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Chapter 1: Jennifer betrayed

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Rape, BiSexual, Heterosexual, BDSM, Black Female, White Male, White Female, Anal Sex,

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1: Jennifer betrayed - Jennifer's story starts out with everything going wrong.

April 12th 2001: Jennifer pulled on the ropes binding her to the bed reveling in the erotic bondage as Jeremy fucked her. She was spread eagle on her back, a pillow under her ass, raising her pelvis to her boyfriend. Ropes bound her hands and ankles. This was the way Jennifer had hoped to spend her birthday, a perfect way to turn 18. Jennifer had been singing happy birthday to me in her mind as Jeremy tied her up. Jeremy was the town bad boy; a leather jacket-wearing misfit who Jennifer's mother said was a Rebel without a clue.

Jennifer was his girlfriend, and loved the way he tied her, spanked her, and honestly, loved the way he fucked her. She liked it rough, and he would use her roughly.

Jennifer felt her climax approaching, and decided to go with the extremely nasty feeling she was enjoying. She grinned wickedly as she said a phrase she had never used before. "Fuck me Jeremy."

Jeremy was above her, his dark hair hanging down, the seashell necklace around his neck, the five o-clock shadow the product of not shaving today. His eyes were closed and he smiled saying "Yeah Cathy, take that cock."

Jennifer's orgasm receded like the tide pulling out. A chill ran through her, Cathy was her best friend, had he really just called her Cathy? "What?" Jennifer hoped she had not heard it right.

Jeremy opened his eyes, and the surprise on his face was evident, and it was followed immediately by the guilty expression that told Jennifer much more than any words ever would. He stopped thrusting into her his mouth hanging open slightly.

"No; you didn't. You couldn't have." Jennifer said quietly, her world shattering around her. This could not have happened, not today, not her birthday, betrayed by her boyfriend and her best friend. "Let me up, untie me." Jennifer said tears in her eyes. Her voice was thin, brittle, reflecting her agony.

Jeremy started to pull back, and then hesitated.

"Get off of me bastard." Jennifer said with more force, tears running down from the corners of her eyes.

Jeremy stared into her eyes, and began to thrust into her again. "I fucked her this afternoon; I didn't even clean my cock before fucking you bitch."

Jennifer stared at him horrified. "Jeremy, stop. Stop right now. NO Jeremy, NO." She said trying to scream, pulling on the ropes with all her might.

Jeremy fucked her with everything he had. He pounded into her, Jennifer had tears running down her cheeks as she twisted her wrists, trying to get free, trying to get loose.

Jeremy grunted as he began his own orgasm, and Jennifer felt him swell within her, and then felt him shoot his seed into her. Jennifer was crying openly now, wailing "No" as he finished in her.

Jeremy stood up, laughing as he said, "I was planning on breaking up with you tomorrow, but somehow, this is better." He untied her right wrist and said, "Get out of my house bitch."

Jennifer turned and untied her left wrist, and then sitting up freed her ankles as Jeremy left the room. Jennifer sat on the bed for a moment crying loudly. She went into the bathroom and tried to wash him out of her pussy. Dressing quickly, she wanted only to get away, not knowing where to go, not thinking yet. Just knowing that she had to get away from him.

Jennifer had her underwear on and her pants; she put her t-shirt on and jammed her bra into her purse. She grabbed her shoes, desperate to get out. She glanced around making sure she did not leave anything behind, not willing to leave him anything. She saw his prize desktop stereo, and her pain, rage, and humiliation exploded. Jennifer grabbed the oversized boom box and threw it out the window. It burst through the window falling three stories to the parking lot of Jeremy's apartment building below.

Jeremy shouted from the front of the apartment "What the Fuck?" and came bursting in as Jennifer turned to run out of the room. Jeremy grabbed her, looked at the window, and cursing held her with his left hand and punched Jennifer in the face with his right. Jennifer fell under the blow, felt her lip tear, and tasted blood in her mouth.

Jeremy walked to the window stopping as he cut his foot on the glass from the broken window on the floor. Jennifer took the chance, and ran from the apartment, taking the stairs two and three at a time. Jeremy shouted at her from his window. Jennifer didn't take time to look up, her face hurt, but her heart hurt much worse.

Jennifer got into her Honda and starting the car drove from the lot, she was on automatic pilot, not knowing where she was going, barely able to see through the tears. Her hands shook, her mouth was bleeding from the torn lip. Jennifer saw her own house, and barely stopped her car inches from her brother's car. Jennifer knew where she was going now, Mom, she needed her Mother.

She left the car door open, the engine running, and lights still on. She lunged for the front door, and opening it found her Dad and her brother Shawn in the living room. She didn't look at them twice, she walked by wailing her broken humiliated heart into the night. She walked through the house, searching for her Mom. Her legs were stiff, barely working, she didn't hear her brother and father calling her name. She found her Mom in the master bedroom, watching television.

Her Mom looked up at her, and jumped to her feet calling for Jen. Jennifer noticed that the edges of her vision was dark, she threw her arms around her mother, holding on for dear life. Trying to grab something she could trust, something she could rely on.

From a corner of her mind, Jennifer heard her Mom, talking to her Dad and Brother. "You two go now, leave us, this is girl stuff."

Jennifer held on to her Mother, hugging her, drowning in a sea of emotion, of betrayal. Jennifer's face was in her Mothers shoulder as she told everything.

Jennifer told her story, and her Mother listened, and much to Jennifer's surprise, didn't say "I told you so" only said "Clueless, the boy is clueless."

Her Mother listened, and offered the comfort she could, trying to sooth Jennifer's shattered mind. Then she gave Jennifer a bath, and had Jennifer wash herself carefully.

She was put to bed, and Jennifer slept fitfully.

Jennifer graduated High School, and as she prepared to cross the state of Georgia for college, she found that Cathy had been made pregnant, and there was some doubt to who the Father was. Jennifer had the satisfaction, a small satisfaction of watching her former best friend go from Prom Queen to welfare queen.

Jennifer moved in with her Aunt in Savannah, and started college at Armstrong University. After two years of general studies, Jennifer still had no direction in her life, so she just didn't sign up for the third year. She started working and after bouncing around from job to job, became a legal secretary for a major bitch. Ten months of working for the bitch had resulted in her being fired in November of 2006.

Jennifer didn't mind, she hated the bitch, and put her resume' online to see what was out there. A number of offers were made, and Jennifer accepted the one working for William Carter as his Confidential Assistant. She moved to Statesboro, to live near her work, and took a small one bedroom apartment a couple miles from Georgia Southern University. Perhaps she would feel like going back to school one of these days.

Jennifer had dated some, always looking for the nice guys, but never liking them enough to commit to any length relationship. A few second dates, very few third dates, while no fourth dates followed the pattern of her life. Jennifer was living in her shell, and part of her was ready to break out.

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