Chapter 1

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Mind Control Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Choosing a career is often a traumatic experience. Mine was just the opposite: dramatic! I became a photographer - of women for some of the lesser known sleeze porn magazines. When I subsequently learned the art of hypnosis, I had the recipe for fulfilling my greatest sexual dreams.

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Hypnosis   Anal Sex   Lactation   BBW  

Author's note: the following story is purely a work of fiction and any resemblance to real people or events is purely coincidental. The author wishes to express his gratitude to Copperbutterfly for her editing to make this a better story.

She had been sent to me by a magazine to do a photo shoot. It was to be a solo shoot, just me and the girl.

"Hi," she said when I opened the door. "I'm Kaiya. I'm here to do the pictures?" Her voice took a musical upturn at the end, as if she were asking a question. She was a cute girl, rather petite and if I hadn't known that she was 19, I might have thought she was underage. Her blonde hair hung straight down her back almost to her waist. A quick glance showed me that she had a nice figure though, the kind that sold magazines.

"Sure, come on up," I said, standing back so she could step onto the bottom landing. After I closed the door, I led her upstairs to my loft studio. "My name's Gene Orville. We'll do everything in the studio here."

The entire upper floor was occupied by my equipment, props and living area, which was partitioned off from the studio itself only by the arrangement of the furniture. Even the kitchen counter was along the end of the back wall and the bathroom fixtures were a little less private than that, with my dresser and chest of drawers forming one side wall and the shower curtain around my big bathtub forming another side view block. The front was covered by a set of four five-drawer file cabinets, which really didn't provide much protection. However when it was just me, I didn't care and when my guests wanted to use the facilities, I liked the open atmosphere. After all most of my guests were female, based on my profession.

This morning, though, we were going to be working in the far end of the loft, in the area I had set up as a miniature playground. We stopped at a bench and I plopped down, indicating she should do the same. "Have you done a shoot before?" I asked.

"No," she responded, a little timidly.

I said, "Well, the key is for you to just relax. We'll take our time and I want you to feel comfortable but we do need to keep it moving. If you need a break, just let me know, okay? The suggestion was that we do a playground pervert piece where you get turned on by the equipment. We'll start out with you in something that might be a school uniform, maybe a short pleated skirt and a little T-shirt, and gradually they'll come off. We'll get some shots with you on the swing to start, move to the merry-go-round, monkey bars and the slide and probably finish up on the see-saw. Oh, and we'll want some with you playing in the sand box. Are you okay with that?"

"Sure, I suppose. What do you want me to do?"

"Well, first, let's see what clothes you brought."

She opened the shopping bag she had brought with her and pulled out several outfits. I looked through them and decided on a short blue skirt with printed snowflakes and a light blue t-shirt, thinking that it seemed like a school girl look. She looked around and asked, "Where do I change?"

"Look," I said. "I'm going to be seeing you all afternoon in nothing but your birthday suit. If we're going to do this, you have to relax. That means changing right here and not being embarrassed by having me see you naked. Can you do that?"

"Uh... sure. I hadn't thought of it like that." She quickly started to change into the new outfit. When she pulled off her jeans and shirt, I noticed she was wearing white cotton panties and a bra.

"Lose the bra," I said. "We want our viewers to believe you don't wear much underwear."

"Actually I usually don't," she replied, unfastening the bra and tossing it at the bag. "I didn't know what to expect and thought you might want me to wear one."

"Good. That outfit looks great on you. Now I'm going to turn on a recorder and during the shoot, I'll ask you some questions and your answers will be published with the pictures. Okay?"

She nodded as I waved her over to a jungle gym set. I pointed to the little fob on a chain at the end of my lens and said "Whenever I'm shooting, I want you to look right here so I can get the right angles." I set the fob to swinging and then I got a few set-up shots of her in full clothing and with different expressions. While I worked I asked, "How old are you?"

"Nineteen," she replied.

"Did you graduate from high school?"


"Attend college?"

"Yes, one year so far."

"Good. Now we'll move into a series of shots where you put one foot on the slide ladder and flip your skirt up so we can see your panties, then start pulling your shirt up until we can see your titties. Just go slow so we get several shots along the way. Okay?"

She nodded and began to pose. Perfectly, she displayed the stark white of her panties against the tanned skin of her legs and buttocks. "Do you consider yourself sexually active?"

"Yes, I guess so." She pulled her T-shirt up and exposed her breasts, small at 34B but well defined. She had great teeth and she kept her hair moving, creating some very nice shots.

"Are you bisexual?"

"I suppose. I don't really think about it." She settled into the swing with the plastic seat that curled around her butt. She spread her legs and pulled the crotch of her panties to one side, revealing a very puffy pussy with a thatch of light brown hair above the crease. I snapped several pictures as her expression changed into a big grin and she pulled her shirt up higher, pushing the swing this way and that to change her angle to me. Whether she knew it or not, she was a natural.

"Have you made it with women?" I asked, as I moved my light reflectors to eliminate shadows.

"Sure. A couple. Not many."

She was bending over the short see-saw platform with her bottom toward me. As she tossed her skirt up and pulled her panties down to her knees, I asked her to put her hand between her legs. "Did you like it?"

"Sure," she said, "but not as much as with men."

As she skimmed out of her clothes and I started taking nude shots in various positions on the equipment, I asked, "How many men have there been?"

"Oh, I'm not sure. Maybe fifteen, maybe twenty." She was using a couple of fingers in her gash and they had begun to glisten with her juices.

"What is your favorite position?"

"Wow! I really don't know. There are so many good ones. I love doggy but I also love missionary and I really like to ride. You know... cowgirl." The expression on her face said that she was starting to feel good.

"Would you mind if I took off my shorts?" I asked.

She didn't even open her eyes when she said, "I wouldn't mind if you joined me."

I took off my shorts and shirt and stepped up behind her and wiggled my cock between her buttocks. She was already soaking wet and my sword slipped into her sheath in one thrust. She was watching over her shoulder, a huge smile on her face. I used my left hand on the little remote control to continue operating the camera that I had set up on a tripod and pre-focused, hoping that we were not getting too far away from the frame's center.

As I pumped her pussy, the fingers of my right hand found her clit and teased her to three climaxes before my balls shot their hot load into her twat. I wouldn't tell her until later that I had half a dozen video cameras recording all the activity in case we might want to sell some action to a studio.

While we were resting, I asked, "Would you like a drink or something to eat?"

She responded, "I'd love to have a sandwich."

We picked up our clothes and headed to my living area. Since I didn't put my clothes on, she didn't either. We made sandwiches and drank soda pops while we talked.

When we had both finished, she sighed and asked, "Are you interested in screwing some more? I'm still kind of horny."

I didn't need a second invitation but led her to my big bed, surreptitiously pushing the button that started the six video cameras that covered the area. She sucked my cock while I fingered her cunt and rubbed her ass before I buried my face between her legs and began to eat her pussy. I knew she dabbed her perfume between her legs; she smelled of a mixture of hot sex and faint gardenia — sweet and succulent.

After she had cum, she pushed me back and climbed on top of my throbbing erection. Her pussy was tight so that she had to work up and down for several moments before she could take my entire shaft inside her. I knew I'd have some great shots of her cunt swallowing my whole staff. She spent thirty-five minutes banging me while getting off twice, then I rolled her over and in the next twenty minutes, made her cum three more times before I emptied my balls in her love shack. I loved watching her biting her lower lip to keep from screaming out her pleasure as she came.

While recovering, I asked if she would be interested in making some money doing action shots like we had just done. She was rather reluctant until I told her the kind of money she could make and suddenly she became very enthusiastic. I told her about the cameras and that I had captured some good footage that I could use. She was surprised about the cameras but when I showed her some of the footage, she got horny again and wanted to fuck some more. We spent the next forty minutes with my cock up her hot pussy and had a great time.

As we lay together resting, I promised, "I will develop your still photos within a couple of days and get them sent off to Swanky. We should be getting payment back in three to six weeks. I will have to work on the videos, editing and putting them together, over the next few days as I get time to work on them. We also probably have enough other stills to send layouts to two or three other magazines."

"That's great, honey. Will you call me when you get the money?"

"Yes, and you can meet me back here for the payment, okay? If things work out well, maybe you'd like to pose for me in some other outfits and using other sets to change the background."

I was sorry to see Kaiya go but thought I just might have a way to get her back into my place with some regularity. I did free-lance work for a lot of the porno rags and thought I could sell several of them a package from the things I had shot without duplicating what was going to Swank or by using some different background sets.

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