The Love Nest
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - They were meant for each other. Neither had felt such an intense attraction for another. They both wanted it to be simple. Why does everything have to become so damned complicated?

I was headed back to my desk after enjoying some snacks in the engineering customer service department when she started speaking to me. Actually she wasn't speaking "to me" so much as speaking "of me." It appeared that her intention was for me to hear what she was saying; it's just that the comments were directed to the room in general. She didn't return my attempted eye contact; she just went on saying that she had always found me "delectable" and something about how changing my hair color would make me even more so. I knew who the woman was although I hadn't seen or spoken to her since I had set up her PC for her when she started with the company last year. I remembered her name was Staci Lords. I wasn't even aware that her desk was so near mine until this moment; she had been sitting at a desk downstairs on her first day. I knew most everyone else in the area, or at least they knew me. Since it was a Friday afternoon there were quite a few people standing and talking to each other over their cube walls. The conversations nearest Staci paused during what had become her monologue. Since she wasn't looking at me (or anyone else for that matter) I looked at her neighbors who were looking between Staci and me. Their expressions went from slight surprise when looking at her and changed to bemused when seeing the look of confusion on my own face. I didn't slow my pace for more than a moment as I headed for my area. I didn't speed up though either, and as I was entering my area and consequently leaving her line of sight she finally looked directly at me, along with everyone else within earshot. I was filled with conflicting emotions as I gave her an understanding and sympathetic smile. I pointed in the general direction of my desk and said "I'll just be going to my desk now..." I let my voice trail off.

My coworker Dan was standing by the printer near my desk when I came into the area. I asked "You know Staci Lords?"


"Well, I'm pretty sure she was just coming on to me."

"That seems strange. Especially considering that her brother was giving her such a hard time about her ex-boyfriend last weekend."

I knew that Dan would know to whom I was referring. Everyone on the team knew who she was. She was one of the few extremely good looking women in the building, so when a tech had to visit her desk it was the stuff of legend. Some of these guys were just out of school and were still pretty immature. I tried to avoid stooping to such depths and always let one of the younger guys take her calls. But I had forgotten that Dan was a friend of her family. His wife was her cousin, or second-cousin, or something. Anyway he didn't seem overly surprised or impressed with my revelation. After all we were both used to the empty boasting about her that the other guys engaged in, he probably assumed I was joking. He wandered off looking down at his printout.

I was still chuckling to myself about Staci's behavior. I had been having a great day. In fact my whole life had been pretty darn wonderful for quite some time. I was good at and enjoyed my job immensely. I led a great team of techs that were all hard-working, conscientious, and professional. We were getting accolades and positive comments from departments that used to regularly slam the help desk previous to the recent changes. Even my home life was going well. After nearly a year my wife had started getting her act together and was able to work. Her bouts of melancholy and despair were more and more infrequent. And our relationship finally seemed to be headed in a positive direction after many years of spiraling towards divorce.

I sat down and started getting things finished up. I was hoping to get out of the office a bit early since it was Friday. I don't know why I bothered since the tech that was scheduled to work the late shift asked if I would mind covering for him again. He said something about his need to get to the bank before it closed or some such. I'm sure he actually just needed to get naked and sweaty with his girlfriend before hitting the bars. I was used to this; he asked almost every Friday. I almost always agreed. I didn't have anything sweaty to hurry home for usually. In fact this weekend my wife was out of town anyway. Besides, I had met his girlfriend and she was smoking hot. Just the thought of her getting fucked, even if it was by my employee, was enough to make me breathe a little harder. But I've always had a vivid imagination. And that's all the closer I was going to get to her, being a married man and all. I shook my head ruefully to his back as he waved good bye off-handedly over his shoulder. I never minded working late when it was quiet. I usually took the time to do an online crossword or surf the web researching my latest topic of interest. I found it relaxing and it added immensely to my job satisfaction.

This evening was different however. As soon as my coworker left the area I remembered the incident with Staci. I chuckled quietly, shook my head again, and said to myself "delectable" as I sat down at my desk. I had just decided to do some surfing in what I hoped would not be a vain attempt to distract my mind from these fidelity endangering thoughts when I heard someone approach my desk. "Oh well," I thought "at least working will get my mind off her." However what I assumed was somebody needing help with some computer problem or other was none other than the woman herself. I had to take a long, slow calming breath in order to quiet my mind as I looked into her eyes. In hindsight I'm very glad that she spoke right away; there was no opportunity for an awkward silence.

"Hi John"

It wasn't exactly the lengthy monologue I was hoping for. It didn't give me much time to gather my thoughts. I wasn't really able to identify what I was feeling. And I didn't know if I would be able to stop myself from taking advantage of this woman's obvious attraction to me. Of course in the back of my mind I was thinking that she had probably come over in order to explain that what she had been saying earlier was just some sick joke; she really thought I looked like a troll and smelled twice as bad.

"Hi Staci" I'm not sure where I came up with the eloquence necessary to utter such brilliance; but there it was. Fortunately, she again saved us from an awkward silence.

"I'm sure you're wondering about that bit of nuttiness earlier."

"Nuttiness? I didn't notice any nuttiness earlier. And I've been thinking of changing my hair color lately anyway." I thought it wisest to leave it at that and let her take the conversation wherever she wanted.

She laughed softly and appreciation for my understanding was apparent in her eyes, "I'm leaving the company. I mean I've got a different job. Today is my last day here." This was said somewhat quickly and staccato. It was apparent that she was waiting for my response. Was it possible that she thought of this as some kind of explanation?

"Oh" Sometimes I just can't turn off this silver tongue of mine.

"Do you mind if I sit down?"

"Oh! Sorry! Of course, let me get you a chair." I started to push away from the desk in order to go get a chair.

"No don't," She went on as she sat down on my desk and leaned back against the overhead compartment. "I've wanted to talk to you since my first day on the job." She was looking directly into my eyes and seemed willing to hold my gaze forever. I was OK with that. She was leaning back in a position that looked uncomfortable. Her body was stiff and she was bracing herself with her hands flat on the desk and her elbows locked. In fact she seemed to be listing a bit to her left.

I wondered where this was leading, "I remember your first day here. I enjoyed working with you when I gave you your computer."

"Yeah, me too. I felt so comfortable. We seemed to have an instant rapport. I've never before felt that way toward someone I don't even know." I was amused that she was talking about being comfortable and looking so uncomfortable.

Her voice softened as she said, "I knew I would regret it if I left here without telling you how I felt."

At that moment I didn't have a clue what to say next. I've never been much of a ladies man. Come-on lines and suave behavior are not part of my normal routine. I'm more of a cut to the heart of the matter kind of guy. Plus I was distracted by a couple of things. She smelled awesome. Underneath the subtle scent of her perfume was a scent coming from her that I can only describe as "fleshy." It's hard to define but is slightly musky and rich and always turns me on. I also became conscious of the fact that her eyes were gray and blue and even had flecks of green and darker colors in them. Short light brown hair framed her face and came down to the top of her collar where it curled up at the bottom. Her face was pretty in an unconventional way. Her eyes and mouth were the best part of her face and complemented each other somehow. Her chin was fine with out being pointy. Her nose was a normal nose, just straight and the perfect size for her face. I was just starting to marvel at the fact that I could take in all these details of her face without looking away from her eyes when I realized she was waiting for me to say something.

"Oh, it's my turn now." I decided I wouldn't let her off easy. I didn't want to make any incorrect assumptions. Plus I really needed to hear what my instinct told me she was about to say.

"So tell me how you feel." I urged.

She seemed to realize my intentions and accept my entreaty to impart more of her thoughts; to make herself more vulnerable. I was amazed at the tremendous amount of communication occurring between us on non-verbal levels. I trusted the messages flowing between us implicitly. And I felt certain she was privy to this stream of information also.

Her eyes spoke to me of ancient bonds as she yielded to my demand, "There's something about you, or maybe it's something about me, I don't know. But I feel close to you. I feel like I know you even though I really know nothing about you. And I feel like I want to know more about you. And I want you to know me. I know you can sense me the same way I seem to be able to tell what you're feeling and thinking. And there's even something more. It's hard for me to explain. It's like I need to be known to you, to reveal myself to you. Not just anyone, only you..." her voice had grown softer until I had to strain to hear her. I was careful not to move towards her at this time. I was careful not to move at all for fear of rending the gossamer threads between us. I found myself beginning to depend on them for my support.

"Good for you."

Her eyes got wider and I felt pulled even farther into them. "What do you mean?"

"Well, it's just that there are usually a lot of things to regret in life. And by saying these things there's one less in yours." She stood up then, somewhat abruptly. We didn't break eye contact as I slowly stood up also. I felt that I had to move slowly and carefully. She seemed like a frightened animal that would bolt and be lost to me forever if I didn't keep a soothing tone in my voice. It seemed that she silently called to me, telling me that she wanted me to touch her, while at the same time being terrified of the contact. It was strange that we were now physically farther apart but felt closer together. I looked down into her eyes. I was suddenly aware of the wedding ring on my finger, and I know that she was also. I leaned almost imperceptibly closer to her. She noticed and responded. We weren't touching, we weren't even close to touching, but the air between us seemed thick and sluggish. I pondered, in an abstract way, whether I was going to take this conversation to the next level, or play it safe and break the tableau. I say my pondering was in an abstract way because I knew that I had already made up my mind.

I asked quietly, "Did you know that I've spent the last year avoiding you?"

Her eyes widened again. She opened her mouth to speak but I cut her off.

"I've been avoiding you for just this reason." My hands moved in an effort to point out the invisible, yet palpable bonds between us. "I felt your attraction to me that first day. I felt it from you and I felt the same towards you. I've felt it every day since then, and I know you know it. I know you're feeling the same thing I'm feeling right now. You spoke of regrets and I would have regretted it myself if I hadn't had a chance to say these things to you. Somehow we are in perfect accord." Then the spell was broken as someone walked by on the way to the printer. We both looked away from the other, and then back again. It was the first time we had broken eye contact in what seemed like a very long time. We had been speaking low enough that I was confident we weren't overheard. I had a twinkle in my eye when I said in a normal tone of voice,

"Dan mentioned to me that your brother was giving you a hard time last weekend about your boyfriend." I left out the "ex" part in order to determine if Dan had been mistaken or that they had gotten back together, or something similar.

"He should have said my ex-boyfriend. And if my brother cared enough to find out why we broke up he wouldn't have given me a hard time. Not that it's any of his business anyway." Staci seemed much more at ease now that an unspoken agreement had been made between us. She sat down again on the edge of the desk gracefully, and very attractively I might add. The comfort between us we both noticed that first day we met was back. I put my hands on the edge of the desk on either side of me as I sat down next to her. When I settled the pinkie of my right hand was touching her thigh. She promptly and very properly moved her leg enough that we were no longer touching. I knew that she moved for the sake of our reputations. In fact there seemed to be a whole conversation going on between us that had nothing to do with the words coming out of our mouths.

"It's none of my business why you broke up either. Do you and your brother live at home? Do you know Dan very well?"

"I don't really know Dan. I've spent a little time with him and his wife Lisa. We all happened to be together last weekend at my Dad's birthday party. My Dad is Lisa's Uncle, I think. None of my brothers or sisters lives at home anymore. I've got my own place, not even a roomie."

"So why did you break up?" I said again with a twinkle in my eye and a mischievous smile.

She laughed, "You said it's none of your business."

"It isn't any of my business, I'm just nosy."

"Let's just say that he had a wandering soul."

"Ahhh, I see. You must have broken up quite a while ago. You have such a philosophical attitude about it. And did your soul get any revenge?"

She made a sardonic chuckle. "We just broke up a couple of weeks ago. And of course I didn't respond in kind."

During this exchange I had sat back down in my chair and was again facing Staci. I was only half-paying attention to the conversation. Most of my mind was on her gorgeous body. She was about 5'4" and looked fit. The white shirt she was wearing buttoned down the front and she had left enough top buttons open to invite my wandering eyes. The shirt flowed down her flat belly over her tight black pants and the tails in the front split. They formed a triangle framing the buckle of her belt and ended on top of her toned thighs. She had stepped out of her shoes and her nyloned feet swung away from the desk and back again in time. It made the most pleasant rippling yet to be seen in a pair of black women's business slacks. I was mesmerized. I noticed that if I sat up straight my eyes were at the exact height of her nipples, which seemed proud of the appraisal and stood at attention. I've never had better posture than I did during this conversation.

"It's too bad; they say revenge can be sweet."

"Well, I guess I shouldn't knock it until I try it."

"Right, so get back together with him and find someone to "wander" around with," I made a quote marks gesture with my fingers when I said the word "wander." When I did so I made sure that they were lined up with her breasts and made sure she would notice. She seemed to squirm on the desk just the slightest bit. Our emotions were so perfectly coordinated that there was no doubt for either of us that we would both get everything we wanted out of this relationship. We both knew what the other wanted and trusted that they would make their desires manifest. It was exhilarating to be so attuned with her.

I stood up on the pretext of getting a box from the overhead compartment behind Staci's head. As I reached past her shoulder I whispered, "Would you like me to come over to your place after work?"

I already knew the answer and I knew that playing the game just right was a big part of the pleasure.

She slowly closed her eyes as she said, "I would beg you to come over if you were but to ask." She waited with her head turned up slightly towards my face, eyes closed, and mouth slightly open in anticipation.

My eyes became slits, "Beg me."

She opened her eyes and it took all my willpower to keep myself from leaning into her and stopping her words with my mouth on hers.

"Please come over to my place. I need you. I have to have you. I beg you to come to me and make me complete."

I pulled away from her with the box I had grabbed out of the credenza.

As I turned away from her I said in a normal voice, "I need to find the address before I go. Then I'll drop this off at shipping on the way out."

"Well, it looks like you've got work to do and I should be going too. Thanks for the chat. I wrote my email on your Post-it. Let's stay in touch." And with that she grabbed her bag and headed for the door.

My stomach gave a lurch. Had I been mistaken about our simpatico? Had I completely misjudged her? Had I just made a complete fool of myself? Could I have possibly been that badly mistaken? I was so confused I almost missed my opportunity to watch her beautiful backside recede from my view... almost. God did she have a perfect body.

After she was out of eyeshot I noticed that her email address wasn't the only one on the note she had left me. Since my wife was out of town until Sunday I didn't have many worries on the home front. I knew she would call home tonight and wonder where I was if I didn't answer. So I called her right away and explained I was going out for drinks with the guys after work. Team-building I called it. "I didn't want you to worry if I wasn't home when you called later. Say hi to everyone for me and I'll call you tomorrow night."

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