Chapter 1

Ahhhh Katie, or Jamie, depending. What can I say about her? It had been a Tuesday night and I had decided to go out after work the night I met her. It being a Tuesday the best place was Fat Tuesday's, a local New Orleans college bar that had an awesome seafood fest with oysters, clams, mussels or the must have heavenly spiced shrimp, but be warned, they are so spicy you need a drink close to hand to keep the fire down to manageable levels! It's kinda dark, dingy, and smoke filled but has that flea market hole-in-the-wall charm.

It was finals week too so, all the students were out in full force after their tests trying to blow off steam so it was extra crowded. I was sitting at the bar happily munching my shrimps and sipping my vodka and cranberry when I first spotted her. She was on the dance floor dancing. I don't know what it was about her that first caught my eye. She was certainly dressed to catch a guys eye in a short skirt that looked like it was two sizes to small and made for someone about 6 inches shorter than her with some knee high boots and a top that looked like it was painted on. But there were other girls dressed up even more, or less depending on your pint of view, so that wasn't it. I later heard the story behind the outfit and we both had a good laugh over it. It seems some of her friends at college had put into motion a nefarious plot to trick her into going out, well, no need to get into the gory details, suffice it to say, I didn't know feminine wiles worked on other females. She was very beautiful, but there were other beautiful girls dancing too. I can't really say, it was just one of those things.

I watched her dance for a bit, getting a feel for the kind of person she was. She didn't let strange guys walk up and start pawing her nor did she climb all over the guys, so I knew she wasn't a player. She was just a girl dancing, having a good time, doing her thing, getting jiggity with it, as someone I know once said.

I amused myself by watching the frat boys trying to hook up with her. I think they see a girl on the dance floor dancing alone and get the idea in their head that that means she's on the prowl, especially if she's dressed even a little racy.

I'm not a fan of picking up ladies in bars though so I turned back to the bar and mostly forgot about her as I listened to the music, danced a little and generally enjoyed myself. But every once in a while I'd catch a glimpse of her on the dance floor and I'd watch her for a bit.

It wasn't until around twelve when I really noticed her. I was sitting with my back to the bar, having just sat down from getting jiggity with it on the dance floor myself when she walked up the bar next to me and ordered a cosmopolitan. As she stood there, her hip was brushing against my leg. I didn't know if it was accidental or she was flirting with me. So I decided to find out.

I smiled as I turned to her, catching her eye as I did so and seeing her smile in return, always a good sign.

"Hi, how are you doing this evening, enjoying yourself?" I asked, looking into her eyes and smiling.

"Oh yes! My friends tricked me into coming out tonight, they figured I was stressing to much over finals and needed to unwind a bit," she replied, her hip again brushing my thigh, her face lighting up with a smile. She has a wonderful voice I noticed, friendly, wonderful accent.

I laughed a little and said," Yea, I noticed you unwinding on the dance floor, looked like you were doing a bang up job of it!"

I think she actually blushed a little, hard to tell in the dim light, "Ummmm well yea, I had a lot of stress to work out! Yea, that's it, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!"

I laughed again, enjoying hearing her voice, "My lips are sealed!" I replied in the same playful tone, "I'll never talk! A team of horses couldn't drag the truth from me!" I gave her arms an exaggerated once over, "It does seem however that your friends didn't have to do a lot of arm twisting to get you to unwind though, I don't see any broken bones or bruises. You sure you wouldn't want to revise your story mam?"

"No comment! I'll take the fifth! It was stress, all stress, they tricked me, those wily devils!"

"Perhaps we should clear this up mam," I said in my best Dragnet voice as I half stood, as if to go to where her friends were, "The facts mam, just the facts."

She placed her hand on my arm, stopping me, "No! No, that's ok, I mean, I'm sure they are all out on the dance floor, I wouldn't want to bother them now!"

"Oh, riiiight! Maybe later then," I added playfully.

She laughed a little, seemingly enjoying the banter, "My name is Katie by the way, what's yours?" she asked, holding out her hand.

I smiled, pleased that she had asked, another good sign, I said to myself as I stood, taking her hand and giving it a quick shake before bending over and lightly kissing the back of her hand, "It is indeed a pleasure M'Lady, to meet a lady so full of wit and charm such as yourself."

She laughed again, her smile lighting up her face before turning to the bartender who had brought her drink.

"I'll get that," I told him.

"Thank you kind Sir! You are to kind to a poor starving college student." She quipped playfully.

"Hummm," replied doubtfully. "You don't look like you are starving to me!" I said, as I let my eyes wander over her curves.

She laughed again, her hips brushing along my thigh, "Ok, so I might have fibbed a little, last night my roommate and I had steak, baked potato and some veggies for dinner."

"Oh ho! Maybe you should be the one buying me a drink, you're rolling in the dough!"

She wrinkled her nose playfully as she replied, "No, I just spend my parents money wisely."

I laughed again, enjoying her wit when one of her friends came over and grabbed her arm, dragging her off to rejoin her friends on the dance floor, "Come on Jamie! Let's dance!"

"Talk to you later," she said, looking over her shoulder as she walked away.

"Anytime," I replied, watching her walk away, enjoying the view but not really expecting to see her again but having enjoyed myself and our flirting immensely.

Only I did see her again, it seems she hadn't finished flirting with me. Only now she was doing her flirting a little differently. She was doing it from the dance floor. Unlike before when she had just been dancing randomly around the dance floor, she seemed now to be teasing me personally, shooting me sultry looks from the dance floor as she would raise her hand to her hair, lifting it up and away from her neck, glancing at me from under her lashes. Or she'd run her hands down along her sides and over the gentle curve of her hips. Or she'd dance with one hand pressed to her belly or dancing with her back to me, seemingly ignoring me, only to glance over her shoulder at me and smile. It was, very erotic, to say the least. I was intrigued by her. She was not your ordinary run of the mill woman.

The highlight of her dancing came when she jumped up onto a small stage that had an old fireman's pole running from floor to ceiling. Well, given what she was wearing I'm sure you can imagine what a turn on it was to see her dancing around and with the pole, writhing against it, the pole between her thighs as she caressed the pole, as if it were a lover. To make matters worse, she'd still be shooting me sultry looks as if to say, "I'm dancing with the pole, but you're the one I really want to be dancing with." I don't know if you've ever had the feeling of walking into a room and seeing a lover and looking into their eyes and knowing that they only have eyes for you and knowing that as they look into your eyes they see the same thing? That's the way it was for me, looking into her eyes. I barely knew her name and had only met her that night but somehow, we seemed to have clicked. Of course, it could be that I was just delusional, imagining things and needed to have my head examined too.

I would smile back at her, looking into her eyes, enjoying the byplay, even more so when she'd brush off other guys who would try and get her attention, she seemingly had eyes only for me. But who can tell, women and their feminine wiles, always trying to trip us guys up, keep us off our balance, guessing. That's ok, over the years I've developed my own methods, plots and nefarious plans for revenge in such situations. Of course, no plan is completely fool proof and mine for some odd reason seems to encourage more teasing and flirting on the part of the women. Oh well, c'est la vie.

The song ended and she breathlessly left the dance floor, walking over to me again, a little flushed from dancing, making her all the more attractive. "Hi Katie, or is it Jamie?"

She laughed, "Either, both, it's a long story," she replied, moving to stand in front of me, between my thighs, one of her hands resting lightly on my knee.

"Split personality disorder, gotcha! I can deal with that."

"Oh yes, there's me and my evil twin, the trick is, to figure out which is which!"

I groaned dramatically, "I knew it! It's another plot! Feminine wiles at their best... or worst, depending! I'm going to file a complaint with the ASPCM! It clearly states in the Rule Book, the Guide to Life, the Universe and Everything (Except Women) that women are only allowed to use their feminine wiles to reduce men to quivering puddles of protoplasm, not drive them insane!"

Laughing you quip, "Methinks thou dost protest to much!"

I gaped at you in astonishment, "How could you say such a thing!? I'm shocked, simply shocked!"

"That's not all you are," you add playfully, glancing down meaningfully.

"You leave him out of this, he hasn't got the brains God gave a rock."

"Well, he certainly seems to qualify, as a rock that is. Let's hope he doesn't do all your thinking, you might end up between a rock and a hard place!"

I lost it. It's a good thing I hadn't had a drink in my hand as she commented, or I would have dumped it all over myself, or worse, her.

The bartender, having seen you walk over to join me again, had fixed you another cosmopolitan. He set it down on the bar on a napkin and you, full of cruel intentions I am sure, leaned over to get it, your hand running up along my thigh as you did so, for support I am sure. Uh huh, riiiight. It did however afford me the opportunity to close my eyes and smell your hair and your delicate perfume.

"Like it?" you ask, turning your head slightly, looking into my eyes, smiling softly.

Smiling back, "No comment," I reply softly, leaning forward a little, my nose close to your neck, my breath warm on your skin, inhaling slowly. I can feel your hand tighten on my thigh, squeezing softly and a small tremor pass through your body.

"Dance with me," you whisper into my ear. I can feel your breath as well, warm and moist in my ear.

I move to stand, as I do, your hand slides up my thigh even further and I'm surprised when I feel your fingers lightly brush against my hardness. Again, unsure if it was intentional or you were caught off guard by my sudden move to stand. More of your nefarious feminine wiles I'm sure, keeping me off guard.

We move to the dance floor, as we walk, I place my hand in the small of your back. We get to the dance floor and some hip-hop is playing and we start to dance. That is to say, you danced and I tried not to look like an idiot while having fun. Just because we weren't slow dancing doesn't mean we weren't close. It was the kind of dancing with a lot of bumping and grinding, bodies touching and writhing. For my part, I never touched her with my hands. I'd run my hands along her sides, or belly or back, but never touching. Just hovering, teasing. Leaning close, my breath, warm and moist, on your neck, you can hear my breathing in your ear, my lips so close you're sure I'm going to kiss you, only, I don't.

Pulling back a little, looking into your eyes, leaning close, our lips almost touching, yet not. Teasing each other. Turning your back to me, you look over your shoulder with a sultry look, bending slightly at the knees and rubbing your body against mine. I return the favor by lifting your arms, then as you dance with your arms over your head, I let my right hand fall to your tummy, just below your belly button, rubbing softly. I can hear a soft moan escape your lips as your head falls back against my chest and you press your ass firmly against the bulge in my slacks.

She pulled away from me for a moment, doing something like a tango or salsa dance, or maybe it was just a Katie dance, all I know is that it was steamy! Running her hands over her body, swaying to the music her head bent, glancing at me from under her eyelashes. Pert'near made me make a mess in my slacks right then and there. Wimmin! Give 'em and inch and they take a mile!

The song ended, mercifully, and she walked over and stopped in front of me, smiling up at me, face flushed a happy grin on her face, like the cat who ate the canary or the Cheshire cat. I probably looked like an idiot myself, I was just having waaaay to much fun, that much fun ought to be illegal.

We walked back to the bar and chatted, tried to anyway, over the noise. We finished our drinks and before we ordered another round I asked, "I'm hungry, are you hungry? Would you care to join me for a bite to eat in a place where we can talk a little easier?"

You glanced down at your watch, noticing the hour before looking up and replying, "Sure, sounds great! It's late so the only places open are going to be fast food or IHOP."

"IHOP sounds great to me!" I paid the bar tab and escorted her out to my car. "Do you mind if we take my car?" I asked.

"No, that's fine, I walked here from my apartment."

"Super." I popped the car doors with my remote as we walked up to it, my hand on the small of your back, feeling the way your body moved, enjoying the warmth of your body. As we step up to the car, I open the door for you and you smile at me before sliding into the front seat. It's a Jeep so the seat is higher than a car and you have to stretch to get in, which of course, causes your skirt to ride up your sexy thighs.

After you climb in I close the door and move to the other side, climbing in I start the car and we drive off. We chat a little but the drive isn't long so we arrive quickly. When we arrive I again step out and open the door for you, taking you hand as you step down.

We sit and order our food, I've always had a thing when going out late to eat like this that rather than eating dinner, I always get breakfast. Anyway, we sat and talked, and talked and talked. She was amazingly, refreshingly different. We talked about everything, the politics of Asia, school, sports, her dreams of being a lobbyist in DC and taking on the NRA, her friends at school, college life, some of her plans for the future, relationships — you name it and we talked about it. She was incredibly easy to talk to. I loved listening to her voice, and loved her accent. She was witty and charming and funny, passionate about the things she believed in, easy going about everything else. She had her own opinions about life, politics, sex, relationships, love, kids and sports and the pressure parents put on their kids about sports and she wasn't afraid to share them, to take a stand. In other words, she had her act together, her head on straight and she was going places.

I've noticed as I've gotten older that the things that make a girl a 10 when you are 20 are different from the things that make a girl a 10 when you are 30 or 40. When you are 20 all you care about is what she looks like, how hot she is and if you can get into her panties and how fast. When you're 40 you care more about who they are inside, whether when you knock on their forehead if anyone is going to be home to answer.

That's not to say she wasn't a normal college girl who liked to have fun, dance, party, even imbibe great quantities of alcohol. But there's a vast difference between someone who enjoys having fun, enjoys life, her friends, going places and doing things, and a party girl.

To me, she had the best of both youth and maturity. She was a 10 on both sides of the coin, did that make her a 20? By the time we left IHOP, I knew I liked her as more than as a one night stand.

As we drove to her apartment you could sense that the mood of the evening had changed. There was less sexual tension, and yet at the same time more. Less of the kind where you've just met someone and are going to have sex for the first time and more of the sexual tension that comes from imagining endless hours and days and weeks and months exploring everything even remotely sexual with another person. More of a sense of being at ease, almost as if we had been friends for years and were free to be ourselves without playing games.

We arrived at her apartment and I again opened the door for her and helped her out. Walking her up to her door we stopped in front of it and turned to each other.

You looked up into my eyes, a long, deep lingering look, filled with a question. I leaned down and kissed your lips, tasting you for the first time, answering your unasked question. Then I take you in my arms and hold you close before letting you go.

"I had a truly wonderful evening Richard, thank you."

"I did too Jamie," I said with a smile, "or was that Lynn? Or Katie?"

You laughed softly and gave my arm a friendly punch, "Stop giving me a hard time, it's not my fault I have three first names."

I laughed as well, "I'll give you a hard time alright."

"OooOOo promises, promises," you quip. "Would you care to come in for a nightcap?"

I looked longingly at your front door for what seemed like an eternity before looking down into your eyes, "I'd love to, but I can't Katie, not tonight, not like this. If you had offered before we left the bar I would have said yes. I've gotten to know you, and I like you and you can't be an anonymous lay anymore." I reached my hand out and cupped your cheek, my thumb running softly over your lips and along your chin as I looked into your eyes. "My old girlfriend would say I'm an idiot, it's just sex. Maybe I'm am, just, I don't know... I guess it doesn't matter, but I can't do this, not tonight," I finish, taking a deep breath.

"I don't really expect you to understand, I know I'm weird, the curse of being a romantic. It's not because I don't want to or because I don't like you, it's because I like you to much." I sighed, shaking my head, how do you explain something like that and not come off as an idiot?

I leaned down again and kissed your lips again, softly, "I'll see you around Katie," I whispered, not really expecting to see her again.

I turned to walk away, a wry smile on my lips, who turns down sex with a hot 20 year old? I must be getting crazy in my old age.

Before I could take a step, your hand came out and held my arm, turning me back to face you. "Do you know what a dream is?"

"Sure, it's a wish the heart makes," I replied.

You smiled, I blinked, confused, "Call me Richard, I'd like to have dinner with you." I blinked again, looking like a fish out of water. "Sure," I replied with a pause, "You sure?" I must have seemed like a pimply faced teenager who just got asked to the Prom by the best looking girl at school.

I recovered, smiled and leaned over to kiss you one last time, "Remember, you promised to give me a hard time," you quipped with an evil grin.

I laughed, looked into your eyes one last time and started for my car, looking up at the clear night sky, marveling at the stars as they twinkled overhead. Wow! What a truly wonderful night sky!

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