Max and Bre a New Love
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, FemaleDom, Black Female, White Male,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A chance encounter leads to a new love for Max and Bre, the both of them were not looking but they found the love of a lifetime in a fashion that neither knew they had wanted, but were now excited to begin to explore, This story starts a little slow but will develop quickly as each of them begin to define their new life together.

Max was about to turn 21, he was sitting staring aimlessly out the window, pondering. The formula for the algebraic question before him. He knew he had already aced the exam, but he was seeking a perfect score. So he'd been staring at the problem, and with just 10 minutes left in the exam he searched his memory for a solution then like a bolt out of the blue the answer became crystal clear. He had been trying to complicate the simple problem. The truth was the answer lay in basic algebra stuff he had learned when he was a freshman in high school. It struck him as funny his Professor had tried to trick the students in the class with such a simple problem, he chuckled to himself. He though I almost screwed up a one car funeral, this one was so easy, and like his life currently the answers to so many issues were staring him straight in the face because he was trying to think, way beyond the simplest answers. He had almost missed what was staring him in the face or he thought, who was staring him in the face.

The who was Breanna, a young woman he had met at a frat house mixer a couple of weeks ago he was heading out the front door to leave. When he ran into a crying girl as she was running out the front door, they both had their heads down when they collided, it was such a solid hit. Had he not been so surprised with the contact he would have enjoyed being struck by her ample bosom. After the initial bump he placed his hands on her shoulders to catch her, he was about to say something like heads up sugar or something remotely like that to get her attention. He noticed instantly the reason she hadn't been paying attention to where she was going was because she was crying.

"Hey hey there, are you okay?" She made brief eye contact with him, shook her head, and ran out the door almost bumping into a couple of other girls walking up the doorstep. "Watch where you're going sister!" One of the coeds said to her as she ran past.

Oh shit Max thought as he started down the steps for some reason chasing after the girl. He had no idea who she was but he hated to see anyone that upset so he ran after her, when he caught her he said to her "whoa girl, easy easy your going to hurt yourself." The young woman who stood before him turned and threw her arms around him burying her face in his shoulder as great sobs wracked her body. "It's okay." He managed to say, he had no idea what she was crying about and he was pretty sure he didn't want to get mixed up in someone else's problem, but he hated to see such a pretty girl or any girl for that matter so filled with anguish.

"Are you okay?" He asked again, she raised her eyes to look at him when she made eye contact with him she managed to nod her head.

"Yeah I'll make it." She replied.

.God she's smokin, he thought to himself. He lowered his hands and captured hers, she turned her head so she can look directly at him, and when she did Max quickly lowered his eyes and took in her physical beauty. She was a tall girl probably about 5 foot 10, around 120 or 30 pounds thin at the waist with beautifully flared hips, he couldn't see her ass he believed it must be fabulous also. Finally his eyes rested briefly on her chest, she's huge he thought a large 34C probably a D and he wasn't sure if it was the bra she was wearing that held them up, he guessed that wasn't the case, those Hooters are 100% fabulous.

Then he noticed a small welt just below her right eye, "I" he paused "what the hell happened?"

Her sobs began anew, she quickly pulled her hands free of his and began to walk away.

Max started after her and when you caught up to her he placed his right hand on the back of her left shoulder, when he made contact with her she stopped, turned and swung her right hand. Her fisted right hand struck Max squarely on the chin. The punch had caught him so much by surprise it nearly knocked him flat on his back. "What the Fuck?" He said, "what is your fucking problem?" He managed to ask.

Within unworldly fire in her eyes she managed to sputter "I'm very sorry I hope you know I didn't mean that." She brought her right hand to his chin and gently touched with her fingertips the spot she had struck, "I'm so so very sorry!"

Looking deeply into her eyes he said to her, "I didn't mean to scare you." He said. "I was worried after bumping into one another had hurt you."

"No it was my asshole ex-boyfriend one of those frat boys that pissed me off, not you." She angrily said to him.

"Whoa easy girl, I was just trying to help you that's all." Max quickly said to her. When he realized just how ridiculous the whole situation must have looked he chuckled to himself.

Hearing him laugh Breanna got angry all over again. "I'm glad you think all of this is so damn funny!" She's spat, which only caused his chuckle to turn to an outright laugh.

"Wake up!" He managed to say, "I'm not laughing at you dumbass, I'm laughing at how ridiculous the last 20 seconds must have looked if anybody saw you smack me."

Seeing the situation through the eyes of another Breanna managed to stem the tears and examine her behavior and she immediately cringed and began to apologize to him "I'm so sorry I don't know what the hell I'm doing."

"It's okay it's okay thank God you're a girl." He said as he began to laugh harder. This only frustrated Breanna that much more for a couple of more seconds her rage grew unchecked, then in a brief moment of clarity she quickly looked inwards and seeing through his eyes just how ridiculous she had behaved. Breanna knew an apology is in order.

"I'm so sorry, " she said "I just don't know what came over me, I need to remember my shit is my shit. And just because I am having problems doesn't give me the right!"

Max looked at Breanna the first time. He hadn't noticed at first but this woman was beautiful, 5 foot eight or nine maybe 110 lbs, wavy shoulder length dark brown hair and she was dark skinned maybe black he couldn't tell because it was dark outside. And that body she must have been a woman who worked out regularly.

When his eyes returned to her face he saw beautiful full lips, the bottom one turned downwards in pouting manner, closely set beautiful brown eyes and a classically shaped nose kind of pointy but perfect for her face. She was the kind of woman if you saw her on the street you would probably stop and stare, she was that kind of beautiful.

The final thing he noticed about her was her chocolate brown complexion, not that African American women weren't beautiful he had just never been attracted to one.His common sense told him the last thing in the world he needed to do was was to hit on this girl and trust me he sure was tempted.

"Would you mind walking me home, I live just off campus and I'm afraid that guy that did this," she said pointing to the spot below her eye, "might come looking for me."

"Hey sure no problem." Max replied. "I live off campus too, over on Oak Street half a mile off of Front Street." Max told her.

"Me too, I mean just a little ways off of Front street before yours on Elm." She told him.

Max wasn't sure how the hell he hadn't seen her before, she lived very close to him and he was sure he knew where all the coeds lived within a few blocks of his home. Taking her hand he started towards her home. Her grip was firm he could tell she really was worried that this ass hole might show. She was walking quickly which frustrated him because he wanted to spend as much time as possible getting to know her a little bit. It was maybe a 10 minute walk but as fast as she was walking it would probably take half that time.

They walked on and when they reached her street corner she pointed to the fourth house on the right-hand side and told him that was where she lived she could take it from here.Bullshit Max thought to himself there was no way he wanted this walk to end, so he told her it was no problem he would walk her to her door. "I'm kind of old-fashioned that way." He told her as they started down street, "I'll make sure you get to your door safely."

When they arrived at her doorstep she said to him, "thank you so much." Then she asked him his name.

"Maximilian Winchester Scott the third" he answered, "you can call me Max though." He replied.

"Okay" she said, "since we're telling our full names mine is Breanna Allison Carmichael, and my friends call me Bre." She told him.

"Alrighty Bre, I hope I can see you again?" Max asked her.

"I'm going to be at the library tomorrow around two o'clock. Can you meet me there?" Bre asked him. I think I'd like to get to know this boy she thought to herself but I don't know anything about him so the library is a nice safe place to meet him for the first time, the nice safe library.

"I won't be able to make it until about 2:30" Max told her, "I have a sociology class that doesn't let out until about 20 after. Will that be okay?"

"That's great," she replied, "that'll give me a chance to find the reference books I need before you get there." That's perfect she thought to herself I'll be able to to bury my face in my studies if he turns out to be a loser. "I'll see you then,"

She let go of his hand and started towards her doorway, when she reached the door she turned and told him goodnight.

"Yes yes goodnight." He was so taken with her it took him about 10 seconds or so to respond to her. "I look forward to it, I've got some studying to do too."

She placed her key in the lock and opened the door, Max watched her disappear and shook his head and though she was beautiful as hell he really wanted to get to know her even more.

Tomorrow couldn't come quickly enough for Max, when the day arrived he awoke around 11 a.m. he only had one class today that was his sociology class and then he would be meeting Bre at the library. Thinking of her and apparently he had been dreaming of her as well he woke up with a raging hard on. He must've been on the verge of a wet dream because of the tingling in his balls he could tell he was close to an orgasm. He reached down and began to stroke his aching member, its head was drooling pre-cum so with the available lubrication he began to run his hand up and down quickly. Shit he thought, after a dozen strokes he began to erupt. He watched the slit on a head of his cock open and the first shot of his milky semen launch. It was so intense three more ejaculations quickly followed flying upwards toward his chest, first landing on his neck and then a couple of small drops touching his lips. It had to be beyond a doubt the most incredible jerk off ejaculation he had ever had. Max couldn't believe how much cum had just come out of him. His right hand was covered with his sperm, he looked at the mirror directly facing him on his dresser and saw for the first time his cum covered chest and neck. When he saw some dime sized drops on his chin and lips he scooped them off using his tongue, he was tasting his load on his lips for the first time. It was kind of bittersweet, and then he did something had he thought about it he never would have never dreamed of doing using the fingers from his cum covered hand he scooped up what was on his chin and neck and pushed it into his mouth. Wow he thought where is this coming from? He began to lick the remainder on his hand vigorously, he had a mouthful of cum, he pushed it around with his tongue savoring its flavor. He stared again at the mirror will and opened his mouth and could see the sperm pooled there. For his own benefit he withdrew his tongue closed his mouth and swallowed. When he did the thought crossed his mind, his girlfriend Sharon had wanted him to eat her cream pie but he had always thought that was just a little bit too weird for him, so he never had done it. Max thought to himself the next girl that asked him too maybe just maybe he would do it.

He got off his bed and headed for the shower he wanted to be cleaned and shaved when he met Bre at the library.

His sociology class couldn't end soon enough his teacher seemed to be teaching in slow motion, and yet when she closed her notebook and announced that the class was dismissed it was only now just two o'clock. It seemed to Max like it was at least four o'clock so anxious was he to get to the library. He closed his text and notebook and threw them in his book bag and bolted for the door. He ran across the campus hurrying to get to the library. When he got there he pushed his way quickly through the doorway, when he got inside he looked for Bre, at first he didn't see her he only saw a couple of librarians and a couple other students, but no Bre. She had her back to the door but when he saw her wavy brown hair and recognized her. He approached her calmly and touched her shoulder and said "good afternoon Bre." Bre turned from her textbook and met Max's smiling face and smiled herself. "Hi Max you're here early." She said.

"Yeah class got out early today, so here I am." He replied.

While he's kind of easy on the eye she thought, last night she really hadn't had the chance to look at him. It wouldn't have mattered if she had but it pleased her nonetheless he was attractive. She patted the seat of the chair next to her and invited him to sit. "If you give me about a half an hour to finish what I'm doing here I'd love to go get a cup of coffee." She said.

"Great a half an hour will give me all the time I need in here." Max told her. You could see the outline of the welt under her eye, she had covered it with some kind of makeup but because it was darker than the color of her skin he still managed to see it. He reached out with his right hand and gently touched it, "I hate that that ass hole did that to you."

"Let me tell you Max it'll be the last time that that useless piece of crap ever gets close to me again!" She said in an angry tone. "I can't believe I was so stupid to let any man lay a hand on me like that." She said. "I don't want to talk about it anymore or him for that matter. I do want to thank you for walking me home last night though. I was sure that s.o.b was going to come and try and start with me again."

"Okay, fuck him it's his loss!" Max truly believed that because as far as he was concerned the doorway to Bre had been left wide open. He sat down next to her and in his most compassionate tone said to her "I hate the fact that anyone would raise a hand to you, I also hate the fact that we couldn't have met under better circumstances. I am grateful we met, period."

Max wasn't sure where the contempt he felt for a guy he had never met, then when he realized he had hit this gir it all became very clear l I wish I had been there he thought. Bre could see the concern in his eyes and was touched by his apparent kindness. Apparently Max was the polar opposite of this guy, so maybe she thought I should take the time to get to know him. Then the glimmer of an idea crossed her mind.

"Tell you what Max, I'm done here let's go to my house and I'll make you a cup of coffee in there. How does that sound?"

Max could only manage to nod his head in agreement, a cuppa coffee? Alone? With you? He thought, absa fucking lutely. He thought. It was all he could do to get the word yes out before she changed her mind. He tried to play it as cool as he possibly could. "Sha sha sha sure" he managed to stutter, in his excitement.

Max wasn't sure if how this girl or why this girl was inviting him home but he wasn't about to squander this opportunity to get to know her for all the tea in China!

Bre began to gather her things and place them in her book bag, when she was done she pulled its zipper closed and said "come on let's get out of here." Max trying to impress threw her bag over his shoulder and picked up his own and in his most chivalrous tone told her he would carry it. He took her hand in his helped her to stand and started towards the door.Bre was walking before him and he couldn't take his eyes off of her shapely behind, man he thought I would love to tap that! Bre glanced over her shoulder and saw his eyes focused on her rear end and feeling playful gave it a couple of quick shakes. She thought to herself (and this was so completely out of character) look hard boy and maybe...

They headed out the door hand in hand they both could feel the spark contained in their entwined fingers. The walk to her house would take about 15 minutes on an average day but in their excitement it took about 10. "I hope you don't mind the mess" she said to him when she opened the door. Max looked in and saw a large studio apartment with a few dirty dishes laying next to the sink in the kitchen area and knew that was what she meant. It always amazed him how girls could see a mess in an otherwise spotless apartment.

Max's eyes scanned the rest of her place, on the left side of the door was a couch, with a coffee table in front of it a recliner to the right side of that, and a large television on a stand with a DVD player and VCR t tucked beneath it. Directly in front of them and was a small kitchenette with a table and two chairs. On the right side of the apartment was a large canopied king size bed, that was covered in lacy, frilly pink pastel linens. The bed was made almost professionally though the bedspread was a little bunched on top of the pillows. So other than the few dirty dishes and the bedspread nothing was remotely out of place. Even the remotes for the TV and its accessories were strategically placed on the coffee table. She flipped a light switch in the room was lit by several recessed lights. Max was impressed.

She released his hand and took her book bag from his shoulder and hung it on a hook next to the door, she took his and did the same on another hook just below it. "Go ahead and sit down and I'll start a pot of coffee." She told him.

Bre stood next to the counter while the coffee brewed, she turned and faced him and asked Max "how many years have you been at school? She asked them.

"What's left of this year and next." He replied. "Why?"

"I was just trying to figure out how old you were." She answered him. "I hope you don't think I'm being too nosy," she said.

Max was glad she was asking him these questions. The truth was he loved her voice, her soft southern accent and its tone, she could have been reading the phone book to him and it wouldn't have mattered.

It was an express coffee maker three minutes had passed and she was already filling the cups. She returned to the tablle and set a steaming mug in front of him she placed a second cup in front of the second chair at the table. Once she had sat she picked up the cup and took a noisy sip, "mmmmmmmmmmm good coffee is like good loving."

While she was speaking Max was sipping his coffee and when she got to the loving part he almost choked while he was swallowing. He sputtered.

"Max" she said, "I have something I want to ask you, now don't answer me until I'm done. Okay?"

Max was completely curious. "Okay" he replied "I promise I'll keep my mouth shut."

Bre hesitated and as she began to speak the words flew out of her mouth. "I know you don't know me, and I don't want you to think I'm a total slut, but from the moment you walked into the library today I have had one thing on my mind. It's why I quit studying it's why I invited you here instead of the coffee shop. I want you Max, I have never wanted anyone as badly as I do you, for some reason I know I'll be completely safe with you, that you will never hurt me, and last night was supposed to happen to bring about today, tomorrow and every other day to come. I am convinced we are going to be together for a long time. She said to him. Are you up to it?"

Max had been having similar thoughts, sure he'd been thinking about the sex who can look at this girl and not think about sex. He had also been having the relationship thoughts like she had but had been way too afraid to tell her about them. She had taken the words right out of his mouth and the thoughts right out of his head. With neither of them saying another word they stood and stepped towards each other, they were both an arms length away when they both began to strip. Max quickly removed his shirt and stopped, seeing that Bre removed hers,. She focused her eyes on his well-defined chest Max's eyes were glued to her bra encased breasts, the bra she was wearing was sheer beige see-through material. Her breasts were magnificent he thought. She undid the clasp in the front and freed them, she pulled her arms free of the straps and dropped it onto the floor.

Max became suddenly panicked, two nights ago he had shaved off all the hair from his body with the exception of the hair on top of his head. He was about to explain, when he watched her slide the pants and then the panties from her body. Max almost choked when he saw there was no hair on hers.

His cock was now rock hard. He undid the button and then the zipper. He kicked off his loafers and then slid his pants and then his boxers to the floor. Bre's eyes were glued to his cock, it wasn't the longest she'd ever seen but it was fat, damn she thought.

Still at an arms length they stared at each other both of them were pleased with what they could see. Max was staring at her breasts, they were grapefruit sized with no sag, her nipples were incredible they sat on large dark brown aureolas the nipples themselves were also fairly dark except for the tips they were a beautiful pink color. The contrast was amazing. If his dick could get any harder than it was he could have broken glass with it.

"Bre your beautiful!" Max managed to say. Bre raised her right hand and placed her index finger on Max's lips, "shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

She dropped to her knees in front of him she grabbed his length with her right hand and began to stroke it briskly, Max closed his eyes and tipped his head backwards because if he stared at her any longer he was going to blow!

As she was stroking him each time her hand circled the head she would give it a little twist that felt so good Max knew it wouldn't be long. Then she stopped, as soon as she did he looked down she was staring upwards their eyes locked onto each other's. They stared at each other for just a few seconds she smiled at him and then lowered her mouth to his manhood. She circled the head with her lips and began to gently suck her right hand continued stroking and with her left she began to fondle his naked testicles. "Bre I'm going to cum!" He managed to utter. Bre had knownt she had felt his balls begin to rise and the head in her mouth began to expand she managed to pull her mouth off of him long enough to say "yes my love in my mouth! Do it!" She said to him. "Fill my mouth! Make me yours!

Max could feel her tongue resting just under his cock head when he exploded he had shot a lot this morning but it didn't compare to what he was emptying to her mouth right now. "Oh my God oh yes yes ungh ungh ungghhh!" When he was done he believed there was nothing not one little swimmer nothing left in him. "Bre, my lord. That was unbelievable." He was about to say more when she stood again placing her index finger on his lips, both sides of her mouth and her chin were covered with he his cum, she threw her arms around his neck and raised her mouth to his and began to kiss him, when their tongues began to duel she pushed his own load into his mouth, they began to swap it back-and-forth, when she broke the kiss a string of semen went between them, she tipped her head backwards and opened her mouth so he could see there was still cum in it. Then she closed it and made a great production of swallowing. She looked to him and he knew he was expected to do the same. Just this morning he had eaten his own willingly so he knew as he swallowed he was going to do this too.

The remainder on her chin she scooped with her finger in the and she brought it to her mouth he leaned forward and began to suck it clean with her. "Now my new lover my new man you need to take care of me!" She ordered.

She had taken control of this afternoon and maybe he hoped she would take complete control of the rest of their encounters. Max believed she would and the idea of this newfound future thrilled him.

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