A Special Hell
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, Lesbian, BiSexual, Group Sex, Pregnancy, Cream Pie,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Brent and his wife Kaila are on a second honeymoon. They run into Helen and Charlotte, two lovely women who happen to be VERY into each other. Kaila discovers another side of herself... and Brent finds that patience is a virtue.

Chance is an amazing thing. I don't think of myself as a lucky guy, but coincidences and good fortune have followed me, even if I sometimes don't realize it at the time.

Take my wife, Kaila. I know that's usually followed by a "please", but hear me out. Honey blonde, blue eyes, talented, intelligent, and tall. She has exceptional legs, and tits that just scream, "Hey! Look at these!" She plays tenor sax in a little jazz combo that works the corporate event circuit in San Francisco. And to add to all this, I have no fucking idea what she sees in me.

Two years of marriage, and I still have no idea. I mean, she's given me the standard, "you make me laugh" response, but it really doesn't feel like the whole story. I'm just lucky I guess. It's not like I make more money than her, because I know I don't.

I mean, I'm no prize. I'm only five foot ten, although if you measure to the top of my naturally spiky light brown hair, you'd get six feet. My eyes are weird, depending on what color I'm wearing, they range from green to gray, and even then it's not predictable what color they'll appear. I just put down blue on the forms, because it's a happy medium. And that could pretty much describe my shape as well. Not great, just medium. Not bulked out, just reasonable. My wife often jokes that I look like one of the gods attached a cock to a woman's frame. My lower body is much more well built than my top, and on the few occasions when I've grown out my hair, I've been whistled at by guys in passing cars. As a result I have a very well built up middle finger.

Two years of marriage. It's funny, but they just flew by. One minute I'm popping the question, and the next; there we were, packed into our Westfalia, heading for Big Sur on our second honeymoon.

It was Kalia's idea. We'd both been so busy with our jobs in the city, and just needed to get away. So, in late September, we just said hell with it, and took off. We left the cell phones at the apartment, and just drove.

My job as an administrative assistant (Read: Secretary) doesn't pay much, but it has some perks. One of them is familiarity with the "affair" locations. At my company, I've scheduled more "Conferences" for two at Lake Tahoe, Puerto Valletta, etc., than I care to discuss. So when my turn came up, I had a great opportunity to grab a two-bedroom cabin in Big Sur for a week. Kaila was ecstatic, and the cost was low since it was off-season. It was perfect. Or so I thought.

It was about the time we hit Santa Cruz that we saw the dark clouds forming. By the time we'd cleared Carmel, we saw thunder, and the next thing you know, downpour. A cloudburst from fucking hell.

"Well this is just great." Kaila groaned, staring out the window at the sheets of rain.

"I'm sorry." I tried, a bit depressed at this turn of events.

"No. It's fine. It's just that the picnic's going to go to waste." She gestured towards the basket sitting in one of the microbus's rear seats.

"C'mon, it'll be romantic." I said, thinking about the cabin. "We'll light a fire, spread the blanket on the floor, have the picnic, then..." I trailed off with a lecherous grin and raised eyebrow.

"Jerk." Kaila shook her head with a smile, turning back to the road.

The rain didn't let up as we wound our way down Highway one. Occasionally, trees overhanging the road would give a brief respite before the onslaught of water continued. It was actually a little romantic, and I let my mind wander, catching what glimpses I could of the ocean through the cascade of liquid that fell from the sky.

I don't know how long we drove, but it was nice, Kaila occasionally reaching over to hold my hand. It made shifting a bit difficult, but a quick hand release, shift, and grasp seemed to work fairly well. The warmth of my wife's hand was a welcome sensation in the slight chill.

"Oh that has to suck." Kaila pointed with her free hand at a couple of figures wearing backpacks. They were still a good distance off, and partially obscured by the rain.

"Yeah," I agreed, taking in the forms that did not appear dressed for the weather. They both wore hats, one a small green, and the other a floppy brown, with a ponytail hanging over one shoulder.

"You know you don't have to stop." Kaila said, her eyes taking on an unreadable expression.

I could make them out a bit clearer, the guy on the left looked young, with a nice backpack that was darkened by the water soaking into it. His companion also carried a pack, but was obviously female, considering the emerald green shirt, which was also drenched.

"Young couple, caught in the rain." I slowed the bus.

"Are you sure?" My wife asked, looking at what looked like a bow strapped to the side of one of the backpacks.

"If it was me, I'd like it if somebody stopped." I smiled, pulling past the two figures on the side of the road. I turned the bus onto the shoulder, and brought it to a halt, pumping my brakes twice as I did.

"I love you." Kaila said softly, as she unbuckled her seatbelt and moved to the back of the bus. She quickly slid open the door, causing the sound of the downpour to echo in the bus.

I looked in the rear view mirror, watching the two backpackers break into a slight job. They moved to the side of the bus, and it was then that I realized my mistake.

The soaked fabric of a plain white t-shirt clearly revealed the shape of two firm breasts encased in a sports bra. Her face was slightly out of breath, but pretty, with soft gray eyes and an aquiline nose. A few short strands of white-blonde hair peeked out from under a dark green beret with an "airborne" patch on it. She took in the interior of the bus, before smiling a smile that seemed a bit too large for her face.

'Hey! Where you heading?" She asked, her voice a pleasant alto.

"You better turn around, cuz we're goin the other way!" A slight southern accent that I didn't believe still existed broke in. I followed the sound with my eyes to gaze into a pair of the bluest eyes I had ever seen, gazing at me under a dripping brown floppy hat. The first thought out of my mind was "Irish" as I took in her full lips and mahogany hair, which was braided up under her hat. The green shirt did nothing to hide the fact that she was amply endowed in the chest area, and I had to force myself not to stare.

Kaila laughed at the joke, before gesturing to the back seat.

"Hop in. We're on our way to a little south of Big Sur." She turned, scrabbling back into the front seat as the two women shucked their backpacks into the back of the bus.

"Great! That's right near where we're going." The blonde in the beret continued to smile as she ducked her head to enter. Small droplets of water fell from her as she crouch-walked to the back seat. She sat on the vinyl cushion heavily and let out a sigh.

The door of the bus slid shut as the other woman secured it, then rapidly joined her companion in the back seat. I turned back to the window, and noted with dismay the condensation that had built up from the pair's entrance.

"I'm gonna crack a window, ok?" I asked, and when there was no complaint, worked the handle, and then put the car into gear.

"So HI! I'm Kaila, and this is Brent," began my wife. I watched the road, and waved over my shoulder at the appropriate time.

"Helen." Stated the shorthaired blonde, now obvious since she had removed her beret and placed it over one knee.

"Charlotte," spoke the woman with the accent. She removed her hat, and then twisted it, releasing a stream of water onto the floor of the bus. "Oh shee-it. Sorry!" She choked out.

"Don't know why you wear that thing." Helen smirked, stretching her arm along the back of the seat.

"Oh, c'mon dahlin, it's cute." Charlotte responded, smoothing the hat and pulling it back over her braided hair.

"No, cute is a three year old thing." Helen shot back with an impudent smirk.

It was at this point I was enjoying myself. My wife was holding my hand, we had two nice girls we were helping, and the window had cleared up thanks to the breeze. I didn't think anything else could happen that I couldn't deal with.

"Ooooh, pedophile..." Charlotte responded to Helen with a voice that was pure sex.

Then she kissed Helen. Not a little sisterly peck, but a full-on dancing-tongue, lip lock, complete with roaming hands. I watched for a moment in the rear view mirror, my cock swelling to an almost instant erection. I knew I was turning red, and yanked my attention back to the road, swallowing hard.

I looked over at Kaila, who was looking at me with an amused grin.

"I'll, uh, be in my bunk." I lowered the register of my voice as I spoke the line, causing my wife to chuckle loudly.

"Sorry," Helen called from the back seat, sounding slightly out of breath.

"We're just glad we got a rahd." Interjected Charlotte.

"No, It's fine, right, Brent." Kaila smiled at me and gripped my hand tightly.

"Yeah, sure." I mumbled, keeping my eyes on the road. I knew for a fact that the image of those two beauties kissing would be in my memory for a long time.

"Didn't mean to embarrass you, Brent!" Charlotte called up, causing my blush to deepen.

"It's fine, really." I mumbled, keeping my eyes on the road.

"So how far are you going?" Kaila saved me from death by embarrassment. God, I love that woman.

"There's a dirt road about four miles outside town, so you can just drop us in town." Helen spoke up, her voice crisp.

"Oh no, not in this weather. Honey, we've got the time, right?" Kaila looked at me expectantly. I looked at the rain and nodded.

"Oh, that'd be real nice of you." Charlotte gushed.

"Unless you expect us to pay, in which case you can let us out right here." Helen's voice took on an icy tone.

"No, of course not." Kaila ignored the tone and continued. "Too bad about the rain, this could have been a real romantic walk."

"That was the plan actually," Charlotte nodded. "We figured on taking a day or two to hike down."

"Only the rain kinda caught us unprepared." Helen spoke up, the chill tone suddenly gone from her voice.

"No tent?" Kaila asked incredulously.

"Naah, we've got these real nice down bags that zip togethah." Charlotte explained. "I thought we could lie out undah the stahs..."

"I still can't believe those assholes." Helen broke in.

"What?" Asked Kaila, unclear on the subject change.

"Oh, about half an hour before you picked us up, some guys offered us a lift for "The usual,"" Helen raised her fingers and made quotes in the air with them.

"Ass, grass, or gas." Charlotte groaned, pulling the floppy hat from her head again. "You know, this just aint comfortable wet."

"Warned ya." Helen smirked. "So anyway, I offered em twenty bucks for gas, and the guy says, "oh no, we've already got a full tank.""

"So, I explain that I've got an ounce in my bag, but I can't get it out while my bag's wet." Charlotte grinned.

"Totally lying of course." Helen chimed in.

"Right, so he says, "oh well, how bout a blow job."" Charlotte lowered her voice as she spoke the male lines, "And I just pushed back from the car and started walking."

"She did too." Helen laughed. "And guys roll after us until he sees we're walking past a puddle, and just soaks us by driving through it as fast as he can."

"Total asshole," My wife concurred. "Hey, I think we've got a couple towels in one of the bags." She gestured to the pieces of luggage we had earlier placed in the bus. "If you two want to get dry, before we drop you back in the rain, I'll make sure Brent keeps his eyes on the road." Kaila finished the statement by giving me a look that could freeze the bay.

"Got it." I mumbled, concentrating on the road, as I heard the sound of zippers being pulled and cloth being shifted.

"Thanks Kay, really!" Charlotte said, and I could hear the sound of a towel being shaken.

"I can hurt you." Kaila reminded me as I fought the urge to look over my shoulder, or to try to adjust the rear view mirror, which my wife had thoughtfully turned directly towards herself.

A few minutes later, Kaila returned the mirror to its original position, and I could once again see into the rear of the bus. Helen and Charlotte no longer looked like drowned rats, but still had that look of a woman who has just stepped out of a shower.

"Thanks." Helen looked directly into the mirror as she said it, and her smile made a slight chill run through me. I just drove, along the curves and dips of the highway.

"Up here." Helen suddenly shouted as a small dirt road into the hills appeared on our left. I would have missed it with all of the rain, had she not alerted me.

"How much farther do you have to walk?" My wife asked, eyeing the rain.

"About a mile, mile and a half." Helen shrugged.

"Her uncle's got a trailah up here on some land." Charlotte piped up.

"He's not my uncle." The blonde countered, pulling her beret back on.

"What's one more mile?" I asked, turning the bus onto the dirt road. "So he's not your uncle?"

"No, he's my dad's army buddy." Helen explained as she began adjusting the straps on her backpack. "He said we could use the trailer for a couple days."

"Oh, so he's not there?" Asked Kaila, her eyebrows rising.

"Nope, just a little romantic getaway." Charlotte grinned at Helen.

"Stop it." Blushed Helen.

I drove the bus up the bumpy dirt road. The trees overhung it, giving a slight break to the oppressive rain. Everything, and I mean everything outside seemed damp and dismal, and I actually thought that as far as romantic getaways went, you couldn't have picked much worse, outside of say, Uzbekistan. Especially when I saw the trailer, or rather, what was left of it.

The corrugated steel of the trailer was a sharp contrast to the bark of the tree that neatly bisected it. The steel was buckled, jutting out in places, and totally soaked by the rain that fell on it. From what I could see from the car window, the trailer had been sitting on an embankment slightly higher than it's current position, and now lay half on, and half off, the entire structure sitting at an uncomfortable angle.

"Fuck." Helen's voice was soft, as the four of us took in the devastated shelter. There was no sound save the impact of the rain on the top of the bus.

I guess we could..." I didn't want to make the women walk back to the nearest town. "Give you a lift to a hotel."

"We'll figure it out," Charlotte nodded softly. "It'll be all right, dahlin."

"With WHAT?" Helen looked at Charlotte. "You want to just forget it and go back home? Because I'm not staying outside in the rain with NO FUCKING TENT!"

"It's just bad luck." Charlotte offered.

"Not this many in a row. First the rain, then the assholes, and now our vacation spot has a fucking TREE through it." Helen's voice rose as she spoke, her arm gesturing towards the wreckage.

"Helen, I'm sorry." Kaila broke in, her face taking on a thoughtful expression. "I take it you don't have another place to stay."

"Yeah. Just our apartment, but that's a four to five hour drive, and I'm not going to put..." Helen's comment was cut off by my wife, who spoke with an earnest and eager tone.

"Because if you don't, we've got a spare bed at our cabin."

There was silence in the bus as the reality of what Kaila was suggesting sank in. For my part I was a little bewildered. This was supposed to be our second honeymoon, and now we'd have houseguests.

"That'd be great!" Charlotte broke my reverie with an enthusiastic cheer. "Oh god, I can't thank y'all enough."

"Wait a second..." Helen stated, but Charlotte just gushed over her.

"We were planning on only bein' down heah for only three days, so I hope that's not too long for you." My wife merely smiled and nodded. "Oh fantastic. You have a stove... Of course you do. We'll just stay out of y'alls way, and you..."

"HEY!" Helen broke in with a shout.

Everyone's eyes were on Helen as she looked around the cabin. Charlotte's face became a puppy dogs, her eyes wide and pleading. Helen looked at her a moment, then loudly sighed.

"All right, fine."

Charlotte threw herself into Helen's arms, kissing her on the lips with a joyous grin. I turned back to start the car, when I heard Helen's voice, loud in the silence of the bus.

"Brent! One thing."

I turned back to see her with a deadly serious expression on her face.

"I don't mean to sound like a total bitch, but I want to make one thing totally clear."

I nodded, turning the key to start the engine.

"I'm not going to fuck you. Clear?"

"Never crossed my mind." I lied. Of course it had crossed my mind. Any man with a beautiful woman, and it's going to cross his mind that he wouldn't object to sliding into her pussy.

"I'm serious. We can just forget the whole thing if that's what you have in mind."

"We're clear." I nodded, slowly turning the bus around and heading back down the irregular dirt road.

"Ok, then." She breathed a sigh of relief, sinking back into her seat.

"Brent is going to be a little busy." Kaila laughed, half turning in her seat. "You see, this is supposed to be our second honeymoon. You know, the one where we get everything right?"

"Oh, that's nice." Charlotte grinned, snuggling next to Helen.

We soon reached the highway again and I turned left. It felt good to have asphalt under the tires again, especially after that abominable dirt road.

A few miles later, we reached the turn off which led to our cabin. The road was paved, a bit unevenly, admittedly, with tree branches pushing through the damp asphalt. Throughout the ride, Kaila had chatted wit Helen and Charlotte, telling them about her job, our marriage, leaving out some of the more personal details of course, but a real get-to-know-ya kind of conversation.

We passed a few dirt driveways, taking note of the numbers, before right around a sharp left in the road, we found ours. It moved up from the pavement, a narrow dirt road that was flanked by trees. We turned onto it, and soon I could see the small squarish shape of our cabin.

In front of the cabin was a large area of dirt, cleared to allow cars to park. From the dirt, a small wooden staircase led to a covered summer porch, with screens set between large redwood beams, which supported the roof. The cabin was surrounded on all sides by old, coniferous forest, and the needles gave the whole area a rust-red color, which was echoed by the logs that gave the cabin its form.

I pulled the bus to a halt in front of the cabin, far away from the streams of runoff that ran from the gutters of the roof. I switched off the engine, and pulled the keys, flipping through them until I got to the one that supposedly opened the door.

"No sense in all of us getting soaked," I offered, looking at the twenty or so feet between the car and the screen door. "Let me get the lights on, and then..."

"Don't be stupid," Kaila said, and before I could stop her, she had exited the car and raced towards the cabin.

Shrugging, I undid my seatbelt and followed her, the slight chill of the rain wetting my shirt as I tromped through the damp earth.

Kaila held the screen door for me, and I hurried in, wiping my feet on the mat placed on the wooden deck. I fumbled for a moment with the key, before the lock opened smoothly. Kaila breezed in, leaving me to collect our guests.

I moved back to the screen door, opening it wide as Helen and Charlotte sped past me, encumbered by their backpacks. I noticed that Helen was also carrying one of our bags, which raised my spirits a bit; since it reduced the amount of carrying I would have to do.

Bracing myself against the rain, I ferried our bags from the car to the porch. The last few items were our groceries and our picnic lunch/dinner. With that complete, I placed a rock under the tire of the bus, getting a small amount of mud on my pants in the process, and closed up the bus, returning to the porch. My hair was soaked through by this point, but I noted that the women had moved everything into the house from the porch: A favor I much appreciated.

I pushed open the door of the cabin, taking in the slight smell of wood, mixed with the damp rain. The main room consisted of a small stove and sink against one wall, a refrigerator nearby, as well as a sitting area with a sofa that bore all the marks of a hide-a-bed. A fireplace sat against the opposite wall, fashioned of irregular rocks, but polished and homey. There was a small television and table as well, but much of the main room was open space. Against the far wall from the entrance were two doors, which I knew led to the bathroom and a small hall that led to the bedroom.

Kaila was unpacking the groceries into the refrigerator, while Helen was draping several wet items of clothing along the screen of the fireplace. Charlotte was nowhere to be seen, but I assumed that she was in the bathroom.

"Hey hon!" my wife smiled at me.

"Hey babe." I smirked, moving up behind her. "You want me to make some coffee, or..."

I stopped speaking as Charlotte exited the bathroom. To say she looked stunning would be an understatement worthy of criminal charges. She had let her dark, brownish-red hair out of her braids, and had clearly combed it through. She walked towards Helen, and moved behind her. Charlotte's hands came around Helen's waist, hugging her gently, and Helen leaned her head back for a gentle kiss.

"Coffee?" I blurted, looking towards my wife. "Uhm, you hungry, because we've got that lunch."

"Hey guys?" Helen's voice was husky. "You mind if we use the bedroom?"

"Have fun." Kaila nodded, before turning back to her unpacking.

Before I knew it, Helen and Charlotte were kissing again, moving rapidly towards the door to the hall. For a moment, I saw Charlotte caress Helen's breast through her shirt, before the door was shut.

"How about a fire?" I offered, moving towards the fireplace.

My beautiful wife just looked at me with an unusual expression. A soft feminine moan echoed through the cabin from the rear room.

"Or some music?" I tried again, trying not to think about what was going on in that bedroom right now. I found a small radio beside the television/DVD player, and flipped it on.

The pulsing sound of the Bloodhound gang echoed through the cabin. A line about "do it doggy style" caught my attention before I flipped it off. At this point, despite the wet clothing, the mud, and the exertions, I still had a raging erection.

"Why don't we just start with a fire?" Kaila smiled, closing the refrigerator. Another moan echoed through the cabin.

It took a few very agonizing moments to get the wood to burn, but soon, the gasps and feminine laughs were drowned out by the soft popping and hissing of the fire.

"That really turned you on." My wife observed, looking at me calmly. I just nodded, a dumb look on my face.

"Me too." She grinned, and kissed me softly on the lips.

Her kiss wasn't a usual married couple kiss. It was gentle but insistent, a kiss that I remembered from the first time that we had made love. A raw, almost unfamiliar kiss. Her lips moved against mine, opening slightly, and pressing against me with a firm pressure.

I kissed her back, pulling her towards me in a hug that pressed her soft tits into my chest. I held her there, experimentally running my tongue along her lips, and shocked by her ardent response in kind.

"I want you." She whispered, breaking the kiss. "Right here, in front of the fire."

"But if the girls..." I began, breaking off as my wife slid the wet over shirt I wore back.

"NOW! She gasped, her eyes dropping momentarily before she dove into another passionate kiss.

The distant sounds of soft moans, the popping of the fire, and the soft sound of the rain, combined with my wife's voice, ardent and eager, to make my entire body ache with desire.

My hands roamed over Kaila's body, touching her in all the places that I had come to know she liked. I tried to slow m movements, to make this special, but the urgency in our kisses was driving all rational thought out of my mind. My wife and the situation had conspired to awaken an animal desire in both of us. A desire to mate with the beautiful woman whose shirt I was nearly tearing as I pulled it over her head.

"The thought of them... So close..." She breathed, her hands delving under my t-shirt, pushing it up so that her hands could rub along my skin. "I'm so fucking wet... thinking about them..."

My wife's comments about the other women was making me nearly go crazy, my hands nearly crushing her soft tits, as I pushed her back onto the sofa, falling atop her with a growl.

"Is this what you want?" I gasped out, as I pushed her bra out of the way.

"I want you inside me." She nearly snarled, her hands dropping to the zipper of my jeans. "Now."

I also dropped my hands to the waistband of Kaila's slacks, undoing them as I felt her hands pushing my jeans over my ass.

"I want you to fuck me." She panted, her hand grasping at my nearly painfully hard cock. Her warm hands felt good on me, a nice change from the damp cloth that had previously covered me.

"NOW!" she moaned, as I yanked her slacks down her thighs, allowing me the sight of her gorgeous pussy, covered with it's golden down. Her legs fell apart, allowing me to see the soft shine of her wetness, reflected in the soft light of the fire.

Her hands came to my waist, pulling me between her splayed thighs. My cockhead naturally found it's way to the familiar spot between her legs, and with a deep and primal grunt, I pressed into her.

Kaila's wetness flowed over me, and she nearly screamed as I shoved it into her. Her lips met mine in a savage kiss, her ass nearly coming off the couch as she and I began to fuck, hard and fast.

"Fuck me... Fuck me..." She chanted, her eyes staring right into mine.

"Those girls turn you on?" I asked, my cock slamming deep into her, before withdrawing.

"Oooh, yeah..." Kaila whispered, rolling her hips so that her pussy covered me and uncovered me in a most pleasing manner.

"Thinking about them fucking?" I asked, getting into the dirty talk.

Kaila shook her head, and then held my head steady, looking directly into my eyes.

"Thinking about them fucking... us..." She exhaled the last word, before taking a deep breath and starting to shiver...

"Holy shit..." I groaned, my body getting close to the peak of stimulation.

"Are you close?" Kaila panted, thrusting her hips up at me, her pussy beginning to ripple. "Come... Come on baby... oh Brent, Come with me..."

"Coming... Gonna come inside you..." I groaned, as my cock began to feel the little sparks of pleasure that signaled my orgasm.

My hand stroked over Kaila's stomach, tracing the faint line of the scar below her belly button, before gliding through her pubic hair and rubbing softly at her clit.

The response was instantaneous. Kaila has always been very vocal, and this time was no exception as she panted and screamed her way through her orgasm. The sounds and her motions finished me as well, and I released into her, feeling my seed spurting from my body as I thrust as deeply as I could.

"Oh baby..." She gasped out, her arms coming around me in a tight embrace. "I love you..."

"I love you too." I replied, kissing her softly. My cock was still buried inside her luscious pussy, which twitched, bringing a pleasant feel to my softening shaft.

"So fucking hot." She smiled, pushing me back slightly. "Up. Can't breath."

I realized that I was crushing her into the couch with my weight, since the hide-a-bed wasn't exactly made for this activity. At least not while closed. I pushed back, resting my weight on my hands.

"I could have caught that time." She purred, her hand dropping to rub at her lower stomach.

"It would be nice." I agreed, reluctantly pulling myself free of her incredibly comfortable sheath.

I helped Kaila to her feet, slowly readjusting our clothes with a great deal of kissing and caressing thrown in. There was a soft smile on my wife's face, as she made the final adjustments to my wardrobe.

"Hope we didn't scare the girls." She smirked, her hand dropping to my crotch, and giving my cock a playful rub.

"Well, uhm... Want to get the picnic out?" I asked, changing the subject with a raised eyebrow.

"Food. Food does sound nice." Kaila agreed, moving toward the kitchen area.

We spread the cliché checkered tablecloth on the wooden floor, in front of the fireplace. While Kaila set out the various dishes, I set out four places worth of plastic ware. We sat cross-legged on the floor, sampling the chicken and potato salad.

About the time I finished my first leg of chicken, the rear door opened, revealing the face of Helen. She was barefoot, and looking quite satisfied. She took in the front room, before smiling at the sight of our indoor picnic.

"Hey. You mind if I cook something?" Helen asked, her eyes flicking towards the bowls.

"Helen, please, stop staring. Have a seat." Kaila smirked indicating a place opposite the fire.

"One second." Helen turned to call down the hall. "Hey BABE! It's ready!"

There was a moment of tromping, before Charlotte also appeared at the doorway, her hair disheveled and a soft glow on her face. She laughed when she caught sight of Kaila and me sitting on the floor.

"Oh lord, that's great!" She cheered, taking Helen's arm and steering her towards the tablecloth.

"Sounds like you two mush have built up quite an appetite." Kaila grinned at the two women as they sat down.

Helen and Charlotte both stifled snickers at my wife's comment, merely helping themselves to some of the meal that we had laid out.

We ate for a while, with seductive and obviously sensual looks being shot back and forth between the members of the two couples.

"So, where you from?" Helen blurted in my direction, after a bite of chicken. "Oh, and is there anything to drink?"

"Check the cooler, and Santa Cruz originally." I replied, pointing to the blue plastic bin that held the sodas.

"Thanks, hey babe, want one?" Helen leaned over to the cooler, extricating two orange colored cans, one of which she handed to Charlotte. I admit that I looked at her ass as she did so, but I know I didn't stare.

"Thanks, dahlin." Charlotte replied, and took a sip of the can.

"Aaaand, I'm from San Fran." Kaila smiled, before asking the usual follow-up. "So, where are you two coming from?"

"Well, we both share an apartment in San Francisco." Helen explained.

"Moved in togetha about four months ago." Charlotte elaborated.

"Oh yeah? What part?" I asked, amazed that these two were from where Kaila and I had met.

"Haight-Ashbury. But it's REALLY been cleaned up." Charlotte added the second sentence rapidly.

"We're not into drugs," Helen amended.

"Well great, that's two things we have in common." Kaila grinned. "We used to live there, but we moved up to San Rafael when we got married."

"See George Lucas much?" Helen joked.

I couldn't resist, she had given me the perfect opportunity. I lowered my voice as deep as possible before speaking.

"I have long since turned from that path. Whedon is my master now."

This caused Kaila to do a classic spit-take, while Helen and Charlotte just looked confused.

"Perfect, honey, perfect." My wife laughed, wiping her face with a napkin. "Obscure joke, don't worry if you don't get it."

"Okay, this I have to hear." Charlotte smirked, looking at me intently.

"Kaila and I are browncoats." Charlotte's face was a blank stare to my explanation. "Firefly Fans." I tried again to another empty look. "Old show on Fox. They made a movie of it."

"So, what, like Trekkies?" Helen asked, with another puzzled look.

"Sorta, but we're cooler." Charlotte shrugged, taking a bite of potato salad.

"Never saw it." Helen stated.

"Ok, we've got the DVD player. Honey, please tell me that you brought the box set."

"I brought the set." I smirked. C'mon, a week up here? Chances had been very good we would have gotten bored at some point.

"Tonight, one episode. Trust me, you'll love it." Kaila held up a finger towards Helen and Charlotte.

"Sure," Smiled Helen, looking out the window at the dimming light.

"It's not like we've got a hot date or something." Charlotte laughed.

"Oh REALLY?" Helen chuckled, leaning across the tablecloth.

"Yes, REALLY." Charlotte replied, leaning forward as well, so that her lips met Helen's in a tender peck.

"Oh, I'm going to a... Special... Hell." I caught my wife's eye as I spoke. She shook her head and rubbed a finger across another in the classic "Shame-shame" motion.

"This doesn't botha you does it?" Charlotte asked, turning her attention to me.

"No, why would it bug me." In fact, if you replaced one of the women with my wife, it would be one of my greatest fantasies.

"Some people can't deal with it." Helen said, with a shrug.

"Personally, I think you two look beautiful together." Kaila broke in.

"Really?" Charlotte grinned back, and for a moment her eyes met my wife's. There was a moment, and then they looked away.

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