Something Different
Chapter 1: Passion

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Cheating, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Cream Pie,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: Passion - Four coworkers, each one missing something in their own romantic relationships, come together to share their problems and find something different.

My favorite room in our apartment, the bedroom. I had to admit, it looked beautiful. I'd pulled out all the stops this night. I left work early, so as to have plenty of time to set up my surprise. I had strung up Christmas lights all around the ceiling and scattered two dozen candles all about the room. I'd carefully arranged the bed, propping up her stuffed animals and the heart-shaped pillow I'd bought her last Valentine's day. The pizza arrived just five minutes before she was due to come home, so it would be hot and fresh when she arrived. I'd picked up the latest Meg Ryan romantic comedy on the way home as well. She loves Meg Ryan. I changed into fresh clothes, and dabbed on some cologne.

I heard the key in the door, and took my place just inside the entry-way. She walked in, looking as haggard as ever. She was still so beautiful, but it must have been a rough day at work today.

"Hi, Kelly. Welcome home." I gave her my warmest smile, and brought out the dozen long-stem roses I'd also grabbed on the way home. She smiled sweetly, and gave me a kiss. "Thank you."

We watched the movie and ate the pizza on the couch. I reached out to hold her hand, but she didn't squeeze back. It seemed like she was engrossed in the movie. That was okay. I could live with it. As long as she was happy.

After dinner we cleaned up, and I told her to wait in the living room. She protested for a moment, but demurred in the end. I turned on the Christmas lights and lit the candles, giving the bedroom a wonderfully warm glow. Do you know how long it takes to light two dozen candles? When I finally brought her in, she sighed happily looking around at how I'd transformed the room. We got ready for bed, and I crawled in next to her. She lay back contentedly, and then turned over to give me a kiss. One kiss led to a few more, and soon we were frenching madly. My hands were snaking under her pajama top and caressing her bare back, and I knew my raging erection was pressing painfully against her leg. My hands dipped to her ass, squeezing and caressing.

I ripped my shirt off and then whipped off hers. She was panting slightly, her eyes glazed over. Next came the snap of her bra, and I was burying my face in her upright B-cups, feeling her nipples hardening in the cool air. I shucked my shorts and she let me tug her shorts off, taking the panties with them. We continued to kiss and fondle, and my erection was screaming at me to get inside of her. She was kissing me back with a fervor right up until I settled my hips over hers.

Then at the last moment she turned her hips to the side, my cock bouncing painfully off her hip. She tugged the blankets over to cover her naked body, then settled herself back into the pillows. "I'm sorry, honey." She was apologetic. "I'm just not in the mood."

She hadn't been in the mood for two months now. Two months without even a handjob. Sigh. But I loved her. I didn't set up this night just to get laid. I wanted to make her happy. And it had seemed to work, she was much more relaxed tonight than she had been in a long time.

But it would be nice to get laid. You know?

"She's still not in the mood, right?"

"Is it that obvious?"

I happened to arrive for work at the same time Catherine did, and I held open the front door for her. Chivalry is never a bad thing. She looked me up and down, giving me the typical girl once over as I walked through after her. "You just look a little tense. If you'd gotten laid last night you would be relaxed and have this big stupid 'I just got laid' grin on your face right about now."

I had to smile. I guess all men were pretty easy to read to that extent. "I tried my best last night. No special occasion, I wanted to make her happy. We ate pizza on the couch, like we did in college. We watched a Meg Ryan romantic comedy. I bought her roses. I set candles and Christmas lights all through our bedroom... nothing. The passion is gone."

She turned back to watch where we were going and sighed. "I wish my boyfriend would do something like that for us."

"I wish my fiancée would appreciate me doing something like that."

We walked in silence for a moment before Catherine decided to change the direction of our conversation. "So, how about that U.S. Open?"

I just smiled. I loved tennis and always told with myself to make more time to play. Kelly wasn't really into sports, and really could care less about the Open. Catherine was one of the few people I'd ever met who enjoyed it as much as I did. We boarded the elevator and talked for the next minute about the Williams sisters and how they were dominating recently. But then we hit my floor and I bid her goodbye. I whistled on my way to my desk and found that after just talking with Catherine, my mood had improved considerably.

Wednesday afternoon. Another day in the office. I'd just spent the last hour and a half trying to clear up a contract issue with one of my medical clinics. I was a sales rep for Biodyne, a large pharmaceutical company based in Los Angeles. I covered one group of accounts, handling all of their requests for more information, giving presentations, etc. This particular doctor had wanted a record on one of his orders from 1997. I wasn't covering this area back then, and wasn't even out of school yet back then. So I'd had the pleasure of trying to find an order he feels he was over-billed on from five years ago blaming me for a problem that occurred when I did not work for the company. Another day in the office.

I had finally finished the call not ten seconds ago when the phone rang again. My eyes glared at my headset which I'd tossed onto the desk as if it were a poisonous snake eager to sink its teeth into me. I sighed, got the headset back on, and picked up the line. "Thank you for calling Biodyne this is Mike--."

"Dinner." The voice interrupted with a dull, flat monotone.

"Hey Jimmy." My response was equal in tone.


"Uh, Six."


I hung up. Francine popped her pretty face over my cubicle wall. "What the heck was that?"

I paused for a moment before responding, casually losing myself in Francine's gorgeous face. She had big, almond-shaped eyes that currently featured sky-blue contact lenses which made her face glow under her jet black silky hair. Her lips were full-bodied, so extremely kissable that I could feel the instinctive tugging in my jaw to reach out and press my lips to hers. Then, after a few seconds of gazing, her question bounced into my brain.

"Oh, that was Jimmy. He wants us to get together at Mario's for dinner tonight. I said six o'clock and he'll call Catherine. You're coming, right?"

She stared at me with an incredulous look on her face. "You know, when girls talk to each other we tend to utter more than two lines in the whole conversation. You know, 'Hi! How are you? I'm fine. What do you want to eat? I dunno. I kinda feel like... ' and all that."

"Guys are just more efficient I guess."

She shook her head, her long hair swaying side to side. "If you say so. Oh, and of course I'm coming." She turned and sank out of sight, back to work at her own desk on the other side of the cubicle wall.

I sighed. Dinner with "The Gang" was always fun. We relaxed, we joked, we felt at ease. Francine and Catherine had graduated from school and joined Biodyne at the same time I did. We had all worked together and developed together under Jimmy's personal guidance. Hanging out with them tonight would be the highlight of my day. Now for the low point of my day. I had to check in with my fiancée. My headset still in place, I hit the speed-dial to Kelly's office. After two rings, she picked up. The conversation was the same as usual. I told her I was going out. She felt hurt that I didn't want to have dinner with her. I told her that we ate dinner together six days out of the week, and this just happened to be my one evening with my friends. She wanted to know why I wanted to stay away from her. I told her I wasn't "actively" wanting to stay away from her; I just wanted to hang out with my friends. I hung out with them once a week, every week; this was nothing new. She said "well, fine." I told her "I love you." My ears strained to hear her say it back, but all I heard was <click>, and then the dial-tone.

We were happy once. Four years ago Kelly and I were both in college, and in the middle of a whirlwind romance. Graduation came and went, we found good jobs, and moved into an apartment together. We paid off our loans, and started to save some money. Shortly after, in the same romantic spot on the beach where we'd first met, I had proposed, and she had said "yes." It was the happiest day of my life. We began to plan our future together, picking out potential baby names, buying a condo together, and planning our wedding. We were healthy, in our early twenties, and told ourselves we had a great head start on building our lives. Kelly was so happy she had found her perfect man so easily and so soon in her life. But a lot can happen in a short amount of time. Our wedding date was to be just two months from now, but I wasn't ready, and we had postponed it indefinitely.

By five-fifteen I had concluded my business and was ready to get out of the office. I poked my head into Francine's cubicle, but she was still hammering away at some letter or another. She said she had to stick around and finish up, but would be at Mario's by six. I told her I would see her there, and then took off.

The restaurant was only fifteen minutes away, and of course Jimmy was there quite early. I found him at the bar, taking full advantage of Happy Hour before six o'clock rolled around. He boasted that he'd been out of the office well before five. Such were the advantages of running your own sales group. Over my objections, he bought me a drink.

When I first joined Biodyne, Jimmy was already a more experienced sales rep with the company. He had a friendly, outgoing personality and an easy charm that made everyone like him. He quickly became a mentor of sorts and helped me learn the tricks of the trade. He would take time out of his own schedule to assist me on my rounds, and let me practice my presentations on him so he could critique them. We had also developed into good friends, and would regularly hang out outside of work to go to ballgames, strip clubs, bars, the usual. About a year ago, his own hard work had paid off and he was promoted to run a sales group of his own. Fortunately, he still worked in the same building, so we still found plenty of time to hang out together.

While I was in the midst of the full-blown commitment of engagement and shared housing, Jimmy's relationship was the polar opposite. He was your prototypical guy who could never commit. He had been dating his girlfriend on and off for six years. "On" because they really were very good together. "Off" because every few months or so she would get fed up with his inability to commit and would leave him. But in the end, she always came back. Jimmy was a firm believer that the perfect relationship was one in which the guy had his life, she had her life, and they always could come together for a good time. He was a man who probably would never get married, and didn't really want kids.

Back to the restaurant though. Jimmy knocked back another beer before six o'clock. Right on schedule, the girls arrived. They had apparently driven together in Francine's car, and as they sashayed through the door side-by-side, all conversation stopped as every male within fifteen feet of the door stared at them. I guess they had taken the time to change while at the office, because there was no way upper management would let them work in the clothes that now semi-covered their sexy bodies.

Francine wore a short black miniskirt and three-inch heels in an effort to boost her petite height. Her full tits threatened to break through her sheer, backless halter-top. I knew from past conversations that she'd had them "enhanced" a couple of years back, although it appeared no one had any complaints with the results. She bounced perkily through the door, ignoring the stares and quickly caught sight of us. She beamed a wide smile in our direction, then started tugging Catherine after her.

While Franny was the flirty petite one, Catherine was the tall, quiet, and sensuous one. There was no question that she could have become a model. Her dark hair was streaked with blonde, highlighting her light hazel eyes. Tonight it was pulled up and fastened, showing off a graceful neckline. She wore high and tight slacks that showed off how long her legs were, and a stylish light purple blouse with a high collar, the top few buttons undone to show off a great rack. Almost down to the valley of her breasts, her ever-present silver cross glittered in the restaurant lighting. Catherine had gone to all-women's Catholic schools from pre-school all the way through college (St. Catherine), and was now reveling in her newfound freedom from the nuns, rapidly finding out how much of an influence she had over the male population. Despite her beauty, I had found myself thinking of Catherine much more as a friend and confidante than sex object, though. Aside from our tennis conversations, we had talked often of our own personal relationships, problems at work, whatever. I knew that I could always count on her if I needed someone to talk to. We used to talk every day until she was transferred to a different sales group, which put her on a higher floor.

We had just finished our pecks and hugs in greeting when the restaurant pager buzzed in Jimmy's pocket, alerting us that our table for four was ready. After Jimmy (the big spender) ordered two appetizer plates and some exotic alcoholic concoction we settled into our ritual inane conversation. They asked how Kelly was, and I told them she was "fine." I asked how each of their significant others were, and was moderately pleased to hear them say "fine" in the same dismissive tone.

After dinner was over, Francine declared that it was far too early to go home. She was feeling the urge to get out onto a dance floor somewhere. Jimmy quickly suggested a trendy bar we had been to several times, one that featured a good DJ and a nice dance floor. Since I lived back in the same direction as the office, where Catherine had left her car, I offered to drive with Catherine and drop her off on the way back.

Once on the way, we of course struck up the usual conversation. I asked Catherine when her boyfriend was going to propose. She said that it probably would happen soon. The problem, of course, was that he didn't love her, and she didn't love him either. They had met through a family friend just before she graduated, and they had clicked on some level. But ultimately, they were together for all of the wrong reasons. Alex was six years older than she was, and in the middle of climbing up the management ranks of his family's company. He was quite wealthy, and in fact had given her the Mercedes she now drove as a birthday gift. He represented security and a life of wealth. For him, Catherine was the perfect trophy wife. She was shy, sweet, and submissive to his every command. Yet she was gorgeous, and looked quite good hanging on his arm. He would probably trade her in for a new model after fifteen years or so, but Catherine would likely get a nice divorce settlement to live off of. But there was no love.

As she kept talking, I noticed how her eyes would mist up, and her voice would slightly break every now and then. We had talked about her relationship before, and with each passing conversation about it, she seemed to open up more and more to me. She softly spoke about how he never seemed interested in what she wanted out of their relationship, content to buy her expensive gifts as if that was all that was required of him. Whenever she felt sad or emotional, she knew that she could never rely on him for support.

Seizing on sudden insight, I asked if she had ever told him any of this. A single tear escaped her eyes and ran down her cheek. She never could tell him. They simply never communicated. In fact, Francine and I were the only ones Catherine ever talked to about her relationship. When we were stopped at a red light, she leaned across the seat and kissed me tenderly on the cheek. "You always listen to me."

When I felt her soft lips brush against my cheek, my heart began to race. She looked so vulnerable at this moment, her sweet eyes looking up into mine with a glow I had not seen from Kelly in a long time. Neither of us said a word, nor noticed the traffic light turn green. A complaining honk from the car behind me interrupted our reverie, and I returned my eyes to the road as we started moving again. "I'm always here if you need me," I told her.

I turned to see her smile at my words. Looking happier than she had been all night, she settled into the plush fabric of her seat. Meanwhile, my heart was still pounding. Visions of Catherine and I sharing romantic walks and cuddling under the sheets were now flying through my eyes. I blinked harshly, and shook my head to clear them out. I was in a committed relationship with Kelly. We were happy. We were engaged, and I was going to marry Kelly once I was ready to settle down... At least I hoped we were still happy.

The rest of the ride was uneventful, and Catherine and I duly arrived at the bar. Jimmy and Franny were already inside at a table, drinks in hand, and swaying with the music. We kept up our conversation through the first round. It was still early, and there was really no one on the dance floor yet. After the second round, however, Francine really had to get up and move. She was one of those people who whenever they got a little alcohol in their system, they simply had to dance. Her boyfriend really was not the "going-out" type of guy. He preferred to stay at home with a movie, and Francine relished every chance she got to enjoy the nightlife. Of course, most girls never want to dance alone, and so tugging on my arm, she said "Let's go, Mikey!"

In this position, with Francine leaning over me, I had a perfect view of her breasts as they were shoved into my face, straining at the fabric of her halter. My body reacted before my brain did, and then we were striding out onto the dance floor, her hand on mine and leading the way. Just as we got into place a new dance song blared out over the speakers, and we were quickly getting jiggy with it. I was awash with the pleasure coursing through my body from the mild alcoholic buzz coupled with the ego boost that all guys get when dancing with a hot woman. I could feel the eyes of dozens of men on us, mostly on Francine and her gyrating curves of course. When a suitably pumping song came on, she began to inch forwards towards me, a wide smile dazzling on her face. I moved with her, matching her swaying hips as we came together, Francine turning about to settle her tight butt into my hips as my hands instinctively grabbed a hold of her waist.

The two of us freaking had become a fairly common occurrence lately. My relationship with Kelly had always been based more on emotion than passion, and I saw no harm in a little harmless flirting with a friend. Francine, of course, loved the attention that she never got from her boyfriend, as well as the pure fun most women find in freaking. As long as my hands stayed on her hips we both felt we would never cross that line.

Of course, that didn't mean that Francine couldn't have a little fun in teasing me. She was hot and sexy, and knew exactly what effect she had on men. And it seemed a lot safer to play with me rather than some stranger she met at a club. And so, in the last couple of weeks, Francine had begun to test how far she could bend the line. Rotating about, Francine began a sensuous gyration before me, leaning slightly forwards to afford me a wonderful view of her prodigious chest. She wrapped an arm about my neck, pulling me down to where her lips were able to reach my neck. Actually nibbling on me would probably be considered breaking the rules, and so she settled for brushing her soft lips across my sensitive skin, sending shivers through my whole body. She reached up a leg and displaying great flexibility, wrapped it about my hip. She balanced her other leg between mine, and began to grind her crotch across my leg.

We moved as one person, my arms holding her tightly by the hips and supporting most of her weight on me. We pumped up and down with the music in an erotic dance of lust, writhing against each other as if I was buried inside of her. My skin was burning with arousal, and I knew she could feel my hard-on was pressing against her belly. For Francine's part, my leg felt the heat emanating from her crotch, and my pant-leg was getting damp from what had to be her juices of arousal.

Time slowed down, and the background music faded away as I felt the dizzying rush of blood draining out of my head and down to lower portions of my anatomy. Francine had picked her head up, and was staring deeply into my eyes, her mouth hanging open in an erotic pant, lust blazing through her eyes. Here was the passion I had been missing with Kelly, and in that moment I knew that Francine's quiet, docile boyfriend had never made her feel quite like this either.

The next thing I knew, I was tearing my mouth away from Francine's lips when I felt the tap on my shoulder. I turned suddenly and there was Jimmy, a funny look on his face. "Hey, knock it off you two."

My mind was racing as I tried to sort out what had just happened. Catherine was now behind Francine, hugging her gently and whispering in her ear. Francine was staring wide-eyed at me, a hand over her mouth as if struggling to realize that she had just kissed me. I could still taste her on my lips. I could still remember the way her tongue felt in my mouth. I could still smell her sweet, flowery scent.

Catherine then began to move with the music, and with some encouragement got Francine to join her. If nothing else, maybe the dancing might clear Franny's mind. Jimmy dragged me off towards the bar, saying that I looked like I needed a stiff drink. Mutely, I agreed and followed him. We picked up our next round, and still leaning against the bar, turned to survey the dance floor. Francine was really throwing herself into the dancing, and was now perched atop a large platform in the middle of the dance floor where a few other people were already bumping and grinding away. Catherine soon joined her, and Jimmy and I quietly took in the wonderful view of the two of them dancing with each other. They were the perfect picture of every guy's lesbian fantasy.

The bar had been getting steadily busier as time went on. Once ten o'clock hit, it converted into a mini-club with cover charges and dress codes. Neither Jimmy nor I said a word about what had just happened. We simply engaged in the idle guy chat about sports and commenting on the various good-looking women who wandered by. Once we finished our drinks, we moved in to rejoin the girls. The usual dancing together and mild freaking once again resumed, although all four of us were very mindful not to push the line beyond friendship. The rest of the night progressed relatively smoothly. Francine and I managed to break through our momentary awkwardness and were once again our usual flirty selves. However, we had to get to work in the morning, and it was time to go home.

We said goodbye to the others, and Catherine and I started the drive back to the office to get her car. Almost immediately during the drive, Catherine turned in her seat to look at me. I could tell from the way she was screwing up her face that she wanted to ask me something, but didn't want to intrude.

I glanced over to her, and gave her an encouranging smile. "Is there something you want to ask me?"

She blushed as if caught red-handed. "Well, I just wanted to know. What happened? I mean, with Francine?"

"I'm not exactly sure. One minute, we were just dancing together like always. The next minute, you and Jimmy were pulling our tongues apart."

"How did it feel?"

Absently, I raced through my mind, recalling every little sensation, trying to remember the thoughts I had at the time. "It felt great. It felt passionate. From the dancing, I was incredibly turned on! I haven't felt that way with Kelly for months. Being with her felt like I was finally experiencing the passionate, physical side of a relationship I didn't even know I was missing!"

"Sounds wonderful..." Catherine was positively glowing as she leaned back into her seat and closed her eyes, as if imagining the feelings.

"Why wonderful?"

"Alex doesn't really care about me, you know that. I think we have passion sometimes. Every so often, I feel the giddy rush as if we were newly dating. The problem is, I feel that way because I barely know him. I want to be in love, to feel in love."

For the next ten minutes, we talked about love, and how great it was. We talked about the romantic dates we had been on, and the kinds of dates we hoped we could go on in the future. We talked about passion, and the feelings that rush through your body when you get aroused. We were so engrossed talking to each other that I missed the exit to our office the first time. After doubling back, we eventually pulled into the parking lot, right next to Catherine's shiny Benz.

I got out of the car and circled around to her door to open it for her. I'm a firm believer in chivalry, and besides, we always gave each other a hug goodbye. Catherine looked up at me for a second, holding the door for her, a sultry look on her face. Her eyes were half-closed, her mouth slightly agape. Her tongue stretched out, and then languidly trailed across her lower lip. She leaned outwards, the open buttons of her blouse spreading wider to afford me a beautiful view of her expansive breasts, pushing at a lacy black bra. Involuntarily, I felt my heartbeat thudding faster and faster in my chest, and my breath caught as I drank in her form. Gone was the friend and coworker I'd just been chatting and laughing with. Here only was a devastatingly beautiful woman who was getting me quite turned on. She stood up straight and wrapped her arms about my neck. I leaned my head down to meet her lips halfway, and then we were kissing madly in the empty parking lot. My arms encircled her lithe body and I pushed her back against my car, forcing her to arch backwards as I pressed my tongue into her mouth.

I lost track of how long we were kissing. This time, there were no other friends around to come rescue us from ourselves and remind us of our significant others. I felt all of the passion and heat I had been missing from my relationship with Kelly, the same kind of heat I had only touched for a moment with Francine. That simple reminder of Kelly in my head forced me to pull back, and regretfully I broke the kiss.

Catherine just stood there, panting, a dazed look on her face. She looked more gorgeous than ever, the moonlight shining through her hair. "So that's what it felt like."

I only murmured, "yeah." And it had felt like heaven.

She shook her head, regaining her senses and then purposely strode away from me. "You should go home to your fiancée." Then she got into her car, and was gone.

I went home. Kelly was already asleep, and I kissed her gently on the cheek as I crawled into bed. She made an ugly face when I kissed her, and rolled away when I tried to cuddle up next to her. I sighed before the darkness of sleep overtook me. Such was my current relationship.

The next day was business as usual, mostly. As I mentioned before, upper management usually wanted its employees to dress conservatively, professionally. Francine decided that today she would push those lines as well. Her outfit could technically fall under the category of businesswear. She had on a skirt, blouse, and business jacket. However, the blouse had been unbuttoned halfway, letting the tops of her breasts bulge out nicely. The jacket was also quite small, and was not even capable of circling around her entire chest to close in front. The skirt also reached down to her knees, sort of. She wore sheer nylons, but when she dropped a pencil next to my desk and bent over to pick it up, I could clearly see that they ended with thigh-garters just inside the hemline. She gave me a pixie wink when she stood up again, knowing full well that I had seen her, and then returned to her cubicle on the other side of mine. The whole morning, she flirted shamelessly with me and every other hot-blooded male she ran into. When one of the older executives came down to our floor, she nearly gave him a heart attack when she "accidentally" bumped into him and shoved his face into her chest.

Right around the noon, most everyone in the building went to lunch. I was just poking my head over our wall to ask Francine where she wanted to go eat today, but she asked me if I could give her a hand with a presentation she had to give later that afternoon. "We could use the conference room since everyone is going out to lunch, then grab something to eat around one o'clock."

And so I found myself following her swaying backside down the hallway to our department conference room, holding most of her presentation materials in my arms. It is the duty of every gentleman to assist the lady in carrying things. She opened the door, and spread her materials across the conference table. I set up the computer, and at her direction accessed the presentation she was to give that afternoon. She was marketing some new prescription medication Biodyne had just gotten FDA approval on, and her title slide appeared on the projection screen shortly, although the projector was not focused and the image was rather fuzzy.

Francine turned off the lights for the presentation while I fiddled with the projector settings. I had just gotten the image to appear clearly and sharply when I felt her behind me. I froze, unmoving as I felt the distinct sensation of her hand circling my hips and caressing in my crotch. While her left hand played with my balls and stroked my rapidly rising rod through the thin material of my slacks, her right deftly opened my belt, slipped the catch on my pants, and then darted inside the waistband of my boxers.

I only had time to let out a groan before her cool hand enfolded my now rigid dick, and my body visibly sagged downwards until I had to support myself with my hands on the table as she continued to pump me. Still pumping, she turned me around until I sat down across the table's surface while she tugged my slacks down to my ankles.

She looked up into my eyes, the same glow of lust I had seen there last night when we had kissed in the bar. I whispered a "We shouldn't..."

That was all I could get out before her head descended and her mouth engulfed me. My last words devolved into a muffled squeak as the wet pleasure overtook me. Francine's mouth was made for this. Her tongue was teasing the flesh of my cock inside of her, licking and caressing as her head began to bob along my length. I could feel myself involuntarily twitching with each suck, and all too soon I felt the heated rush coursing through my veins as my body prepared to blow.

But Francine was far from done with me. At the first sign of my balls contracting, she released me and stood up, tossing her hair back behind her head. The jacket flew off her shoulders, and the blouse was quickly unbuttoned. She kicked off her heels and dropped the skirt to the floor. I gasped with arousal as her trimmed pussy came into view through the sheer see-through panties, and if I hadn't been quick to shut out the impulse I would have cum right then and there.

Francine was now moving so quickly she was losing coordination. She was in such a hurry to fuck me that she fumbled with the catch on her bra behind her back. "Aw, fuck it." Still with bra in place, although with her blouse hanging open, she leapt astride me onto the table, pinning me in place. Interestingly enough, her stockings were still on, as well as the garters and panties. I could already feel the wet heat of her pussy mashed down on top of my fully erect dick, and I found I was just as overeager to get to the fucking as she was. I reached my hands between her legs and literally ripped her panties to shreds. Once that obstacle had been cleared, Francine hurriedly pulled my shaft upright and then impaled herself upon me.

We groaned in unison at the feeling of our union, and without further ado began to fuck each other in earnest. All coherent thought flew out of our heads. We were two animals rutting against each other. There was no time, or need for whispers of love, or tenderness. The only sounds were the wet slaps of our flesh slamming against each other, mixed in with the occasional "Oh, yeah" and "Fuck me!" coming from Francine's hot little mouth. My hands awkwardly flipped up the cups of her bra to reveal those wondrous globes I had seen in my dreams so many times. My palms and fingers mauled them, pinching at hard nipples and using her tits as grips to slam her light body ever harder about my upright rod. The outer skin of my legs was beginning to chafe against the material of her nylons. She was growling in pleasure as we fucked and fucked, harder and harder. It seemed that only a couple of minutes had passed before my hips began to jerk erratically of their own accord. And then I was exploding, shooting my jizz upwards and into her heaving body even as she threw her head back and screamed so loud I was sure half of the building heard her. Her pussy clamped down on my rod so tightly it threatened to prevent the rest of my juice from exiting my body. But then the waves of our orgasms were crashing into each other, a tidal wave of fluids and energy rioting inside of Francine's cunt.

And then we were spent. I was panting, my chest heaving as I lay flat on my back across the table. Francine's head was pillowed on my chest, rising and falling with each breath, her hair cascading over into my face. As I inhaled, I breathed in her sweet scent of perfume mixed with shampoo, and the odors of sex mingled throughout. I could still feel the hard nubs of her nipples poking into my torso. She was leaking, and the combined fluids of our releases was rapidly drying on my legs and her crotch.

I did not know what to say. I had just cheated on my fiancée with one of my best friends. And to be honest, I didn't regret it. Francine turned her head and looked into my face, and I scanned her eyes as well, looking for any signs of regret. She had none. Then, holding my cheek delicately in her palm, she leaned down and kissed me, filled with the passion we had felt last night dancing together. "Thank you."

"For what?" I had to ask.

"My boyfriend loves me, but I don't love him back. He's sweet, and sensitive, and caring. But he's never made me feel like I just did with you."

I smiled at this, happy to have pleased my friend. But it was momentary, and I automatically started to worry that she might fall in love with me or expect some more permanent attachment because of this. "Franny, you are a great friend. And a sweet girl. But I'm-"

She cut me off with another kiss. "Oh, Mikey. I'm not in love with you. Catherine is. But you've just made me feel so good. Liberated. My boyfriend is honestly a pathetic lover. I had been craving a good, solid fucking for a long time. I wasn't planning on doing it with you today; it just sort of happened."

And with that, Francine dismounted me, and settled onto the floor. She retrieved some tissues from her purse, and began to clean herself off. She also paused to clean me off, and the sensual feeling of her hands caressing my nether regions threatened to get me aroused once again. But my mind was elsewhere. A million thoughts were now racing through my head. Kelly, my loyal fiancée. Francine, the hot, sexy, vixen who I'd just banged on the conference table. And Catherine, a special friend I'd always talked to and felt connected to. And now Francine had just told me my little Catherine was in love with me. What was going on?

I gingerly sat up on the table. I knew my shoulders and hips would be sore from banging into the table repeatedly like that. I watched, fascinated, as Francine collected her clothes together and prepared to get dressed. It was strange how different a woman looks once you've crossed that line between friendship and sex. She positively glowed. Her long legs were perfect, ending at a firm and tight little butt. Her waist was thin and showed off a perfectly flat, muscled belly. She was petite in every sense except for her tits, which were silicon- perfect in form and firmness, and large enough to give her a comic-book babe quality. What the hell. We'd already crossed the line. "Franny? Do you want to do it again?"

She looked over to me, with a wide smile, and then to the clock on the wall to make sure of the time. Then she turned back to me, a feral grin on her face. "Hell, yeah."

I leapt off the table and pounced on her. We were soon on the floor kissing and rolling about. The skirt was the only article of clothing she had gotten back on, and this came off with one flick of my wrist. I reached under her back, and slipped the catch on her bra, finally releasing her perfect tits to my hungry gaze. I absolutely had to taste them, sucking an erect nipple into my mouth. My left hand immediately began to pleasure her other breast, while my right descended down into the junction between her legs. She was still wet from our previous exertions, and with fingers plunging inside of her and my thumb strumming her engorged clit, I brought Francine quickly to a screaming orgasm.

At this point I dimly remembered that due to the large volume of traffic going through the hallway at any given time, the conference room was soundproofed quite well. Hopefully no one had heard that last scream. Once the convulsions of her latest climax subsided, I began to lower my head down to get a taste of her pussy. But Francine would have none of it.

"Next time, Mike. I need a fucking right now!" She sat up and turned around, bending over on all fours and sticking her tight ass back at me. "Come on and fuck me good!"

I was only too happy to comply. I got to my knees between her spread legs, and slipped the head of my cock inside the folds of her cunt. I was getting a good grip on her hips and readying myself for the plunge when she bucked back at me, her asscheeks slamming into my pelvis and causing my entire dick to split her open in one thrust. She howled with pleasure and then began to powerfully pump herself upon me. I settled one hand on her swinging tits and the other into her crotch, my fingers probing our joining and brushing against her sensitive clit. Over and again she thrust against me, even as my hips began to push back to meet her with every thrust. I could already feel my knees beginning to ache, and I grabbed up my slacks, then with some effort got Francine to settle her knees upon them so she wouldn't rip her nylons. Then I saw that they had already had runs further up the legs. Oh, well.

As Francine approached her next orgasm she began to sway uncontrollably. I grabbed onto both of her breasts as handholds just to hang on as she rode me to her release, her pussy muscles squeezing and caressing as she spasmed in ecstasy. I felt the latest flood of her juices overflowing her tight pussy and dribbling down our legs. When she calmed down I felt myself hitting that point of no return. I leaned down, pressing my entire chest against her heaving back and wrapping my arms fully about her torso. I held her as tightly as I could and slammed her into my crotch over and again as hard as I could until I hit the edge and fired my load deep into her belly. My hips were spasming as my dick twitched and jerked inside of her, and she was crying now with the pleasure overloading our bodies.

And then at last our orgasms subsided, and we collapsed to the floor. I rolled over onto my side next to her so that I wouldn't be too heavy. She pillowed her head on my outstretched arm as we collectively caught our breath. The room was silent except for the quiet hum of the projector. At last we got up and began to get dressed. Francine looked up at the clock and found it was already one o'clock. "So, where do you want to go for lunch?"

The next two days were more of the same. I wasn't about to tell Kelly that I had just screwed a beautiful woman at work, and we generally avoided each other while at home. Francine and I were flirting every second of every day, and we sneaked off for quickies during lunch, in the middle of the afternoon, and whenever else she got the urge. Before then, I'd never had sex in a public restroom. It felt like we were settling into a comfortable rhythm. Francine got to release her wild, aggressive side with me and get the good sex she wasn't having with her boyfriend. I found the heat and passion missing from my own relationship. Kelly and I had not had sex in weeks, and so in Francine I found my own pent-up tension being released.

Then came Saturday. There was no work, and I spent the morning trying to talk to Kelly. As the day wore on, we got into a fight about some stupid nothing, again. She ordered me out of our apartment, and I left.

A half an hour later, I was sprawled across Jimmy's couch, knocking back a Coca- Cola while our local major league ballclub quickly fell behind 3-0 by the second inning. Jimmy had honestly never approved of my getting engaged in the first place. He told me I was way to young to be thinking about marriage, and there were so many more fish in the sea to be settling down so early.

Of course, this was coming from a confirmed bachelor who swore he would never marry. However, I wonder if he didn't have a good point. During his many "breaks" from his longtime girl, he had always ended up with the hottest babes. His take was that there was a never ending supply of pretty young things just begging to be noticed. They wanted the latest designer clothes, to eat at the most chic restaurants. If you could provide that, they were eager to please and more than willing to sleep with you. They wanted good-looking, financially secure men with a willingness to show them a good time. Most women just wanted financial security and comfort, and easily would overlook the fact that Jimmy never gave anything emotional back to them. He had a great-paying job, some charm, and the women just flocked to him. Why would I ever want to deal with the hassle of a full-blown committed relationship?

Okay, so Jimmy was a bit of a jerk. But his argument was starting to make a little sense. He pointed out Catherine. Her boyfriend was older, rich, and bought her pretty toys. And Jimmy's opinion was that she would never leave him. They didn't communicate. They shared zero emotional connection. And yet she would never leave him.

But I wondered if Catherine would, if she found the right guy.

My own relationship was probably over. Kelly and I had been in a rut for months, and rather than actively finding a way to fix it, we had just let it die. It wasn't her fault. We just kind of... drifted apart.

The phone rang, and Jimmy grabbed at it. It was Francine. "Hey, sexy," Jimmy sang into the phone. "Yeah, Mike is here too." The rest of the conversation went by in a blur, and then he hung up. He turned to me.

"Is Kelly going to let you go clubbing with us tonight?"

I gave him a dumb look. "Doesn't matter, remember? Kelly doesn't care anymore."

"Yeah, I know. Let's get something to eat, then head over there. Man, I've been craving some new pussy for a week now! Tonight's my lucky night!"

The club was its usual busy Saturday night. The owners were old friends of Jimmy's, and our foursome went a couple of times every month. The bouncers waved us through and we quickly went upstairs to our usual table in the VIP lounge. The VIP lounge was an open balcony directly over the main bar that opened up into a wonderful view of the main dance floor. We settled into the plush seats and began the usual drill of tossing back a few rounds before getting up to dance. Our table was a semicircle booth, and I ended up in the middle between Catherine and Francine, with Jimmy on the end next to Catherine.

It seemed that on this particular night everyone was in an odd mood, myself included. We all had an uncanny desire to get thoroughly wasted. Well, except for Jimmy, who always wanted to get wasted. And so the second round of drinks came and went, followed by the third round, then fourth, then fifth. We were telling raunchy jokes and looking down onto the dance floor and ogling the swaying bodies down there. Jimmy and I were openly drooling over some of the girls on the floor, and even Cat and Franny were making their own comments as well.

The two girls were giggling uncontrollably as the alcohol buzzed in their petite bodies, and heavily flirting with Jimmy and I. They would be constantly rubbing their breasts against my arms or leaning their heads to my shoulders. It was the fifth round that apparently pushed Francine over the edge. She tossed her head back to drain her glass, then slammed it to the table with an audible <thunk>. Then she violently grabbed my head in her hands and pushed her tongue into my mouth.

Naturally, my arms encircled her form and I returned the kiss with equal fervor. Absently, I realized that my loyalty impulse to back away from the kiss was no longer present. My head raced to Kelly and I really didn't care. All my energy focused back into Francine as she lifted herself into my lap and began to grind herself against my burgeoning erection. My hands were cupping her ass-cheeks, where I was delighted to find that she was wearing a thong that did nothing to cover the tight flesh of her rump.

"My lord. I think she's going to fuck him right here!" I heard Catherine's voice, panting, obviously drunk and aroused.

It seemed that way to me as well. I broke my kiss for a moment to look over to her. She was currently leaning back against Jimmy, who had an arm wrapped around Cat's tight little waist. She was obviously squirming in her seat, and there was a prominent bulge in Jimmy's slacks as well. I knew that tonight, they would not be interrupting to break apart Francine and I.

Still grinding away, I felt Franny lift herself up by her knees, her hands quickly going to work on my fly, then with difficulty extricating my rock-hard cock up through the open flap of my boxers. She pulled her skirt upwards to give herself access, then slid aside the narrow strip of cloth covering her pussy. And with a moan of pleasure she sank her wondrous cunt upon me.

"So Franny tells me you two have been sneaking around at work these past few days." Catherine was leaning in close to me, so close that my nostrils were filled with the scent of her sweet perfume. She had a wicked smile on her face. "I think that's so hot! How do you guys get away with it?"

I just looked back at Catherine with a blank expression. "I have no idea," I managed to grunt out. "You'll have to ask the nymphomaniac here."

Careful not to attract too much attention Francine and I kept our fucking to a slow grind. Franny was rotating her hips in a circular motion that kept incredible pressure about my rod as well as her budding clit. Since all the motion was in her hips and covered by the table, to the outside we appeared to be harmlessly necking. Her pussy was a wet heaven, and without the normal pumping action I knew I would not be blowing my load any time soon.

Catherine let out a low whimper, and I saw now that Jimmy's hand was in her crotch. One hand had slipped between Catherine and the backrest, then slipped underneath Catherine's blouse where he was cupping one of Cat's amazing breasts. His other hand snaked underneath the table and slipped up underneath her skirt, and was obviously working Cat's cunt quite well considering how hard it was for Catherine to keep her hips still. For her part, Catherine had reached a hand back out of my sight, but it appeared to be taking care of Jimmy's own erection.

Francine appeared to be taking her sweet time, slowly savoring our fucking motion in sharp contrast to the fast, pulsing beat of the music overhead. We had screwed a dozen times already, but each new time was a distinct experience of ecstasy. I felt my head being rotated by soft hands, and looked into Catherine's luminous eyes for just a moment before our lips met. She was moaning into my mouth from Jimmy's ministrations as our lips mashed together, feeling the heat, the passion that had been missing from our earlier lives. She came first, Jimmy's experienced fingers bringing out a shrieking orgasm. She pulled back and bit down on her lip oh-so-sexily to try and stifle the noise.

Jimmy grunted shortly afterwards, and then Catherine was handing him a napkin, and cleaning off her own hand with a second napkin. This left only Franny and I still at it. Once our friends had finished, Francine decided to pick up the pace, getting caught be damned. She was an exotic hula dancer with my shaft embedded inside her, her hips bouncing every which way in time with the latest techno beat. My hands were gripped tightly onto her butt just to hang on and keep myself inside of her. Then Francine tossed her head back, her mouth agape in a soundless orgasm as her whole body rippled with the pleasure of her climax. I felt her cunt muscles contracting as the honey flooded down to our juncture.

Once she had settled down, I got a better grip on her hips and prepared to ram her body atop me until I found my own release, but Francine had ideas of her own. She began to lift herself off me, revealing my painfully hard dick to all four of us. "No sweetie, I want you to save that load for Catherine!"

The surprise evident on my face, she met my silence with a heady kiss. When she broke away, I turned to find Catherine staring at my erection intently, licking her lips. I knew then that this night was far from over. Without breaking her gaze from my crotch, she declared, "We're getting out of here."

I stuffed my monster into my pants, and we quickly got up and left. Jimmy the alcoholic was obviously the most sober of the four of us, so we all piled into his SUV. Wordlessly, we headed off to Jimmy's place. He lived alone, which meant we would have his place to ourselves. Catherine sat up in the front, which left a visibly aroused Francine in the back seat with me. Once we had gotten moving, she ripped off her top and unsnapped her bra, leaving her heaving bosom completely bare. She once again extracted my cock from my pants, and for the next ten minutes seemed determined to not let my erection subside. I was treated to a wonderful tit fuck as she ground those firm globes around my sensitive flesh, as well as taking me deep into her mouth, her agile tongue bringing me to the brink of orgasm before backing off.

Jimmy's window was open to let in the fresh air and drown out the smell of alcohol. His stereo was pumping full blast, the thudding bass vibrating the truck with every BOOM, all in time with Francine's eager lips and tits.

Catherine was turned around in her seat watching us the whole time, licking her lips in anticipation. When we arrived, Francine shrugged into her top, but left the bra in Jimmy's backseat. Without the extra support, her large tits threatened to bounce out from the thin confines of her shirt. All four of us poured out and stumbled our way up the stairs to Jimmy's condo. We burst through the door and scanned the living room quickly.

Catherine swayed over to Jimmy's standard-issue bachelor's black leather couch, shedding clothes on the way before reclining in a come-hither posture across the couch. I stared with my jaw slack as her absolutely gorgeous body was revealed to me for the first time. Her legs looked even longer without clothes on, her full breasts jutting upwards and showing almost no sag. Her skin was touched with the slight glow of arousal. Somehow, she had no tan lines anywhere on her perfect body.

By now I had endured nearly an hour of constant pleasuring and watching all three of my friends reach their own climaxes, yet had been denied my own. By now my hormones were pumping so hard I was driven with desire to get my own rocks off. And so as soon as Catherine settled herself on the couch I found myself ripping my clothes off as I approached her.

She was still wet from her previous orgasm and it appeared that she had brought herself a second one on the car ride over. I settled myself atop her, cradling her head in my hands as I leaned down to kiss her. I fought to keep my actions gentle although my pent-up desire was threatening to send me out of control. She read the tension in my face as I worked to restrain myself. "Go ahead, Mike. Take me now! Don't hold back!"

Do as the lady says. Wrapping her legs about my hips, I positioned myself at her entrance and began to work my way in. Once the head popped through instinct took over and I drove forwards with as much force as I could, burying myself to the hilt inside of her. Catherine screamed out as she felt me fill her, and her sounds never stopped as I began to buck into her. She was whimpering with joy as every thrust bottomed out inside of her, and bolts of pleasure were shooting into my head as the inner walls of her pussy caressed me.

She pulled my head down to the crook of her neck, pressing my entire body against hers. I rotated my head to the side just in time to see Jimmy's dick disappearing up into Francine's cunt as she lowered herself onto him, the two of them a tight fit on Jimmy's recliner. Francine reached to the side of the chair and hit the lever, and whooped with delight as Jimmy fell backwards until the chair was in a fully reclined position.

From all of Francine's earlier teasing coupled with the paradise of Catherine's cunt, I knew I would not last very long. It seemed that Catherine was so turned on that she wouldn't either. Already she was cumming, a low moan directly into my ear as her body thrashed beneath me. Our bodies were causing the leather couch to squeak with our every fucking motion. That sound coupled with the cries of ecstasy from all four of us filled my head as I hit the point of no return. I was clutching Catherine to me tightly in an intimate embrace, and met her lips in a searing kiss just as the head of my cock swelled and then burst deep inside of her willing body. My release seemed to go on and on, a huge load built up from more than an hour of waiting for this climax. As my fluids pumped and pumped out into her, our mouths were battling hungrily, as if to make up for the years of sexual tension between us.

Even once my orgasm subsided, I made no move to get off of Catherine. I stayed buried inside of her as we continued to make love with our mouths, too wrapped up in our kiss. Here was the passion I had longed for. Here was the wild love I had always dreamed of. I never wanted this kiss to end; I feared I would never get to have this feeling again. But I knew this: my life with Kelly was over. I would gladly give her up, and everything else in my life if I could just be with Catherine like this again one day.

Regrettably, all good things must come to an end. If nothing else, my lips were starting to get sore. With her cunt muscles still massaging me, I slowly exited Catherine and sat up on the couch, struggling to regain my breath.

Francine looked over, still energetically riding Jimmy and exclaimed "Ooh, I want a taste!" She bounced up, and started tugging Jimmy off of the chair. He grumbled momentarily but then Francine directed him to lay down next to the couch. Once in position, Francine mounted him, his shaft once again slipping into her with an audible slurp. Catherine was still lying there in the afterglow of orgasm, but jerked upright when Francine ducked her head into Catherine's crotch.

"Wait! What are you--? But I've never--!" Catherine yelped, her hands in Francine's hair. And then Francine's tongue was shooting up Catherine's channel, enjoying the taste of the mingled cum from Cat and myself. Catherine for her part let out a moan as Francine's lips found her clit. Despite the fact that I had just orgasmed a minute ago, I found my dick reviving itself watching Catherine undergoing her first lesbian experience and listening to Francine slurping my semen out from Catherine's pussy.

The situation plus Francine's expert girl-on-girl loving must have been too much for Catherine, as she quickly shrieked out two more orgasms in the next few minutes. Her eyes glassed over as she fought to stay conscious, and sprawled out across the couch exhausted. "No more..."

Francine let up, and then craned her neck to see that I was ready to rejoin the party. In breathy gasps, interrupted whenever Jimmy's dick hit a particularly sensitive spot, she lustily asked, "Do you... ugh... want to try out... oh yeah... my other hole?"

My eyes lit up at the prospect, but I stopped myself for a moment. I turned and sent a questioning glance to Catherine. As much as I wanted to bury myself in Francine's perfect ass, I did not want to betray Catherine. Her eyes opened wide enough to recognize this, and with a contented smile on her face she nodded her encouragement. "Mmm, I want to watch this, Mike."

Grinning like an idiot, I settled myself behind Francine's swaying body, where she leaned forwards and crushed her heavy tits into Jimmy's face. She reached back and spread her butt-cheeks wide, showing off a pretty little star in the middle. "Come on, Mikey. No one's ever been up my ass before!" And I'd never ass-fucked anyone else before either. But this was an experience I truly did not want to miss. I lined myself up, still coated in the mingled juices of both mine and Cat's releases, and then determinedly began to push my way in.

Francine groaned out in a low tone as she struggled to relax her backdoor muscles. "Come on, Mikey! Drive it in there! Come on!" I worked to comply, but she was so tight our progress was slow. Inch by inch slowly disappeared, until finally I was all the way in. In a truly weird sensation, I could feel the presence of Jimmy's dick in Francine's other hole as we began to pump against each other. After a few moments of awkwardness, our trio settled into a steady rhythm. Francine would descend downwards onto Jimmy's prick, bent over while he sucked and nibbled at her swaying breasts as I withdrew a few inches out of her asshole. And when she lifted upwards and off of him, I pressed forwards again, pushing in until my balls slapped against her ass.

It was the tightest feeling I had ever experienced, even tighter than when my high school girlfriend and I had taken each other's cherries. My hands were on her hips as we continued to thrust, and I was suffocating in the dry heat wrapped about my rod like a sauna. After only a few minutes of being doubly penetrated like this, Francine was shrieking out her orgasm, every muscle in her body tensing as the wave swept through her. These included her cunt and ass muscles, and I had to fight not to lose it then and there. Jimmy was less lucky, the spasms of her cunt setting him off. At the last moment Jimmy pulled out of Francine's cunt and slid back a foot, grabbing Francine roughly by the hair and shoving her face downwards to his geysering prick. The first jet slammed into her face before she was able to get her mouth around him, and grunting with pleasure Jimmy spewed his load down her throat.

When he finished, he moved back to his recliner, relaxing back to savor the rush. Francine was mumbling about how she got two flavors today, and then focused on getting me off in her backside. I had settled to my knees and was now thrusting into her with ease. There are very few sights more beautiful than watching your dick spreading two perfect ass-cheeks. I slipped two fingers into her pussy while my other hand kept grip on her hips, and we were bucking against each other harder and harder as we accelerated towards release. Francine's pussy was juicing out of control from what seemed like her sixth orgasm of the night, and I scooped up the liquid and smeared it along my shaft for extra lubrication as I continued to ream her out.

Francine was moaning so loudly as I split her ass wider than it had ever been before, and I was afraid we would soon wake up Jimmy's neighbors. But there was Catherine, somewhat recovered and dipping her mouth to Francine's. I watched amazed at their mouths and tongues dancing in the air, observing what had to be Catherine's first lesbian kiss. The eroticism of watching that set me off, and then I was exploding inside Franny's ass, my jizz washing out and filling her bowels to the brim.

Once finished, I pulled out and lay back against the couch, drained. Francine merely hopped up and looked ready for more. She was staring hungrily at Catherine's wet pussy actually, but Catherine shook her head as she headed directly for me. "Maybe another day."

Francine simply nodded, then bounced off to Jimmy. He looked up, a little fear in his eyes. Her hand descended into his still naked lap, stroking him expertly. She pulled him upright, then began to tug him back towards his bedroom. "I've never done it on your bed before. Wanna try it out?" They disappeared a moment later, the door quickly closed.

Catherine reached her hand out to me, and I got up. Neither of us said anything, but she held my hand in hers, and led me off to Jimmy's bathroom. We took a quiet shower together, kissing and cuddling underneath the warm spray. She looked absolutely gorgeous, her long hair plastered tight against her scalp, the water droplets cascading over her firm breasts, but for a few minutes neither of us thought about sex. We giggled and tickled one another, and cleaned each other off. I took particular pleasure in rubbing soap into her tits.

Once we emerged from the bathroom, Catherine found a few blankets in the closet. She spread them out across the floor, and we snuggled into them together. I was spooned in behind her, our naked bodies pressed intimately together, with her head pillowed on my arm. This would be the first night in years I had ever gone to sleep with a woman other than Kelly. As we drifted off to sleep, I heard her whisper, "I love you, Michael."

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