt and suck on them if you wanted. Maybe later I'll let you fuck them!"

My mind was spiraling out of control picturing everything she was telling me, and I gripped those firm globes ever tighter as if I would never let go. But Courtney had her own needs to attend to as well and before I realized it, she'd pivoted and then buried my dick back into her still sloppy pussy.

I grunted my approval as she began to grind herself upon me, doing more carving than thrusting. I kept my palms on her tits as we gyrated together, enjoying the intensely tight squeeze while smoothly gliding against each other with the copious amounts of lubrication.

"Oh, baby. You feel so good inside me. I want your cock every day. I want you fucking me every day. It's so, so fucking hot! I can't believe the temperature of this thing! You're setting me on fire!"

Then Courtney elevated, and balancing with her left hand planted behind her, she leaned back and redirected my cock with her right hand until the mushroom head was trapped in her butt cleft.

"No way," I breathed. I moved my hands out of the way so I could witness the sight before me unobstructed.

Courtney just nodded. "I need to feel you burning through me." And then she sank her body down, exhaling mightily to relax her sphincter and leaning to make herself heavier and slam her own ass around my cock until the head popped through her anal ring.

I couldn't believe the tight pressure as she forced her ass down onto me, but once we got through the first ring she descended rapidly and then I was balls deep in an asshole for the very first time in my life.

"Holy shit!" I exclaimed. It was unbelievably tight. I'd thought her pussy was a snug fit, but I was squeezed on all sides inside of this inferno of Courtney's ass.

She just sat there on top of me for a minute, enjoying the feel of my pole up her butt, and idly she let her fingers dangle down to tickle her clit on the other side.

But then she leaned back with both arms, planting both hands on the bed and began to pump herself up and down with her legs. She fucked me on all fours, with her tits pointed to the ceiling and her pussy gaping wide just before my face, still oozing white globs of cum from our previous pussy-fuck.

"Oh, oh, fuck!" she whimpered. "So full! Your cock is so hot and it fills me up so well!"

I was in absolute heaven. A smoking hot nymphomaniac was fucking me up her asshole, and despite having cum only minutes before, I could feel myself slipping away into ecstasy. I had to find something else to focus on, and in a desperate effort to please her I moved my hands to the love button and wet gash in front of me.

"Oh, yeah! Oh, baby! Stick your fingers in me!"

So my right hand twiddled her clit while I shoved two fingers from my left hand in between her pussy lips. Courtney slammed her body down once, impaling my cock all the way up her ass and she remained right there, moaning in ecstasy while I flexed the shaft inside her backside and plunged my fingers in and out of her front hole.

And then she threw her head back and shrieked to the world that she was cumming. I knew the cinderblock would muffle most of the sound, but there was no way my neighbors could have any doubt about what was occurring in this dorm room.

Now satisfied, Courtney was determined to get me off as well. She slipped to her knees to give her calves a break, and then sat upright while gyrating around to feel my rod stretching her asshole wide open. And with her big tits bouncing right in my face she began to buck her body up and down, chest thrust outwards, head held high while she called out "Fill me! I wanna feel you shooting off in my ass! Let it go! Give me your cum!"

I clamped my hands onto her hips to help her up and down, physically dominating her body and forcing her ass to fuck my cock at a pace that I wanted, as if I was masturbating myself with her asshole. And after only a few minutes of Courtney's tight butt muscles clenching and the audio/visual assault of her bosom and voice moaning at me. My balls coiled and then unleashed, and I was blasting off inside of Courtney's bowels, coating her insides with the hot splashes of my cum.

Courtney shrieked in happiness as rope after rope of jizz impacted with her inner walls, and the deluge simply kept coming as I realized I was cumming more than I'd ever done in my life. "My first ass" was a mantra repeating over and again in my head.

She sat atop me, just enjoying the sensations until eventually the rod holding her upright deflated and she collapsed backwards across my bed, now leaking cum from both of her holes and onto my bedspread. I would have to do an early load of laundry tonight.

Courtney lay flat on her back, and I didn't move either. Some part of me figured I should be cuddling or something, but this simple exhaustion after such an incredible fuck also seemed appropriate. Neither of us moved for several moments as we just tried to catch our breath.

The quiet was interrupted by a hard knock at the door. "You guys still in there?"

Brian's voice called out.

I checked the clock and realized we'd been fucking a lot longer than I expected.

"Uh, give us two minutes, dude!" I got up and shouted back. Courtney smiled at me and then started to get her clothes back together, and also grabbed a few paper towels to clean her soiled body up a bit.

But then I was kissing Courtney goodbye, and Christine's sparkling eyes were on her friend as Courtney and Brian switched places across the room. The two girls stood just outside our door and looked back at us boys. We only chatted for a minute before finalizing our good nights.

Courtney finally stated, "I'd better get back to my roommate. I feel a little guilty for disappearing on her for the last two days."

That made me pause, "Aren't you two roommates?"

Courtney glanced at her friend and then back to me. "Oh, oh no!" she giggled, realization dawning across her face. "We just met each other on the first day. My roommate's a bookworm and I can't seem to get her to crawl out of our room just yet. But I'll try to drag her out with us tomorrow. You guys will like her, she's really sweet and she really needs some friends."

Then Christine added, "Well my roommate is not the shy type, but she already has her own friends from high school and runs in her own circle. So maybe it'll just be the five of us."

"Okay, well we'll see you in the morning." A second round of goodbyes went around and then Brian and I turned back to our room.

And so both Brian and I sat on our own beds, spacing out into the distance. We were both ruminating on what the past few hours had brought us.

"She kissed me," Brian whispered, half in disbelief. He was floating on Cloud 9. I didn't bother to tell him Courtney and I had done much more than kiss.

"That was the best day of my life," Brian said.

I had to agree.

This time, Brian and I were the ones picking up the girls for breakfast. I felt it was more appropriate for the guys to do the "picking up", and besides I liked the pseudo-dating aspect of the concept.

Christine was already inside Courtney's dorm room, and we finally met the wallflower roommate, Anna. To be honest, she pretty much fit the expected bookworm stereotype: brown-eyed brunette with bangs, a simple haircut designed to be efficient, glasses, and librarian-esque clothing that hid her figure from further inspection. Her face did have a clean attractiveness, although she could stand to wear a little makeup. Above all else the slumped posture and downcast eyes were her biggest problem.

But Anna shook my hand firmly in greeting, like a guy would shake hands, and she was cordial enough in speaking to Brian and me. And then we were all off to breakfast together.

After the previous evening's aerobic activities, I had a hunger to clutch Courtney's body to me and attack her in lustful pleasure. But instinctively I found myself holding back from flirting or any other physical affection towards Courtney.

Somehow, I felt I had to be more reserved in front of her roommate.

Besides, half of Courtney's attention was now on Anna while she did her best to be cheery and draw the wallflower out of her shell. The rest of us picked up on Courtney's activities and we all went out of our way to be friendly and subtly keep Anna involved in the conversation. And by the time breakfast was done Anna was much more open and relaxed with the rest of us.

Still, my teenaged mind was filled with sexual thoughts, and I caught myself on more than one occasion hungrily devouring Courtney with my eyes. She noticed, more than once, and a little smirk would creep into her face as she kept up the conversation. And I would shake my head out and return to less sexual, but more sociable, topics.

And then we were all off to the final day of Orientation's boring lectures and warnings. We all got our "drop-everything-and-run-because-someone-is-being- raped" whistles. We laughed at the "safe sex" skit. And I pretty much forget what all the other topics were on because my mind was elsewhere.

Specifically, my mind was about two feet to my left. The five of us sat in one row together for the whole day: Anna, Courtney, Me, Christine, and Brian. And yes, it was Courtney I was daydreaming about, not her friend who was spending more time flirting with Brian. I rested my hand on the armrest between us, and from the moment Courtney slipped her own palm into mine I swore I would never let her hand go.

Of course, I did let it go when we had to split off into our mentoring groups again.

And I counted down every second until I saw her once again. I used to count down minutes; now it was seconds. And each tick on my wristwatch made my heart sink even further down, to a depth where only Courtney's smiling face could ever rescue me.

Yeah, it's a safe bet to say I've got a pretty bad crush. For a moment I remembered how aloof and unbothered I felt when Courtney first had her gaggle of male admirers at the bowling alley. Love at first sight? Nah. But her infectious energy had drawn me out, her humor kept me entertained, and the most incredible sex of my life had completely blown my mind. I'd never been in love before, but maybe this was it.

My crippled condition made me pretty bipolar for the rest of the day. It was a simple logical equation. If Courtney is with me, I am the happiest guy on Earth. If Courtney is not with me, I am so depressed I want to kill myself. So I celebrated like a drunk idiot when we were finally reunited just before dinner.

In fact, just being around her filled me up with so much joy that I belatedly realized Brian and I were returning to our dorm room in the late evening without anything remotely sexual occurring. When I'd woken up this morning, all I could think about was another frantic romp around my room, fucking Courtney in every way imaginable. But now that the day was over, I realized that it had been a pleasant, but chaste evening. And I didn't regret a moment of it.

After dinner, the five of us had retired back to Courtney and Anna's room, where we chatted and pulled out an Uno deck. Yes, Uno. No strip poker. No spin the bottle. No Truth or Dare. Uno.

We all had a blast, and time literally flew so fast I was in a shock when the clock chimed 11pm. With the hour started getting late, and our first day of classes starting bright and early at 8am, Anna suggested that it was time to go to bed.

Christine was the first to lean in and give Brian a warm kiss goodnight. I could see his heart racing from across the room, and then I caught the briefest glimpse of Christine's tongue retracting back into her own mouth when she pulled away.

Courtney then glanced briefly at her own roommate, as if unsure how to proceed.

Her concern was touching on some level. So with regret, I understood I would likely not be getting a kiss of my own.

Anna just rolled her eyes. "Go ahead. I know I'm a fifth wheel, but that's cool."

The smirk behind her glasses was honest.

So Courtney grinned and actually launched into my arms, wrapping her legs around my waist while I grabbed onto her thighs to make sure she didn't fall. And then she kissed me with cheerleader enthusiasm, and I felt hours of withdrawal symptoms finally lift off of me while I fully enjoyed the flavor of her mouth.

"Goodnight boys," Courtney called out as we headed out the door. "We'll see you in the morning!"

I stopped four feet into the hall, the tug of desire preventing me from going any further. I didn't want to wait until tomorrow morning. I turned around and gazed back at the angel leaning against the door frame. And in a sudden burst I closed the distance between us and kissed her one more time.

Courtney wrapped her arms behind my head as I planted the most passionate kiss of my life on her, and when we finally had to breathe I looked right into her sky blue eyes and realized, this is the face I want to wake up next to for the rest of my life.

I went to sleep imagining what my life would be like at 30, 40, or even 80 years old with Courtney by my side. And in just 8 short hours I would be meeting her for breakfast once again.

College rules!

When I awoke, that breakfast meeting was still hours away. I could only have been asleep for an hour or so. The lights were out, the room dark, the air silent.

And then the warm, wet, tingle shot up my spine once again. It was the same sensation that first brought me out of my slumber. And the heavenly feeling immediately had my attention.

I groaned, and then heard a matching male groan come from across the room.

Now I was fully awake, and I lifted my head up to see blonde hair in my lap, slowly bobbing up and down my naked erection. "What the-?"

Courtney looked up from her position over my cock, smiling while her mouth was still stuffed full of my man-meat. Her eyes twinkled in the moonlight, and then she went back to feasting upon me.

"Holy crap, Christine!" I heard Brian speak a moment later, the voice coming from his bed on the other side of the room. "I thought you said we'd see you in the morning."

I heard a wet pop as Christine must have pulled off of Brian's dick. "It IS morning.

It's 12:15. And that's all you have to say? I'm sucking your cock and you're questioning my timing?"

"No, no, no! Oh, it's fantastic. Thank you! Thank you!"

"Hmph, that's better." And then that half of the room went silent but for the slurping sounds of excellent head.

I looked down and watched Courtney jerk my shaft just a few more times, paying careful attention to the twitches in my balls. Apparently satisfied, she got up. I could see that she had already stripped herself naked, and I sighed happily at the vision of her perfect body silhouetted in the moonlight. The soft lighting made her curves hyper-real, half-hidden in the shadow and leaving the rest of her nude form an erotic thing of true beauty.

"I think they're ready," Courtney called out softly.

"Okay, Brian. Move!" Christine was definitely in charge of her man, and it seemed Brian was only too happy to try and keep up with her every command. Then Courtney took my hand, leading me off my bed and over to join the other couple on Brian's bed.

I could dimly see the forms shuffling around as Christine stripped Brian and then propped up a pillow against the wall. Soon Brian was sitting sideways across his bed, his feet hanging over one edge while his lower back was supported by the pillow. Christine's strawberry-blonde head was once again bobbing in his lap.

Courtney got me naked as well, and then directed me to sit next to Brian, close enough to see exactly what Christine was doing to his dick, but not so close as to make either of us uncomfortable. And once both of us guys were in proper position, the girls simultaneously moved to straddle our hips.

"Holy shit!" Brian exclaimed as he realized what was about to happen. We had only a foot of empty bed space between us. And then when the girls' knees filled up that gap and we had two naked beauties hovering over us, I could feel my breath completely exit my body.

I truly adored Courtney, but seeing Christine's huge naked tits up close and personal drew my attention away for a moment, and then I was trying to see all four round breasts all at once and failing miserably. Brian actually recovered before me, and he gripped Christine's hips with his hands in anticipation as he stared straight at his lover's bare-shaven vaginal lips.

The girls actually held hands together while they used their other hands to hold us erect. Then as one, they descended down to shove our hard erections deep into their bodies at the same time.

"Ohmigod," Brian breathed as he felt the exquisite sensation take over his body. I myself had felt the inside of Courtney's pussy once before, but the feeling was still just as overwhelming for me as it must have been for Brian.

Once they'd both hit rock bottom, the girls let go of each other's hand and Courtney leaned in to nibble on my neck. "I couldn't last any longer without feeling your cock," she moaned into my ear.

"I'm not complaining," I told her as I guided her up and down in a slow, pumping motion.

"Ooh, neither am I."

Christine and Brian were similarly mumbling to each other as they enjoyed their first act of intercourse together. I could feel the gentle vibrations of their lovemaking through the mattress while enjoying my own good vibrations from the pretty girl on top of me.

For a time, we individually screwed each other and kissed and thrust and bounced with the springiness of the mattress. But after the first few minutes of awe and wonder, I got curious and looked over to the other couple right next to me.

Christine's naked body was almost as perfect as Courtney's. Her tits a little bigger, her hips a little wider. Not better, just different. And I let my gaze linger on her naked flesh, glistening with sweat in the moonlight now as she continued to fuck herself upon Brian's meatpole.

Glancing up, I saw that Courtney was also watching and listening. And then I noticed Brian and Christine were watching us hotly as well while we all fucked away to our hearts content. It was like looking into a mirror, watching a gorgeous woman and man in the middle of their sexual union while feeling the exact same sensations from the partner in my lap.

"Ooh, so good, Bri," Christine moaned when Brian grinded Christine's clit down against his pelvis. He shot me a cocky grin.

I could actually feel my competitive fire flame up once again. Well now, I couldn't have Brian outdoing me in sex now, could I?

So I gripped onto Courtney's hips and began to jack her light body up and down my shaft. "Ah, fuck me! Yes!"

So the harder I fucked Courtney in my lap, the harder Brian had to fuck Christine.

Then one of us guys would try a new technique, and the other guy would switch in competition to outdo his performance. I was just waiting to hear "Nothing but net."

My forearms were burning from the exertion, but Courtney didn't seem to mind our male one-upsmanship. I had her torso twisting left and right so fast she couldn't see straight, her wobbly breasts bouncing side to side and jiggling up and down so fast I couldn't even focus on her nipples. She'd already climaxed once in my lap, adding to the heavy lubrication and I could now feel my muscles straining towards final release.

"Come on, baby. I want to go to sleep tonight feeling your hot cum running down my legs. I want to wake up with a wet spot beneath me and dried semen on my crotch. Come on baby!" Courtney's moaning voice had me on the brink of ejaculation, but my male competitive pride wouldn't allow it just yet.

Brian had gotten Christine to cum first. But now I wanted to make Courtney climax a second time and also hold my own release longer than my roommate's.

So pulling out my secret weapon, I reached my hand around the tight drum of Courtney's ass and buried my middle finger into her anus all the way up to the second knuckle.

Courtney twitched at me once, violently, and then she was announcing to the entire dorm that she was cumming with a piercing scream. Her hips quaked upon me and it took every ounce of willpower I had left to ride out the storm and keep myself from losing it.

Seconds after Courtney blew, Christine also lit off like a firework, bouncing up and down quickly in Brian's lap and calling out her own climax to echo off the walls right after Courtney's scream. Christine's pussy muscles must have been too much for Brian, because I could immediately see him twitching and panting as his hips thrust up, plunging himself as deeply into his girl as possible before he began to unload his pent-up fluids into Christine's still spasming box.

I felt a wash of relief pass over me as I realized I had won, and the moment my muscles relaxed I felt the overwhelming surge of pressure explode out of my balls, and then my arms were clutching around Courtney's waist as I ejected spurt after spurt of my semen directly into the back of Courtney's womb.

And then the four of us were sagged against the cinderblock wall, limp penises still half embedded into oversaturated pussies and firm tits squashed up against muscular chests while we cuddled in the afterglow.

"I love you," I mumbled right into Courtney's mouth. And then that happy, pleasant feeling disappeared instantly as I felt Courtney's body tense up in my arms. Where the hell did those words come from?

She pulled back enough to look right into my eyes with an odd expression.

"Oh, jeez, I'm sorry," I stuttered. "I didn't mean to say that."

Courtney cooed right at me and placed a finger on my lips to shush me. "It's okay.

That's really sweet." And then she lay her head back down on my shoulder.

'I love you?' I thought in disgust. I've known the girl for a few days and I'm saying 'I love you'?! And so I stewed on my own inner fears and hang-ups until the girls decided they'd better get back home. So we shared final kisses and they silently slipped out of our room. Then I moved back to my own bed to get some sleep.

I breathed out deeply, shoving my concerns out of my head and instead remembering the blissful feelings Courtney brought me. And I closed my eyes to let unconsciousness overwhelm me.

Brian's whiny voice then shattered the air. "Why the hell do I have to sleep on the wet spot?!"

"Dude! Wake up!"

"I know." I rolled over and closed my eyes again.

"Dude! Seriously, you gotta wake up!"

"I know." I rolled over and closed my eyes again.

The door slammed open, and I heard the noise of Brian grabbing his book bag.

"Dude! You just missed breakfast. You missed out on seeing Courtney again."

"FUCK!" I was fully awake.

"And now you're going to be late for your first day of classes," Brian chuckled.

And then he went out the door.

I looked around at the clock. Six minutes to dress and run to class. "FUCK!"

Anna had a 1pm class and both Courtney and I had free time. So after lunch, we sprinted back to the girls' dorm room and fucked like rabbits for the next hour. I first got to go down on her for twenty minutes, palming her tits and tonguing her to two squealing climaxes before I crawled up her body and blew my load into Courtney's pussy.

And then it was back to schoolwork.

Our gang of five got back together for dinner. Anna was still a quiet wallflower for the first ten minutes until we started talking about schoolwork, and then she joined in as if she owned the topic. I'd actually been in the same lecture as her for one of my advanced math classes, and she amazed me with how much more she remembered than I did. I made a mental note to study with her in the future.

Anna also made a comment about our foursome being boyfriends and girlfriends now. Courtney didn't want her roommate to feel like a fifth wheel once again, but she didn't contradict the statement either. I felt myself simmering in heaven at the thought of Courtney being my girlfriend.

But after dinner was done, we all agreed it was in our best interest to make our schoolwork a priority. So we split up. Courtney kissed me just before she left, and whispered happily "My boyfriend!"

I was grinning ear to ear, but unfortunately neither Brian nor I saw the girls until the next morning at breakfast.

The next day Courtney and I had only a 30-minute window just before lunch. We crept into my dorm room while Brian had a class, and my girlfriend sucked me off until I exploded in her mouth. At the time, it was my first chance to finish in her mouth, and I was absolutely thrilled when she drank down every last drop.

And then it was back to the daily grind. I also got to hang out with Anna to study for an end of the week quiz for Multivariable Calculus. Anna came to my room while Brian, Christine, and Courtney studied in the girls' room since the three of them also had a quiz for a different class.

The weekend was half-filled with schoolwork and killing time hanging out. And on more than one occasion we would couple off and go our separate ways while Anna went by herself to the library or computer lab. Saturday night the five of us went to see a stupid comedy at local movie theater. And after that first school week, each subsequent seven days began to follow the same pattern.

Mondays and Wednesdays Courtney and I got into full on sex sessions in her dorm room around 1pm. On occasion, we'd find time for a really aggressive multi-orgasmic all-over-the-room fuck. But the evenings were mostly schoolwork related.

Tuesdays and Thursdays we had much less time, usually quick blowjobs just before lunch. In the evenings, we'd split off into our Anna/Me and Brian/Christine/Courtney combos to study. Christine commented more than once how great it was to be with a man of intelligence, as Brian was rather well read compared to most guys Christine had dated before. And I loved it when Courtney just looked at me with a similarly pleased expression.

Fridays varied, depending on our extra-curricular activities. But Courtney always made sure to squeeze in a time to get me off. And the weekend started after Friday dinner. Those weekends were wall-to-wall free-for-alls. True, we did some work. But it was flexible and built around our social schedule.

They say you've got Sleep, Social Life, and Studying: Pick Two. But we managed to juggle all three and throw in the fourth "S": sex, for good measure. Courtney was a complete nymphomaniac. Now I know Brian and Christine had sex with some regularity. We even had a few more sex dates together to watch each other, just for the visual thrill. But seriously, Courtney could not live a full 24- hours without feeling my sperm splatter against some part of her body. If that meant a quick blowjob in a semi-private (thus semi-public) location, that was okay.

After the 30th or so exhibitionist act, you start to become numb to the usual concerns. So I just went with the flow and let her get me off.

It was the most wonderful year of my life. If only it could have always stayed the same.

Springtime brought a welcome warmth in the air that lifted the spirits and, more importantly, inspired brief attire in the female species. The campus was soon filled with hot coeds wearing skimpy tank tops and shorter shorts. And Courtney never minded my roving eye.

It was always a matter of look, but don't touch. She actually enjoyed me looking at other girls because the view always got me a little aroused, something she could easily make use of. So I got many an eyeful of luscious cleavage and tanned legs. And Courtney and I would then sneak away so I could release that sexual excitement all over her naked tits.

Of course, I was far from the only male gazing upon the feminine loveliness. Now I'm not even talking about the other college student studs or upperclassmen hunks. There was a little magazine coming to town. Perhaps you've even heard of it.

So Playboy magazine was running through their annual "College Girls" edition, and they were holding auditions to get photographed for the magazine.

Apparently, every year there are thousands of applicants and only a dozen or so actually make the monthly magazine itself.

Courtney brought up the notion to try out. And as soon as Courtney started discussing it, Christine got the idea in her head as well. At first I had some concerns. After all, I didn't want a room full of sleazy men staring at my girlfriend, let alone a million readers if she did manage to succeed.

But the more excited Courtney got, the happier I felt for her. If she wanted to do this, who was I to stand in her way? Besides, the idea got Courtney really, really horny. So she dragged me away to put that extra energy to good use.

I was going to have to drink a lot more water these days, and I'm not talking about the springtime heat.

We were standing in line, a hundred-odd women all in one queue to first register and then wait for their opportunity to convince a judging panel that they were Playboy-material. Theoretically it was about more than just looks. Personality, innate goodness, all that stuff counted as well. Theoretically.

So Brian and I stood in line next to our girlfriends, as well as a hundred of the most beautiful girls on campus. As you would expect, this drew a rather large crowd of gawkers just to see the spectacle.

Some were other girls who seemed hesitant at first, then joined the line once they realized there were a lot of people auditioning. Safety in numbers I suppose.

No one wants to be the ONLY three people to show up.

But many of the gawkers were male, and quite drunk as well. Two macho men in particular decided to bring their jeers and snarky comments up close and personal.

"Hey, I wouldn't mind seeing this bitch naked," the first drunk drawled, pointing right at Courtney. "How 'bout it baby? Wanna give me a sneak peek?"

"Buzz off, jerk." Courtney spat back.

"Hey, don't call her a bitch," I countered. The same cold fire that drove me when I got competitive was now burning in the back of my head. I was already a little awkward with the whole Playboy situation, and now I was feeling rather protective of my woman.

"Well, whatcha gonna do about it?" He reached up and literally shoved me backwards with both palms to my chest.

I rocked back and caught my balance, then stepped right up until I was nose to nose with the bastard. "That's assault," I muttered quietly. "Just walk away."

His response was rather typical. He shoved me again. Now I was riled up. I was going to give him one more chance to walk away quietly, maybe settle things diplomatically.

Too bad (for him) that Courtney didn't have my kind of patience. She just reached back with one arm and then clocked him upside the nose.

Drunken boy hit the pavement ass-first, already streaming a trickle of blood down the right side of his face. "The FUCK?"

"Walk away," Courtney stated flatly.

Drunk or not, his friend at least had more sense than he did. So with his head shaken up, the friend got drunk boy to his feet and the two of them stumbled away.

Christine piped up with the modern version of "You go, girl!" and we all had a little chuckle, feeling the tension dissipate into the air.

"Well, after that," Brian commented. "These auditions will be a piece of cake!"

Brian, Anna, and I sat at our usual table in the dining hall. We were halfway through our meals, chatting amiably and waiting for Courtney and Christine to come back to us. Their auditions had finished this morning. But they went back in the evening to find out their results.

I was still looking down at my next bite of dinner when a cheery voice sounded off right in front of me. "Ohmigod! We made it!"

I nearly snorted my Coke. "What?"

Courtney and Christine were both jumping up and down, giggling like schoolgirls (well, pre-pubescent schoolgirls at least). The rest of us watched the two hot blondes celebrate like their team had just scored a touchdown or something.

"They're gonna do a photo shoot for us! We made it!" Christine gasped, her eyes twinkling as she stared with obvious lust for her boyfriend, Brian. I glanced back and saw the same lust in Courtney's eyes.

"You two are coming with us. NOW!" Courtney gripped my arm and started tugging me away from my seat. I glanced back at Anna, looking apologetic for abandoning her (again).

"Hey, don't sweat it. Go celebrate." Anna looked up at me and smiled knowingly.

She knew this wasn't going to be a PG-rated kind of celebration, and she was already pulling a paperback novel out from her book bag to entertain herself for the rest of the meal.

So very quickly, the four of us found ourselves in Brian's and my dorm room.

Christine was already tugging at her shirt and reclining over Brian's bed. "So, how do you think we should pose for the photo shoot?"

"Uh, well, I think the photographer will be posing you," Brian stammered out. He seemed more mesmerized by Christine's huge tits slowly coming into view as she removed her bra.

"Maybe," Courtney cut in. She'd also pulled her own shirt off and was now working at her jeans. "But we models can still have a few ideas of our own. We should practice so we know how to hold our bodies."

"Yeah," Christine giggled. "How do you want me, Mr. Director?" She'd gotten herself fully naked and now was kneeling upright on Brian's bed, her firm tits thrust forward, her lips pursed, and her hands crossing over her bare-shaven pussy to hide it while she mugged for an invisible camera.

Brian just leaned against his desk and whistled, "Uh, uh, well. What you're doing right now looks just fine."

"Okay, hold it." I'd dug into my drawer and pulled out my own digital camera.

Christine smiled at me and then tilted her head just so until the flash strobed and I'd saved the shot. Belatedly, I realized that I now owned a photograph of Christine fully naked. If I didn't have Courtney constantly releasing all my sexual tension, I would have some nice masturbation material by the time we were done.

"Me too!" Courtney piped up. Now naked herself, I nearly dropped the camera when she knelt just behind Christine and leaned in against her friend. Courtney's own bosom now pressed into Christine's back and she rested her head on Christine's shoulder while wrapping her hands around to hold up and push Christine's tits together.

With a flash, I'd saved another perfect photo to treasure for the rest of my life.

And so it went. The girls switched around repeatedly, sometimes taking solo shots and sometimes together. I got one of Courtney on all fours in the doggy position and Christine miming like she was fucking her friend. ("Too risqué for Playboy" according to Brian.) I got several shots of the two of them pressed chest to chest, one of Courtney's large boobs splitting the cleavage of Christine's while their faces remained only an inch apart.

And then I literally did drop the camera onto the floor when Courtney leaned in and pressed her lips to Christine's, followed by a heady moan of arousal from both girls as they enjoyed the sweet kiss.

They broke away in surprise and worry when the camera hit the floor, but I picked it up and checked it over, letting everyone feel relieved when I announced that the camera was fine.

I was, however, out of memory space. We'd used up the entire memory card. So I swapped out for another one and then it was right back to our impromptu photo shoot.

We started to head into Penthouse territory with the second set. I got a close-up of Christine's wet pussy, her pink lips spread wide by Courtney's fingers. I got another shot from behind while Christine lay directly on top of Courtney, so that I could see two pussies and two assholes in the same frame. I also nearly blew my load when I got a shot of Courtney's tongue carving out the inside of Christine's mouth.

That was nothing compared to when Christine was straddling Courtney's hips and palming Courtney's tits, bouncing slowly as if she was fucking her friend from on top. But then when Courtney tugged at her friend's ass and pulled her crotch up within tongue-reach, I completely flipped out.

Brian had his hand inside his shorts the moment Courtney's mouth captured Christine's pussy. Then Christine just moaned and leaned forward until she could brace her hands against the wall in front of her while Courtney really began to eat her out. "Oh, fuck yeah!" Christine moaned as her friend's lips and tongue went to work.

My hands were trembling. It took a good minute or two for me to calm them enough to keep on snapping pictures. Christine was tweaking her own nipples and crying out in delight while Courtney ate her out, and then I got several perfect photos of Christine orgasming: her mouth open, her eyes shut, and her back arched with head thrown back.

But then neither Brian nor I could stay away any longer. We both got ourselves naked in the few moments while Courtney and Christine returned to lightly kissing and whispering tender words to each other. But then I was sitting on Brian's bed with my back to the side wall once again, and I literally yanked my girlfriend over and into my lap.

Strictly because of the way she was lying down, when I pulled Courtney over my cock she was facing away and kneeling over me. But I held her hips in one hand and held my cock with the other and lowered Courtney's steaming pussy to my shaft. We both groaned happily when I entered her and the groans didn't stop until she was seated all the way down.

But before we could begin thrusting, Courtney crooked a finger to her friend.

"Time to return the favor, honey."

Christine just smiled and stood next to the bed, bending over the edge and leaning forward until her tits were against the mattress with her head between Courtney's outspread legs. Christine had a perfect view of my thick dick splitting Courtney's nether lips open and she also had a perfect angle to reach her tongue at Courtney's throbbing clit.

Courtney was moaning and spasming around my shaft, the inner trembling of her muscles more than enough to keep me hard while she had Christine licking away at her pussy. And Brian found himself in a perfect position to stand behind his girlfriend's outthrust ass and plunge his way balls deep into Christine's tight vaginal tunnel.

"Like that, baby?" Courtney asked me when she began to lift and lower herself along my dick. "Can you feel my tight pussy wrapped around your thick shaft?

Don't you love it every time Christine's tongue dips a little lower and tickles your skin?"

"Hell, yeah," I breathed, focusing down on Courtney's perfect asscheeks in front of me and visualizing what it must look like on the other side of her crotch.

"Oh, yes!" Courtney called out when either I or Christine hit a particularly sensitive spot. "We're going to have to do this photo shoot thing again sometime.

It gets me sooo turned on!"

I was not going to complain with the results, either. This was my first four-way sex act, and all of us remained in our fucking positions until everyone got off. For the first time, I could care less about being competitive. I just wanted to get my rocks off into my girlfriend's tight pussy.

Courtney was the first to climax. My dick impaling her and her best friend's mouth on her pussy was more than enough to send her into orbit rather quickly. And Christine wasn't far behind. Brian was so aroused by the sight in front of him that he was rapid-fire plunging in and out of Christine so fast and so hard she was literally being fucked into oblivion. (Seriously, banging your girlfriend doggy style while watching her eat out her best friend, who happens to be gorgeous with a nice big set of tits bouncing around within view, how turned on would YOU be?)

So right after I heard Christine lift her head up and scream out her orgasm, I was slamming Courtney's body up and down for thirty seconds straight until my cannon loosed inside of her body, spitting wad after wad of semen up and into her belly while Courtney simultaneously quaked with another orgasm of her own.

And finally, with Christine focusing her efforts on squeezing Brian's cock inside of her, I heard my roommate bellow and his body go still as he pumped out his own load into Christine's pussy to finish us all off.

And we were just getting started. We paired off and fucked again until both Brian and I were on the edge of our second orgasms. Then both Courtney and Christine knelt before us with open mouths, jacking our cocks until we both exploded. Courtney was the first to aim my spurting cock at Christine's tits, so then Christine returned the favor and aimed Brian's ejaculation onto Courtney's face.

Neither Courtney nor Christine returned to their own dorm rooms that night. Such sleepovers had become rather commonplace as it was easier for the girls to sleep with us rather than at their own rooms because of roommate issues.

Courtney snuggled in with me, one arm holding her firm boob near to me and my other arm snaked beneath her neck so I could hold her other boob with that hand.

I was in heaven.

We heard Christine and Brian similarly shuffling to get into a comfortable position.

And then Brian's complaining voice crackled into the silent night. "Oh, HELL no.

Dude! Next time we're doing this orgy thing on YOUR bed. Why the fuck do I always get the wet spot?!"

So the girls went back to do their photo shoot the next day. And then after that things returned to normal for the rest of the academic year. I was still getting off at least once every day with Courtney's help one way or another. And schoolwork itself was just part of the routine like brushing your teeth.

Perhaps the worst day of my life was when summer break came and I had to head home. Courtney and I separated, rather tearfully. We had one weekend in July planned to get together, but for the most part I was going to have to handle myself with nothing but Aunt Palm to keep me company.

On the bright side, I had the next academic year to look forward to. Brian and I were hooking up with two other guys we knew to rent a house. And Courtney, Christine, and Anna were getting a 3-bedroom apartment together nearby. In a few short months, we'd have all the space in the world (and single privacy) to fuck away to our hearts content.

Courtney gave me one of our trademark fantastic kisses goodbye. And then it was "see you in two months."

At least I had several (erm, a LOT) of digital photographs to reflect fondly on and masturbate to. Damn those girls were hot.

July's weekend, when it finally came, was absolutely incredible; but it was also way too short. The best piece of news I had was that Courtney and Christine's Playboy magazine would be coming out in a few weeks. So I would soon have new material to jerk off to.

I beat my mom to the mailbox every day in anticipation of my new Playboy subscription. To cover that enthusiasm, I also took out the trash like clockwork and informed my mom that I wanted to help out around the house a bit more while I was at home.

And then one day it was here. I found the Contents page in half a second and found the girls' page only two seconds later. There, in a full page spread, Christine and my Courtney: reclining together fully naked with Courtney's blonde head resting against Christine's awesome breasts.

My girlfriend... in Playboy magazine... True, millions of people could now see what she looked like naked. But in the end, I was the guy she called her boyfriend. She was my playmate.

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