Turning The Tables
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Drunk/Drugged, Magic,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - She uses sex as a weapon, very successfully...she leads men around by the cock and balls and has them doing whatever she wants. Now she's got me in her sights, and I'm not eager to become the next puppy she puts on a leash. And then...everything changes, and suddenly I'm the one who is holding the leash. (Will add more story codes with each chapter)

"Oh, yeah, baby... just like that... it feels so good!"

Okay, so what she was saying to me as I moved back and forth with my cock in her pussy seemed a bit clichéd... but then nothing about this situation seemed like it was any more than just an exercise in vigorous naked activity — i.e., the mechanics and appearance of sex, without the passion or the real feeling of being in the moment.

I had to admit I was surprised when the sex-bomb that was Tonya Tachinsky walked into my office that afternoon and sat in the chair across the desk from me. "Please, make yourself at home," I said somewhat acerbically, as Tonya was a bit stuck on herself and acted somewhat like the queen of the office to anyone not in her social circle.

Of course, why shouldn't she. She was petite, maybe 5'2" in stocking feet, 110 pounds soaking wet — but all of what she had was put in the right places. I would never ask her aloud, but her dimensions had to approximate 36-24-32... a generous bust, tapered waist, and tight yet full bottom that swayed so deliciously atop the four-inch heels she generally wore.

However, a lot of her attitude might be attributed to the fact she seemed to have so many of the senior executive staff on a leash, able to get them to do anything she wanted with just a snap of her fingers. Despite the fact that she was only an administrative assistant, she seemed to be better connected and hold more power at that particular office than even the senior V.P. in charge of the division. That very day, I had seen her buttonhole my boss, Richard Swenson, in the hallway between his office and mine. She pulled on his tie until his ear was level with mouth, then whispered softly in his ear for a moment, finishing with a soft lick on his earlobe as she turned away. Richard stood there trembling, his eyes glued on the round mounds of her gluteus maximus as the traveled back and forth inside her tight leather mini-skirt... and then his eyes went wide and his hands shot to cover his crotch! I swear, I think the man shot a load in his pants just watching the girl walk away.

As for myself, I had just transferred into this office from Atlanta, having risen up the executive ladder quickly after turning around failing sales programs in Baltimore, Cleveland, and then entire Southeast Region of the company. We sold copiers to major business concerns all across America, but somewhere along the line, the company had lost the trust of its customers. People who had used our copiers for years started going with other companies that made somewhat inferior products but delivered them at a better price point. Some bright boy in Rochester decided to de-emphasize the superiority of our products and our much better technical support and try to compete head-to-head at a price that made no sense to the company's bottom line...

Sorry... I know you're not here to read about the corporate B.S., and I do get carried away by it sometimes. Suffice it to say, I was the rising young star in the corporate firmament, but an outsider to those in this new office. And, unlike those long-timers, Tonya Tachinsky didn't have her hooks in me.

And now she was sitting across from me in my office. Anyone see a coincidence here?

"Now, now, Tony, is that any way to act? Especially when Dickie has decided to put us together so that I can help you...", she pauses to lick her lips, leaning forward so that the tops of her breasts are visible over the corset-style top she's wearing, "acclimate." She exhales the word breathily, a beautifully studied action that's obviously an invitation to do more than just learn where the coffee machine and the restroom are located.

I sit back in my chair and contemplate her obviousness, my index fingers steepled under my nose, as is my habit when I'm thinking. Though I'm fairly young compared to the other executives in the office, I know I'm no Adonis. Hard work and moderate diet have kept me trim, but I'm no gym hound. I'd spent most of my career meeting with clients in their offices, keeping me from being chained to a desk and developing a gut and a cushion-ass. And while I could pass for mid-30s when I was dressed casually and wearing a ball cap, my gray pinstripe and severe expression often made people compare me to actor Patrick Stewart — especially since I have his hairline!

Therefore, I could honestly say her offer was not made from mutual sexual attraction. In fact, despite her overt sexuality, I wasn't all that attracted to her, either. It was obvious she used her physical charms to dominate and control her work environment, and that was not the least bit attractive to me. Moreover, she must be holding the sex over the heads of those she slept with, perhaps using the risk of exposure to wives, or to the company at large, as the hammer she used to exert such power in the executive suite.

As I sat there quietly contemplating, I could see her discomfiture grow. Tonya was used to covering herself in catnip and watching the males come to her as if pulled by an invisible leash. The fact that I wasn't jumping at her offer to become "acclimated" was making her uncomfortable, though she tried to cover it by being the bitchy tease she always acted like in the halls.

Sitting back in her seat, she stretched her neck upward and attempted to look down her nose at me — a neat trick given that the top of her head didn't even register as chest high to me as she was sitting now. "What's the matter, Tony? Do you need the facts of life explained to you this late in life? Is that why you aren't married?" She thought for a moment, and then a cold grin and a raised eyebrow were aimed at me. "Or maybe you like boys better than girls, hmmmmm?"

I looked at her a moment, raising my own eyebrow at the comment. I'd seen the HR department run people right out the door for much less innocent remarks about sexual preference. The fact that she would openly comment on such a thing was another sign that she felt she was untouchable, that she could do whatever she wanted and could get away with it.

Finished with my contemplations, I stood up and, without a word to Tonya, walked out of my office. I heard her skirt rustle as she turned in the chair, watching me leave. I heard her say, "Where do you think you're going? Come back here!" her voice rising into a screech as I moved out the door and down the hallway. As I made my second turn, I glanced back to see her shoot out the door of my office, her face a mix of fury and confusion as she rushed to see where I was going.

As it was, I ended up facing Richard "Dickie" Swenson's P.A., telling her it was urgent that I see him right away. She picked up the phone and barely got the words "Mr. DiNardo to see you..." out of her mouth before I pushed through the doors to Richard's office and shut them firmly behind me.

God bless Richard's assistant! She told me later that, once she realized who was coming hot on my heels, she disconnected from her boss's interior line but continued talking. Julie Thomas was as new to the company as I was, but with better connections — her father had started with this office and moved on to a position at company headquarters. Now his daughter was getting her feet wet to see if she liked the industry, and her father had talked Richard into giving her the open P.A. position in his office. She disliked Tonya immensely, resenting her queen bee ways and sneering demeanor, but tried mostly to ignore her and do her job the way it should be done — including denying her sexy adversary immediate entrée to her boss's office without good reason.

As Julie talked on the phone, Tonya stood with her hands on her hips, almost breathing fire, waiting to get a word in edgewise. But Julie was busily writing a list of things that Richard apparently needed her to do, and she ignored the furious woman in front of her while spuriously concentrating on her "work." Muttering, Tonya realized she couldn't just push into the office as I had done. She didn't know why I was inside with "Dickie," but if she interrupted a meeting between him and a client, or if Julie took offense and rook the matter to her father, her thoughtlessness might cause repercussions within the company that even she couldn't handle. Julie looked at Tonya impatiently as the skimpily dressed interloper gestured toward the door, but just shook her head as she continued to murmur inanities into the phone and make faux notes on her legal pad. Knowing she couldn't do anything more, Tonya stomped off, snarling, as Julie laid down the phone and settled back in her chair, a rather self-satisfied smile on her face.

While this mini-drama was playing itself out in the reception area, I had my palms flat on Richard's desk, my anger plainly visible in my face. "Who the fuck is Tonya Tachinsky and why was she just now in my office acting like she wanted to sleep with me?" I said with some venom, leaning over his desk to glare into his eyes. Even though it wasn't my usual style, I added for effect, "She basically said you were her pimp, and set her up to take me for a ride... Dickie."

His eyes widened as his brain processed the words, and he looked around him like a cornered animal seeking some way to escape an impending attack. He managed to stammer out a few nonsense syllables, more interested in putting some space between us before actually trying to put together a coherent sentence. He pushed away from his desk, swinging his chair to the right and making as if to stand up. When he did reach his feet, he was surprised to find me standing directly in front of him, now even more furious about whatever the hell he was setting me up for.

"What the hell is going on here, Richard? I watch the rest of you walk around this woman like she's a goddess and you are her faithful servants, doing what she wants when she wants it! I may be only the most junior executive on this floor, but I don't think there's anybody in Rochester who could condone this kind of blatant disregard for corporate policy. Hell, she was in my office just a few minutes ago openly propositioning me... and then making comments about my sexual orientation! Either one of those things is grounds for termination, but she implied that you steered her toward me deliberately! Are you setting me up? Trying to get me fired? What the hell are you playing at?"

"Dickie," as I was coming to think of him, stepped backward, again trying to create some space between us. When the lip of his chair hit the back of his knees, he let himself fall backwards heavily, landing in his seat with a squishy thud, an "Oof!" escaping quietly from his lips. His eyes wouldn't meet mine, and it was obvious he was trying to find something to say to me, rummaging in his mind to find some plausible, sensible reason for what had just happened. I was leaning over him again, pressing my advantage, hoping my invasion of his personal space would help force the truth from him. His eyes started flicking from side to side as he considered his options; he squeezed his hands together as if trying to push out all the air trapped between his palms. Sweat ran freely down the sides of his face as he considered and then discarded ideas running through his brain. It took several minutes, but his eyeballs finally stopped moving, and he again focused on my face looming above him. Nodding, he raised his hand, pushing me away from him, and then turned his chair back to his desk.

"Sit down, Tony. I need to call some people in here so that we can try to explain what's going on. You're right in thinking she's controlling the men in this office. And sex has a lot to with it. But you're never going to believe what I'm about to tell you unless I have some corroboration."

"In the meantime, fix yourself a drink, and get one for me. I think we're both going to need it!"

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