Chapter 1

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Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A new student at the High School is given complete control of the Musical Review that is in serious financial trouble. His price is sexual control of the Head of the Musical Department and the School's Dean.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Size  


Dean Sims Office

Debra Sims, Dean of Falcon High, was in a real mess. She had been embarrassed almost to tears by the School Board. It was even worse than last year's problems. She felt very lucky to escape with just dirty looks and snears instead of being fired as she undoubtedly deserved. It was just fortunate that they didn't know the whole story.

That handsome but arrogant head of the School Board, Mr. Rostin, had repeatedly slapped that damn chart showing the miserable results of last year's musical review. The bastard had done his homework. Next, he had shown the monetary returns of the last five year's musical reviews. Hell, they weren't much, only a few thousand dollars, in the first three years of the five shown. Then Mr. Rostin had pointed out that the present Dean Sims had used those same figures to justify firing the previous head of the music department for under-performing.

Debra Sims knew the bastard loved his role as the head of the School Board and relished the prospect of firing her. When he had first been elected to the school board he had immediately propositioned her in her office. Her rebuff of his efforts had infuriated him. She was attracted to him, but hadn't wanted him to get close enough to her to find out about Gloria and her relationship to her. He had been trying to get back at her ever since. But, he didn't want to bring it to a vote without proper preparation of the victim. He intended to give her and the rest of the board one last year long look at Debra Sims and her choice of music department head. Two years ago the returns had dropped to a measly four hundred profit after expenses. Then last year disaster had struck. The final tally was a startling fifteen hundred dollar loss.

Then that thundering voice saying 'Why hasn't Miss Diggs been fired for these two miserable performances?'

Of course, she had defended her choice by lying like hell. 'I have chastised Miss Diggs', she had told them, ' and I have been assured that she is now well settled into her new position and ready with an innovative new approach for this year's musical review. You have my word and hers that it will be grand.'

Those simple words, actually lies, had staved off two firings. At least until this new school year's results were known. But if they had known that Miss Gloria Diggs was her neice or that she had been draining off funds from the Musical Reviews to support her for the last three of the five years it took her to graduate, she would not only be fired, she could be prosecuted for embezzlement.

At least, during the last two years, the school district had been paying her niece wages for being head of the music department. That was thanks to Debra's doings, of course. And, she also controlled the accounting for funds from the Musical Review. Her only consolation was that none of the monies had been for her own use. But she had willfully violated the nepotism rules the school district had laid down. The last two miserable musical reviews had been totally the result of her niece's incompetence.

Jesus, she had stolen thousands of dollars to keep her niece Gloria in college after her own sister, Gloria's mother had died. She was the only member of her family left and she was a gifted musician. She could play four or more instruments and sing, but for some reason she couldn't come up with a decent musical theme that would make money for the school.

Now, she was up against it. The school year was about to start. She had scanned the records of the incoming freshman in hopes of recognizing some young talent and had found nothing, which was what she had expected. Then the transfers from other schools were reviewed. She had only found one name out of the whole bunch that tugged at her memory, but she couldn't place it. Hell, a junior transfer with a unique last name. But she hadn't even heard that name in the past several years.

Debra Sims called the only real artist agent she had ever met.

"Carlton Reiner, this is Debra Sims. We met at the Metropolitian Opera house in New York two years ago. I realize that you won't remember me but I thought of you because I have a question about the music industry."

"Well, Debra. Let's see. Sims, Sims, Sims. Yes I have it now. About 5'4", 110, blond, 36-24-36. About forty would be my guess and very attractive. Refused all my suggestive propositions as I recall."

"Well, Carlton, that might have been an error on my part." Error, my ass, he looked like a tennis ball with legs. "But, who knows, maybe we'll meet again some day. However, the reason that I

called you is that you are the most knowledge person in the music industry and I have a musical name I'd like you to help me with. I have a new incoming student with the name of Britzen and it seemed like too much of a coincidence."

"Yes, I think so, too. If the first name is Mark, then he is the only child of Bo and Bonny Britzen. They performed for years and sold a lot of their very original music in the last few years before retiring in France. OK, I share, you share, Debra. I'm very interested. Exactly where is this school where he's enrolling."

"Well, I don't know a lot. But his name is Mark and we're a highschool in Watertown, New York. That's upstate by the way. Looking at his paperwork is confusing. No transcripts at all or references to other schools. He's apparently 17 and according to a certificate in the records he has already passed his GED. Why would he even be going to highschool?"

"Well, Debra, he's the typical child of traveling parents in the music industry. No real home, always on the move in the entertainment circuit. I have no idea though why he would go back to Highschool with a GED under his belt. The rumor was that for the last five or six years, he's been the one who wrote all of their songs and did all of the arrangements himself. The last I heard, by way of a rumor though, was that his parents were asked to ship him anywhere out of France or kindly remove themselves with him. I suppose that is why he's back in the states."

"Is the kid trouble, Carlton?"

"Hard to say for sure. But the last I heard the kid had learned to outfrench the french. And, apparently with some of the wrong young ladies. Now that says a lot for France. There, young girls are usually just considered prey for older men. But to return to the essence of the subject boy, why would you care about him. Give, Debra."

"Well, to be really honest, I was hoping that someone like a Britzen would show up to breathe life into our annual musical review. It's been going downhill the last few years."

"If the rumors are true and you can get Mark to write a couple of songs and arrange them for your review, I'll buy them from you. Just have him sign a contract saying that the school owns all original works created at the school. Put it in the small print way in the back. That way we can both profit. I never could get anything out of his old man. He only sold songs to people he liked. Unfortunately, I wasn't one of them. Do we have a Deal?"

"If I could set up something like that, I'd at least give you first crack at them for your kind help. I'll let you know how it comes out. Thanks again, Carlton, for the advice."

"Oh, and Debra, considering how becoming you are, and those rumors from France, I'd suggest that you keep your skirt pulled down while you are around him." She hung up while he was still chuckling. Nasty man, she thought.

Music Department

Gloria Diggs was as glum as her mentor and protector, Debra Sims. She should have stuck to her original goal of being just a good performer. She knew she had a talent for playing any instrument that she was interested in. Unfortunately, she would never have the kind of talent or drive that would allow her to reach world class in any instrument.

Worse, after all the help that Debra had provided when her mother died, she felt that she was letting her down. For some reason she wasn't good at organizing things or inspiring others to perform. And, she couldn't come up with any decent ideas for a better musical review. As head of the music department, she was a disaster, and she knew it. The attendance at the annual school assembly where they previewed the years musical review was, of course, guaranteed. The students had to show up for that; it was during school hours. But the quality of the musical review determined whether the parents would be willing to pay good money to show up at the big Saturday night event. Even the participants hadn't wanted their parents to show up last year to see it.

Now, Debra had asked her to come to her office. After the school board meeting no less. She knew she was going to be fired and she knew she deserved it.

Dean's Office

After Dean Sims had mentioned the results of the School Board meeting to Gloria, she got down to the hard part.

"You implied that you were thinking of a great new idea for this year's Musical Review. I think now is a very good time to share it with me since I used that as an excuse to keep us both from being fired."

Gloria gulped and shuddered. "I'm really excited about this idea that I have. I'm going to get the music classes I teach to write original songs for the review. And, as an example, I've written one myself. Here, look at this. It was relatively easy. I know the rhyming is a little rough and the music isn't fully formed in my head yet, but it should catch the kid's imaginations. I was thinking about a ten piece band for this one." She handed Debra the single sheet of plain paper.

The Dean was sure of it now, her niece was an moron. "Tell me, since you play the piano very well, how many people can play Beethoven well?"

Gloria thought quickly, "Thousands, at least."

"And, how many people can compose and arrange like Beethoven?"

"I see what you're getting at, Debra. You think it may be too much to ask of high school kids."

"Yeah, something like that." Debra stared at the wall for a minute, then decided to level with her. "Gloria, the bad news is that both our jobs are on the line based on the outcome of this year's Musical Review. And, the first thing they will do after they fire me, is to conduct an audit of my financial responsibilities while I've been the Dean of this school. All of that is normal procedure. What isn't normal is that I had to borrow money from the Musical Review's proceeds in past years to fund your education after your mother died. Then I used the poor results of the previous head of the music department to justify firing her so you could get the job. Is all of this clear?"

"Debra, I really didn't know. I'm so sorry. I'll do anything I can to help and repay what you've done for me. But I do feel bad about the former music department head losing her job because of me."

"Gloria, just remember the 'I will do anything' part of that statement.' And don't worry yourself about the woman who had your job. She got a better job offer in a different school district at higher pay. As a matter of fact, she sends me a Christmas card every year and writes on it, 'Thanks, Asshole'. Now, back to the present topic, are you a virgin?"


"Help me here, Gloria. It may be important."

"I-I-I've never been with a m-m-man."

"Answer me please."

"I don't think I'm a v-v-virgin. I was at a party when I was a junior and I had too many drinks. There was this aggressive girl there with a long tongue and fingers that..."

"That's enough, Gloria, I get the picture. Fortunately, our salvation just may be a junior transferee who may, or may not, have some talent for writing and arranging songs. He is our only hope. Have you ever heard of Bo and Bonny Britzen?"

"Oh, yes, we loved them in college."

"Well, their son is transferring here, for some reason. If he doesn't sign up for any of your music classes, call him to your office and ask him to oversee this year's Musical Review. Hopefully, he'll also write some original songs for the production. Maybe, it will be a financial success."

"What does that have to do with me being a virgin?"

"Because he is known to like girls and if need be you are going to have to offer your ass or any other parts he wants to get him to take over the production. If for any reason he still says no, send him to my office. And, if he says yes he'll do it, still send him to my office. I'll have a contract that I'll want him to sign. You do see how critical this is to both of us, don't you?"

"Yeah, but isn't it my job to oversee the Musical Review?"

"As head of the department, you direct the big picture. Let the serf take care of the Mickey Mouse shit."

"OK, I get it."

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