Office Meeting
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Interracial, Black Female, White Male, Oral Sex, Masturbation,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Two friends and colleagues have one of their masturbation sessions in the office. Tony and Alice talk each other to an orgasm.

"Tony, are you ready for our weekly meeting?" Alice asked business-like as I was talking to the mechanic about his progress on fixing the copy-machine.

Alice and I were colleagues working for an advertising agency, and we did have a weekly meeting to discuss various things, although the actual discussing of things tended to be a lot shorter than the duration of the meetings suggested.

However, we were also good, long-time friends outside of work, even though we did our best not to make that too obvious on the work floor to prevent making people think that it would influence the way we did our jobs.

Alice was a black woman, 30 years old and childless but married to Steve, a guy she met when she and I had already been friends for years. I was the one she trusted enough to confide in, which I was really proud of, being a guy myself. This way I knew that Steve was a nice enough guy, but not very generous in bed since they'd gotten married. He was busy with his career a lot ever since the day they had gotten married and it seemed to have its effect on their love life.

I guess at this point it would be wise to make clear what the point is in mentioning all of this.

You see, since shortly after Alice and I had become friends, over 10 years ago, we've shared a very special and intimate thing, that we kind of stopped sharing when she got engaged. And that thing is that we used to masturbate in front each other to get rid of sexual tensions.

We never actually had sex, and as strange as it may seem we've never even seen each other's genitalia either. We didn't have sex because we both knew it might have ended up screwing with our friendship - we both had bad experiences in that department -, and we didn't show each other our genitalia to prevent losing control and ending up having sex anyway. We would masturbate in front of each other, and there would usually be something obstructing the view of the naughty bits. We would either have a jacket over our laps, or a blanket, or we would simply be obscured from view in other ways. Actually, this made the masturbation sessions more exciting somehow. We knew what the other was doing by everything but sight. It was something according to the oft-expressed 'wisdom' that sometimes what you don't see is more exciting than what you can see.

To some this keeping genitalia hidden from view for the reasons I mentioned might seem as some weak, maybe even ridiculous excuse of some kind, and maybe it was. But whatever the reasons may or may not have been, it was the way it started out, and it was the way we kept it.

This all, and I mean the masturbation sessions, stopped once Alice got engaged to Steve as she saw it as unfair to him. She wanted to be faithful in every single way, including in her own fantasies. I tried explaining to her that there was nothing wrong with fantasizing about other things or other people even if you're married, but she told me she simply didn't 'feel' it that way. He gave her what she needed in the sex department and there was something inside of her that told her it was wrong to allow her mind to wander to other things.

Faithfulness in mind, body and soul, she regarded it to be.

However, this way of thinking seemed to stop about a year into their marriage, around the time that she told me that their sex life wasn't what it used to be. Rather than having sex at least five times a week, they were having sex about once a week, and even then it wasn't anything to write home about.

It was a few weeks after she told me this that she suggested that we could once do what we used to do, which was to masturbate in front of each other. It was not that she couldn't do that solo; it was that she needed to share her sexuality with someone else, and preferably more than she, at that time, did with her own husband. Alice wasn't a nymphomaniac per se, but she really loved sex and not by herself.

Nevertheless, the way we did it was the same way it was before she had gotten engaged to Steve. Meaning: there was no physical contact of any sort, and there was no actual nudity, or none that we could actually see anyway. This time, however, besides the reason of our masturbation session not turning into a full blown sexual affair, there was also the reason of faithfulness. In Alice's mind, masturbation sessions while being married were okay so long as there was no contact and no nudity, and only so long as her husband didn't provide her with a decent amount of attention in the sex department. She made that clear yet again, and I agreed to it.

It may have been a convenient rationalization for her suggestion that we return to our mutual masturbation sessions, but I certainly didn't care about that. I love her as a person and as a friend and Steve was an idiot if he didn't make love enough to Alice to satisfy her. It certainly wasn't for lack of affection for him on her part.

So I accepted her ground rules.We were best friends, and a promise was a promise. That's the way it has always been between her and me.

So we did it at my house once, when she came to visit me alone, rather than with Steve as she usually did.

However, it was soon after that, that she told me she couldn't settle for that one time anymore. She wanted to make it a more regular thing, but realized she couldn't keep coming to my house without Steve, without her husband becoming suspicious. As far as what she and I were doing was concerned, she knew Steve would never accept it and so she knew he could never know anything about it.

It was because of all this that she suggested we do it in the office, once, by pretending we were in a meeting. She'd lock the door and tell her secretary that we didn't want to be disturbed for anything, and we did it late in the day so Alice could tell her secretary to go home early.

Soon after that however, it became obvious that she wanted to do it more regularly, and I certainly didn't complain; I never wanted us to stop to begin with.

Alice was not only my best friend, but also an absolutely gorgeous black woman, and I've always had a thing for beautiful black women. Alice knew that and used to tease me with it, telling me I was sick and had perpetual "Jungle fever". I told her then that I couldn't help it. There was just something about a black woman's dark skin, the contrast of their pearly white teeth with the ebony face around it, the black nipples, basically everything about a hot black woman's body that turned me on to no end. I just found them looking so sexual, somehow; as if made for hot, steamy sex. If a black woman was good looking enough, I would just feel like licking them literally from head to toe, and I told Alice this. She'd giggle at it, but then she'd masturbate to it when I described such actions in more detail. I never knew if she thought my admission of my specific attraction to black women was an excuse to masquerade that I was simply sexually attracted to her, or whether she believed me that I really can get worked up over any good looking black woman even more than I generally could over a good looking white woman.

We had these sessions on a weekly basis now, usually on a Wednesday, marking the day exactly between the points where she would have sex with her husband, on Saturday nights.

And today was 4:12 pm on Wednesday.

One thing that was different in comparison to that first time when we used the office was that Alice had confided in her secretary, Joanne, what was going on. Alice trusted Joanne, and realized she would never tell anyone about it. For Joanne, it was like she paid Alice back for being there for her when she needed to confide in someone. Not all bosses would want to be a willing ear for their secretary's personal problems but Alice did, so she felt an immense sense of pride when Alice confided in her about what she and I did in her office. Joanne, a romantic at heart, quite frankly loved knowing what was happening in the office.

And so I walked after Alice toward her office room, hearing her tell Joanne the usual.

"Joanne, Tony and I will be having our weekly meeting now. You know the drill; we don't want to be disturbed for anything or anybody. And if Steve happens to call, tell him I'm in an important meeting, okay?"

"Okay, Alice," Joanne replied smoothly, a grin on her face as she looked at Alice, then at me as I smiled at her, before Alice and I disappeared into her office, and she closed and locked the door.

I watched Alice walk around her desk, which was almost cleared, except for the computer on the side. I loved how she looked in her business attire. She was a black goddess in a grey jacket and white blouse, a grey skirt and tan nylon stockings, black shoes on her feet. Her long black, curly hair tied in a ponytail at the base of her head. I looked at her face again and again realized how stunningly gorgeous she was, almost supermodel-like. She had high cheekbones, long eyelashes, a cute nose, and succulent looking lips, not too small, not too big; just a little bit pouty and colored a reddish brown without lipstick.

"Mmmm... Nice weather today," she hummed as she stepped out of her shoes and opened the window. She always stepped out of her shoes in her office. She liked feeling comfortable in her 'domain'.

She rotated her chair and sat in it, rotating it back so she was facing me, looking at me with a warm smile. "I can't begin to tell you how much I need this, Tony. I'm getting frustrated more and more. I'm so glad I can share this with you; that I can share anything with you, but especially this."

"You know I never wanted us to stop, Alice," I responded softly. "And I'll always be there for you to share this with. I'm sorry Steve..."

"Please," Alice said, her hand raised and her palm in my direction, giving the 'stop' sign, "Let's not talk about him now. If there is a moment for us, an intimate moment for me to share with someone other than Steve, this is it. I've earned it now. I never wanted to need this again, but I do. More and more I do. To be honest, Tony, I don't know if he's just not interested in sex anymore, whether he is simply too tired, or whether he's fucking someone on the side. And right now I don't care. I didn't marry to be neglected. Right now I'm with you. This is our time."

"I'm sorry, Alice. I'm sorry he isn't giving you all you need. If I were him I'd never hold back on you. I'd give you everything you want, everything you need..."

With us being longtime friends, I usually didn't talk this way to her. Not like a puppy in love kept from the object of my affection by someone or something else. This was me starting to talk her up. This was me making the move toward the purpose of our weekly trysts.

"Mmmm..." Alice murmured, sitting back in her office chair, the sides of her grey jacket sliding more to the sides, the chest hidden by her white blouse more obviously sticking forward now. I could see that the arousal in her had already started, as her nipples had already started to poke through her bra and her blouse. "Everything I need?"

"Everything..." I said in a low tone, trying to sound as into her as I could. "Whatever you'd want, I'd give to you. However you'd want it."

"Tell me, Tony. What would you do? How would you start? Where would you start?"

"Well..." I began, my voice slightly raspy, as if saliva was stuck in my throat. "I'd start kissing you softly, on those beautiful juicy lips of yours. As I'd hold your face between my hands I would kiss you again and again, our lips smacking, our noses pressing into the other's. My hands would move softly from your face down to your neck, stroking it softly, one of them going back to stroke at the base of your head where your hair starts to grow out, softly running my fingers upward into your black curly hair as my other hand would move further down, over your chest."

"Mmmm... Would you use your tongue? Would you slip it into my mouth and play with mine?" Alice asked, her voice almost moaning. Her eyes were closed, her chest was heaving just a bit faster.

"You know I would," I responded, licking my lips. "You'd feel my tongue softly entering your hot mouth, running over your white teeth and your gums. I'd love the feeling of your hot breath blowing into my mouth, the scent of mint penetrating my nostrils. I've love the feeling of your saliva mixing with mine as my tongue would search out yours, playing with it; wrestling with it for supremacy. As my hand would softly start squeezing one of your breasts through your blouse, the same one you're wearing now, our mouths would close over each other and we would pant heavily as we would neck. You'd feel my tongue reach all parts of your hot, wet mouth and your tongue would reach all parts of mine. We'd take turns sucking each other's tongue, fucking the other's mouth slowly. You'd groan and I would be able to feel the tremors of your vocal cords on my tongue as you'd suck it."

"Hhhmmmmm..." Alice groaned softly, for real, her eyes closed as she envisioned what I was telling her.

"I'd feel your nipple harden in the palm of my hand as I'd continue squeezing your lovely... tit," I said waiting ever so slightly before saying that last word, knowing the sound of it would have an effect on her. She loved it when my words would gradually become dirtier. She loved the moment words like 'breast' starting turning into 'tit'.

"Would you keep squeezing it? Would you keep squeezing my tit?" she asked with an erotic tone in her voice, hardly pronouncing the final 't' as she opened her eyes slightly, squinting as her own hand starting rubbing upward over her stomach along her blouse, reaching one of her breasts and resting there. It looked so hot to me to see her dressed like this, dressed properly like a business woman, and yet having a hand on one of her breasts. There was such a contrast between her proper attire and what she was actually doing. And she knew it too. She knew I loved that contrast. You'd somehow expect a woman dressed like a slut to openly put her hand on her breast, but not someone dressed like a decent, even powerful woman. You'd expect someone like Paris Hilton to grab her tit, but not Hillary Clinton. You'd expect a common slut to grab her tit in front of someone, but not a business woman. She knew it turned me on to see her get horny while wearing her business attire. She'd heard enough of my tastes and fantasies to know everything that turned me on.

The nasty inside of the wholesome; the dirty inside of the decent.

"Oh yeah," I continued. "I'd keep squeezing it as I'd keep sucking on your tongue and make you suck on mine. I'd squeeze it until I'd know your nipple, your hot... black... nipple, wouldn't get any harder... and stiffer... and bigger.

I'd squeeze your tit until your nipple would be as stiff as it's ever going to be. And I'd rub your back with my other hand, feeling your body heat against it. As I'd play with your soft tit my other hand would rub your back, going down, feeling the strap of your bra under your blouse and moving over it, downward, until finally I'd reach your behind."

"My behind?" she asked softly, her voice rasping a bit in subdued excitement.

"Yeah. As my one hand would continue to squeeze your hot tit, my other would start squeezing your hot... ass."

"Hmmmm... Would I like it, Tony?" Alice asked as she licked her lips with her soft-pink tongue, her hand squeezing her tit. "Would I like feeling you squeeze my hot ass?"

"You know you would. The moment you'd feel my hand on your butt, squeezing it, squeezing the flesh of your ass through your skirt and your panties, you'd press your rear back against my hand, inviting me to squeeze it even harder. You'd love feeling my hand squeezing your tit and my other hand squeezing your ass so much you'd groan into my mouth like a needy... slut.

Like a needy... black... slut, loving the feeling of a white man squeezing her tit and her ass. You'd love that, wouldn't you, Alice?"

"Oh yeah... I'd love it so much, Tony. I'd love feeling like a needy black slut in your white hands. I'd love feeling your hands on my tit and my ass, squeezing me. It... It would make me... wet." Her fingers were squeezing her stiff nipple through her blouse now, making it harder still, and making both of them stick more obviously forward through her blouse. I'm sure she really was getting wetter by my words.

"Tell me what you'd do next," Alice groaned now, her dark eyes staring at me through slits, openly playing with her nipples through her blouse as she sat back in her chair.

"Well, after being convinced that your nipples couldn't get any stiffer, I'd squeeze them with my fingers through your blouse, just as you're doing to yourself right now. I'd try getting those lovely tit-nubs between my thumbs and index fingers through your blouse, and squeeze them, and twist them. I'd do it, and I'd feel your body convulse once, twice, from my fingers playing with your sensitive nipples; your hot breath quickly bursting into my mouth along with your body convulsing as your lips would come from mine, tiny little spit-threads connecting our wet lips. It would make you so horny you'd hump your ass back against my other hand.

God, it feels so hot, Alice. Your ass feels so hot against my hand; even through your skirt it seems to sears the palm of my hand."

My manner of speaking now switched from what I would do, to what I am doing, even though we were still apart, and would stay that way; sitting in our own chairs. My hand had begun to squeeze my crotch through my pants. I was as hard as a rock, and I had to hold back on touching my bulge too much or risk cumming in my pants from Alice reacting to my words. Just the fact that I was making this hot woman horny was turning me on. No penetration, no touching of any kind; just words, and it was enough for her to play with her nubs right in front of me. God, she was hot.

"S... Squeeze them, Tony," Alice moaned with her eyes closed, imagining that what I was describing was happening real-time. "Squeeze my nipples between your fingers. They're tingling, and burning. You're making them feel so good, squeezing them and twisting them with just the right amount of force."

Meanwhile she was doing it to herself, no doubt imagining her fingers to be mine.

"Are you getting wet, Alice?" I asked with a low, husky voice. "Is your... pussy... getting wet from my fingers squeezing your hot black nipples and your hot ass? Can you feel it leaking out of you? Can you feel the juices run out of you and into your hot little panties?"

"Oh, Jesus, yesss..."

"That's what I wanted, Alice. I want you to get wet from me twisting your hot nipples and squeezing your hot butt. But I'm not going to touch it, Alice. Not yet. For now I'm going to leave your pussy alone. I want to play with you some more, until you've soaked your whole panties. I want to play with you until you can wring those fucking panties and make it literally drip with your juices. Just let it run, baby. Let it run out of you into the crotch of your panties. I want to see your tits, and taste them. I want to run my tongue around those hot, black buds of yours and suck them between my lips, feeling those rubbery black tips push into my tongue, wash them with my spit. And then I want to suck those chocolate tits into my mouth, stuff them right in there. Would you like that, Alice? Tell me you would like that."

"Oh, fuck yeah... I would... I want you to suck my hot black tits; lick my hard nipples; bite them gently. Do it to me."

I could hear the springs in her office chair squeak from her moving body. I knew she wasn't going to bare her breasts. We had made that deal, not to show each other our private parts. We'd made a deal to use nothing for titillation but the sounds of voices, our words, and the suggestion of what we were doing without actually showing anything. All that I knew of her tits, and what I'd do to them, came from my fertile imagination. I'd probably never know if my descriptions of her tits even came close to the real thing.

"I'm getting a bit rough now, Alice. In desperation, in impatience, and because I know you like the wildness of it, I grab two hands full of your blouse, and rip them open. The little buttons are flying everywhere and your bra-covered brown tits are suddenly exposed to my sight. You're still wearing that bra, that white bra, but they're hardly sufficient to hide how big and hard your nipples are. They seem to burst right through the material. God, they're so big. They're as big as thimbles.

I pull the bra down eagerly, and uncover those brown mounds of flesh. I can see your nipples now, Alice."

"Look at them, Tony," Alice moaned, her voice a lower pitch and her eyes still closed. "I want you to. Look at my nipples; they're yours to play with. They're yours to suck and taste. Please suck them and taste them, Tony. Please suck and taste my hot tits."

"I will. You run your slender fingers through my hair as my face is lined up with your heaving chest. I grab both tits in my hands, squeezing them together and making them bulge forward, making the nipples stand proud even more. They're so hard and stiff and big, they look like they're about to shoot off.

Slowly I bring the tip of my tongue to one of them making you feel as if a bolt of lightning is striking your body. You feel the warm, tickling moistness of my tongue as it makes contact with your sensitive knob. You feel the tip of my tongue play with it, circling around it and pushing into it. You taste so good, Alice. And you feel good too, on my tongue. My tongue is playing with your hot black nipple and I can actually feel the little goose pimples on the surface of your big areola around it. With the tip of my tongue pushing softly against the tip, I carefully take your nipple between my teeth, slowly biting it, pulling it forward with my teeth. Carefully I rake at it with the edges of my teeth, looking up at your response. I can see the neediness on your face. You just want to be sucked on, don't you, Alice? You just want this white man to suck on your black fucking nipple. You just want me to stuff as much of that tit into my hot, sucking mouth as I can and just suck your chocolate nipple, don't you?"

"OHH... JESUS, YESSS... I do. Just suck it, Tony. Just suck my tit. I can't stand it anymore," Alice said loudly, her voice husky, laden with desperate arousal. Joanne, her secretary, could have probably heard it but Alice didn't even care. The woman outside knew what was going on anyway.

Alice moved her hands lower but I told her no. "Not yet, Alice; not until I tell you that you can. Remember what I said? Just let it flow for now. Just let yourself get wet first. Just let it run out of you and fill up your panties. I want you to feel wet, and sticky. I want you to feel dirty first. And when I tell you I'll start working on you down there, you can too, and imagine it's me."

"Oooh..." Alice whined softly, pouting a bit as if being denied a treat.

"I open my mouth and your nipple disappears into it. Your sensitive black areola and nipple slide over the flat surface of my tongue as I suck your tit deep between my open lips. You feel my hot breath course over the brown flesh of your boob, and my warm spit wetting all that's inside my mouth. Just my breath is enough makes your flesh moist. And then I shut my mouth on you, Alice. My lips clamp down on your tit, and you can hear me start to... suck... suck hard, on your hot... black... tit. You hear the rumble in my voice, coming from the pit of my throat, as I hungrily suck on your flesh. You hear me suck and slurp juicily, and you can feel the flesh of you being sucked deeper between my lips as you look down at my face and see my cheeks hollow. Inside my mouth, my tongue is wrestling with your stiff, rubbery bud, bathing it with my drool, and you feel the edges of my teeth carefully gnawing across the goose pimpled surface of your areola. Your fingers are entwined in my hair and you pull my head as tightly to your chest as you can, crushing your tit between your body and my face, forcing my nose into the soft flesh of your breast. You feel your toes curl and a tingle between your legs, just from my hot mouth sucking hard on your fucking tit, until I finally unlatch, making your nipple plop out of my wet, sucking mouth with a loud, lewd slurp. You look down at your tit and see it glistening with my saliva.

You anticipate me giving the same treatment to other areas, but I tell you that was just the first tit. You whine a bit, but when I start working on your other tit you just enjoy my mouth sucking on your flesh again. All the while, one of my hands continues to squeeze your ass through your skirt."

"God, you'd make me so crazy sucking my tits like that. I can just feel your mouth on them right now, your tongue licking at them; licking at my fucking nipples," Alicia said huskily.

"I know you can. But that's nothing compared to feeling my mouth elsewhere. And you know where, don't you, Alice?"

"Oh yes," she said, imagining how good it would to have my mouth there.

"Where, then? Where would you like my mouth to be the most, Alice?"

"Down there."

"Down where? Don't me coy with me, Alice. If you want my mouth somewhere, you'd have to be specific. How else am I to know you're not talking about your navel, or your thighs, or you knees, or maybe your feet? Tell me where you want my mouth; where you want my tongue. Tell me where you want me to suck on you."

"On... On my pussy. Jesus, I want your mouth on my fucking pussy; on my hot... black... cunt."

As soon as the last word left her groaning throat, Alice made her own body convulse in lust from speaking out the words, making me hear them and simultaneously imagining my mouth there.

"That's better," I said softly, readjusting my package. "Now I know what you want and need. I'm there with you, Alice. I'm there kneeling in front of you as you're sitting in that chair, with your spit-wet tits exposed and quivering, shining from my saliva in the light coming through the window, your blouse hanging ripped open and loose. My head is moving slowly down, kissing you softly across your belly, tickling your belly button with my tongue, delving it in there. Your tight stomach thrusts out in little shocks as my tongue makes you feel anxious."

"Move down, Tony. I can't stand it anymore," Alice whimpered almost desperately.

"With you sitting in your chair with your thighs as wide as your skirt allows them, I'm sitting kneeled between your legs, my mouth going further down, kissing you across the stomach further down.

I can smell you, Alice. Your arousal is penetrating my nostrils like a heady perfume. I love it. I love smelling your sex. I love smelling how hot and wet your pussy is."

As I said the last words, I was actually describing reality. Alice was indeed so wet I could smell her from across the desk. She opened the window before these meetings for a reason. But no open window could make all of her fragrance disappear if she was this wet. Alice was hot and wet, I could smell it, and I loved smelling it. The scent of her excitement was exquisite.

Alice looked at me through the slits of her eyes, her hands rubbing over her stomach along with my imaginary kisses, and smiled naughtily as I mentioned her aroma.

"Ooooo..." she cooed. "You like smelling me, huh? You like smelling my hot, wet, black pussy? That's your doing. So why don't you do something about it? If you like the scent of my arousal, imagine how much you'll like the taste of it."

"I would," I teased, grinning at her. "But I can't. You see, your skirt is in the way. You've got your legs wide and they've pulled that grey skirt of yours tight between your thighs. I think it would be best if you gave me as much room as possible, Alice."

"Mmmm... Maybe I should just take this skirt off, then, huh? Maybe I should undo it, and drop it, and spread my legs as wide as they'll go to give you all the room you'll need, so you can give me what I'll need?"

"Yeah... I think that would be best."

Looking into my eyes, Alice slowly got up from her office chair, standing all of 5'8" tall and started pulling down the zipper on her skirt. I then looked down at my bulging crotch, keeping my promise to her of not seeing her naked as I listened to the sounds of Alice making herself more comfortable. Looking at my rock hard penis twitch behind the zipper of my own pants, I listened to the soft sounds of her skirt falling to the floor, and the erotic sound of the waistband of her panties snapping against her flesh as it slipped from her fingers, the sliding of her panties down her legs, and finally the squeaking sounds of Alice sitting back down in her office chair. I knew now it was safe to look back up again.

Looking at her from the other side of the desk, I could see Alice sitting back in her chair. She was still wearing her grey jacket, but the bottom two buttons of her blouse were undone so I could see some portion of her taut, brown stomach, just to slightly above her crotch, which was obscured by the edge of her side of the desk. She wore a black garter belt to hold up her nylons. She had spread and raised her stocking-clad legs to put her feet up against the edge of the desk, her soles pushing against it and her toes curling from comfort and excitement. I could imagine seeing her being wide open if I decided to take a peek underneath the desk, but that was a no-no.

This was the position she imagined herself to be in if I were to pleasure her with my mouth. With her legs wide and steady, sitting back in her chair and all clothing in that area either off or out of the way.

If anything, without the layers of material to hide behind, the aroma of her sex was even more pungent. I could imagine her crotch to be spread and open in this particularly naughty position, making it all the easier for the fragrance of her love honey to escape from within; to waft out.

"Is this better, Tony?" Alice cooed and smiled naughtily, as she sat comfortably now, no doubt feeling delightful being in such a sexual position before my eyes. "Is this what you wanted? Do you think this would be more than enough room for you?"

"More than enough, baby," I cooed back. "More than I need to make you feel good with my mouth. Do you want me to make you feel good with my mouth now, Alice?"

"Yesss. You know I do. That's why I'm like this; naked below the waist and spread wide open for you. Taste me. Pleasure me with your hot mouth."

"Pleasure what? I don't understand what you mean," I teased.

"My fucking pussy, damn it. Get your face in there and lick my black pussy. Eat me. Please..."

"Have you kept it trimmed, Alice? Tell me how it looks now. Have you let it grow into a full, thick bush? Or have you kept it trimmed?" I asked for a real-life idea of what it looked like today.

"Bald, baby. I've shaven it all off. The strip is no longer there. I'm all smooth now, especially for you," Alice said seductively, her voice low and erotic, knowing that I'd be turned on by her telling me about having a bald kitty especially for me.

"Mmmm... So after I have made you take your skirt and your panties off as I remained kneeled in front of you, and you have sat back down, raising your lovely nylon-clad legs up and wide and setting your feet against the desk, opening yourself completely up for me, I now look down at your delicious love box. You look down at me and see me looking at your most intimate place from up close. A shiver runs up your spine as you enjoy the intimacy of your wet, clean-shaven pussy being totally exposed to my leering eyes. You feel yourself leaking under my gaze, feeling your pussy ooze your fluids into the crack of your ass, and feeling your sensitive clit tingle in a lovely way. You realize again how your aroma is leaving your needy hole and wafting straight into my nostrils, filling up my lungs."

"Ooh yeahh..." Alice groaned, her eyes closed, imagining the scene. "Inhale it, Tony. Inhale my scent from up close. You made me that way, so that scent is yours, all yours to smell."

"I hold my nose right up at your slit, without touching it, and inhale deeply, filling up my lungs with the intoxicating fragrance of your spread, open sex. The sound of my smelling arouses you so much you clench your muscles and force out a stream of juice. You feel my finger make contact with your crotch and tremble. I use my finger to wipe up some of your excretions, and as you look down at me, I look up at you softly trailing my tongue along my wet finger, tasting your sweetness on it. I allow the tart, salty-sweet love fluid to attack my taste buds, enjoying the taste of what came from inside you. But I want it straight from the source. And I know you want my mouth on your hungry cunt."

"Oh, FUCK, yeah... I do," Alice exclaimed hotly as I got to the point and mentioned what I knew she wanted, as her left hand was squeezing her tit and her right hand had disappeared between her legs underneath the edge of the desk, out of view to me. By the slow motions of her wrist and the clinging sounds of her silver bracelets I realized she was diddling herself as she listened to me.

"So you finally feel what you've wanted. The tip of my tongue has started making contact with your engorged clit, pink and swollen and sticking out of its dark brown hood as my hot breath washes over every inch of your womanhood. I tap it with the tip of my tongue, covering it with spit and you grunt and pant, your ass rotating anxiously in your chair. Like a kitten licking milk from a bowl I take swift laps at it, jiggling it with the lashings of my tongue. The feeling of it is making your toes curl and I end up putting my lips around it, sucking on it audibly. You hear my pursed lips making soft slurping sounds as your love button gets sucked between them again and again. I keep sucking gently as I look up at your lust-filled face, and slowly wriggle the tip of my index finger between your near-black inner labia. The heat washes over it and it slowly slides inside of you, your internal muscles clenching and unclenching around it; seemingly trying to draw it deeper inside.

I look up at your tits, loving the sight from beneath. Loving the sight of them sticking out over my head, your rock hard nipples pointing out as your chest is heaving and shaking from the breathing spurts you have as I suck on you and slowly slide my finger deeper until the last knuckle is inside."

"Ohh... y... yeahh... F... finger me," Alice croaked, her own hand working magic between her widely spread legs. She was getting rougher with herself, as I could witness from the swifter movements of her arm. Most likely she was rubbing her fingers up and down her hot slit now; maybe even slipping in a finger or two.

"Having stuffed my index finger as deep up your pussy as it could go, and sucking wetly and juicily on your burning clit, I move my finger in and out, increasing speed as I do so. I feel you squeeze and pull on my thrusting digit as I retract it and insert it deeply again and again. Your juices are running out alongside of it, coating my other fingers and running down into your butt cleft. Juicily sucking on your clitoris I start finger fucking you faster and harder. I'm jacking you off, Alice; jacking your pussy off."

"Yeah... Jack off that cunt..." Alice groaned with her eyes closed, her voice increasingly thick with passion, as her arm moved quickly, indicating her busy hand beyond my view. "Suck that clit and finger fuck my pussy."

I really had a hard time not unzipping my pants and jacking off myself with the way Alice was now going at it on the other side of the desk. Everything about her screamed: 'masturbation-time'. Her sounds, the erotic expressions on her face, the way she sat on her chair with her legs wide and her stocking-clad feet against the edge of the desk, the way her arm was moving with her hand beyond my view and between her thighs, and her scent; GOD, that scent. That mixture of her perfume and the aroma of her aroused cunt; the scent of a woman in heat.

I knew she was working at getting herself off and that we had limited time in the end scheme of things, so I'd decided to bring it up a notch to move things along further.

"My finger is squelching, Alice. Your pussy is sopping wet and my finger is making sloppy sounds as I pump it in and out of you. I know that I want to really taste you and I know you want me to. I know you want my mouth and tongue to make the ultimate contact, so I pull my dripping finger out of your sucking, pink hole and see your labia slowly close shut. I suck your sweet stuff from my drenched finger as I look at your aroused, brown vagina. Your juices have made your whole crotch wet, it's glistening everywhere from your clit right down to the wrinkled pucker of your asshole as it pulsates."

"Do it, Tony... Eat me good. The way you always do to make me cum," Alice whined, her hand now making wet, squelching sounds that I could hear even from the other side of the desk. She had finger-whipped her pussy into a wet, slippery mess to the point that I could actually hear her invade herself quickly and roughly, without seeing it.

"I use fingers from both hands to spread your sticky cunt lips apart, opening up your pink, sodden gash. I can see your hole clenching and unclenching, as if winking at me to come inside. I gather my tongue full of saliva, and with one movement I stick out my tongue, push my mouth into your sex and drill my tongue as deep up your fucking cunt as I can get it. The odor invades my nostrils as from chin to nose I am in your crotch, and your wetness starts to stick to the skin on my face as well. I wriggle my tongue deep inside your tight tunnel, feeling the hot tube of your pussy breathe around it; pulsating; squeezing and relaxing. My tongue gets covered in your smooth oils as I start to fuck it in and out. We can both hear it squelch as I pump my outstretched tongue up your hot black peach again and again."

"Jesus... Eat me... Eat my fucking pussy. Tongue-fuck it deep," Alice groaned out loudly, her bracelets clanging loudly as her arm moved swiftly up and down. She was really ragging at herself now.

"I want you to cum, Alice. I want you to cum with my face between your thighs. I want you to cum all over my face."

"Suck me. Just fucking suck on me."

"I am, Alice. My tongue is deep in your cunt. It's like a fucking swamp. It's like you're milking my tongue, sucking on it with your cunt. I think I can even hear it wetly, juicily suck on my tongue, like an octopus' suction cup. Your using those muscles to suck it in deeper. My mouth is buried between your lips; your greasy black folds are plastered to the sides of my mouth and my cheeks as I suck on you with my lips and you suck on me with your clenching, steaming cunt. Your cream is running out of it alongside my tongue as I suck on your hole with my lips. It's like sucking the white cream out of a small hole in a Hershey's kiss, only hotter, and better."

"Oh shit... Oh fucking shittt..." Alice grunted, her face grimacing, her hand going crazy.

"Feed me your cream, Alice. Let it run out of you into my mouth. Feed me that fucking delicious white cream right out of your black fucking cunt. Use my mouth for your cream; use my face to cum. CUM in my fucking face and CREAM in my fucking mouth, Alice. Make my chin drip with your fucking juices. Make me drink it all. Make me drink it and swallow it."

"OH SHIT... I'm almost there, Tony. Almost... there..." Alice cried as her hand flew up and down between her spread legs, her face contorted with an expression of pure lust, her teeth bared. Her toes curled painfully down against the top surface of the desk as the edge of it pushed into her soles.

"What do you want me to do, Alice? Tell me what you want from me to make it better."

"Grab my fucking ass with your hands, Tony. I want you to take that black ass in your hands and pull me into your face. Pull my cunt hard up into your mouth and suck me. Make it so I can't escape your tongue."

"I force my hands under your soft ass cheeks, squeezing them, and use all my power to lift you up from the seat of your chair and pull you into my face, as I continue slurping on you. With my hands tightly squeezing the brown flesh of your ass I keep you against my face. You hump it as your rotate your hips. You've got both arms reaching down and both of your hands on the back of my head, your fingers in my hair, forcefully pulling my head tighter against your soaking crotch, holding my head and humping my face; fucking it; smearing your hot slippery fuck juice all over it. The tips of my pinky fingers are digging into your ass crack as I keep you tight against my face, my tongue squirming and squelching in your cunt and my mouth sucking on the hole inside your cleft as your folds are slipping and sliding at the corners of my mouth."

"OOOHHH... FUCKKKK... SUCK IT... Suck the cream right out of my black fucking snatch and make me cum in your mouth. FUCK... I'M CUMMINGG... AAAAAHHH..."

With my cheeks burning in sexual excitement, and my hand squeezing my crotch, I watch as Alice came hard, seeing the image of it all behind her closed eyelids. She gritted her teeth, and I could see the muscles in her neck tense. Her hand still moved quickly, but not continually so. It was the occasional swift swipe up and down as she climaxed. Her other hand seemed to crush her tit. As she was on the height of her orgasm, she lifted her butt up off the chair using the feet on the edge of the desk, and I had to look away for it was obvious that lifting her ass up would have exposed her hand and her climaxing vagina to my eyes. Never would I break my promise until she let me know it was okay.

All the way through her orgasm, she kept her sounds limited to a slight, high pitched squeal and a bit or wheezing. It sounded like a desperate but almost silent cry. This was the real moment of intimacy between us; the moment when she was most vulnerable and exposed; the moment that she was in the midst of cumming right in front of her best friend. The sight of her genitalia could not be more intimate a sight than the expression of passion and joy on her beautiful, ebony face. How the fuck could Steve not bang her silly whenever she desired it?

When I realized she had sat back down, I looked back at her again. She was on the down slope of it now, moaning softly and panting, her chest heaving, her arm no longer moving. This way we sat, with her slowly coming down off her high.

I think it was near five minutes later, that she acknowledged me with words, when she thanked me for — yet again — giving her the greatest feeling, she claims, she could ever feel. The feeling of sexual bliss and sharing it was someone she totally trusted; the feeling of utter intimacy; of just letting go of all hang-ups and all worries.

"Are you ready?" she finally said, her face radiant and smiling sweetly, remaining seated and not bothering just yet to get dressed up again.

"It's your turn now. Let's see if I can give you an idea again of what it would be like to get me to pleasure you just like you did me, big boy."

I heard her seductive voice, and looked at her smiling mischievously. My dick twitched.

"So, why don't you tell me, Tony, is it hard for me already?"

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