Neighborhood Stud
Chapter 1

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Brent Worth bets his father that he can screw 20 housewives before he starts college in the fall. This is his story.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Size  


He got out of the car and headed to the back of the house. He had just turned nineteen and he would be headed for college in the fall. He knew that he would wind up in his father's company when he graduated college, so he was going to major in business,

Brent Worth looked over the fence at his girlfriend's mother getting leaves out of the pool. Helen Robinson was almost forty but the two piece bathing suit that she wore accented her body. Her body would put many a twenty-something to shame. As she bent over with the skimmer her breasts strained to get out of her top. Brent's cock began to get harder.

"Hey Mrs. Robinson, Is Becky around?' he shouted.

Helen Robinson snapped her head around, "Uh, no she isn't Brent. She stayed over her friend's house last night. She called this morning and said that they were going to go to a concert tonight and she wouldn't be home until tomorrow afternoon."

"Damn, I was going to ask her if I could swim in the pool. It's a scorcher out here today."

Brent had trouble keeping the grin off of his face. He knew that Becky wasn't home. He had just left Becky a short while ago. She was lying on his living room floor and Brent's father had his cock inside of her and he was trying to drive her through the floor. Brent and his father had shared Becky last night until she begged them to let her rest. Brent and his father often shared their women.

Sam Worth threw Brent's mother out when Brent was only eight. He said that she was a cold fish and that he wasn't going to support any woman that he wasn't fucking. After some pretty serious threats and a serious beating, Brent's mother gave up her custody fight and moved out of state. This was what Brent preferred because he and his father got along great. Sam Worth taught his son how to fish, hunt, fight and how to get what he wanted; especially from women.

Sam Worth forced one his girlfriends to teach Brent how to make love to a woman when Brent was only thirteen. The girlfriend found out that she got a thrill out of screwing a teenager and she went at the job with gusto. Like any thirteen year old that had that chance, Brent screwed that girl every chance that he got and, after that, Brent got more than his share of women. Sam began Brent's education in earnest and taught his son everything that Brent would need to know about women. Sam would often coerce the women that came home with him to fuck his son when he was through with them.

Sam Worth is the ultimate cocksman. When he sets his sights on a woman that woman is going to definitely get fucked. Sam could make many of the women believe that it was her idea. Sam and Brent both have the handsome, muscular, rugged looks that women love and both of the men know it and both of them were very well-hung. The fact that Sam Worth owns a successful construction company and doesn't have to worry about money does seem to make it easier with women. Sam often bragged to his son that there were very few of his female customers that he hadn't screwed.

Helen Robinson hesitated before answering, "Come on in Brent. You can use the pool. I'm just going to lay in the sun for a while after I'm finished with the skimmer. I should have all of the leaves out in a couple of minutes."

"Mr. Robinson home?" Brent asked knowing that he wasn't.

John Robinson had worked his ass off to get into upper management. Now that he had made it he found out that as the junior executive in the front office that he had to do a lot of the traveling. He was presently into the second week of a six week stint in China to set up the manufacturing processes for the Chinese company that was doing their work.

Helen Robinson stared at the skimmer in her hand, "No, he's on the road again. He won't be home for a while."

Brent dropped his things next to a chaise, "If you don't mind, I think that I'll get some sun too. Here it's June and I'm as white as a ghost."

Helen nodded and watched him as he lay down on the chaise. She almost gasped when she saw his cock struggling to get out of the tight swimsuit he was wearing. The outline of his cock left no doubt that he was hung better than any man she had been with, and there hadn't been all that many. With a touch of envy she wondered if Becky was fucking him. Helen couldn't imagine her daughter being able to take a cock that large. Little did she know that Becky had a cock just as large as the one she was looking at inside of her at that very minute. Brent's father was screwing Becky for the third time that day and she was screaming out so loud that the neighbors would hear her in any lived that close.

Brent put his towel over his eyes; the towel just barely covering his eyes. He could look out from under the towel but Helen would have trouble knowing that he was watching her. Brent reached down and adjusted his suit as if his suit was pinching his cock. He saw Helen get a half-smile on her lips and then she quickly licked her lips. Brent was quiet like he was asleep.

Helen put down the pool skimmer and moved to a chaise that was next to the one that Brent was using. She lay back on the chaise and closed her eyes for a few seconds. Her lust got the best of her and she quickly checked to see if Brent was still asleep. She determined that he was asleep and she looked out of the corner of her eyes at his cock. She closed her eyes again and began to think about how great it would be to have a cock that large in her pussy, pounding away at her for hours. She quickly chased those thoughts out of her mind; a boy that young was still inexperienced. It would be wham, bam, thank you ma'am. Helen had enough of that when her husband was home. Three minutes was the norm for him. Brent was a lot larger than John though. It would be nice to try a man that large.

Brent was still for about five minutes. He pushed himself up and reached in his bag for some sun block. He made sure that he got the greasy liquid on as much of his body as he could. He knew that Helen was watching him. She had turned on her stomach and was pretending to be asleep.

Brent squirted a lot of the sun block in his palm and moved next to the chaise that Helen was using. He rubbed his hands together to spread the balm on both palms. He knelt next to her chaise and put his hands on the back of her legs and began lightly spreading the sun block on the backs of her calves.

Helen rose up and turned to him, "Wha..."

"You're starting to get red. I was trying to do it lightly so that you wouldn't even know that I was doing it. I didn't mean to wake you. I'm afraid that you might be a little burned now," he said as he lightly pushed on her shoulder to get her to lie down again.

Helen put her head back on her arms. There was nothing wrong with him putting sun block on her calves.

Brent rubbed the balm into her calves, "I think that I overdid the sun block thing. I'll massage your feet. That will use up the excess sun block."

Before she had a chance to stop him, he had one of her feet in his hands and was massaging it. She immediately relaxed and let him continue. It felt exquisite to have her feet massaged and this boy knew how to do it. It even felt a little sensual. He worked on both feet for a long time and Helen was feeling like she could run a hundred miles and her feet would never hurt.

He put her feet down and she heard him squeezing more sun block onto his palms. He started to apply sun block to her upper legs and her mind screamed out to her that she should stop him but she just luxuriated in his light touch. His palms were applying the balm to the back of her upper legs but his fingers were caressing her thighs. She felt herself getting wet and she bit her lip to keep from moaning. She hoped that there wasn't a wet spot on her suit. She knew that she had to stop this but she let him continue. She would stop him if he went too far.

Brent stopped applying the sun block to her legs. She kept her head in her arms. She heard the squish of the sun block bottle as he squirted more into his palm. She felt him unclasp the top to her swim suit but before she could react he was spreading the sun block on her back. She remained still; he couldn't see anything that he couldn't see if the top was still clasped.

Brent spread the balm on her back and gently massaged it into her skin. He marveled in the youthfulness of her skin. She had the same skin as her daughter. He took pains with her shoulders and he saw that she relaxed even more when his hands caressed her shoulders.

It was time for the "all or nothing" move. He took her arm and began to turn her over. Helen was so relaxed that she had turned almost half of the way before she realized what she was doing. Brent saw her breast fully exposed. She quickly covered her breasts with her arm.

Using her arm he got her turned over on her back. She still kept her other arm over her breasts.

Brent sat next to her; the skin of his leg touching her side. He looked down at her and then moved her arm from her breasts. She knew that it was wrong but she seemed powerless to stop him. She began having crazy thoughts about him shoving that big cock into her.

"I've got to do the front," he said matter-of-factly.

She closed her eyes, strangely thinking that if she didn't see him applying the balm to her breasts that maybe it wouldn't be wrong. She gasped as his hand began applying the cream to her breasts. It was wrong but she suddenly needed his hand on her breasts. It felt so good and it had been so long since she had had a satisfying sexual encounter. John hadn't satisfied her for years and she was tired of taking care of her own release.

Brent spread the cream all over her chest. His fingers caressed her nipples and he smiled when they hardened. He leaned down to her breast and gently sucked a nipple into his mouth and then gently raked the nipple with his teeth. As hard as she was trying to be quiet Helen cried out. He spent several minutes caressing her breasts and sucking her nipples. He saw her face getting flushed.

"My god, you are beautiful," he said softly, "You have the body of a teenager."

He leaned down and began to kiss her; his kiss growing in passion. She returned his kiss and put her hand behind his head as if she was afraid that he would run away. While they kissed he took her hand and put it on his growing cock. She began to move her hand on his cock. Brent began to caress her thigh and slowly moved his hand higher until he was at her pussy. He slipped his hand under her swim suit and caressed her slit with his finger. She held his hand in place as a small orgasm swept over her.

He stood up and pulled his shorts down and his rigid cock sprang in front of her face. She looked at it and then kissed the head. She took his cock into her mouth and then suddenly pulled her head from his cock.

"Let's go inside," she said breathlessly.

Helen was glad that they had put up the six foot privacy fence around the pool area. The houses were far enough apart that the neighbors couldn't see into the pool area but there was always a chance that someone might walk through the gate.

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