My First Day at My New Job
Chapter 1

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Mind Control, MaleDom, Humiliation,

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Chapter 1 - She was chosen over dozens of well qualified women. Nicole is the typical arrogant yuppy, self assured and ready for succes, she knows she has great assets to offer to any firm that hires her. But in her new job she finds out that her only important assets are her large hooters and that the corporate training did more to her mind than she could believe.

It is my first day at my first big job. I was chosen over twelve well connected and very competent candidates, this firm wanted the absolute best woman for the job.

The selection process was rather strange. It took a month, with activities every day, with lots of physical exams, more than a few psychological tests and the use of IQ tests I never heard of, using computer patterns and sound recognition.

The last week I was injected with a dozen different syringes, they told me I'd have to travel all over the world and I had to be protected against local diseases. I also have seen hours and hours of company videos in the last week and I must confess I dozed off in all of them, I can't actually remember a thing about the videos, save that they were about company rules and procedures,

But here I am, I smile in victory as I strut past the secretarial pool looking down at the poor women here... they do not have a major in administration like me and they have no hope to achieve what I just managed to win.

I look through the window and see Mr. Z, the powerful owner and director of this company. He sits in his office and brush the lint off his tailored suit as he waits for me.

I stop by the director's door, his secretary just announced me. I close my eyes and take a deep breath. This is such an important moment of my life.

I look at my perfectly matched clothes, the knee long grey skirt is perfect, not to daring yet slightly alluring. I had to use a minimizer to keep my E-cups from distracting the man, but it is not working. It is not easy to hide breasts as big as mine!

I finally enter the room to see the powerful man sitting behind his desk, looking at me with a predatory stare, like all the BIG executives.

"Hello sir, my name is Nicole, Nicole Boketti. We met two weeks ago during the last interview." I say with my best smile and walk until I'm just in front of him.

He looks directly at my chest and smile, I feel a shiver, it is not what I expected, and somehow I feel he is remembering the physical videos... for the wrong reasons!

"Hello, Nicole. It's nice to have you aboard." He stands up and shakes my hand. "Let's get right to business, shall we? First off, you should feel very proud to be chosen... we had some excellent candidates, even a few from within the organization, but your 'assets' blew all of them away."

"Thank you sir!" I answer proudly. It is weird. Is he ogling my boobs?! I thought he was more 'professional' than that! But I'm used to guys staring and drooling at my too large mounds, I started to grow them when I was twelve and I am not exactly self conscious about my bosom. "How do I begin? I'm eager to start at my new career."

"Well, your 'position' under me is critical to our ability to function as a company and one of our first requirements is that you be presentable." He answers looking at me with appraising eyes. "Now, your choice of clothing today was obviously very professional, but more suited to the schoolteacher rather than an 'up and cumming' young businesswoman. Don't you think?"

"Err..." It caught me by surprise, I have to think quickly. "I came with the usual, I still don't know the company politics on clothing and the way the higher level staff must dress. But I'm ready to learn it." I say trying to gauge if my answer was good or bad.

At least I notice one thing, he keeps stealing glances at my breasts and he does not look happy with the way they look, as if scolding me for wearing such a tight brasserie.

"Very good! An eagerness to learn was one of the reasons you were selected as well." Mr. Z hands me a pair of scissors over the desk. "That skirt is much to long for a young woman like you. It is very important that all personnel dress to their age and station. Cut at least a foot off the hem. How old are you again? 35?" I am sure he realizes that age is much to high, but I think he is gauging my reaction.

"I-I am 25!" I answer grabbing the scissors and looking at it with a frown. This must be some kind of corporate test. "Do you want me to cut off my skirt... at least a foot?!" I ask in shock. I look at the man and he does not look like he is joking.

"Oh... you're 25? Then you'd better make it 20 inches cut off. Oh and remove that blazer. That's part of what's making you look so far beyond your age. I know, some places they call it distinguished. Here its plain dis-gusting. Besides, as the Bible says, never hide your candle under a basket."

"Y-yes sir." I remove the blazer first, while I think of what to do with my skirt, it is a very expensive piece of clothe! "A-are you sure about the skirt?"

I am stuttering, it shows weakness, but this situation... it is nothing like what I imagined as my first contact with the director of the firm!

Still, I am not sure I should accept this, something is not right here. I know I should have started screaming and I would have walked away in anger and fill a sexual harassment law suit when he demanded it. But somehow I just can't seriously consider it. This is weird!

"You are taking too long to follow my instruction Miss Boketti." He stands and walks around the desk to stand directly over me. "Shall I do it instead?"

"I-I..." I stand in doubt for a moment, the music of the sounds system is the only sound in the room. "I'll do it."

I close my eyes and blush so deep I must look like a tomato now. With my hands trembling I grab the skirt and start to cut it off, a little more than a foot of it.

"What?!" He raises my chin with one finger. "That was not 20 inches. Apologize for your insubordination. Clearly numbers are not your strong suit... Unlike 'figures'."

"S-sorry sir..." I say more submissively than in any moment of my life. "I'll do it right now."

I end up making up for me mistake cutting off at least two feet. The skirt now ends just above my crotch, a lewd spectacle since I also have strong legs and a nice bubble butt... He was so openly talking about my 'figure'... I feel so embarrassed! Why am I not reacting?!

"Better! I see now that you understand your biggest ASS-set is your ability to learn. Now, let's apply the same logic to your blouse. Could you describe for me the rationale for your conservative upper body attire?"

"I-I don't want my body distracting my co-workers a-and I want to look professional sir." I answer looking down to the floor.

My first day is not starting well. In fact I am treated like a whore... and worst: I feel like I am failing... letting the company down because I have not dressed in the weird way he wants!

"Clearly you misunderstood that this position is 'directly' under me. Therefore it is subject entirely to my discretion. The distraction potential for your co-workers is immaterial. Your style of dress and behavior will be subject to daily inspection and you must not be found wanting... although you are likely already 'wanting'... Is that clear?"

"Yes sir." I answer weakly, still looking to the ground and feeling miserable. I'm failing in my first day! "What would you want me to do now sir?" I ask in doubt.

It is all so strange, why am I accepting this?! Why don't I just slap his face and go away... why am I thinking I am dressed in an inappropriate way?

"Now you're finally beginning to ask the right questions! I can't have you all constricted and bound up. If any of your clothing is designed to restrain or hold you back remove it now."

I blush so hard I almost pass out, I look up to his face and gasp in shame.

"O-ok sir." I end up answering. This is not me saying it, it can't be!!

On the next moment I undo the top buttons of my blouse and open it to show the heavy bra pressing down my melons. I think for a moment and then use the scissors to cut it away form my body. I look down and see a nice expensive bra rendered useless. Then I finally raise my head again and look expectant for his reaction, I feel like I need to please my boss!

"A minimizer? How dare you conceal your qualifications for this position? You may as well have lied on your resume! You can be sure that as long as you work for me everyone will know that you are big-udders-girl. That's your punishment for hiding it. Let the punishment fit the crime I always say." He looks down at my hardening nipples. "I keep all the offices at 65 degrees to keep everyone up and perky."

"M-my qualifications... for the position?" I repeat dumbly, letting it sink. I was chosen for my Boobs?!

I look at the man wide eyed, it can't be true, I'd never let any man do such a thing with me! My nipples start to get as hard as little rocks as if trying to call me 'liar'... I have huge pale areolas, almost as light as my skin, but the nipples are surprisingly small for the tit size.

"Right... I picked the girl with the largest tits... and that, little one, was you!" My mouth drops. I can't believe he is saying it! "You may thank me now for choosing you based on your tits."

"Th-thank you s-sir." I say in a demure voice, lowering my head in shame.

"Good girl." He pats my head. "See? Part of you has been dreaming of this your whole life. To be reduced to what you truly are... a pair of walking, submissive, huge tits. I'm just glad I could be the one to teach you."

"I-I... I am a pair of walking tits..." I repeat in shame, not believing I heard it. But somehow it feels true, as if I knew it all along and he is just helping me remember what I really am. "M-my position... because I have huge udders..."

"Oh and the position? It isn't exactly in my office... it's under my desk... and on top of it... and beside it... and in my car... at my house... in my bedroom. I'll be having you 24/7, of course."

"I-I am n-not..." I try to complain but I notice I am not going to walk away! What is happening?! "W-what have you done with me?"

"Oh that's just the mental realignment programs doing their job." Mr. Z reaches out and tweaks a nipple to hardness as he caress and kneads it under my open blouse. "There was one other requirement... receptiveness to the lead-in programs you watched last week. It was a nice confluence of huge tits and weak mind in you. I'm guessing that you had a very strict upbringing?"

"Y-yes." I nod trying to make myself fight this man, but I just can't. He is now molding my hooters on his hands and I am NOT complaining!

"Of course you did. They always do. Makes you girls more open to the programs and listening to a strong man. Was Daddy tough on his little girl?"

"Y-yes... h-he was very tough on me." I nod again, this time I look down at my knockers just to see them raised to my chin.

"Sure he was always pounding your ass for bad grades, fucking your tits to make him happy, and controlling your fragile little mind, right?" He slaps the bottom of my knockers and sends them juggling wildly.

"H-he did spank me for bad grades when I was a kid... a-and always tried to control me... b-but he ne-never fucked me..." I answer looking up in embarrassment. It is so strange to see a man fondling my hooters like it was just normal, as if nothing special was happening.

"Don't worry, little one... I'll do all three for you." I run my hand over both tits and back again massaging them. "Does your fragile mind have any questions for me?"

"Wh-what will you do to me?" I ask almost crying.

"Give you a purpose... teach you your place... comfort you through control... and enjoy the submissive flower that blooms so easily."

I lower my head and start to sob. I can't fight it and he is hellbent of turning me into a complete slut, a slave... what can I do?

"You will be my live-in maid... my udder-girl... my office toy. And you'll love every minute of it. Just like you love me touching you now." he says releasing my tits at last. "And you can start to serve me by giving me head, I had a stressful day and it is your duty and my sex-cretary to help me relax."

He sits on his large comfortable chair and I walk submissively behind him. Before I realize what is happening I am on my knees and unzipping his trousers. I look up to see his smile for a second before I lean down and take his hard cock into my mouth.

I sob but I know I can't resist it... this is the first day of my new life.

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