In the Beginning

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Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: In the Beginning - While multi-millionaire redneck Jack Parsons is sleeping one night the world starts dying by time zones. Somebody has to jump start the new population and Jack intends to do his part. This is the long promised rewrite and there'll be plenty of new stuff too.

The small starship departed hyperspace approximately twenty-five thousand kilometers from the largest planet in the solar system. It was positioned so that the gas giant was between it and the third planet out from the star.

The commanding officer notified the population scientist of their arrival. The population scientist's presence was the main reason for this particular semi-routine mission.

"We are hidden from the target planet by the gas giant. You should be able to monitor it from here with probes," Ergit, the commanding officer, reported.

"We will launch them promptly, even though the data they will gather is expected to merely confirm our decision," Inglan, the population scientist, said.

"My impression was that acquiring current data was the main reason for this assignment," Ergit said.

"Current data is required for confirmation before we execute our mission, but past performance indicates that there will be no meaningful changes," Inglan said.

"Then, if there are no significant developments, I assume we will sterilize the planet for re-seeding later," Ergit said.

"That has usually been our policy; however, a small group of population research scientist have requested a modified procedure on this subject. The life form that has emerged is robust and resourceful and its progress toward civilization was rapid.

"The research group has prepared a NanoVirus to infect the sentient population. The virus will collect data from the infected hosts and communicate it to us for processing. We will analyze that data and select individuals to terminate, or to be more exact, individuals to spare. Frankly, it is a desperate attempt to salvage billions of years of research.

"This planet was seeded over four billion of their years ago. Our technology had progressed enormously in that time, but even with current techniques a new seeding would require nearly two billion years to yield meaningful results.

"The research group believes that selective terminations can restore the experimental value of this subject without the need for complete sterilization, and they have received permission to try. Unless there has been significant progress since the last probing, we will go ahead with the modified procedure.

"The selective terminations will also retard the target's development sufficiently to allow preliminary terraforming preparations of the fourth planet, which they call Mars. If the experimental procedure has not shown promise within five hundred of the target's years it will be fully sterilized at that time.

"That will allow the preliminary preparations of the fourth planet to complete and it will be seeded if the experimental procedure fails. Additionally, if the experiment shows promise, the fourth planet will be more attractive to the target planet's population as they re-emerge, which should entice them to make greater efforts toward off world exploration," Inglan said.

"Is that their primary deficiency? Have they decided that they are alone in the universe?" Ergit inquired.

"Not exactly, projections from earlier data suggested they should have ventured to their satellite before our arrival, and that they would be sending elementary probes within their system. Unfortunately, it is also projected that their political difficulties will have effectively strangled any hope for out of system exploration.

"They are in part a promising species, but they have some strange idiosyncrasies. They have evolved multiple forms of government over the planet with little coordination, even after over five thousand of their years of building civilization. There are in excess of one hundred and seventy separate governments.

"They also cling to religions and have scores of different examples. Some of the governments are still controlled or vastly influenced by these religions.

"Natural selection has effectively ceased and many, in fact most, of the governments allow advantages gained by parents to be passed along to offspring with no regard for merit.

"Many promising young adults are greatly hampered by the lesser achievements of their parents. Their shortcomings are numerous but it is projected that these are serious enough that they cannot be overcome without drastic measures.

"The probes will be dispatched now. We should know our course of action within twenty of the target's hours," Inglan said.

Two Days Later

"Have you studied the probes' data, Inglan?" Ergit asked.

"Yes, and it is below anticipated projections.

"One government has become essentially all-powerful, but it is hopelessly entangled in political and legal machinations, and fiscal corruption is firmly entrenched. We will initiate the experimental procedure in six of their hours," Inglan said.

"What criteria will be used in the selective terminations?" Ergit asked.

"All who rule and maintain the social structures will be terminated; Government leaders, religious leaders, teachers, and business leaders, down to the lowliest. All military and police personnel also. The remaining deaths will be nearly random, but they will be weighted to leave physically and mentally superior individuals.

"The research group has developed a selection system that can make an intelligent choice once it has the data from the infected hosts. It is instructed to consider cumulative results. The viruses will facilitate communications between the infected hosts and this ship.

"We will be required to remain on station for twenty of their days to facilitate communications and data processing. The virus cannot communicate beyond the system. Ideally, ninety-eight percent of the population will be terminated.

"The ratio of males to females for the survivors should be approximately four females to one male. This is projected to give the maximum quality to quantity for repopulation.

"The data will also be used to select and terminate all criminals. All those currently incarcerated will die and all who have criminal intent that can be determined also. Of course some of the decisions in this area will be subjective.

"We are striving to retain the best ratio of intelligence to robust physical vitality. We will also attempt to maintain a significant number of medically trained individuals to enhance the survivability of those who are spared. Unfortunately, many of the highest of the medically trained are undesirable in many other ways," Inglan said.

"Won't these criteria also terminate many promising individuals?" Ergit asked.

"Of course they will. Terminating ninety-eight percent of any population will destroy many promising individuals, no matter what criteria are used. We are striving to destroy the civilization that they have constructed, not the species. Anyone that was building or maintaining that civilization must die," Inglan said.

"What about their infrastructure?" Ergit asked.

"No physical damage is to be inflicted. We are leaving a powerful drone to monitor the decline after we are gone. It will be able to watch over situations that could become dangerous after the population can no longer oversee them. For instance, they have several nuclear power generation units, which could cause damage if left unattended.

"They also extract and refine petrochemicals and minerals from deposits within the planet. Many of these facilities could also cause damage after there are no individuals to tend them. The drone will direct curtailment of these activities by those who are to be eliminated, before their terminations are completed.

"The drone can send instructions to the infecting viruses which they can transmit to their hosts. They will facilitate the orderly progression of mechanical shut down before their terminations. The drone will also monitor progress on the target so that no further visits for inspection will be needed," Inglan explained.

"How long will it take to obtain complete infection?" Ergit asked.

"We will send one hundred million virus delivery units. The virus can spread from one host to another within one hour of infection. Each unit can infect up to five hundred million individuals and the virus will remain active as long as the individual lives.

"It is estimated that all individuals will be infected within seventy-two of their hours. Selection should finish within another seventeen of their days and we will be free to leave then," Inglan said.

"Since sterilization will not be total, are any provisions being made for disposal of the terminated remains?" Ergit asked.

"The drone has been instructed to stagger the terminations in order to minimize hardships on the remaining population. Those selected for termination will be organized to bury those already terminated. This has been projected to provide nearly one hundred percent cleanup.

"The drone has also been instructed not to interfere with the activities of those who will not be terminated, except to provide a calming effect during the massive terminations," Inglan explained.

"This is certainly the most interesting mission I have ever participated in," Ergit said.

"It is interesting; it is the first partial sterilization we have ever performed. I always regret sterilizations and the massive loss of life. Most populations that require termination seem to think life is given on a whim, as if nothing is required of them except that they devote themselves to their own pursuits," Inglan lamented.

"Amazing," Ergit said.

Five Hours Later

"The virus delivery units are all away," Inglan said.

"Very well," Ergit said.

Seventy Hours Later

"Virus reports indicate that the uninfected population is now a non-significant figure," Inglan reported.

Seventeen Days Later

"All virus and drone activities that require our presence are completed Commander Ergit," Inglan announced.

"Helm set course for Station three-thirty-six," Ergit ordered.

"Course set, sir," the helmsman replied.


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