And Then, They Fell In Love
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, First,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - For Sara Adams, moving to a different country is hard. It becomes even harder when she can't speak the language. Good thing there is a rather cute, stuck up, and totally bipolar genius to help her...

Her first week in Japan had definitely been interesting for her. She wasn't quite sure if this was a good thing or not.

As Sara Adams was quickly learning, moving to a different country to spend a school year was much different than visiting for a week or more. Even with her younger sister's 'tutoring' (It was a question if Kara even had a clue what she was doing), Sara was still clumsy at the language. And as Sara was learning, not all countries make exceptions if you don't speak the national language.

What had started as a simple and fun plan was now turning into Hell on Earth. The sad thing - Sara had only arrived three days ago.

Sara had always known that her parents had become friends with a Japanese couple during their college years at the University of Oklahoma. Even when Aoi and Kenji left to return to their homes in Tokyo, both couples had kept in contact through the years, rejoicing at one another's triumphs, and the birth of children. When Sara developed an interest in other countries, Keith and Amanda Adams saw fit to give their daughter an opportunity to experience what she had only read about. With one call to their Japanese friends, Sara was invited to spend the equivalent of her senior year in Tokyo. Sara needed no convincing - she was up for the challenge.

The question was now - was this for better or for worse?

It would have been easier, Sara assumed, if she had taken learning Japanese more seriously. Teenage excitement and ambition had stepped in, taking place of her common sense. Sara had said it could always be worse.

Sara was convinced she had found her worse. She was now lost, standing in a place she really didn't want to be in the first place - a supermarket.

At the beginning of the trip, Sara had been confident she could navigate her way through the store without the help of her guardians. Once again, she wished she had listened to someone. She decided then and there she would work on that.

Ignoring the dirty looks a few were shooting her way, Sara pushed her way through the crowd, and finally spotted her guardian, Akamiya Aoi.

"There you are!" Aoi gasped with relief "We were afraid we had lost you!"

"I almost lost myself," Sara muttered, gazing at the floor. "Never again will I go off alone in a place like this. I thought it might be easier to get around. Something familiar, like a Wal-Mart."

Aoi chuckled. "You will get used to it. This is only your third day. By the end of the school year, you will know these places like the back of your hand."

Sara wished she could believe her.

True to Sara's luck, ten minutes later, she found herself stranded again. Mumbling curses to herself, Sara once again began pushing her way through the crowd of people, trying to spot a landmark of sorts. Maybe she needed a cell phone, a pager, a emergency flare... something. With Aoi not used to having a teenager tagging along, it could be minutes before she realized Sara was missing.

Lost in her thoughts once again, she didn't even notice the person until she crashed into them, only then hearing the spill of foreign words come from his mouth. Startled, Sara dropped to the ground to help pick up the things she had caused him to drop. Dark black hair spilled in front of his face, blocking any view of how he might have felt.

Without thinking, Sara spoke the first thing that came to mind. "I am so sorry! I wasn't even paying attention."

Real smooth, Sara.

The boy looked up, and Sara was startled. Instead of the dark brown or black eyes she was used to, dark blue eyes stared into hers momentarily, and then blinked away. One slim eyebrow raised as he gathered the rest of his belongings. "Watch were you are going next time."

With that, he was lost in the crowd.

It took Sara a moment to realize he had spoken in English. Shaking her head, she once again found Aoi, determined to stick by her side this time.

Her parents had warned her Tokyo was a busy city, but she would have never guessed such a fast pace at life. It was neat to see how certain people reacted with others. Everything was busy, and kept Sara's mind spinning.

She was jolted out of her thoughts as Aoi stopped next to a young woman, and began chatting away with her.

That was when Sara noticed the teen standing next to Aoi's friend. It was the boy she had bumped into not fifteen minutes before. He raised that eyebrow once again, recognizing her as well.

Aoi seemed to notice the two staring at one another. "Sara, this is Ichijouji Osamu." She paused as if waiting for Sara to say something. When she didn't, Aoi nodded slightly. "He will be attending your school this year... It is your last year, right?"

The boy nodded.

"Same year as Sara, then. Good, she could use a friend. Someone who can speak her language."

The slightly disgusted look "Osamu" was giving her, told her he'd rather die.

Sara didn't seem to be making good impressions today.

As Aoi continued talking, Sara took the opportunity to study the boy in front of her. He was at least over six feet, taller than most of the boys in her school. Hair so black it had a blue tint framed his face, and thin glasses rested on his nose. Those gorgeous eyes stared back at her. Was that a hint of violet?

If he hadn't been such a jerk before, Sara would have considered him attractive.

"We need to go," Osamu stated suddenly, causing both Aoi and his mother to shoot him a look. He shrugged, said a brief sentence to his mother, and began to turn away. She nodded said her goodbyes to Aoi.

"It was nice to meet you." Sara muttered before he left.

He cast a glance back at her. "Pleasure." His voice had almost no emotion in it.

By the time they arrived home, Sara was exhausted. She flopped down on the tiny couch, closing her eyes. She opened them a second later to find Kenji, Aoi's husband, staring down at her, a grin on his face.


"That is an understatement. I'm exhausted."

He chuckled. "Go to bed, then. We can wake you up when dinner is finished."

Sara shrugged. Her eyes found the news paper lying on the coffee table. Her heart stopped.

There, gracing the front page, was the picture of, Osamu, the boy she had previously seen in the store earlier.

"Kenji!" she cried, grabbing the paper. "What is he doing on here?"

Kenji looked puzzled, then he began to frown. "Another interview? You would think they'd have taken every bit of information from that poor boy. He's so sick of interviews, he could scream."

"Interviews? What for?"

The Japanese man blinked. "He's famous, Sara. A prodigy."

Sara stared down at the paper, seeing the smiling face of Ichijouji Osamu looking back at her. It was the same 'smile' he had used on her in the supermarket. That cold, fixed smile.

The first person she bumped into was famous.

This trip seemed to be getting better, and better...

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