A Day in the Life of a New Bimbo
Part 1: waking up

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Mind Control, Incest, Cousins, MaleDom, Humiliation, Harem, Oral Sex, School,

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Part 1: waking up - Nicole was a good girl, a college student. But somehow Mr. Galcante had turned her into a bimbo whore... she even helped him turn her best friends into bimbo sluts too! And Nicole couldn't be happier with it.

I wake up on my bed, the pink sheets are so soft... I giggle as I see my barbie styled room. It all looks so girlish and childish, just like I feel now, young and dumb! I used to be a college student but it all seems so far... and so boring!

But wait, I always forget, you don't even know who is talking to you! I am Nicole Boketti and I'm a slut. I'm not just a girl that sleeps around, you guys don't care about that, I am REALLY a complete bimbo slut and proud of it!

But I know you guys want to know of my body, after all that is the reason why I'm like this now, why I was chosen by Mr. Galcante. I am considered beautiful, even if very short, I'm just 5'2" tall! I'm a pale skinned brunette with shoulder length hair and dark brown eyes, with a cute face and naturally pouting lips, this is great since my lips are perfect for sucking... and do suck a lot nowadays! My body is well kept if a little 'generous'. I'm not plump, but I'm not a thin model like girl, I have strong legs, a medium sized but tight butt and my best assets: huge 32E-cup tits! I'm so proud of my 'babies'!

Well, back to reality! I am thirsty... I always wake up thirsty! And I know there is one thing I'd love to drink now...

I open the door and enter Mr. Galcante's room. He is my... my... sorry, I lost the train thinking about his cock, that happens to me a lot... he is my boyfriend. He teaches me a lot of things and I love him. Today he is sleeping with my best friends. I'm so proud of them, they loved to play with him too, I am a goody goody girl and I know how to share!

It was not easy to bring Lynn and Adriana here, they were sure I was crazy, but after my mast... I mean my boyfriend gave them the special juice and explained them things they found out how much they loved old men's cock! The two girls are deep asleep, I was like that too in the beginning! I climb on the bed and crawl to Mr. Galcante.

"Hi! are you awake?" I purr eager for my first dose of the juice I love so much... his juice. "I'm thirsty!"

"You are always thirsty you lil slut, my personal Nica slut" He grins rubbing his eyes, still dizzy, but his morning erection is making a tent on the covers, my mouth waters and I stare at it with love and lust.

"I think I am!" I giggle, I used to hate being called a slut, but now I know girls with tits my size are natural born sluts, this is only natural! "And I know what I'm made for!"

"Begin to suck, you know that's what you are made for... to suck cock pleasing me and anyone I choose worthy"

"And I love it sir... can I do it... now?" I ask licking my lips as I stare in love with his morning erection.

"Mmm, first: scream who you are and how much you love being a slut and how much you love to suck my cock... yell how you love it so much that your brought me your slutty friends for me to fuck, then you can begin to suck"

"I am Nicole Boketti!" I say standing up on the bed and jumping up and down, my huge G cups wobbling beautifully. "I just LOVE to be your slut! I love to suck cock a LOT of cock! And I am proud that I could bring my two bestest friends here to be your sluts too!" I scream and laugh eagerly and even so the two girls don't wake up... the first days are like this! But they are learning, I love my friends and now we can have fun all the time.

"Now begin to suck Nicole, you really need cock."

"Oh thank you sir!" I get down on my knees between his legs and nervously take off his cock from the covers, I look at it amazed... oh God! I LOVE cock!

"Remember what you did last night slut girl? You were so hungry that you sucked both of your friend's pussies just to get my cum, only a true slut does that, it's a shame that you like cock that much, you only are and exist to please men, that's why your body is like this... all big tits and pout lips... never forget that"

"I don't like to eat pussy..." I say frowning as I wank his pole. "But cum is so tasty!" I say licking my lips as I lower my head to kiss the tip dreamingly. "Big titted girls love the taste of cum isn't it so?" I ask and swallow the pole, seven and a half inches of old dick disappearing into my mouth

"Yes, because all big titted girls are sluts like you. Born whores, true sluts, girls starved for cum. That's why you dress like a hooker, and why you need cum... in fact you would be happy drinking only cum as a meal every day wouldn't you my personal big titted whore?"

"Hummm!" I moan in pleasure, hearing him talk like this makes me so horny! "U-hu!" I nod without even stopping the blowjob my cunt throbs with the thought, I hope his guests wake up horny today! I really would love more cum for breakfast!

"How is the precum? How much do you love that Nicole slut? Is it as good as cum?"

"Hummm..." I slide the dick out of my lips and answer. "It is delicious, but not half as good as cum... I just LOVE sperm!"

"Haha, you like?, you need would be more appropriate"

I giggle and look at Lynn... the blonde girl is so cute! With tits almost as big as mine, no wonder she was so eager for cum yesterday! Busty girls need cum! Adriana on the other hand is a half Italian slim brunette, with small boobs, but she has the best bubble shaped butt I ever seen!

"Nica I have a surprise for you today... your three cousins have paid for three blowjobs each, so you'll be getting plenty of that cum you like so much."

"My three cousins?" I ask as I lick the pole all over it. "Are they here too?!" I ask surprised.

"Yes, and well, now thanks to your cousins you have money to buy appropriate clothes for this whores sleeping here."

"Cool!" I say and go back to sucking... sucking cock is so fun! I can't understand why I thought it was disgusting before!

"Get something that shows this awesome ass..." He says patting Adriana's butt. "... and you already know how to display tits, you do that everyday." He smiles and fondles Lynn's boobs. "You love when everyone stares at you don't you? That's why you came to me, you knew I had something ready for you between my legs."

"YES!" I say over happy. "You always have something for me between your legs sir!" I look at the big pole in amazement, my tiny pale hands jerk it off as I feel my mouth wetting... I need more cock! "Will you cum for me sir?" I ask worried. "I saw you fuck Adriana's ass all night..." I lean down and take the shaft into my lips again eager for my creamy reward!

"And why are you worried I have enough cum for my three sluts." He begins to cum. "Enough for the major whore sucking my cock and the two sleeping ones"

I close my eyes and moan, the touch of semen on my tongue makes me tremble with a powerful orgasm... I never knew girls came when a guy spurted on her mouth, but I guess it is a natural thing for girls with 32 E cups like me! The taste is powerful and strong, I swallow as fast as I can... I have been practicing it a lot in the last days! I used to hate the taste and even the smell of sperm before... I was so dumb!

"Clean it all, slut, you have work to do today, your cousins need your expert mouth." He thinks for a second. "Well, you are more of an amateur than an expert actually."

"U-hu!" I nod and swallow all the load, then I lick the member clean, not a drop is wasted, even the cum that ended up on his pubes are fair game and I lick it clean too!

"Good cleaner, now that you had your breakfast go earn your money."

"Sure sir... err... how do I do it?" ask dumbly, readying my tiny bikini, Mr. Galcante wants me to use the little red one all the time... that's ok, it shows off a lot of my tits... I like to show my tits... I used to be shy, I even tried to hide them before... I was so dumb!

"You have two hands and a mouth you know how to use them, treat them well slut, you know that they are family after all, three cums each, never let a drop go to waste, understood?"

"Sure sir! Ok!" I say walking out of the master bedroom just as Lynn starts to wake up with all the noise, her head instinctively looks for his lap and I see her putting his flaccid cock on her mouth like a pacifier.

With the taste of him still in my mouth I close the door and go to the guest rooms.

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