Bimbotech Brasil
Chapter 1

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mind Control, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, Fiction, Science Fiction, MaleDom, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Doctor/Nurse, Body Modification, Transformation,

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The sequel to BimboDrops, aspiring actress Gwen finds her childhood friends in the thrall of the São Paolo franchise of BimboTech Incorporated.

Gwen had just had her first audition in São Paolo. It hadn't gone well for the petite redhead. They had said they would call her, but she was pretty sure they wouldn't, even though they had been taken by her flashing green eyes. She suspected they were looking for someone more buxom. That was just part of the life of a struggling actress/singer/model. You had to hear a lot of No's and say no to a lot of nasty propositions before you found real offers. And she had managed to get real offers in Rio: back up singing, Sunday circular modeling and small 'experimental' theater work. Even a couple TV ads and a single line on a telenovela!

She could handle the small parts. She could handle the rejections. What had finally made her leave Rio were the constant attempts from every side to make her a whore. Producers, directors, photographers, hell, even her agent, had tried to get her to trade her ass for parts or con her into 'tasteful' nudity, one time in the company of a decidedly virile donkey.

But São Paolo was a classier city. She could make a name for herself here. She could use her many talents and determination to become a star! Oh, the temptation to sell out and fall back on her sexuality would always be there. It couldn't be avoided in the music/acting/modeling business. But Gwen knew that for every bimbo that wound up a starlet on some telenovela, there were hundreds that ended up, well... like the woman there in front of her. The blonde who was practically falling out of her black halter top. She was chatting up some lecherous old man, clearly looking to make some sort of financial arrangement that would involve him sticking something in her somewhere.

Gwen shook her head. The poor woman looked like a friend of hers from the small college town where she had grown up. Aline had always been pretty gullible. If she ever moved to the big city, Gwen wouldn't be surprised if some manipulative asshole of a pimp wouldn't have conned her into whoring just like this poor, stupid slut.

But wait. Could it be? WAS that Aline? She had been happily and safely working at home in her mother's bakery when Gwen left to seek her fortune. But that had been a couple years ago. She had heard odd rumors about Aline's best friend Nicole, but...

Gwen screwed up her courage and strode up to the prostitute.

"Aline, is that you?" she asked.

The prostitute turned and popped her eyes, grinning stupidly.

"EEEEEEEEEEEE!" the blonde squealed. "Gwen! Oh my god! <giggle>"

The prostitute hugged her, tightly. So tight, in fact, that her left boob DID pop out of the side of her halter top. Aline didn't seem to notice when she held Gwen back at arms length, looking her up and down and giggling, her eyes twinkling. Gwen stood dumbfounded. If anything, she had expected her old friend to run away in shame.

"Um, Aline, you've got a, um, a..." she said, indicating the exposed nipple with an emphatic glance, trying not to draw the attention of the old man behind Aline who was grinning wolfishly.

"Huh?" Aline asked, then finally saw what Gwen was indicating. "Oh! Whoopsie! <giggle> That happens all the time! I don't know why I don't just wear it like this!"

She popped her right boob out as well so the halter top bisected her cleavage and both tits bounced about unrestrained as she wiggled.

"What do you think, um... what was your name?" Aline asked, turning back to the old man who popped his eyes and stammered incoherently.

"You don't remember either, huh?" she asked. "Oh well! Anyway, Gwen, I was just about to suck this guy off, whatever his name is. You wanna share him?"

"Oh GOD, Aline!" Gwen exclaimed. "What the hell is wrong with you?"

"What do you mean?" Aline asked, utterly clueless.

"Is there some trouble here ladies?"

Gwen looked up to see a police officer. The old man seemed to have disappeared rather quickly.

"No, officer, my, a friend here seems to be a little, um, under the weather," Gwen said, calling on all her acting skills and pushing Aline's large jugs back into their holder. "I was just about to take her home and, um, let her sleep it off."

"You do that," the officer said.

Gwen hurried her friend down the street and around the corner, muttering insistently to her to keep Aline from acting on her brilliant idea to proposition the police officer. Whether the officer was interested or not, it couldn't have ended well.

They came to a small park and Gwen convinced Aline to sit down on a park bench and then convinced her to put her knees together after flashing her twat for all to see. Little by little, and with some bazaar and often obscene tangents, Gwen got at least some of Aline's story out of her. At some point back in their hometown, Aline had decided she really, really liked sex. Obsessively so. She had proceeded to act on her urges. She had become a prostitute back in their hometown and her mother had thrown her out.

Aline had then tried to find her best friend Nicole, or Nica as Aline called her, planning to live with her, since Nicole had always been the smart one of the pair and, according to Aline, was the only girl Aline knew who liked sex as much as she did. The smart part agreed with what Gwen remembered of the two, but the nymphomaniac part was odd. Nicole had been quite conservative when Gwen had known her. Could it be the rumors were true?

Whatever the case, Aline had heard another rumor that Nica was living in São Paolo. So she sucked off a bus driver and found herself in the big city, utterly clueless about where in São Paolo Nica might be. She met a wonderful guy, Stelio, whom Gwen quickly figured out was her pimp. Aline gushed about how nice he was and how he took care of her needs-all of them. Then just the week before, Aline had actually found Nica! It was at a party, and apparently Aline had been very, very drunk, but Nicole had written her address on the inside of Aline's thigh with a permanent marker.

Aline hiked up her skirt to show Gwen. Gwen blushed furiously. In somewhat-faded blue ink, it read:

Rua Corderosa 804

Aline had tried several times to find her, but Stelio didn't think it was a good idea and Aline always got lost or distracted when she tired to get there on her own.

Gwen decided that if Stelio thought it was a bad idea, it was probably a good one. Nicole might be able to explain what the hell had happened to Aline. Happened to them both, perhaps. Aline had always been a bit of a bimbo. She needed someone to look out for her. Nicole may have failed at the task, but at least she had the foresight to give Aline her address, even if it was in a most unfortunate place. Perhaps Nicole was smart enough to realize any bit of paper entrusted to a plastered Aline was unlikely to remain with her. Gwen tried to think the best of her former schoolmate, though everything was pointing to both 'Nica' and Aline having made some really poor lifestyle choices. What the hell was BimboTechBrasil anyway? Taking Aline and finding out seemed a better choice than leaving her with Stelio.

It only took Gwen a moment to figure out which bus to take to get to BimboTechBrasil. She got Aline on the bus, discouraged her from sitting on the driver's lap, and got her to her seat. Aline babbled on and on about what a nice guy her pimp was and how she loved her new job whoring and how it kept her so busy that she never had time to look for Nica, which was why she had come to São Paolo in the first place, and didn't Gwen think that was funny?

Gwen did not think it was funny. Aline had always been a bimbo, and a bit of a slut when she'd been drinking, but she didn't seem drunk now. Now she seemed completely insane! Gwen hoped that Nicole could explain what had happened to their friend and if this "BimboTech" place had anything to do with it. Nicole had always been the most sensible of their group of friends back home. The most studious. Surely Gwen could get a straight answer from her. She obviously wasn't going to get one from Aline.

BimboTechBrasil was not in a nice part of town. Bars and liquor stores and cheap hotels surrounded it. Yet there were some very expensive looking vehicles parked outside. It was odd.

Gwen led Aline up the steps to the entrance. The windows of the building were all frosted, including that on the front door. Carved into the frosted glass was the silhouette of a large-breasted woman kneeling and the words BimboTechBrasil.

Gwen hesitated. This did not look like any place she wanted to be, friendship or no.

Aline had no hesitation, however, and she giggled, said 'Great Titties!' and opened the door.

"Aline, wait," said Gwen, but the blonde had already entered and then she shrieked. Gwen quickly followed and found another half-dressed woman was shrieking right back at Aline.

It took a moment for Gwen to realize that the high-pitched exclamations were of elation rather than horror. As the dark-haired woman scurried around her desk on soaring platform sandals and clutched Aline to her massive, barely-covered bosom, Aline returned her embrace with equal enthusiasm and the squeals of both women morphed into giggles.

"Gwen?" exclaimed the dark woman from over Aline's shoulder, having just noticed the red head. Releasing the blonde, the dark-haired woman exclaimed "GWEN!"

And then she was squealing again and coming straight at Gwen with those gargantuan silicone tits, arms open wide. Gwen stood there dumbfounded as her mind struggled to comprehend that this woman who appeared to be a hyperactive pornstar on nitrous was her former friend and schoolmate Nicole.

"Nicole!" Gwen exclaimed as she found herself being pressed by the over-ripe watermelons jutting from the receptionist's chest. "Nicole, what are... what the hell..."

Nicole wasn't just hugging her. She was actively rubbing herself against Gwen. She could feel the brunette's hard nipples tracing ellipses on her much smaller bust. It was creepy! She pushed Nicole back.

"Nicole!" she spat sharply. "What the hell are you doing? I came here because I thought you could explain what happened to Aline, but you're acting crazier than she is, whoring herself out on the street! What the hell is wrong with you two? You're a smart girl, Nicole! You were going places! What happened? I can almost understand Aline becoming some street slut, but you? This is crazy!"

"Oh, Gweny, Gweny, Gweny!" Nica exclaimed in exasperation. "You're not one of those bitchy girls who doesn't like cock, are you?"

"This isn't about me!" Gwen insisted. "This is about you two! Something is wrong with you! Something changed you! Look at yourself for God's sake!"

"I know what you need!" said Nica with a grin of revelation. She tottered back around her desk.

"Whatever drugs you're taking, you must be high if you think I'm going to take them too!" Gwen told her.

"It's not drugs, silly!" Nica insisted. "It's Happy Gas!"

"Happy what?" said Gwen with dawning horror. "Oh God!"

She turned to run for the door, but it was too late. She was enveloped in a sparkling pink fog. She tried to hold her breath, but it tickled her nose. And it smelled so nice. Like strawberries and roses and cotton candy. It was a tantalizing complex odor and, despite herself Gwen couldn't help sniffing. It was heavenly! Just heavenly! All the stress and worry and panic drained out of her. She wasn't sure what she had been upset about, but she was sure it wasn't important. Everything was goodness and light.

Somewhere in the fog, her good friends Nica and Aline were giggling. It seemed the most natural thing in the world to do. So Gwen giggled. She giggled and giggled and giggled until she didn't even remember her own name; She didn't regret the loss in the least. The fog cleared and she could see her friends once again, smiling as broadly as she herself was.

"See! I told you that would make it better!" said her dark haired friend with the impossible boobs. Gwen couldn't remember her friend's name or the giggling blonde's either, but she certainly was right. Everything was better!

"Carlos isn't here right now but you totally gotta meet Fabiane and Mr. Ruiz," Nica informed her "Especially Mr. Ruiz. He can make you pretty like me!"

The dark-haired, pale skinned woman indicated her tremendous artificially-enhanced rack, which jiggled at the enthusiasm. Gwen stared at the trembling mounds of flesh with fascinated incomprehension. But the dark-haired girl took her and the blonde by the elbow and led them deeper into the building. Gwen was happy to go with them.

The room that the receptionist led them to was spacious. A tank of green fluid was in one corner and there were several chairs, benches, tables and beds with strange high tech looking attachments. Atop one of the tables, a long, athletic-looking woman was lying naked, her white-blonde hair tumbling down to the floor, her enormous tits jutting toward the ceiling and bouncing rhythmically. The reason for their motion was the Portuguese man straddling her ribcage and thrusting his hard dick through her slicked-up cleavage as she pressed her mounds about his shaft and squealed in delight.

Gwen giggled. So did her blonde friend. She wasn't as blonde as the lady on the table. Was the blonder woman Gwen's friend? Was the man with the big cock? She hoped so. She was feeling very friendly.

The man looked up from the tits he was fucking, though he didn't miss a beat in his pelvic thrust.

"Sorry to interrupt, Mr. Ruiz," said Gwen's dark-haired friend. "My friends Gwen and Aline came for a visit."

"THEY--NEED--BIGGER--TITS!" the man declared, and immediately shot goo all over the delighted bimbo on the table.

"I thought so!" the dark-haired woman agreed happily.

Gwen wasn't about to contradict them.

The Portuguese man dismounted the bimbo and pulled up his soft, loose pants. Completely disregarding the blonde with whom he was clearly finished, he approached Gwen with a hungry gleam in his eyes.

"Tell me about them!" he encouraged.

"They were, like, my friends back before Carlos and you made me a bimboslut!" the receptionist explained. "Aline is a total bimbo already! Her's was the first pussy I ever ate! <giggle> And she was the first one who ever ate mine too! Aaaah... Good times! Gwen was never a bimboslut, I don't think. She left town before I ever even started sucking dick! God, that was like forever ago! <giggle> She was bein' really bitchy when she came in, though, so I pushed the button. Now she's a happy girl, aren't you Gweny?"

Gwen giggled. They were talking about her!

"Hi, I'm Fabiane!" said the tall blonde bimbo who had jism all over her chest and face. She had gotten up and was standing behind the Portuguese man, whose gaze never left Gwen's chest even though he was talking to Nica.

Gwen's first friend, the one whom she had come in with, squealed. She scampered up to the tall blonde who had just introduced herself and started licking the jism off her chest. The tall, dripping woman bent slightly so the bimbo with dirty blonde hair could lick her face as well. Gwen giggled. She had never seen anything like this before.

"Go ahead and try it!" her dark-haired friend told her. "Mr. Ruiz always squirts out enough for two!"

Gwen didn't understand, so the dark-haired friend took her by the back of the head and propelled her face to the tall blonde's cum-covered left tit.

"Lick it, Gweny!" Nica insisted, and Gwen did as she was told, discovering that she really liked the taste! It made her head swim. She giggled and started licking in earnest along side her other friend. It was nice to share!

As Gwen licked at the statuesque blonde, two pairs of hands tugged at her clothing, removing it. That was just fine, of course. She didn't need clothes. She was warm and happy.

The Portuguese man turned her away from the blonde friend's tit once she was naked and Gwen saw that her not-as-blonde friend was naked too. She giggled because it was funny and it felt good to giggle. Her dark-haired friend was holding their clothing. The nice man was stroking his chin and looking at her naked body.

"I think we'll do the redhead first," he said. "She's in most need of help. What was her name again Nica?"

"Gwen!" Nica said helpfully. Gwen giggled. So that's what her name was!

"OK, Gwen," he said. "Let's get you in the chair and make you pretty. You want to be pretty, right?"

Gwen giggled and nodded. Pretty was good. And the whole world was pretty!

"Now I've got a special dress to cover up those tiny, pathetic titties of yours, Gwen, but first Nica is going to rub some nice lotion on them." The man explained.

Gwen giggled at this, not minding that he had just insulted her titties. He was such a nice man. He must have meant it in a nice way. And the cream that Nica started rubbing on her smallish tits was very nice indeed! Gwen's nipples had been erect since the pink fog hit her, but the lotion made them look more like thumbs than nipples! And it felt SO NICE!

Then the man slipped a short white sleeveless shift over her head. It barely covered her twat and her hard nipples showed dark and prominent through the thin fabric. It was oddly crinkly, almost like tissue paper, but softer.

"The dress isn't really necessary," the nice man explained. "But I just love the visual! Especially on an ironing board like you! Now let's grow you some titties! I'm thinking soccer balls would work for you."

Gwen didn't really understand but she was having a wonderful time. Nica and the man strapped her into a chair. The hem of her dress rode up to her hips as she carelessly let her knees spread wide.

The chair had a mechanical arm attached to it and the nice man brought it around. There was an odd looking device like a big lamp, a large box with a pane of purple glass on the end facing Gwen. The man positioned the thing so it was aimed at her pointy nipples from about half a meter away. Then he started tapping at a keypad on the other side of it, occasionally pausing to take a thoughtful look at Gwen.

"You are gonna look sooooo hot!" Nica told her. "Mr. Ruiz is the world's greatest tittie expert!"

Gwen giggled.

"All right then!" the man declared at last. "Magic time! Ladies, if you'll all step behind me, the spotlight is on Miss Gwen right now!"

The bimbos giggled and did as they were told. The man hit a button with a flourish and two bright soft lights lit up behind the purple glass, perfectly aligned with Gwen's nipples. An odd hum arose from the machine and the light seemed to undulate.

"Oooh!" Gwen exclaimed, raising her eyebrows. It was the first non-giggle to come out of her mouth since the fog hit her but this was something that really penetrated the pink goo her brain was floating in! It was as if the light was sucking her nipples and kneading her tits. While Nica's hand with the pink cream had been nice, this was incredible. She felt like she was about to cum!

And then her boobs began to pulse in time with the wriggling light. She looked down and saw them swelling and rippling beneath the thin white fabric of her shift. They were growing! And it felt so good!

Gwen stared in fascination at the inflating globes that were her tits. She tried to touch them, but her hands were held fast and all she could do was giggle and coo at the incredible sight before her. Her once barely-B-cup boobs were the size of grapefruits, perfectly round but for the swollen nipples jutting out like strawberries.

Now the perfect spheres that her jugs had become began to deform, pressing against each other and against the fabric of the dress, pulling it tight against her back as they continued to swell. Gwen giggled. It looked like her dress was about to pop!

"Oh yeah!" said Mr. Ruiz. "Here it comes!"

Gwen looked up at him just as the dress exploded, her titties expanding outward in their newfound freedom, jiggling and continuing to swell. Gwen's whole body trembled as she came. Nica and the tall blonde clapped and squealed. Aline giggled. Mr. Ruiz pulled out a pack of cigarettes, lit one and took a long, satisfied drag.

Gwen turned her dazed attention back to her burgeoning rack. With the dress in tatters, they were once again perfectly spherical and continuing to shimmer and swell. Gwen giggled as she realized she was about to cum again. Her cunt clenched and quivered; her brain fizzed and popped; her tits trembled and grew. She was in heaven.

When at last her throbbing, jutting nipples touched the source of the light that was sucking on them, Gwen was slack-jawed and drooling from being hit by climax after climax. She gave a delirious, giggling sigh and passed out.

She woke to Nica slapping her gently on the face.

"Wake up, silly!" she was saying. "You gotta try your new titties!"

"Huh?" Gwen asked, as Nica and Fabiane unstrapped her and pulled her to her feet.

The weight of her new tits was strange. They jostled and jiggled surreally, heavier than anything Gwen had ever felt before, of course, and yet not nearly so heavy as their massive size implied. They managed somehow to remain almost perfectly spherical.

"Bounce 'em!" urged Nica. "Bounce yer boobies!"

The brunette receptionist instructively raised her shoulders, stuck out her chest, and rocked forward on the toes of her stripper heels. Then she dropped down heels and shoulders, sending tremors through her titanic titties. Fabiane giggled, clapped and then did the same trick with her own enormous and naked rack. Alone squealed and waggled her own naturally large tits, knocking them against each other.

Gwen giggled. Staring down at her own inflated spheres. She gave a tentative hop and they bounced and bobbled. She giggled louder and hoped again. Her tities bounced up and hit her in the face.

"Eep!" she exclaimed, and looked up at her hypermammiferous associates who giggled and applauded. Then all four bimbos started bouncing in sexy synchronicity. Gwen liked this new game. Mr. Ruiz stared in slack jawed bliss.

"Holy Mary Mother of God!" came a male voice from the door.

Gwen turned sharply toward the sound and the momentum of her bouncing boobies nearly pulled her over. The man in the doorway seemed vaguely familiar.

"Carlos!" Nica exclaimed and bounded over to the man and kissed him while rubbing her knockers against his chest.

"Look!" she exclaimed, pointing. "It's Aline! Remember our first three way together? And she brought Gwen with her! Mr. Ruiz just fixed her boobies!"

The man grinned, eyes sparkling.

"Well fuck me!" he exclaimed.

"Okay!" said Nica, pulling the hem of her dress up around her hips, baring her twat. "Where you want me?"

"Huh?" said Carlos, "Oh, in a second, Nica. I need to greet our old friends."

Nica pouted but Carlos ignored her and strode towards Gwen and Aline.

"Well, well, well," said Carlos, rubbing his hands together. "Last time I saw you, Aline, you had finished off my BimboDrops, as well as at least a dozen horny free loaders."

Aline nodded and giggled.

"Yeah, I thought she must have been the one you told me about," said Mr. Ruiz. "She's clearly been a very busy bimbo. I was just about to start work on her undercarriage. I had forgotten just how much wear could be put on an unfortified cunt!"

"Yeah, she was a bit of a slut even before I over-dosed her with sodium ditzolin," Carlos admitted. "Once she got a taste, she totally went over the edge. Now that I know what I'm doing, though, I bet I could make her a better bimbo. Once you've finished with her, of course."

"Of course!" said Mr. Ruiz. "And just like I told you about Nica when first met you, she may be naturally stacked, but they can always be bigger."

Carlos chuckled.

"Oh certainly!" he said, "They can always be bigger!"

"I started with the red head, of course," Ruiz explained. "You never mentioned her, but she was in desperate need of titties. From what Nica tells me, she came in with Aline but needed a little assistance to convince her to stay. You'll want to keep an eye on her."

"How long ago did she get gassed?" Carlos asked.

"About 45 minutes ago," Mr.Ruiz replied. "And she licked up some re-enforcement that I splattered on Fabiane. She should be pretty happy for at least another half hour. Maybe longer if she's not particularly strong willed."

"Oh, she's pretty feisty. Or at least she was two years ago. She left town before I'd ever even heard of BimboTech" Carlos replied. "Went off to become a movie star or some such."

"Well, we just might make her dream come true!" said Ruiz. "With me doing her makeup and you coaching her for her roles, I'm sure she'll make some interesting movies! Don't know what she thought she was doing trying to act with the tits she came in with."

"Yeah, she's lucky she came to us!" Carlos exclaimed. "We're going to give you the 'friends and family' deal Gwen!"

Gwen giggled. She still had no idea what he was talking about.

"Do you remember me at all Gwen?" he asked.

Gwen crossed her eyes and moved her tongue around in her mouth. She did remember him, sort of. She just didn't remember how to speak. She remembered how to giggle, though, so she did that. It was much easier.

"Well, we can reminisce tomorrow when you aren't so high," Carlos said. "Nica, cancel my appointments for tomorrow morning. I want to take my time with Gwen."

"Of course, Carlos!" Nica exclaimed. "I want to help if I can!"

"I'll leave you to Aline, Ruiz, if you don't mind," Carlos said. "We'll be in the pillow room if you need us. Come now, Nica! Let's give Gwen a thorough introduction to bimbohood!"

Nica giggled. So did Gwen. Carlos placed a helpful hand on her ass and propelled her out of the transformation room. As Carlos led her away from the nice Mr. Ruiz, leaving Aline to his ministrations, Nica followed along, telling her how much prettier she looked with real boobies and how lucky she was. Gwen giggled. She felt lucky.

"Everyone gets lucky at BimboTech!" Carlos observed with a wicked smugness that was completely lost on the two girls. They were much more interested in the way he was rubbing their asses.

The pillow room was just what it sounded like. A room full of pillows, cushions and beanbags of different shapes and sizes and colors, all of them over-stuffed just like Gwen's new titties. Nica squealed and jumped into a big pile. Gwen followed suit. She really liked the way it felt when her massive new titties bounced and jiggled.

Carlos went to a small cabinet and took out a small tub. He dropped his pants and flopped down on a big black and white beanbag. Gwen giggled. People got naked a lot here.

"Now, Gwendolita," he said, indicating the tub. "This serves two purposes. First, I really want you to suck my cock. Second, it has compounds in it that will keep you good and happy for a while longer. We'll have to let you come down into bitchiness eventually, but tomorrow morning is soon enough. We should just enjoy the little reunion for now!"

Gwen giggled. She had no idea what he was talking about.

"May I apply it, Carlos?" Nica asked. "I just love your cock so much!"

Carlos chuckled.

"Of course, little bimbo," he said. "I know it means a lot to you."

The dark haired bimbo squealed and trembled. She crawled over to Carlos and opened the tub. She scooped out a generous helping of pale pink goo and began worshipfully anointing Carlos's growing member, with special attention to his balls and the underside of his rod. She looked at his package with such longing. It made Gwen giggle. When Nica tried to kiss it, however, Carlos swatted her lightly on the nose.

"Now, Nica, this is for Gwen," he chided. "Don't be greedy!"

Nica pouted and tugged on one of her nipples.

"But if you want to smear a little on her asshole while she sucks me off, I guess that will be alright." he conceded.

Nica brightened considerably.

"OK, Gweni-gwen-gwen!" she said. "Time for cock!"

Gwen giggled but remained sprawled on the cushions, fascinated by her own expanded rack. Nica shook her head disapprovingly and then prodded her up on to her hands and knees and over to where Carlos' cock stood straight and proud and glistening with the pink cream.

"Lick it, silly!" Nica said after Gwen stared at it with a stupid grin on her face for too long. She did as instructed and at last understood. It was really good! She started lapping in earnest. Carlos chuckled and stroked her red hair.

After a moment, she felt activity behind her. She started to look behind her, but Carlos kept her head at his crotch with a gentle tug to her hair.

"Focus on the cock, Gwen," he said. "The cock is your friend. It's a much better friend than Nica. It's the only friend that can give you what you truly need."

She felt Nica's tongue begin teasing her asshole and her stomach did flip-flops. But the cock did taste very good, so she continued lapping at it with broad strokes of her tongue, drool running down her chin and dripping onto her massive inflated knockers.

"Oh, that's very good, Gwenling," Carlos praised. "You'll make a fine cocksucker! I'll bet you never dreamed you'd be doing this, huh? Always such the goody-two-shoes back home. You come to the big city and next thing you know you're a slut! Your mom would be so proud."

Gwen giggled. She was starting to understand things better, but she felt so incredibly good and the cock was so delicious and Nica's tongue in her ass was so hot... who could say? Maybe her mom would be proud. She wasn't sure. She just knew that she liked sucking cock.

"Come now, take it into your throat and I'll give you a treat," said Carlos.

She tentatively opened her mouth and Carlos slipped his cock inside. The residual goo tasted wonderful as he pushed deep into her mouth, both hands entwined in her red hair. But then she started to gag. Her eyes went wild and she shuddered, unsure what to do.

"Calm down, Gwen," Carlos prompted, pulling back a little. "You're o.k. Breath through your nose."

She did so and calmed down. In the moment's panic, she had actually started to question why she was doing this, but soon her thoughts sank back down into the warm deliciousness of it all.

"We'll have to have Ruiz take care of your throat soon," Carlos said. "And have you practice a lot. Plenty of time for that, though. For now, let me show you why you want to perfect your cock sucking abilities."

And so saying, he grunted and the cock in her mouth started to jerk and shudder and fill her mouth with pure heaven. She had loved licking jism from the blonde woman's chest, but hot from the source was ten times better. Her pussy clenched and she came as her mind exploded with pure pleasure.

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