The Twins In San Francisco
Chapter 1: The Twins

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Group Sex, Oriental Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: The Twins - A shy young man meets two hot Asian babes at a club, and they have a proposition he simply cannot refuse.

"Hey there, stud."

I recognized the voice immediately. Somehow, she always knew where to find me. No matter where I went in the course of a given day, she just kind of showed up. It was as if she'd sown a homing device into my skin. For example, one day a major client down in Sunnyvale had their HR Management System go down, and within an hour I'd been dispatched with a few other team members to the site to find the problem. While we were debugging, I discovered that we needed one of our diagnostic tools back in the company van. Lo and behold, there she was, sitting on the hood and waiting for me, an hour away from our home in San Francisco. She had dragged me inside the van for a quickie and then sent me back to my team with a goofy grin on my face.

God, she was an amazing fuck.

The Starbucks was in the 300 block of Market Street in downtown San Francisco, just half a block from my company's building. On this August afternoon, I was quietly sitting on a stool sipping a frappucino, enjoying a break from my computer monitor and watching the busy traffic cruise by. I looked up into the glass between me and the sidewalk, and I saw the faint reflection of her pretty face staring back at me. The corners of her mouth turned upwards in a wicked grin.

Sighing in resignation but also amusement, I set my coffee onto the counter in front of me, and then looked back up into her reflection. A second later I was flat on my back on the floor after Trinh had shoved me, a quiet pain forming in my backside where I had landed. People were backing away from us as they witnessed what looked like an unprovoked assault. I felt her weight on my hips as she straddled me on the floor. I let out a quiet "ouch" from the pain blossoming in my rear, and she gave me that wicked grin again.

"You're such a baby." And then she kissed me.

This was no ordinary kiss. This was passionate, wet, and sloppy, and despite our very public situation I felt myself returning the kiss with all my energy. Our tongues were darting in and out of each other's mouth, and I'm sure they were clearly visible to the hapless bystanders. I felt her firm tits pressing against my chest, and the intensity of her arousal had me hard in seconds. I felt a hand descend to my rod, where she was grasping me through my slacks, caressing my balls.

Somewhere behind me, I heard the disgusted gasp of some little old lady. Frenching and being groped on the floor of a downtown Starbucks was not exactly something I went out of my way to experience. I was more than a little embarrassed, and some part of my head was screaming at me to get up and compose myself. However, the exhibition of it was probably one of the things that had gotten Trinh this revved up. And the passion and heat of her kiss was more than enough to make up for my little embarrassment. I would stand in the middle of a nunnery buck naked if it meant she'd kiss me like this.

Eventually, we parted lips, and Trinh took a cursory look around at the audience we had attracted. She leaned down and whispered in my ear, "Let's get out of here."

Things were not always this way. A little over three weeks ago I was just your typical Level 2 Programmer. I was paid an insane amount of money to design and code modules for big-company software. I had graduated a little more than a year ago from a top Bay Area university, and my apartment was still making the slow transition from college poverty to computer engineering wealth. I had my group of professional friends, some of them tech nerds and some of them not. I was a clean-cut good looking guy, but our association with computers in college had steered most of the hot co-eds away from my college group.

It was a Friday night, and my buddies and I headed out to "Reloaded," a big downtown SF club with a "Matrix" theme frequented most by the early 20's crowd. It also happened to be "Asian Night." Amidst the laser lights and bass-thudding songs, there had to be a hundred Asian babes wearing next to nothing and gyrating their tight asses around with the young men of San Fran all fawning over them and hoping to get lucky. We got our drinks and managed to find a table, and sat down to chat and get a good buzz going. I was relatively shy back then, and it would take a couple of drinks before I normally got the nerve to get up and dance. We aimlessly talked about nothing, and kept our eyes focused on the scantily clad tits and asses swaying before us. I consider myself to be fairly open minded and am all for female equality. But when it comes to clubbing, sexuality dominates and I feel perfectly justified in viewing women as sex objects.

In the middle of this sea of beauty, two girls stood out in my eyes. Atop one of the many platforms nearby to us, two girls were grinding their hips into each other and giving anyone watching a rather racy semi-lesbian show. As I felt the heat of my latest alcoholic concoction burning its way down my throat, I stared, entranced at the vision of these two before me.

Both of the girls wore black micro-miniskirts that just barely extended past the curve of their tight asses. Both had dark halter tops that only had laces across the lower back, revealing graceful necklines and proving neither wore a bra. The fabric was metallic and sparkled with their every movement. And encased in those tops were some very full busts for Asian women, C-cups at least that seemed impossibly round and perky without bra support. Their bodies were nearly identical, and at first glance I would take them for twins. The one with the blue top had the high cheekbones and full lips; but the one with the Violet top had mesmerizing eyes that glowed with an inner white light. Blue's jet black hair was done up into two schoolgirl pigtails with two long strands of bangs falling loosely forwards to frame her face. Violet's black hair had the same kind of bangs, but the rest was pulled back into a single tight braid. It also rippled in the light, and if not for the lasers I would have sworn she had dyed it violet as well. Blue now had her face buried in Violet's chest, with her hands obviously cupping Violet's asscheeks underneath the microskirt, the outline of her hands clearly visible through the tight fabric.

And in this middle of this erotic embrace, Violet stared right into my eyes. For minutes, as she gyrated and caressed her twin, she kept those hypnotic eyes locked onto me. Without blinking, she bored into me and I felt almost like she had invaded my mind and was currently plucking out every dirty thought I was having about the two girls. I drank in their perfect forms, and the longer I stared the easier it became to tell them apart. Blue had tightly muscled abs that almost formed a six-pack, and her butt was nearly flat. Violet had a few more curves to her, but would be considered quite slender if not immediately next to Blue. Both of them had such full chests however it seemed almost unfair to other women given their slim hips. When the song ended, Blue looked up to Violet to see where she had been staring. Violet nodded to me, and Blue hopped off the platform, coming in a direct beeline to my table.

All conversation died at my table when Blue hopped onto it, sliding my glass out of the way and sitting her butt on the table before me. Before I could react, her feet were planted on the bench on either side of me, and as she spread her legs I could clearly see in the dim light that she wasn't wearing any panties. She grabbed my head in her hands and looked down into my face.

"Not bad..." she muttered coldly. She twisted my head side to side, as if evaluating my appearance. Then she leaned down and with a strong hand on my jaw, shoved her tongue down my throat.

My body locked up for a moment as she kissed me, but my instincts kicked in as I returned the kiss with equal fervor. She broke away after a minute, newfound appreciation in her face. "Hmm, your kissing shows promise though."

With that Blue leaned down and kissed my cheek, and I felt the erotic wetness of her tongue coating my ear. As she came close, I closed my eyes and inhaled her sweet scent. To be heard over the music still pumping into the air, she began to speak directly into my ear. "Quyen saw you staring at us. She said you two had a little connection, and she wants to dance with you." She paused for a moment to give my ear another tongue bath. "Do you wanna dance?"

The heat in her voice sent a spark of electricity straight to my crotch. Rule#17 for men: Never turn down a request from a good-looking woman. Nodding my reply, she slid off the table and reached out for my hand. With a second glance at my friends, who were merely staring at Blue's tight body in stunned silence, I took her hand and let her lead me through the swaying bodies and up onto the platform, where I was quickly sandwiched between these two hotties.

My heartbeat was thudding in my ears almost loud enough to drown out the music, but I settled for matching the girls' rhythm. In time with the beat, Violet/Quyen turned about and backed her ass into my hips, where I placed my hands on her legs as we swayed as one with the music. Blue was not left out either as she sidled in directly behind me, grinding her crotch into my ass. Blue removed my hands from Quyen's legs and directed me to wrap my arms about Quyen's midsection, and once in my embrace Quyen sagged against my chest. I was watching her sweet face intently as I felt Blue rubbing her big tits into my back. Still watching Quyen I watched her slip a hand under the skirt. It came up a moment later and I saw two fingers glistening with moisture in the dim light. As we danced together, she put the fingers into my mouth where I sucked off her sweet juices.

This was all too surreal. I spared a glance at my friends, where every single one of them was staring at me with these two beauties. Todd had his mouth open and looked like he was drooling.

I knew this dream had to end and sure enough here came one of the security guards. Shouting to be heard over the noise, he tapped me on the leg. "Get down, son. Only women are allowed on the platforms."

I nodded mutely and moved to get off, but Blue stepped between me and the guard, where she leaned down to talk to him. In her position, and following the guard's line of sight, I realized that he had a perfect view of Blue's bra-less tits, now hanging freely as her top sagged downwards. "C'mon, Jerry. He's a friend of mine, and I promise I'll take him in a minute." She smiled sweetly.

Jerry chuckled. "Oh, alright Trinh. But only for a few minutes."

So with Jerry stepping aside to join the other twenty guys staring jealously at me, Blue/Trinh and Quyen continued to fondle me as we swayed to the music. When the song ended, Trinh spun me about and leaned in towards my ear. "Buy us a drink?"

Rule#29 for men: Always buy the girl a drink. I would have to amend that rule: Buy both of them a drink. We sidled over to the bar, and when Trinh tapped on the counter, one of the bartenders immediately arrived. She apparently had quite a bit of influence at this club. "What'll it be?"

Trinh ordered for herself and Quyen, and I ordered mine. The bartender returned with our drinks and looking straight at Trinh told her "no charge." But Trinh shook her head and nodded to me. "Aw, Kevin, you don't have to do that. My stud here is picking it up."

Kevin looked to me with a flash of jealousy in his eyes, but obediently took my money. I left him a hefty tip as our trio returned back towards the dance floor. I was fully expecting us to continue dancing. It wasn't even midnight yet and the night was young, but the girls apparently had other ideas. Once the drinks were finished, Quyen began pulling me towards the exits, with Trinh following closely. Momentarily, I wondered how I would get home as Todd had driven me here. But I was not about to open my mouth as I watched Quyen's dimpled backside swaying before me as she tugged me out into the cool night air.

Once by the street, Trinh snapped her fingers and within seconds a stylish Blue Porsche was pulled up by the valet. Trinh gave him a kiss on the cheek in lieu of a tip, and I don't doubt for a second the valet found it worth more than any amount of money she could have given him. Trinh hopped into the driver's side, and Quyen pushed me down into the front passenger seat, then hopped into my lap. I had barely closed the door and definitely not buckled anyone in before Trinh peeled out with squealing tires.

In this whole night, Quyen had still not said a word, but only drilled her glowing eyes into me. As Trinh whipped us through the streets of downtown, Quyen descended her mouth to mine as we shared our first kiss. I don't believe her lips left mine for the next ten minutes as we sped to wherever our destination was, the Porsche humming as it roared up the steep streets of the San Francisco hills. Before I realized it, I had buried my fingers under Quyen's skirt and into her damp pussy, causing her to squirm in my lap and kiss me even harder. I don't know what boldness came over me, whether from the heady situation or the alcohol, but I was loving every minute of this. Towards the end of our journey when those ten minutes were up, I felt Quyen shudder in my arms as her hips spasmed and dumped a good load of her honey onto my hand. As she climaxed, she broke her mouth from me for the first time and her mouth opened in a silent sexy "O." Even as the orgasm swept through her, she didn't make a sound. The effect only enhanced the surreal atmosphere.

Shortly after, we apparently had arrived, pulling up to a an apartment with a great view of the city, its twinkling lights spread out before us and leading out to the dark waters of the Bay. We hopped out, and looking like a giddy schoolgirl (except for the lack of noise), Quyen dragged me inside. We'd barely closed the door before Quyen shoved me and I fell backwards onto a shaggy carpet. She was an animal, ripping my shirt over my head, undoing my belt and dragging my slacks off my feet. When I was finally naked before her, she bent over me and sucked my fully erect cock into her mouth.

I groaned out as I felt Quyen's soft lips envelop me, her left hand coming up to tickle my balls and causing me to buck my hips upwards. This was paradise. Meanwhile, Trinh had closed the door behind her and turned on the lights. She was even more beautiful in good light and was smiling sensuously at me. I had counted on having an encounter with Quyen tonight, and her current expert blowjob only confirmed my suspicions. However, when Trinh began to undress before me, I realized that I was in way over my head. Jutting her chest out, she reached back to undo the laces holding up her top. When it dropped off her body, I jerked momentarily in awe at her prodigious chest. Her tits were perfectly formed, definitely large C-cups which miraculously had no sag. Her hard nipples pushed out into the cool air, and she cupped them lovingly for my benefit. Next came the skirt, slipping down her long and lithe legs, flexed alluringly, and Trinh was naked before me.

As Quyen continued to bob her head up and down about my shaft, her right hand coming up to form a tight ring about me as she pumped my skin as if trying to coax out my juice. Trinh leaned back against a wall, one hand tweaking her nipples and the other now caressing the nub at the top of her slit. She had shaved almost all of her hair off down there, leaving only a small patch of short fuzz. As Trinh began to moan at the pleasure she was giving herself, I decided to pipe up.

"You don't have to do that yourself. Get over here and I'll do it for you."

Trinh beamed a bright smile at this, and quickly settled herself over my head. With her knees planted next to my ears, I looked upwards and between her chest mounds to her face, smiling as she lowered her wet cunt to my lips. I was giddy with elation as one of my oldest fantasies was coming true. I reached my hands up to join Trinh's on her round breasts, feeling their weight and firmness for the first time.

Quyen was busying herself at my other end, and was now discovering what the only two girls I had ever previously been with had earlier discovered, that I was nowhere near coming. Gifted with some freak genes, I had amazing stamina when it came to sex. She seemed determined to get me off, but for the moment it was not to be.

Trinh, meanwhile was finding my other talent. I quite enjoyed giving oral sex, and my two girlfriends had told me I was the best they'd ever had, one of them informing me so two years and two boyfriends after we had broken up. Trinh was quite vocal with her feelings, moaning and groaning as her body thrashed above me in ecstasy. I felt her thighs clamping tight against my head as she threw her head back and screamed out her orgasm, filling my mouth with her nectar. Tighter and tighter she squeezed until I thought she would crush my head in, until finally she came down from her high and became still. Gingerly, she lifted off of me, standing up. I looked back at her with a self-satisfied smirk on my face. I knew I was good.

Trinh looked down into my smirking face. "Not bad. But I've had better."

Even Quyen stopped for a moment when she heard this. Without another word, Trinh turned about and strode into a nearby doorway, presumably into the bedroom. A moment later, the door swung shut. I stared at the closed door for a moment. For a while there, being fondled by two gorgeous women, I had let myself believe that I was a stud. For a while there, I forgot I was not from the popular "In- Crowd." With Trinh's admonishment, I felt some of my arousal fading away.

Quyen came up to me, lying next to me on the carpet with one arm and one leg draped over my still naked torso. "You really were pretty good. I could tell from the way she was moaning. If you were not good, she would have told you so. She just doesn't want you to get cocky." It was the first time I had ever heard Quyen speak, her voice sweet and melodious. She sat up, and began to tug at the laces of her own top. "Besides, I'm not done with you yet."

When her top fell from her body, I was treated to yet another fabulous set of tits, nearly identical to Trinh's. I wondered again if these two were actually twin sisters. She took my hand and placed it on her breast, my fingers groping with instinct to cover her nipple, teasing it to hardness. Meanwhile, still laying next to me, she shimmied out of her skirt, leaving her as naked as I. I looked up into her luminescent eyes. Her face was elfin, and she hardly ever blinked. With these, combined with her cold demeanor and luminescent eyes, Quyen had an ethereal quality that somehow made her seem inhuman. She leaned down to kiss me gently, and although I could feel the passion in her kiss, her movements were almost mechanical. I thought back to wild Trinh, comparing the two: Fire and Ice.

But as Icy as Quyen seemed, there was no question as to the heat in her box. She had moved to lay atop me, her crotch pressing my cock back against my stomach. There was nothing Icy about the heat emanating from her pussy. Breaking our kiss, she sat upright and brushed her jet black hair behind her ears. I watched her buoyant breasts bounce with the move, then trailed my gaze downwards against a perfectly flat tummy, a cute "innie" navel, and to my delight, a perfectly shaved pussy. Nothing but smooth flesh surrounded her puffy pink lips, now slightly engorged with her arousal. I was looking forward to eating that cunt out. Quyen lifted her hips up, and pulled my dick into its upright and locked position. Then, with her eyes boring into mine, she sank down onto me.

If I thought her mouth was paradise, this was heaven. Smooth, caressing folds parted around my shaft and squeezed me lovingly. As she began to move atop me, I felt that stamina which had served me so well eroding already. I should point out at this point that I had not had sex in a very long time, since college at least which was two years already removed. Two years with nothing but the Internet and a steady magazine subscription to get me off. However, it was a point of honor to get Quyen off first. It was hard to gauge her, because even as I watched the pleasure shooting off in her face, just like in the car, she did not make a sound.

Determined to gain control of the situation, with a sudden burst of energy I pushed Quyen off of me and laid her gently back to the floor. Her eyes flew wide open in surprise and her mouth opened back into that sexy "O" as I dug back into her. She reached her arms up and crossed them behind my neck, dragging the points of her nipples across my chest. Her hips were kicking back up with her legs firmly planted down, meeting me with each thrust. I was pushing deeper and deeper and deeper into her, the end of my rod carving out every corner of Quyen's box.

As I thrust into her with as much force as I could muster, focusing on driving Quyen up the proverbial wall, I felt my control slipping inexorably away. Quyen's hips were shaking, her eyes wide open but tightened as if in pain. Finally I blew, unable to hold back any longer. Two years of built up tension and juice exploded inside of Quyen, my hips banging into her one last time. I was rewarded however as Quyen opened her mouth into her orgasmic "O", but this time with a howl of pleasure deafening in my ear.

The bedroom door flew open a second later, Trinh wearing only a sexy bright blue silk robe coming into the room with a shocked expression on her face. For minutes I kept shooting and Quyen kept yelling, both our bodies supported on her legs as I was still buried inside her and her hips lifted off the floor with her orgasm.

Finally our mutual pleasure subsided, and we collapsed back to the floor. I felt myself going soft inside of Quyen's slice of heaven, our sweating bodies heaving as we tried to catch our breath. Quyen was looking up at Trinh, a satisfied smile on her face. She was nodding up and down animatedly. I looked up to Trinh as well.

"Wow. I'm impressed!" Trinh smiled, this time with a bit of a predatory edge to it. "She's only ever moaned for two people before besides me, and both Lisa and her boy-toy are in Los Angeles. Third time's a charm, and I guess that's you."

She looked at Quyen now, who was still glowing in post-coital bliss. I slowly slipped out of her, my limp dick swinging freely. Trinh knelt down next to her twin. "I think I'm going to let you have something special. You weren't the best pussy-licker I've ever had, but you show promise. And you've obviously found a way to please my friend here. If you can impress me one more time, maybe I'll just keep you around. Just let me clean up here first."

With that Trinh let her robe drop to the floor, revealing all her naked glory to me once again. She positioned herself between Quyen's spread legs, ducking her mouth to her twin's pussy as she began to suck my come out of her. While I had come less than two minutes ago, the sight of these two now fulfilling one of my other oldest fantasies was giving me just cause to start rising up again. Quyen was moaning her arousal as Trinh's tongue hit her sensitive spots, her hands pressing lightly against Trinh's skull in an effort to push her closer in. Trinh returned the favor by reaching up to cup Quyen's heaving tits, and all the while I sat back and enjoyed the view. I had decided that after a two year hiatus, one orgasm was not nearly enough, and I could feel the blood rushing out of my head to re-energize my spent tool.

Trinh was on her knees as she ate Quyen out, her tight ass pointing invitingly back at me. As I felt myself harden I got to my knees and placed myself behind her. I traced my hand along the curves of her ass, then got a firm grip on her hips. Between her legs I could see the folds of her cunt already spread wide and wet, pink puffy lips exposed as if in anticipation of my arrival. My baton stuck out and banged against her butt cheeks, but I quickly corralled it and placed my little head at her entrance. If Quyen's pussy was heaven, I don't know how I would be able to describe the feelings of Trinh's pussy.

But I was not to find out that day. She moved her hips away at the last second, and lifted her dripping wet lips from Quyen's crotch for a moment. I could see the creamy white of my jizz still coating Trinh's lips, as well as oozing out of Quyen's other set of lips. "Down boy. You'll get your turn with me, but not yet."

So with regret, but eagerness to sample Trinh's delectable flesh, I sat back on a couch to watch the girls go at it. Presently, Trinh moved around and lowered her cunt to Quyen's waiting mouth, completing the sixty-nine. Together, they rocked back and forth, both of them moaning with enjoyment as they tongued each other to greater and greater heights of pleasure. Quyen came first, adding a second layer of her juice to mix the cocktail in her cunt. Only a few minutes later, so did Trinh, moaning erotically and pressing her hips down tightly over Quyen's head, appearing to nearly suffocate her.

After their movements had slowly ground to a halt, Trinh lifted off of Quyen, and sashayed back to the bedroom. I hated to see her leave, but I loved watching that naked tight ass sway as she left. Quyen, meanwhile, got to her feet, the imprint of the shag carpet still embedded into her back. Her boobs jiggled enticingly with her every movement. Her braid had come loose, and she paused for a minute to slowly untangle it.

She coyly reached out her hand to me, and I took it. Tugging gently, she nodded her head back towards the still open doorway to the bedroom. With my little head out in front and pointing the way, I followed Quyen's dimpled ass across the living room and into the bedroom, currently shaded in darkness.

I was greeted with a spectacular view. A large window fully dominated the far wall, where the curtains had been pulled aside to reveal the twinkling night sky over the city lights far below. I was quite happy there were no houses on this side, as I was still in my birthday suit. The walls and ceiling were painted a matte black, with hundreds of glow-in-the-dark stars attached to their surfaces, making the whole room feel like an extension of the night outside. Two blacklights hung in the corners, bathing the room in a purple glow, and as my eyes adjusted to the dim light, I could make out the seductive form of Trinh sprawled across a large bed. She lay on her side, her head propped on one hand with her elbow against the mattress. Her legs were folded in, her hips rotated so as to hide her jewel box from my sight. She had released the pigtails, and her jet black hair now shimmered in the light and flowed behind her back, allowing me a perfect view of her perfect breasts. I felt Quyen's cool hand on my rod, coating me with what apparently was lubricant.

I heard Quyen's melodious voice in my ear again. "She really likes you. She doesn't do this for just anyone, and even with all of the guys here in San Fran, she's never let any one of them up her ass. Actually, no one's buggered either one of us since college."

I shuddered for a moment, realization that yet another of my great fantasies was about to come true. This truly was a night I would never forget. Now finished with me, Quyen moved to take her place at the head of the bed. With a seductive grin, Trinh winked at me and then lowered her head into Quyen's lap. Only a moment later, I saw the light in Quyen's eyes go out as she closed her eyes to focus on the sensations Trinh was stimulating between her thighs.

This of course returned Trinh's ass directly into my view. As before, I could see the puffy folds of her cuntlips peeking back at me. But I was to taste a far rarer jewel tonight. I sank to my knees on the bed, grasping Trinh's hips once again. This time, she would not move away. I found that she had already lubed up her asshole, and I poked the end of my rod around it to build up extra lubrication. Then, with my hands spreading her cheeks wide, I leaned my hips forward and pressed inside.

If Quyen's pussy was heaven, then Trinh's ass was hell. Oh, but what an exquisite hell it was. It was a dry heat, constricting so tight about my shaft it was nearly painful. But determinedly, I pushed forwards, on and on until I was balls deep up Trinh's ass. She lifted her head for just a moment to release a sigh of contentment, and then quickly got into a thrusting rhythm with me. I felt her butt clenching and releasing, an erotic third hand caressing my overwhelmed cock. I pumped in and out of her, reveling in the feeling as if it were the sweetest candy and I would never have it again. For all I knew, I never would after tonight.

Quiet Quyen was positively singing now as Trinh munched on her happily, a musical wail of ecstasy emanating from her open mouth as she ground her hips into Trinh's face. I knew I could last awhile longer this time, and armed with this knowledge I began to really pound up Trinh's backside. I reamed her out so hard I was sure she would have trouble walking in the morning. If I was never going to be able to feel this again, I was damn sure she'd remember this encounter.

Waves upon waves of pleasure washed over me with each thrust into this woman's backside, and I'm sure she felt every inch of me opening her up. Quyen had moaned her release and gone limp, and my insistent pounding demanded Trinh focus her attention at my end. She clutched the bedsheets tightly as she drove her hips back at me, my hips slamming into her ass with an audible slap with each thrust. Her mouth freed from its duties to service Quyen, Trinh had returned to her dirty vocalizations. Over and over she yelled "Fuck me harder" mixed with cries of "Oh, shit, that's good."

I was sweating like a stuck pig from my exertions and could count that Trinh had come at least twice during this fuck. I was resting my chest on her equally sweaty back to save energy and directed my hips to continue reaming out Trinh's backdoor. I had my left hand gripped on Trinh's swaying tits, squeezing and pinching at her nipples. My right hand was buried in Trinh's other hole, the fingers plunging in and out of her, finger fucking her cunt with every thrust of my dick up her ass.

Quyen had arisen and quieted Trinh's vocalizations down by frenching her madly. My mind going into overload from the tightness wrapped around my rod and watching these two babes swapping spit. Their tongues were erotically dancing and caressing each others faces and I felt Quyen's hands join me on Trinh's bouncing breasts. For the briefest of moments, I felt as if smack in the middle of the most erotic porn video ever made.

After what felt like hours of ramming myself into Trinh my hips began their uncontrollable acceleration towards climax. Trinh seemed to sense this as she broke her kiss with Quyen, her pussy sucking my fingers in tighter even as my left hand went wild against her clit. "Fill me baby! Come on!"

That did it, and I filled her as ordered. Gushing out, I fired my load into her bowels. "Fill me! I want more!" Trinh was an animal, and I complied as shot after shot poured out into her willing body. I gave one final thrust with my hips, and my final shots spurted out of me. Her last chant of "Fill Meeeeeeee" descended into an orgasmic shriek as she coated my fingers with yet another load of honey.

When at last her energy was spent, Trinh collapsed onto her side, slipping me out of her used hole. Quyen was instantly between her legs, languidly slurping out Trinh's and my love juices as she buffered the incredible high Trinh was coming down from with her tongue plunging into Trinh's cunt.

Grabbing a pillow, Trinh gently lay her head down, her eyes fluttering on the brink of unconsciousness. Quyen turned about and backed her way against Trinh's chest, with Trinh spooning behind her twin in an intimate embrace. I did not want to disturb them, and figured that my moment had come and gone. I began to slide off of the bed, figuring that I might be able to call a cab, but Trinh reached back and grabbed my arm.

"No. Come back here and sleep with us." She kept tugging on me until I took my place behind her, spooning against her soft back and inhaling the sweet scent of her hair. I wrapped my arm across both nude girls, the situation and the events of the past few hours sinking into my brain. The three of us drifted off to sleep, thinking nothing but happy thoughts.

I awoke to an extremely pleasant sensation. Especially from my erotic adventures of the previous night, I had dreamed vividly of taking Trinh and Quyen in every sexual position humanly possible. This of course had led to a tremendous woody coming morning time, and it would appear that Quyen was putting it to good use. My eyes flickered momentarily, blinking against harsh sunlight pouring in through the panoramic window. My first instinct was to find the source of the warm wetness surrounding my cock, and there I saw Quyen's head bobbing up and down on me, her silky black hair pulled back over her shoulders and held tight by a headband. Her eyes were fixed on mine, the luminous light peering out at me. She had apparently woken much earlier, as she had already the time to put on a silky robe and a dabble of makeup.

Looking to my left, I saw Trinh lounging beside me, also in a robe and absently trailing her fingers across my chest. "Good morning, stud."

Sleepily, I managed to murmur, "Good morning. To the both of you."

Trinh swept her gaze across my naked form, lingering on Quyen for a moment who was still languidly fondling my other end. Trinh carried such confidence with her every movement that I dared not say another word unless she told me to. She also quickly made that point moot by opening her robe, and lowering an engorged nipple to my mouth.

"I have a proposition for you. I'll be honest, you're not going to get a long- term relationship from either one of us. However, you were pretty good last night, and you showed promise to become even better. So, here's our offer. We've been wanting a personal slave ever since we got to San Fran. For one month, you will be that slave. If I tell you to do my dishes, you will do so. If I tell you buy us dinner, you will do so. You will bring whatever things you need from home, but you will live with us for that one month. In return we will teach you how to become an expert lover. You are going to get the fucking of your life. This Saturday morning is the third of August. If you agree, by August 31 you will be able to not only sexually please any woman, but to get any woman you want. What do you say?"

I was suckling on a beautiful breast. I had another gorgeous woman sucking me off. How could I say no? I released Trinh's tit from my mouth, and quickly nodded my head "yes."

"Just remember, it's not as simple or as fabulous as you might think. Well, the sex will be fabulous, but we intend to work you hard. You cannot refuse a request from us if we demand something of you, no matter how much you might not want to do it. If you do, I can see to it that no club in SF will ever allow you in. No woman will ever speak to you again. I have many friends here, and screwing over a little computer nerd would be nothing to them. I don't want to humiliate you or erode your self-esteem. I'm not going to have you do stupid things like walk buck naked through a nunnery just to please my own twisted humor. I just want to make sure you don't back out."

This was the chance to change my life. This was the chance to break out of my shy self-conscious shell. I knew I could live through any request they could throw at me. I nodded again. "Yes, I'm sure."

"Good!" Trinh's smile took a turn for the wicked. "But before we make our final decision to accept you, I think we need one more evaluation round!"

Quyen released her lip-grip on my rod, then flipped onto her back across the bed next to me and opened her robe wide, baring her beautiful form to my hungry gaze. She had apparently been playing with herself while she sucked me, her body shimmering with a thin layer of sweat and a sticky wetness visible between her thighs. She spread her legs apart, and with two fingers spread the folds of her cunt wide. I took the hint and rolled over her, my hands planted on either side of her awaiting body as I directed the head of my staff between those folds. Closing my eyes to focus on the sensations, I glided into her, savoring the heavenly feeling of her pussy.

Trinh meanwhile wasted no time shedding her robe again, and squatted over Quyen's face, facing back towards me. I watched entranced as Trinh lowered her steaming cunt to Quyen's probing tongue, studying carefully the contortions of pleasure crossing her face. I realized also that Quyen's extended pleasuring of my cock had already eroded much of my stamina, and I would not last too long this round. So with energy directed into my hips I forced myself to focus on getting Quyen off, piledriving into her solidly and with perfect rhythmic timing.

Trinh decided to distract me further by leaning forwards and grabbing a hold of my head, pulling me into a passionate kiss as we both ground our hips down onto Quyen's body. We were an artistic triangle of lust pulsing back and forth with sexual energy. My hands were now gripped onto Trinh's chest just underneath her swaying breasts, cupping and caressing the sensitive nerves there.

Trinh came first, Quyen's expert girl-loving hitting all the right notes from undoubtedly many hours of experience, Trinh howling out her orgasm and toppling off onto the plush bed. For my part it was a matter of male pride to finish off Quyen first, as I leaned down to taste Trinh's honey on her lips. I snaked one hand down to our junction to furiously rub her budding clit, my other hand tweaking Quyen's apparently very sensitive nipples.

I was rewarded with a moan from Quyen flowing into my mouth, the break in her silence music to my ears. She was headed down the path of orgasm from which there was no return, and I gave myself over to the pleasure coursing down my body and into my hips. It was in this moment, the few seconds before bliss overwhelmed us that the electric connection hit me. My eyes were staring straight down into Quyen's, and for a few brief seconds I felt as if I belonged to her. The heavenly look on Quyen's face told me she was having the same experience I was having, as if we were one with our lover. Quyen's hips spasmed, and with a low musical moan she came, coating my rod with her juices and sending her pussy muscles into convulsions. This of course overloaded the senses in my rod, and my hips began to jerk in telltale orgasm. An outpouring of love was bursting from my mind and projecting into hers, and I saw a tear of joy appear in the corner of Quyen's eye as she felt its glow flooding into her mind.

Trinh suddenly yanked me out of Quyen's cunt and flattened me on the bed, just as I hit the boiling point. She got her mouth onto me just in time as I erupted into her mouth, and as I watched her cheeks fluxing she drank down every last drop.

As sexy as that sight was, however, it was another face that caught my attention. My connection to Quyen had been broken. Quyen's face, still glowing from recent orgasm, had taken a turn for the worse when I was pulled out of her. As she watched Trinh drink me down, she looked positively crestfallen. Her luminous eyes had taken a dull glow, her mouth in a tight frown as if she was about to cry but trying very hard not to. She looked at me with longing, and as Trinh swallowed down the last couple drops, Quyen got up from the bed and flew out the door.

Trinh, apparently oblivious to all this, finished up and crawled up the bed to my side. Trinh was then purring into my ear. "Mmm... I'm going to enjoy you for the next few weeks."

Even as she pressed her naked bosom into my chest, I found I was staring through the open doorway, only one woman on my mind; and it wasn't the one pillowed on my shoulder at this moment. I shook my head, trying to sort out the emotions flooding my overworked brain. This was going to be an interesting few weeks indeed.

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