Chapter 1: Luck

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Incest, Brother, Sister, Father, Daughter, Swinging, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Squirting, Pregnancy, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1: Luck - Chuck, a young electrical engineer, finds a deal on a house. An answer to his long term plans for his future. The house becomes surprise deal and comes with some fantastic benefits. A slow to start romance that evolves into lot's of sexy and often romantic fun. BEWARE: This story is jam packed full of sex.

Man, talk about excited. I just closed on my own house. This was a goal I had set five years ago. My goal was to save up a substantial down payment, pay off all of my other debts like a stupid credit card bill, my college loans and the balance of my ego car then to find that perfect place to make it my own. I did it. Done deal.

A week ago on a mid weekday off I was driving around one morning looking at neighborhoods to consider. My plan was to find an area I liked then go to a local realtor and have them set up showings for me in my price range. But fate was on my side. Driving through a quiet neighborhood that was fairly close to my office plus convenient to a shopping mall and grocery store, there was a tiny hand written "For Sale" sign in front of a nice seemingly little home. I pulled over and just looked at the house. It was a very nice place that looked to be well kept in an older established neighborhood. All the houses in this area were probably 30 to 40 years old but all looked in excellent condition, with decent landscaping.

Thinking I had nothing to lose, I went up the steps of the porch and knocked on the door. Instantly the inside door opened and a short gray-haired woman complete with an apron and a smile, pushed the screen door open.

"Have you come to look at the house?" She asked. Using her body language to invite me in.

Not wanting to invade her space too quickly, I hesitated and said, "Yes Ma'am, I saw your sign and liked the way your home looked."

"Come in, come in, let me show you around." She said waving me in.

Just inside the door was an entryway complete with built-in hall tree and a closet. Just beyond was a living room that was filled with light from the many windows displaying older heavy comfortable furniture that looked like any Grandmother would have.

"My name is Charles Davidson." I said as we entered the living room. "Most people call me Chuck though."

The living room seemed larger than the house would have indicated. There was a staircase on the right with some double doors under it. To the back there was a swinging type door. To the left was what appeared to be a dining room. The front part of the room highlighted a stone fireplace framed by two large windows.

"Nice to meet you Mr. Davidson, I'm Nettie Baugh. Let me show you the house, okay?" She said as she led me to what was obviously the dining room. The drapes were closed in this room but when Nettie turned on the light, a beautiful chandelier that looked like crystal dazzled the room. Nettie smiled at my wonder then led me through a swinging door to the kitchen. This was a big old-fashioned kitchen with some modern touches. The counter area was really expansive and wrapped around to give a small sitting area on two sides that would be perfect for morning coffee. There was plenty of room on the other side of it for the good-sized table with six chairs. In the cooking area there was a large six-burner stove plus a very large refrigerator. Next to the frig was a closet that had my curiosity. As soon as Nettie saw my interest she opened the door to a large walk-in pantry. Wow! This is the way to have a kitchen. Next to the walk in pantry was a full bathroom complete with a shower. There was another swinging door that would open to the living room. Looking out the back windows and door I could see a large back porch that seemed well shaded with vines and plants all around it. Nettie took my hand showing me an opening with stairs going up plus a door on one side that she opened to see stairs going down. Instead of using either of the stairs, Nettie pulled me back through the swinging door that entered into the living room again. On the right outside wall was an ornate staircase going up stairs. But before we could go there, Nettie opened the double doors sort of under the stairs to find an old fashioned study with built in bookcases. We didn't stay there long but left to head up the stairs.

Upstairs seemed pretty straightforward. There was a hallway with two open doors on one side and three doors on the other plus a set of double doors at the end of the hallway. The open doors displayed two bedrooms. Nettie led me into the first room then showed me the closet and a bathroom that had a door leading into the next bedroom. We went across the hall to find a duplicate of what was on the opposite side. Next we went to the doorway almost to the end of the hall to find a small closet with a vacuum and some cleaning supplies. Then Nettie stood in front of the double doors at the end of the hall as if presenting something special.

"This is the room my husband built just for us. It is special as it was built exactly like I described to him." With that she opened the door to a huge room. There was what looked to be a queen sized canopy bed with huge posts. There was a love seat and a chair with reading lamps and end tables facing a television that was also convenient to the bed. There were four windows on two adjoining walls giving the room a lot of light. On the left wall were two doors. One was a large walk in closet and dressing area and the other a nice sized bathroom with a tub and shower.

"I have to look at the house again. It sure doesn't look this big from the front." I said astonished by the size of the whole house.

Nettie just smiled then said, "When Herbert, my late husband, built the house we didn't want it to look like it was bigger than everyone else's house. We wanted it to fit into the neighborhood. Our lot backs up to a land management area. All the lots on this side of the street are a little over six hundred feet deep. That's another nice thing."

This was really a nice place. The more I saw of it, the more I knew it was way out of my league. I figured on being able to swing a place for around a hundred fifty to maybe two hundred thousand. Using my savings as a down payment of fifty would leave me with a manageable mortgage. But this place, probably three fifty to a half a mil. If this were in a new subdivision it would be beyond expensive. This has to be way too much. I know my limits.

"Mrs. Baugh, I'm sorry to have wasted your time. Your home is way too much for me. Your place is gorgeous and is deceptively huge. It's really going to be out of my price range." I said with a sad look on my face.

"Well let's see about that young man, ah Chuck. There may be a way for us to do business if you like the house." Nettie said with a soft smile. "Let's go to the kitchen and have some coffee."

Nettie seated me at the counter then proceeded to make coffee from an espresso maker. "Do you take cream or sugar Chuck?"

"Just black Mrs. Baugh." I answered.

"Please call me Nettie. That's what my friends call me." She smiled while handing me a cup of dark coffee.

"Now Chuck, tell me about yourself and your wife and why you want a house like this." She said seating herself on another counter stool with her own cup of coffee, also black.

"I'm sorry Ma'am. I didn't mean to mislead you. I'm not married. I want to find a house of my own, to have something permanent in my life. Seems everything in life is temporary. I want to have a place for roots. I've planned to do this, set a goal for myself, saved up and now it's time for me to have my own home." I began meekly but ended with conviction.

"Whew, Chuck." Nettie said with a chuckle. "You sure do sound off, when you have something to say. You were so quiet, I wondered about you. How come no little woman?"

"Don't know ma'am." I answered. "It seems like every time I see someone for a while, they are just not the person for me. I have been pretty busy for a long time so there often has not been a lot of time. Besides, it's hard to save money if you spend a lot on dates."

"So Chuck." She started. "How much can you pay me for the house? Remember that we don't have to pay a realtor, just lawyer fees and closing fees"

"I don't know Mrs. Baugh, have you had the house appraised?" I asked. "Do you have children that could help you sell it or that should be involved?"

"Look here Chuck." She frowned. "First of all, my kids are all grown and gone. They have all moved away and can't seem to come to visit. My sister has moved to Hawaii and wants me to come there to live with her. After visiting her, I want to go. And no, I have not had the house appraised. I tried to sell the house with a realtor but they never brought anyone out to show the house. They started out listing the house for three hundred and fifty thousand then reduced the price twenty-five thousand after three weeks. They kept asking me to list for less till the last time it was advertised for two hundred thousand. They said that it was a nice neighborhood but in the more run down area of the city. I can't understand that because everything around here is being spruced up. This little neighborhood, this street, has only eight houses that are all in perfect condition. The commercial area is rebuilding. And they just finished that brand new huge mall. There are two grocery stores within a couple of miles of here and we have no crime."

Nettie shook her head wondering about what she had just said. "The listing ran out so when they came and took the sign down, I put up my own. The first day it's up, today, I have a potential buyer in my kitchen. So it must be fate." She looked me in the eye and asked, "So what will you buy the house for."

"I don't know what to say ma'am." I said shaking my head looking down. "The house is worth a whole lot more than two hundred thousand, probably worth every bit of the three fifty. But my budget and what I could get a mortgage for is probably about one fifty to two hundred."

"You want the house Chuck?" She asked.

"Sure, I'd love to have this as my home."

"Sold." She said.


"Sold, you just bought a house. Let me call my lawyer and we'll go down and get this show on the road." She said getting up going to the phone on the wall.

"Huh? Pardon?"

Nettie waved at me to be quiet as she talked on the phone. She was explaining to someone that she had sold her house and needed the paper work to be put together. She was telling the person on the phone that she needed to come down right then so they could print it all up so we could sign it.

She hung up the phone and turned to me, "Let me get my purse then you can give me a ride in that fancy car you have. I'll explain everything on the way."

She went up the stairway next to the kitchen. I was in shock and wonder. Instead of just setting there I did rinse out the cups and left them in the sink. By the time I turned from the sink, Nettie was coming down the stairs.

We went out to my car, a 2003 Ford Thunderbird, my ego car. I was almost embarrassed as Nettie had some difficulty getting down into it. If she had been bigger it would have been a problem.

"It's a nice day, why don't you have the top down?" She asked.

I looked at her grinning. "Do you want it down?"

"I'd love it." She smiled.

The mechanical marvel whirred and suddenly the top was tucked into the trunk.

"Lot's better than the original T-birds." She said. "We have a '57 that was Herb's pride and joy. The whole top comes off in one piece. Herb had taken a second job just to save up for that car. It was so special he hardly ever let me drive it. He almost never drove it, as he was so protective of it. The kids all wanted to use it, but he never let anyone else but me drive it. Yours is nice, feels good too. Bet it drives nice."

She leaned her head back on the headrest letting wind blow her hair as we drove away from the house.

"Just go to the commercial center next to the new Mall. That's where Argus is. Argus Mitchell is my lawyer. His father was our lawyer for years and years." She directed.

"So Mrs. Baugh," I started. "How are we going to do this?"

"First you have to start calling me Nettie, okay?" She said looking at me as I drove. "This is going to be simple. I sell you the house. You give me the down payment. I will finance the balance of the house for you. You send payments to the attorney. I move to Hawaii, you move into the house, and we are done."

"So how much am I buying the house for?"

"I haven't made up my mind yet. I'll tell you at the lawyer's office." She said with a solemn look on her face.

We pulled into the parking garage connected to the Commercial Center and parked on the first floor. Since this was a very new building, there were not a lot of tenants yet making it easy to find a parking space.

We walked through the lobby to the elevators and when we entered one, Nettie pushed the button for twenty, the top floor.

When we exited the elevator we were in a lobby with a reception desk. The lady behind the desk looked up and smiled. "Good morning Mrs. Baugh. Have a seat and I'll let Mr. Mitchell know you are here."

We walked to some seats and were turning to sit when a man came out of the double doors behind the receptionist.

"Nettie, how are you. Glad to see you. Come in and tell me all about what you want to do." He said rapidly before turning to me, "Come on, I'll help you understand things as we go along. Nettie always makes her mind up quickly then wants everything done at once."

Argus led us to his office and seated us at a small round table. The view from his office was awesome. Twenty floors up and you could see miles and miles.

"So Nettie, introduce me to your guest then tell me about selling your house." Argus asked.

"Mr. Davidson, this is Argus Mitchell my attorney." She said gesturing toward me she said, "This is the man buying my house."

"I thought you had the house listed with a realtor?" Argus asked.

Nettie answered, "The listing ran out and I didn't renew it. They didn't bring one prospective customer to the house the entire time. They took their sign down this morning so I made my own sign, put it out front and Chuck here showed up at my door an hour later. I'm tired of waiting. I want to get to Hawaii. Chuck and I made a deal so let's get to it."

"Okay Nettie, let me hear what you have worked out." Argus said with some obvious reservation.

Nettie took a deep breath before starting, "I'm selling the house to Chuck for a hundred and fifty thousand. (It was at this point that I audibly gasped.) He's going to give me fifty thousand down and I'm going to hold the mortgage for the other hundred thousand at let's say four percent. Make up all the documents so we can sign them and arrange for whatever type of closing we need to do."

Argus looked a little stunned. "A hundred fifty thousand? Nettie, your house has to worth a lot more than that. How much was the realtor trying to sell your house for?"

Nettie frowned. "That's the problem Argus. Over three months ago they started the house out for three fifty. They kept getting me to reduce the price till it was down to nothing anyway but they didn't bring one, not one buyer, not one looker. I put up my own sign and this young man knocked on my door, loved the house and I want him to have it. So are you going to fix up the papers?"

"Okay, okay Nettie. Let me take some notes and we'll get them together right now." Argus started asking some question that Nettie and I answered, and he turned to his desk. Using his phone, he called a secretary to come into the office to tell her what he wanted prepared. Next he called a closing company and asked them to prepare a file. He said he would send the paperwork downstairs as soon as it was ready. Argus called someone who must be a surveyor and asked for a survey to be made as soon as possible. Meanwhile the secretary came in, took the offered notes and left.

Argus hung up the phone, turned to us and asked, "How about next Tuesday morning. We can close everything downstairs in the title office."

"See," Nettie said looking at Argus then me with a smug look. "That didn't take long at all. I knew it could be done if I wanted it too."

"So Nettie," Argus asked. "When are you leaving for Hawaii? When do you want to give possession to Mr. Davidson?"

"Tuesday." Nettie answerd.

"Can you pack up everything by Tuesday?" Argus asked.

"Not much to pack. I have already packed all my personal stuff, pictures and such. I've sold and given away tons of old furniture and old household things. I think I'm ready. Just have to pack my clothes and go. All my stuff is in boxes in the basement. Everything else is going with the house." She said. "I'll miss the house and all the memories it has, but I'll be in Hawaii with my Sister enjoying the beach and sun shine."

"Ah Mrs. Baugh?" I questioned. "You said everything else is going with the house, what do you mean by that?"

Nettie beamed, "Everything Chuck. Everything you saw today is yours. I don't need or want any of it. When I get to Hawaii I'll have everything I need at my Sister's. Anything else we need, we can buy."

I'm no dummy. I shut up. This would all wash out with a contract. I would take it to another attorney to be sure. This was too good to be true. So you knew it couldn't be. There had to be another shoe.

There was a knock on the door and Argus said "Enter." The secretary came in with four groups of papers. Argus took the top group and started going through it. It took him about a minute to go through the papers. He picked them up and tapped them on the table to get them straightened then laid them down in front of Nettie and me.

"This first one is the contract to sell the house. Note that it says the property, house and contents as of Tuesday. Here is the selling price that shows it to be reduced by the amount of your down payment. This one is the mortgage. You will have to fill in your social security number as I forgot to get that. These are the payments for the hundred thousand at four percent and here is the address, to which they are to be paid, which is to this office. So, Mr.Davidson, can you give me a check for the fifty thousand?" Argus let out a breath, almost of sigh.

"This is fast. Do you think I should review these and maybe have my attorney look at them?" I asked astonished that this could be happening so fast.

"Tell you what, read this stuff right now. Then you and I will go down stairs and look to see what other attorneys are here. We'll go there and you can have them read this and see if it's kosher. How about it?" Nettie asked.

"How can you do this so easily Nettie?" I asked. "Why so generous to someone you just met?"

"I like you Chuck. You appear to be a nice young man. You told me you had saved up for this chance. I've been waiting for you to come along and you have. Let's get this show on the road." Nettie said standing.

"Sit down Mrs. Baugh. Let me read this through." I said.

I read everything. Nothing had any bad stuff in it. The mortgage gave me fifteen years to repay the hundred thousand. There were clauses stating I would be required to purchase insurance on the property naming Mrs. Baugh as an additional insured.

"Okay, let me call my bank to transfer money from my savings to my checking." I said.

"Go ahead, use the phone right here." Argus said.

While I was on the phone, I could overhear the conversation Argus and Nettie were having. He was asking her how well she knew me. She told him we had just met but she was a good judge of character.

I sat back down, looked at Argus, looked at Nettie, swung the papers around, and signed them, writing in my Social Security number. I pulled out my wallet where I kept a blank check and filled it out for fifty thousand dollars but thought 'Oh' man, am I doing the right thing?'

As I handed the check to Nettie, "Mrs. Baugh, you honor me by doing everything here you have done. I don't know why you are being so generous; I don't how I can get so lucky, but thank you. Thank you very much for this opportunity." Damn, I almost had tears.

"I'm very happy Chuck. You just took my biggest worry off my hands. Now I don't have to worry about a will for the house, who's gonna get what chair, who's gonna get what glass. Everything is taken care of with our signatures. And I'm on my way to Hawaii." She stood, gave the check to Argus then added. "Let's get out of here. Let me show you the rest of the house."

Argus shook my hand and shook his head. He then hugged Mrs. Baugh. To her he said, "Take care of yourself Nettie, Dad always said you were the brains of your family but perhaps a little hasty." To me he said, "You are one lucky guy to meet a lady like this. She makes good things happen to people she meets."

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