Leena's Transformation
Chapter 1

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Slut Wife, DomSub, Group Sex, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Petting, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism,

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A novice submissive begins to discover her true slut like nature.

Leena was 24 years old and although she would never believe anyone who told her so she was by every definition of the word a beauty; to hear her talk about herself she was too tall, too top heavy or her belly was too big or her arse sagged. She knew she was by no means ugly for she had a great boyfriend, but she was never satisfied with her body always believing that it needed improvement in some way.

She was the same about her sex life, which by the way was as fulfilling as any woman her age, although she sensed something was always missing. She had lost her virginity when she was 17 and to be truthful never really missed it but although she had no real hang ups about sex there were things she definitely drew the line over as being perverted and dirty or illegal.

She and her boyfriend indulged in most forms of sex but water sports, scat and animal sex were always a big no for Leena. She did not mind anal as long as she did not have to do oral straight after wards, she enjoyed flashing and teasing always managed a healthy cum when she fooled around with her boyfriend and lately had even began enjoying intense squirting orgasms, even if she did find the squirts a little embarrassing, not at the exact moment of it happening but the mess it left to be cleaned up or the staining it caused.

Leena was six foot two inches tall which made her feel at a disadvantage when finding a taller boyfriend, Her 38C breasts although they did not sag a single millimetre she felt were too large but only by a single size. The fact she shaved her pubes only seemed to heighten the fact her tummy was a little too large, but only in her eyes.

Over the last year and a bit she had regular sex with her current boyfriend which always made her orgasm, she could not shake this feeling that there was something missing from her sex life, so much so that secretly she began trawling the sex sites on the internet and she discovered a stories site which peeked her interest. It had stories about all forms of sex and she suddenly discovered that the BDSM section began to draw her back time after time.

She frequently dreamed she was the girl in the latest story she had read or she would combine two or three stories in her mind but always with her being on the receiving end of the treatments handed out. Then one day she read a story about a girl whose master used stinging nettles on the girl's cunt lips and it almost blew her mind. For weeks she dreamed that either accidentally or her boyfriend would deliberately make her cunt come into contact with these nettles and she had to endure the hours of their tingling stings. Always she ended up strumming her cunt several times during the nights she dreamt of nettles.

She had to find out whether the story she had read and was now causing her haunted dreams of nettles was a true story or not, so she sought out the author by posting feedback to him and included the question, "I cannot help but dream of the nettles incident you mention in your story, please put me out of my misery and tell me if it is a true incident or not?"

Agonisingly she waited for three days till she received and email entitle 'Re: Your Feedback'. She eagerly opened the email and could not believe what she read, as she re read the email her heart pounded in her throat and her cunt was doing summersaults, Hi Leena, thank you for your wonderful encouragement and feedback, but in answer to your question, Yes the nettles was a true incident which took place in 1982. If you would like further information on this actual incident then contact me via my direct personal email as shown above. All the very best Ray.

Her fingers seemed in a world of their own as they quickly types a replay email to this man Ray, she wanted all the information she could and she happened to let slip her fascination with the submissive side of BDSM. That same afternoon she received another reply from Ray, hinting that maybe they should chat via an instant chat program and he would be happy to answer any direct questions she may have.

That night they contacted each other on an instant messaging service and after both agreeing to be totally honest with each other they began to talk in earnest. Ray explained that his first experience with nettles was accidental on his own body and just happened to be his balls whilst wearing swimming trunks and the instant boner it gave him and went on to explain in great detail that when he met his first submissive he remembered the exquisite agony/ecstasy the nettles gave him and he deliberately brushed some along his sub's cunt but making sure he got her clit as well.

Ray seemed to sense that Leena was not masturbating as she read his writings, so he played a trump card and told her to leave her cunt alone, she responded with how did he know she was toying with her cunt, He replied that as a Dom he was well aware of the workings of the submissive females mind when talking about sexual matters like this. He then went all out bold attack and told her to self-spank herself that night before going to bed. Leena asked what he meant and he explained the way he wanted her to spank her own arse that night. It went:

Leena, you will strip off all your clothes and stand naked facing into a corner of your bedroom, you will then stand on tiptoe placing your lips (Mouth) against the wall. Taking your right hand you will apply a swift spank to your arse cheeks and maintain contact between your arse and the palm of your hand until you feel the warm emanating from your cheeks, then slide your finger between the cheeks of your arse and along your cunt lips now slowly bring that finger back making sure to stroke your clit and to check your cunts wetness before pausing with your finger pressed to your anal ring, count to five before repeating this with your left hand. Apply six spanks with each hand and email me tomorrow telling me how you got on, what you felt and how horny it made you feel.

Ray actually doubted he would receive the report but he was proved wrong as by the middle of the afternoon Leena had emailed her report and had scored herself as a horny 5 and a wet 7.

Leena then plucked up the courage she needed to ask Ray despite the miles between them if he could help her learn about being submissive and ultimately to advise how to inform her boyfriend of her needs in this direction. Ray was delighted to help and they arranged a serious of session he called playtimes, he gave her the option of picking her own safe word and sub name.

She went on to describe her first efforts at self-spanking in the manner as laid out by Master Ray, it began:

Master Ray, I plucked up courage to do as you instructed me to, I removed all my clothes in my bedroom, but only after I was sure everyone else would be asleep in their beds. I chose a corner furthest away from the other bedrooms and stood on tiptoe, which I may add is extremely difficult to do for long periods, raised my hand and brought it crashing down on to my cheeks. It stung wildly for about a split second and I almost stopped breathing as I thought I heard movement in one of the other bedrooms. I kept my hand against my cheek as per your orders and soon felt the delicious warmth spreading across my cheeks, at this point I stretched my middle finger into the crease of my arse and could not believe how wet my pussy felt, not only that but my clit was stiffer then I can remember it being for quite some time.

As I drew my finger back I almost swooned as the nail slipped across my anal ring and I deliberately moved it back and forth across it a couple of times, because I could not believe the great feelings it generated. Then remembering that I had another five of these spanks to go I immediately switched hands before applying the second spank.

This time my arse felt hotter and my cunt wetter, even my anal ring seem more forgiving as the tip of my middle finger pressed against it and almost slipped up there. I knew you forbade me from putting anything up either hole so reluctantly I had to settle for slight probes against my hot sphincter muscle.

To me the weird thing was, the spanks were not hard but the sensations they were generating were electric and hotter than anything I had ever felt, maybe this was because I was administering them to myself under your guide lines. I can't thank you enough, Master for showing me how sexually delightful self-spanking can be, but only when your Master instructs you on how many and what to do between slaps.

All too soon the required number spanks were administered and I had to stop, just before I managed to cum too. But you did allow me the privilege of making myself come afterwards for which I truly thank you...

I then instructed Leena to carry out her first dare or task. The task was a little advanced for an absolute beginner but would show Leena's commitment to the role of a submissive. The dare involved her flashing to people on a bus by wearing a fairly short skirt no knickers and always going upstairs on bus rides making sure she walked loose legged and flashing her pussy as she climbed the stairs. She had to report back on six reactions from doing this and with each reaction she had to include how she felt and what she did about it.

With some caution, Leena accepted the task and asked under what time scale she had to complete the assigned dare. I told her that I would reasonably expect it to be completed within seven days. She eagerly agreed and promised to set about the task as soon as possible.

So two days later, dressed in a low cut tee shirt type top and a mid thigh skirt with no other underwear, Leena waited nervously at the bus stop, "Damn, if this bus doesn't come soon, I just know I will lose my bottle and end up going back home!" she muttered to herself. Before she had any further chance to change her mind, she saw the blue and white bus appear at the corner of the street. She gulped a big breath of air into her lungs and wondered what was about to happen.

The bus came to a stop and then the driver did a double take, thinking to himself "Some lucky bastard will be screwing that later tonight!" he took her fare and watched as her ass swayed down the bus. It was not till he heard a mumbled "what's he waiting for now!" that he realised everyone on the bus was waiting for him to pull away.

Leena reached the stairwell midway down the bus, a quick glance round told her a man in his mid forties was in the right seat to see everything as she climbed the stairs. She slyly checked whether he was looking her way and smiled inwardly as he was. She took her first step up the stairs and then deliberately took a second with her legs wider than she would normally do. Slowly she climbed the stairs in this exaggerated style, sneaking a quick glance back towards the man as she neared the top, his face was flushed so she knew he had looked and seen her now tingling pussy. She felt exhilarated at achieving this at the first attempt. She managed her second flash to a different guy only 30 minutes later as she chose to get off the bus, of course she did not know if the man would be the same one or not as she rose to come down the stairs but it had excited her so much that she decided to come down the stairs with the same exaggerated walk as the one she went up with.

This time the man was much younger and appeared only about 18 or 19 years old, He had heard someone start to come down the bus steps and had instinctively looked up to be greeted with a glistening shaved puss framed by Leena's glorious long shapely legs. He almost choked on the carton of drink he was drinking and ended up spluttering as he tried to avoid coughing his drink all over the woman in front of him.

Leena quickly skipped of the bus by the central door s and immediately turned and offered this poor guy her warmest sexiest smile as she then turned and disappeared around the corner and away.

That night she wrote in her electronic pc diary, of her exploits that day and she confessed to being extremely nervous at the outset but once she got on the bus her attitude was that she was there now and could not escape doing her part one of the dare. She wrote, I knew the bus driver was lusting after me and it made my cunt wet to think of him driving his bus with a hard on, so I swayed my hips even more as I walked down the bus and then I heard the old woman complain about the driver waiting. I could not believe my eyes when I approached the stairwell and say the old guy around 40ish sat right where I hoped someone would be. I was shaking as I started to climb the stairs but I could feel his eyes burning in to my ass cheeks so I opened my legs even wider and continued to climb. By the time I reached the top step, I swear I could have cum so hard with the slightest of caresses on my pussy.

I managed to calm myself before deciding that I have travelled far enough and decided to get off. I thought it felt great climbing the stairs but as I approached the top step to come down, I suddenly realised that I would be flashing my cunt with this forward view to the man, who incidentally turned out to be a much younger man.

I honestly thought someone would have to give him the kiss of life when he suddenly started his choking coughing fit. It would have been so sad and yet comical at his inquest to have to admit my flashing had caused his demise because he could not handle seeing an excited pussy beneath a skirt.

I was almost tempted to blow him a kiss as the bus pulled away but I was so excited and to be honest I needed to go rub my cunt, so I turned tail and ran into a dress shop picked up any old thing and headed for the changing rooms at the back of the shop. In ten seconds flat I was climaxing and I had not even tried the dress on, from the look on the female shop assistants face she must have heard my moans or she at least knew what I had been doing in the changing room because she gave me the warmest of smiles as I dropped the dress into her hands and whispered thanks.

All of this and I had four more flashes to do, before reporting back to you my Master Ray. I was exhausted already and had achieved only one third of my dare, the next part would have to be tomorrow, as I had to meet my boyfriend in twenty minutes and I had to find somewhere to put the knickers in my handbag back on before he met up with me.

Oh master, what a night it was last night, first time ever my boyfriend arrived early to meet me and caught me without my knickers on, I was about to excuse myself and go to the loo to replace them when he surprised me by slipping his hand up my short skirt. The touch of his fingers on my naked cunt almost brought an instant moan from my lips; he looked at me sort of funny before he smiled and whispered, "Wow, you have gone commando just for me and with such a short skirt too!"

I could not risk upsetting him by trying to explain about my need to discover the submissive side of my nature and the fact that I was acting on my master's instructions, so I allowed him to think it was for him, Am I so bad master?

He took me dancing and used every opportunity to shove his hand up my skirt, a couple of times I was sure he was demonstrating to some guy or other that his bird was nude beneath her skirt and it was all for him. But it kept my levels of horniness way up so I let him continue. He eventually took me out side into the car park and under a streetlight of all things he had me bend over while he fucked me. I felt cheap and whorish as I walked with his cum running down my legs, as he wanted to get a bus home. I persuaded him to walk instead.

If tomorrow's flashing has the same effects for me, I think I could easily become addicted to doing it and would probably end up with a really bad reputation for not wearing knickers.

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