Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - It's late, and things aren't quite what you might think... To make this work, I had to leave out a couple of categories... The whole point of this is to ask a question... It's at the end of the story. Read the story FIRST.

I woke suddenly, late at night, and realised Rebecca wasn't there. I knew she'd had some problems sleeping lately, and I was a little worried about her. I didn't really want to interfere though, as she got touchy about being awake, and that just made it worse.

After a few minutes of lying there, though, I realised that I couldn't go back to sleep without at least checking. I hauled myself from the blankets, and stood shakily on the floor. Undies and a t-shirt were enough. It was hot.

I walked out of the bedroom and saw her across the floor, her body silhouetted by the light from the computer monitor. I paused and realised for the millionth time how gorgeous she was, and how lucky I was. She hadn't seen or heard me, and I thought it might be nice to keep it that way, at least for a minute. She was also dressed in a shirt and not much more. The evenings had been stifling of late. Perhaps that was the reason she couldn't sleep.

I walked slowly up behind her, padding soundlessly on the carpet. She was reading, as usual. I could see the shape of the text from here, though I didn't have a hope of reading it. The white screen flickered a little as she scrolled down, deep in concentration. I sneaked closer.

I'd reached the point where I could reach out and touch her, and I took the opportunity, sliding my fingers down the sides of her neck, expecting her to jump. She just sighed, and carried on reading. I took a chance, and assumed it was a 'keep doing that' sigh, rather than a 'don't touch me again or you won't see sunrise' one. I must have been right, because she continued to take no notice as I gently caressed the sides of her head, and down her neck again until I'd reached the point where her shirt covered her skin.

I leaned in close and kissed her where my hand had been. She tipped her head to the side a little, encouraging me without interrupting what she was doing. I paid attention to that side for a while before switching. She just keep sighing, and reading, and scrolling.

Eventually I decided I needed access to more of her than I could easily manage, so I gently took hold of her elbows, and lifted them. She got the hint, and stretched her arms toward the ceiling. I took hold of the hem of her white shirt, and lifted it up and over her head.

Rebecca's skin, which normally looked pale and delicate, took on a rich hue in the low light, and especially in comparison with the bright white shirt. Her skin was dotted with counless small freckles, more noticeable than ever, and I was tempted, as always, to draw lines between the more obvious ones with my fingers. I always loved the look of her body, and she was delightful sitting there topless, her warm skin smooth and inviting. Her breasts weren't large, but they suited her perfectly. I brushed her red hair out of way and kissed her neck some more, my hands in front of her this time, caressing her breasts, feeling the weight of them, and sliding my fingers across her skin.

I had slid my arms under hers, so as to not get in the way, but when I looked over and down I realised that scrolling wasn't the only thing on her mind. Her right hand was mouse-clicking just as you might expect, but her left hand was much closer to her body. I saw then that she was only wearing a pair of skimpy grey panties, and her left hand had been resting on top of them, gently sliding up and down the indentation she had formed with her touching. There was a thoroughly damp darker patch on the panties that was only apparent when she took her fingers away.

I looked at her face, amused more than anything, and she grinned at me briefly before returning her attention to what she was reading, and sliding her hand back between her legs, but this time down the inside her panties. I loved it when she did this, but I was just a little upset that I couldn't see, so taking my mouth from her for a moment, I scrunched down, kissed her none to gently on her waist and hooked my thumbs in either side of her panties. I bit then, reasonably hard. That got her attention again, and she realised what I wanted.

Rebecca managed to lift her butt of the seat without any further disruption, and I pulled her panties down her bare legs far enough that they wouldn't get in the way. I lifted myself from the floor and kissed my way back up to her neck. My hands returned to her breasts while my mouth tasted her earlobes, loving the smooth skin and the tense muscles of her neck as I nibbled back down.

I kept busy with the neck and shoulders, while my hands played with her breasts, being just a little rough, the way she liked. I could watch her too, as she caressed herself down below her ginger thatch. She was subtle for a while, not rushing, just sliding slowly back and forth. Then she stopped scrolling. She must have finished the story, but certainly still had some business to attend to. Without saying a word, she pushed her butt forward on the seat, lay back a little, spread her knees wide on the seat, and pushed two stiff fingers deep inside herself.

Her other hand, no longer needed for the mouse, was free to caress her clit, and that's what she did, stroking deeply with one hand, and worshipping her clitoris with the fingertips of the other. I knew it couldn't last long, and it didn't. Her chest pressed hard against my hands as she arched her back, and I knew she was encouraging me to dig my fingernails into her skin. I closed my fingers over Rebecca's breasts, hard, and that was the end of it. I could feel her body tense, her breath came in short gasps, and she shuddered from her head down to at least where her fingers were completing a rapid dance. She pulled her fingertips suddenly from her clit, but continued to slowly stroke her hand in and out of herself until she calmed down a little.

Then, and only then, when I lifted my mouth from her neck, did she look at me, smile, and attach her lips to mine. I couldn't have escaped if I wanted to. I didn't.

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