Part 1: A Mysterious Invitation

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Group Sex, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Part 1: A Mysterious Invitation - A young upwardly mobile couple receive an anonymous invitation to a formal dinner party. What happens next arouses their deepest secret desires.

The early morning Georgia sun was streaming through the mullioned windows of the Jenkins' upscale family home in the equally upscale suburban neighborhood of Morningside. Gloria Jenkins was vacuuming the living room of their large two-story Colonial house. She had already kissed her husband Bill goodbye as he left for his mundane but quite lucrative position as a senior partner in his father's large investment and brokerage firm in downtown Macon.

Finishing the living room, the petit blonde homemaker moved on to the foyer, the new self-propelled machine moving nosily over the short-napped fitted carpet. As she reached the area by the front entrance, she stopped to move aside the small blue area rug positioned there for people to wipe their feet on as they entered. As she bent down to move the rug aside, she noticed from the corner of her eye the phone on the foyer table. Its red message-waiting light was blinking. That's curious, she thought. She had not heard the phone ring, but supposed the vacuum had probably drowned it out.

Shutting off the vacuum, she wondered who could be calling at this hour of the morning, hoping nothing had happened to Bill on his drive to work. Pressing the Retrieve-Messages button, an unfamiliar cultured male voice came from the speaker. It was obviously a recorded message.

"Good morning, Mr. or Mrs. Jenkins. I am calling to extend an invitation to a very private dinner party to be held on Friday, May 8th, at 7 PM. Entertainment will follow the meal. A close associate of yours, who shall remain nameless for the moment, has nominated you for membership in our organization. I can assure you, however, that this does not involve sales or other commercial opportunities, only a gracious meal followed by stimulating entertainment. Dress will be business or semiformal. Should you decide to accept this invitation, please RSVP by calling (478) 967-1432 before noon, May 7th. You will receive additional information and instructions at that time. Good Day."

Gloria hung up the phone, a puzzled expression on her face. It must be one of Bill's business associates or clients, she thought. She left the message on the machine for his review later.

When Bill returned home that evening, Gloria mentioned the curious message and suggested he listen to it. He finished mixing his gin and tonic, then stepped to the phone and retrieved the message. After listening to it, he turned to his wife and, with a puzzled expression, said, "I don't what to make of it. I have never heard of anything like this before. Scott will be dropping over after dinner; perhaps he will have some idea what it is all about, after all he was born and raised in this area." Bill then took his drink and retired to the family room to relax for a few minutes while Gloria was preparing their meal.

When their neighbor, Scott Fuller, stopped by after dinner, accompanied by his wife and Gloria's best friend Susan, Bill played the mysterious telephone message once more. As it was playing, Gloria thought she saw Scott and Susan exchange knowing looks, but once it had finished they both said that they did not have a clue as to its meaning.

"I guess if you're curious about it, the only way to find out is to call the number he gave you," Scott opined.

"What have you got to lose?" Susan commented. "Worst case, you'll get a free meal and best case, you might even pick up some new clients for your firm."

"I guess you're right," Bill replied, picking up the phone and punching in the number.

After a few seconds, Bill gave his name and said he was calling in regard to a message left on his machine earlier, then he listened in silence for awhile before taking out his pen and jotting some notes on the message pad.

Hanging up, he turned to us with a puzzled expression, and asked Scott, "Where the hell is Savanna Estates?"

Again, there was that knowing look between Scott and Susan before Scott replied, "Savanna Estates? You're talking some serious money now. That was supposed to be a major, hundred-acre, upscale development on the north side of town about twenty years ago, but it never got off the ground. The building lots themselves were going about a million an acre, supposedly targeted at the movers and shakers in this area. If I remember correctly, only one ten-acre plot was ever sold, and that to a multimillionaire from New York. I don't remember where his money came from: films, theater, television... something like that. Anyway, the next thing anyone knew, the remainder of the land was taken off the market and a mansion was built that would put Buckingham Palace to shame. I think he must have purchased the whole subdivision because nothing else was ever built there and the whole thing is now landscaped parkland, walled and gated, with private security."

"Why would an eccentric billionaire we've never heard of extend us an invitation to a private dinner party?" Bill wondered aloud. "I mean, sure we're doing all right. I'm pulling down a six-figure salary, have a membership in a private country club, own this house outright and drive a new Jaguar, but we're certainly not in his league."

"I don't know the answer to that," Scott replied, "but if you accept the invitation, perhaps you'll find out."

"Go for it, Bill," Susan chimed in. "You'll never find out if you don't, and it could even throw some lucrative business your way. Think of it as another rung on your ladder to the top!"

"What do you think?" Bill asked Gloria.

"I think I might like a new Mercedes convertible," Gloria answered demurely with an impish grin.

"All right then," Bill said, as he moved back to the phone and tapped in the number he had jotted down on the memo pad.

After a short conversation, with Bill doing more listening than talking, he hung up and returned. "Okay, we've accepted the dinner invitation for seven o'clock on the eighth."

There was no further mention concerning the mysterious invitation. Scott and Susan left shortly after ten, and a few minutes after Gloria neatened up the house and put the cat out while Bill showered.

Lying in bed later, Gloria said, "I've got to do some shopping tomorrow. May 8th is only about a week away and I don't have a thing to wear, at least not to a party like that!"

"Sure, whatever you think best, dear," Bill mumbled, half asleep.

The next morning, after Bill had left for work, Gloria took her purse, retrieved her Corvette from the garage, and drove into town in search of suitable eveningwear for the upcoming dinner party. Local shopping was pretty well limited to a relatively small area consisting of a few specialty shops clustered in a four-block area downtown, and then of course, there was the mall on the outskirts. She parked in a convenient downtown lot and wandered through the half dozen ladies apparel stores but found nothing that jumped out and cried, "Buy Me... Buy Me," so it was off to the Mall.

She parked the Corvette in her favorite shaded area of the mall parking lot and entered through the nearest entrance. After browsing through the two major anchor stores and still not finding anything, she made her way down the concourse, stopping at the food court to buy a croissant and a container of espresso. As she sat at one of the small food court tables, eating her pastry, sipping her drink and watching the parade of passing mall-crawlers, she suddenly spotted her old school friend, Marcia, in the milling crowd.

Shouting out her name and waving the croissant madly, she finally caught her attention. When Marcia approached the table, she inquired, "What are you doing here this early in the morning?"

Gloria told her about the upcoming dinner party, and that she was looking for something special to wear because she felt the first impression she would make on their host might very well be important to Scott's future.

"Well," Marcia asked, "what sort of statement do you want to make? Efficient, upwardly mobile, tight-assed, matronly, sexy... ?"

"Let's try for efficiently sexy," Gloria laughed.

That got a chuckle out of Marcia, who thought a moment, then asked, "Have you tried Marianne's Closet?

"Never heard of it," Gloria said, "Is it here in the Mall?"

"Sure. It's fairly new though, that's probably why you've never heard of it. Finish your croissant and I'll show you," Marcia replied.

Strolling down the concourse, they passed J. C. Penney's and then turned left into a small cul-de-sac that Gloria had never noticed before. There, nestled between a tobacconist and a Barnes & Noble bookstore was a small ladies boutique with an even smaller, unpretentious sign reading Marianne's Closet. In its single narrow display window was a manikin clad in exactly what Gloria had in mind, the perfect gown for an upscale dinner party: classy but subtlety sexy, in what appeared to be an off-white linen material. It was bare at the shoulders, revealing a discreet amount of cleavage and snug at the waist, its knee length skirt full and graceful.

"That dress looks pretty classy to me. What do you think, Marcia?"

"Wow, I think you'd knock 'em dead in that little number," Marcia replied enthusiastically. "I don't know who you're trying to seduce, but unless he's a wooden Indian, that should do the trick!"

As they entered the shop, Gloria was still chuckling over Marcia's 'seduction' remark. She knew she still had a pretty good body for a nearly thirty-year-old housewife, five foot three, one hundred twenty pounds (well, maybe closer to one twenty five on a really bad day), shapely hips, a trim waist and fairly large, still firm, breasts... but a sex goddess? She didn't think so!

When the sales lady inquired if they needed assistance, Gloria asked to see the dress displayed in the window and gave her dress size. The woman raised one eyebrow, looking her up and down appraisingly. She then went to a rack, selected a dress and ushered her to a changing room. Marcia followed her in and pulled the curtain closed behind them.

Gloria quickly stripped off her outerwear. Now, clad only in a lacy white bra and tiny translucent bikini panties, she looked expectantly at Marcia, who had the linen dress draped over her arm.

As Marcia handed it to her, she could not help but notice the fuzzy dark-blonde patch of pubic hair at the apex of Gloria's thighs, clearly visible through thin material. 'And I always thought she was a 'bottle-blonde' she mused to herself.

Gloria took the dress and daintily stepped into it. Pulling it up over her tanned, shapely hips, she ran into trouble when she attempted to pull the bodice up into place; it would not come up over her breasts.

"You've got to dump the bra," Marcia told her. "I don't think this thing was designed to fit over a bra."

Blushing slightly, Gloria reached behind her back, unhooked the bra's clasp and shrugged out of it.

'Damn, no sag at all. She has the breasts of a frigging teenager', Marcia thought. 'I'm two years younger and mine have started to sag already, but then she hasn't had any children and I've already had two.'

Marcia was right, Gloria's breasts stood out proudly from her chest, their raspberry-colored nipples hardened by the cool, air-conditioned atmosphere of the shop.

With only a minor struggle, Gloria managed to stuff her breasts into the snugly form-fitting bodice, and then asked Marcia to zip up the back. As she checked herself in the full-length mirror, she blushed at the amount of cleavage the bodice generated.

"Lord, I can't go to an up-scale dinner party dressed like this. I'd be so embarrassed!" she exclaimed.

The saleswoman, hearing the exchange, pulled the curtain aside and asked, "Is there a problem here, ladies?"

Gloria turned to face her, and indicating the flagrant display of cleavage exclaimed, "I love the dress but this is just a bit too much. I wouldn't dare go to an upscale party looking this brazen, especially with a group of people I've never met before!"

The sales clerk smiled ruefully and replied, "I only wish I'd look that appealing in it. But if you really feel it's too revealing, I have a matching shawl that should make you a little more comfortable."

She left and returned a moment later with a lacy shawl in the same color as the dress. "Try this, my dear. I'm sure it will tone down the effect and protect your modesty."

She then draped the shawl over Gloria's bare shoulders and pulled around her chest, holding to together just above the offending cleavage. "There, how's that look?" she asked, turning Gloria toward the mirror.

Gloria looked at herself appraisingly, then remarked with a chuckle, "That's much better, but are you willing to attend the party with me and hold it in place while I eat?"

The salesclerk laughed and asked, "Don't you have a broach you could use, dear?"

When Gloria admitted she did not, the woman said, "Just a moment, I think I may have just the thing." She left and returned a moment later with a lovely large antique-looking gold broach inset with deep-red colored stones. "Here, just let me fasten this for you," she said, as she gathered the shawl together and attached the broach.

"There," the woman said with a smile. "Now, what do you think?"

"That's beautiful," Gloria smiled, completely mollified. "I'll take the whole package."

After putting what she thought was an extravagant amount on her American Express card, they left the shop.

"Shopping always makes me hungry! How about we get some lunch?" Marcia exclaimed.

"But I was doing all the shopping; you just pointed out the shop! How could that possibly qualify as shopping?" Gloria joked.

"Probably doesn't, but I'm hungry anyway," Marcia retorted with a grin.

"Okay, I guess I'd have never found the perfect dress if you hadn't been along," Gloria laughed. "Come on, I'll take you to the country club for lunch."

After a leisurely lunch at the club, Marcia left for a hair and nail appointment and Gloria returned home.

She puttered around the house for the rest of the afternoon, vacuuming the rugs and weeding the flowerbeds. At three-thirty, she showered and donned her new party dress.

When Bill arrived home a little after five, she met him at the door. Stepping back, she slowly turned in a circle, struck a pose and asked, "Think this will pass inspection at your party?"

"You look absolutely lovely, sweetheart. You'll drive all the other ladies crazy with jealousy, and I hate to think what effect you'll have on the gentlemen!" he exclaimed, pulling her to him and kissing her affectionately.

The day of the party finally arrived and Gloria was a nervous wreck, wondering how this evening would go and if she would manage to survive the party without making a fool of herself in front of their host and the other guests.

Bill arrived home from work early and at four they went upstairs to shower and dress. In the shower, Gloria soaped her body and was in the process of rinsing off when Bill slid the glass enclosure door open and joined her. The sight of Bill's naked body had the usual exciting effect on her, a tingling in her crotch, her pink nipples hardening, demanding attention. Bill chuckled and moved in behind her, wrapping his arms around her body, his strong hands cupping her firm breasts, his fingers teasing her soap-covered nipples. She reached back and grasped his semi-erect cock, squeezing it gently before sliding her hand back and forth. By the third stroke, he was as hard as tempered steel. She loved to feel him harden as she toyed with him, giving confirmation of her ability to arouse him almost immediately. Bill nuzzled her neck and nibbled her ear lobe as his hands caressed her slick, soap-covered breasts.

Bending her forward, Bill slipped the head of his cock between her soap-slicked thighs and pressed his hips forward toward her sexy round bottom. Sliding along her pussy groove, his cockhead continued along to the entrance of her vagina, nestled between the puffy lips of her now-swollen labia. With a gasp, Gloria bent over further, and reaching back between her legs, socketed his engorged cockhead into her opening, and then drove her hips back hard against his groin. As he slipped deep within her, she quivered with desire, her natural lubrication now flowing freely.

Releasing his grip on her breasts, he placed both hands her hips, steadying her as he began thrusting rhythmically into her tight, receptive body, slowly at first, then faster and harder. She felt his cock swell even more and heard his breathing become deep and ragged. She knew he was rapidly approaching orgasm. Suddenly, with a massive thrust and a stifled groan, she felt his cock twitch several times in rapid succession as the warmth of his ejaculation filled her depths.

After he caught his breath, she felt him slip out of her and he released his grip on her hips. Turning her around, he hugged and kissed her lovingly, their tongues intertwined.

"You go ahead and finish your shower, dear," she told him. "I have to douche now unless you want the other guests to think you picked me up in the red-light district on your way to the party."

Bill chuckled at the thought. "That's all right dear, do what you have to do. I'll be finished in a moment and then it's all yours."

"Okay, but no more ambushes, at least until we get home!" she laughed.

After douching thoroughly, she stepped back into the shower as Bill stepped out and toweled off, before leaving for the bedroom to dress. She quickly soaped up, taking great care to wash thoroughly between her legs, then rinsed off and dried herself before joining her husband in the bedroom.

She found Bill standing in front of his closet, dressed in only his socks and underwear, examining a row of hanging suits. Finally, pulling out a summer-weight gray pinstriped flannel suit he asked, "Think this will do?" as he held it up for her inspection.

"Yes," she replied, slipping into her new white bikini panties. "It fits you very nicely, one of my favorites in fact. It shows off your manly body so well," she added with a snicker.

As Bill donned a crisp white shirt, pulled on his suit pants and was mulling over which tie to wear, Gloria took her new dress from the closet and slipped into it. She tried to get into it herself, but found that holding her breasts in place in the tight bodice while zipping up the back took more hands that she possessed. Holding the bodice in place with both hands, she walked over to Bill and said, "Zip me up the back please."

"My God, that's tight," he grumbled as he tried to pull the zipper up. Finally, he managed it and Gloria turned around for his inspection. "Jesus that is tight! How did you ever get yourself jammed into it?" he marveled.

"Sheer will and determination," Gloria laughed. "We wouldn't want my breasts popping out and falling in the soup, would we?"

"That might liven up the party," he chuckled, "but isn't it a bit daring? My God, I can almost see your nipples!"

"That's all been taken care of," she replied, and she draped the matching shawl over her shoulders before fastening it with her new brooch.

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