Snowboards and Hot Tubs
Chapter 1: Hot Tub Games

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Group Sex, Orgy, Oriental Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: Hot Tub Games - Six young friends venture up into the mountains for a little 'boarding, a little hot-tubbing, and new complications to their relationships.


"Ain't no party like a West Coast Party cause a West Coast Party don't stop..." Well, we weren't quite on the coast. Big Bear was about a three hour drive up into the Sierra Mountains from the coast. We were a long way from L.A., but you couldn't tell by the crowd. Outside, the mountain air had chilled almost to freezing. But inside, five hundred LA natives were wearing next to nothing, a sea of buff bodies covered in a thin sheen of sweat as we were dancing and grinding to the latest club hits.

Already one Mind-Racer and two Vodka Red Bulls into the night, I wasn't feeling any pain. My head thudded thickly in time with the bass beat, my hips pumping in time with the tight ass pressed to my crotch. She was a pretty Korean babe, all slender limbs and high cheekbones with just a little too much eye shadow. Her dancing was a little bit gangly and awkward, but she more than made up for it with her energy. Life was good.

Not two feet from me was Derrick, Mr. Popular himself, and the reason why I had this pretty young thing dancing with me. Derrick embodied over six feet of trim, muscular man, with the softest brown eyes and chiseled face to match his chiseled chest. If that wasn't sick enough, the boy had charisma oozing out of his ears. Anyways, we'd not been at the party longer than fifteen minutes before Derrick picked up on a gorgeous Korean model-type. And being his best friend since grade school, I was quickly introduced to her equally attractive girlfriend.

I wish I could remember my date's name at this point. I mean, I knew it at the time, but being unwillingly rendered unconscious between now and then seems to have jolted it out of my memory. Ultimately it doesn't really matter, I never saw the girl again after tonight.

The song ended and it was time for another round. Sashaying with my date to the bar, I got her some fruity-fuzzy thing, and a Jagerbomb for me. With this much Red Bull in me I was going to be wired late into the night. While chatting up my date, a part of me wondered where the rest of our group had gone to.

As if right on cue, my friend Reiko showed up to the bar just as my drinks were being delivered, her boy-toy for the evening in tow. Involuntarily, my eyes dropped downwards for a second before tracking back up to her face. Reiko had a fantastic rack, shown off to full advantage tonight with some tiny V-necked blouse. Model-thin body complemented with mini-skirt, skyscraper heels, dangling earrings, blonde-streaked hair, and sunglasses tinted a light-blue, she could have walked right off the pages of a Japanese fashion magazine. Reiko was one of those girls who turned heads from across the street, and tonight she had turned the head of some big, hulking linebacker-type. The four of us made some minor small talk until their drinks arrived. It was pretty hard to hear anything over the music.

"Where's Taryn?" I asked, just as Reiko scooped up the Midori Sour placed before her.

She spun around quickly, a little too quickly, and she had to pause a moment to regain her balance. Rei always got a little too tipsy whenever we went out. She pointed at the back of another big linebacker who was slowly shuffling his feet to the music, valiantly trying to keep up with the beat. Presently, he turned and Taryn stepped into view.

Her mini-dress clung skintight to her every curve as she swayed with perfect grace to the music, her hips pumping erotically with the booming beat, her arms waving in the air as if drifting in the rhythm. Her tight legs and even tighter ass flexed and stretched and swiveled with her every movement, flowing with effortless grace. The overhead lights picked up the red highlights in her dark hair, and cast fleeting glimpses of the flash in her eyes and the shadows of her chest.

Taryn was beautiful.


The music was great, just fast enough to keep me in motion and with a solid backbeat to get my heart pumping. If only I didn't have to dance with this ugly lug. For the most part, my eyes scanned the room, looking at the lights, looking at other people, looking at ANYTHING other than this dimwitted gorilla drooling over me. We'd been hit on by every guy within ten feet when we arrived, some of them good-looking. But Reiko had to grab a hulking ogre with more muscles than brain cells, and being her best friend, I of course had to entertain the leftovers. He'd gamely tried to talk to me, but his vocabulary didn't rise above two-syllable words. What the heck did Reiko see in guys like this?

I looked over to the bar, to see Chris and some slutty Korean girl chatting up my best friend and big ogre #2. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Reiko spin around a little too fast, nearly flopping onto her face. I stifled a small giggle. She always drank a little too much for how high her heels went.


Sigh. She's wasted already. I knew I'd better keep watch over her for the rest of the night. Still bouncing to the music, I skipped over to the bar, my ogre in tow. He ordered some stiff foul-tasting drink. Did guys really like the taste of that stuff or were they just trying to impress girls with how manly a drink they could take without puking? I waved him off from buying me one, though. I was already feeling a good buzz, and didn't feel the need to push it any further.

As soon as I arrived, Chris and his date wandered off to rejoin Derrick. I watched him as he left. A little hurt, I realized he was still avoiding me. Turning back, I chatted with Reiko while the other three polished off their cocktails. Once finished, we moved back onto the dance floor. Sigh. Dancing was fun, but it would be a heck of a lot more fun if I was dancing with a guy like Chris instead of this lunkhead. As the night progressed on and Saturday night became Sunday morning, Reiko was getting more and more wasted. And whenever Rei got drunk, she got horny, and now she was getting a little frisky with her big ogre. He had his hands all over her, one meaty paw groping her C-cup tits. I told her two years ago that getting implants was only going to make guys go straight for them, but I guess that was her goal all along. Her hands were alternately scratching at his big pecs and every so often running her hands along his crotch. Reiko's eyes glittered happily.

Okay, this night was getting a little too close to rated-X for me, and I knew I had to reel Reiko in before the guy tried to drag her off to a bathroom. I politely thanked my guy for the evening, but explained that it was getting late and we should get home. Then I gently grabbed a hold of Reiko, and explained to her guy that we had to leave. Reiko protested and tried to keep dancing in my arms, but I whispered to her that it was time to go home and she started to come away with me.

"Aww, c'mon, baby. There's lots of time. It's still early!" her boy protested.

Despite his protests and Reiko mumbling that she could dance all night, I led her off the floor to find Ben and Stephanie. They'd spent most of the night snuggling with each other in a booth and occasionally slow dancing to the techno beats. How the heck do you slow dance to super-fast techno? Well, they'd only hooked up a few weeks ago, so that's young love for you.

Anyways, Ben never drank and so he was the keeper of the keys to Derrick's Expedition. He handed off the keys to Stephanie to let us into the car while he went to find Chris and Derrick.

The two ogres were still following us as Reiko was blowing kisses at her guy. At this point she was beyond wasted. She was half asleep by now, her eyelids drooping down as she leaned against my shoulder, burping every now and then.

"Rei, come on now. Rei, wake up Rei."

We stepped outside into the cold mountain air, the heat steaming off our bodies as we made it down the steps and headed for the parking lot. Stephanie had moved to Reiko's other side, helping me sort of carry her towards the car. The ogres still followed us outside, apparently not wanting to let us leave.

"Hey, Reiko! C'mon, baby. I thought we were having a good time. You're not leaving yet!"

I turned around and let Stephanie hold on to the bleary-eyed Reiko. "Guys, it was fun, but we really have to go home and get some sleep."

Ignoring me, ogre #1 stepped past me and over to Reiko. One hand went to her hip and the other tried to cradle her head. "Wake up, baby. I wasn't finished with you yet."

His hand cupped her ass and the other paw openly fondled her boobs while he ducked his head down to try and steal a kiss. Reiko was gone and there was no way she could resist him in this state. "Hey!" I yelled. "Get your hands off of her!"

Stephanie tried to pull Reiko away and I reached up, tapping the guy's shoulder to get his attention. That's when the big gorilla turned and I saw his meaty paw whiz through the air. I blinked only once before it slapped into my cheek, spinning my head around, and then the ground was rushing at me.

Ben was the "nice" guy. Not the best-looking, not the most-athletic. But he was smart and he was loyal. So when he came up to Derrick and me to say that Reiko was drunk off her rocker and it was time to head home, we knew he was serious and it was time to get out of there. We said goodbye to the Korean girls and exchanged numbers. They lived pretty far away from us so it was unlikely that anyone would be calling each other after tonight, but we'd had some good fun.

My heart and my head were still racing, pumped up by alcohol and music, and yet I could feel the tugging of exhaustion pulling at my limbs. You try dancing for four hours straight and not getting a little winded.

The three of us stepped out the doors to see the girls on their way to Derrick's Exped, the two linebackers still in pursuit. The air was starting to get bitingly cold, so we sped up our walking pace to catch up with them. That's when it happened. One of the big linebackers tried to grab at Reiko, and Taryn moved to stop him. He spun and slapped her. I watched in horror as her head rotated with the impact and then her body going limp to fall to the ground.

I don't know if it was because of the alcohol, or just the pure violence of what happened. My mind snapped and then I was yelling out, my weary legs moving into a dead run as I charged this big gorilla who outweighed me by a hundred pounds. Five feet from him my feet left the ground. He turned at the sound of my yell, just in time for me to tackle him right in the chest.

I brought him down to the ground, my momentum making up for the weight difference. He crashed onto his back with a thud, and then Stephanie was screaming and tugging Reiko away from the fight.

I got my bearings, still on top of him, and I started to get to my feet when I felt a hefty shove in my back, propelling me face-first to the icy pavement in front of me. I turned around just in time to see Derrick launching a vicious punch at my attacker, watching it connect with his midsection and doubling him over in pain. The first linebacker got to his feet, and then there was Ben, all one hundred and fifty pounds of him diving in at this guy who weighed twice as much as he did. Well, I did say he was loyal.

I threw a few more punches, then there was a blinding pain to the side of my head. And the world was spinning around me, a black cloud creeping into my vision. I watched dimly as Derrick ripped off a wicked kick, and then I fell into the oblivion of unconsciousness.


"We're here!" Derrick called out. Indeed, his truck made a right turn into the cul-de-sac, where the beachfront house with a big KSX-FM banner across the roof awaited. There was a radio station van parked outside, and some skinny intern came out to greet us. Derrick leaned across to the front passenger seat and punched me in the shoulder. "Let's go, bro."

Derrick had won a radio contest with 96.9 KSX-FM to their President's Day Weekend party at Big Bear. He and five friends (that's us) got all-access lift passes to Snow Summit Ski Resort, the house on the lake, and of course, VIP tickets to their nightly parties.

It was a small two-story, but the accommodations were plush. Three bedrooms took up the entire second floor. The house had a big screen TV with cable access, washer/dryer, and the refrigerator was even stocked with some basic food staples and juices. And best of all, a big hot tub with a view of the lake on the lower deck.

We had explored the house for no more than five minutes before Reiko announced that we were hitting the hot tub. And just like that, she whipped her sweater and shirt over her head, leaving her C-cups barely covered by a lacey baby blue bra to our hungry gaze.

Derrick and I just gaped at her.

"What? Oh, my bikini covers less than this anyways." And she turned around, reaching behind her back to pop open the bra-clasp as she strutted down to her room.

Suddenly there was a hand in front of my eyes, eclipsing my view of Reiko's bare back. I turned to find the source, and Taryn shook her head at me. "Naughty boys." Then she followed Reiko down the hall, but not before starting to lift up her own sweater. I looked at Derrick, and then we hustled off to our room.


"Ahh..." I sighed contentedly as I slipped out of the cold mountain air into the warmth of the hot tub. I sank down until the bubbling water rose above my breasts, now buoyant in the water and floating up just a bit. I relaxed against a particular jet that was gently massaging my back, and let the warm water rise up to my neckline. Still, despite the bubbles, I knew my bright yellow bikini would show through the water. The hot tub was built right into the floor of the wood patio, and was enclosed on three sides by the walls of the house. This helped to keep the cold at bay since little wind blew into the enclosure, and also gave us some privacy from anyone else around. The only open side opened up directly towards the lake, so unless someone was out on the water with a telescope, we were free from prying eyes.

I was first into the tub, and looked out across the lake, taking in the beauty of the moon's reflection rippling with the tide. Reiko would be awhile yet, having to make sure she looked perfect before coming back out of the room. Ben had been intelligent enough to first start the heater in the tub, only then retreating to the room he shared with Stephanie to change. Chris and Derrick came out only a moment later, and I smiled as I took a turn to ogle them for a change in their black and blue trunks.

Derrick was your picture-perfect stud. Tall, strong jaw, sharp eyes, dark hair and handsome. Chris wasn't quite as tall, but his toned body was every bit as strong and athletic. I smiled as I let my eyes trail across their firm pecs, solid biceps, and washboard abs. I especially loved Chris's tight six-pack.

"What are you smiling about?" Chris asked.

"Oh, nothing. Just doing a little sight-seeing, that's all."

Smirking, the two guys lowered themselves into the tub, Chris next to me and Derrick next to him. Ben and Stephanie came out a minute later, Stephanie in a sharp red bikini. I knew Reiko was wearing blue, so the three of us girls were a primary colors trio to titillate the guys. Looking the two of them over they were a perfect couple. Ben was in matching Red trunks, with his kind face and intelligent eyes. Stephanie was the silky-long-dark-hair quiet (read: seductive) type, the dark-eyed beauty to balance his nice boy look. The two of them slid into the soothing water, with Stephanie by my side. She gave me a pixie wink before turning her attention back to her boyfriend.

The five of us chit-chatted, looking out across the view and letting the tub soak away the built-up stress from a hectic week. Finally Reiko arrived, her long hair artfully piled atop her head, rolling our cooler after her. We'd stopped off for some "refreshments" before arriving at the house, and with great gusto, she pulled a Bacardi Silver out from the ice, popped the cap, and was already downing it as she slipped into the hot water.

Reiko splashed into the water, slipping her slender body between myself and Derrick, nudging the both of us to the sides with her feet and wiggling her hips to create some extra room. This of course pushed me closer to Taryn, and I found myself happily sandwiched between these two gorgeous women. Derrick reached back and dragged the cooler a little closer to the tub, then began to extract and distribute the rest of our alcoholic loot.

We'd covered most of the "how have you been?" and "what's new?" questions on the drive up here, so the conversation quickly turned a little flirtatious as the evening wore on. Everyone was feeling a good buzz when Derrick dropped his empty Corona bottle into the water, a lime still plugged into the neck. As it was, the bottle stayed afloat on its side, gently rolling about with the mini-waves we caused.

We were all feeling good and relaxed, and I saw a light go on in Derrick's eyes. "Would anyone object to a little game?" he ventured. The way he said it also made it seem a little like a challenge.

Stephanie giggled light-headedly. "What game?"

Derrick looked right at her, a slightly predatory grin on his face. He reached out to the floating empty Corona, flipping it in his hand and sending it into a gentle rotation. "Spin-the-bottle."

Reiko's eyes fluttered, and she clapped her hands. "Ooh, I always wanted to play this game. Never got the chance to play it before," she giggled, her high- pitched Japanese accent making the words sound even more playful.

Ben just stared at the spinning bottle as it gradually stopped while pointing at him. "Isn't this a childish high-school game?"

Derrick just grinned at him. "C'mon, Ben. Lighten up. We're on vacation, and we've got nothing better to do. We can quit if it's making people uncomfortable. Besides, it's not like this would be the first time you'd kissed someone other than Stephanie."

"Yeah, but I wasn't dating her then."

Stephanie looked at Derrick and I, her hungry gaze lingering on our chiseled bodies with momentary lust. She turned back to her boyfriend. "C'mon, Ben. It's innocent fun. You might even like it."

"There, the girlfriend agrees. And you can even go first." With that Derrick reached over and planted the bottle directly in front of him.

"I'm willing to try anything." So Ben leaned forwards and put the bottle in the middle of the round tub, then flicked his wrist and sent the bottle spinning. It bobbed this way and that, but when it came to a halt, the neck was pointed directly at Stephanie.

Ben smiled, "Fate is with me tonight." He leaned over, cradling Stephanie's head in his hands, pulling her to him in the passionate kiss of newfound love. She moaned into his mouth happily, and finally Derrick started tapping on Ben's shoulder to break them apart.

"Okay, okay, you two. There's plenty more for later." When Stephanie recovered herself, Derrick gestured to her. "You received the kiss, so it's your turn next. If you're lucky, I can show you how a real man kisses a girl."

Taryn and I groaned in unison at that. When we were out and about Derrick was the most charming gentlemen you could find. But back with his friends he always turned into a horny bastard. Stephanie just stuck her tongue out at him, making an ugly face. Derrick simply pointed to the bottle.

Stephanie reached out to the bottle, and set it about spinning. Around and around it went, until it came to a halt right in front of Reiko. "Okay, I'll spin it again."

"No, no, no, Steph," Derrick admonished. "You gotta kiss Rei."

Things had just gotten a little more interesting. Stephanie opened her mouth to protest, but then Reiko was already sliding across the hot tub, just keeping her head above the water. Stephanie pulled her long hair back and tucked it behind an ear as she watched Reiko's approach. The lusty light in Stephanie's eyes was back, and you could see Ben squirming in his seat at the tantalizing notion of these two beauties before him locking lips. He was too much of a nice guy to admit it, but his hormones were kicking in just like any other red-blooded male.

Without further ado, Stephanie leaned across Ben's body, capturing Reiko's mouth only inches in front of her face. Rei simply closed her eyes, puckering up her lips to meet her friend halfway. Their kiss was a gentle caress, all soft lips at first, before Stephanie got bolder and parted Reiko's mouth with her tongue. Reiko's face was flushed with more than just alcohol and she nearly melted into Stephanie.

This time, there was no way Derrick was going to break them up. At last, Stephanie released Rei, who simply turned around and backed up to her seat.

Once they had split apart, I watched all three guys staring off into space, as if valiantly trying to burn that image into their heads for permanent use. Ben, who had been the closest to the girls, had his jaw open as he panted with arousal.

I felt a shudder in my chest as I realized I was breathing hard as well, just as turned on by that kiss as the guys. It was not a new thing for me. Reiko and I had practiced kissing each other a couple of years ago. But the heat coursing through my body was more than just the hot water of the tub, and the tingling I had below my waist was only too familiar. I was turned on.

Reiko, energized by her experience bounced forwards to grab the bottle. Quickly, she set it in motion, and it only spun a couple of times before stopping at Chris. Without a moments delay she turned and planted herself in his lap, straddling his hips, and ferociously kissed him. Her tits, above water, were crushed against his chest, her lips forming a powerful suction on his mouth as I could see her long tongue pushing out the walls of his cheeks from the inside.

Heat filled my face again, but the feeling was different this time. I was still aroused beyond belief, but the red haze was being quickly dashed by green anger. Reiko and Chris were very obviously having a good time; but dammit, I wanted that to be me. I wanted to be a part of something that passionate. I wanted it to be me in Chris's lap.

Man, this was nice. This was really, really nice. But it was over all too quickly. And then Reiko was before me, her eyes aglow with passion as she looked into my eyes. There are very, very few things in this world more satisfying than being kissed by a gorgeous babe who's sitting in your lap.

She winked at me, then slid off to take her seat next to me. It took a moment to shake off the daze clouding my head, but then I reached forwards to take a hold of the bottle. Taryn was staring intently at me, and I desperately wanted the spin to end with her. The raw lust in her eyes told me she wanted the same.

So the Corona set to spinning, bobbing a little off-center until the rippling waves slowed it down. Like a mini-wheel of fortune it slowed down ever so much in front of Taryn, but kept sliding back to Reiko. And there it stopped... almost... and came to halt, pointing at Derrick.

All the arousal in me deflated in a microsecond. He looked up at me, brushing back long bangs away from his eyes. "Dude, this is messed up."

Chris looked at the bottle, then at the rest of us. "I can't do it. I won't."

Reiko, who the second before had been laughing like an idiot over our predicament started to protest. "Come on, Steph and I did it. And it's Derrick's stupid game."

But Chris and Derrick would have none of it. The argument pitched back and forth for awhile. While it would be really interesting to see the guys locking lips, it seemed to be way too much of a turnoff for them. If we made them do it, this game would unravel pretty fast. So I offered a solution. "Guys, guys. We can compromise!"

Chris looked at me, nodding his head in relief. "Compromise. Sure. What do you have in mind, Taryn?"

"If you don't want to kiss, you have to do a dare. Simple enough. So... Kiss or Dare?"

He glanced at Derrick for a moment before returning back to me. "DARE."

"Okay, you both have to strip your shorts and THEN sit in that snow bank over there." I pointed at a spot just past the end of the patio. And with that all three of us girls very obviously ran our gaze appreciatively over the guys' hard bodies. Some dim corner of my mind wondered how far this would have gotten if we weren't all so inebriated.

They looked at each other for a second, as if weighing for the lesser evil. Chris piped up to make their decision. "I am NOT kissing you, dude."

They stood up on the patio deck, droplets of water dripping off their hard pecs. "One, two, three!" Their trunks hit the floor, briefly exposing their shriveling dicks, and rapidly shrinking further in embarrassment, then turned at a dead run off the patio towards the snow. Derrick got tripped up when his legs got stuck in his shorts, treating us to some extra views of his tight ass as he tried to extricate himself.

Chris was howling at the freezing cold biting into his buttocks, and then he was charging back towards the hot tub even as Derrick ran down to the snow bank to plant his cheeks next to Chris's imprint.

When he came back, Chris decided to forget his trunks and simply jumped into the tub, splashing us all with a wave of hot water. And then he sat in his spot, shivering a little and covering his crotch with one hand while reaching for his trunks with the other.

Derrick arrived a second later, also jumping into the water and similarly covering up. His long arm was stretching across the wood when I cleared my throat to get their attention. "Ahem. No one ever said anything about putting your trunks back ON."

Both guys couldn't have turned more beet red. And the alcohol we all kept on drinking wasn't helping matters. So they stewed in their spots, trusting their hands and the bubbly water to maintain what modesty they had left.

Derrick's next spin ended up with Stephanie, so he got to make good on his promise to show her what a "real man's" kiss was like. As it turned out, Stephanie's spin ended up back on Derrick, and so they were frenching madly once again, to Ben's slight chagrin. Besides that, I thought I could see Stephanie's hand drifting into Derrick's lap under the bubbly water.

Derrick reached out to spin the bottle, and wound up spinning to Ben. The same dare as before went up, so off Ben's shorts went, but not before treating us all to a view of his huge cock. Even shriveling up, he had a monster in there. No wonder Stephanie seemed so completely satisfied with him. And as the other end of the dare, Derrick had to run out and plant his butt in another snow bank.

When they came back, Ben spun to Reiko, and the guys sighed in relief at no more guy-on-guy kissing results. But Reiko surprised everyone when she announced "DARE!"

Ben looked at me, surprised. "Hey, but I was going to kiss her."

I considered my thoughts for a moment. Dammit, forget the details, I just wanna get my groove on. So far, I had yet to be picked. "Fine, only Reiko has to do the dare." I looked to the rest of the guys. "What'll it be?"

Derrick just grinned at Reiko. "STRIP!"

Now all the guys were grinning. Derrick added one more thing. "Oh, but she can skip the snow bank stuff. It's COLD out there."

Beaming with pride and drunkenness, Reiko stood up and whipped off her bikini top. The air rushed out of the area as all three guys collective sucked in their breath. Then came her bikini bottoms, treating everyone to a perfect view of her completely shaved twat. The hot water glistened on her folds, and you could clearly see the puffy pinkness of her arousal poking out.

After doing a quick pirouette (and nearly falling down), Reiko slid back into the water, but swam over to Ben. "I'll give you the kiss, anyway."

But first she grabbed the back of Ben's head, slamming his face into her ample bosom. Stephanie just laughed and lightly slapped Reiko on the shoulder. Then Reiko pulled Ben's astonished face up, and laid a ferocious kiss on his mouth.

When she pulled back, she backed up to her spot and announced, "My turn!"

She spun the bottle, and it whipped around and around before stopping squarely at me.

My lungs were heaving as I panted, more turned on than ever by the events happening around me. Before another second passed, I looked at everybody and breathed out "DARE."

Taryn had no sooner said that word than she was already tugging at the strings holding up her top. It finally came loose and then she was pulling the cups off her chest, baring her big and natural tits to my gaze. Then she stood up, tugging down her bottoms as I absently wondered if she was shaved bare like Reiko.

She wasn't, revealing just a thinly trimmed neat little patch above her labia, her pussy lips engorged and puffing out, glistening with more than just water. After a moment of showing her hot body off, she sank back into her seat.

Reiko announced her dare. "You're already stripping, but that's not enough. You have to go over and strip Stephanie for us, and since you haven't kissed anyone yet, you have to kiss all of us."

Taryn's eyes burned with such an intensity she merely nodded and rose to the challenge. The water was pouring off her body as she arose from the water, gently nudging Stephanie to stand on the bench seat.

Stephanie stood up, her new position leaving everything above her knees effectively exposed, with Taryn standing on the bottom of the tub in front of her. Steph's long, silky, tresses shimmered in the air as she laughed at what she was doing, her bangs falling forwards to frame her face.

Taryn started with the red bikini bottoms, tugging them downward to Stephanie's feet to expose her trimmed cunt. Stephanie had to bend over, bracing her hands on Taryn's shoulders to maintain her balance as she stepped out of them, giving us a better view of her bouncing cleavage, a tantalizing glimpse of what was to come. Taryn wrapped her arms around her friend, her hands reaching back to undo the clasp of Stephanie's top, then pulled backwards and then all six of us were naked as the day we were born.

Stephanie's tits were full B-cups, and had perfect shape to them without any sag, testament to her regular exercise and toned physique. Taryn leaned forwards, her head angling towards Stephanie's hard nipples, giving them each a quick tongue bath which got everyone else into even more of a sexual tizzy. Then she lowered Stephanie back into the water, and leaned forwards, opening her mouth and letting her tongue stick out. Stephanie merely leaned in to meet her, extending her tongue as well to let all of us watch their tongues dancing in the air before coming closer together to press lips and busts together.

But that was only the first part. Taryn moved over to Ben, who opened his arms to welcome her into a fierce embrace. I felt a twinge of jealousy watching her cleaning out the tonsils of both Ben and Derrick, mixed with an anxiousness at knowing I had to wait until last.

Watching Taryn making out with Reiko made a dozen of my greatest-ever fantasies come true, and got my dick to a diamond hardness. I'd never felt this revved up before in my life. And then it was my turn.

Taryn sat in my lap, scooting forwards until she had my hard-on trapped between my belly and her pussy. She wrapped her arms about my neck, but turned her head to the side and leaned it against my shoulder, inching her hips forwards to apparently grind her clit against my hardness. I was so excited listening to her low moans of pleasure as she continued to buck her hips against me. She sat back, boring her soft brown eyes deep into mine, her tongue darting out to lick across her lip.

Finally, Taryn held my face in her hands as she leaned forwards and kissed me. Sparks were shooting off in my head as the electrical charge of this coursed through my body. The hard points of her nipples creased my chest and without further thought my palms came up to glide across the sides of those heavenly globes. A part of my mind wanted to believe that this was all just drunken fun with a friend. Another part of my mind wanted to reject this as wrong, crossing the line between friendship and sex. But the majority of my mind just felt this was so... right... so perfect. It was like we belonged like this.

We had already been kissing for minutes, but no one was about to stop us. Her hips continued to buck against me and at some point my rod was trapped underneath her butt, painfully being held down at an uncomfortable angle. As we moved together, it started to creep its way back upright, and then suddenly the tip was caught in the folds of her pussy.

With the next motion of Taryn's hips slamming downwards I felt myself pushing inside of her. The moment and the excitement was too much. Between her moans and the kiss and the sudden velvety warmth I knew I was about to blow.

I tore my mouth away from hers, fighting in vain to hold myself back, and roaring out intelligibly. It was a futile effort, and I felt the sudden pressure in my balls go slack.

Oh, so this is what heaven would be like. Chris's lips pressed to mine, the crackle of electricity zapping through our connection into my brain. His tongue darting inside my mouth. His strong pecs crushing my breasts. The starbursts of pleasure emanating from my nether regions as I ground my hips and my clit against him.

Oh, I wanted this feeling to never end. I was so close to orgasm. All the currents of energy pouring both in and out of me. His dick was splitting the crack of my butt now, and I slid along it like my favorite ride. So close...

And then suddenly I felt the head caught against me, and I was too caught up in the rhythm to stop myself from pounding down into his lap, and then I felt the penetration of his shaft rocketing up into me, stretching me almost painfully, and I was pouring out wave after wave of my juices, the explosion of pleasure ripping through my body as I climaxed.

But just as suddenly, I felt the penetration disappear as he lifted me off his dick. And then he let go of me as he doubled over as if in pain, his whole body shuddering. I collapsed back against the wall, the orgasmic energy still sending my body into convulsions.

At last, I regained my senses. Chris was slumped in his seat, breathing heavily. No one said a word, just watching the two of us with wide-eyed amazement as our bodies slowly unwound.

Derrick finally broke the silence. "Dude, you spewed into the tub!?" He screwed up his face in disgust.

"Fuck off, man."

We all finally let the shock and silliness of the situation sink in. Ben chimed in, "I think we'll call that a night."

We gathered up our clothing, modesty setting in as we attempted to cover our various naked parts and slip into our swimwear. The bubble had been burst and only meaningless chatter exchanged between us as we retreated to our rooms and declared the two lines for the two showers available.

As I lay in bed, Reiko's unconscious form next to me, I stared at the ceiling, remembering how great it felt to have Chris inside of me, wondering what tomorrow would bring.


I was rudely awakened from my gentle slumber by a dull thwack to my head. My eyes flew open, then I quickly squinted against the harsh light.

Derrick stood above me, the pillow he'd just beaned me with in his hand. "Dude, wake up. Time to carve some mountain!"

I turned my head against the light rays streaming in from the open window. The brilliant white snow outside only seemed to intensify the beams. "What the fuck is that?" I grumbled.

"Uh, the Sun."

"Well turn it off. It's bugging the hell out of me."

"No can do, bro."

Sigh. My head hurt. Whether from Derrick's errant pillow or last night's booze, I couldn't tell. Not that it mattered. Either way my head was throbbing. As if that wasn't enough, the train wreck of last night slammed into my brain. The flirty game of Spin-the-Bottle, ideally just a way to loosen up and have some fun on our vacation. Taryn's fabulous body. The penetration. The orgasm.

Whenever you have a friendship between a guy and girl there's always some line you don't ever cross. It differs depending on the people, for some the line is very chaste; for others, a little more flexible. I wasn't exactly sure where my line with Taryn was, but I knew I'd blasted through it.

After dragging myself out of bed and getting dressed, I met up with the others in the kitchen getting breakfast. Everyone seemed mostly relaxed, the usual small talk to start the day. But as soon as I came down the stairs, all conversation stopped dead in its tracks. Four pairs of eyes were looking back and forth between myself and Taryn. I looked to her, and saw the same confusion from my head in her eyes. That really awkward silence hung in the air for awhile, but then Derrick announced, "C'mon, guys! The mountain awaits! Let's get going! You're all so slow!"

Reiko headed for the bathroom, no doubt to check her makeup.

Derrick continued, "How typical. Girls always taking eons to get ready in the morning."

The rest of the day didn't go much better. Upon arriving at Snow Summit, we dutifully collected lift tickets and free equipment rental, paid for by the radio station. But after that, we pretty much split up. Derrick and I went off to challenge our manhood on the advanced black diamond runs. Ben stuck with Stephanie and the girls.

To be sure, the snowboarding was a blast. I managed not too kill myself despite moving at unsafe velocities. And whenever we saw a cute girl we had to show-off our latest snowboard stunt, which only resulted in crashing about half the time. But Taryn was ever in the back of my mind.

After the day on the slopes, we got dinner and did some sightseeing and shopping. But the whole day I never spoke a word to Taryn, who had always been my best girl friend. Our itinerary called for us to go the KSX Party at a lodge downtown tonight. Our initial plan had been to just hang out together and flirt around with the people we met. But every time we got into a group that included both Taryn and I, you could cut the awkward tension in the air with a spoon.

Derrick had an idea for me. "C'mon, bro. When we get to the party, I'll find you some fine women. We'll get you plastered. We'll get you laughing and having a good time. And tomorrow, everyone can go back to being friends."

It sounded like a plan.

Reiko pulled me aside in our bedroom as we were getting ready for the KSX Party. "Sweetie, when we get to the party, just forget about Chris for awhile, okay? I'll find you some muscle-bound hunk. You can dance to some great music. Have a little to drink..." Reiko stopped and giggled at this. I knew I was in trouble tonight as soon as she mentioned alcohol. "You can have a great time, flirt with other guys, nobody gets hurt, and tomorrow everyone can go back to being friends."

It sounded like a plan. I wasn't sure how dancing with other guys was going to solve my awkwardness with Chris. But it was a plan. It was something to focus on other than this jumble of thought and emotions in my head.

After we arrived, I found that it was a decent plan. I knew I looked hot in this mini-dress. I was having a good hair day. The music was pumping. If only Reiko didn't pick these stupid ogres to dance with. And it kinda pissed me off to see Chris dancing with some slut with too much makeup. I wanted him dancing with me.

It was a decent plan. The Korean babe was very pretty. I was getting thoroughly wasted. The music was pumping. It just kind of pissed me off to see Taryn dancing with some muscle-bound hunk. I wanted her dancing with me.

Towards the end of the night, I was just polishing off a Jagerbomb and talking to Reiko and her muscle-bound hunk when I saw Taryn and her date walking towards us. My head locked up for a moment, then I made some pitiful excuse to Reiko and then moved back out to the floor with my date, looking to join Derrick. The girl I was with was very cute. But I couldn't get Taryn out of my head.

I really cared about that girl. And I was going to have to drum up the courage to tell her. The more I debated with myself, the more I convinced myself it could happen. Dancing to the music, my head filled with all the hope and optimism of a promising future between us filled with happiness and love.

Then we walked outside into the cold of night and I saw that gorilla slap Taryn. Ain't fucking nobody going to do that to my girl. So I charged.

My head was ringing, little stars dancing before my face. My cheek stung where that ogre had slapped me. I heard a roar of anguish from back by the lodge, and turning my head I saw Chris charging at my attacker, Derrick right behind him. I knew that he was coming to defend me, bless his heart. No matter how this... thing between us... changed our relationship, I knew he would always be there for me. Just don't get hurt, Chris.


Ugh, my head hurt. I was in bed, just wearing my boxer shorts. A lamp was on somewhere behind me, but other than that the windows were still dark. My vision swam erratically, I couldn't focus on anything specific. Squinting a bit I managed to read the digital clock on the nightstand next to me, indicating it was still only 4 AM. I let out a low moan, and turned over. Sleep was rapidly catching up with me again, and I knew I would be fast asleep in a few moments.

Spinning around in bed, I came face to face with her. Taryn was asleep next to me, shivering a little on top of the bedspread, clad only in long pajama pants and matching button down top. I had just enough energy to pull the blankets over her, tucking her in tightly, before once again passing out.

The sun streaking in through the balcony-doors was shining in my face. I blinked open my eyes, trying to shield myself against the penetrating rays. It was kind of unfair, the guys had gotten the room with a balcony. I looked to my side, and Chris hadn't moved much. He slept peacefully.

Checking the clock, I saw that it was already ten o'clock. I guess we weren't going skiing this morning. I slid out from under the covers, then grabbed an extra blanket from the closet and opened one of the balcony doors, tiptoeing outside. There were two lounge chairs outside, so I settled into one of them, wrapping the blanket around me for extra warmth and leaning back to stretch out.

It seemed so peaceful out here. The air was clean and crisp, and I could see the snow-capped mountains with crystal clarity in every direction, a far cry from the smog of LA. Small waves from the big blue lake created a soothing rhythm of sounds, mingling with the light wind rustling through the trees.

I heard the door open behind me, and then there was Chris settling himself into the chair next to me, bare-chested against the cold air. For the first time since Friday I didn't tense up upon sight of him. We both just stared out at the view, relaxing as we should be on a vacation.

The silence was never awkward for me. I never felt any pressure to say anything. We were back to the old friends just enjoying each other's presence and witnessing the world together.

But Chris obviously had something to say. He kept looking over to me, as if to speak before retreating back into himself. He did this three times before I got slightly annoyed, "Chris. Spit it out."

He looked abashed, then sat up and turned in the chair to me before saying, "Taryn, Friday night was fantastic."

I grinned, still looking out towards the lake, remembering the heavenly feelings coursing through my body. "Yeah..." When he didn't continue, I turned to look at him. "I sense a 'but' coming in here..."

"No, no 'buts.' It was more than fantastic. You were... you were hot!" he blurted. Then he looked down and mumbled, "Oh, real smooth, dumbass."

I just chuckled, secretly pleased that he thought so.

"I just wanted to say how sorry I was for taking advantage of you." Now he looked really abashed. His head hung low. "It's been eating at me every second since then."

"Chris, you didn't take advantage of me. I wanted it as much as you did. I'm just as responsible for what happened as you are. I just felt weird afterwards, but that's not your fault."

I sighed and looked back out across the lake, hoping some of its tranquility would find its way into me. "We just crossed the line, and I wasn't sure how I felt about that. I didn't know how to act around you after it."

"That's what I mean. I didn't know how to act around you, either, so I just ended up avoiding you as much as I could. But I was thinking about that. The line is crossed. We can either go back to being friends and just try to pretend that Friday night hasn't changed our friendship... or..." he drifted off, once again trying to gather up his nerve.

"Or what?"

"Taryn, you know I care about you. But last night I realized that I care FOR you. I missed you yesterday. And it made me realize how much I'd hate my life if you weren't around. That's why I got so pissed when that gorilla slapped you."

I laughed, "So you decided to charge on in and attack a football player who gave you a concussion."

"Well, yeah."

"Thanks. For coming to my rescue."

"Anytime. And that's what I mean. I want to always be there to rescue you. And I want to be with you even when you don't need rescuing. Taryn, I want to be with you."

I sat there expectantly, watching the wheels turning inside of Taryn's head. Her gaze returned outwards, to the lake and the trees and the mountains, even as her thoughts turned inwards. I kept my mouth shut, not wanting to further intrude, waiting for her response.

Then we heard the revving noise of the water heater below us starting up. This balcony was built directly over the patio with the hot tub, and someone was apparently starting to heat it up.

Voice trickled upwards, and I recognized the chatter from Reiko and Derrick.

Derrick: "Oh this is going to feel good on my aching muscles."

Reiko: "Aww, poor baby. Come on, I'll give you a great massage. It's the least I can do to say thank you for rescuing me."

Derrick: "Well then, you can always give me a thank you blowjob."

Reiko just giggled.

Taryn looked at me, nodding her head back towards the balcony door. I followed her inside. Once I'd closed the door, I hoped she would give me an answer, one way or the other. Dammit, don't girls realize how torturous it is when they don't say anything. I'd rather she just shoot me down than put me through this silent treatment.

At last she spoke, "Let's go downstairs and get some breakfast."

I followed her out my door, heading for the stairs. We were just passing Ben and Stephanie's room when I heard a loud, passionate, "Yes!" float through the door, followed by the unmistakable sound of a headboard banging against a wall.

I looked at Taryn, who had stopped as well. We just grinned and continued down the stairs.

"Looks like Stephanie is giving Ben more than a thank you blowjob," I said once we got safely away from their room. I was trying to stay upbeat, waiting for Taryn to say something, anything.

Instead she simply started toasting a bagel. I gathered up one of my own, lathering some cream cheese on it. We moved over to the couch, and I sat down to stare at the inactive TV. Taryn came and sat right next to me, closely to me, which I took as a good sign. We both stared straight ahead for awhile, lost in our own thoughts.

I was getting frustrated, about to burst and say something when I heard another low groan waft in from somewhere behind us. For a moment I thought it was Ben's voice but the groan had come from the patio area. I craned my head around to look and what I saw sent shock through me.

My hands made my breakfast on autopilot. I watched Chris reach over and start making himself a bagel, his brow furrowed in frustrated thought.

What did he mean to me? We had been friends for years. I'd counseled him through the most miserable relationships with girls who weren't right for him. He'd held my hair for me while I puked into toilets. I'd always felt attracted to him, and I knew he thought I was pretty. And our personalities blended so well together. But the timing was never right. At least one of us was always involved with someone else, or in that mourning period after a relationship where it's just not right to move in and be a rebound.

In the back of my head, I believed we would still be friends when we were old farts. Happily retired and reminiscing about the good old days. Did I want to risk losing a lifelong friendship? If we didn't work out, I don't think our friendship could survive.

Chris was as like an expensive but fragile thing, a perfect work of art that wasn't insured. If something went wrong, I would lose it forever. Perhaps it was best not to invest in the damn thing in the first place. We were happy the way our friendship was now. Maybe that if we worked at it, I could turn him down, and our friendship would survive.

But what if I was missing out on the greatest thing that ever happened to me?

I reached my hand out to put it on Chris's leg next to me. We had to talk about this and how it would change our lives. It was then that I heard a low groan waft in from somewhere behind us. Chris turned around to look and my gaze followed his towards the patio, and I nearly dropped my plate to the floor in surprise.

Derrick was lying flat on his back across the patio's wood flooring, his hips at the edge of the hot tub with his legs dangling into the water. Reiko had tugged the waistband of his trunks down, and was licking at his upright dick like a lollipop.

Both Chris and I were deathly quiet, entranced watching Reiko's head bobbing up and down the meat pole. Derrick's hands were in Reiko's hair, his deep groans coming out with every pumping motion of Reiko's lips.

Chris's back was to me as we were both turned the same direction to watch the scene before us. He stirred a little in his seat, no doubt attempting to readjust his shorts and untrap his own cock. And without really thinking about it, I reached around and down to do it for him. Grasping Chris's rapidly- hardening tool from outside the material of his shorts, I gently tugged it until it was pointing straight upwards against his belly. His whole body froze when he felt my touch, but made no move to stop me.

We were headed down that same path we'd started in the hot tub last night. And the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I trusted Chris. We had a solidly-built friendship. We had a strong emotional foundation that gave us the freedom to take risks like this and have hope for understanding later.

My eyes still glued to Reiko's bobbing head, I took things a step further and slipped my hand underneath his waistband, my cool hand circling his hot flesh and setting into a gentle pumping motion. As if mirroring my actions, Reiko took to just lavishing her mouth's attention on the head of Derrick's dick, her fist wrapping around the shaft as if to pump his sperm out of him.

I felt Chris's hand reaching back and slipping down into my own pajama pants, ducking beneath my panties and then his fingers were slipping into me. I hadn't realized it but I was so wet already from what was going on. I gasped out at his finger penetration, my hot breath blowing onto his ear which only seemed to get him even more turned on.

Presently, Derrick pulled Reiko out of the water, the steam from the heat on her body rising up into the cool air. He spun her about until her hips were just over his head, and then whipped her bikini bottom down to her ankles. She then lowered her bare pussy down to his awaiting mouth, his tongue extending upwards and into her.

I knew that the couple outside couldn't see us. The sun was shining in from the patio and had to be turning the sliding door into a reflective mirror on their side. Besides, the back of the couch blocked the view of what Chris and I were doing to each other. This little voyeuristic thrill got me even more aroused than before, and I could feel my body's tension peaking towards a climax.

Derrick must have been pretty good (and very experienced) because Reiko was having a hard time keeping her hips still over his face. And Chris had managed to turn his hand so that his thumb was strumming my clit even as his fingers kept thrusting in and out of my juicing slit.

And then the telltale signs of Reiko's orgasm rolled off of her, her legs tensing up and clamping down around Derrick's head, her eyes tightening up and her lips forming a powerful suction around Derrick's rod. Then I watched her throat contracting; she was swallowing quickly as he evidently began to pump his seed down her pipe.

The rush of climax hit me and I joined them, dumping a healthy load of extra juices onto Chris's hand as I rode the ecstasy in my brain. In an attempt to stifle my own scream I bit down on Chris's neck before me, not letting go until the waves of pleasure had passed through me.

And then he was pulling his hand out, tasting his fingers experimentally even as I removed my own hand from his still rock-hard dick to smoothen my pajamas and make sure my hair hadn't come loose from its clasp.

"That's not very nice." Stephanie's voice rang out behind me, seeming as loud as a gunshot in the silence hanging in the air. "You could've at least let him cum."

I turned around to see her and Ben descending the stairs, fully dressed to go skiing. Chris turned around as well, rubbing his neck at the point where I left a deep purple hickey on him. Stephanie stopped next to him by the couch, looking at me. "So I guess this means he's yours now, right?"

Words failed me, but looking at Chris, his eyes were asking me the same question. I was saved when Reiko and Derrick came strolling in, Derrick with a shit-eating grin on his face. "So, time to get ready and get some afternoon boarding in, right?"

I retreated with Derrick to our room to get dressed into my snow gear. Like everyone else, he noticed the purple bruise on my neck immediately.

"So, how was she?"


"Well, didn't you guys do it?"

I looked in disgust at him. "No. We just talked, that's all."

"Ah, yes. I remember how dangerous talking can be. It often results in hickeys, purely through the power of words." He continued slipping into his snowboard pants. "Come on. Last night you run out like a knight in shining armor to rescue her..."

"... and get knocked flat on my ass and rendered unconscious. Really heroic."

"Well, ignoring that for a minute. The medics declare you suffered a mild concussion. Just a badge of honor to symbolize your heroism. Wounded in the line of duty and all that. So Taryn decides to nurse her hero back to health. When we put you in the bed, you were so groggy and zoned out you just went right to sleep. And then she wouldn't leave your side, just watching over you. She even refused to let us make sure she didn't have any bruise-marks left from that slap. Reiko and I both had to promise to watch you before she would even shower and change. And eventually she just fell asleep on the bed, still watching over you."

I researched back through my memory, remembering waking up next to her shivering body. I kind of liked that idea, waking up next to her. Another thought occurred to me, one that would hopefully explain what just happened in the hot tub. "So with Taryn in the bed, where did you sleep last night?"

"Well, I didn't want him to have to sleep outside on the couch!"

Reiko was just pulling her thermal underwear directly over her prodigious breasts, skipping any form of bra. I guess when they're artificial they don't need that much support. Although from the way her nipples were poking through she could have at least used some padding to hide them a bit.

"And we're all friends here, he's already seen me naked, so I figured he might as well share the bed. I was fully clothed."

I slipped into my own snow clothes, checking my appearance in the mirror the whole while. "Okay, so he slept here. And it was all innocent. Nothing happened, right?"

This brought her up short. "Well..."

"Oh my god. Did you fuck him in our bed?"

"Well... it was the middle of the night, and you know how guys get hard whenever they're sleeping." Reiko actually blushed a little. "Well we rolled around a bit in our sleep, you know how I can never stay still at night."

"I know, you nearly pushed me off the bed Friday night."

"So I woke up in the middle of the night spooned against him. His arm was around me and his dick was pressing into my ass. I don't think he was doing it on purpose, he was out-cold and snoring."

"Hmm, I wonder if Chris ever woke up with Derrick wrapped around him?" We both giggled at the thought. "So this big, strong, handsome man is cuddling with you..."

"... and I was kind of horny from last night..."


"So I just kind of stripped his shorts down, straddled him, and stuck it in me before he even woke up."


"Oh but he woke up and fast. And he's so good with his hands..." Reiko kind of spaced out for a minute, as if replaying the night's festivities in her mind. "So yeah, we kind of just fucked last night."

"Eww. Okay, I'm not sleeping in this bed tonight."

Reiko grinned at me. "I was hoping you'd say that. That way I can fuck him again tonight!"

"Hey, but where am I going to sleep?"

"I figured you would be with Chris tonight. Aren't you guys together now?"

"No!" I blurted out before thinking about it. "I mean... I don't know..."

"Then why does he have that thing on his neck. I figured you two did it last night."


"Oh, I see. He just fell against the doorjamb and bruised himself."


Reiko was right. As far as anybody outside of Chris and I were concerned, we were a couple now. Or at least getting there or something. I finished dressing, and we all headed back to Snow Summit to get in a couple hours of carving in.

Today's session on the mountain was much better. Taryn wasn't avoiding me. In fact, she was glued to my side the whole afternoon. In a way it felt like old times. We were friendly, talking and chatting amicably. We were even flirting a little, like we did when we were just friends. Or were we still just friends? In every conversation, the questions were still behind her eyes. I felt like we were at a fork in the road, unsure of which way to go just yet. If we went one way, our friendship could return to normal. If we went the other, we could find out if it could be something more. Either way, it seemed a win-win situation for me. I resolved to let her make the decision in her own time. I wanted the chance to be with her, but if it wasn't meant to be, I could live with it easily. Anything to preserve a solid relationship with the most beautiful person I'd ever met.

Of course, not making things any easier was this aura of sexual tension surrounding all of us. While Reiko and Derrick certainly didn't act like a romantic couple, their friendship had apparently evolved into something like fuck-buddies. Both of them very obviously flirted with whatever cute people we ran into, without a trace of jealousy on either of their parts. Derrick even got the number of a cute ski instructor, whom he promised he would meet up with at the KSX party tonight.

And then Ben and Stephanie were still lost in their newlywed-kind of status. Ben had lost control of his board and they went off the trail and into a thicket of trees where we couldn't see. Stephanie stepped out of her board and went in after him. Derrick was off ostensibly getting "ski lessons" from his new instructor friend, so I waited on the slope with Reiko and Taryn. But a minute turned into five minutes, so the three of us unbuckled and went in after them.

Ben was flat on his back, his snowboard a few feet off to the side. Stephanie was on top of him, facing backwards with her pants around her ankles, and her arms behind her to use as leverage to lift her slender body up and down as she fucked him. It was surprising that we hadn't heard their moaning before.

I just groaned in amazement as the girls giggled. Stephanie merely turned around to give us the thumbs up that she and Ben were just fine. And that's what I meant. Before this weekend, there's no way we could be around this much sex without getting embarrassed. Our shame, our modesty was gone. And with this much fucking going around, I was finding it very hard to think of Taryn in a friendship manner once again, and not on sexual terms.

We returned back to the house to get ready for the KSX party. We still had a few free drink coupons left, and resolved to somewhat stick together tonight. The last thing we needed was a repeat of drunken guys slobbering all over our ladies.

We arrived early before the party had gotten to full swing. Derrick quickly left us once he found his ski instructor. I still found it strange how Reiko was completely unperturbed by this, without a trace of jealousy. Literally ten minutes before we'd left for this party, they'd screwed each others brains out in one of the bathrooms. I guess Reiko was a girl who just liked her sex.

And so the five of us left proceeded to get hammered and have a good time. For a while, we had lots of room on the dance floor. An hour and three rounds of drinks later, things were starting to get crowded, and the dancing was starting to get a little closer.

At first we'd just been dancing in a loose circle. But as the alcohol started buzzing and the music started bumping the girls moved in closer to get their freak on. Even non-alcoholic Ben was getting loaded up. It was Stephanie's turn to be the designated driver. The girls rotated off Ben and I, grinding hips and rubbing sweaty bodies all over us, and on each other for our entertainment. The two of us just grinned at each other. Life didn't get much better than this.

But despite Steph's silky seductiveness and Rei's rowdy lustiness, I enjoyed every second I had Taryn pressed up against me. Her eyes would flash every time our eyes met, and I felt the giddy rush of puppy love driving into my brain. Maybe I was deluding myself into thinking we had a chance at being more than friends. But it was a pleasant delusion I was more than happy to lose myself in.

Derrick came back to us just after midnight, dejected. Apparently Miss Ski Instructor had shot him down, or things otherwise just didn't work out. It was at this point that Reiko pulled the girls aside, ostensibly to have a "girls talk." When they returned, Taryn just grabbed my hand and headed for the door. Reiko announced, "We're leaving!"

Reiko's plan was crazy. But not without its benefits. I snuggled in the last row with Chris, his lips pressed to mine as we were kissing madly. His hand had slipped beneath my blouse and was rubbing oh so beautifully at my nipple. I was sitting in his lap alternately shoving my tongue down his throat and licking at his ears. I still didn't know if this was meant to be a romantic relationship. We were still on the cusp, walking a tightrope from which we could easily fall off to one side or the other. But hell, for this weekend we could have some fun. We could enjoy each other as more than friends. It was like this vacation had put us in a bubble, cut off from the outside world where how we acted "didn't count."

Just bullshitting ourselves? Maybe. But oh how I loved kissing this man.

Reiko had taken things a step further, flattening Derrick on his back across the bench seat in front of us. She was lying on top of him, and I swear her hand was in his pants.

Ben was doing his best to watch the road. Stephanie was a competent driver. But she'd never driven a truck this big through the snow. The sudden bumps and jerky turns only added to our excitement. It made every touch, every grope, every caress that much more random and pleasantly unexpected.

Once pulling up to the house we poured out of the Exped, Reiko ordering us into the hot tub. We quickly changed into suits, but something in the back of my head told me we wouldn't be wearing them for very long. Reiko herself skipped the suit entirely, donning a long white T-shirt and nothing underneath. She said the guys would be happier with that than any string bikini she could put together.

Once we got situated in the pool, with a fresh round of drinks in the cooler, I could tell she was right. Once wet, the T-shirt clung to every nook and cranny of her tits, so she was effectively naked. As if that wasn't enough, the hem refused to stay around her waist, instead floating upwards to offer glimpses of her naked crotch area whenever bubbles didn't obstruct the view.

All three guys merely gawked and ogled her whenever they got the chance. I told Chris to enjoy it while he could. If we did end up together, this would be the last time I'd let him ogle anybody quite so obviously. Stephanie even went so far to flash Ben to grab some of his attention back to herself.

After a few minutes of soaking, Reiko ordered the guys out of the water, to sit on the hot tub's edge. Then she produced three strips of cloth, and got the girls to blindfold each of their men. Chris just looked at me with a puzzled expression, but lust and eagerness held his tongue. I gave him my bravest smile, and told him to enjoy it, then covered up his eyes.

Once the blindfolds had descended, and I couldn't see anymore, I noticed how much my other senses tried to compensate. My skin was ultra sensitive to the slightest touch, trying to always keep track of where Taryn was in front of me. My ears picked up more background noises, hearing the wind blowing through the trees and the waves washing upon the nearby shore.

Reiko's voice cut through the background noise like a knife. "Guys, this is just our way of saying thank you for coming to our rescue the other night. For getting yourselves beat up to preserve our honor, we thank you in a way I know you're going to enjoy."

And then my shorts were violently tugged down on. I sat forwards and tried to grab them instinctively, before Taryn cooed at me to relax and pushed me back. She tugged them completely off, and I could feel that my bare-naked pole was standing straight up into the cold mountain air.

The chill was quickly enveloped by a warm dry heat, like two soft blankets being pressed and wrapped about it. After a moment I realized that my banana was splitting Taryn's bare breasts. Then the tip of my shaft was covered by a wet warmth that could only be her mouth. Low grunts to either side of me indicated that the other two guys were receiving similar treatment.

Taryn started in on a rhythmic pumping, the sensations of her tit fuck sending lightning bolts of pleasure along my rod. After a moment she stopped, the heavenly valley between her breasts to be replaced by the firm grip of her hands, and then my shaft was descending into her mouth once again. My mind flashed back to memories of Derrick's request for a thank you blowjob. Apparently, Reiko had talked the girls into granting that request to all of us.

Taryn's tongue danced along the crown of my dickhead, as if she knew exactly how I wanted to be touched in order to give me the maximum amount of pleasure. Her fingers caressed my heaving balls and her hands were pumping along my length, coaxing the pleasure out of me.

Her mouth backed off of me, and for a moment I felt like there were too many hands grasping at my rod. But then the wet heat was back, and my entire dick was disappearing into a wet tunnel as I was deep-throated. I was in paradise.

If only I didn't have this damn blindfold on. I knew that being unable to see would heighten my arousal as I couldn't anticipate what was coming next. But a part of me wondered if there was another ulterior motive behind it.

As if to answer my unspoken concerns, the blindfold was soon taken off of me. I looked down to the bobbing head in my lap, momentarily shocked to see Stephanie giving me a furious blowjob. She looked up, a Cheshire grin around my dick before she looked back downwards and deep-throated me once again. She was good. No wonder Ben always seemed such a happy guy. I was amazed that her small mouth was able to take me in like this.

And of course, I had to stare at her bobbing tits. They were as perfectly formed as I remembered them, barely even sagging downwards despite her current position.

I scanned around the hot tub, the surprise still evident in my face. Taryn was bent over Derrick, looking to be having just as much fun shooting bursts of pleasure through his lightning rod. I smiled at that. Enjoy her while you can, buddy. I'm going to do my best to steal her after tonight.

And on the other side, Reiko was having a hard time stuffing Ben's thick dick into her mouth. At last she just sort of gave up. "Steph! I gotta give this monster a ride!"

She lifted herself out of the water, and ripped the wet T-shirt over her head. Ben's eyes just bugged out seeing Reiko's big, firm tits up close and personal, and his eyeballs bulged out even more when she sank her pussy down onto him. Reiko's scream of pleasure echoed out into the night as she felt him penetrate halfway, then she rose up and continued to pile drive herself with increasing fury until she managed to get him buried to the hilt.

But Ben's self-control had already been worn down by Stephanie's and Reiko's blowjobs, and after a few minutes called out that he was going to cum. Reiko pulled off of him and then stuffed his meat back into her mouth, just in time for him to fill her mouth with his juice. She swallowed every last drop, and then popped off of him to leave his sweating body to steam in the cool air.

Derrick was about to blow his top just moments later, and I pulled my lips off of him just as his tip expanded then exploded in my face. Shot after shot of his sticky cum flew threw the air, splattering onto my face and upper body. Once he had subsided, I turned and perched myself on the edge of the tub, trying to cool off after my heated exertions.

Reiko quickly slid her naked body over to me, bringing her face up close and personal. "Remember those nights back during Freshmen year?"

Of course I did. I nodded, seeing the lust glazing over her eyes.

She leaned in and kissed me, tenderly. Her arms reached behind me, caressing my back as she lowered me to the patio floor. She then proceeded to lick every droplet of Derrick's cum off of my body and my tits, pausing only to lick that sensitive curve underneath my breasts. She worked her lips downwards, and then tugged my bikini bottom off my hips and then off of my legs, leaving me naked and helpless before her. And then her tongue hit my clit and all coherent thought left my mind.

Sometimes girls are just the best at this. They know EXACTLY what they're doing.

My eyes were shut tightly, my thoughts inwards on the rush of pleasure in my shaft. Closer and closer I came to the edge, Stephanie was amazing at doing this. And then I felt my entire shaft being crammed down her throat once again, every millimeter of my skin in her mouth tickled towards ecstasy. And then it came, and I came, blasting my stuff down the bottom of her throat.

She gagged for a moment, and then swallowed as much as she could before it was overflowing her mouth and trickling down her chin. She scooped up whatever she missed, licking it off her finger tips. Then she gave me a pixie smile and turned around to hunt for new meat.

I turned to look at the scene before me, and instantly my dick was reviving itself. I was just in time to see Reiko licking the last bits of Derrick's cum off Taryn's upright tits, and by the time she began to tongue Taryn's pussy I was just about recharged. Reiko's tight ass was pointing back at me, the gaping pink folds of her pussy beckoning me closer to her.

I was only too happy to oblige my imagined invitation. Reiko had moved back into the water to bring herself to a better angle of attacking Taryn's cunt, so I joined her in standing on the bottom of the hot tub. Our hips were just barely above water, and when my hands grabbed at her ass, she stopped wiggling and just spread her legs. I bent my knees, guiding my rock-hard pole forwards, and slipped my way into Reiko's heavenly pussy.

Between her soft folds and the water's heat, Reiko's box was a velvet glove. And she had amazing control over those muscles. They squeezed and caressed and contracted and released about my shaft, playing me like a finely tuned instrument even as I slowly pumped back and forth within her.

I had to get my hands on her tits, and getting a firm grip on them, used her melons as hand-holds to yank her body onto my spear over and over. And this didn't mean she let up on Taryn either. I counted at least two orgasmic moans coming out of Taryn's end of our little threesome.

The others weren't idle either. Stephanie was kneeling across some towels and had Derrick drilling into her doggy style while she did her best to deep-throat Ben at the other end. She seemed to be having problems as Derrick's continual thrusting kept causing her to stop and moan and try to catch her breath.

And then Reiko herself was quaking from my ministrations. I had dropped one hand to strum her clit, and her hips shuddered as she lifted her head from Taryn's pussy to scream in ecstasy.

After she came down from her climax I pulled back until I slid out of her. She turned around and pressed her lips to mine, letting me taste Taryn's honey on her lips. "We're really going to have to do that again sometime."

Taryn just sat up from her stop against the tub, fixing me with a playful smile. "Got some of that for me?"

My dick was still diamond-hard. It was even pointing out towards her, as if trying to reach out to her pussy of its own accord. "Hell, yeah."

"Promise not to pull out of me at the last second this time?"

I grinned, "I promise."

I stepped across the tub, standing up on the bench seat at the edge, and leaned forwards to kiss her. She kissed me back, tenderly stroking my cheek with the back of her hand. No more words were exchanged. I scooped up her ass in my hand and plunged my way forwards, sheathing my sword to the hilt in one go. She wrapped her legs and crossed them behind my back, tugging me in even tighter and threatening to never let me go.

Ben and Stephanie had returned to the tub, with Stephanie in Ben's lap riding him hard and sending waves out in every direction. Reiko and Derrick were trying out some pretzel position that showed off Reiko's amazing flexibility. But after scanning to see them, my eyes moved back onto Taryn's and didn't move away again. I could feel my universe shrinking until nothing existed except for her, and our joining together.

I barely blinked. I just stared into her eyes to watch the ripples of pleasure echoing in them. I concentrated and looked through her as if I could see through the windows of her soul. And her happiness radiated out at me, burning through the haze of alcohol, burning through the lust until there was nothing left except how much I cared about this woman. We weren't fucking anymore. We were joined together.

And when I trembled as the orgasm swept through me and I felt every last bit of my energy pouring out into her, I felt my doubt washing away with it. And she was coming with me, her joy replacing my fear and telling me that she cared just as much about me as I did her. And as we cuddled close together, basking in the glow of our lovemaking, I was filled with hope.

I smiled down at her. "This has been a crazy weekend, hasn't it?"

She laughed. "It's making me crazy for you."

When I pulled myself out of her, and sank back into the tub, I felt a new hand reaching out to play with my shrinking dick. Stephanie showed up in front of me, an impish smile on her face as she gave me her trademark wink.

"My turn!"

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