I Did Not See Anyone
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Hermaphrodite, Fiction, Rough, Sadistic, Group Sex, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Water Sports,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A man with rapist intentions is unwittingly given the powers to do so by a freak strike of lightning.

Jim Brown was a typical man, nothing special to make him stand out in a crowd. In fact you could almost consider him as an ugly duckling waiting to materialise as a swan. He had never been lucky at love or anything else for that matter and now at 26 years of age; he was about to have his worst run of luck in the last ten years.

Many people who knew of his history had secretly nicknamed him the lightning rod, for unbelievably he had been struck by lightning on three separate occasions and survived, the last twice he had not even shown any serious injuries from being hit.

His affinity to lightning began as a seven year old, caught out in the Nebraska wheat fields during a rainstorm that turning into an electrical storm, his injuries that day where the worst he was to receive with some 30% burns to his hands and feet and a freakish scar almost a lightning zigzag on his left side of his face.

His second incident with lightning happened again in Nebraska some five years later when sheltering under a tree he was struck by a lightning bolt and he had singed his hair, but no further damaged to his already defaced hands or face. It had taken six months for him to lose the smell of his singed hair and re grow his fine ginger top back. Many said the smell of singed hair was a figment of his imagination, but it was real enough to Jim.

His third brush with lightning death happened some eight years after the first one and again struck by a lightning bolt he showed no signs of any injury and in fact this time he felt an exhilarating rush of power, which left his fingers tingling for weeks. It was at this time that he began to notice that he could affect electrical systems. Once his mother's car had a flat battery and simply by placing his hands on the terminals he mentally thought about charging it up and ten minutes later, his mother started the car without a problem.

Fearing the next lightning strike would kill him, he moved from Nebraska to California, registered with the University there as firstly a student and then as a sports coach, figuring that the chances of lightning hitting California was far less than his old home town in Nebraska.

If he had know what fate had in store for him he would have lived in a cave, because during a freak torrential rainstorm in the San Fernando Valley he was hit for a fourth time by a lightning bolt, but this time it seemed so different. All he could remember was that he was stood sheltering from the rain in an old wooden barn and the next thing he came round some 2,000 metres away with smoke still rising from his soaked clothing.

Knowing his already odd nickname at University he decided not to report this latest incident, as it would only add to his already folk lore of a reputation. He did feel strange this time though and it was not until two weeks later he suddenly had an odd thought, 'What would he do, if he was suddenly totally invisible and untraceable?'

As he watched his reflection in the full-length mirror and concentrated on this thought, he noticed his reflection begin to fade and become almost transparent. With much more concentration he could make his image disappear completely and only had to think of being solid again for it to reappear.

After weeks of practise he was able to disappear at will and even managed to remain invisible for over an hour at a time. He was so eager to test his newfound powers! But where?

His mind wandered as he pondered the choices of where to put in his first appearance as the invisible man, or rather his non-appearance ... He suddenly had a thought which he was unable to shake from his excited brain, the female locker room at the University after all as a student he had seen loads of fit looking well built females disappearing into this room and had often fantasised about what it would be like to be a fly on the wall in there.

He made his way as a solid person down town towards the university and slipping into the hallowed halls he once occupied as a student he stood beside the hallway lockers and thought himself transparent. Then unseen he slipped to the female locker room and waited outside. Actually he was wondering how to get inside without freaking anyone out, it would appear really strange for the locker room door to open and close without anyone passing through it. His luck was in as a tall blonde busty student wearing a cheerleader's uniform came walking down the hallway. Quickly stepping aside and behind her he followed her into the locker room.

It was just as he had fantasised about, rows of lockers and benches with six or seven girls in various stages of undress, standing around chatting. He watched as the blonde student divested her top and sports bra, he then leaned forward and gently blew on to her nipple. She shivered and looked around for a possible open window. When she could not find one she then removed her short skirt and sweat knickers, she now stood in front of him less than two feet away as naked as the day she was born, he lightly reached out and stroked her blond pubic curls only to see a shocked look appear on the girl's face.

Quickly she pulled away and headed for the shower room, he followed and as he hit the steam sprays from the hot showers he became aware that the steam actually outlined his body. Quickly retreating he made a mental note to be much more careful in future.

Suddenly he spotted a female student all alone in the corner with a wet towel wrapped around her. Obviously she had just come from the shower and she was not likely to be returning there soon. So there was no reason she would spoil his newfound fun. He silently moved towards her, she seemed on edge as she glanced around the room. She was around seventeen or eighteen years of age and very slim with 36 C breasts and stood five foot six inches tall.

She relaxed, as she could not see anyone looking in her direction, little did she know of this man so close staring intently at her towel? She slipped from the towel and it was Jim's turn to be shocked, this girl had a great figure but what shocked him was the thing between her legs, even slack it was a six inch penis hanging there. He watched fascinated as she dried it off and then lifted it up to reveal a perfectly formed pussy beneath the tightly hanging balls. He had heard of such things but had never been lucky enough to see one in the flesh, she was a hermaphrodite, both sex organs in on body and he thought to himself "what a body".

He could not resist as he slid his hand on to her soft cock and he could feel it begin to harden in his hand. The girl looked down at her prick and could see it begin to harden and she was at a loss to explain why her prick felt like a man was caressing it, all she really knew that it felt so good and natural. Within seconds her cock was a fully erect eight inches and as thick as baseball bat.

Jim could not release it as he began now to wank the cock in his hand, He had never shown homosexual tendencies in the past but this seemed so different. Tabatha looked down at her rock hard cock and thought she could detect movement similar to a hand gripping as cock as it slowly worked it up and down. She found the sensation much too exciting to even think of crying out or stopping it.

Suddenly she saw her balls rise up of their own accord and felt something pressing against her rapidly juicing cunt. She should have felt alarmed by the sight of this but she thought she was having a daytime version of a wet dream, after all who says wet dreams only happen at night in bed.

Within seconds she was panting her way through her first orgasm when suddenly her cock spurted forth its white load all over her lower stomach. Jim instantly released her cock as she grabbed the towel and began wiping up the cream.

Jim decided to wait for this gorgeous creature and follow her to her dorm before trying to explore the situation a little more.

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