Schoolgirl Sluts Blackmailed
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Teenagers, Coercion, Blackmail, Rough, Humiliation, Group Sex,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - They were the most popular girls in high school, almost all of them busty - they were known as the 'DD club'. And those girls were wild! Always having naughty fun while managing to keep their 'good girls' reputation. Until one night when they are caught in the act by an old man who lusted for them for a long time...

My name is Nicole, I am one of the hottest girls in my school, and you know, a member of the popular crowd of the junior High. My friends are also among the popular crowd, we don't hang out with girls that are anything but gorgeous, we have high standards in our little group! Save for Gwen, who is a model like slim girl, we are all very busty; we are called 'the DD club' in school.

My friends and I are always surrounded by the cutest guys, we are used to be treated like princesses and have the attention of the athletes and rich boys. Being popular is so good! But one day it all changed, me and my friends lost all that. Not because we got ugly or anything, we still are beautiful, but now we don't date the popular boys anymore, and the guys who date us now treat us like shit! Let me tell you how it happened.

My mom and dad had to take a trip to gamma's home, she got sick. Since I had classes and stuff my parents let me stay home. I tried my best not to show how excited I was, I was going to have the house for me alone for two weeks! I'd be able to do whatever I want and soon I was already planning the wildest parties with my girlfriends.

What I didn't know was that dad asked Chris, his best friend, to keep an eye on me and one night, when I was throwing the wildest of all my parties, he showed up unannounced...

He came into my house and saw me and my girlfriends from school throwing THE party! With beer and guys! Most of us were drunk and some of the girls were already in some sexual situation...

"Hey, anybody here? Hello?" He said opening the door and walking in like he always did when dad was around. It turned out dad had given him a key! The old man heard the loud music and smell beer immediately. In a moment he was walking into the living room and seeing everybody in there.

Lynn Payton, my best friend, was sucking off a football player. She is 15 like me, a cute curly haired blonde with bright blue eyes and the hottest body of us, save for me, of course! Lynn has a big firm bubble butt and a large pair of tits, already a DD cup!

Gwen Fernandes, which everyone thought was a good girl, was jerking off two guys at once. She is the only one with small tits in our group, but the green eyed redhead is a model, having several published shots in teen mags. So we couldn't help but let the beautiful slim girl join out little group.

A shy Asian girl named Mishiko Sakamura was on her knees, giving head to a boy... she had has a reputation as a prude! But her slightly plump body is the wet dream of most guys at school. I mean, she is a Japanese girl with D cups! And a cute face to go with it, she looks so innocent! No one would ever say she is a hungry cocksucker.

I was making out with Josh, the school quarterback star. He already had lowered my top and my huge E cups were bare, his large hands kneading them as we french kissed and I jerked him off.

"What the hell is going on in here?" Chris said staring at my whore friends pleasuring the guys. The man was surprised, but even so he was holding his last generation cell phone on his right hand, filming everything, making sure to capture the scene and getting a good image of each one of us girls.

"Uncle Chris?!" I said surprised and scared. "What the hell are you doing here?" I asked as I released Josh's cock, he was nearly cumming on my hand!

Mishiko didn't even notice him; the loud music prevented her from hearing Uncle Chris. He could see the supposedly shy oriental girl with surprisingly large boobs bobbing her head up and down a black boy's lap!

"Nicole!" Chris said walking over to the stereo and turning it off. "Alright guys, parties over! Put your pants back on and get out now!" He yelled at the guys.

"Shit!" Mike, Lynn's guy, yelled as he came. The first spurt was in her mouth but as she turned around to see who just shouted, another jet of sperm coated her cute face, then her hair!

Mishiko almost passed out and sat on the floor as the black boy grabbed his clothes and made a run for the other door.

Gwen's two boys looked dumbly at Chris for a second. "Oh FUCK!" one of them said and they also ran away, leaving the slim cute redhead with her hands empty. She froze looking at the old man.

Josh did not loose time and jumped through the window to land on the garden and ran for his car, followed by Mike, Lynn's date.

Only we girls were left, Lynn Payton, my cute and busty blonde friend with cum all over her face and hair, Mishiko still swallowing her date's load, Gwen, stunned in fear, and I, standing there, thinking that I'm really fucked this time!

"What the fuck were all of you little whores doing just now?"

"W-we were j-just having a p-party... a-and thing s got out of hand!" I said in a scared voice.

Lynn tucked her large breasts back into her top, Mishiko stood up with her knees trembling, and she gulped down the last of the load with a loud sound. Gwen sat on the sofa and raised her panties back to cover her cunt.

My last friend, Maria Castelo, a very busty Latina brunette, an E-cup like me, walked out of the kitchen to see what was happening. She was topless and we heard someone closing the door on the back of the house and running away.

"I knew it, I always knew you were all little sluts... little Nica, you and your friends are really in for it now!"

"Please Mr. Chris... don't tell out parents about it!" Lynn begged using her fingers to try to take the semen from her face, cleaning them on her white top.

"My dad will kill me!" Mishiko said crying, she was with a BLACK boy, something her Japanese father would never forgive.

Gwen just looked at us dumbly, so scared she couldn't even speak!

"Well I'm not going to tell your parents, I am going to teach all you filthy whores a lesson though..."

"Pl-please... I-I think I must leave." Maria said. The beautiful Latina, with her pleasantly plump body, is a sexual dynamo and looked scared that people might find out about it. She is Brazilian and girls from Brazil have a reputation for being whores, which is well deserved by what I've seen of Maria!

"Oh no you don't!" he said with a grin, grabbing her arm and pushing her back to the living room. "None of you sluts are going anywhere... You want cock, I'm gonna give it to all you busty little sluts."

"What?!" We all asked in disbelief.

"Finally you've given me a reason Nica. I've wanted to have my way with you for a while, now I get you and your slut friends."

"Wh-what do you mean?!" I asked scared, looking at him wide eyed.

"Oh, I think you know Nica, you slut!" He laughed. "You see the way I look at those tits, I'm sure you know I've wanted to fuck you and your slut friends."

"Y-you mean..." Lynn started to speak, she was afraid and yet relieved to know she had a way out.

"I-I th-think I-I don't w-want to..." Gwen started to speak. Mishiko hugged Maria and the two looked scared.

"You don't have to Gwen, but I don't have to keep quiet either..."

"I-I have noticed you... and daddy's other friends... staring, b-but I ne-never thought..." I stuttered unsure of what to do. I look at my friends and see Gwen staring at me wide eyed. The redhead shut up and lowered her head.

"Yes, you are a hot little teaser, just like your friends." He answered, slowly unbuttoning his pants. "Always wearing those tiny tops and never with a bra! And the bikinis you girls wore at our barbeques... you are nothing but cockteasing whores!"

"What are you doing?!' I ask taking a step back. "You can't do this!"

"Nica, shut up!" Lynn said defeated. "We can't let people know about it."

"She is right... I don't want my parents finding out about our party!" Maria agrees.

"Don't act like you're not gonna like it Nikki, those weren't even real cocks you guys were just playing with... you're gonna love what I'm gonna give you." Chris said slowly reaching in and pulling it out, the already chubby fat soft cock sprung out.

"WOW Mr. Chris... you are BIG!" Lynn says amazed, the blonde slut has always been the wildest of us, even if Maria is the sluttiest. Gwen looks at dad's friend scared and Mishiko's mouth drops. She is a blowjob addict, and she never sucked a dick this big!

"Well girls... why don't you pick up where you left off?" The old man says, kicking his jeans off and peeling off his shirt. Chris older, but still muscular upper body, is glistening with sweat. He starts to get a little hot as he is surrounded by half naked teen beauties. "How about you first Linnie? Why don't you and Nica see if you can handle this?"

"Well... we have to do it girls!" Lynn rationalizes. "We don't want to be known as the school's orgy sluts right?" She kneels in front of Chris.

"Get over here little Nica, come join your friend. And the rest of you whores gather around." He orders, gently cockslapping my best friend on her pale face.

I stop for a moment, staring at Lynn looking cross eyed to the big pole slapping her face, the blue eyes following the adult dick. Then I feel two hands on my shoulders. I look over my shoulder and see Maria nodding to me; I give up and kneel by Lynn's side.

"Humm! Good girl" He says Smiling as he reaches down, grabbing my shirt and lifting it up and off of me.

By my side Lynn is already giving head like a pro! Well, what can I say? She is a cocksucking slut! She had sucked off the whole football team; there is nothing new to her here!

"Come on girls... you don't want to keep this nice meaty cock waiting do you?" He mocks us, smiling and cock slapping Lynn again, noticing she's actually smiling now.

"Come on Nica!" Lynn says. "Relax... I know you are a cocksucker... you love it!" She grabs the pole and points it to my direction. I gasp and look at the big tool, closing my eyes and swallowing it.

"She is a good cocksucker isn't she?" Maria asks giggling. "Nicole is a puta!" The Latina grabs my hair and makes me take the cock deeper into my throat.

"Hummm! Yeah! She's good; just wait 'till it is fully hard though, we'll see how good all of you whores are. I'm gonna put the whole 'DD club' to the test tonight."

Maria forces me to bob my head hard and fast, the brunette Brazilian girl is trying to make me gag! The cock swells in my mouth and I think I'll not be able to take it all.

I look up in fear and see Chris Grabbing Maria, pulling her towards him once I start bobbing my head. He lifts her shirt up and off her, taking her bra off.

Maria's large hooters are as big as mine, but hers are saggier, even if still retaining firmness like only a teen tit can. Chris bends down to suck her tits while I suck him, wrapping his lips around her right tit, sucking the nipple, flicking it with his tongue

This is so perverted! I've known Uncle Chris since I was a little kid; he has seen me grow up! How can he do this to me?

"Come on Lynn; don't let Nica do all the work, all of you sluts have to come get a piece." He says laughing and grabbing my head to force the cock down my throat, making me cough and gag. "Unless you girls want me to show your parents the film and pics I just took of you with your boyfriends."

"I-I don't want my dad to know about this." Mishiko Shyly says as she walks to Uncle Chris and lowers her top, releasing the massive DDs to him.

"We'll do what you tell us sir!" Lynn nods and starts to lick his balls.

"Yes senhor! (sir)" Maria moans. "I don't wanna people in school thinking I am a whore! Lick my big Brazilian tetas sir!" The Latina slut is actually turned on by this evil situation! I must confess she looks hot, almost as hot as me. She is an E cup just like me, but she is a little plumper than me, so my tits look bigger on my tiny frame.

I slurp over the pole and Lynn takes my place sucking him, putting the cockhead on her mouth as I release it. Dads' friend Reaches down and starts to massage my massive Es, he looks like fulfilling an old dream. We are all doing our parts; Gwen is the only one still out of the action sitting on the sofa, trembling and pale like a ghost.

"Come on Mishiko, help out some of your friends, you too Gwenny! Get to work!" he urges the girls to get as dirty as Maria, Lynn and I. Now Maria is by one side of Chris and Mishiko by the other, both rubbing their teen hooters against his arms.

"Come on you filthy big chested sluts, learn to please a cock! You whores really need some practice if this is how you treat a cock!" He mocks us and turns to poor little Gwen. "Come on Gwenny, what are you, a prude? I want you all pleasing me or I'll tell everyone what a bunch of fucking sluts you are!"

"I-I don't dad to find out..." Mishiko repeats and gets on her knees too, by my side, kissing Chris cock as Lynn and I work on it.

"Putas... all of them putas!" Maria laughs. "Come on Gwen, you know we can't let people find out about our party, do your part you redhead whore!"

Gwen looks at the big old man and gasps scared. She closes her eyes nervously, but she stands up, shivering in fear and slowly walks toward him. The thin redhead opens her eyes to see the old man's hands groping all of her busty friends. As her eyes grow wide with the lewd scene she sees Mishiko getting into the action. The Japanese girl takes her turn too, sucking on the cockhead as Lynn and I lick over the balls and the pole.

Chris is squeezing and massaging all of our tits roughly, his hands grope my boobs then squeeze Lynn's and the other kneads Maria's huge balloons, pulling her nips.

"Is Mishiko sucking your dick right sir?" Maria asks. "If not I'll slap the slanted eye whore!"

"Yeah, she's sucking it fine, what about you Maria you filthy slut, why aren't you helping her? Get down and join your friends."

He gives her right tit a rough squeeze and she nods giggling, what a whore! I see by Chris face that he is in heaven, he watches in amazement as a group of young busty whores fight over his fat swollen cock!

"Give it to me sir!" She kneels down. "Give it to your Brazilian slut!" The busty Latina coos the old man. Uncle Chris do not loose time, when I look at him again he is reaching down and grabbing Maria by her hair, forcing her mouth to his prick and ramming it deep down her throat, using the most force with her.

"Hummm!" She takes the cock deep throat style and don't gag, she is the sluttiest of us... Brazilian girls are natural born whores!

"Come on, be a good little girl, I've seen you deep throat popsicles over here with Nica and Lynnie joking around during the summer, I know you whores can handle this!"

"Y-you've seen it?!" I ask blushing. "W-we did it on your back... we didn't want dad's friends to see it!"

"It was our game... deep throat a popsicle without the old guys noticing it!" Lynn says and Gwen blushes, she is in front of you, the four of us on our knees between them two.

"What were you dumb little sluts thinking? That we were blind?" He taps my head as if I was his personal bitch as the cock is put on my mouth by Mishiko.

'W-we tried to do it without you seeing it, i-it was just a game, and we loved the thrill!" Mishiko says and Chris takes the cock out of my lips and sticks in her mouth forcefully.

"Of course we've seen it, you were not that good at doing your 'little funny game' on our backs, we've seen you deep throating the popsicles more than once, all your dad's friends seen it Nica and we all thought it was so hot! Little girls pretending they were big girls... now I've found you are little whores, nothing more!"

"Oh God! Mr. Michael has seen it too? He is my father's friend!" Mishiko says alarmed, the dick exiting her lips and Maria pushing her to the side as the Brazilian sexpot takes the shaft into her eager mouth.

"Hummm!" Maria swallows it all, the pubes on her nose and the balls slapping her chin.

"Oh we all saw it, even your dad made a comment about how he wouldn't mind getting some of that!" He laughs and I blush.

We all look up to Chris face, not believing it. Then we look at each other in confusion, the grown ups must think we are little nymphets!

"M-my dad?!" I ask. "W-who h-has he seen?! Doing it I mean? T-the one he was talking about..." I ask dumbly.

"The three of you who were there, Lynn, Mishiko and you. We all agreed you did it the best little Nica, even your own father."

Maria releases the cock and I feel Lynn forcing me to it. I take it back in my mouth and start to give head again, this time mechanically, stunned with what he says.

"Nica is hot; my dad would fuck her too..." Maria says. "He likes big tetas!" She elbows me laughing.

"Well, then he'd probably love to fuck you too Maria, you slut." Lynn answers giggling.

"Who knows?" The big titted Brazilian girl gives Lynn the finger also giggling and winks to Chris, who looks more excited than ever now.

"The guys always get boners watching you sluts 'playing' and strutting around in your skimpy clothes and bikinis by Nica's pool." He says. "They're gonna love hearing about this! Unless, of course, you good little girls can make Uncle Chris cum." Chris finishes with an evil laugher.

"I-I'm gonna make you cum!" Mishiko says desperate, she is the one who can't stop thinking about her father finding out she is a slut! The oriental girl takes the cock from me and starts to give head like a possessed woman, fast, hard and deep!

"We are all gonna make you cum sir." Maria says meekly. "Me, Nica, Lynn..." She starts to whisper sexily on his ear.

"We all know Lynnie can make a guy cum... she still got clumps of it in her hair!" The old man answers laughing as he start fucking the innocent Asian's face.

"You know sir... Gwen has not helped much." Maria laughs. "Maybe she needs some 'incentive'. I've heard she has a tight cunt!"

"Sounds good, come here Gwen. Looks like you're up first!" The old pervert is laughing as he taunts the redhead young slut.

"M-me?!" Gwen says surprised, looking at us with scared wide eyes, not believing she'll have to let the old man fuck her tight pussy, she looks down at your pole and gasps. "Y-you are too big... none of my boyfriends were this big... or this thick!" She finally says in fear.

"Gwen, if you want him to keep all of this a secret you just shut up and let him fuck your cunt, ok?" Lynn says standing up and grabbing her arm. The redhead does not react and before she notices the blonde slut pushes her to the couch.

"Yes you redhead puta!" Maria says also standing up and going to the slim redhead's other side, also grabbing her arm and keeping her in place. "Mr. Chris will stick his big adult cock in you, what is the part you don't understand?"

"I-I don't want t-to..." Gwen stutters in doubt and I grab her legs, opening them. I am still kneeling and I look up to Uncle Chris with an embarrassed smile.

"Gwen will do as you tell her sir, just like the rest of us." I say.

"Gwen, please. Our parents can't know about this!" Mishiko begs nervously.

"You girls are making the right decision." Uncle Chris says smiling, coming up behind Gwen's spread legs. His cock is slimy, covered in our saliva, as he starts to guide it into her.

"Yes sir, we know what we have to do." Lynn nods and rips the redhead's panties to shreds, leaving her cute puffy slit vulnerable to the old pervert.

"Fuck her sir... fuck the pale slut!" Maria says with a BIG smile, she loves to see us acting as low and cheap as she!

Gwen gasps again and closes her eyes, slowly opening her legs, accepting what she has to do.

"She's just the warm up for you other sluts!" Chris says looking into Maria's eyes as he plunges his fat meaty dickhead into the tight young slit.

"Ohhh!" Gwen Fernandes, the young teen model and one of the most popular girls in high school, is now stuffed with a dick far bigger than any she ever had!

I see the old man hold the little teen slut by her hips and start forcing his cock in deeper, letting her cunt slowly stretch and wrap around his fat dick

"Hum! I hope the rest of you sluts are this tight... this is amazing!" He groans out as his massive manhood disappears inside of her.

I look wide eyed at Uncle Chris using my little friend. I am not a virgin, but I've never been with any guy older than twenty! Now I see a middle aged man, someone my dad's age, sticking a cock in one of my friends... and I know I'll be next!

I gasp again and look at my friends when I see Gwen's tight slit start to loosen up and stretch around his cock. We are all scared and amazed. None of the boys at school had a prick this big! He must be at least eight inches long and quite thick!

Chris starts to thrust hard, Gwen moaning wildly, but I can see she is getting used to his girth. The old dick retracts a few inches out before drilling back into the young slut hard. She yells and he holds her hips tight, pulling the young girl back into him with each hard powerful thrust.

"Oh my God!" Gwen says grabbing Lynn's and Maria's rams. "This is... he is so BIIIIGGG!" She yells as her pussy walls are forced open, the poor tiny girl is being stretched to her limits!

"Big cocks are better you stupid puta!" Maria giggles mocking the little girl's discomfort.

"What are the rest of you whores just standing around for? Suck her tits; get to work on each other." He grunts out hard, his massive middle aged dick swelling up fat, throbbing in the young fresh pussy of my tiny friend.

Maria looks to Lynn and I see them both gasp. None of us is a lesbian! The DD club is made up of straight girls; we never touched each other in any sexual way!

"I-I ne-never did it!" Lynn finally says.

"You girls aren't thinking of saying no to me are you?"

Lynn looks terrified while Maria, on the other hand, looks at Gwen's small boobs jiggling with the banging and frowns. Then she shrugs and leans down to lick the perky boob. The redhead's nipples are actually quite large for such a small girl!

"That's the spirit you Brazilian slut!" he chuckles as his fat long prick relentlessly drill Gwen's cunt. "I knew you'd do what you had to do... come on Lynn, your time to obey me, you blonde slut!"

Lynn still looks up to his face, stunned, while Maria starts to suck on Gwen's nipple, her little tits flopping as they hang, her nipples hard as Maria works on them. Mishiko suddenly stands up, walking until she is behind the busty blonde and grabs her hair.

"Suck her tits Lynn!" The Japanese girl says forcefully. "Suck it!" She forces Lynn's head down until my blue eyed friend has her lips pressed to Gwen's perky boobs.

"And now you, come here..." Chris says, pointing to me. "Come here little Nica." He sys mocking me by using my family nickname. "You too Mishiko." He completes.

"Y-yes sir." I nod standing up and meekly going to his side. Mishiko looks up to the old man, releasing Lynn's hair. The blonde don't stop suckling on the little tits, she has understood what she has to do.

Uncle Chris is spanking the young redhead's ass as his meat pounds her sopping stretched cunt. Gwen looks like she can't take it anymore. The young girl is screaming loud as she's plugged full of throbbing hot cock and her tits are sucked by my friends, 'two busty whores' Chris moans as he watches in glee the girls in their first lesbian action. But the redhead's moans don't sound to be purely of pain, she is starting to actually enjoy the hard fucking! Maria was right 'big is better'! The old pervert is drilling the young worn out swollen pussy harder and harder, still she is trembling and shivering in lust.

"Get down Mishiko, suck my balls while I fuck your friend, understood?" He is grunting in between words, still banging hard the young helpless girl. Mishiko just nods and kneels behind him; her face pressed to Chris' ass as her tongue exits her lips to lick his balls.

"Come here you big titted whore!' He says and grabs around my waist forcefully, pulling me next to him. "I want to feel your hooters... I've wanted to grab these jugs for so long! You cockteasing slut!"

I gasp in fear and excitement. His left hand is still firmly holding Gwen as he drills away at her, but now his right hand is massaging my large and firm E's. I look at Uncle Chris looks, still scared, but knowing I have to please him if I want the old man to keep our secret, so I lean over him and start to lick his earlobe as he fucks my friend.

He turns to meet my face, sliding his tongue into my mouth, his right hand squeezing harder my tits. I swirl my tongue on the old man's, making sure to make it the best french kiss he ever had!

"Hummm... that's it Chris... play with my hooters, big aren't them?" I purr when we break the kiss.

"Oh yeah little Nica, they're perfect." He grunts. His hips fucking my friend hard, I see his balls swollen and slimy from Mishiko's licking. I feel a shiver with his hands massaging my massive E's as he kisses me deep again.

"You said you wanted them for so long... they are yours now!" I say submissively. "Just don't tell anyone about it... about what you saw here!"

"I'll keep my end of the bargain if you whores keep yours... but remember, you still have to make me cum you sluts!"

"Oh... we will sir!" Maria giggles winking to the old pervert.

"Oh really?" He chuckles. "Well, then get to work on me Maria, you filthy busty whore!" He smiles pulling out of Gwen's stretched cunt.

"People say we, Brazilian girls, are whores who love to be fucked from behind..." She says in a sexy voice with her strong accent. "And it is true!" the Latina bombshell kneels on the couch and sticks her ass to the air, raising her skirt. She is pantyless! She was topless when she entered the room... it looks like she was already having fun in her pussy when we got discovered.

"Oh yes, very good Maria! We're gonna have some fun." Chris says smiling, spanking the fat assed Brazilian's butt.

"I'm sure we will!" She wiggles her ass inviting him. Uncle Chris doesn't wait for another invitation. He plunges his already slimy soaked cock into her ready and waiting pussy.

"Oh yes! Me fode! (fuck me)" She moans.

"Ugh! Fuck! God you're all so fucking tight!" He yells, groaning loud as he starts to pound away hard at the young Brazilian.

The old man is sweating and breathing hard, his thrusts getting harder, knowing that this slut can take it, his fat dickhead penetrating deep into the whore while her fat tits are hanging, shaking and bouncing wildly with each thrust. Maria takes the cock like a pro; she is such a dirty girl!

We all look amazed at how horny she is. We all knew she was wild... hell, we knew she was a slut! But this... she is loving to be used and humiliated by an old man.

"Yes... see my tetas wobbling? I am very peituda (busty)!" She yells. "Fuck your puta peituda (busty whore)!"

"Oh fuck, that accent is sexy." He is grunting as he keeps banging her hard, loud slap sounds are heard as his hips hit her large firm ass.

His cock looks like a piston, slamming in and out of the young slut over and over hard; her sizable butt is jiggling wildly with the pounding she is taking. Maria's ass is HUGE and yet very firm, she works out quite a lot, but the way he is banging her makes the muscular ass look like Jell-o!

"And your cock is so HOT!" She purrs. "I love big cocks."

"Fuck! I'm going to cum soon you whores." He groans loudly.

"Cum in Maria... she is the hottest girl in school, all the guys say it!" Lynn talks dirty to Chris, wanting him to finish quicker. "She had fucked most of them... they must know!"

"Yes, but Nica is the favorite of the football team!" Maria answers giving Lynn the finger. "They told me so when I fucked them; Nica had beaten me when she was gangbanged by the whole team along Lynn!"

I look at her and blush, Lynn shuts up. Chris didn't have to find out about it too!

"Little Nica, I have to have that cunt before I cum... get over here you slut!" He commands me, pulling out of Maria and sitting down on the couch next to her. His fat old cock sticking up straight, hard... beautifully!

I stand stunned for a moment. Now is the time I was dreading. Dad's best friend, a man who has seen me grow up will use me... fuck me! Then I feel Maria slapping my ass hard and I let out a small cry of pain.

"Go on you whore, the man wants your cunt!" The hot Latina says and slaps me again.

"Ok! I'll sti on his cock... stop it, it hurts!" I say blushing and straddle his lap.

The hard dick is standing proudly up as I lower my pale hips on his member. The cock tip soon touches my slit. I close my eyes and bite my lower lip nervously. His bulbous cockhead is so large it doesn't look like I'll be able to fit the huge dick into my tight slit! The labia starts to spread, the puffy lips engulfing the helmet of his shaft.

I look at the big member and see Uncle Chris is still swelling fat. I gasp in fear; I never had a cock this big! I only fucked schoolboys! I wiggle my hips, trying to force more of the huge pole into my cunt, I feel the cock crown almost passes my pussy, but it hurts. Then I stand again and rub my cunt lips on the pole. It is all slimy and wet as my tight wet slit rubs up against it gently.

"Come on Little Nica; sit on Uncle Chris' cock." He says in a mocking tone. "Don't be afraid of the big fat cock... it is hard for you, 'little princess'." He mocks me again, remembering the way he used to call me when I was a kid.

I close my eyes and bite my lower lips, again. I'm so nervous... he is my dad's age! And his huge prick scares me.

"God, I've waited so long for this little Nica... you whore." He grabs my hips and forces me to place my pink entrance at his dickhead again. "Ever since you grew those tits I've always thought about fucking your little young cunt... now I finally am."

"Yes, you are!" I say and lower my body on you, letting the cockhead slip into my pussy. He pushes me down and the manhood again enters my lips, I moan at it, but I am very wet now and it is not as hard as before.

"Yes Nica, just like that. Sit on Uncle Chris lap. I have been dreaming it for a long time." The man leans over and kisses my hooters. I'm facing him and my large udders are almost on his face now. "Especially since you used to always tease me and the rest of your dads friends, always walking around in tank tops, 'accidentally' spilling water on your white T's when we were around. I bet you never thought you'd actually be sitting on one of our fat old dicks, did you whore!?"

"No... I-I ne-never thought I would..." I stutter feeling shame again.

"And you love it, don't you Nicole? You cockteasing busty whore!" There is an evil smile on his face as he pulls me down quickly onto his lap, the dick plunging up into my tight pussy at once.

"Oh GOD!" I yell, feeling the biggest cock I ever had in my life, he has six inches in and there is still more to go. It hurts, but it hurts in a strangely exciting way.

"Nica is a teaser!' Lynn giggles. "I have been her friend since kindergarten, but I never had the guts to be as bold as she is when it comes to showing off my rack!"

"Ohhh!" I yell feeling the long and thick shaft penetrating me deeper than any I've ever had. Inch by inch he sticks the large member into me until I feel the fat dickhead pressed into my cervix as I sit on his lap. My butt cheeks are on his legs now and the man is holding my hips tight. His heels dig into the floor as Chris starts thrusting his hips up into me.

"Oh FUCK!" I say opening my eyes wide. 'Y-you are too BIG!" say amazed.

"You know you love it Nica you little busty tease." He answers slapping my ass, as if encouraging me to move my body to match his fucking.

I take the tip and start moving up and down his dick. It is not easy; he is so thick his pole stretches my cunt walls to its limits! I can't believe Gwen took his dick, she is so tiny and tight... it hurts! But I keep riding the old man and I slowly get used to his girth.

His strong adult hands guide me as I move faster and harder on his manhood. Soon he is bouncing me up and down hard on his lap. Uncle Chris brings me down hard on his fat cock each time I bounce. My knockers wobble on my chest with the hard fucking; I am actually enthusiastically riding his dick. I can't believe it, I am ENJOYING it!

I moan aloud and Maria giggles, happy to see me acting like a minx in heat, she loves to see us acting like whores! I open my eyes wide as a shiver runs up my spine. His pole reached my womb! I've never had a man so deep inside me. I grab his shoulders with my pale tiny hands and start to wiggle my hips, eagerly enjoying the large manhood in me. Chris smiles as I start to grind my hips on top of him, feeling me enjoying his cock buried deep in me.

"You cockteasing slut, you are my whore now Nicole!" Uncle Chris is holding me by my ass as he lifts me and drops me back onto his cock, fucking me hard, my jugs wobble in his face, even slapping him!

"I remember when she invited us to her pool and told us to bring our bikinis." Maria giggles. "We thought we'd be alone and we found out it was her dad's barbeque... she wanted us to show off our tits as much as she did!"

"Yes! Well, I'm glad you whores listened to her, we all had a good talk about you sluts after you all left." He chuckles. I feel the pole sliding out until just the tip remains inside then I fall down on the pole until I feel the balls pressed to my ass.

"I was a little embarrassed." Mishiko confesses. "I had never done that before... b-but I wanted to fit in..."

"You fit in just right with these whores Mishiko... don't worry about that." He mocks the shy Japanese girl and she blushes. Now I am riding him so fast my tits slap my chin and my belly, the E-cups hang like cow udders, wobbling like crazy! "And you... what do you think about finally having this old hard dick stuffed in you, you little tease?" He asks grunting, looking up into my eyes.

"I-I never thought it'd be like this!" I answer with a weak voice, between moans. I lean over the old man and my tits are now slapping his chest too, even reaching his chin! Digging his heels in he starts to pump his hips even harder. "Oh GOD!" I yell again.

I keep my ass sitting still in the air as his enormous dick starts pounding up into me as hard as he can. He is holding me tight, holding me still. I feel so weak and small near the old pervert! Uncle Chris is groaning loud, sweating, and turning red as he struggles to keep his fast hard pace.

"I always knew she was a slut, a puta!" Maria says casually, caressing his head. She is sitting by his left side. "Nicole wants to make people think she is a good girl, but she can't fool a Brazilian! We know about little busty putas like her."

"Fuck her Chris!" Getting bold with Maria's mockery Lynn also starts to dirty talk, sitting by his right side. She is excited; she always gets excited when she sees guys using me hard, like in the football team gangbang.

"Yes Uncle Chris, fuck me harder! I am almost cumming!" I moan, not caring if I look like a hooker in heat.

"Uuungghh!" He yells in pleasure. "Fuuckk!" Chris groans out loud as his hips keep firing up into me, his dick stuffing and emptying my stretched used cunt over and over.

His big full balls are slapping my ass with each thrust. My ass and pussy lips are turning red from the harsh pounding, my cunt lips look nice and puffy and swollen, and this is the fucking of my life! I'll never want small dick boys from school from now on, only big adult prick!

"Cum for us sir." Gwen says meekly and then blushes so hard we think she'll pass out from sheer shame. "Cum in her pussy, fill her with your juice!" She completes and surprises us. She has never been one to dirty talk!

"Yes!" I purr on his ear. "Fill me with your spunk sir!"

"Oh fuck! You busty young whore!" The old pervert is groaning loud, his hips stopping. The dick is buried deep in the busty young whore... me! Almost before I even finish my sentence I feel the hot thick stream shooting up into my young little pussy.

"Yes!!!" I shout, not caring about who can hear it, I feel the orgasm reaches me, a powerful climax as he fills me with sperm. I feel his balls draining out, the sticky jizz still spraying strong, load after load firing off as my pussy fills up with the sticky goo.

"Oh fuck, she is leaking!" Maria laughs as the sperm slides down from my slit, coating his cock and my legs.

Uncle Chris' chest is heaving as his breath starts to steady. We are all silent, amazed at the extremely hot scene that just happened, it was so wild! He slowly lifts me up off of his already softening cock and sits me down on the couch besides him, Lynn makes way for me. I am breathing hard; my body feels numb from the powerful climax. I barely strong enough to sit myself straight, I am looking like a rag doll thrown t the side, loads of semen leaking from my used cunt, I am leaning over Lynn, my head resting on her large soft jugs, they feel like pillows for me.

"God, you really are the best Nica, you whore." He says moaning, also looking spent. "Now come here Mishiko and clean me off. You're the lucky one that gets to taste both me and Nicole's cum mixed together."

The oriental girl blushes, this is disgusting! But she knows she can't say 'no' and kneels down between his legs again, this time sucking clean a cock coated with my juices and his goo. Smiling down Uncle Chris runs a hand through her soft raven hair.

"Well girls, I think your secret is safe with me... for now at least." The old man says smiling, looking at all of our young used bodies, knowing he's going to be using us all a lot from now on. We know it; there is no way out of our situation.

We all nod, feeling used and yet strangely excited. We all are too defeated and nervous to say anything. Pulling his cock out from Mishiko's mouth he gets up and starts to gather his clothes.

"Well, now that I've checked on you girls and made sure you're all ok, like Nicole's Father asked me too..." He says with an evil grin on his lips as he finishes buttoning up his shirt and walking to the door "... I guess I can leave you alone now. He'll be happy to know you're all fine and not doing anything you shouldn't." He opens the door and turns to us before leaving. "Of course, I'll have to check you girls everyday while they are out, I have to make sure you are behaving, just like Nica's dad asked me to." He laughs and goes away, leaving us scared and certain that this was not the last time we felt his dick in our pussies.

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