Master PC - Mind Magi
Chapter 1: The Hall

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, Reluctant, Mind Control, Magic, Heterosexual, Fiction, Superhero, Extra Sensory Perception, Harem, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, Tit-Fucking, Size, Body Modification, Big Breasts, Violent,

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Chapter 1: The Hall - Ral is in New York City to open a new store in the growing chain he is a part owner of and to learn more about the Mind Magi and how he fits within their society. Things won't be so easy though. Even with discovering how to improve his outlook of the relationship with his girls, not only does his talents advance to a new step in their ongoing evolution, but someone is out to do more than make his life difficult.

I yawned again.

"I can't believe you're that tired," Michael said, shaking his head.

The yawn stifled, I replied, "I told you that I've gotten used to having my girls with me when I sleep."

"Who inevitably wake you some time in the night for a quickie!" Michael replied with a big grin.

"Be that as it may, I don't mind and actually feel more rested when they do."

"So when was the last time you went without a quickie in the middle of the night?" His knowing smile was in place.

I thought about that. And thought...

Michael chuckled and shook his head. "You honestly don't remember, do you?"

I shrugged. "Maybe when I went to visit my parents last Christmas?"

"That was four months ago."

"So?" I said defensively.

Michael shook his head again and looked back up at the double doors we were waiting next to.

It was Monday morning, the first day of my spring break from school and we were using that time to visit New York City. First, we had a meeting with the Mind Magi Council, and the next day I was to attend the grand opening of the fourth store in the chain that I was partial owner of. The opening wasn't as important as the meeting, but Charlotte — A fellow Master PC User, Part owner in the store chain, and one of my family members — had arranged for a small press conference and photo shoot with a few magazines. The photo shoot was really more to promote the store, so fortunately my face wouldn't be included.

Michael looked back at me as I stifled another yawn. "I thought you said you had dreams of them too, dreams that were very real."

I nodded. "The dreams are shared. I'm there, they're there, and you can feel, see, smell, taste and hear as if everything we did were actually happening."

"So why isn't that good enough?"

I shrugged. "I don't know." I thought about it again and said, "The only other time I slept without being coerced into sex in the middle of the night was when I spent that night in a hospital."

"And when you woke up, that's when you added Anna to your harem," Michael said with a touch of incredulity. "Oh wait. I'm sorry, your 'family'." There was still a touch of sarcasm to his correction, but I overlooked that. We had developed a bit of mildly picking on one another in the forms of wisecracks to relieve tension. Today seemed to be all set for that.

I had just looked at him when he said "harem." It was another term that I didn't care for. Not that I needed a reminder of my situation — as surreal as it was. My attempt at calling it different was my delusion, something I was happy to admit (that it was a delusion) because my girls and I were happy. Why spoil it with terms that might upset someone?

However, I nodded to his statement. I had added Anna to my family and it helped me to recover. I continued with the train of thought that she helped heal me. Michael believed that she only empowered my ability to heal and my talents took care of the rest. It was something, like many of my other talents, which was fully untested. It was also something everyone understood my reluctance to test. Who really wanted to knock themselves about the head or cause any other form of harm to themselves just to see if they would heal like some comic book character?

Besides, I knew he didn't understand. For that matter, I didn't fully understand it. He knew many Mind Magi and what they were all about, but I seemed to defy most of the "rules" regarding their society. Maybe "rules" was more functional in what I was experiencing versus all other Mind Magi. My having parents who were both Mind Magi seemed to have pushed me beyond the norm.

"You know me Michael. I wouldn't just take anyone to bed. I don't do that."

He nodded. He had witnessed on many occasions how women all but threw themselves at me and I would deflect them, most with a soft smile and soft words of comfort and some with harsh tones only because my kind rebuttals were not enough to dissuade them. "But why did you take Anna?" he asked.

I shrugged again. "I somehow knew she could help me heal."

Michael seemed to think about that. "And Savannah?"

"Savannah had been affected by me for months. Ever since I brought her sister, Alexandria, back to her. I don't think anyone could have taken what she did for so long and continue to fight their desires. Besides, Savannah already knew what to expect. She knew long before that day what it would mean to sleep with me and she still chose to do it anyway."

"You almost make it sound like you did it to help her rather than doing anything for yourself."

I looked at him again. "I know what you're thinking. All of my girls have said it before. Any other red-blooded man would take advantage of such situations. But I can't help but feel the connection as something more than just sex. You also know that I would never put anyone in this situation without a way out. I still have a standing offer for all of my girls to be free of me if they choose so."

Michael just grinned and shook his head. "Still, honestly, I cannot get over how much you get laid."

I thought about that. It wasn't how much or the frequency, but the number of women I had who wanted it. I was the only male living with sixteen females. I'm sure most men would have killed themselves in an attempt to keep up with it all and the girls would have felt unloved, maybe bitter. "All that eye candy running around my place and you can't say you've not fantasized."

Michael looked at me. At first he had a somber expression on his face. I knew those looks. Living with women taught me how to read such expressions. "You have haven't you?" I had half a smile on my face asking it.

He nodded, slowly.

"You haven't done anything about it. I would have known if you had. I would have felt it."

"Would you? What would be the difference between me being with one of your girls and two of them together, say sharing a strap-on?"

It was rather vulgar coming from Michael, but it was an honest question. He was testing my jealousy. Oddly, I didn't feel any. "The emotions; they would have felt guilty, and if they didn't ... Well, I would just break our bond and wish them well."

"Just like that, you'd let her go?"

I had been staring off in the distance in thought, but turned my focus on Michael again. "Yes. I meant what I said. If any of them found anyone else. I'd let them go. I want them to be happy, not feeling stuck."

Michael had been stoic looking but broke into a grin. "You would have. Still, it's a good thing I'm married."

"You just admitted to having had fantasies about one or more of my girls..."

"Yeah, but they were just that, fantasies. I'm still human, Ral."

I shook my head. "I wasn't accusing you. I guess I just never thought about it. The only marriage role-models I've ever had were my adoptive parents and you know what happened between them and me a few months ago."

"That was different Ral. They were in trouble with something they couldn't have fought off themselves. You were helping them the only way you knew how to."

"Yeah, but still ... I guess I'm feeling guilty about what happened to them."

Michael shook his head. "Don't. You know the difference. Just let it go and chalk it up to having helped them. I'm sure you would help them again if it came down to it."

I nodded. However, deep down I wondered if I would. Those moments I spent with Mom ... I could still remember them as if they happened only the day before. The details, the sensations; they haunted me. I had let her go, broke the bond I forged with her because I only forged it to break another's bond to her. I was freeing her of their control. So why did I still dwell on it? Something about the touch of her skin, the feel of her body under mine. I had my girls. Each of them was unique in what they gave, yet I still felt ... no, nearly craved my Mother's touch.

I felt different for Monique though and I wasn't sure why. She had been more aggressive when being forced to try to seduce me and I had resisted it. Even after I had broken the bond that forced her to do such, she still felt the desire for me and told me about it. I had thought that giving her what she seemed to need and send her on her way would solve it, but only a month later, I had received an email from her. She had broken up with her fiancé and declared her unending desire for me. I had fed that yearning through our continuing emails but fortunately she hadn't decided to just show up to get more of the real thing. I had mixed emotions about that.

Of course, having Mandy bound to me and nearby helped me both when I had my cravings for Mom's touch or just got done reading an especially naughty email from Monique. She didn't know what was going on but accepted my advances nonetheless. It was wrong to use her like that. I knew that and yet hadn't even begun to make amends. Maybe after I got home after the store opening the next day, I would sit her down and tell her everything. Maybe...

I needed to break out of my thoughts. They wouldn't help me at all once we were called in to talk to the council. Looking back at Michael I recalled his reasoning for not trying anything with any of my girls. "You said you were married?"

He looked up. I had been silent for a while. Apparently he too was lost in thought. "Yeah, been married for just over nineteen years."

"I had thought so, but you never said anything before."

"I'm trying to break that habit. I've been keeping my normal life with my family separate from my secret life so much; I hadn't told her or my daughter about my talents, just like I haven't told you or anyone else in our society about my marriage."

"You said you were trying to break that habit?"

"I'm taking a leaf out of your book. Your girls know all about your talents. Of course it would be difficult to constantly juggle so many women, especially living with all of them."

I nodded but watched him hoping he would open up more.

He looked around as if checking to make sure no one else could hear us. There was no one else, except the other Mind Magi in the room beyond the double doors. "I told Katherine about it all just a month ago."

"I'll bet that didn't go over well."

"Well, she didn't believe me at first, of course. However, I had the perfect opportunity to prove I could find anyone I had ever met."

"Who did you locate?"

"Our daughter."

I just grinned and raised an eyebrow.

"She's sixteen and wants to date. I, of course, think she shouldn't date until she's thirty, but she is a teenager and prone to doing what she wants."

"I take it she was at a boy's house?"

Michael nodded. "She had told us she would be hanging out at her friend's, Ashley's, house. That's when I took the opportunity to prove my ability to my wife."

I turned and got more comfortable. Now that we were discussing his family rather than mine, I was getting more comfortable.

"Well, we went to Ashley's house and looked around. We didn't actually go up to the house, but we did see Ashley alone sunbathing next to her pool. It was something Jenna did with her."

"After that I just drove. About two miles away I parked us in front of this other house behind a black mustang. I pointed to the house and told Katherine that Jenna was inside."

"And she didn't believe you?"

Michael shook his head. He was starting to act like a guy talking about some hot date rather than sharing such a big secret with his family. "Of course not. So, we sat there and waited. Then I told Katherine that Jenna was coming. Katherine was stunned to see our daughter come out of the front door, hand in hand with a boy we told her she wasn't allowed to date."

Michael grinned. "Katherine forgot all about how we got there and started to get out of the car. She was going to go lecture Jenna and ground her but I held her back. I told her to just sit tight and we'd see where she was going."

"So we sat there in our car and Jenna and her boyfriend got into the black mustang in front of us."

"I'll bet Katherine was wondering why Jenna hadn't noticed you two," I interjected.

"She sure was. Turns out my ability to not be noticed when I'm tracking stretches to include anyone involved too. It seemed to even include the car."


"No kidding. Well, we followed the mustang. Her boyfriend took her back to Ashley's house. Both went out back. Katherine and I just sat across the street and watched them for a while. After Jenna's boyfriend left, but Jenna stayed, Katherine and I went back home."

I sat back. The meat of the story was over, but Michael was still shining with excitement. "When Katherine and I got home, we had a long discussion both about my abilities and how our daughter was sneaking around behind our backs."

"I take it you've not told Jenna about your talents?"

Michael's smile dropped to a perfect dead-pan look. "Are you kidding? Katherine thinks it's the best thing since beepers and cell-phones."

We both laughed.

"The only thing Katherine wishes I could do was see what Jenna's actually doing when she's with her boyfriend. Or at least have some kind of knowledge as to whether they're having sex or not."

It was my turn to drop my smile.

Michael shrugged. "I hate the whole idea. My little girl is growing up and doing things like that with boys." He shook his head and continued, "But she is sixteen. Two more years and she's legal to have sex with anyone she wants. Her boyfriend is seventeen but she will be too in June."

An idea struck me. "Do you guys have any plans for a birthday party?"

"Not at the moment."

"Why not bring her and your wife to Texas. It would cut down on you being away from them and Jenna can hang out with my girls. It'll be like a vacation for all of you."

Michael seemed to really be thinking about that.

"And if you really want to know if Jenna's been having sex..."

The look he gave me would have killed a charging rhino. I burst out in laughter. "No! No, it's not what you think. God, I wouldn't do that to you man!"

The knowing smile gone, Michael continued to stare at me.

"I mean, I can glean the info via memory sharing. A simple handshake and I'll know."

Michael visibly relaxed. I chuckled again. "It's not a bad idea the vacation at least. I'll talk to Katherine about the other. Right now I'm of a mind to say no. I think Jenna should tell us when she's ready."

I nodded. "It's cool. Besides, you don't have to have an excuse to bring your family around to visit or whatnot. Not unless there's some travel involved."

"Yeah there is, but that's not a problem."


"No, I actually work for a company that helps regulate what goes on with the crew in flight. I'm like an unannounced inspector. I fly all the time, purely to score the flight and the crew. That's how I can afford to travel so much and my wife doesn't have issues with me being gone up to two days a week."

"Wow, we are a wide open book today. I didn't know that either."

"Like I said, I'm trying to break the wall I've built between my life and this society."

"Still, I'll bet your wife gives you grief about being around the flight attendants so much."

"Ral, we've already discussed that. I have fantasies, but I love my wife. Besides, she really likes hearing my fantasies. You might call it a fetish of hers."

"You lucky dog!"

Michael sat there, grinning ear to ear. In the few months we had known one another, I knew next to nothing about him or what he did outside of his efforts for the Mind Magi. Suddenly I'm flooded with information regarding his normal life. All the discussions we had had couldn't have strengthened our friendship more than his trust in me just then.

I trusted him like no other in return. Trying to help him understand what was happening to me only helped me to understand it too. And, unlike when discussing my abilities with my girls, Michael offered insight and experience in suggestions when something seemed awry.

The idea that one of my girls would be all revved up from hearing me confiding a fantasy grabbed my attention. My girls didn't need a reason to seek me out for sex. It seemed more and more that they did this even when I didn't think I was in the mood. However, each time, I found myself open to the idea and act. That thought started up my engines and I couldn't just sit still.

I got up and started pacing between the doors and the bench we had occupied.

"Try not to be so nervous," Michael offered.

"I'm not nervous, but I want something."

"You couldn't be hungry, not after that breakfast the girls ordered." Michael ended up joining Renée, Erin, Chloe and me for breakfast, simply because they had ordered so much we couldn't finish it.

I shook my head. I wasn't hungry, or thirsty, but there was a craving. I wasn't feeling in the mood for sex, but that was the last thought that crossed my mind before the feeling grabbed me. I tried to explain that to Michael.

"Are you saying you want sex? Now?"

I actually stopped and looked at him, hoping he was wrong. It wasn't like I was erect. My body wasn't giving any such signals, yet the craving was strong and growing.

"Even if one of your girls were here, the council could call on us at any time."

I started pacing again. It helped to be moving. It seemed to draw off on whatever it was I craved.

The minutes slipped by and still the doors remained closed and the craving grew. Michael tried to make chit-chat but I wasn't in the mood. Worse, I was starting to get grumpy.

No one else had appeared along that hallway. The elevator never opened even with someone who had punched the wrong button. The Mind Magi had "arranged" things so they wouldn't be discovered, or at least found out.

The lack of other people around didn't help my mood. I tried sitting and meditating as Michael had been teaching me to do to help control my abilities, but something about that craving had me too overexcited to just sit still, so I took to pacing again.

Both of us turned and looked when the bell for the elevator rang out. I wasn't certain if this was another Mind Magi who had come for a scheduled meeting or an accidental stop. Then I got my answer.


I took a second look. A woman was standing in the doorway of the elevator. It was difficult to not recognize Renée.

Without thinking, I was walking in her direction. My stride urgent, almost running.

Renée saw me approaching and stepped away from the elevator. She held out her arms to me for a welcoming hug, but that wasn't what I wanted.

Again, I wasn't thinking, only responding to the near desperation coursing through my body. I had dropped my jacket and started pulling off my tie as I approached. I could feel my Charm reach out for her and I did nothing to stop it.

Renée was wrapped up lovingly by my need and responded to it willingly. She too was in a business suit and threw off her jacket.

I heard Michael calling out to me, but I ignored him.

Renée and I collided and fell to the floor in a barely controlled fall. I had never been so heated up and in need of female flesh. Renée felt the same for me.

Quickly, we were shucking clothes. Both our own and each others.

Then I felt hands on me, pulling me. I shrugged them off, but they returned and tried to pry me away from my ... my what? Slave? Woman? Lover? What?

Oddly, that thought, that question, made me stop. I let Michael pull me away from Renée. However, she was still deeply in lust and struggled to have some part of me pressed to all the most intimate parts of her. She sat up and wrapped her arms around my leg, like a child waiting for their father to try to walk while they clung to them.

I could have walked, but it would have been awkward. I felt Renée's lust course through me, but with the sudden clarity of thought I tried to understand what was happening.

Michael was saying, "You can't do this now. The council might call us at any time."

I looked at him and understood what he was talking about. Understood the importance of his words, but Renée brought my attention back to her as she unzipped my slacks and reached inside.

Everything felt so surreal. A fog had enveloped my ability to think coherently and nothing seemed to matter except feeling Renée's flesh pressed to mine.

Hands were on me again that did not belong to Renée. I thought about Chloe and Erin. As far as I knew they were back at the hotel, so when I looked at whom the hands belonged to, I was only mildly surprised it wasn't either of them.

Michael was saying something about the bathroom. "Ral, take this to the bathroom. You and Renée can do all you want in there. Go to the bathroom!"

I looked down at Renée, who stared up at me and stroked my hardness with a glee I never recalled seeing from her before.

Michael's words finally registered. Renée and I were still in front of the elevators not far from the doors that led to where the Mind Magi Council was having their meeting. It would be embarrassing to have to make them wait while going to the bathroom, but more so to have sex right in the middle of the hall.

I reached down for Renée and helped her up. The hand she had in my slacks remained, as if glued to my genitals. With the other, she pulled my face to hers for an ear popping, tonsil-lapping kiss. She was burning up with need and I felt like I wasn't far from it.

Michael tugged at my arms again and was pointing toward a door. I noticed the men's sign and began making my way there with Renée in my arms.

When I started walking, she jumped up, throwing her long, lean legs around me. I grabbed her rump and hauled her to the place where we could get the need out of our systems with (hopefully) no further distractions.

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