Let's Learn Together
Chapter 1

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma, BiSexual, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex,

Desc: True Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The first time these two guys are going to get busy with each other opens a new world each of them never knew existed. And the bi-sex they share, will open new worlds to both of them!

Cal and Rich had spent the better part of the evening drinking beer and watching porn, it had been typical porn with lots of fucking and sucking and both guys had managed to catch a nice buzz and hardons. They were at the lodge Rich owned, in the middle of the state forest by themselves, their wives were stranded at home because of a freak snow fall. Wendy Cal's wife had called about three beers to tell them she and Sylvia were not going to be able to make it to join them because the roads were impassable. Cal slapped his phone shut and told Rich the girls weren't coming.

As horny as Rich was now be turned and told Cal he had to piss, both guys knew he was going to the bathroom to jerk off. The moans and groans on the TV drew both guys eyes towards the television just as the big titted blonde on the screen was screaming out an orgasm.

"Are you noticing her screams don't even match the action on the screen?" Rich asked Cal.

"I know what you mean that has to be about the fifth time she's cum in the last 20 minutes and it's really not believable." Cal said. "I wish my wife would cum that many times, hell I wish I could cum twice in 20 minutes."

"But they are fucking the shit out of her." Rich said. At that moment one of the guys in the video climbed behind the blond and started to line his cock up with her ass hole.

"Have you ever fucked Wendy's ass like that?" Rich asked his friend.

"No I mean I've certainly tried but she wants no part of it." Cal replied.

"How about you? Has Sylvia ever let you?" Rich asked his friend.

"She led me do it once, and it was fantastic, her ass was so much tighter than her pussy I almost came about five strokes into it." Cal replied. On the screen the guy was pushing his cock into her ass, and wasting no time he began to fuck her vigorously. It was easy to see he wasn't going to last very long. As he was starting to cum he pulled his cock out and the other guy who had been tag teaming the blond bent forward and wrapped his lips around his costars shooting cock. This was the last thing either of them had expected and when the spurting cock was pulled just outside of the guys mouth it erupted shooting an enormous load onto the guys tomgue and lips, covering his face with the thick white load. Cal had let his wife choose the porn for the evening and had had no idea she had picked this kind of bisexual movie.

"Oops I had no idea we were going to see anything like that." Cal said to Rich.

"I guess it's okay I mean it's not like they've had to sit through all kinds of lezbo stuff on these tapes, and it's not like we haven't watched her and Sylvia get it on." Rich said. They had been coming out to the cabin to watch porn and fuck for the past six or seven months the first time they had all gotten naked like tonight they had been drinking and both guys had passed out leaving the two girls horny, and the one thing and led to another so Sylvia and Wendy had ended up with their faces buried in each other's pussies. Wendy had managed to let it slip the next day to Cal.

"I've eaten a cream pie or two" Rich said. "How about you?" He asked his friend.

"No way." Cal replied. "She's never asked me." He said.

"So would you? If she asked?"

"Probably if she asked I would. But not voluntarily." Cal said.

"It's not all that bad." Rich said to his friend "I've only tasted my own junk and it wasn't all that bad." Rich told his friend, "you never whacked off and cum into your hand?"

"Once or twice." he replied. "Then I just wiped it up with a paper towel or something." Cal said. "In a joking manner Cal asked his friend, "you want to eat some tonight?" Rich didn't answer his friend right away, his hesitation told Cal he was as horny as he was so nothing was out of the question tonight he thought. Cal stood before his sitting friend and asked. "Do you want to try tonight?" When Rich didn't respond he knew then his friend was going to give him some relief. He dropped his shorts and pointed his drooling cock towards his friends mouth, "I'll let you fuck me if you want." Cal told him, Rich opened his mouth and before he could change his mind Cal pushed his cock head forwards into Rich's mouth, he put a hand on either side of his head holding it firmly and began to fuck and his friends mouth. Cal had an average sized cock but it's head was large and each time it passed through his friends lips it pushed saliva out of the corners of his mouth, his chin was now dripping spit. This sounds of cock sucking filled the room. "That's it, suck it bitch!" Cal was so lost in the moment he didn't realize what he was saying he always said these things to Wendy when he was about to cum, "oh yes I am going to paint your cock sucking mouth bitch with cum!" Cal said. Rich could only manage to grunt and nodded his head just as Cal began to shoot. His sperm quickly filled Rich's mouth he swallowed as quickly as he could exciting Cal even more than when Wendy did when she sucked him off it was without a doubt the biggest load he had ever shot Rich was gagging trying to keep up with the volume. When Cal and finished he pulled his cock from Rich's mouth and began to wipe its head on Rich's face. "Oh my god man that was intense, Wendy has never sucked me that good!"

Rich stood before his friend and pushed him downwards, "I want that ass." He said to his friend. Cal quickly turned and dropped to his hands and knees, Rich scooted up behind him and like his friend words flew out of his mouth. "You are my fuck slut, I can't wait to jam this monster up your ass!" Rich said, he had to bend his cock downwards to line it up with his friends waiting ass hole. "Wait please oh my god put some lube on that thing will you please!"

"It's a good thing for you I have some handy you cunt." Rich said. "The way you fucked my face I ought to use nothing." Rich said. He turned to his right and grabbed the tube of k-y sitting on the coffee table, took the lid off and pushed its nozzle into Cal's ass and squeezed dumping half the tube into his friends anal passage, when he pulled the tube away it began to drip out of him onto the floor beneath. "Are you ready? I am going to pump that ass!" Cal was grateful his friend had the lube sitting on the coffee table.

"Oh yeah ride me hard! Make me your bitch!" Cal said.

Rich wasted no time he pushed his cock head through his friends anal ring he knew he was hurting him, he had a fat cock and he knew he was stretching his friend wide open, thankfully the lube now squishing out of his ass and covering his lovers with the jelly so it made it a little easier, when he was completely buried in Cal's shitter he paused for a moment and enjoyning the tight grip Cal's aas was putting on his cock. "Are you ready slut?" He asked. Before he could respond he pulled his cock out until just its head was in him he grabbed a his friend by the hips and pushed his entire length into him violently. This all happened so quickly so he hadn't had time to think about what he was doing if he had he probably wouldn't have been so enthusiastic, he was fucking his best friend, he had no idea he had bisexual tendencies. "Take it take it you cum slut!! You always wanted this cock didn't you?" Before he could answer they both knew this was what they both wanted.

Rich was slamming his friend, his hips were slapping against his friends ass filling the room with slapping noises, his balls were bouncing against his friends balls. Rich looked down and watched his cock sliding in and out of Cal's ass. He could only think of more filthy things to say. "I am going to fill your ass Hole with cum! Then I think I'm going to let you lick the cum and any shit off of me! You'd like that wouldn't you?" Before he could answer rich's balls began to empty into his friend. "Oh yes here I cum! Can you feel it?" Cal could feel Rich's cock jumping in his ass with every ejaculation Rich pushed into him deeper. "That's it whore." Rich screamed, "how does it feel to be my cum slut?" He asked.

"It feels awesome I wish we had done this sooner. I hope we can do this all weekend." Cal said to his friend. "I want you to make me your fuck slut all weekend." Cal said to him, "please let me taste your cock and cum." He begged.

Rich quickly pulled his cock from hism and his friends ass, got to his feet and walked in front of him he slapped his friend face with his dripping cock and said "open up bitch!"

Cal quickly complied, when his lips parted Rich jammed his cock in and pushed its entire length in until it hit the back of his throat causing him to gag. "You better get used to that." He said, "it's going to be in there all weekend, and if you're good I'll let you fuck my ass too!

Both men knew they were going to have to share this with their wives both men knew that the sex they were having was the best either of them had ever had. And as rich pumped his friends face both men knew they were both cock suckers. Again Rich pushed in, and this time the gag was slight and leaving his balls resting on his chin, both men knew they had a couple of more days to explore this new found bisexual side each had just discovered.

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