Sugar And Spice
Chapter 1: Sugar & Spice But Not So Nice

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Blackmail, Heterosexual, Wimp Husband, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Humiliation,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1: Sugar & Spice But Not So Nice - How can someone who looks like an angel be such a devil?

Kathy was such a cute little girl that everyone liked her, everyone that didn't know her like her step brother Billie did that is. She had golden blond hair that framed her pixie face, a cute turned up nose and a quick smile that would melt your heart. To most people she was a perfect little angel, but just ask Billie, she was no angel; more like a little devil.

Billie was 2 years older but Kathy was their parents little darling. Billie's mother had married twice and Kathy was the daughter of her new husband, but what hurt Billie the most was his own mother liked Kathy better. To their parents Kathy could do no wrong. She could tell big lies and her new mother always believed her because she could tell lies with such an innocent face. She loved to boss Billie around. She made him play little girl games with her. Once when Billie said he wasn't playing anymore she called out to her mom, "Mommy, Billie is pinching me again and it hurts."

She had gained a lot of control over Billie by telling her step mother lies about Billie pinching her. This made Billie's mom very angry at him and she had spanked him several times with her hairbrush.

"Billie, how many times have I told you to quit pinching your sister? Get your pants and under pants off and lie across my lap. I am going to spank your bare bum again with my hairbrush."

"Can I watch you do it Mommy?"

"Yes you can, it may make him behave a little better in the future if he is embarrassed by you watching."

Kathy really liked that because she was the only one that knew Billie was telling the truth. Her mommy spanked Billie hard and he was crying. Kathy enjoying all of this said, "I want to spank him too, so can I use your hairbrush to hit him with?"

"That might be a little too much as his behind is very red and sore but go get that long wooden ruler off your dad's desk ... You can spank him with that. It may teach him a good lesson being spanked by his little sister."

She was back in a few moments with the ruler. She liked to hit him as hard as she could and then run around in front of him and look at his eyes. The more agony she could see, the better she liked it and she would hit him again. Billie was crying, proclaiming his innocence and begging Kathy to quit hitting him.

"Call me Princess and maybe I will."

The pain had robbed Billie of all his pride and crying he begged, "Please Princess quit spanking me, I promise not to pinch you any more."

Kathy had a huge smile on her face. "OK I'll quit but if you pinch me again I'll get my dad to spank you next time and he can hit much harder than your mom."

Calling her princess turned out to be the biggest mistake Billie had made so far. All it did was make Kathy bossier. His mother expected each of them to make their own bed. Now Billie had to not only call her princess, he had to make her bed and clean her room too. If she was not pleased with his cleanup she would hit him with that wooden ruler. Kathy said, "If you don't do what I want, I am going to tell dad you pinched me again and he is going to beat you with his belt," Her first demand was Billie had to give her half of his allowance. Next he had to carry her books to and from school. Billie used to hang around the school yard for a while and play basketball with the guys but now he had to meet Kathy and carry her books home. Sometimes she made him carry her friend's schoolbooks too. Another job Billie had was to do all her homework.

Kathy especially liked humiliating Billie in front of her friends. She often had Linda and Megan over to her house. Every Tuesday, both of their parents got home late so she always had her friends over then. One of their favorite games was for Billie to get on his hands and knees and give them rides all over the living room, kitchen and even out in the back yard. Kathy decided if Billie was going to be a horse he should not wear any clothes and this way it would hurt more when Billie's rider beat his bare ass with her mom's hairbrush.

Sometimes the girls would take off their panties so they could rub their pussies on Billie's back. He often got a hard-on when they did that. That made Kathy mad because she said it showed disrespect and she would make Billie stand up straight with his hands behind his back and she would whack his cock with her wooden ruler. While he cried out in agony the girls would make him beg for mercy while kissing their feet. Soon they all wanted to try what they had heard some of the girls in school whisper about, getting a boy to lick and suck their pussy.

This became their new favorite pastime. Billie got a lot of practice and he soon became very good at sucking pussy and getting the girls off on his face and in his mouth. Kathy often used him at night to lick and suck her, because their parents slept upstairs in the master bedroom while Kathy and Billie had bedrooms in the basement. Anytime Billie complained, all Kathy had to do was threaten to tell her dad that Billie was pinching her again.

Kathy decided that Billie needed a severe spanking when he refused to give her all his allowance. She went to her dad and said Billie was pinching her again and that he had told her not to tell. That made her dad very angry and he beat Billie severely with his belt. Billie's pleas of innocence got him nowhere. Her dad told him that if he ever pinched Kathy again he was going to send him away to military school. That really scared Billie and he was afraid Kathy would say he pinched her again. This was of course exactly what Kathy wanted because she now had a slave, not a brother.

Kathy wanted to have sleepover parties with her two best friends every second Friday night. Of course Billie's mom agreed to anything her darling daughter wanted. Kathy said Billie had agreed to help her serve snacks and drinks, and help her do cleanup before and after the sleepover, and give up his bed so the two girls had a place to sleep and he would sleep in his sleeping bag. Kathy had previously warned him he had better agree with her or he was on his way to military school. When his mom asked Billie if he had volunteered to do all of that, Billie said yes in a low voice. His mom was very pleased, "I am glad you are finally trying to get along with your sister instead of pinching her."

Kathy got immense enjoyment ordering him around to do cleanup and change the linen on her bed. She made him bring her a coke while she watched TV and he did the cleanup. Kathy would inspect afterwards and if she found something she didn't like she would smack him with that wooden ruler.

When the girls arrived it was Billie's job to serve the snacks and drinks. Once his waiter duties were over he had to strip and dance for them naked with his hands on his head. He was constantly humiliated because they made comments about his dick or smacked him with their hands to make him dance faster. Then for their enjoyment they made him stand in front of them and jerk himself off. When they had to pee they would do it in Billie's sleeping bag, just one more humiliation for him while they slept in his bed.

Now that school was out Kathy had the house to herself during the day. As soon as their parents left for work she would have Billie up making her breakfast and bringing it to her in bed. Then depending on her mood she would have him suck her or brush her hair or run her bath. She often had him wash and iron her clothes like a maid. Another thing she liked was to have him paint her toenails. Kathy had more money to spend now because she told his mother she would clean the house if she got paid for it. His mother anxious to get rid of that job readily agreed. All Kathy did was make Billie do it after he cleaned her room and made her bed.

She liked to keep Billie nude around the house, especially when her girlfriends were over as they liked to tease him and grab his cock. As a sign of respect he was not allowed to get a hard on. When he did they would whack him with that ruler. Billie got whacked a lot because it was impossible not to get a hard on if a girl was caressing you. Of course the girls liked to make him hard so they could beat him. They used to call him pussyboy and tell him only their boyfriends could get a hard on around them.

During hot summer days the 3 of them would lounge by the pool in the back yard in their bikinis while Billie had to stay fully clothed dressed like a butler. They would go swimming but Billie, still fully clothed had to stand by the side of the pool with a towel waiting to dry them off when they came out. If he did not have a dry towel waiting they would punish him.

Another game they liked was to make Billie bring them drinks as they sunned themselves by the pool. The game was Billie had to run to the house to get their beverage and run back and serve it to them. They liked to hear Billie beg to be allowed to sit down or at least get out of the sun.

Billie's main job was still to please the girls sexually. All the girls wore tie-on bikini bottoms so when they wanted to be sucked they just called Billie. He would undo their bikini bottoms, kneel before them and service them. When they were satisfied he would kiss their pussy and retie their bikini bottom.

Part II

Kathy had made Billie's life a living hell all through school so several years later he was very happy when he graduated college, got a job at Hi-Tech Computers and moved out of the house into his own apartment. For a few years life was good; Billie was clever and he got several pay increases at HI-Tech Computers. Soon he was able to buy his own condo and he drove a late model car. Then like a cloud of despair, Kathy was back in his life.

Life had been good for Billie but not for Kathy. She had dropped out of school and had first worked as a sales clerk in a department store, then as a waitress, and last as a bartender in one of the downtown clubs. Now she worked on a commission only basis, part time at a boutique and drew unemployment insurance. This did not produce enough money to suit her lifestyle so she went to visit Billie.

"Billie, remember how as kids you used to give me your allowance to help me out? Well I need your help again. I need you to give me a thousand dollars each month to make up the shortfall between my income and my expenses.

"Don't be preposterous, I used to let you boss me as a kid but those days are over."

"I don't think so. Give me my money or I'll get my boyfriend to beat you so badly you will be begging me to take your money."

"Those days ended when I left home. Now I have to ask you to leave."

"You are going to be soo sorry," Kathy sneered as she left.

Several days later when Billie entered his condo, after getting home from work, he was surprised to see Kathy sitting on his sofa. "How did you get in here? What are you doing here?"

"I came to collect my money."

"We have been all through that before and I am not paying you any one thousand dollars a month."

"Billie I want you to meet my boyfriend Frank," she said as the bedroom door opened and Frank walked out. "Frank, why don't you punch Billie in the head, as a way of saying hello?"

Before Billie could even react Frank slammed his fist into Billie's face, breaking his nose and glasses and causing blood to spurt all over the rug. "This is going to be so much fun. Hit him again Frank. Keep hitting him until he cries. I want to see tears running down his face and moans of agony coming from his mouth."

Billie was knocked to the ground; he was not crying but he was in severe pain. He felt one of his ribs may have been cracked. He was afraid he could be killed so he capitulated and said, "OK Kathy you win, I will pay you one thousand dollars a month. Just get out of my life and stay out."

"Is that any way to show me proper respect? Hold his head for me Frank; I want to kick him in the face". Her hard kick split his lip and loosened two teeth so now he was bleeding from both his nose and his mouth. "Now kiss my shoe and apologize to me for making me mad." He did as she demanded; anything to stop the beating.

For 2 years he paid her every month and while he didn't want to, it did keep her out of his life. During that period he met and fell in love with a beautiful girl named Amanda. She had long chocolate brown hair and a reserved sexually about her that really excited him. She was quiet and shy, just about the exact opposite of his step sister.

They were going to get married and since Billie had no close friends he asked his mother if she thought his favorite uncle Fred would stand up for him. His mother was making all the wedding arrangements, but when Kathy found out she wanted to help also. His mother was always happy to do things with Kathy. Kathy said her boyfriend Frank would be Billie's best man and she was going to arrange a wedding shower and a bachelorette party for Amanda. Billie did not want Kathy involved in his wedding in any way but his mother insisted.

Kathy arranged the wedding shower first. The guests were all Kathy's friends so Amanda felt out of place. It was held downstairs in my mom's house. They drank wine and Kathy had a porno flick running on the TV. The gifts consisted of sexy underwear, a couple dildos and a male chastity belt. "The chastity belt is Billie's size so you might want to give that to him as a wedding present," Kathy said with a smirk on her face. Amanda was embarrassed but tried to be gracious and thanked Kathy for the wedding shower.

Next was the bachelorette party. Again it was the same group of Kathy's friends and held downstairs. Mom had agreed to stay in a hotel that night so she wouldn't be a party pooper. Unknown to Amanda, Kathy had arranged to have a male stripper come. The night of the party they were all drinking, but Kathy was spiking Amanda's drinks with the date rape drug Oralhrm. By the time the stripper arrived all the girls were half drunk and Amanda was feeling horny. The stripper was a sexy black guy named Tom with a great body who danced as he stripped naked. He danced for all the girls, some kissing him and some feeling him up. When he got to Amanda, after she gave him a light kiss, he placed her hand on his cock and slowly moved it up and down. Then he started French kissing her and holding her tight against his body. Amanda knew she should be stopping him but it felt so good that she thought she would let him do it a little while longer.

Kathy spoke up. "Amanda, let him take off your blouse and bra. It will feel wonderful to rub your breasts against his bare chest." While he started to strip her Kathy held her hands behind her back. Amanda could have pulled her hands free but somehow it seamed easier to submit to Kathy's will. Once her breasts were bare he started kissing and sucking one breast while he caressed the other. In the background she could hear Kathy's voice, "It feels good doesn't it? Encourage him, give him a hug." Amanda's mind screamed at her, "What are you doing, you are about to get married. Stop this right away. Put your clothes back on and get out of here."

Amanda knew this was wrong, but it felt soo good. She had never been so sexually excited before. Little did she know the drug Oralhrm was playing a big part. It was just so much easier to submit to the seductive voice of Kathy and the thrilling touch of Tom. When Kathy undid her skirt and let it drop to the floor and he massaged her pussy through her panties, Amanda could do little more than make a week attempt to push his hand away. Kathy then pulled her panties down and taking Tom's cock in her hand, slowly rubbed it up and down on Amanda's pussy lips. Kathy gently pulled Amanda back on the sofa and whispered, "Spread your legs for him. You know you want him to make love to you."

Half sitting up and half lying down Amanda did spread her legs a little bit. Tom was kissing her and rubbing his cock up and down her slit. Kathy, behind her, was massaging her breasts and pinching her nipples. She whispered in Amanda's ear, "He won't do you unless you ask him. Go ahead; ask him to put it in your pussy."

"No I won't. It's not right." That's what she said but she was starting to moan and her hips were pushing back against him. She realized she wanted to feel that cock in her pussy. Between Tom in front rubbing his cock against her pussy and kissing her, and Kathy behind caressing her breasts and pinching her nipples, they were driving her crazy.

"You know you want to do it. Ask him to fuck you. Let him send you to paradise." Her mind might be saying no but her body was saying yes. Tom was holding his cock at the mouth of her pussy and fucking not more than an inch into her, Soon Amanda's hips were bucking up against Tom trying to get more into her pussy but Tom would withdraw, not allowing much more than an inch or two to stay in her pussy.

Tom now sped up his fucking rhythm and let about three or four inches penetrate Amanda. This was getting Amanda so excited that she bucked and thrust against him. She wanted him to just do it and not make her ask for it. Kathy cooed, "Would you like to feel that wonderful cock deep inside you? All you have to do is ask him otherwise he is going to pull out and go home."

"OK, OK Tom, I want you to do it."

"That's not good enough Amanda, you have to ask him to fuck you and also say please."

"Please fuck me Tom. I want your big cock in my pussy." Several minutes later after Tom started really fucking her she had a fantastic orgasm. It was a combination of the stimulation of the drug, the sluttish feeling she had over using those dirty words and Tom cuming in her that gave her that wonderful orgasm. She wanted to continue fucking but Tom pulled out. Amanda did not notice that this gave Linda, who was filming the whole thing, a close up of her fucked pussy with Tom's cum leaking out.

When Amanda woke up the next morning, having slept in Billie's old bedroom, she was soo embarrassed as she remember what she had done last night but now she hoped the whole thing would just fade away. A short time later Kathy walked in all smiles. "Get up you dirty slut and come to the den to watch a video."

Still in a daze Amanda got up and followed Kathy into the den. Amanda went into instant shock as she saw herself in the video that Kathy played. It captured every disgusting detail and a couple things Amanda did not even remember doing. "I'm sure Billie is going to enjoy this video, maybe you can watch it again on your honeymoon."

"Kathy, why are you doing this to me? I thought we were friends. You know this will destroy my upcoming marriage if Billie ever sees this. Why are you being so cruel?"

"I do like you Amanda. Actually it was all my boyfriends' idea. He wants to fuck you and make you suck his cock because he does not like Billie. I knew the only way you would do that was if I blackmailed you. Just go along with what he wants to do to you and when you get married in two weeks, I will give you the video as a wedding present and Billie never has to see it."

"But you know I don't like him and Billie hates him."

"I know, that's what makes it so delicious. Billie can't fuck you until he marries you but someone he hates can fuck you whenever he wants. He has wanted to sink his cock into you for a while now and I gave him my permission, so you had better learn to live with it. It's only for 2 weeks."

"OK, I'll do what he wants but you have to promise me that you will give me that tape before my wedding day."

"I'll keep my part of the bargain as long as you keep yours. You must do all you can to make him happy, no matter how humiliating it might be for you. Do you agree?"

"Yes Kathy," she said in a soft voice.

"Good, he is waiting for you at his apartment. I'll take you over there. When you walk in, tell him you love him and you want to suck his cock."

So Amanda's 2 weeks of agony began. Kathy pushed her into Frank's place, made her get on her knees, undo his pants and start sucking him after telling him she loved him. Both Kathy and Frank watched her try her best to please him. It didn't take long before Frank came in her mouth, pushing his cock halfway down her throat, but it was long enough to get Kathy horny.

"OK Amanda, you can do me next. I want to cum all over your face." Amanda still on her knees got between her legs. Kath had already removed her panties and lifted her skirt before Amanda got to her. She started licking Kathy as she flipped her skirt back over Amanda's head and held her in place. "Don't start licking right away. First of all I want you to tell me you love me and just kiss my pussy until I tell you to start licking."

Kathy had three orgasms in quick succession. It was the combination of Amanda's lips and tongue and knowing it was Billie's future wife that really turned her on. "You are soo good at that Amanda You are better than Billie and he has had a lot more practice than you. I may take you home with me a couple times to spend the night so that you can amuse and relax me.

After they made her kiss both of them, telling Frank and Kathy she loved them, they let her go home totally humiliated

Amanda's humiliation was not over. Frank decided to have a bachelor party for Billie. Six of Frank's friends and Billie had a party at Frank's place. They had loads of beer and ran hard core porno films on Frank's TV He told all of them that he had a whore in his bedroom and when anyone wanted sex to just go in and fuck her. "She will suck, fuck or take it up the ass, just tell her what you want." It's a good thing Billie didn't know that it was Amanda in the bedroom. She knew that if Billie came in her marriage would be over before it even got started, and Frank tried to get Billie to go in just to watch his face, but Billie said he wanted to stay true to Amanda.

That party was so successful that Kathy decided to have a similar party with 3 of her girl friends and once again Amanda was the sexual entertainment. The girls just loved it and all had multiple orgasms on Amanda's lips and tongue. Jennifer, one of Kathy's friends, wanted to rent Amanda for the night. When she upped her offer to 200 dollars Kathy agreed.

The next humiliation, this time for Billie was the double date. Kathy had told Amanda what she had to say and do. At first Amanda said she couldn't do that to Billie but when Kathy reminded her she only had a few days to go before her wedding, she agreed. First she had to get Billie to agree to the double date. That was no easy task as Billie intensely disliked Kathy and was mad and a little afraid of Frank. Billie had to pay for a good dinner and all the drinks at a dance club afterwards, supposedly a pre wedding celebration. Amanda had to wear a short tight dress that Kathy made her buy. When Amanda sat down at the restaurant her dress barely covered her pussy and Billie could see Frank leering at his soon to be wife.

At the dance club, as previously arranged, Amanda asked Frank to dance with her. Billie was not a very good dancer but he did not like her dancing with Frank either. About the 3rd or 4th dance Frank started kissing her a little on the dance floor. This not only made Billie jealous but it was humiliating as well. Kathy was now sitting beside Billie at the table so that Frank and Amanda could share the other side. Billie could not see, because the table was in the way but when Frank and Amanda came back to the table for a rest, he thought Frank was putting his hand on Amanda's bare leg.

Now when they danced Frank not only kissed her he rubbed his hard-on against her. When they came back to the table Billie said it was his turn to dance with Amanda. Blushing she spoke the line Kathy had told her to say. "No Billie, Frank is a much better dancer than you and I like dancing with him." Now Billie was totally embarrassed so he did not ask her to dance again. On the next dance Frank was holding her close and kissing her. Kathy took that opportunity to whisper in Billie's ear. "Amanda wants to have sex with Frank. Can you see the way she is rubbing her pussy against him? Why don't we quietly slip away so that they can go somewhere and fuck?"

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