Strange Lands
Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, NonConsensual, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Fiction, Science Fiction, Post Apocalypse, FemaleDom, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Petting, Fisting, Squirting, Violent,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A female war hero is projected into the future to see that a disasterous war in the past has many strange changes in 25th century world. Can she survive? Can she get used to being a pet? Sex takes place in some chapters.

Major Valerie Parks was not a beautiful women. She had dull brown hair and eyes. A good twenty pounds over weight. Short and pudgy. Seldom wore skirts except when she had to be in uniform for various inspections or parades or any other military activities.

Though short and on the chubby side, Valerie was the second best test pilot in the Air Force. She had several kills in the Iranian War of 2012. She was one of those hot shots that went after the enemy with reckless abandon. Even the more experienced Israeli pilots praised her ability, skill, courage, and luck. Some even believed that she had a death wish the way she threw herself into a dog fight. More than once he looked like she might be killed by an Iranian missile but she always managed to either evade it or send out a flare to send it off course.

She earned the Medal of Honor for four kills in one day when she was ambushed from the clouds. After shooting down the last Russian MIG, Valerie sent several of her missiles into the Iranian tanks to save a Coalition Force from being over run. She safely landed at the secret Iraqi air base with her plane shot to pieces. How she was able to accomplish this was short of a miracle. That evening she downed three boilermakers then went to bed and slept soundly.

Major Parks considered herself as one of the boys. She drank with them, ate with them, and even slept with some. She kidded that if a guy had more than five strong drinks, she looked pretty good to him. If he had more, she looked like Kate Beckinsale when she was much younger.

With the Medal of Honor about her neck, Valerie was taken out of the danger zone. She was cleared for top secret work which made her a test pilot. By 2015, the thirty year old Parks had built a huge reputation in testing new fighters for the entire military.

Being one of the best, Valerie was given the task of test piloting the new stealth mach ten fighter. It was given the code name of The Eagle's Talon. After going through weeks of learning about the craft, she spent another two days to familiarize herself with the cockpit. When off duty, she had a great sense of humor that kept her friends in stitches. Now she was all business as she inspected the new weapon from nose to rudder. She had a good sense what this plane could and could not do.

"Switch on," she told the tower, nervously.

"Copy," a man replied.

"Flaps are a-okay," she stated.

"Copy that. All the high brass and engineers are present."

"Roger," she returned. "I'm not to push this thing over Mach four?"

"That's affirmative," Tower responed.

"Lets do it," she pushed the stick forward just enough for the plane to move toward the runway. "I can tell you now, there's a few changes for the next models. I'll give you what improvements I see when I get back."

"Copy," one of the developers replied.

"Good luck, Parks," a familiar voice reached her.

"General Davis, you S-O-B," she smiled. "After I land back here, the drinks are on you, sir."

"Affirmative, Parks," Davis answered. "We'll get drunk then retreat back to my place. I badly need to get laid."

"I'm your girl for that, sir," she laughed, turning onto the runway. "I'm always at your disposal for that. Rank don't mean shit in the sack."

Davis laughed.

Now the joking was over. Valerie started to slowly rev the engines. She gradually brought it up to power. Voices were coming into her ears each giving different advice. She ignored them all and let her own skills kick in.

She took off as the powerful thrusts pushed her deeper into her seat. "Cow's shit," she said as she became airborne. In two seconds she was out of sight of the runway as the plane climbed at mach three. She leveled off and turned to make her run east. This was the most powerful vehicle she ever flew. The adrenaline pumped her up to a new alertness. She looked at the instruments in the cockpit and saw that she was almost 100,000 feet from the ground which put her near the edge of space.

Her mind was at a blur as she switched from one instrument to the next. This was the ultimate ride and she felt like she had to urinate.

"The guys at the academy should see me now," she said aloud.

"Tower, this is Talon, over."


"Tower, this Talon, over," she repeated.


Parks looked at the panel and saw that she was at mach eight. 'Oh shit, ' she thought trying to ease the stick back toward her. It was stuck. Now she was at mach nine. She tried to push it back with everything she had but it wouldn't budge. She was at mach eleven now and going faster. She formed a plan in her mind. Once this plane ran out of fuel, she'd glide it down as slow as possible then bail out.

Valerie looked ahead as saw a shimmering circle. There was no way to avoid it. She was fifteen minutes into this test and she knew she was in deep shit. When she entered this circle she was buffeted back and forth. Only the harness kept her from banging her sides against the craft.

She reached out and hit the ejection button, then everything turned black.

Major Parks came to in bright sunshine in some kind of a desert. Every muscle in her body ached in pain. She sat in the ejection seat while the chute fluttered in the wind. Up ahead she spotted a big black cloud of smoke rising into the air. It looked to be many miles away. Her mind slowly returned as she realized that she must have fucked up somewhere. Valerie had the presence of mind to grab on to the flare for when the rescuers arrived. She had it at the ready so she could shoot it off when she spotted the first helicopter.

Her mind went back to entering that strange phenomenon she had noticed that the plane was gradually going much slower. She last recalled that it was mach two. It might have slowed even lower when she blacked out. She wasn't sure. How she survived all of this was beyond her. Valerie knew that bailing out at such an incredible speed should have killed her. Though she felt lucky to survive, she didn't have a clue to where she was at.

"You are mine!" a deep but feminine voice said sternly grabbing her by the collar of her flightsuit. She felt herself being lifted and lugged over to an edge where grass grew. Valerie was tossed onto the green. She reached for her nine millimeter automatic with twenty rounds in it and another two clips in a pocket on her thighs. She felt it being yanked from her hand.

Finally her captor appeared. She was beautiful. Long Blonde hair, blue eyes, a tight body with just enough clothing to hide her breasts and privates. She had a beautiful tan with the longest legs Valerie had ever seen on a woman. She had knee length boots with enormously long high heels. Around her waist was a belt that held her strange looking weapon. Oh! And one other thing, she looked to be over seven feet tall.

"This is your weapon?" she asked.

The dryness of her mouth kept Valerie from answering verbally. She could only nod.

Primitive!" she said, handing it back to her. "Keep it safe. You'll probably need it."

"Where am I?" Valerie barely got the words out.

"Once what was called Georgia," she said. "We still call it that but the Great War turned it from what it was to what you see now."

"When was this war?"

"Over four hundred years ago?" she replied.

"Who are you?" Valerie asked. She didn't believe there was any war. This desert in the middle of Georgia was just a ruse by this gorgeous creature.

"I am Altanta of the Tribe of Walkers. And you are Parks?"

"Valerie is my first name," she said.

"You came by that?" she pointed to the black smoke.

"I guess I did. If it dropped from the air, I was in it."

"I never seen one of those but I heard your kind had built machines that could fly. They fought in the Great War which killed almost all life on Earth. Now we have no more machines. We choose to walk if we want to go anywhere," she fell to her haunches to examine the chute that brought this person from the sky. "It feels wonderful," Atlanta ran her hand across the material. "I never felt anything like this. It feels so nice."

"It's silk," Valerie said.

"It feels like something heavenly," she said.

Valerie saw a movement in the sand. It frightened her. It was like a shark only swimming under the surface of the sand. She was about to say something to this giant of a woman, but Atlanta pulled her weapon and shot the moving creature without even looking back. She holstered her laser weapon without taking her other hand off the silk. The lump in the ground had stopped and was smoldering.

"How do you get out of that thing?" Atlanta asked.

Valerie punched a button between her breasts. All of the harness fell open but she needed to be helped up. Atlanta lifted her as if she were a toddler. Valerie watch this extremely tall creature gather all the silk and bunched in a ball.

"Do you need water?"

"Yes, please."

She reached into a side pocket in her boot. Pulling out a red pill, she handed it to Valerie. "Don't swallow or chew it. Just suck it slowly and you will feel refreshed in a few minutes. Tell me when you can go because we need to find shelter for the night."


"I just killed a Dakin, they come out at night to prey upon anything that moves. They are really sand sharks. They're mutants of humans who turned into these low lifes into cannibals. That one that tried to sneak up on me thought it had an early meal. They aren't too smart and they never learn from their others mistakes," Atlanta explained. "Now get your ass moving so we can find some place to stay."

Despite being in agony from the bumpy ride going through that shimmering circle, Valerie managed to get to her feet. For the first time she saw the ruggedness of the terrain. Grass and trees bordering a desert as far as her eyes could see. It was like God had taken a pencil and drew a line. One side was lush green tree infested ground. The other nothing but sand and waste. And what Atlanta said were Dakins.

Valerie sucked on the pill feeling stronger as minutes went by. Also her pains seemed to ease rapidly. Her mind became alert as she looked into the sand to spot any more of those monsters. Her senses seemed to return due to whatever she was given made her alert.

The sun was vanishing while Valerie had to almost run to keep pace with Atlanta. Three of her steps equalled one of Atlanta's. Finally, after two hours they left the path and climbed up a steep hill. Atlanta led Valerie to a cave cover by a stone. With little effort, she moved it. Pulling out her heat weapon and went inside. Valerie had her handgun out. A minute later Atlanta reappeared.

"It's safe to go in. After we get settled I'll roll the stone back. The Dakins don't have the strength to move it. That way we'll be able to sleep peacefully."

Atlanta built a fire with some dead wood lying around the mouth of the shelter. There was a carved out hole at the roof. The smoke curled up to that spot. Valerie became overly warm and climbed out of her flightsuit. She was clad in her bra and panties with a tshirt over the bra.

"Where do you piss in here?"


"Yeah! You know, my bladder is full."

"Oh... you have to urinate!" Atlanta frowned. "Do it as far away from this fire as possible.

"Okay," she moved to the stone that sealed them in.

After dinner, another pill from Atlanta's boot, the giant girl ordered her new slave girl to cuddle to her. She didn't explain that it was for her own safety. This was a snake infested area and if the fire were to burn itself out, one might come in through the hole in the ceiling. Being a light sleeper, Atlanta would become alert but she also wanted to make sure that Valerie would be safe. Atlanta was protecting her property.

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