Sweet Secret Lover
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Heterosexual, Cheating, Slut Wife, Black Couple, Oral Sex, Petting, Size, Slow,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is my true story as a married woman. I describe my endevours with my secret lover.

You call me to say you are in town. Am excited both with the obvious booty call and the sensation it gives me to imagine what could be. Soon it will be lunch break and am hungry. Very hungry, but not for food. I can't think straight. The little brains l had got washed immediately after l agreed to meet you at your crib for "lunch". Am looking forward to all the courses.

What a flirt you are. I love your mind games. Of cos am eagar and if you want hard prove check my thong which l had to remove as it was drenched with my juice. I never thought it would come to this but l sure love the turn of events, so do you.

I just can't get it out of my head. I know am going to get it and am going to let you have your ways with me. You excite every nerve in me. What a wonderful reward for being a naughty girl. You are for sure my best kept secret and we both want to keep it that way forever.

The jeans seam rubs my already erect clit as l walk. Am aware of it and loving every step. I flash back to our first and only physical encounter. What a man you had proved to be. Like the time you had my clit on your tongue, l almost pasted out. If the past is anything to go by then for sure today will go to the books of history. What a sweet dick you had, the better to fuck me l guess. That day men were really separated from boys. You were a true man. It takes a true man to make a woman orgasm on the first encounter. It's as if you learnt how to seduce me, swipe me off my feet from the other world. You know l loved it. You loved it too. Time will tell if you maintain standards. I snap out of it. I have to focus on the matters at hand. Am sure you must be waiting for me.

Before long am knock on your door. Am trembling not from fear but rather desire. I have wanted this for so long and my pussy and l can't wait to experience you again.

Every human being has a pinch of craziness in them but ours is the ultimate masterpiece. It's time to put all the flirting on chat to practice. You open the door with a smile and l know there is no backing out now. Immediately everything seizes to be, except the lust we have for each other. Lust so deep and thick. It certainly could be cut with a knife.

You look sexy as always. What's a girl to do Hun??????? Especially if you smile in that way. What a seduction. There l am in your arms enjoying that hug feeling your strong arms around me. Still no words are spoken. Just my heartbeat and yours are getting acquainted. You look in my eyes. What a hunk you are. I can certainly do anything you please at that juncture. You know what l want. I too know clearly what this afternoon is about. "Lunch will be served" not so long now.

You look into my eyes and open your mouth in what l thought to be a verbal greeting but words don't make it out of your lips. Am shaking and would drop for sure if you don't keep holding me. Do l have that effect on you? Or could it me your sexuality has the best of you? Or both? I take the chance, move forward to plant a peck on your sweet lips. You need more than a peck. Who am l fooling; l too could use more sugar. Your tongue touches mine and right there l knew where you were going to take me; HEAVEN.

You taste just like candy in my mouth. I know from experience that's not the only sweet thing you proudly own. I want everything. Am not sure in which order. Right now it doesn't matter. What matters is that we are together. Two adults of sound mind. Willing to explore and to be explored.

Am getting wetter as results of your action. I enjoy giving myself to you. I also love the way you surrender to my touch and kisses.

Before l know it am free from my all the clothes l had before. You helped me get them off. How badly l needed you right there and then. Instead you choose to take it slow. After all we have 2 hours of enjoying our sexuality and take care of the lust that burns between us.

You kiss my ears and make me mourn softly. In your eyes l can see you enjoy what you do to me. Making me weak is all part of your agenda, but l aint complaining. You are pressing your shaft on me. I move my legs apart so that l can feel the full length. My wetness is getting you all wet. You know l love to taste mixtures. What a tease you are my lover.

It's hot and hard, just the way l love it. You rub it again on my clit over and over again. Am feeling kind of dizzy, but its good to have my Mr. Fix it handy. My pussy is throbbing calling your name. Inviting you to pump it and make the itchy "fuck me sensation" go away. You have better ideas. I know what you are thinking but l want to beat you at your game.

I make you switch positions with me. You are the one leaning on the way now. Trust me Hun you will need the support. Am about to unleash the crazy inner woman in me. You know l love you cock. If not for the length, then the curve or maybe the heat it gives my pussy. My goodness and those fucking veins on it. One word, DELICIOUS. I know many women alive today would die for an inch of that chunk of meat. Too bad for them or too good for me l have it to myself. To do whatever l please and that l sure will maximize on.

You give me that LL Cool J lower lip lick. You are sexy. I kneel right in front of you. Am on direct contact with your manhood. Pre cum is oozing out. I want to taste you so bad. My pussy won't give me peace. My left hand finds its way to my clit. Am rubbing it right infront of you. No shame. No limits. I mourn and warm air hits your cock. You shiver for a second. I lick off the pre cum like a little girl would do ice cream from a corn. I want to please you and take you to a level of pleasure you have never though exists.

Until then, only time will tell if l talk more and do less or if l actually talk the talk and walk the walk. SHINDWA MWENYEWE HA HA HA

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