Double Trouble
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Science Fiction, Extra Sensory Perception, Furry, Harem,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Often I take a year or so to finish a story. The idea of this story came to me one night and was finished within days. This is the story of a teacher who gets deliberately knowcked off his bike and gets adopted by quite unique family. The centrepiece are the twins who have an unusual characteristic in that they can feel the pain and ecstacy of the others experiences. This also includes a randy mother and Grandmother who also make demands on the lucky man.

Life is a definitely very funny, and when I tell you my story perhaps you will agree, even if you don't now. Well here I am at the ripe old age of 24 years and three months, cycling back to my Mrs. Grimms grotty lodgings in the pouring rain, after a days teaching the children of the local gentry at Hinchinborough Grammar, when this old lady, well elderly lady then, in her fifties knocked me off my bike in her Landrover.

I was not really hurt but I thought I might as well make the most of it, so I sat up looking very dazed. I realised that I had a small gash on my forehead, which was bleeding copiously with the help of the pouring rain, so I stood up and then sort of collapsed again on purpose. The lady got out of her Landrover and came over to me, she was apologizing profusely and trying to help me to my feet.She seemed genuinely upset.

My bike was a wreck as her front wheels had really mashed it up. I set up a wail.

"Oh my bike and I have only just bought it."

"Oh I am so sorry." She whimpered." "I will buy you a new one."

As she spoke I realised that there seemed to be a strong smell of alcohol on her breath.

I groaned, and sort of slumped against the bonnet of the Land rover, just as a mate of mine the local policeman Jack Dempsey drew up in his blue and white panda car.

Good afternoon "Lady Temple." he said.

I suddenly realised as he spoke, that this lady was the Chairman of the School Governors at the school where I taught...

"He pulled his breathalyzer kit out and then said "I am sorry my lady but I have let you off twice but if you are positive this time I am afraid that I will have to take you in."

"Are you alright Tony do you need an ambulance?" He asked as an aside.

"No I think I am alright Jack, but my bike is finished and look at my clothes."

"Oh don't worry about him constable I will look after poor Mr. Nash. I know I have been very naughty and it's all the fault of your Chief Constable, he would keep pouring drinks down me at lunch today at the watch committee meeting."

Jack took no notice and invited her ladyship to blow into his breathalyzer.

Jack and I knew each other because we used to have an occasional drink in the local some evenings when he was off duty, and so we had come to know each other quite well in the three months I had been at the school.

"I am sorry your ladyship but you are well over the limit and I will have to arrest you and take you in for a medical examination."

I pulled Jack to one side and I said. "Jack old pal can we use a bit of discretion here. It is obvious that your boss will not want the publicity if she decides to fight it and go to court, and she probably will, and she is my boss as well. I think she is also a magistrate."

So Jack scratched his head and said "You know I can't Tony my old mate."

"Go on give her right rollicking and let her go. It won't hurt any of us."

So Jack being a nice sort of guy gave her a right telling off, and made her promise to re-imburse me for my bike and damaged clothing. Lady Temple was very contrite and apologised and thanked the constable, and then she said Mr. Nash "Jump in, I will take you to my daughter's house now which is quite near here and she will sort you out.

A half an hour later I found myself in a very plush country residence being stared at with great interest by Misty and Fay the two gorgeous blonde 15 year old Rampole twins and their equally glamorous mother Fiona, who was in the process of giving her mother a right earful for getting drunk, and driving again, and then as if she was suddenly realising my predicament, and the fact I was standing their bleeding and dripping on an expensive carpet she turned to the girls and said.

"Take Mr. Nash up to the guest room girls and sort him out, and put his clothes in the washer while I waste my valuable time, talking to your grandmother who will take no bloody notice of what I say anyway..."

The girls chorused. "Of course Mama. We would love to mama"

I was beginning to feel a little embarrassed as these two girls were students of mine for Math's three times a week at the Grammar School.

But they behaved themselves impeccably as they took me to the guest room, one girl holding each of my hands tightly but they were giggling to themselves at my obvious embarrassment, as they insisted on helping me to undress. I got down to my underpants and attempting to use my authority as a teacher I said. "Right out you go girls."

But the next second I found that I was very professionally tripped and pushed backwards on to the bed with two young girls piling on top of me. My underpants were stripped from me and the next moment I was taken in a long passionate French kiss by one of the twins. The kiss was so fierce so fierce that I believed my tongue was getting sucked from my head. While the unoccupied sister was busy bringing my cock to full operating mode.

Even if they had never seen a cock before, and I could not swear to that, these girls certainly knew how to kiss! I was 24 years old and learning how to kiss from two 15 year olds! The next thing I knew, the other girl took her place and she in her turn continued where her sister had left off in gently wanking me.

We were interrupted by their mother Fiona a few moments later their mother saying "Come on girls you should have had him in the shower by now, you can play with him later." I was immediately very confused, I would certainly have expected the mother to have been angry at their very forward behaviour, but she was, by her much laid back attitude almost approving of their behaviour. I was not entirely disappointed as I was beginning to enjoy myself. Well who wouldn't with two luscious girls like this?.So off I went to the adjoining shower room escorted by these two ravishing teenagers, expecting quite naturally to be allowed to shower alone in peace. Although by now I had concluded this was a very broadminded family. Just broadminded I was yet to find out.

Alas and much to my secret delight, I soon found that was not to be, as very quickly two naked girls wearing plastic shower hats joined me in the shower and started washing me in all those private places that one has been taught by your mother not to reveal in public. It was not long before I was as hard as a rock and sandwiched between two naked teenagers who interspersed their task by fondling my private parts and covering my mouth with long passionate kisses.

We eventually left the shower where the girls insisted on drying me down with two large warm fluffy towels and taking the opportunity to cover me with a scented perfumed powder. I was then given a female almost see thru negligee to wear, as their mother Fiona came and inspected her daughter's handiwork. I felt semi-naked and in a pleading voice I asked Fiona.

"Please don't you have something more substantial for me to put on?"

"No darling I am afraid that this is an all female household and we don't stock any menswear."

Fiona thought for a moment and then with a little smile said.

"Well darling you are about the same size as me so I can lend you a pair of my knickers." Thinking quickly I accepted the offer with as much gratitude as I could muster at the time.

The girls had been drying themselves as we spoke and Fiona grabbed a hair dryer sat me down and with a brush and comb, dried and combed my hair.

Meanwhile a very scantily clothed Misty was sitting on my lap enjoying my maleness which she had slipped between her legs and rubbing up against a very wet warm moist vagina. Her mother seemed to ignore this forward behaviour, in fact she laughingly told Misty. "Darling put the poor man down. He is still in shock poor thing."

In this condition I was led downstairs to await dinner and much to my embarrassment as a very young smiling waitress poured me a drink. My protests that I should be getting back to my digs received the answer "Oh no darling your clothes are all wet, and they won't be dry until morning. Tomorrow is a Saturday so darling, you will be our guest at least until we can send you home in a presentable condition."

By this time I was under no illusion that this was a house full of very randy, very broad minded females. I was taken by the girls into a room adjoining the dining room where I was offered a drink and the local evening newspaper... I was entertained for a time by a more or less sober Lady Temple, who kept on eying me up and down as she kept apologizing. Eventually she gave up and left saying.

"I will see you at dinner Tony."

After a few moments I became conscious of heated voices in the adjoining dining room. I must admit I was curious and inched the door open a bit so that I could hear better.

Then I heard the conversation go something like this. "Can we keep him Mamma please?"

"No darling — he is not a toy or a pet, and you would only get bored with him in a few weeks like you did with those guinea pigs, or have you conveniently forgotten?"

"But mamma you could hire him as our tutor, and think how much better it would be for us if we had a tutor on the ground."

"Ha Fay, I have said no. You know and I know, he would not be on the ground much — he would always be in or on the bed with you two around, and you would not be studying Math's you would be more interested in studying practical Human Biology"

"You are not saying much Misty?" Fiona's voice piped in.

"I was just thinking mama — you could share him with us, because you have not had a man for a long time. You could also let us have him as a sort of advance birthday present."

"Shush girls, you should not just talk about him as though he is some sort of pet animal and decide whether you can keep him or not. He is an intelligent human being, and a qualified teacher he will only stay with us if we can convince him that it would be for his own good."

"But he's got an enormous cock and I heard one of our teachers Miss Fortescue talking about him in the Refectory, and we can verify that Mamma because we had him in the shower and it was enormous, and if we don't get our hooks in him now, we might lose him."

"I know girls I admit I was impressed too, when I saw him come out of the shower."

"Its an idea dear, but I know you girls you are so bloody greedy you would hog him all the time and he would be too knackered to fuck me."

"A chorus of female voices said. "No mother we could work out a roster and you could have him for a third of the time."

Then I heard Lady Temple butt in. "How about me I engineered the plan, and I knocked him down so you girls could have him, so he is mine officially, so I should be on the roster as well?"

The girls piped up in unison "Oh Grandma — you don't still — do you?."

Lady Temple replied "Yes girls I do, you don't lose all feeling in your fanny once you are fifty you know."

Whether I had heard all the conversation and got the context right I did not know, but I had got the general idea from what I had heard. If I had got it right, I had been knocked down deliberately to get me inside their home, with a plot to keep me here permanently. I had to think about this, and all the possible implications. It certainly sounded quite intriguing.

Let me explain at this point I am no virgin, and I have been around a bit, so it was not as though I was naïve about sex. I certainly fancied the girls, and their mother, as any red blooded bloke would, even the sexy glamorous granny Lady Temple could probably get me going after a drink or two. The only thing that troubled me was that the girls were only fifteen. The legal age is sixteen so I realised would have to be very careful if I was to stay in this house.

We sat down to dinner about twenty minutes later. The family was dressed informally and it was a good meal with a nice German Rhine wine. We were served by the attractive young waitress I had seen earlier. She was obviously highly amused by my mode of dress. The conversation was a little stilted, but I duly noted that Fiona and Lady Temple who sat one each side of me kept my glass fairly full all the time between them. I felt a right prat sat their in a strange house in a woman's negligee with all these gorgeous females around me, and a pretty blonde maid serving dinner. I guessed that she would surely talk, and I would be a laughing stock if it became public knowledge... As the meal went on and everyone relaxed. I felt a hand first of all from Lady Temple and then Fiona come to rest on my thigh adjacent to them.

Lady Temple initiated the conversation by asking me where I lived and what my digs were like.I said "The room is small and needs redecorating, the food is awful and the landlady is an old witch."

Misty piped up."Oh Mamma we have bags of room here couldn't Tony stay with us. Think of the advantage of having a teacher here all the time?"

Lady Temple who had drunk well of the wine that evening piped up

"Girls I don't think it is the teaching which interests you two randy little girls."

"Oh Mother!" Fiona piped up

"Well its true, you know what these girls want and it ain't schoolwork darling."

Fay piped up. "Grandma it was you who said you wanted fucking as well so don't be a hypocrite."

"Girls girls that's enough off to your rooms straight away" Then turning to me she said

"I am so sorry Mr. Nash I don't know what to say."

I decided to try and ease the situation. "Look ladies I overheard part of your conversation before dinner and it seems as though that there has been a lot of intrigue in getting me knocked off my bike, and a devious plot to keep me here. I admit I would love to live in a house with all you lovely ladies, but if we seriously considered it, we would have to lay down some ground rules"

"I would insist on paying an economic rent for my board. And the girls would have to respect the fact that I am a teacher at their school."

Before I could continue one of he girls piped up, with a cheeky grin on her pretty young face. having ignored their mother and stayed to take part in the conversation "We were thinking that you could live here rent free as long as we could count on you being the man of the house in every conceivable way."

Lady Temple was showing the effect of the drink now very obviously piped up. "Lets cut the bullshit they all want you to do what a man does, and so do I, and that is why the girls concocted the plan with me to knock you off your bike to get you here. They all want fucking, and so do I. So there it is out in the open."

There was an embarrassed silence while they all looked at me. There was not a lot I could say so I smiled and said. "Thank you ladies I would be honoured." But looking at Fiona I said. May we have a private discussion to discuss several things that are on my mind before I make a definite decision?"

She smiled and said. "Certainly Tony, but lets just relax and get to know each other a bit better this evening." I relaxed and enjoyed the banter of the family that evening. Somehow Fiona and I never got that chat, and I went to bed in the guest room and I lay there in the dark thinking of the events of the evening when I heard the door open and Fiona's voice say. "Tis me Tony." as she slipped into bed beside me.

"Action now and talk later darling" She whispered as her mouth descended on mine.I had never experienced anything like this super exotic feeling before. She was good, and I knew that I was getting all the experience that only an experienced woman could give to me. My cock was quickly encased in a warm wet vibrating cocoon; her hips moved slowly with mine in perfect harmony. We were already working very much as a team, producing a range of erotic feelings in me that were out of this world. The feel of her body snuggling in my arms was lovely.

Our passion was intense, yet it could not be hurried, both of us were determined to demonstrate our newly found desire for each other in our love making. At first we moved slowly, as the pace increased, so did our enjoyment. We were moaning almost in unison, our lips locked together, gradually building to a crescendo.

She was the first to start with several small orgasms. I desperately wanted to make it last as long as I could, and had deliberately and desperately tried to hold back, but, it was no good, I could not delay. My need was so great as I thrust hard into her, holding her tight I started coming in long pumping yet almost imperceptible strokes.

Almost too late, and just as I was beginning to slow down, She joined me in a long drawn out massive climax. Her arms locked round me, almost crushing me in their intensity pulling me close into her, holding me so tight against her vibrating body.

"Wow that does not happen very often. That is the first time for a long time; I've had a proper climax. She whispered." We lay locked together, arms round each other for a long time, and I locked my arms round her waist, gently kissing her, fondling her naked breasts while she ran her fingers through my hair. While I started sucking her hard nipples...

"What am I going to do about you Tony?" She said eventually.

"I'm not sure."I replied.

Turning round she kissed me on the lips. "Was it good for you?" She asked.

"Oh yes, no complaints at all." I told her.

"I need a man, the girls need a man, and I need a man to help me with the girls. I know many people would disapprove of our lifestyle, and our freedom where sex is concerned but we keep it in the house.

Outside we are very well behaved and very formal. The girls need to be introduced to sex properly by a man who is caring kind and considerate. Do you think you are that man and that you could cope with all the duties involved?" Fiona asked.

"You won't find all the work too arduous except perhaps some nights when I personally may wish to work you very hard indeed."

"Oh no." I whispered as her lips again closed on mine. "It's the arduous work I will enjoy", I murmured huskily a few minutes later.

"Tomorrow we will arrange to fetch your things from your lodgings and I am going to put you in the granny flat which will give you some privacy."

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