Stephanie's Slavery
Chapter 1: Sacked

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Sex Story: Chapter 1: Sacked - After complaining that her boss was a slave driver, Stephanie is forced to really become his modern day slave.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Reluctant   Spanking   Safe Sex  

"He's done it again!" Stephanie spoke loudly to the others in the office, "Thirty-five minutes to knocking off time on a Friday and he presents me with a couple of hour's work! And I don't suppose any of you will volunteer to help." No one moved. No one said a word. "I thought not. Just because I'm a supervisor, I'm treated like a chattel! Here Miss Jones, can you just produce 500 copies of this brochure before you go! He's nothing more than a tyrant who thinks I'm his slave. David Benson, master slaver who..." Stephanie stopped in mid sentence when she realised everyone was not looking at her but at a point to one side. Not only that, they were trying to hide their giggles. She turned and saw her boss, the object of her derision, standing in the open doorway.

"Miss Jones, perhaps next time you decide to give vent to your feelings in this way, you had better check that the intercom is switched off." Looking at the console, Stephanie saw to her horror that the switch had not returned itself to the off position. It had been sticky for a week or so and she'd had to manually push it back. When her boss called her in earlier, she'd forgotten. "Not that you'll need to worry over that any more Miss Jones, this is your last few minutes working for me." Turning to one of the other ladies he went on, "Barbara will you please sort out how much pay we owe Miss Jones including any in lieu of notice and see that it is sent to her home address first thing on Monday."

"Yes sir."

"Thank you Barbara and can we do without the Sir business now Miss Jones is leaving. We can go back to being on first name terms please. Miss Jones, please clear your desk and leave us." There were murmurs of approval from the other girls in the room. They had suffered too often from her sharp tongue.

"She might be efficient and knowledgeable on office routine but she's so unpleasant with it that no one works as willingly as they should," Kelly mentally commented.

Stephanie was by turns angry and alarmed. She knew none of them liked her but didn't think that they would wish her sacked in such an ignominious way. After all she was sticking up for them too. If she weren't here to do it, they would have to get the work out themselves. "Why sir?" she questioned, "I'm sure others have said similar or worse things to you."

"Not with such hatred. Until I appointed you, we were a happy group of workers, almost a family. When jobs like this came up, everyone mucked in. With the kind of work we do, there are going to be periods when rush jobs come in at the last moment and the theatre this is for is one of our best customers. If we disappoint them, we lose their work and we go downhill. I rashly appointed you when we were short staffed, over worked and Kelly was ill. Well I'm letting you go now and if she wants the job, Kelly can take over your responsibility. So please clear your desk. Your employment with us is terminated as of now."

"Sir, won't you please reconsider..." Stephanie started, her eyes running with tears.

"Reconsider taking on someone who considers herself to be a slave, Miss Jones?"

"I'm sorry sir. Please I need this work."

"Your slave work. Miss Jones? The work you thought of as slavery? No Miss Jones, I will only think of reconsidering if you were to agree to become a real slave, a 24/7 slave, a slave twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. A real slave who commits herself wholeheartedly to her master and is willing to submit herself to him, body and soul. That's what I would call slavery. Real slavery."

Stephanie stood open mouthed in shock at his words. "Did he really expect her to give herself to him totally? Would he expect her to give her body to him? Would he want to punish her?" Her musing was interrupted by comments from the others as to what she might be expected to do but she hardly heard them. Fury raged within her. "You just want an unpaid whore!" she spat at him.

"On the contrary Miss Jones, I would pay the wages you are getting now because you would be working here as well as at my home, so to that extent you wouldn't be a real slave because they don't get paid at all."

"You're just a pervert. You don't really expect me to agree to those outrageous terms, do you?"

"Of course I don't, which is why I offered them to you. Now please clear your desk Miss Jones, we have work to do. I don't wish to see you here again," David laughed, "— unless of course you decide to be my fulltime slave. If that is your wish, come in on Monday with your stuff in a suitcase and ready and willing to be punished for this afternoon's outburst and ready and willing to move in with me and do my bidding, however perverted you might consider it to be."

"You cannot be serious, Mr. Benson. No one these days could accept those terms."

"So you look for another job. Now hurry along, we've still this order to get out."

It took a few more minutes to persuade Stephanie to leave and while she was clearing her desk, David addressed the five girls working for him. "Ladies, can I have three volunteers to help get this job done. I'll work with you. If necessary I could try and do it myself, but with my lack of skills on the machines it would take me the whole evening, and then we would miss the deadline anyway. It's a theatre programme and they've had to change tonight's show because the main entertainer is ill and they've brought in a last minute replacement. You are all so much more competent on the equipment than I am so I would really appreciate your help and co-operation."

Kelly stood up. "After what you just did David, I think we are all willing to stay. Tell me what the order is and I'll get the big machine set up." Five minutes later it chugged away, feeding paper into itself and spewing it out into various racks. Nothing more could be done until it finished its work. David set the coffee machine going and while they sat around drinking David thanked each of them for their support. First he went to Kelly Harmsworth his new supervisor. At 22 she was smart, efficient and knew the working and idiosyncrasies of the more complex copiers and printers. Had he been younger, he might have made a play for her but he knew she was already engaged and expected to marry in a year or so. "Thanks for taking the job, Kelly. It should have been yours months ago. I really don't know why I kept her on."

Stella Mitchell sat at her computer although it was shut down. Stella, 26 years old attractive, if a little plump, wore outrageous clothes but was an excellent artist and mainly employed to design artwork on computer. "You don't have to stay Stella if you wish to get away. There's no artwork needed for this job."

"I know but I may be able to help with something. It's such a relief not to have her carping at us. Not that she could do much to me. Certainly she had no understanding for graphics but she did try my patience when she wanted things done that are impossible on the computer."

"And I'm not much better," David laughed.

"No, but I can tell you without getting abused for incompetence," Stella laughed with him. "If she'd have been here much longer you would have been looking for another graphic artist."

Tracy a very attractive 22 old, had a succession of boyfriends but so far nothing lasted more than a few months. She mainly worked on front desk but acted as general dog's body when they are busy. There was no real reason for her to stay either but she guessed there would be more comments on 'the Stephanie Jones affair' and she wanted to be in on them and wanted to feel that she was part of the 'family' again. Besides she had her eye on her boss as a possible prospect, even though she knew he was old enough to be her father — well almost. David thanked her for her support.

"That can wait until Monday Barbara. No need to do it now," David suggested to the middle-aged accounts secretary.

"It's okay, I'll get her pay sorted out on computer and if she does turn up on Monday, I can just delete it. Do you think she will?"

"No. I'm pretty sure that's the last we'll see of her. I can't imagine a woman who hasn't shown any interest in sex or men at least while we've known her, coming to live with me as a slave. She's been used to bossing others around rather than being the bottom of the pile. I really only said it as a joke and it sort of escalated."

"I think she might," Polly interceded. Polly at eighteen years old was the youngest member of the workforce. In many ways she wasn't the brightest of girls but she had a knack of blocking wads of paper and binding them quicker than any of the other girls could. She had a pleasant smile and was the only one that Stephanie talked to.

"Why's that Poll?" David asked, surprised at the remark.

"She needs the money for a new car. She can walk here, or even from your house because I doubt you would bring her on the crossbar of your bike! If she gets a job elsewhere she'll need to get a bus or have her own car. It's rare for any similar jobs to come up in this area and the only other jobs nearby are in the stores and supermarkets and I know she doesn't think much of them. Most other similar jobs to hers are on the new industrial estate the other side of town and those jobs don't come up very often."

"Yes, but if she just needs a job for money, she'll take anything until she gets her car. She wouldn't allow herself to be a slave to me for a few extra pounds."

"No, you're probably right, but I think there is more to it than that, I think she might be looking for someone. She's a very lonely woman but she's too proud or shy to go out and look for a man or even let one get close to her. With her bad temper it probably wouldn't last long anyway. If she became your slave she wouldn't have to make the choice but I reckon she'll resist and kick against you. Will you really take her in as a slave if she does turn up on Monday, David?"

"I guess I'll have to. Can't have you lot laughing at me behind my back!" Everyone laughed and joked about what he would have to do to keep the bitch under control. By six o'clock the work was finished and Tracy delivered the order on her way home.

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