His Roommate's Mom
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, School,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Johnnie spends the summer at the home of his college roommate. His friend's sexy mom starts to get under Johnnie's skin right away, and what is a boy supposed to do? The fact that Johnnie is virgin only makes the story more interesting.

Johnnie Raft was a sophomore at the University of Oregon. Johnnie was from Ohio so when his roommate and best friend, Ben Sims offered to get them both jobs at his dad's company for the summer Johnnie took him up on it in an instant. Johnnie was looking for adventure and a summer away from the iron rules of his parents would be a good start. Ben was from Portland, and Johnnie knew that Ben's parents were more than well off. Ben had a brand new BMW to drive and all the cash he could spend. Being his roommate had been a good deal for Johnnie who was considerably less well off, was glad of his friend's ability to pay for everything. Even better Ben's mom had invited him to spend the summer at their house so he would live rent free and really be able to sock away some cash.

Mrs. Sims, she asked him to call her Susan and he was still trying to remember to do that, was about 45 years old Johnnie figured. She was in great shape with a body that could only be called voluptuous. Her breasts were big, and looked to be all natural as far as Johnnie could tell. He spent a lot of time studying her well shaped ass and swelling bosom. Johnnie liked to jack off thinking about her and he looked forward to a summer of seeing her more. Thinking about her in a bathing suit was enough to give him an exceptional boner.

Ben was her oldest kid, at 19 with his sister Jen following close behind at 18. Jen had just graduated high school and was going to be heading down to Stanford for college. She was a beautiful as she was smart with long, dark hair that fell to her shoulders, and a well proportioned body of an athlete. Her breast were smaller than her mothers, but she made the most of what she had wearing low cut shirts, and tight t-shirts that showed off her assets to the fullest. She seemed to enjoy teasing Johnnie when she got the chance, always seeming to find a reason to bend over in front of him to give Johnnie a clear view of her firm breasts. Johnnie also spend a good deal of time jacking off thinking about Jen so again he was looking forward to spending some quality time watching her in the skimpy bikini that he just knew she must wear.

Johnnie did a lot of jacking off as he was not very smooth with girls. Not that he did not have a lot of first date opportunities, he was tall and muscular and as a division I football player he had plenty of girls looking his direction. He was just so damned awkward and shy with the girls. He had his share of blow jobs, and hand jobs, but he had never fucked a girl. He was still technically a virgin; something always held him back at the last moment. It was starting to get embarrassing with his friends as he had to keep making up stories about the girls he dated for a while. He was afraid that one of the girls was going to call bullshit on him any day, but so far his luck had held up.

Johnnie woke up about noon; he and Ben had been out late last night at a local bar that was not too picky about checking ID. They had drank a lot of beer, met some girls and flirted and played pool all night until the girls finally took of without them. Ben was bummed as he thought he would have a good chance of getting laid, but it was not to be. The three girls were hot too, a tall blond named Wendy, a cute short blond name Rachel, and a short, very stacked brunette named Suzy. Johnnie knew it would not go anywhere as there were three of the girls and only the two of them. Girls did not like to leave anyone behind when they were hooking up. Johnnie was not worried about it as it was a long summer and they would probably see the three girls again.

As it was Saturday they did not have to go to work until Monday. Johnnie looked over at Ben who was still out cold. Johnnie decided that a swim would be good to clear his head and he got up and put on his swimsuit and headed down to the kitchen to grab a sandwich before heading out to the pool in the back yard.

He pulled some ham out of the fridge and made a quick sandwich. He grabbed a bottle of water and headed over to the sink to eat. As he looked out the window he saw the sight he had been waiting for. Mrs. Sims was lying on a pool chair in a very skimpy white bikini sunning herself. She had pulled the straps of the white bikini top down so the cups barely covered her nipples. Her tits looked huge, and Johnnie popped an instant boner as he looked over his roommate's sexy mother. He reached inside his swim trunks and started to jack off his rock hard cock thinking about how nice it would be to feel her big tits and suck on her hard nipples. He could only imagine how her nice pink nipples would feel and look.

As he jacked off he watched her squirt some sun screen across her chest and proceed to rub the white gooey stuff all over her big tits. She reached down inside her bikini top, covering just under the exposed part of her skin with the sunscreen. This caused the top of the suit to slide down even a little bit further. Johnnie did not know what was keeping her nipples from popping out, but he just enjoyed the view and kept pumping his cock.

It did not take long for him to cum, and he grabbed a towel that was hanging on the sink cupboard door as his cock started to spurt long strings of white sticky cum. He used the towel to catch the shots of cum as he pumped his load into it. He somehow kept from moaning too loudly in pleasure as he imagined his cum splattering all over Mrs. Sims's tits. He coated the towel with a big load of jizz and as he finished his orgasm he wiped the cum dripping down his cock and fist with the towel. He threw the towel into the laundry room and finished eating his sandwich. His eyes never left the sexy Mrs. Sims, and he kept thinking about what it would be like to fuck her.

Johnnie headed out to the pool deck after he finished wolfing down the sandwich and Mrs. Sims looked up at him as he reached her chair.

"Well hello you sleepy head. I wondered if you two were ever going to get up this morning. You were both out kind of late. Is my son up too?"

"Naw, Ben is still passed out in the bedroom. He looks like he might sleep until dinner time."

She laughed lightly and said, "He has always needed more sleep, ever since he was a baby." Then the mother in her came out, "You look really white let me put some sun screen on you."

"Johnnie answered, "No I'm fine I am just grabbing a quick swim."

"You just listen to me young man. I know what is best and you will thank me when you don't get skin cancer when you are sixty."

Johnnie smiled at her "mom" speech and said, "OK, I know when I am beat. Go ahead and lather me up."

He sat on the edge of the chair next to her. She sat forward and he could see right down the top of her suit for just an instant before she pulled the straps up and over to keep her bikini top in place. Johnnie could swear that he had glimpsed a stiff pink nipple for just a second and he could feel his cock start to jerk in his swim trunks again as he thought about her tits.

Mrs. Sims stood over him and squirted some of the white crap on this back. "Damn that is kind of cold," he complained as she laid a line of cold white sun screen on his white back.

She did not answer him and just started to spread it all over his back and shoulders. "This is going to take a while as you have such broad shoulders and muscular back. I feel like I am rubbing a statue."

Johnnie felt a sense of pride well up as she complimented his body, "Yeah, it took a lot of hours in the weight room to get to where I am now so I can't complain."

She moved around in front of him and started to work the sunscreen onto the front of his shoulders and Johnnie realized that her tits were scant inches away from his eyes. He could see the protruding nipples, and her full breast spilling out the top of the skimpy bikini top. He always thought it was strange how women would never let a guy see them in their bra, but then at the pool they walked around with have their boobs hanging out and never thought twice about it.

The other problem Johnnie realized was that his cock was growing very hard again. He was so close to her tits, he could just imagine reaching forward and sucking one of her hard nipples into his mouth. He wondered if she liked to have her nipples sucked on, he wondered if she would get all wet and ready to fuck him when he played with her nipples. He also realized that he was going to show her a very big boner if he did not do something.

Johnnie decided to make a quick exit before his turgid cock made her wonder what he was thinking about. He suddenly jerked away from her and dove straight into the pool with a loud scream. He splashed a bunch of water up on her and she screamed back in surprise as the cold water hit her.

"Johnnie you could have told me you were going to do that. You soaked me. You needed to let the sunscreen dry anyway to do any good for you."

"Sorry Mrs. Sims, I was just hot and ready to get in the pool," Johnnie said apologizing to her. He was also glad she had not seen him popping a woody as he would have died if she had known he was ogling her tits and thinking about fucking her.

"I told you to call me Susan, and it's alright I needed to cool off a bit anyway."

Johnnie swam to the other side of the pool and stated to do some quick laps of crawl to get his blood pumping and work the last of last nights excesses out of his head and muscles. He had always been a strong swimmer and he switched to butterfly after 5 or s6 laps of crawl. He wasn't really trying to work out or anything so after about 10 quick laps in the small pool he quit and drifted back over to the edge of the pool.

"You are a fine swimmer Johnnie; you have a very nice stroke."

Johnnie thought about some strokes that he would like to show her as he said, "Thanks, I used to swim when I was younger, before football became my year round sport."

She was leaning forward again as she talked with him and her bikini top was barely covering her pendulous breasts. Her nipples were even more popped out than before through the thin fabric of the swim top as he had soaked her when he jumped in. She must have noticed that his intent looking at her chest as she sat back a bit and brought her hand up to cover herself. She didn't say anything more to Johnnie; she just lay back in the chair and started to sun herself again.

Just at that moment Johnnie heard, "What the hell is all the noise out her about? I am trying to sleep and the two of you are screaming out here." Ben was up and strolling out of the house onto the pool deck.

Mrs. Sims said, "Well if you didn't sleep all day you could have some fun too."

"Yeah mom, I have plenty of fun. Don't we Johnnie, we almost had a lot of fun with some girls last night."

Susan Sims looked over the two boys chatting and felt herself flush as she though about Johnnie. He was such a young hunk, and she was sure that he had been staring at her chest. She was surprised, flattered and more than a little turned on by the thought. That a boy his age would find her desirable was almost beyond belief. She knew that her husband didn't. She was lucky if she could get him into the mood a couple of times a month. She knew that she was not a sexual dynamo either. She had been a virgin when they were married and neither she nor her husband had been adventuresome, at least compared to some of the stories that her friends told.

She looked back over to where Johnnie and her son stood talking. She wondered for a moment what his cock would look like hard and erect. What it would feel like as it entered her. She shook her head to clear the thoughts away as she could feel her body responding to her lusty thoughts. Her nipples felt hard and tight, and she could feel herself growing wet as she thought about him fucking her. She looked down at her chest and suddenly was embarrassed as she could clearly see her big nipples poking out of her thin swimsuit. Before she made any move to cover herself she had another thought of wanting Johnnie to see her and want her, desire her body.

Susan knew that she had nice breasts, men had stared at them every since she was a teenager. Susan also knew that Johnnie looked at her chest; he could hardly keep his eyes off of her. She wondered if he touched himself when he thought about her. She knew that the boys did that all the time. It seemed to be a preoccupation with them. The thought of Johnnie masturbating thinking about her breasts made her all hot and bothered again. She was still staring at the two boys as her son said to her, "Hey mom I'm going to take your car. Johnnie and I are going to head down to the mall and hang for a while. That OK with you?"

That broke her spell of nasty thinking and she answered him as quickly as she could, "Umm, sure. I don't have anywhere to go today."

"Great, we are going to shower and get the heck out of her. We should be home for dinner."

As Johnnie passed through the door to the house he took one more look back at Mrs. Sims. She was just so fucking hot; he could feel his cock swelling as he thought about her tits again. By the time he was back to the room that he shared with Ben.

"I'm hopping in the shower first," Ben asserted. Johnnie could kill him physically in a fight, but Ben always liked to assert himself around Johnnie when he could. Johnnie let him have his way; figuring most of Ben's shit was not worth worrying about.

"Fine with me, I just took a little soak in the pool so I'll wait right here," Johnnie answered him. Then as soon as he heard the shower running he went over to him laptop and popped open one of his favorite porno movies. It was a Russian girl being fucked by a skinny guy with a huge cock. It started off with the girl; they called her Olivia in the film, playing with her big natural tits. She would rub and pull her big nipples and that was the part the Johnnie liked best of all. His cock was hard and ready to go and he whipped it out and started to fist himself quickly as he watched the pretty Russian girl play with her big nipples. He cupped his heavy ball sack with his left hand as he pumped his cock with his right. He loved this movie and he especially liked it when she got on all fours and pushed her big tits toward the camera, pulling and twisting her long, erect nipples. He could see her goose bumped areole up close, and she moaned loudly as she played with herself.

Johnnie began to thrust his hips against his hand, thrusting his long, thick cock in and out of his fist, pretending that he was fucking the sexy girl on the porno. He also thought about Mrs. Sims tits and how tight her pussy would feel wrapped around his cock. It is not take long for Johnnie to feel the beginning of an orgasm and he quickly grabbed a towel off of the floor just in time as his thick boner erupted a geyser of cum seconds later. Johnnie as in heaven he jacked his load while watching the lovely Olivia show off her big tits. Johnnie could just imagine how nice his jizz would look coating Olivia's big tits and he wished he could keep jacking off again, but he heard the shower turn off. He and Ben were close, but not that close. They kept their solo sexual escapades as private as possible. He knew that there was a good scene of Olivia getting boned by the big cock skinny dude and then he would cum shot her face and tits. But it was not worth the risk of Ben seeing him fucking his fist.

Johnnie had just chucked the cum covered towel back to the floor when the door to the bathroom cracked open and Ben came back into the room.

"Ready to roll man?" Ben asked.

Yeah, I just finished checking my e-mail. Let's hit the mall. They headed down the hall passing Mrs. Sims on the way. "You boys drive carefully she warned them.

They mumbled at her as they passed. She had tossed on her pool shift to cover her small bikini but she could still tell the Johnnie was giving her a lecherous look as he went past her in the hall, at least Susan hoped he was. She was heading back to her room for a quick shower when she noticed that the boy's room was covered with clothes. She walked into the room shaking her head. She reached down to pick up a wet towel and instantly dropped it as she felt a strange wet sticky feeling on her hand that was not right. She palm was coated with the gooey substance and as she raised it to her nose she knew instantly what it was, it was cum.

She realized that Johnnie must have been masturbating and used the towel to catch his load as he ejaculated. For some reason the smell and thought of Johnnie doing that make her knees go week, and she could feel her pussy tingling at the thought of her hunky houseguest pumping his cock. Maybe he had been thinking about her? She brushed up against his laptop and the screen came on. She instantly knew what he had been thinking about when he had been doing it, the movie playing on the laptop showed that.

Susan sat down in front of the screen to watch. The man with a huge cock was slamming it into a pretty, big breasted girl from behind. Susan was at once repulsed and fascinated. She didn't even know that people did it that way. Her husband only fucked her with him on top. The girl seemed to be enjoying it as the man's huge erection buried itself deep in side the girl with every hard thrust.

Susan realized that her nipples were aching and she reached up to stroke them. As soon as she touched her thick stiff nipples she almost let out a loud moan of pleasure as she was instantly taken with a huge wave of sexual desire. Her pussy flooded with lubrication and she could feel her clit throbbing for attention. She continued to watch the girl take the big cock as she slipped her hand down inside her bikini bottoms. She was so wet she could not believe it. She masturbated occasionally, but she had never been this wet before. Her fingers slid easily between her swollen pussy lips and she found her erect clit. She could not believe how good it felt to her as she pressed her finger against her clit, starting to rub it in a circular motion, all around it, but not quite touching it.

The man had moved the girl on the screen to a sitting position and the girl was now bouncing up and down on the man's thick cock. He had a shaved crotch and scrotum Susan notice and his balls were drawn up hard against the massive shaft of his cock. Susan had never seen a cock as big as the porn star's. Not that she had ever seen any hard cock other than her husband's own very average member.

The girl was moaning loudly in pleasure as she took the whole of the man's thick cock deep inside her pussy. Susan increased the pace of her clit rubbing and she could tell that she was going to cum quickly. The man suddenly moved the girl down to her knees in front of him and he started to masturbate quickly. He started to ejaculate within seconds, his long strings of jizz coating the girls face, open mouth and dripping down on her big tits. Susan was almost ready to cum herself when suddenly she heard the door open in kitchen down the hall.

Hey mom, I'm home she heard her daughters voice. Susan scrambled to slam the lid on the laptop and had picked up the gooey towel and some other clothes by the time her 18 year old daughter, Jen made her way down the hall.

"Hello honey," Susan said to her daughter. Did you have a good workout?" Jen played soccer in college and had early morning workouts even in the summer.

"Yeah, it was fine," Jen said back to her giving her mother an odd look. "Do you feel OK mom you look kind of flushed."

"I was just out in the sun and got a little over heated," Susan quickly lied back to her daughter. "I was just picking up a few things the pigs left here before I got into the shower."

"Great, I'm going to grab a shower too."

Susan headed further down the hall into her bedroom and tossed the dirty clothes into the hamper. The cum soaked towel was on top and she could not help but bring it up to her nose again. Smelling Johnnie's cum got her going again in no time. She slipped her hand inside her bikini bottom again and started rubbing her soaked pussy and hard clit again. Vision of Johnnie pumping a big cock like the porn star had, and then him fucking her with it filled her mind. She wanted him so bad right now. She slid down the bikini bottoms and spread her legs so she could open her pussy. She probed her fingers inside her slippery cunt hole and pumped them a few times. She was so ready to climax she could hardly believe it. She used on hand to rapidly rub her clit and the other to pull and twist her rock hard nipples. Her climax came rolling over her seconds later and she thought she was collapse to the floor from the intensity of her orgasm. Her fingers kept stroking her clit as she peaked and she just kept rubbing as she felt her orgasm ending taking her right into another one. Her nipples seemed to be connected right to her clit and as she pulled and twisted her thick nipples she could feel her clit pulsing with pleasure. She got off three more times in quick succession, her pent up sexual drive taking her to new heights as she thought about fucking her son's friend.

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